The Boy and the Beast (2015) Script

I really don't know what I'm going to do with you guys.

Fine, if you insist, we'll tell you the story.

Go on, take a seat and listen up.

A long time ago... Well, not that long ago.

This all happened pretty recently.

Of all the world's many beast towns, Jutengai here is the busiest.

There are roughly 100,000 beasts living in our bowl-shaped valley.

One day, their lord and leader of many years declared that he would retire and be reborn as a god.

Once he'd settled on which god to become, he would have to choose their new lord, so he commanded the others to ready themselves for this.

His successor had to have first-rate strength and character.

That's why the first beast mentioned was one named Iozen.

He was cool and collected, valiant and courageous-- a mighty figure with many pupils.

He was also the father of two sons, Ichirohiko and Jiromaru.

All the others were agreed...

...that he was sure to be the next lord.

However, there was another beast nominated.

His name was Kumatetsu.

As his name implies, he had a bearlike appearance, as well as boundless strength and the agility of a monkey.

He swung his vaunted longsword with ease.

The general consensus was that he outshined even Iozen... least as far as power went.

He wasn't exactly easy to deal with, though.

He was boorish, arrogant, and selfish, so he didn't have a single pupil.

Let alone any sons...

--Come here, now. --Don't touch me.

You're underage, aren't you?

--No, we're not. --But you are runaways.

I told you, we aren't.

A baby mouse? Or something else? You're so tiny. Hold on a second.



Did you run away from someplace, too?

I'm all alone, too.


Dad, where are you now? What are you doing?

Why won't you come for me at a time like this?

Ren, time to get going.

Um, what do we do with this?

Oh, we'll move that ourselves.


Ren, I know you must miss your mom after losing her so suddenly, but it was a traffic accident; there's nothing we can do.

The family head will take you in and look after you. Understand?

You're the only boy in the whole family line--our precious successor.

You'll grow up wanting for nothing.

Ren! Would you at least answer us?!

Why isn't Dad here?

Just forget about him.

Why? He's my dad.

You know that he and your mom divorced, right?

The courts gave her custody, too. He's not family anymore.

Then I'll live by myself.

Hmph, you're just a child. There's no way you can do that.

I'm going to live by myself. I'll become strong, and get back at you.

How dare you speak to us like that?! Ren, you are--

I hate you! You, and my dad--I hate you all!

Ren! Wait, Ren!

I hate them.

I hate them. I hate them.

I hate them! I hate them!

I hate them!!

I hate them. I... hate them...

I... hate them...

Chico... I'm okay. Thanks.

What's the big idea, anyway?!

I just have to be stronger than Iozen, right?

"Character"? I don't see the point.

The lord's sure asking for a lot.

How long was that last guy with you before he ran away?

A month.

A week? A day...?

It was that same morning! The same morning!

I can't stand anyone who blubbers!

Is this any time to be choosy?

You gotta take a pupil. Even a human would do--heck, a dishrag would do!

Oh, yeah? Fine, then.

Hey, wait, I'm just kidding!


I said hey!

Are you alive, or dead?

Buzz off.

Well, if you're talking, you must be alive. Where's your mommy?

Buzz off.

Okay, where's your daddy?

Shut up.

Answer me. Where's your daddy?

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Say another word to me, and I'll kill you!

As if you could, kid!

Let me have a closer look at your face.

B... B...


Not bad.

Enough, already.

You wanna come with me?

What?! D-Don't be ridiculous, Kumatetsu!

What was that?

A dream?

Hey there, did you run away from home?

L-Let me go!

It's not good for children to be out at night, is it?

Let me go!

Where can we reach your family?

We'll have them come pick you up.


Come along, now.

No way! No!

--Hold it right there! --Hey, hold it!

--Hold it! --Stop!

--Come on! --Hey!

--Where is he? --Where'd he go?


That way?

No, this way!

Is this really Shibuya?





Huh? Huh?

The alley is gone?!

Where's the way out?!


--L-Let me go! --Hmm? What have we here?

A human child.

What's he doing here?

Perfect timing. Let's sell his hide to the shamisen maker.

Or we could slice him up and dry the meat.

Or maybe...


Stop that, you fools!

--Huh? --Huh?

Don't say such ungodly things.

Hmph! Pompous jerk.

Hey, don't worry about them.

Their bark is worse than their bite.

No need to fear.

I'm Hyakushubo. As you can see, I am a monk in training.

One must take a very specific route to arrive in Jutengai.

We beasts, who can become gods, and you humans, who cannot, live in different worlds, you see.

You must have felt helpless when you happened to wander in here.

Come on, I will deliver you back to your world.

Yo! Did you really come here?

I expected no less. I'm liking you more and more!


What are you doing? This is a lost child.

Can't you cuddle him more gently?!

Cuddle him? You monks are always such softies.

I mean don't be so rough with him!

What's wrong with being rough?! And he's no lost child.

As of right now, he's my pupil.


I said so, didn't I? Have you forgotten?

You're taking a human child as your pupil?!

Human, dishrag, who cares?

He's my pupil and that's that!

Hold on, hold on, hold on!

I told him again and again not to do this.

Tatara, what's going on here?

The lord told him that if he wanted to be successor, he had to take on a pupil.

But unlike Iozen, nobody wants to be this guy's pupil.

So, while out observing some poor humans, we found this kid.

That's why you kidnapped him?!

He's the one who followed me.

That doesn't mean you can rope in someone who isn't involved!

What, you're saying I can't have my eye out for someone promising?!


This is so crazy. Does he want to be the successor that badly?

Nah, he just wants to beat Iozen in a fight. Nothing more to it.

True, he probably has no interest in becoming the lord and advancing to godhood.

Even if he managed it, he'd end up an artifact spirit at best.

A toilet god, or a dishrag god, or something.

The human boy is the one to feel sorry for.

Should he really be left with Kumatetsu?

Dunno, but it's not my affair.

What's with this "pupil" thing?

I'm saying I'll feed you from now on.

I never asked you to.

Sleep there.

However, I can't stand blubberers.

You start crying, and I'll kick you out.

I won't cry.

That's the stuff.

