The Boxer (1997) Script

The sun is shining, and I hope it's a good omen... for peace in Northern Ireland.

Not only because of pressure from Mr. Clinton... pressure from the south of Ireland... pressure from the Roman Catholic hierarchy who want peace at any price.

No surrender!

You cannot hold the process to ransom any longer... so end the violence, and end it now.

- What about the IRA? They haven't gone away, you know.

Let's go, Danny.

Is 14 years not long enough for you?

Time to say bye-bye, Danny.

Quite a turnout, isn't it? Aye.

Quiet, please.

One for the governor.

Thirty pounds.

Ticket for the boat. Please sign.

It's a wedding! Just throw the bouquet.

Go on.

Jesus Christ. Danny Flynn. Come on! Move it!

That's Danny Flynn? I think so.

There you go.

Thanks, Maggie.

That's lookin' great, Maggie. Well done.

Liam looks well.

Why is your father comin' to the reception, Maggie?

To keep an eye on you.

Sure. Why not?

Let's get things organized for Joe. Right.

Come on. Come inside.

Hurry up! In the club.

Here comes the bride

Danny Flynn's out.

Granddad! Liam.

Come here. Go on.

Mr. Hamill. Sean.

How are you,Jimmy? Not bad, Mr. Hamill.

What about you? Fine.

Hello, Mr. Hamill. What are you readin', Brian?


Keep movin'. Hello, Joe.

Hello, lads.

Hey, lads. I told you my granddad was comin'.

How are you doin'?

You look absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.

Congratulations, Josephine. Thanks for comin'.

This is a wee something for ya. Okay?

Oh, thank you. Where's Maggie?

She's through there, I think. I'll see youse later.

You did a great job, you. The prisoners would be proud of ya.

Oh, thanks for comin', Da.

What's wrong? Nothin'.

Are you upset?

Oh, I was just thinking about things, you know?

Let me down easy Putting my heart on the edge

Can I have a word with you outside, please?

What's the problem? There is no problem. Let's go.

What's happenin'? I was only dancin' with him.

You're a prisoner's wife, for God's sake!

Oh,Jesus! He was only dancin' with the girl.

It's all right. Relax.

He didn't know she was a prisoner's wife.

It's all right.

Her husband's stayin' five years in prison.

If you go near his wife again, understand...

I'll shoot both your kneecaps off.


It's all right. It's all right.

Don't be worryin', Agnes. The trouble's sorted out.

What's goin' on? Nothin', Ma.

We can't get no Bad reaction, but we try And we try, and we try and we try

I wanted to tell ya how proud we all are of ya.

How you stood by your man.

I know that when I was inside, it was easy to do my time... because I had a strong woman behind me.

My wife Eileen, God rest her soul... stood by me and remained faithful to the cause.

And now my daughter, with her brave son, Liam... keeps her house together until her husband, Thomas, returns.

On one day, and that day may be sooner than you think...

He's gonna sell us out.

...all the prisoners will come home.

And the Brits will be gone... and we will have peace in Ireland.

And you... you women who stood by your men... will be remembered as the bravest of the district.

So I want youse to lift your glasses... to our prisoners' wives.

The wives. The wives.

Come on in, lads. Come on.


Hey, boy.

Hey, Flynn.

Danny Flynn.

Do you not know me?

Ike? Ike Weir?

Ah, ashamed of me, are ya?

Pretending not to see me. It's good to see you, Ike.

What are you doin' here? I needed a bed for the night.

Oh, the bad boys didn't take care of ya?

Bad boyos didn't give you a party, huh?

The big IRA boyos didn't give him a party.

Where's all your big men now? Take it easy, Ike.

Take it easy? Don't you tell me to take it easy!

How come you don't blow yourself up like the rest of the IRA?

Tell 'em Ike Weir's afraid of nobody. Sit down, Ike.

Don't you tell me to sit down!

You tell 'em Ike Weir doesn't need a gun to fight!

Ike, for God's sake! IRA? Fuck your IRA!

Put your gun down, Danny Flynn! Fight me like a man!

Didn't I rear ya? I coached him!

I trained him when he was a child.

Destroyed his life.

Best fighter in Ulster.

Ah, he's gone. Fell asleep.

Lights out. Lights out in ten minutes.

How's the head, Ike?

Danny Flynn. Jesus Christ, it is you.

