The Book of Life (2014) Script

(SIGHS) Last tour of the day.

I wonder why nobody wants them.



Bull's-eye. (ALL LAUGHING)


Hi, super old guy!

A museum? Again?


(SCOFFS) I hate stuff.

Oh, boy. BETH: It's okay, Thomas.

I'll take them.

Uh... Are you sure?

I think these are the "detention" kids. (GRUNTS)


Don't you worry. I can handle them.

You go take your break.



Follow me, kids.

ALL: Huh?

Yo, lady! The museum door is that way.

Yes, it is, but you aren't like the other kids.

Oh, no, no, no.

You need to see something special.


Right through that door.

ALL: Huh?

You're seeing things, lady.

Am I?

Or are you not seeing things?

ALL: Whoa.

Come on.


Now, today is November 2nd.

Does anyone here know why that date is important?

Taco Tuesday! (ALL LAUGH)


"Gorge Yourself on Halloween Candy" Day?


Nope. Today is the Day of the Dead.

Wait. Is that National Zombie Day or something?


(CHILDREN SCREAMING) You can't go this way!

You will get us both in trouble. Ancient rules of the, uh... museum administration. Huh.

Well, I suppose I could turn a blind eye, my...

(CHUCKLES) dear.



Behold, children, the glorious beauty... of Mexico! Huh?



This place is loco.

So many skulls!

At least that part isn't lame.


SASHA: Whoa!

What is this book?

That is the Book of Life.

All the world is made of stories... and all of those stories are right here.

This book holds many truths.

Some are actually true. (YELLING)

"The battle of Cinco de Mayo"?

Mayo! I love mayo. (CHILDREN LAUGHING)

BETH: And some, not so much.

GOTH KID: El Chupacabras, the legendary goat sucker?

I have to get one. (CHILDREN LAUGHING)

Now, although you may doubt some of these stories... there is one thing that we know for certain.

Mexico is the center of the universe.

And long ago, in the center of Mexico... was the quaint little town of San Angel.

Churros! Churros!

Frosted churros!

BETH: Now, naturally, since San Angel was the center of the universe... directly below it lay... the Land of the Remembered.

A festive and magical place for those who live on... in the memories of their loved ones. Whoa.

BETH: And below that..

Lies the Land of the Forgotten.

MAN: Ay ay av!

BETH: The sad and lonely destination for those poor souls... who are no longer remembered. (CHILDREN GROANING)

But before I can properly begin our story... you need to meet the two magical rulers of these realms.

Who is that?

That is La Muerte.

She is made out of sweet sugar candy.

She's so pretty.

She is, isn't she?

She loves all mankind... and believes that their hearts are pure and true.

And that is Xibalba.

That charming rascal thinks mankind is not so pure, just like him.

He looks spooky.

BETH: Yes, he's made out of tar and everything icky in the whole world.

He's so... pretty. (CHILDREN LAUGHING)

Uh, what about the weirdo with the beard-o?


BETH: That is the Candle Maker.

He keeps everything in balance.

He's made out of wax and has a beard full of clouds.

(GIGGLING) Clouds?

All right. Let me show you something else.

All of these wooden figures here... represent real people in our story, just like you and me.

ALL: Whoa.

And so, our tale begins... on the day the people of Mexico call... the Day of the Dead.

No retreat.

No surrender!


BETH: On this festive, enchanted day... families bring food and offerings... to the altars of their beloved.

SASHA: It's like a hundred birthday parties.

BETH: Yes, it is.

And on this particular Day of the Dead... after centuries of being banished...

Xibalba had had enough.

Really, my dear... you have no idea how cold and vile the Land of the Forgotten has become.


Just like your heart, Xibalba.

Just like your heart. (XIBALBA GRUNTS)



Why must I rule a bleak wasteland... while you enjoy the endless fiesta in the Land of the Remembered?

It's simply unfair.


What? It's his time.

More or less. Uh-uh.

Not today, my love.

Come on, my dear. Trade lands with me.

I beg you!

Oh. You're so cute when you beg.

I'm serious. I hate it down there.

Hey. You're there because you cheated!

You made your bed with that wager.

You're not the man I fell in love with... all those centuries ago.

Let's not dwell in the past, mi amor.


Anyway, I was thinking... how about another little wager?

You think you can calm the flames of my anger with another bet?

What exactly did you have in mind?


Let's check out the menu for the evening.


Ah, look there, my love. Classic mortal dilemma.

Two boys. Best friends, no less.

LA MUERTE: Oh, in love with the same girl.


Fear not, senorita. Your hero has arrived!

Is that so?

How dare you interrupt a guitarrista?



MANOLO: The girl is mine.


She is mine. (BOTH GRUNTING)

I belong... to no one.

BOTH: Whoa.

(SIGHS) I believe we have our wager. Which boy will marry her?

Very well.

We will each choose one of these boys as our champion.

Let's go wish them luck.

Maria, weren't you grounded?

(SCOFFS) My father is overreacting.

How was I supposed to know that chickens don't like baths?


Don't worry. He knows a real man is protecting you tonight.

You're not even close.

But I have a moustache.

Yeah, just like your grandma.



CARLOS: Manolo!



Come, mijo.

Your mother would be so proud of you.

You think she'll come back tonight?

Carmen is here.

But it's... But it's more like... a warm feeling you get when loved ones are with you.

All of these families have lost someone.

But as long as we remember them... we can feel their presence with us... for one night each year.

I just thought I might see her one more time.

She always smelled like flowers.


I remember her singing.

She was a good woman, that one.

I miss her so much.