I don't remember agreeing to be your pupil, though.

Then why did you follow me?

Why did I...?

It's plain as day you've got no place to go.

Are you taking pity on me?

Ask me that once you've grown up a bit, you chump!

You gotta live on your own power, one way or another.

I never got your name.

--I'm not telling. --Huh?

That's personal information.

Bah! Then how old are you?

Kyu... ["Nine"]

Then from now on, you'll be "Kyuta."

Why do you get to give me a name?

You're Kyuta now, got it?

Well, I'm hitting the sack now, Kyuta.


I made your favorite-an omelet with ham.

Eat it before it gets cold.


Hmph, he ran away.

I figured this would happen.

He's still here!


Stop that!

Are you still angry?

I was just having a little fun with you. Cheer up and eat.

These are freshly laid eggs. It would be a waste not to eat them raw.

Unless you're not hungry.

Yeah, I'm hungry!

--Then eat! --I can't eat raw eggs!


How can I eat something raw?

That's how you're supposed to eat them!

Watch me!

How 'bout that?!

You're crazy.

--What did you say?! --Wah! Watch it!

Pupils don't get to be picky!

I'm not your pupil!

Shut up and eat!

No way!

You better eat, or else...

Or else what?

I'll cram them into your mouth!

Cut it out, Kumatetsu. Treat him nicely.

Don't you get it, Kumatetsu? Take that little kid back, already.

Huh? Where'd he go?

I hate you, you know that?!

Hey, hold it! Kyuta!




Who'd want to be your pupil?!

Hold it, you little punk!

Whoa! Where'd he go?!

The way out... Where's the way out?

Here you go.

Brother, you want some?

No, huh? Okay, I'll eat it by myself.

First, I'll have the tangerine.

On second thought, no.

I'll start with the cherry.

Look, Jiromaru.

It's Father.


Ichirohiko, Jiromaru...

Are you training hard?

--Yes! --Yes!

Father, please train me, too.

Absolutely, right away.


I'll make some more time. Could you wait a little longer?

Huh? Again?


Sorry about this.


Hey, Iozen.

I hear you've taken your first pupil in quite a while.

Yeah, and he took off right away. Have you seen him?

He's a little kid about this tall.

Shouldn't you grow up a little before taking in kids?

Oh, cram it.

Speaking as the father of two boys, someone like you with no experience doesn't have what it takes to be a guardian.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I'm the type who sticks to his guns once he decides something.

But I need to find Kyuta. Human kids sure are speedy little guys.

Human? Hey, is this pupil of yours a human child?


Ow! Let me go!

A human?

What's one doing in our world?

Is that a human?

What's a human doing here?

Ah! Kyuta!

Hold on, Kumatetsu. Take my advice and dump that child back where you found him.

What difference does a human or two make?

You and the others may not know this, but there's a reason why we live in separate worlds.

Humans are frail, which is why they have darkness in their hearts.

If that darkness takes them over, and can't be controlled...

Darkness? Ha, it didn't look like he had darkness in him to me.

Listen! This is not just your problem!

I'm the one who decides what I'm gonna do with my pupil!

Look, I'm warning you! For the sake of everyone in Jutengai, don't do this!

For everyone's sake? You think you're already the new lord, Iozen?


Go ahead, try to stop me.

If you want, we can even settle who the successor will be right now.

It's a showdown between Iozen and Kumatetsu!

I've been waiting for this!

Give them some room!

--Are they deciding who the next lord is? --Back up some more!

Kumatetsu, take it easy!

Attaway! Get him! Get him!

I'm taking Iozen!

--I've got Iozen, too! --I've got Iozen, too!

Then it's not even a bet, is it?!

Well, well...


Stand back.

What's with Kumatetsu's attitude?

Doesn't he have any manners?

Are you mocking him?

You could learn something from Iozen!

--Hey! --Mind your etiquette!

Like he even knows the word "etiquette."

That idiot. He's turning everyone here against him.

Are they going to cut each other up now?

The lord has forbidden anyone to draw their swords.

We all keep the hilts and sheaths tied together with cords to keep us from drawing them.

Oh, is that right?!

Oof... H-Hey, hold it! Where did you go?!

Kumatetsu's pretty good!

What are you doing, you fool?

That's just his way of provoking him.

That's Iozen for you!

"Now do that to me"?

--Got him! --Idiot!

Damn it!


I'm not done yet!


Don't worry.

There they go!

Watch out!

Iozen is being cornered!

Is this the end of the fight?!

Iozen, hang in there!


Iozen! Iozen! Iozen! Iozen!...

Nobody... Nobody is rooting for him.

He's... all alone...


Do you still want to go at it?

I'll keep going until I beat you!

Stop it, already.

Like hell.

I'm not through yet!

Let him have it, Daddy!


Don't you lose!

--Who was that? --Someone's rooting for Kumatetsu?

Who? Who?

Don't you lose!


--All right! --That's it!

That's enough.


What are you doing? It's too soon for any match.

I haven't yet decided what god I'm going to be.

Lord, please punish Kumatetsu for taking on a human.

Hmm... You ask me to punish him, but you already laid him out, didn't you?

Whatever... anyone says... Kyuta is my pupil...

Ho-ho, you seem determined.

Are you conceding this exception?

It pains me to say this, but Kumatetsu cannot handle the responsibility!

Then I will assume responsibility.

I am the one who prompted him to take pupils, after all.

But sir, if he has darkness in his heart...

Nothing says that all humans will be swallowed up by darkness.

But... Why are you being so easy on Kumatetsu?

The discussion is over. Disperse!

Kumatetsu, be grateful that the lord has a magnanimous heart.

Damn it!

You are strong, huh?

What fight were you watching?

If staying with you really will make me stronger, then I'd be willing to become your pupil.

Hmph. I'll bet you just run away again.

These are still within their freshness date, right?


All right, Kyuta, brace yourself, because I'm gonna train you hard!

That looks good on you, Kyuta.

Pipe down!

Watch what I'm about to do.

Nicely done, nicely done!

Got that? Now, you do it.

Do what?

Kyuta, good luck.


Stop. Stop!

W-What should I improve?

Heh, "improve," he says. That's a laugh!