Got the price of a cup of tea? Aye, come on.

The semtex is loaded. We're all set.

You've got 45 minutes. Good luck.

We met last night, you know.

You had a wee go at me. Told me a bit of truth.

Well, to tell you the truth now, Danny...

I don't want any breakfast.

I just want a few shillings for some wine.

Can you help me?

I look bad, don't I?

Why didn't you stick with the gym?

After you were arrested... the Protestant lads didn't show up.

They took it hard.

They were very surprised.

That was it for me.

They use it as a community center now.

He's clear.

There ya are, love.

So how's your ma? She's all right.

So what are you gonna do?

Thought I'd try and get a few fights in England.


Aye. Just a few fights.

How old are you? Thirty-two.

Archie Moore fought for the world title at 42.

Why, Danny?

I just want to set the record straight.

Jesus Christ!

It's across the river.

Another fuckin' bomb.

Get the boat, Danny.

Get the boat.

What do you think you're doing? This is my home.

Is that his old house? Aye.

How's it goin', scrapper?

How's the head?

Fine. You're out.

Good behavior. You were never accused of that before.

You missed the boat, scrapper. I'd no watch.

You know Joe wanted you out of town. This is my home.

You're gonna live here? Aye.

You're a strange man, Danny.

All you had to do was walk across a prison corridor... and shake hands with some of your old friends in the IRA.

Snubbin' people is not nice.

But you never named names, and that's why you're a healthy man. Understand?

What are you lookin' at?

It's not my fault you got caught.

You should have run away.

Why is he back? I don't know.

Why the fuck should I know? Is it Maggie?

No, he wouldn't have the balls for that.

So you say.

No, he knows he'd get a fuckin' bullet in the head.

Say bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Just wait a wee minute there. I'll see if the community center's open.

Okay. Come on in.

Come on, come on. Are you gonna deal or what?

Ah, take time. Take your time.

Young Flynn, isn't it?

What happened to the ring?

That packed out years ago.

I think it's stuck under thon stage there.

There's a man standing there.

There's been an approach... to the community center.

Danny Flynn wants to set up a gym there.

What do you think?

Boxin'? Boxin'.

You're in good shape.

It's been a few years since this stuff's seen the light of day.

Did you see this, Ike?

You 20 years ago. Your face wasn't so red.

Aye, he was a tough man, Ike. Ah, there's young Joey Fitzsimons.

And young McCormack. He's dead too.

Show us your jab. Hey!

Ma, I'm goin' to Ned's. Well, don't be late.

Are you all right? Aye.

Congratulations, Peter.


Peter Mallon's been elected to the army council.

I've decided I need somebody more political.

All operations are to be suspended from 12:00 tomorrow.

Noon. Noon.


Tomorrow. Why?

We're close to a deal, Harry. Including the POWs?

Including the POWs.

So what are you offerin', Joe?

Peace, Harry. Peace.

Peace. I'm sure you can deliver, Joe.

Left hand up.

That's it, man.

Keep your legs moving.

Your father's a boxer too, isn't he? Aye.

Get your balance right. Move your head.

Lift those punches.

That's it. And again. And again.

That's it.

That's it! Good man.

I see you've put up the ring.

Aye. Looks great.

Well, sweetheart...

did you die just so Joe Hamill could sell us out?


Just talkin' to myself.

12:00 noon. Peace in Ireland.

Ma, it's the cease-fire!

A scene of celebration on the streets of West Belfast... as 12:00 noon brought the long-awaited IRA cease-fire.

Protestant spokespersons, however... opposed any immediate movement on the release of prisoners.

You get to know who the troublemakers are quick enough.

Just keep an eye on the tables.

No one comes into the city center after dark... so you only have to work till 6:00 or so.

You ever been in London? Aye.

I got a few contacts there. Come on.

Ike, where's Danny?

He's in the kitchen.

What's goin' on, Danny?

What do you mean?

I haven't seen you in 14 years... and now you're right next door to me every day.

And when I do see you, all I get from you is the odd grunt.

Do you not think that's strange?

Aye, it is strange. Oh, forget it, Danny.

Come on. Pick it up.

That's it. Good man.

And again. Move him about.

Beautiful. And again. Get the punches in.

That's it. And again. Keep your guard up, Danny!

Danny, come on in. Look at these.


There's Maclean.