Just be still, and you can feel it.

Your mother is here, along with all our ancestors.

As long as we remember them, they are with us.

The moment we forget them, they are truly gone.

I can feel them.

Kind people... may I please have a bit of your bread?

I am so hungry.

I'm sure Mama would want you to have it.

Right, Papa?

Thank you, my dear.

In return, you have my blessing.

May your heart be always pure and courageous.

What do we say, Manolo?

Thank you, senora. Thank you.

Ah, Manolo.

Always giving away stuff for free.

Right, Dad?

BETH: Joaquin's father, Captain Mondragon... had passed away fighting the fearsome bandit... known as Chakal.


(GRUNTING) Who's in there?


Young sir, may I please have some of your bread?

I'm so hungry.

This bread is for my father.

And it's delicious.

Well, perhaps you would consider a trade?

An old medal? Please. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Oh, this is no ordinary medal, my boy.

As long as you wear it, you cannot be hurt.

And it will give you immeasurable courage.



But keep it hidden.

There is a bandit king... who would stop at nothing to get it back.

Bandit king? (GASPS)

You mean Chakal?

Where did he go?


So, then, if my boy marries the girl...

I will finally rule the Land of the Remembered.

And if my boy marries the girl, you will...

You will stop interfering with the affairs of man!


I can't do that!

Come on. It's the only fun I ever get!

Then the bet is off. (SCOFFS)

Very well, my dear.

By the ancient rules... the wager is set. (THUNDER RUMBLING)

BETH: And, so, the greatest wager in history began.

Manolo versus Joaquin for the hand of Maria.

Wait. So these ancient gods picked three little kids to...

Represent the whole world?

Yeah. Pretty crazy, right? GOTH KID: Yeah!

Keep going, lady.

Yay! Whoo!


Yeah! (GRUNTS)




You're so cute.



Oh, no. (BLEATS)

Not on my watch.

We have to free the animals!

BOTH: Huh? Come on, you guys!

Let's do this!

Yeah! Hold on, Maria.



People of San Angel, please!

I beg you.

After the Revolution... we need more volunteers to join this mighty brigade!





A heroic brigade to protect us from Chakal.



IGNACIO: Chakal is here! (GASPS)







Maria, what have you done now?

Freedom is coming through! (GASPS)






Oh, no!




Oh, dear.

No retreat.

No surrender.

(GRUNTS) Toro, toro.



He has the gift. (GRUNTS)






Great form, mijo.






That's my son!

Oh, thank you, Manolo.

(ALL SING) Gracias Oh, my.

What did I miss?

JOAQUIN: You okay, sir?

You have saved my life.

And I-- Shh.

Quiet, boy. I'm talking.

But I-- Quiet.



That girl is in so much trouble!




I'm sorry, Papa.

It's just that I-- (GASPS)

Manolo's guitar.



This rebellious nonsense ends now!

You are going to become a proper lady.


Because I said so!

I'm sending you to Spain.

The sisters at the Convent of the Perpetual Flame of Purity... will straighten you out.

BOTH: What? But, Papa!

No. it is decided. Now go home!


Joaquin, you are so much like your father.

This town could use a new hero.


You are like the son I never had.

My boy, your father was like a brother to me.





Where do you think you're going?

He can't send Maria away.

Well, fathers do what's best for their children.

Come along.

Mijo. I saw how you fought that beast.

You made our ancestors proud.

Do you think Maria was impressed?

Maria and every girl in town.

People said I was the greatest bullfighter in our family's history... but it is you, my son, who will be the greatest Sanchez ever!

They will write songs about you!

And I will sing them!

Wait, what?

(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) I will sing them.

(SIGHS) Son, music is not work fit for a Sanchez bullfighter.

But I want to be a musician.

No. You must focus.

Your training begins at once.

Your grandpa, Luis, taught me when I was about your age.

Wait, isn't that when that bull put you in a coma?

Ah, memories.

My only son fighting angry, thousand-pound beasts.

The family tradition continues.


BETH: And so, the day came when Maria would leave to study abroad.

The three amigos would be no more.

(WOMEN SINGING) Adios, Maria Adios, Maria. Write soon.

(TEARFULLY) I'm going to go over there.


I'm gonna miss you guys.

We'll be here, waiting.

For as long as it takes.

Don't ever stop playing, okay?

And you.

Don't you ever stop fighting for what's right.

I got you a present. You should probably open it now.

Wait a second. We were supposed to bring gifts?




MANOLO: I named him Chuy.

He'll look after you.


I remember you.

I figured you needed a little part of town to go with you.

Thank you.

Seriously, no one told me about bringing gifts.

Can you hold Chuy for me? (BLEATING)

This is to make up for breaking your guitar. (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING)

(GASPS) Hmm. MAN: All aboard!


I gotta go.

Don't forget me!


Your bonnet!





When you come back...

I will sing for you!

And I will fight for you!

BETH: It would be years before they would see Maria again.

I will wait for you.

(MANOLO SINGING) I'll be bold As well as strong One, two, three.

And use my head Alongside my heart


So tame my flesh

And fix my eyes Whoa! (BOTH LAUGHING)

One, two, three! One, two, three!

A tethered mind


Freed from the lies


And I'll kneel down Wait for now Hey, Manny!

I kneel down


Know my ground Yes! Just like your father!

'Cause I will wait I will wait for you And that's how you finish a bull!

And I Will wait I will wait for you

And I will wait I will wait for you

I Will wait, I Will--

CARLOS: I will not wait for you!

Papa, I was on my way.

BETH: After years of training, Manolo's father organized his first bullfight which, as luck would have it... was on the day that Maria returned.