I-I can't help it! It's my first time!

First time! It's my first time!

Hey! Shut up!

How can he do it just by you saying "do it"?

You've got to explain how to do it from step one.

--Explain? --That's a teacher's job, right?

What choice do I have? First, you grasp the sword, "grr," see?

Then you go "foosh" and "bang"!


Huh? Th-That's it?

No, see, you grasp it like "grr," give it a "foosh," and "boom"!

Got it?

"G-Grr," you say?

No, it's more "grr"!

--Grr! --No, no, no.

Like "gwee"!

--G-Gwee! --No, no, no, no!

Like "gwaah"!

--G-Gwaah! --No, no, no, no, no!

--"Gyuwaah"! --"Gyuwaah"!


--"G-Gyowaah"! --No! No, no, no!

Completely wrong! You're so slow on the uptake!

--This is stupid! I quit! --What?!

There's no way I can do it if you teach me like this!

Stop whining and just do it!

--No! --Do it!

--No! --Ah, dang it!

Kyuta is a beginner. You have to teach more simply.

Yeah, I get it! Okay, I'll explain it more thoroughly!

Grip the sword inside your heart! You've got a sword in your heart, don't you?!

Yeah, right! Are you kidding?

The sword in your heart is important!

Right in here! Get it? Now do it!

Do it!

Where are you going?

What's wrong with him? All he ever does is rant and rave.

Kumatetsu! Wait up, Kumatetsu!

Hmph, "sword in my heart" my eye, you dummy.

Look, go back where you came from, already.

--Huh? --For a pupil, training for five or ten years is common.

You think you can handle that with your flimsy resolve?

If you just want food in your belly, have someone look after you in the human world.

There's no place for you here. Now scram.

Where is he?

I'm not sure. He said something about being gone two or three days.

Tell me, what is it that a pupil does?

First you do the cleaning, the laundry, the cooking...

What's come over you? Is this about yesterday?

Not really.

Leave him be. He blows his stack in a hurry, but the next day, he's forgotten all about it.

It's a waste of energy to worry about it.

I told you, it's not that.

They're going to wrinkle like that. Shake them out more.



I've never sold anything to a human before.

Is that right?

How long are you going to be here?

I don't know.

Well, that was rather curt.

Sheesh, there's just no helping those humans.

You human jerk! You monster!

I heard what my Daddy was saying about you!

Before long, humans go out of control!

I'm gonna bring you down now, while there's still time!

Stop, Jiromaru!


How is a weakling like him supposed to become a monster?

The next time my brother does anything mean, just let me know.

I'll set him straight.

You'll be sorry if you tattle on me!

That's enough, Jiromaru.

I just lose my temper whenever I see someone who's weak.

Hey, my brother is strong!

He can make things float without touching them, just like the sages!

Hey, show him, will you?

No. Powers aren't for showing off.

Father always says they're for kindness' sake, doesn't he?

I'm still just a child, but I'm going to train hard, and someday I'll be a great swordsman with big tusks, just like Father!

I will, too! I'm gonna be a cool swordsman, just like Daddy!

--Let's go. --Mm-hmm!

"A weakling like him," huh?


What is this?! Who cleaned up in here without asking first?!

It was your pupil.

Who asked you to do this?!


How did you get those bruises?

Hmph, pathetic.

Aren't you embarrassed that he kicked your butt? Ah, geez...

I know, I'm weak, and I'm pathetic. You're absolutely right.

Just as long as you know.

Well, if I may, what about you?

--Huh? --He gets up early, while you sleep until noon.

He's always busy, while you're always free.

And even though you're free, you never do anything.

By "he," do you mean Iozen?

He may be busy, but he's still polite.

You're always free, but you're rude and sloppy.

What are you getting at?

I've got a pretty good idea why you can't beat him.

What did you say, you little bastard?!

Hey! I dare you to say it again!

I'll say it as much as I like!

You're the absolute worst!

Calm down, both of you!

Who do you think you are, talking to your teacher like that?!

If you're a teacher, then act like one!


You lose your temper over the smallest things!

--Hey! --You give up too easily, saying it's too hard!

You've got some nerve, giving me advice!

A pupil keeps quiet and does what he's told!

No way! If I do what you tell me, I'll catch your stupidity!

Shut up, you bastard!

You shut up, you idiot!

Forgive him, Kyuta! Kumatetsu is just a big oaf!

--Ah, Kumatetsu, let's step outside, okay? --Be lenient!

--Outside! Outside! --Let me go! Let me go!

Damn it, damn it, damn it!

I'm doing the best I can for him, if you ask me!

So where does that jerk get off?!

You've learned your lesson, right? Toss him out, already.

And I am not always free!

I make money splitting firewood, plastering, and picking tea leaves!

I even work extra, to cover him!

So turn him loose, I say.

So he's got no business saying those things about me!

Am I right?!

Absolutely. You see how living by yourself was so much easier, right?

Living alone is so nice. No responsibilities, and no bother.

And nobody telling you the truth and setting you off.

Oh, that just slipped out.

Training this late into the night, are we? I'm impressed, Kumatetsu.


It can be beneficial to educate your pupil by letting him see your own efforts.

Uh, r-right. That's what I thought.

Very good. Let me offer you these as a reward.

What are those?

Referral letters.

Referral letters?

Take your pupil and go on a pilgrimage to some other lands.

These will let you meet the other lords with no trouble.

Y-Yes, but...

These are some noteworthy sages.

You should be able to discover some clues as to what true strength is.


Well, have a good journey.

Aww, just when you had a chance to rid yourself of that kid!

But you can't refuse the lord's instructions.

Too slow!

Too slow!

Too slow! Too slow, too slow, too slow!


At least slow down when you're eating, guys.

We would humbly ask you the following question:

What is strength?

I am not strong in the muscular sense, but look, I am able to create illusions.

Don't take them lightly. At times, illusions can be more genuine than truth.

Which is to say...

Which is to say...?

They are strength.

What is strength?

What can come of seeking that?

--Huh? --I have a fair amount of telekinetic power, but no matter how great my strength, there are some battles I cannot win.

Which is to say...