"Holy Family Sweep the All Irelands. "

What a waste of life.

Six of them dead. Why the hell did you get mixed up with them?

The police were burning people out of their homes, Ike.

Soldiers shootin' people on the corner.

Why the hell do you think I got involved?

I don't know.

What's in the cupboard?

Ah, it's locked. We're lockin' up, lads.

There's only odds and ends in there belongin' to the community center.

Fuckin' semtex.

These are explosives, Birdy.

Why the fuck didn't you tell me he was rootin' around in here?

Kept an eye on him.

The lock's broken.

It's gone!

Can I have a word with you?

You're in trouble. What did you do?

I found some stuff. Semtex.

Under the stage?


Well, where is it now? In the river.

Well, why didn't you give it back to my father?

So they can kill more innocent people?

What do you mean, innocent people?

I mean innocent people, Maggie.

Do you want to get yourself killed, Danny?

Not particularly.

Why did you really come back? What do you mean?

I don't believe you just came back here to box.

If you ask me to leave, I'll go.

If I ask you to leave.

Well, how far can you go, Danny?

Turn around, start walking, and when you've walked for 14 years... then stop and think about what you did to me.

I did it for ya.

Oh, my God.

I'm sorry.

The next train from platform one... will be the 10:50 service to Londonderry...

I think we're safe enough here.

Ah, we're fine. Don't worry about us.

Thank you.

You used to talk to me, Danny.

You used to make me laugh. Oh, go on, make me laugh.

Am I not funny?

Talk to me, Danny.

I talk to you in my mind.

What do you mean?

In prison, you get used to silence, you know?

I mean, at first, you hold on to all the old voices in your head... kids you knew at school, old friends and such.

Well, after a while, those voices start to fade... and you end up talkin' to yourself for a bit of company, you know?

And then something strange happens.

It's as if even your own voice doesn't belong there... in the silence.

It's unwelcome.

Go on, Danny.

Well, in the end it's the silence becomes your best friend.

And in the quiet, a face will come to you, and...

and you talk to that person without sayin' anything, and...

Gee, I'm not makin' any sense.

Never make any fuckin' sense.

What are you sayin', Danny?

I've lived with your face in silence for 14 years, Maggie.

And now it's hard to talk to the real you.

I'm not who I was.

Try the elbow. Set down on the way. That's it.

Once more. That's it. Snap on your jab.

That's it. One more.

Come on. One-two! And again.

And again. He wants to join.

He's the boss. One-two.

Shadowbox. He wants to join.

Use the rest of the ring, now.

Come here.

No way, missus. Who are you to talk, Ike Weir?

Make him have a blood test.

If he's clear and he stays off the junk, he can join.

Keep your head movin' now.

That's it. Duck and weave.

Bob and weave.

Well done. Good jab. Keep on the move. That's it.

Come on. Hold on. Thumbs out. That's it. Elbows in. Nice and tight.

Good. Very good.

Look at these.

Headgear's gone. You can't spar with these.

Look at that.

What does that mean, Bootsy? What?

"Nonsectarian. "

Catholics and Protestants together.

What about the Jews, Bootsy? And the Arabs?

And the Muslims?

I suppose they can come, too, if they want.

Liam, move in!

Come on!

Holy Family's always been nonsectarian.

Protestants and Catholics together.

Write that down!

And the winner is... in the red corner...

Doyle from the Holy Family Club...


I won!

You fought a great fight.

Okay, Danny. Let's go.

Don't forget. It's your first fight in a long time.

You're gonna learn a lot.

Ladies and gentleman, can I have your attention, please?

I want to say somethin' tonight.

Of the many people that gave their lives in the Troubles... this night is dedicated to the members... of the Holy Family Boxing Club who've died.

Now, all these boys' parents are in the hall tonight... so I'd like youse all to observe a minute's silence.

Joe Fitzsimons, featherweight.

Died 1972. Age, 24 years.

Brian Keogh, light heavyweight.

Died 1973. Age, 16 years.

John Maguire, featherweight.

Died 1983. Age, 19 years.

Tony Walsh, bantamweight.

Died 1990. Age, 20 years.

Harry McCormack, flyweight.

Died 1987. Age, 13 years.

Sammy Orr... lightweight.

Died 1986. Age, 22 years.

Sammy's parents are Protestants from East Belfast... and this is their first night in the club... since the Troubles began 28 years ago.