MANOLO: Wait, Papa!

CARLOS: Playing all night with those mariachis brothers!

You want to end up like those bozos?

Oh! Okay, Manny, we'll wait outside.

I don't think Mr. Sanchez likes us.

You think?

Quiet, you lazy bums!


You live under my roof... you live under my rules.

You will be a matador!

Papa, this is my life.

All the Sanchezes are bullfighters!

Every single one of us.

I was a beast in the arena. A beast!

It's in your blood. It's your destiny.

How many times do I have to say it?

(LAUGHS) This is not me. This is you.

(SIGHS) My son, Joaquin may be the hero of the town... but today, you will be the hero of the ring.

If, for once, you actually finish the bull.

But he finished the bull the other day in practice!



That did no count.

No. Killing the bull is wrong.

Here we go again.

Ay! Kids today, with their long hair and their no killing stuff.

(SIGHS) I'm out of here.

Don't you love your family?

Then go get that bull, mijo.

Don't dishonor our name.

Just be a Sanchez!

GRANDMA: Mijo... he no gonna do it.

JOAQUIN: Hey, Manolo! Huh?

No retreat.

(SIGHS) No surrender.

The hero of San Angel returns!

Oh, come on.

You didn't think I was gonna miss your first little bullfight, did you?

And Maria's here, too! (SQUEALS)

Have you seen her? I cannot wait to show her these babies.

Oh, so, she's back only to see you?

Come on. That's not--

You have your medals, but I have the bullring. (CHUCKLES)

We'll see which Maria prefers.

It's a good thing you're finally taking bullfighting seriously.

(SCOFFS) You should see me in the bullring.

That's where I really do my thing now.

A true Sanchez man.

Those are some big shadows we live under, huh, buddy?



Hey, brother, may the best man win Maria.



BETH: In honor of Maria's return from Europe... the town received a rare visit from its most noble son... who was now a decorated hero.

They say Joaquin goes from town to town saving them from bandits!








That's my boy.

Afternoon, my general.

That is a mighty moustache you have.



BETH". As expected... everyone in town was curious to see how the young Maria had grown.

The jewel of the town has returned.

And she's going to be helping at the orphanage.

And I hear she reads books, like, for fun.

No way!

Senorita Posada.

Hola, Joaquin.

(WHISPERING) It's really nice to see you.


And she's so natural! (ALL GASPING)

OW! What?



And they say Manolo... might be the greatest Sanchez ever!

Yeah! That's my boy! (CLEARS THROAT)

What? (GRUNTS)

I would like to dedicate this corrida... to Miss Maria Posada. (GRUNTING)

Welcome home, senorita. (BULL SNORTING)


I'm allergic to dying!

Especially in the face!




Now, that's a Sanchez!





That's my son!







ALL: (CHANTING) Manolo! Manolo!

Come on, mijo.

For me.

For our family. Be a Sanchez!



Killing the bull is wrong!

Huh? (GASPS)



I told you he no do it.




We don't have to kill the bull!


Adios, Maria. Ow!

CARLOS: Manolo.

Manolo. Get up!


I'm sorry, Papa.

Do not make it worse by apologizing!

A Sanchez man never apologizes! Never!

Even If being a bullfighter means... killing the bull...

Well, then, I'm no bullfighter.

No. You are no Sanchez.


Victory! (LAUGHING)

That poor kid never had a chance, my dear.

Good game, though.

It's not over.

Ay, Maria.

(SINGING) When you were here before

Couldn't look you in the eye

You're just like an angel

Your skin makes me cry

But I'm a creep

I'm a weirdo What am I doing here?

I don't belong here I don't belong Oi. Manolo.


What just happened?

You don't know women, my love.

BETH: That night, General Posada threw a grand party to welcome Maria back.

But, you see, he had bigger plans.


ALL: To Joaquin!


Too bad you're just in town for a few days.

If only there were something that would make you stay... like a special girl.

Eh, Maria?


What? What I say?


Oh, my father.

It's so wonderful to see you again, Joaquin.

Look at that mustache. (GASPS) And all those medals.

What's this one for? (SCREAMS)

Nothing! Nothing, nothing.

What? I didn't--


Why don't you tell me a little more about Europa?

I loved it.

Such beautiful music and art and books. It was wonderful.


Books, art, wonderfulness.

You sound like you've learned so much, Maria.

I'm sure one day... you are going to make a man very, very, very happy.

And I hope that man's mustache, or his medals... makes you very, very, very, very happy.

Oh, is that so?

(CHUCKLES) Well, yes.

Behind every man with an amazing mustache is a beautiful woman.


Oh, yes.

And I'll cook and clean for him... and be at his beck and call. Mmm-hmm.

That sounds... That sounds so good. That just sounds so good.

And you sound... You're just so pretty.

Are you kidding me?

Oh, boy.

Is that how you see a woman?


We're only here to make men happy?



So, I don't know.

I believe I have lost my appetite.

No, please, please, stay seated.

Now, if you will just excuse me, I must go check on Chuy.

That's my pig-

I need to spend time with someone civilized.

Buenas noches. You've picked yourself a feisty one.


Good one, Joaquin! Very witty. (SIGHS)

PEPE: I can't believe the general invited the whole town!

Except for you, Manolo.

Sorry, bro.

He even invited us.

And he hates us.

(SCOFFS) It's hopeless. I've lost her to Joaquin.

Okay, listen. All we got to do is play the right song... and trust me, everything will turn around in the space of four bars.

We've already been to four bars!

