The Boy Next Door (2015) Script


GARETT: / Wanna come home, claire, Let me come home, Please. CLAIRE: Just get out.

Get out!

(SOBBING) keviN: Don't tell me Dad's not coming back. Don't tell me that. kevin, wait. kevin?

vlCkY: claire, I love you like a sister, but you have got to get those divorce papers signed and move on.

It's been nine months.

What? Are you having second thoughts?

I'm having dinner.

With Garrett?

Oh, you pussy!

It's for kevin's birthday.

Honestly, vicky, sometimes I think you're rooting against us.

Who's "us"?

You and me, or you and him, because I kinda thought that was done.

He's the father of my kid.

Who cheats with the secretary every time he goes to the home office.

Brings a whole new meaning to "the San Francisco Treat."

Not funny.

He said she smelt like chocolate chip cookies. (PLATe CLATTeRS)

Goodbye. I'm just quoting his email.

You don't have to! Okay?

Because it's burned in my mind.


And for your information, he doesn't go to San Francisco anymore.

So, stop bringing it up. It's not fair.

CLAIRE: Ta-da! Make a wish.

GARETT: Happy birthday!

You made that? Of course!

Come on. I've been waiting all day.

I want you to see this. kevlN: Okay. I'll help you. kevlN: One, two, three!

GARETT: Ta-da!

Oh, my God! Dad! Huh?

It's like a high-powered gaming tower with an arctic cooler.

And you made this?

Three weekends in a row. Triple processor.

Dad, thank you so much. (LAUGHING)

Let's do cake.

What are you guys doing for Labor Day?

I don't know. Why?

I thought we'd go camping like the old days. kevlN: Mom, too? GARETT: Yeah, of course. That's what I was thinking.

Oh, it will be a lot of fun. We could catch fish, and, Mom, you could cook it.

Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun.

Please? (CHUCkLeS)

Look at you, you got schmutz everywhere. Go clean up.

Okay. All right, be right back.

Come on, what do you say?


When were you thinking of going?

I get back from a business trip the Thursday before Labor Day.

Business trip?

Yep. Get back Thursday night, we'll leave, three days.


That old cabin we used to go to at Mammoth Lakes. kevlN: That sounds great!


No, I meant where is your business trip?

Let me guess. San Francisco?

It's work. It's not what you think.

Does she still work there?

Claire, it doesn't matter.

No, I guess it doesn't matter.

Mom? Yeah?

So, you coming or not?

Mmm. You know what?

That's the weekend before school starts.

So, you know, you guys should just keep it a guy trip.

You'll have a blast.

Okay. Okay.


CLAIRE: kevin! Honey, we gotta go.


I know.

Mom, the door is jammed. (GROANS)

Mom, look, can we just forget it?

Because I don't wanna see another doctor, okay?

He's not gonna tell you anything any different.

He is the best allergist in the valley, okay?

We're going. You know what?

I'll lift the door, you pull the cord.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, you ready, Mom?

Just pull it up! It's too heavy. (STAMMeRING)

It's too heavy. Pull it up, baby.

(GRUNTS) I got it.

I can fix that for you if you want.

And you are?

My nephew.

Oh, hey, Mr. Sandborn.

Noah. I'm staying next door with my uncle.


He's here to help me when I get the, uh, bone marrow transport.


"Transplant," Uncle Bob. "Transplant."

Oh, yeah. (CHUCkLeS)

He's got a real knack for fixing things.

NOAH: I can, uh, take a look at this real quick.

Hey, how you doing? I'm Noah. kevin. Yeah. Um...

I don't know what the issue is.

It might be off the track, but...

Nah. Actually, it's the clutch.

We can get another one at the hardware store if you want.

You wanna go? Come on.

Well, you know, we actually had somewhere to be, but now that we're gonna be late...



Go ahead. Cool.

All right. It was nice meeting you. You, too.

Uncle Bob? Are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, sure, I'm fine.

Look at me. (LAUGHING)

NOAH: Hey. Love you. MR. SANDBORN: Love you, too.

His parents died last year.

I'm all he's got now in the way of family.

He seems like a nice boy.

Yeah, he is.

You up for some coffee?

Yeah, sure. Sure. Come on. kevlN: So, the entire time, it was the clutch.

NOAH: Mm-hmm.

How old are you, anyway?

Almost 20.

But you're not from around here.

No. San Bernardino.

My uncle, actually, my great-uncle, uh, he needed help, I needed a change, so I figured I'd go back to school here.

You mean college?

There was this, uh...


So, I lost some time.

So, I'm gonna finish up at Monroe High.

That's where I go. My mom teaches there, actually.