And I'd like you all to welcome them back.

Did you know that was gonna happen? - No.

Sentimental shite.

Balance now. Keep your balance now.

Come on, Danny!

Come on! Use your jab. Use the jab!

Try hittin' him, Danny! Shut up!

Come on, lads! Box! Danny's way off.

Move in, Danny!

I'm gonna fuckin' kill ya!

He's showboatin' ya! Don't let him do that! He's playin' around with ya!

Hit him! Come on!

Flynn should get the Nobel Peace Prize for boxin'.

Stay off the ropes!

That a boy, Danny! Go on!

Jesus Christ, Danny! One, two, three... four, five, six... If he gets up, I'll fuckin' kill him.

Come on! Get up! ... seven, eight...


Break! Break!

You're not ready.

Have you had enough, son? I'll tell you when I've had enough.

Finish him.

Get him down, Danny!

Go on, Danny!

Go on, Danny!

Are you okay? Can you continue? Aye.

He can't put him down! He fuckin' won't bow down!

Hold him, Danny!

Come on, Danny! Come on!

Stay on your feet, lad!

Don't go down! Stay on your feet, Danny!

Twenty seconds!

Stay on your feet, Danny!

He doesn't look like a quitter to me. Danny! Danny! Danny!

What was that about, scrapper?

What do you mean?

Those were powerful emotions you stirred up tonight.

What are you up to?

I was just boxin'.

It's not just boxin', Danny. It's a fuckin' statement- standin' there gettin' your head knocked off.

What was that about?

I want the stuff back, scrapper.

What stuff?

All right, Danny. Play it whatever way you want.

Fourteen years wasn't enough to teach you then. Was it, lad?

What'd he want? Nothin', Ike.


He ruined your life once already.

Don't give him a second chance. I won't.

You should have put him away the first time.

You did him a favor. He'll never forgive you for it.

ID, please.


Thank you.

I'm not too sure about this, Maggie.

Well, it's safer than being seen together in West Belfast.

Why didn't you ask me to wait?

I would have waited. Don't say that. Fourteen years.

I would have waited. You were only 16.

Did you not trust me? How the hell could I trust ya?

I was mad in love with ya.

And I wanted to keep it that way.

Not have it eaten up day by day.

So you made the decision for both of us?

You made your own decisions too. What do you mean?

You married my best friend, for God's sake.

Well, did you expect me to remain faithful to you?

I suppose I did. I thought I was bein' romantic.

Givin' you your freedom or somethin'.

You were giving me my freedom, but you wanted me to stay faithful to you?

I was only 19.

Shake my hand. What?

Shake my hand, Danny Boy Flynn. Billy Patterson, bantamweight.

Jesus, Billy! How are you doin'? Good, good.

I'm doin' fine. Don't look now.

But there's a car behind ya... and the last Catholic boy who was in that car didn't die a happy death.

So I'll walk youse to the peace line together.

Let's go.

Bye-bye, Maggie. Good luck, Danny.

Stop by and do a bit of training sometime.

Will do.

What's wrong? I don't take gear from cops.

Why? - They won't let my dad out of prison.

Yeah, go on! Looks great, Reggie.

What about you, Liam?

Come on, lads. Come on. Photograph time.

What's all this? It's a gift.

A gift from who? Community relations.

All right. Come here.

Group together like that.

Community relations? Aye. Reggie Bell.

This stuff is from the cops... and we can't accept it.

Listen, these kids have barely got shoes on their feet.

Some of them come here in rags.

Look at them now. They look great.

I don't give a fuckin' shite who these togs come from. They're on their backs.

All right. They're not comin' off.

We simply can't negotiate until the terrorists lay down their arms.

The police are Protestant. They're not welcome in Catholic areas.

In contrast, it seems the whole of Belfast, Catholic and Protestant... is welcome at the recently reopened, nonsectarian Holy Family Boxing Club.

Takin' gear from the cops.

The boys from the club recently received... a generous donation of equipment.

And Danny Flynn, who fights out of Holy Family... has signed up for a rematch with Eddie Carroll at the city center.

Get them! Get those sons of bitches!

Who fired at Danny Flynn last night, Harry?

I don't know. My units shoot to kill.

You're in charge of the district. No. I report to you.

Did you see this?