Twice! (GRUNTS)

Hold it. I know exactly what to play. (WHISTLES)

PANCHO: it has to be romantic... and classy... but with tons of dignity.


(SINGING) You, you got what I need But you say he's just a friend Oh, baby, you--



Wow, that totally captivated her.

I don't get it. That one always works.

Even on my wife. Mmm?

Wait. You're married?

Ooh! I got it! Follow my lead.

(SINGING) If you want my body and you think I'm sexy Mami vamos, let me know



Very romantic, Pepe.


That's all I got, mang.

Okay. my turn!

One, two, one, two, tres, cuatro!

That girl is way out of your league, bro.

PABLO: Hey, let's eat! (ALL CHEERING)





(MANOLO SINGING) I love you too much To live without you loving me back I love you too much Heaven's my witness And this is a fact I know I belong When I sing this song There's love above love and it's ours

'Cause I love you too much I live for your touch I whisper your name night after night I love you too much There's only one feeling And I know it's right I know I belong When I sing this song There's love above love and it's ours 'Cause I love you too much

Heaven knows your name I've been praying To have you come here by my side

Without you a part of me's missing Just to make you my own I will fight I love you too much


I love you too much Heaven's my witness and this is a fact You live in my soul Your heart is my goal There's love above love And it's mine 'Cause I love you There's love above love and it's yours 'Cause I love you There's love above love and it's ours If you love me as much


Did you think it was gonna be that easy?



I... I kind of did.


Manolo! (LAUGHS)

Hold on, I'm coming.




What are you doing? Maria... uh, will you... Will you marry me?


ALL: Yes.

(CHUCKLES) Don't worry, your father already said you could.

He did-- (STAMMERING) What?


Who else could protect us from Chakal?




Huh? Uh-oh.


(LAUGHING) What did I miss?


Wait... Wait a sec.

Did he propose, too? (MARIA POSADA LAUGHS)


Were you going to?


Well, I proposed first.

So, go fight a bull or something.


You two are acting like fools!

Wait, me too?


You're so strong, Joaquin.

Thanks, I work out a lot. Huzzah!

I love you, you know that.

But how are you going to protect Maria... if you can't even finish a bull?



Good one, Joaquin!

Oh, yeah? Well, you will never be as great a hero as your father!



Now, that's just uncalled for.

You better get your finger out of my face.

You don't point at me!

I'm the best pointer you've ever seen!

That's so stupid, so childish.



Come at me, bro!


Huh? PEPE: What?

You wanted a banjo? JOAQUIN: Look at him!

He got his guitar. What are you gonna do?

La musical I'm so scared!

I'm gonna teach you some manners.

Joaquin! (GRUNTING)


Huh? Huh?

Did I mention I also studied fencing?

Fine. We'll settle this later.

Any time. Any place.

On. Really, guys?


Don't go, Joaquin!

What if the bandidos come?


The bandidos are coming!

And Joaquin is gone!

(SINGING) All is lost


Tremble in fear before the might of Chakal's army!

Women and children, go to the church!

Men, we are going to drive Chakal's bandits off!

Who is with me?


Ay. This is not good.

Listen up, you cowards!

These are Chakal's demands!

"Hand over your chickens...

"monies... bacon...

"jars... mustache wax." (SCREAMING)

This looks like "jelly" but I think it's "jewelry."

Yeah, jewelry.

Anyways, if you give all this to us... then maybe we won't burn... your town down.


Oh. You want the town?

You're gonna have to go through me! (GRUNTS)


JOAQUIN: Hey, ugh” Huh?

Why don't you fight a real man?

With a really awesome mustache!


Thank goodness you are here!


Here, hold this. Hmm?

And this. And this.

Oh, and if that's too heavy, maybe you can just hand it to Maria.

My name is Joaquin, son of Captain Mondragon!

(BANDITS MURMURING) Tonight, the town of San Angel... is under my protection. (BANDITS LAUGHING)

Prepare to be beaten.


Get him, Plomo!



CHILDREN: Joaquin!

(SINGING) Who wants some more?

Get him!

Hey, girl.

(LAUGHING) You goofball.



Ow. Ooh. Oh.

All right, that's just not hurting at all.

CHATO: The beautiful hero!

He has the Medal of Everlasting Life!




JOAQUIN: And don't ever come back!

Yeah! You better run away!

That was incredible.

Yeah, you really are a hero. Hmm.

Perhaps now... we possibly could continue our conversation, Senorita Posada?


Maria, please, do it for the town.

Without Joaquin... we are at the mercy of Chakal.


So, why don't you tell me about some of your medals?

Oh! Well, I got this one for delivering a baby with one hand... while arm wrestling a bear with the other. That's nothing, really.

Duh. Of course she's gonna go with Joaquin.

And did you see that mustache?

Are you crazy?

Maria is doing this to protect the town.

Putting her duty before her heart. BETH: Yes.

Life can be really tough for the living.

CARLOS: Failing in and out of the ring.

The whole Sanchez family would be so... disappointed in you.

Please, don't say that.

Listen. You love Maria?

Then fight for her, like a man!


It's too late. Joaquin proposed to her already.

Now, that's a real man. GRANDMA: Quiet, Carlos!

Manolo... if Maria didn't say yes to Joaquin... then she said no.

So, what are you gonna do about it, son?

BETH: After stealing Xibalba's magic medal in a battle...

Chakal had risen to become the king of the bandits.

But when Xibalba stole it back, Chakal had come undone.

We found... We found the medal! The Medal of Everlasting Life!

It's in the town of San Angel.


Are you certain? I swear! I swear!