Which is to say...?

--I hate to trouble you... --Huh?

...but could you give me a backrub?

My telekinesis has no effect on my lumbago. Ooh...


I'm afraid your question is misplaced in my case.

All I do, rain or shine, is sit here like a stone.

Why is that?

To forget time, forget the world, and forget even myself, and thus transcend all reality. Which is to say...

Which is to say...?

She turned to stone.


I don't engage in philosophy.

Whoever reels in the catch first...

...and savors all the world has to offer comes out on top.

If you see an opening, seize it.

Which is to say...

Which is to say...?

You're wide open!

Relax, I don't eat my guests.

See? You listen to their nonsense, and you only lose sight of yourself.

I almost got eaten, and lost all of myself.

The word "strong" has lots of meanings, huh?

Each of those sages had something interesting to say.

Oh? Then plop down at a desk and get to studying!

Yeah, doing that would be much more meaningful.

At least I wouldn't be saying "foosh" or "gyowaah" like a certain somebody.

You have to find the meaning for yourself!

Says the guy who can't explain anything.

You're just slow on the uptake!

The problem is the way you teach!

--Don't give me that, you problem pupil! --You guys never run out

--What did you call me?! --of strength to argue, at least.

Give us a break, already. We're exhausted.

Can't sleep?

Do I not have any talent?

Does that worry you?

He says I'm slow.

I don't think that's true.

At first, you didn't know anything about laundry or cleaning, but after a little training, you soon got the hang of it.

You're a hard worker, and you pick things up quickly.


Kumatetsu is the one who has a problem.

Just look at his moves. They're a mess.

By which I mean they're outside-the-box. Why is that?

He didn't have any parents or a teacher.


He got as strong as he is all on his own. And now he is strong.

This is both his talent and his misfortune.

He never listens to anything others say, and likewise, he's never able to offer others any decent advice.

Is that right?

Still, once in a while, I do learn something from him.

Do you know what I mean?

Like when he says to find the meaning yourself?

Yes. I thought he made a valid point.

I don't know how I'm supposed to teach him.

Imagine, the great Kumatetsu, so hung up on an obnoxious brat.

Th-That's not it!

Well, you were plenty obnoxious yourself at his age.

As weak as you were, you were an expert smart-mouth.

I just didn't have a decent teacher back then.

Other than the lord, no one would have anything to do with you.

They gave you up for a disobedient pain in the neck.

Crap, just remembering those jerks pisses me off!

Yep, they were just like you are now.

I want that kid gone, personally, but if you want to keep being his teacher, you'd better start remembering everything you really wanted when you were a kid.

Well, good night.

"Find the meaning yourself," huh?

I don't get it.

That's me doing you, Chico.

Huh? No good?

You'll make it. Pretend you already have.

Was that you?

I'll make it... I'll make it...

What am I doing?

I can at least learn his footwork.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

What's this? What are you up to?

You'll make it. Pretend you already have.

What are you guys doing?

Are you mocking me?!

No, I'm not!

--Then what is that?! --Doesn't matter, does it?!

You're bugging me!


Geez, what does he think he's doing?

You're like a father duck and a duckling.

I'm no duck.

It's natural for children to grow up imitating their parents.

I'm no parent.

Kyuta means to learn everything from you.

Just like a baby following his father around.


Oh, Kumatetsu, you're not as annoyed as you'd have us believe.

They say that no parent is unhappy when their child takes after them, but I wonder...

Hey, kid, how long are you going to keep this farce up?

If you could get stronger by being a copycat, everyone would do it.

Hey, stay out of this.

Huh? After all your griping about it bugging you?

Never mind, just go away.

Hey, when did he become a different person?

Good question. He's taken a shine to his obedient pupil.

Ha! That jerk doesn't have it in him--

You mean it?!

Oh, I've got you now.

Here, how do you like this?!

There it is!

Huh? Whoa, hold on, hold on!

Hold nothing.

Wait, wait, just a second, here!

I'm not waiting!

What, seriously?


I'm not even watching...

...and I can tell...

I can tell...!

Dang it!

Let's test it.


--Ow! Ow! --What's up, Kyuta?

What the hell are you doing? Stop it!

What's going on?

Kyuta, you're...

After watching your feet and copying you for so long, I've gotten so I can tell what your next step will be.

What?! Stop messing around!

This is a huge deal, Kyuta!

For the first time, you've impressed me!

Kumatetsu, you could learn something from Kyuta.

I could learn something?!

Why should I?!

I'd be willing to teach you.

--Huh?! --In return...


I don't know how to hold a sword, or throw a punch, or anything... teach me that!


Damn! Teach me better than this!


Watch your opponent closely and match them.

--Ow! Ow! --Match them!

Kumatetsu has no regard for anyone but himself, so matching others gives him more trouble than anything.

That's what he gets for growing strong on his own.


You have to match your opponent!

I am! Ow!

No, you're not.

You sure talk big, you...

Teach me better than this.

Darn it!

Don't get too full of yourself.

--I'll take Jiromaru. --I've got Jiromaru, too.

I've got Jiromaru, too.

You're awesome!

--Huh? --I like guys who are strong!

Come over to my house to visit some time!

We've got lots of yummy candy!

So come by and visit!

I did it!


I asked you guys to eat slowly.

I win! You do the dishes!


You've gotten a lot taller, huh?

You think so, Mr. Hyaku?

--Eh?! --Mr. Tata...

When did that happen? For real?!

Ho... The kid's developing a decent form.

So it seems.

I'm impressed that he's brought a human child this far.

Oh, even you haven't noticed?

--Huh? --The one who has grown the most is Kumatetsu.

He's becoming polished and sharper.

You're right.

There's no telling who will become lord now.

Kyuta, how old have you gotten?

You have? Then from now on, you'll be "Junana-ta."

I'll stick with "Kyuta."

Master Kumatetsu, please take me as your pupil!

I want to become strong, too, like Kyuta!

All right, you're just about ready.

--Thank you very much! --Okay, the line's over there.

Go to the end and wait with your mediator's fee ready.

Bunch of snot-nosed brats with no promise, I say. Hmm?

I'll decide what my own training schedule will be!