He's fillin' people's heads full of shit, Joe.

"Leave the fighting to Danny" means that all the people who are in prison... who died, who didn't surrender to the Brits, that means that their sacrifices aren't worth a lousy fuckin' boxin' match.

He's spreadin' dissent, Joe.

Maybe you're the one who's spreadin' dissent, Harry.

I'm trying to hold together a district of junkies, thieves and losers... while all he's trying to say is that everything will be all right... if the Catholics and Protestants will hold hands together.

It's shit, isn't it, Joe?

Is it, Harry?


You know we're gonna have to live with them sometime.

Who's "them"? The Protestants, Harry.

The other half of the population.

You're never going to be treated as an equal, Joe.

Not if we keep bombin' 'em, no.

I don't see any POWs comin' home, Joe.

Well, last night didn't help, Harry.

It didn't help at all.

Keep it goin', Bootsy. Keep it goin'.

And again.

Throw the combinations, Danny! And again.

Let's go. And again.

One-two! Use the jab!

Watch it! Danny.

Come on! Again!

That was a warning shot they fired at you.

I'll see you later. Aye.

You know, we can't keep doin' what we're doin', Maggie.

What are we doing?

You know what I'm sayin'. Come on.

You're right.

Give us a hug.

You're a dangerous fuckin' woman.

You talked about voices in your head. I couldn't stop them.

I thought my head would burst.

And the only thing that kept me sane...

Ah, it doesn't matter now. Go on. I'm listening.

It's not fair. Just finish it up, Maggie.

It was the sound of your voice saying...

"Everything's gonna be all right. "

Jeez, I never said that.

Over and over again in my head.

"Everything is gonna be all right. "

Well, this is okay. This is all right.

What? What is this?

This is us. We don't got a name on it.

Who is it? It's Danny. Can I come in?

It's very late, Danny.

You shouldn't be here. It's not safe.

I know.

This is fuckin' ridiculous, you know?

All this talk, Maggie, you know?

We're kiddin' ourselves.

I love you.

There's nothin' else to say.

We're not kids anymore, Danny.

Yeah, we are.

You're so fuckin' beautiful.

For 14 years I was locked up.

Well, my feelings were locked up inside of me.

When I got in the ring again, you can't imagine the relief it was to feel pain... to be back in the world again.

I can give you up in my head, but my body's cryin' out for you.


Be with me.

Be with me.

I'm going mad, Danny.

I have a scream inside of me day and night.

Liam's upstairs.

Have I said too much?


I think you've said enough for now.

I think you'd better go. Okay.

Is my da comin' home or not?

Don't build up your hopes, Liam.

You said the prisoners were comin' home.

What's wrong?

We're this close to a deal... but I'm gettin' no concessions on the prisoners.

It's as though the Brits want the cease-fire to fail.

Harry says the only thing they respond to is violence.

It's a sellout. Go on, Belfast!

Belfast is comin' back to life.

People see this man, who was once committed to violence... now fightin' within the rules.

It's caught their imagination.

People are here together, Catholic and Protestant, with no animosity.

Don't be overeager.

If you go for him too early, you're in trouble.

How's it goin'? Not bad.

Kids enjoyin' the gear? Just great.

Danny, you know Reggie Bell, RUC community relations.

Good luck tonight. It's great for the city.

Great for all of us.

Lovely. I'll leave you two.

All the best, Reg. Thanks.

I don't like bein' used. What's wrong?

I don't like bein' used. He gave the kids all the equipment.

Concentrate on the boxin'.

Everything's set up. Okay.

Here comes Joe Hamill.

IRA bastard!

Bastard! Get out of Belfast!

Stop fighting amongst yourselves!

Can we all sing together... a song we all know, "Danny Boy"?

Altogether now.

Where's Liam? He's not comin'.

Did he say he didn't want to come?

That's right. He said he didn't want to come.

Oh, Danny boy The pipes The pipes are callin'

From glen to glen And down the mountainside The summer's gone And all the flowers are dying Did you hear that? That'll put pride in your heart.

Frank Patterson's out front. He runs the Commonwealth Sporting Club in London.

He's got a big promotion comin' up. Not now, Matt.

It's on television.

It's a fuckin' meat trade, and we don't want it.

There's a good few grand in it.

Forget about London. Just concentrate on this fight.

All right. Time to go.