A beautiful hero wears it to protect the town!

It looked just like that.

CHAKAL: Gather my men.

We ride for San Angel. (GRUNTING)

You've come back to me, medal.

JOAQUIN: I got this one for saving some orphans from a fire... and then going back in for their cribs, and then going back in for their toys.

And then I also saved a little puppy one time that had a little thorn in its paw.

And this medal is for having the most medals.

Well, here we are.

Thank you for this most informative talk about you.

Uh, I have something for you, Maria.

That is so nice of--


I'm speechless.

I know. Right? I get that a lot.


Good night, Joaquin.

Wait. Maria.


Um... MARIA POSADA: (GASPS) My bonnet.


You kept it all this time?

It's... Well, it's what's kept me going.

About my proposal, will you at least just think about it?

Good night, Joaquin.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes!

Joaquin, you're awesome!





(WHISPERING) Meet me at the bridge at dawn.

I can't. My father won't--

Please, Maria. I beg you.

If she meets him alone...

I will lose the wager.

Fix this for me, old friend.





MANOLO: (SINGING) Wise men say... only fools rush in But I can't help... falling in love with you

But I can't help... falling in love... with you

This is what I wanted to show you.

MARIA POSADA: It's so beautiful.

What you're feeling... that's how I feel every time I'm with you.


I can't offer you a ring.

I have nothing to give but my love.

Oh, Manolo.

I may not be the town hero, Maria... but I swear with all my heart...

I will never, ever stop loving you.

And I will never stop loving the man... who plays from the heart.


Snake! No!







What did you do, Manolo?

There was a snake and...

She's gone. (ALL GASPING)

Why didn't you protect her?


Oh, no. Oh, no!

This is all your doing! Leave!

Or so help me, I'll--

(SOBBING) My little girl.

What have you done, boy?

What have you done?

It should have been me.

Yes. It should have.


Maria died?

That can't be right!

What kind of story is this? We're just kids!

As the sky cried with rain...

Manolo went back to retrieve his guitar.

I will never see her again.

Are you certain?

You want to see Maria again?

With all my heart.

Think about what you say... boy.

With all my heart.






Manolo, too?

What is it with Mexicans and death?

But it can't end like this. Can it?

Oh, my sweet child, this is not the end.






Welcome to the Land of the Remembered! (NEIGHING)

I made it.

And on the Day of the Dead, no less.

Where is...

You're going to be a little disoriented at first.

Don't try to take it all in at once.

Let's start with your name.

Maria Posada!


Parents and their crazy baby names.

And there's no Maria Posada on my list.

No, no.

I'm looking for Maria Posada. Oh.

My name is Manolo Sanchez.

(GASPS) Another Sanchez?

Man, that family just keeps growing.

My family! They'll help me find Maria!

Can you take me to them?

I would love nothing more than to reunite a young couple.

Just hold on!



You know, I've been down here for years... awaiting my beloved honey bunny.

Hi, honey!

(SCREAMS) Too soon! Go!

BETH: The Land of the Remembered was vibrant and joyous!

Everything was like the land above... but it was more colorful... it was more beautiful, it was more festive!

And, on the Day of the Dead... that place was bursting with endless parties and spectacular parades.

There, your family is in that one.


Get in there!


Oh. yeah!

Another Sanchez bullfighter.

You are... the amazing Carmelo Sanchez!

Yes! I was famous... for fighting bulls without a cape! (BULL MOOING)


Capes are for cowards! (SPITS)

Can you help me find Maria Posada?

La Muerte can help you. She helps everyone. Hold on.


Oh. The great Jorge Sanchez!

(PEOPLE CHEERING) At your service!

I was famous for fighting bulls... with only one arm and one leg.


Arms and legs are for cowards!

You are Manolo, the one who plays the guitar.

Yeah, that's me.

You know, when I was younger, I always dreamt of singing in the opera.

You did?

(LAUGHS) But as you know...

BOTH: Music is not work fit for a Sanchez bullfighter.

(LAUGHS) The same story.

(CHUCKLES) They crushed our dreams. Hilarious.


He's new. He reminds me of me.

But less handsome.


Eh? Huh?



Of course!

It's Luis "El Super Macho" Sanchez!

I was famous... for fighting three bulls at once!


One bull is for cowards!

MANOLO: Grandpa! It's me, Manolo.

Manolo? I'm so happy to see you.

Why you disgrace the family name? Playing the guitar!

You couldn't finish one bull?

You were a clown. (HORN BLOWS)

Sorry, cousin Chucho.

Welcome home, mijo.

Your mother will be very happy to see you.






Manolo! (LAUGHING)

I missed you so much.

Ay, mijo, it's been like a hole in my heart.

I've waited so long for you.

But not long enough!

What are you doing here?

I'm here to be reunited with the love of my life.

You're going to love Maria, Mama.

I'm sure I will.

Manolo, you look just like your father.

So handsome, you turned out.

And I became a bullfighter, just like you wanted.

Me? Are you crazy?

Haven't you learned anything from your family's history?

What? But Dad said that--

Ay, that Carlos.

Wait until he gets down here.

Now, come on, mijo! Oh.

Everyone, this is my son, Manolo!


And these are your Adelita cousins.

They fought in the Revolution.

BOTH: And we won. No way!

BOTH: Hey, primo.

Being with the whole Sanchez family... and you, Mama.

This is incredible.

This is La Muerte's castle. ALL: Aw!

Huh? I don't see it.



Come, she will help you find my new daughter-in-law.

ALL: Whoa!

It's so pretty!

Now, this is a castle!

JORGE: We were always La Muerte's favorites.