No, I'll decide!

Kyuta is an adult now. Start treating him like one.

This guy? He's all smooth, with no hair sprouting anywhere!

I have sprouted hair!

--Where have you sprouted any?! --Hey, now...

I win! See you!

Hold it!

I'm not done talking!

You do the dishes!

Hold up, you little bastard!

Hmm? Hey, Kyuta! Come by and visit!


Hey, hold it!

Kyuta is something else. Thanks to him, Kumatetsu is big business.

Daddy says that even our squads have to start watching themselves.

Kumatetsu? Hmph. Don't compare that small-timer to Father.

Huh? What's the matter, Brother?

It's nothing.

Whoa...! Where'd you go?!

Man, that guy is tenacious.

Huh? ls this...?

...a... at her... helm...

...she sported there... A... of a... in the...

...from the long... narrow...


How do you read this word?


Oh, whale, huh?

--I told you so! --Oh, did he?

--I don't know. --Cram it, would you? Hello? They hung up!

--What? --lf you're going to make noise, go outside.

And what can we do outside?

That's entirely up to you, isn't it?

Let's go.

"15 Melville Moby-Dick"

She's been a pest that everyone's ignored since first year.

So, we can do anything we want, right?

Hey, don't you walk away!

--Stop! --We can do whatever we like outside, right?

We're not bothering anyone, after all.

Don't move.

Ah, were you watching? Just a spot of trouble, you see.

You didn't see anything, did you, loser?!

Don't make that face at me!

What is that guy wearing? How lame!

Super lame!

--Let's go. --Mm-hmm.

It's not true that everyone in prep school gets along.

Violence isn't right. Still, thanks for helping me.

I wasn't actually helping you.

But you did help me.

Say, how do you read this?

I don't know anything. I haven't gone to school since grade school.


Okay, I'll teach you all of the words in that book.



I'm Kaede. It's written like "tree" next to "wind," and read "Kaede."

I'm... Ren. The character for "Ren" is...

The "grass" radical over "to extend."



"Chapter 1: Loomings"

"Children's Encyclopedia"

"Chapter 10: A Bosom Friend"

"Break on through to the..."

Kyuta! Kyuta!

--Pipe down! --You're late!

Don't yell!

"Chapter 21: Going Aboard"



He went out a while ago.

He seems to be keeping busy lately.

Doing what?!

The main character is trying to get revenge on the whale for taking one of his legs.

But... maybe it's himself that he's really fighting.


In other words, the whale is a mirror reflecting him.

A mirror?

You have incredible concentration!

At this rate, you might be able to solve the problems in my study book soon.

Kaede, you're a good teacher.


Take it from someone who is pretty fussy about his teachers. There's no question.

This teacher is the one who raised you and taught you kendo?

My dud of a teacher.

You must get along well.

Heck, no! All we do is yell at each other.

Must be nice. I envy you.


I've never had a fight with my parents.


I'm here to make my parents happy.

I've been taking exams since kindergarten, working like crazy to get the grades that my mom and dad want.

And yet neither of them cares how I feel. They don't even realize.

But I know that I am the one who has to find who I am, or I'll never be my real self.

That's why now, even when it's hard, I study for dear life, so I can earn the grades I need to get a free ride to college and leave home.

After that, I'll study just for myself, graduate on my own, and then start living my own life.

Ah! That's the first time I've ever told anyone what I really want!

I feel so invigorated!


Listen, about that book...

--Huh? --There's a limit to how well I can teach you.

I'm sure there are teachers who can teach you how to read it even better.


Ren, how do you feel about going to college?

--No way. --I'll back you up if you want to take the exams.

But I could never get into college.

Don't you want to learn a lot more things that you don't know?

Yeah, I do.

There's something called the "Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates."

They used to call it the "Dai-ten," and it's a test that allows those who haven't gone to high school to take college entrance exams.

No way.


I don't care how smart you are-- if you've been a shut-in this long, how about you start with some middle school night classes instead?

Ah, but...

The world is not so forgiving a place.

Even on the off chance you pass, how will you pay?

You can't even find financial aid anymore unless there are major extenuating circumstances.

Yes, but...

Fine, we get it!

There really is no way I can go to college.

I'm sorry!

Ask me anything. There are more than a few colleges offering scholarships, and I can recommend some private grants-mot loans.

It depends on your grades, of course.

Th-Thank you very much!

Thank you very much.

I'll have to cram math and science. I haven't studied those at all.

Leave it to me! I'll teach you whatever you need!

You'll need a resident card to take the test, "Identification Forms Reception" so you can apply for a new resident card.

Would you please double-check that your father's current address is correct?

Your father who lived separately from you?

I had no idea where he was.

I can't believe it was this easy to find him.

Will you go see him?

It may inconvenience him, dropping in out of the blue.

He may have completely forgotten about me.

Even so... Even so...

What am I supposed to write?

Dad, give me the ball!


"Akasaka Shoes"

Oh, you're right. How careless of me.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Excuse me...


Do you... remember... me?

Didn't think so.

I beg your pardon.


Is that you, Ren?

Look how big you've gotten! I didn't recognize you!

How have you been all this time?!

Oh, well... There's someone who's looked after me, and...

Thank goodness... you're all right...

I'm so sorry... that I couldn't do anything for you before now...


You did? Good for you.

My dad said he didn't find out about my mom until long afterward.

He looked for me for a long time after I went missing, and even after the police gave up, he searched for me.

Oh, yeah?


Hey, Kaede, is that your boyfriend?

No, he's not!

Then who is he?

What school does he go to?

Go away!


Mm-mm. You think I can be normal now?


Stay with my dad, like normal folks do, and study and work, like normal, go home, like normal, and go to bed, like normal.

Do you think a life like that is in the cards for me?

You're not sure?

About your teacher?

Where did you go?

I need advice. I want you to listen seriously to me.

What about your training?

Listen. The truth is--

You think you can just blow it off?

Listen to him, Kumatetsu.

First, tell me what this is.

It was under your bed. Explain yourself.

I want to go to a human school.

--Huh? --I want to learn about the other world, so...

Don't you have more important things to do than that?