No dressin' gown. No nothin'.

But come ye back When summer's in the meadow Or when the valley's hushed And white with snow

'Tis I'll be there In sunshine or in shadow Oh, Danny boy I love you so

Okay, boys, let's go. Follow my instructions.

Protect yourselves, and shake hands.

Stop! Go to a neutral corner.

One, two... three, four... five, six... seven...

Are you all right?


One, two, three... four, five, six... seven, eight...

You okay? I'm all right.


One, two, three... four, five... six, seven... eight, nine, ten!

You're out!

Thanks very much. Well done.

Great night for the city of Belfast.

The crowd will be comin' out now, Catholics and Protestants together.

The band will lead them down the street. Get as many good pictures as you can.

They'll be coming out together, so you can clear the barriers away.


Keep calm.

You can all see where your exits are.

Don't panic.

Get up slowly.

Leave the building.

Just keep calm.

There's absolutely no need to panic.

Go out through the main exit.

They've killed the policeman, Reggie Bell. Let's move.

Jesus! Come on. Let's move it. Move it!

Follow the exit signs behind you.

McCormack! McCormack! I wanna talk to you now!

Go out through the main exit.

Cop killer! There's no need to panic.

Catholic bastards! Bastards! Follow the exit signs.

You're all right, son.

Kill him! Kill him! They killed a cop!

You're okay. Take his hand now, son.

Keep calm.

Watch yourself now. That's right.

Good, lad. Oh, Daddy! Oh, Daddy, no!

You'll be okay! Daddy!

Quit pushin'! Dad!

There's a kid dyin' in there!

Give him some space! There's a kid dyin' in there!

Stop it! Stop it! Charge!

Irish pigs!

Run, Ned! Run!

Come on! Run, will ya?

Where the fuck were you?

What are these for?

They're the keys to the gym. Come on.

Where's the petrol?

Should never have taken that gear from him.

Don't even think about it, Ike.

He has a wife and three children, Danny.

Anything that belongs to the cops.

We'll burn it outside.

I'm not takin' that outside. Why not?

'Cause, Liam, the Brits are everywhere.

We'll burn it here.

Stop messin', Ned.

Mickey, roll over! Oh, jeez!

Get him! Mickey, get up!

Gotta get outta here! Let's get out! Come on!

Let's get out! Come on! Run, Mickey! Get out!

The gym is on fire!

The gym's on fire!

Get away from the building!

Get the pictures!

This is for your own safety!

You'd better leave right now! Come on, Ike!

Time to get out!

You can't go in there! I work in there!

I work in there, and I have to get,... It's not safe!

Get away from the building!

Serves youse bloody well right for takin' the stuff from the police!

I'm in the middle of negotiations... and you let off this fuckin' bomb.

What did you achieve by it? You achieved zero.

Zero? Grow up. Grow up.

Stop livin' in the past and get your head into the future.

You can keep goin'. You can split this organization in two.

But you're gonna have to accept the consequences.

What consequences? You know what fuckin' consequences.

You don't have all the guns, Joe.

A lot of the active servicemen won't accept this peace bullshit anymore.

Are you threatenin' me?

You're goin' soft, Joe.

Ya think so?

You had men in prison... who starved themselves to death for you, Joe.

Ten of them. Now you have Danny Boy Flynn... wanderin' around the place makin' a mockery of everything you stood for... and you don't even see it.

But a child can see it, Joe.

A wee innocent child can see the truth.

What are you talkin' about?

Why don't you ask Liam why he burned down the gym?

I just follow orders.

He's way out of control, Joe.

Hello, Maggie.

It's your da. All right.

What's wrong?

I don't want to lose you.

Sure you never will.

You've got to be above reproach.

Tell me... Tell me you don't love Danny Flynn.

You've got to get rid of him.

What are you talkin' about?

We've done nothin' wrong. That's not the point.

Everybody thinks you did. Well, to hell with them.

To hell with 'em!

Liam burned down the gym.

Where is he? Upstairs.

What the hell did you think you were doing?

I saw ya. I saw ya with him.

You're gonna run away with him, aren't ya?

I'm gonna stay right here with you.

I don't want to see him ever again.

Leave him, Maggie.

He's suffered enough.

He's suffered enough?


My marriage was over before Liam was even born.

I'm the prisoner here.

You and your politics have made sure of that.