You know how bullfighters flirt with death, eh?

And that's why there are so many of you down here.


La Muerte's throwing a big Day of the Dead fiesta for everyone!

Ooh. Ahh.


Ask her, mijo.

My lady, could you help me find Maria Posada?

XIBALBA: No one here can help you, bullfighter.


The Land of the Remembered has a new ruler!



Who, you ask? Lil' old me.

You again?

But La Muerte would never hand her domain over to you.

(BURPS) She lost a bet.

Ah. She would do that.

This land is finally mine!

All thanks to you, Manolo.


La Muerte bet that Maria would marry you.

I bet that Maria would marry Joaquin.

And since you're not around anymore...

Maria is going to marry Joaquin just to, you know, protect her beloved town.

So, I win.

No, but Maria passed away.

I saw her.

Oh, no.

Oh, yes.

(GASPS) Mijo, what is it?

One snake bite merely put her in a trance.

My champion easily woke... the sleeping beauty.


Oh, my goodness. It's a miracle!

(SINGING) Thank you I'm... I'm...



One bite? Your snake!

It bit me twice!

You cheated!

You will pay for this!

In all my years, no one, in any realm... has ever talked to me like that... and survived.

So, I ask you... are you threatening me, boy?

I will expose you to La Muerte.

And then you and me can settle things!


You'll never reach her in her new realm.

I should know. I rotted there for eons.


Now, if you'd all excuse me, I have a wedding to plan.


MARIA POSADA: What happened?

Wait, where's Manolo?

I'm sorry, Maria.


Manolo passed away.


No. It can't be.

I'm sorry, dear.


Maria, we are all sorry Manolo is gone... but Joaquin just saved your life.

You see? He will always protect you.

General, this is not the time.


Please, for everyone's sake, mija.

Make him stay.

Will you stay in San Angel if I marry you?

Yes, but you don't--

I accept Joaquin's proposal.

Ah, young love.

MANOLO: I have to find La Muerte! Please.

Please, help me.

Mijo, stay here with us.

No more worries.

Epic fiestas every day.

BOTH: With the whole Sanchez family.

And all-you-can-eat churros.

(LAUGHS) Thank you, guys. But, no.

I need to be with Maria. (ALL GASP)

It's all I ever wanted.

How's Manolo gonna get back?

He's... He's stuck there forever!

And Maria is gonna marry Joaquin! (SCREAMS)

All right, do you want me to continue?

So, one thing was for sure...

Manolo needed help from his family.

If La Muerte is where Xibalba rotted away...

BOTH: Then she's in the Land of the Forgotten.

No,no,no. Quiet, you!

Manolo, there's only one way to get to the Land of the Forgotten.

(SINGING) Through the Cave of Souls Going there would be certain doom!

Well... it's a good day for doom.


He's a Sanchez, I tell you!

A Sanchez!

(SINGING) This is impossible!

Hey! Good luck, little Sanchez!

BETH: The legendary Cave of Souls... was rumored to be at the edge of the Land of the Remembered.

Now, many had tried to reach it, but none had ever returned.

At least, not in one piece.

Caramba, it hurts just looking at it.

Why couldn't this be the Elevator of Souls?

My arthritis is killing me!

Are we there yet?


We made it, mijo.

Come on! What are you guys waiting for?


You are not worthy!

Hey! My arthritis is gone!

Grandpa! (GASPS)




CAVE GUARDIAN: Face the labyrinth... and earn the right to be judged.



I can't see him! Lift me up!

I see him!


Where did he go?



What? What's happening?

It's okay, honey. He's totally okay.

Run for your life!


That was so beautiful.


You have earned... the right to be judged.

But be warned.

No mortal has ever passed.

Ay ay ay!

For Maria.


Manolo Sanchez... your heart is pure and courageous.

You and yours may enter.

Ay, mijo. Don't do that again!

This is the Cave of Souls?

Shh, Grandpa! Show some respect.

CANDLE MAKER: That... was... awesome, man!

Look, the giant boulders were like...

"boom, boom, boom!" And then, you were, like...


And then, the Cave Guardian came in, and he was like...

"I'm going to judge you with this giant sword."

Um, excuse me? Sir!

And then, you... you got through.

I have to find La Muerte.

La Muerte? (SIGHS)

Sorry, you missed her, Manolo.

Wait! You know me?

Yeah, man. We know everybody.

We know Luis, Carmen, and puddle.

How are you doing, puddle?

Huh? Hello, puddle. (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY)

It's all here in the Book of Life.

Wait, where are my manners?

Come on in, y'all!

BETH: Manolo and his family were the first to ever see the magic waterfalls... that linked all the realms.

CANDLE MAKER: Welcome to the Cave of Souls! Mi casa es su casa.

(BOTH GASPING) Now, this is a cave!

You see all these candles?

Each one is a life.

And I'm your humble, yet strikingly handsome...

Candle Maker!

I don't get it.

Wait! I didn't do the thing. I got to do the thing.

Watch this.

LUIS: Wow!

Amazing, huh?

This is our work!

This is what we do!

Look! That group, that's your town.

And there, that's Maria.

And next to her, Manolo.

One aflame with life, the other... kaput You see... as long as someone alive remembers you... you get to live in the Land of the Remembered.

Santa Gordita! What is it?

Chakal is on the march.

With him comes the end of your town.

And there will be no one left to remember you.

We would all be forgotten.

Please, Candle Maker.

Come on, help me go back.

I can't do that, Manolo.

Hmm'? Santa Chihuahua!

Okay, Okay-

Look, guys, the Book of Life holds everyone's story.