I thought becoming strong was your goal, wasn't it?

--I have gotten strong. --Huh?! Don't make me laugh!


I've gotten strong enough.

How do you figure you've gotten strong?! Huh?!

Ugh, this always happens whenever I talk to you, doesn't it?

You don't listen to me; you just shout whatever you feel like saying.

Tell me! When did you become strong?!

Forget it.

Hold it! Where are you going?

I have something else to tell you. I found my father.

That's where I'm going. I just decided.

Wait! Wait!

--Don't go! --Move.

I won't let you go!

Don't go!

Kyuta! Kyuta!

Did you solve whatever you were unsure about?

I guess not.

It doesn't matter anymore. I'm going to go see my dad now.

Once I see him, I'll figure it out.

Aren't you forcing things?

Why would I be?

I'll be in the library all day today. If anything happens, come by!

No! No, no, no, no!

--I'm sorry. --Anyone who isn't slow should understand this!

--I'm sorry. --Stop apologizing for everything!

We' re sorry!


Geez, what's wrong with everybody?!

Imagine, the father finally appearing now.

Do you think he really means to not come back?

There's no reason why he would come back, right?


Without Kyuta, Kumatetsu will go back to the hopeless mess he was before.

Nah, he already has--

--Shut up! --Whoa!

What the hell are you doing?! Watch it!

Despite what he's like, he's considered himself Kyuta's substitute father all this time.

Who, him?



Tonight's supper. Omelets with ham.

I'll cook, and we can eat together.

So, would you tell me more about this person who has been looking after you?


I have to pay my respects. After that, I'll thank him properly, and then the two of us can live together.

Just a minute...

Hm? Of course we will.

It's just... I can't suddenly make up for lost time.

Oh. I just thought...

Yeah, you're right. The passage of time for an adult is different than the passage of time for a child.

To me, it seems like just yesterday that I lived with you and your mom.


Sorry if I pressured you.

Let's start over, little by little.

We'll forget about all the difficulties you've had up to now, and from here on, we'll start moving forward.

What are we starting over?

--Huh? --Why do you assume it's been difficult?

What do you even know about me, Dad?!

--Ren... --Don't act like you know me, when you don't know anything!

Ren, I wasn't...

Of course you don't know anything. I haven't told you anything.

I'm sorry. I don't think I'll come over tonight.

--What about supper? --That's okay.

Ren! You can decide what you're going to do from now on!

But don't forget!

I'm willing to do anything in my power to help! So...


What's the matter with me? Why would I say that to Dad?

--Don't go! --Damn it, why does he have to...

Let's start over.

Damn it!

Don't go!

Damn it!

I don't get it!

Is that...

I hate them... I... hate them... I... hate them... from back then?

A hole?

He's gone!


You look so frightening. It's like you're not even you, Ren.

Tell me, what exactly am I? Am I human? Or am I beast?


Or am I... some ugly monster?

What are you talking about?

Tell me. Huh? What am I?

Ren, you're acting weird.

What am I, exactly? What am I?!

Sometimes the hurt is too much for me, too.

I think, "I'm through with this." It feels like my heart will burst.

It's not just you, Ren, and it's not just me.

I'm sure it happens to everyone. So, it's all right.

So... it's all right.

Thanks. I feel calm now. I'll go cool off.

Oh, hang on.

It's the bookmark from a book I liked when I was little.

This has helped me out a ton.

If you ever feel like you're out of control, or the way you just did...

...remember this.

A little charm.


What is this? What's going on?


Come by and visit!

The lord suddenly set a date, so the whole town has been abuzz.

A date?

Make yourself at home, okay?

Thanks, Mommy.

Tomorrow is the day my daddy and your teacher have their showdown.

They're going to decide who the next lord is.

Don't tell me you didn't know.

Actually, we're kind of having a fight.

Things are awkward, and I haven't seen him in a while.


Then again, I haven't seen Daddy, either.

He's been busy with his training all the time.

I miss him, but what can I do?

You don't want your teacher to lose, either, do you?

Then don't keep things awkward between you; cheer for him.


Whichever one becomes the lord, we'll still be friends.

Of course.

Let's hope it's a good match.




You shouldn't bother Kyuta by keeping him here too long.

Hear that? The evening cicadas are already chirping.

I'll see him to the front gate.

Thanks. Bye.

A good match? Don't make me laugh.

We already know who's gonna win from the outset.

Small-timers like you, you human, and Kumatetsu, should keep your places like the small-timers that you are!


Why... do you have a hole like me...?


Who are you rooting for?

Oh, I don't know.

I'm taking Iozen.

I've got Kumatetsu.

I... Ah! I can't decide!

I have agonized! For these last nine years, I've agonized, and agonized, and agonized some more.

At last, I've made up my mind.

So, what god are you going to become?

Indubitably, a god of decision-making!

The reincarnation ceremony will take place after the match, so look forward to that.

We will now hold the ceremony to decide Jutengai's new lord!

Candidates, step forward!

Wow! You can tell just from the pupils' faces that this is clearly a mismatch!

If only Kyuta were here.

Kumatetsu, don't look so glum. The match is about to start.

Ah, pipe down!

In accordance with rules of etiquette, swords will remain in their sheaths.

Drawing them is not permitted.

If you run away, you will lose, and if you are knocked out for a count of ten, you will lose.

All other rules of etiquette will be strictly observed.

Contestants ready!


Right out of the gate?!

Kumatetsu is overpowering him!

The bastard isn't even considering stamina!


Shut up and watch!

There, you see?

Aw, crap!

That's Father for you!

This ain't good.

He's getting beaten up for nothing.

Is this...

...already over?

Are you finished already, Kumatetsu?!






--Six! --Crap!





--It's Kyuta! --He's Kumatetsu's best pupil!



Kyuta, please!

Encourage Kumatetsu!

What are you doing, you chump?!

Get up, already!

You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here, after walking out!

What about you?! You look ridiculous!

What did you say, you bastard?

--You're a disgrace! --Now is not the time to be insulting each other!

Give me a break! Why are these two always like this?!

Don't go acting depressed! Beat him, even if you are alone!