All I wanted was for you to have a good marriage.

Like you and my mother?

Do you know how much it cost her to smile... every time you walked through the front door?

She lived her whole bloody life worried to death. And for what?

Will ya look me in the eye and tell me for what?

I suppose she believed in me, Maggie.

She thought the ground that you walked on was sacred.

So did I.

I'm not going to lose Danny.

Then you'll have to tell him to go.


I can't protect him, Maggie.

You'll have to get rid of him, or you'll find him in a pool of blood.

God help you.

God help you, Father.

Maggie, come in.

I have to talk to you, Danny.

Want a cup of tea? Aye.

I have something to say to you.

I've been up all night, and I...

I've written ya a letter.

"Dear Danny...

It's taken me 14 years to learn to live without you... and I don't believe that here in this place you can ever be mine.

It's not possible because too many people are gonna get hurt.

I have to protect those I love.

I'm so sorry, Danny. God bless you.

Yours always, Maggie. "

What do you want?

I'm askin' you to walk away.

I don't think so.

You made a promise. What was that?

You said if I asked you to leave, you'd leave.

Mmm, aye.

Well, I'm askin'.

Have you been threatened?

Why do you say that? Have you?

I do have a mind of my own, Danny.

I know I might very well be losin' it, but I do have a mind of my own.

Is it your father? Is it Joe?

No, Danny.

It's Harry, isn't it?

Is it Harry?

Tell me. Just fuckin' tell me.

Don't, Danny.

You don't understand.

Half my fuckin' life I pissed away and all the good things in it... because of that sickly bastard and his dirty little... cozy little, fuckin' secret world and all the dirt in it.

And now he's tryin' to turn us into a dirty little secret. So, fuck him!

Let him know that I love you, Maggie.

Go out and tell him now. Go and fuckin' tell him.

I'll not crawl around in the fuckin' gutter for him!

I'll kill him first. I'll rip his fuckin' throat out!

Don't go outside. That's what he wants you to do.

That's what he wants me to do, and I'll fuckin' do it!

Liam burned down the gym.

He saw us together.

What are you talkin' about?

He thinks you're gonna take me away from him.

Dear God.

God help him.

When he was born, Danny, I held him in my arms... and it made everything all right.

I can't hurt him.

Come here.

I'm not a killer, Maggie.

But this place makes me want to kill.

I wish we could stay like this forever.

You still have it.


My soul, for what it's worth.

We can store the stuff in here till we get the gym goin' again.

I'm goin' to London, Ike. I'm takin' that fight.

It's a bloody circus... and you're their performin' monkey.

We'll stay here. We'll do things at our own pace.

I'm goin', Ike, and that's it.

If you go, you're goin' on your own.

I'm not runnin' from anybody.

You can use the flat while I'm gone.

Come on, Danny boy. Move out of the corner. That's it.

Come on, Danny boy. Get your feet workin'.

Get your feet workin'. Stand in the middle of the ring.

Ten seconds left in the round. That's it!

Where's Ike? He's over there.

Right there.

Can I talk to you?

It was me who burned the gym.


I thought Danny was gonna run away with my mother.

I'm sorry.

Are you gonna build the gym again?

Aye, of course, I will. Sure, I will.


When Danny gets back.

See ya later.

Champagne toast. Come on. Let's get the bubbly out.

Quick as you can, please. Serve the top table first.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I ask you all to please stand and pray silence... for your chairman who will propose the toast?

Your chairman.

The toast is the queen.

The queen.

One, two... three, four... five, six, seven... eight, nine, ten!

He's out!

And the third fight this evening... ladies and gentlemen, features from Nigeria...

Come on, Danny.

Come on, Irish! Quiet, please.

Gentlemen, can I ask you to confine your appreciation to clapping?

Bang. Jab him then. Bing, bing. Keep movin'.

Stay on your toes.

He's doin' well here.

- Danny's ahead. Seeing excellent movement from Flynn.

Watch the heads. Watch the heads.

Come on. Break it up. Break! Break! Move back!

He's runnin' around too much. He can't keep that up.

Get off the ropes, Danny! Off the ropes! Jesus Christ.

Come on, Akim! Come on!

You're okay.

Phil, get the cut. Danny, you're cut.

This is it. Here comes the clash of heads.

The Irishman's too far behind in points.

He's got to knock him out to win this fight.