But the pages on Manolo's life... they're blank!


You didn't live the life that was written for you.

You are writing your own story!


That's good?

So this means you'll help me find La Muerte?

Well, I'm not supposed to interfere, but I may be able to bend the rules.

Just a little.

After all, it is the Day of the Dead.

Right, book?


Come on, let's do this.

I'll take you to La Muerte.

I'm going alone. Alone?

Hold on, now. Fine.

I'm going alone, too...

Can I get a word in?

...right next to you.

Actually-- We should go.

"We"? No! It's much too dangerous for a lady!

No retreat! Hold on!

No surrender!

I tried to warn them.


I immediately regret this decision!


Are you sure we're in the right place?


You Sanchezes need to look before you go jumping into magic waterfalls.

What if you jump into the wrong one?

You might end up in Tijuana.

I think I died there.

Welcome to the Land of the Forgotten.


(GROANING) Ay ay ay-

You poor things.

And that's gonna happen to us if we don't hurry.

Come on.

There it is, Xibalba's castle.

La Muerte!

I need a word with you, my lady!

(GASPS) Manolo?

But how did you get here?

I had some help.

(LAUGHING) Hey, there.

Candle Maker. Carmen!

And the head of Luis?

Ah. Great, my arthritis is back.

I know about the wager.

Xibalba cheated.

He did what? Yeah!

With a two-headed snake!

You might want to cover your ears right now.


Yes, my dear? (GASPS)


You misbegotten son of a leprous donkey!

You cheated!


I did no such thing.


Oh, that.

It has a mind of its own. Or two.

That is unforgivable! Oh, please!

I never sent that snake to Maria, and I never gave that medal to Joaquin! Oh.

What medal?

The,uh,one I never gave him.

Ever. At all. Never.

Who is this Joaquin?

You gave Joaquin the Medal of Everlasting Life?


"Medal of Everlasting Life"?

Whoever wears the medal cannot die or be injured.


Please, can you help me up?


Thank you.

Uh, can I get a slap, too?

My son did not deserve this.

Come on, I have to go back.


It's only fair.


Please, Balby?

ALL: "Balby"?

No. Never.

You better do this! No.

Hey, what about a wager?

BOTH: A wager? If I win... you give me my life back.

You have nothing I want.

But I do.

If you win, Xibalba, you can rule both realms.

You name the task, anything you want, and I will beat you.


What? Are you afraid you might lose?

What you doing, kid?

Do we have a deal?

We have a deal.

Now, tell me, boy, what keeps you up at night?

What eats at you from the inside?

What, do tell, is your worst fear?

Got it.

Manolo Sanchez!

You will have to defeat every bull... the Sanchez family ever finished!

That would be thousands! (ALL GASP)

All... at... once!

If you complete this task... you will live again.

And if you fail, you will be forgotten.


This is impossible. It can't be done!



You can do it!



Are you two all right?

Chakal is coming! With a whole army behind him!

You boys warn General Posada. (BOYS PANTING)

I will buy you some time.

Who wants to go first?



(SIGHS) I hate... bullfighters.

Then come and get some.



Manolo! Get out of there!


What is happening?

Carlos! Carmen!

Manolo! Your father is here!


Chakal and his men are at the gates of San Angel!



Man, this is a whole lot of bull.


Maria Posada... do you take Joaquin to be your husband?


For San Angel, I do.

And Joaquin... do you take Maria to be your wife?

GIRLS: Uh-uh.



Chakal is here!

My medal. It's on my other suit.

I gotta go.

But Joaquin is the only one who can defeat Chakal.



We can fight them together, Papa.



Get up and fight like a Sanchez!

Mama? What are you doing here?

Eh. Cholesterol.



Listen up!


I know you're scared, but look around you.

Do you know what I see? SOLDIERS: No.

I see proud people ready to fight for their beloved town.

And I see that inside each of you is a strength that cannot be measured.

(BABBLING) Yes... even in you, Pepe.

This Day of the Dead will never be forgotten!

We will teach Chakal... that he's messing with the wrong town. (GROWLING)

San Angel...

I swear by those before us, we will not fall!

Not today.


Not ever!

Now, who's with me?


You are like the son l never had!

But much prettier!


Hey,Chakal! Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

BANDIT: Because no one's that big, man. (BANDITS LAUGHING)

Where have you been?

Thank goodness you're--

Hey! Soldier boy.


You give me that medal.

Right now!

All this is about a stupid medal?

Are you kidding me?

Not now, Maria. It's Joaquin time.





(LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Hey, buddy, let's talk about this. (GROWLING)









The beast is out!

Time to finish this.


Finish him! Finish him!



What is he doing? (EXCLAIMS)



(SINGING) Toro, lam humbled For tonight, I understand Your royal blood was never meant To decorate this sand You've suffered great injustice So have thousands before you I offer an apology And one long overdue

I am sorry Toro, I am sorry Hear my song And know I sing the truth Although we were bred to fight I reach for kindness in your heart tonight And if you can forgive And if you can forgive Love can truly live And if you can forgive Love can truly live

And if you can forgive And if you can forgive Love Love will truly live

He did it! Yes, he did.

(ALL CHEERING) Yeah. I'll give him that.

But how did Manolo do this?

He's a Sanchez.

BETH". Xibalba had been wrong.

Manolo's fear was never bullfighting.

I told you, a Sanchez man never apologizes.

Papa, I--

But you just changed that.

I should have been a better father.

I am very sorry.


You only wanted what was best for me.

I'm so proud of you, son.

Hove you, Papa. Ay, mijo.