Ha! I don't need you sticking your nose in here to keep me from losing!


So, he's still up for this?

This is starting to get good!

From the right! Sway! Counter!

You can do it! Middle guard!

Look at that. The guy is smiling!

That's the look he has on his face when he's training with Kyuta.

You're kidding me. He's in the middle of a match!

Right now, his mind is in a place that transcends the opponent before him.

It truly is perfect concentration-- a rising above the self.

On his own, Kumatetsu doesn't have a chance of winning.

However, with the two of them, who knows?

Daddy, hang in there!

Ah! He's losing!

Shut up!



That bastard! He's just a human!

Don't let him push you around! Stop losing to him!

Use your freakish strength!



Right there!











The match is decided for Kumatetsu!

Don't make me nervous like that.

I never asked you to worry about me.

You're lucky to have won.

Of course I was gonna win.

Don't be absurd. You were as limp as a rag.

Stuff it.

It's the rise of a new lord!

Banzai! Banzai!

You're a good son.


Let's go.

Hmm? The sword... It's gone.

What's... that red stuff...?


What's going on?

Father! My telekinesis and your sword have won the match!

You win! There's no way that small-timer could beat you!

Isn't that right, Kyuta?

Isn't that right?!

Stop, Ichirohiko!

Father, I'm about to finish him off. Watch this, please!

Did you see that, Kyuta?! That's what you get!

You see? The winner is my father, Iozen!

You fool! Do you think anyone will recognize this?!

W-What is that?!

--A hole? --No, Kyuta!

How dare you...

How dare you?!

Kyuta! Reject the darkness!


Don't do this, Kyuta! Ah, this is a disaster!


The darkness... is taking over Ichirohiko.

...will pay.

Brother? Where are you?



...what are you... taking a nap for...?

Get... up...



You're late! Late, late, late, late!

What are you doing? We've got training!


What's the matter, Chico?

I'm sorry, Ichirohiko. I'm sorry.

That power of Ichirohiko's is definitely not beast telekinesis.

It is clearly a power brought about by the darkness that only dwells within human hearts.

Lord, did you already know the truth?

Iozen, tell me why you did it.

I'm sure his real parents must have had some pretty good reasons.

I decided to raise him in secret.

I knew that humans had darkness dwelling within their hearts, but I thought that if I raised him, he would be all right.

Looking back on it now, though, that was conceit.

It was my own arrogance.

Why don't I have tusks like you do, Father?

Don't worry about that. They will grow in, in time.

Why doesn't my nose grow out long, like yours does?

Not to worry. Someday, it will.

Father, what exactly am I?

Ichirohiko, you are my boy.

You are the son of Iozen, and no one else.

The more you tried to convince him he was the son of a beast, the more Ichirohiko lost trust in himself, which made the darkness grow ever deeper.

But to think that the atmosphere of the beast world could expose the hole in a human's heart so dramatically...

What is the darkness?

I'm dumb, so I don't get it.

I don't care where Brother came from.

To me, Brother is just Brother.


Lord, will we not be allowed to live together with Ichirohiko?

Is there no hope of us starting over now?

Right now, Ichirohiko is wandering, lost.

Until we can drive that darkness from Ichirohiko, nothing will be possible.


Are you just going to leave Kumatetsu?

You fool! Are you out for vengeance?! What good will that do?!

H-Hey, Hyakushubo...

I can't stand it anymore!

If you think I'll always be a pushover, you're greatly mistaken!

Haven't you learned a thing from seeing what happened to Kumatetsu, you idiot?!

So you're still going to go, then?

Thank you for chewing me out.

It helped me clarify my thoughts.

However, I'm not going for vengeance.

Ichirohiko and I are a lot alike, and if I had slipped up, I might have turned out like he did.

The reason why that didn't happen was because of the many people who helped raise me.

Mr. Tata, Mr. Hyaku, and all the others.

Kyuta... you...

But I can't pretend it's not my problem.

Ichirohiko's problem is my problem, too. So...

...I have to go. I ask that you look after him.

Yeah, all right! I can see how resolved you are!

You let us take care of Kumatetsu!

We'll see him through! So you go on! Go on, now!

The many people who helped raise him, huh?

Who'd have ever guessed that would include us?

We've been with Kyuta ever since he was a little boy, after all.

Yeah. At first, he was a smart-mouthed, nasty little brat.

Rain or shine, we went over every day, never getting enough of it.

We looked after him, and he never once seemed grateful.

And before we knew it, he had grown so big.

He always did talk a pretty good game.

It makes you proud, huh?

It makes you proud.


"Public Telephone"

"Missed calls: 1"


I want you to hold on to this.

Why? How come?

There's someone that I have to settle matters with.

I'm not sure whether or not I can beat him.

If I lose, it could be the end of everything. That's why.


I'm glad I met you, Kaede.

Thanks to you, I learned lots of things that I didn't know.

You really made me realize that the world is a big place.

What are you talking about? There's still so much to...

I'm glad to have been able to study with you.

So, I wanted to say thanks.

Wait... No, I won't! I won't have this...


You're going to pay.

You're just a human...

No, not here!

Is that...?

You're in danger. Run away.

What are you waiting for?! Go!


I'm not letting go!


Run as fast as you can!

Stay back!

Huh? What is this?

Are they shooting a TV show or something?


Damn, it's no good here. Is there some other place...?


You're in danger! Don't go down that way!

Hurry and get out of here!

--Hmm? --What's that?

What's that shadow?

--Is that...? --Huh?

A whale...?

Get out of your cars! Just do it!

What is that?!

Hey, get out of here! Run, fast!



How am I supposed to defeat him?

This way!

Where are you going?!

"Ginza Line service interrupted"

"Service on all lines interrupted"

"Train arriving on Track #6"

"Train arriving on Track #6"

"Train arriving on Track #6"

What do I do to oppose him?

If I open up my hollow heart, and lock up all of his darkness inside, then run myself through with my sword, will I take it out of this world with me?

Is that all I can do at this point?

You know what? I've been asking myself something.

"Why am I holding Ren's hand and running away with him?"

"Here I am, scared to death, so why am I doing it?"

Then I remembered something.