One, two... three, four, five... six, seven, eight...

You're okay. You're okay. Get your hands up.



One, two... three, four... five, six... seven, eight...

Get your hands up. Box!

Come on, Flynn. Box on!

Come on, Flynn! Box!

Box on!

Box on.

It's over.

Box on. The fight's over.

I told you he was a quitter, didn't I, Betty?

You should have stopped the fuckin' fight. You should have stopped it.

What an extraordinary ending.

You'll never fight in this country again.

Are you happy now?

Oh, Danny boy The pipes The pipes are callin'

That's some boxer you got there, Ike.

Throws in his own towel. You teach him that?

Aye, you laugh at Danny Flynn... the only good thing that ever came out of this district.

I know you, Harry! You're only interested in hurtin' people.

That's your only pleasure, isn't it?

Go and get yourself another bottle of meths, Ike.

Take it easy, Harry.

You tell all the big boys in there how you ran away... how you left Danny Flynn to take the blame... how he kept his mouth shut... how he should've told and a lot more innocent people would be alive today!

Shut your fuckin' mouth, ya drunken wino, or I'll shut it for ya.

You killed this district, Harry!

You killed the one thing you loved.

Come on, Harry. He's irrelevant. Leave me alone.

Your own son!

What are you talkin' about?

You filled his head full of shit, and you sent him out to die!

Go home.

Go home!

He's dead. He's dead, Liam.

Sorry, Liam.

The army says he could be booby-trapped.

Come back, Liam! He could be booby-trapped!

He's booby-trapped! Liam! Come back!

Stay away from the body! You have been warned!

Stay back from the body! Stay away!

Stay away! You have been warned!

They're watching the house.

Fuck 'em. Can I come in?

My father's here. Good.

I'd like to have a word with him too.

I'm sorry about Ike Weir.

I'm gonna build a gym for the kids. Try and teach them somethin'.

You taught me to stand my ground, and that's what I'm gonna do.

Are you back for revenge, Danny?

No. No, I'm back for Maggie.

Will she be safe with ya?

She'll never be safer.

I don't know if we can have a life together. It's up to you.

You've more things at stake than I have, you know?

I'll not put her life in danger. We'll talk. We'll work things out.

Nor am I gonna sneak around as if we've done wrong. We haven't.

And I'm not leavin'.

It's a dangerous game you're playin'.

It's a dangerous game, all right, Joe. You know all about that.

It's my home, you know?

No one's gonna drive me outta my home.

Eternal rest grant unto him, Lord.

And may perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed... in the mercy of God rest in peace.


Let's go for a walk. Yep.

Can I help ya rebuild the gym? Is that okay?


Why draw trouble to yourselves?

Because it's mad to run away as if we'd committed some crime.

Don't forget. It's no problem. It's all right.

Mr. Hamill.

We're bein' followed.

I'm not gonna let you drive around with a prisoner's wife. Get out of the car.

Get outta the car.

Did you forget your weddin' ring, ya fuckin' whore ya?

You're a prisoner's wife. You know what that means, don't ya?

Fuckin' whore. You'd fuck anything, wouldn't ya?

Give me the fuckin' thing!

Kill him! Stop it, you bastards!

Stop it!

Fuckin' whore! You know what we sacrificed in this fuckin' war?

Let's do it clean.

Let him go, bastards!

Take him away.

Move it!

What'd you think was gonna happen? You can't just walk outta here!

For 25 years we've been living with this shit!

He's fuckin' dead!

Let her go. That's from Joe.

Move away.

End of story, peacemaker.

Stand back.

Move it.

Get away from here, Danny.

You all right?

Where are you goin'?

We're going home.

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Cover my eyes, lead me away

One step, two steps Towards the water Past the door Past the door Let me out of here Feels like the future Looks like the past

Lover, lover lover true Mother, Father, Son Look in the water, what do I see

The face of the face, haunting me

Blood on his legs, eyes run red And the scream of an Angel In my head Feels like the future Looks like the past

Makes me wanna kill

Lover, lover lover True

Mother, Mother Father, Son

In the shadow of a gun I Break my love

No feelings here

With a fist in a glove A fist in a glove Feels like the future Looks like the past

In the shadow of a shadow The Father in the Son In the shadow of a shadow Can never be one Can never be one The Father in the Son Can never be one In the shadow of a gun