BETH". And at that moment, Manolo conquered his greatest fear... being himself.

In accordance with the ancient rules...

ALL: we give you life.

Be careful up there, mijo.

JOAQUIN: Please, Chakal... just don't hurt them.

Yes. Yes!

The medal is mine!










Hold this for me, amigo.

So, my father tells me you hate bullfighters.

I hate everybody.

(BANDITS LAUGHING) Yeah. Yeah, mang.

Okay. Let's do this.


You and what army?





It's the Day of the Dead, Manolo.

And on our day, we have a certain amount of...

Leeway. Good luck!

Thank you!


No retreat.

BOTH: No surrender!

He gonna do it now!

Familia Sanchez!




We should get that guy for the band, eh? (LAUGHING)

(SINGING) Now, is your turn!

Okay, I sing good, too.


ADELITA: I was like, "I think you look good. I like your hair."

And he was like, "I like your hair."

Are you wearing my boots?

They look better on me.

Come here, lover boy!








(SINGING) Thank you









We found the medal!







I'm done playing!

I got it. I got this.

No, no, no! I got this!


Did I tell you I also studied kung fu? Wow.

CHAKAL: Enough! Look out!


Let go of me!

Get me my medal, or your woman will pay!


Go find the medal.

But Maria...

Find the medal.

I'll handle this.

Got it. Joaquin!





I save you, little Sanchez!

Good luck, Manolo!

Kick his butt, grandson.


Epa! Where do you think you're going?

I have to get up there!

I was right!

You have become the greatest Sanchez ever!

Hey! Whoo!





Care to dance, senorita?

I thought you'd never ask.







Pretty good, guitarrista.

Now it's your turn! (GRUNTS)

Watch out, sisters!

Save yourselves!



ALL: Hi, Maria!




I'm taking this whole town with me!


No more shadows, Dad.

No retreat?

No surrender.


Manolo, the column!

I got it.

No. No!


Don't stop fighting for what's right.

Wait, what?


Adios, brother.

What is he doing?



Don't forget me.




Chakal is defeated!






(GASPS) It's me, mi amor.

But how did you survive?

Don't look at me.

(GASPS) Joaquin.

You gave me the medal.

You were going to sacrifice yourself... for me.

I thought it might be time... to be a true hero. Like you, Manolo.

Are you all right?

I have never seen more clearly.

It's time to cast our own shadows.

(MANOLO LAUGHS) And write our own stories.

And so, Joaquin learned that to be a true hero...

You have to be selfless.


There is one more thing we need to do...


Do you take Manolo as your husband?

I do.

By the power vested in us by the Book of Life...

We now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss... the groom? (CHUY HOWLING)

She is gonna be a great Sanchez.

And today was a good day... of the dead. Oh, yeah-yeah!

Ah, well... I believe you've won the wager, mi amor.

Along with my heart, all over again.

Ay, Balby I'm so sorry, my love.

You deserve better than me. I know that now.

Will you ever forgive me?

I do.


(CHILDREN LAUGHING) Husband, how about a song?

(MANOLO LAUGHS) As you wish, Mrs. Sanchez.

(MARIA POSADA LAUGHS) (SINGING) I will stay by you... even when we fall I will be the rock that holds you up and lifts you high... so you stand tall Oh.

And I won't let you fall I won't let you...

No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there

No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there


So tear apart these giant hearts That beat inside us now Let's give ourselves our promises Of our unending... love

And I won't let you fall I won't let you fall I won't let you go I won't let you go (GIGGLING)

No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there I will be there Hey! No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there I will be there No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there

I'll be there

BETH: And the world keeps spinning... and the tales keep turning... and people come, and people go... but they are never forgotten.

And the one truth we know, it held true one more time... that love, true love... the really, really good kind of love... never dies.

Caramba, it gets me every time.

Okay, kids, closing time.

ALL: Aww.

Your bus should be outside waiting for you.


Adios, pretty lady!

Adios, Sasha!

La Muerte?


La Muerte!


You never cease to amaze me... mi amor. Such passion.

Anyone can die.

These kids, they will have the courage to live.

I'll wager you are right, my love.


Hey, write your own story.

And I won't let you fall I won't let you go No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there

No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there Oh, whoa No matter where you are No matter where you are I'll be there

I'll be there

If you listen To the rhythm Calling out in the dark

Can you hear it?

That's your spirit Just follow your heart So if you're feeling like dancing frequently Just tune in the magic frequency Don't worry about it 'cause we're gonna burn up Live life like it's a song So turn it on and sing along It's all right if it goes wrong Just keep calm and carry on On a single note Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Whoo!

Live life like it's a song So turn it on and sing along It's all right if it goes wrong Just keep calm and carry on On a single note Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh

Live life


Toro, I am humbled For tonight I understand Your royal blood was never meant to decorate the sand You've suffered great injustice So have thousands before you I offer an apology And one long overdue lam sorry (CHORUS SINGING) Toro, I am sorry Hear my song And know I sing the truth Although you were bred to fight I reach for kindness in your heart tonight And if you can forgive And if you can forgive Love can truly live And if you can forgive And if you can forgive Love can truly live

Toro, I am frightened but I'll use my final breath To tell you that I'm sorry Let us end this dance of death Two centuries of agony that to your heart we sent Here and now with my amor This senseless killing ends

lam sorry (CHORUS SINGING) Toro, I'm sorry Hear my song And know I sing the truth Although you were bred to fight I reach for kindness in your heart tonight And if you can forgive And if you can forgive Love can truly live And if you can forgive And if you can forgive Love

Love can truly live