How incredibly happy I was when we first met and started studying together.

I mean, there's nobody else who enjoys studying as much as you.

When I'm with you, it gives me the courage to keep going, too.

And right now, it's the same.

Ren, if you're going to fight, then I'm staying with you.

Don't forget-neither of us is ever fighting alone.


We have an announcement to make.

Due to a rash of fires near Shibuya Station, this train will suspend operations at this station, and briefly--

What is all this shaking?

Ichirohiko is after Kyuta, and is rampaging through the human city!

How could the sympathetic vibration of our worlds have so great an impact?

Why must we be dragged into a conflict between humans?

It was a mistake to allow humans into our world in the first place.

Hey, Kumatetsu! Don't do anything crazy! You could die!

You can't even move around very well, you know!

Shut up.

I heard what was happening. I have to do something... I have to...


What do you think you can do?!

Lord, you're the only one. Only you can do anything about this.

But you're keeping the means to do it all to yourself.

Means, did he say?

What means could there be?

Kyuta thinks he can stand on his own two feet already, but really he still needs someone to help him.

I may be a small-time chump, but I'm still gonna help him.

I'll make up for what's missing inside his heart.

That's the one thing that this small-timer can still do!

Hmm... Imagine, you being one to say such a thing!

You see, he's asking me to turn over my right to be reincarnated.

You want to be reborn as a god?!

Ridiculous! No normal beast can do that!

That's something you have to be a lord to do...

What just happened?

Kumatetsu is the lord.

Listen closely, Kumatetsu.

Once you make up your mind, there's no going back.

Are you all right with that?

Look at you. There's not a hint of hesitation in your eyes.

It's Ichirohiko.

He's gone...

Damn it!

Get out of here, Kaede. I'm the one he's after.


What is it you want to do? Rip a hated opponent to shreds?

Trample him, dominate him? Will that satisfy you?

You may look like a whale, but you're really a human, possessed with revenge!

Every one of us carries that darkness equally.

Ren has it too! And so do I!

But I'm still struggling as hard as I can, even now.

That's why there's no way that Ren can lose to you, who were so easily swallowed by the darkness.

There's no way that we're going to lose!



There's no other choice.

Ichirohiko! Watch!

I'm going to take all of your darkness inside me!

Ren, don't tell me you're...

You can perish along with me!


Don't let him beat you!

--Kyuta! --Huh?!


Kyuta! That's Kumatetsu!

He was reincarnated as an artifact spirit, and changed his form into that longsword!

That... is him?

That old bastard said he'd become the sword inside your heart!

The sword inside my heart?

You've got a sword in your heart, don't you?!

Yeah, right! Are you kidding?

The sword in your heart is important!

Right in here!

I expected no less. I'm liking you more and more!

Then from now on, you'll be "Kyuta."

All right, Kyuta, brace yourself, because I'm gonna train you hard!


What are you crying for, you chump?!

I can't stand blubberers!

Shut up! I'm not crying!

Build up your energy!

--Kyuta... --Ren...

Not yet! Hone it even sharper!

Is that...?

Right at the moment he leaps, Ichirohiko's human form always appears.

If that's the case...

Focus on just that one point!

Then don't hesitate to pick him off!

Now! Go!

Did he... kill him?



Just a... human...

Ichirohiko...'re the same as me.

The child of a beast, raised by a beast.

Where in the world... I?

Father... Mother... Jiromaru...

What was I doing before now?

I remember going to the stadium with everyone...

This is Kyuta's...

Remember, Kyuta...

...I'm the type who sticks to his guns once he decides something.

I know.

You start wandering around lost, and I'll kick your ass from inside your heart.

Shut up. I won't wander.

That's the stuff.

You just keep quiet and watch what I do from in there.

Yeah. Why don't you show me what you've got?

Last night, an unmanned tractor trailer went out of control in Shibuya, causing a large explosion.

Many sustained injuries as they got out of the way, "Explosion in Shibuya" but we're told they were all minor.

According to police, a large number of people reported seeing the "shadow of a whale" just before the incident, but nothing was seen on security cameras--

Take a good look.

Even Kyuta there started out as just a weak little child.

What he's saying is, if you train hard every day, even you snot-nosed little beasts can someday grow up to be like him.


Right, maybe.

Thanks to Kumatetsu, my chance to be reborn as a god has slipped away.

Now I'm back to my old job as lord.

Now, now, today's event is to celebrate Kyuta.

--Here's to him! --Hmm?

Oh! Look at that!

That young lady is yet another person who supported Kyuta.

Kaede? What are you doing here?

I was invited. Oh, here.

I dropped it during everything, and had to look hard to find it.

Here, you can have it back.


Also, I have this. A test request form.

What will you do? Do you still feel like taking it?

You get to choose what you're going to do, Ren.

I'll take it.


I knew you were going to! Let's work hard on it, together!

Here come the fireworks!


After that, Kyuta left Jutengai, and never picked up a sword again.

But he's the greatest swordsman of them all.

Yes. The only one to carry the sword that was Kumatetsu in his heart.

Knowing him, whatever hardships he may face from here on, he's sure to pull through them.

Good for you, Ren.

With my concealed shotgun I'll shoot the swollen head of the monster This time, I want to pull the trigger without any hesitation What is he? Vanity?

The fear of failure?

Or pride flattered, unsettled, and bloated?

Now, time to calm my ragged breathing Concentrate my awareness on my fingertips A gunshot roars through this world that admits no one but me There's a brief, dazzling flash

"One thing ends, and another begins"

Yes, surely that's what the light is shouting to me

In the cornered monster's eyes I find loneliness and purity Like an abandoned kitten He curls up in a ball, afraid Ah, if only I could have roped and tamed him Surrounded by infinite choices and possibilities What I've sought and desired starts to blur

"One thing is born, and another dies away"

Yes, surely there's no escaping that fact On a too-tranquil evening, in the still of the night The monster rampages again

I load the magazine with hushed breath So he won't notice this quiet bloodlust Another gunshot roars through this world that admits no one but me There's a brief, dazzling flash

"One thing ends, and another begins"

This world has always been this way

"One thing ends, and another begins"

I'm sure of it