She seems way too cool to be a teacher.

She is cool.

For a mom.

Okay. We got everything.

Good to go? Yeah, let's go.


Here you go, sir. Thank you.


Can you, uh, pay for this?

What? Uh... kevlN: Look, that's Allie Callahan, okay?

She's the most beautiful girl in school and I just can't think when I'm around her. So, just, can you...

I don't know. I hate to tell you this, but she's already seen you.

Just go on and talk to her.

And say what?

Just tell her, "Here are some garage parts. How much?"

Go! Wow. very funny. Yeah.

Come on. Thank you.

You want me to fail.

Hi. Hi, Kevin.

Hi, Allie. Um, I didn't know you worked here.

My dad's making my brother and me do split shifts to earn gas money.

It could be worse.

If you didn't have a brother, you'd be working full time.

Noah Sandborn.

Allie. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, too.

I'm friends with kevin here.

I'm gonna go look around.

Okay, sure.

So, you're having a good day?

Yeah. Great.

How about you? Actually...

Hey, check it out.

(SNICkeRS) Look who it is! Whiz!

Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Okay, okay!

ALLIe: Jason! Guys! FORReST: Did you pee-pee?

Oh, what is this, huh? Come on.

Is this your epiPen?

Your little penis purse?

You guys, stop it! Get out of the store!

The kid still pisses the bed. All three of you, get out!

Okay, all right, fine, fine.

See you later, Whizzy. Stay away from liquids. (BReATHING HeAvlLY)

Hey, Noah, are you ready to go?

Uh, Allie, how much is this gonna be?

ALLIe: I'll ring it up. (CASH ReGISTeR BeePING)

NOAH: Clutch is in. We're all good.

You thirsty?

(GRUNTS) Yeah.

Thanks for fixing the door. And for including him.

Hey, there was this kid at the hardware store giving him a hard time.

Jason zimmer?

Um, skater kid, red hair, permanently dumb look on his face?

That would be the one. kept on calling him "The Whiz."



He actually had an incident a couple of years ago on a playground where he got stung by a bee, and his throat swelled up and he panicked and lost control.

Whiz. Whiz.

(CHUCkLeS) Oh, man. kids can be cruel. especially kids like Jason zimmer.

But, please, don't tell him I told you.

He'd be mortified.

You can trust me.

Anyways, uh, you're all set.

This is very exciting. very exciting moment. (LAUGHING)


It works!


Thank you.



NOAH: I'm gonna take off this cover real quick.

Put it over there. kevlN: On the ground?

Uh, wherever. Just set it down, doesn't matter.

Set it down? Yeah.

All right, now this bad boy right here is the alternator. You know what this does?

No. It charges the battery.

So, I'm gonna do one piece of it, you're gonna do the other, all right? All right.

NOAH: All right? kevlN: Yeah.

NOAH: You're actually going the opposite way. kevlN: Yeah.

All right, we're gonna check out the alternator.

You're loosening it up rather than tightening it.

(CRANklNG) kevlN: How's that?

It's in there. You wanna finish it off, Noah?

I'll just do it in there.

Okay. (CRANklNG)

kevlN: Yeah, this one needs two...

Make sure it's actually in there.

To the right?


(ALL LAUGHING) vlCkY: Okay, I'm changing the subject.

Um, how long will your uncle be in the hospital?

Um, I don't know.

It's all about the transplant taking.

Well, until he's better, you can come over for dinner here anytime, okay?

I don't want you eating by yourself. I mean it.

Thanks, but I don't wanna impose.

Oh, I do. especially if she's making the guacamole.

You are not an imposition.

Are you saying I am? Mmm.

Well, in that case, I wouldn't mind imposing on your literature class.

Oh, no, dude, you don't wanna do that.

They call her "The Crusher."

Is that what they call me?

Yes. Yeah.

You know what? Carry your own plate. (LAUGHS)

Clean up all the dishes.

(vlCkY LAUGHING) vlCkY: Now he's really worried about it.


Strange kid.


Can't put my finger on it.

Don't try so hard.

Okay. He's interested in literature?

In the classics.

Back in San Bernardino, we were studying the Odyssey, You want me to help you out with that?

Sure. Here you go.

You know, I'm teaching Homer next semester.

Really? He's my favorite.

You're kidding, right?

Second that.

Dude, you gotta read the /liad, Achilles is this total badass.

Hot-tempered, full of pride, completely consumed by his emotions.

You know what he called Agamemnon?


"A pitiful excuse for a king."

To his face.

He killed this guy, Hector.

But instead of hiding out like a pussy, he...

Dragged his dead body around for everybody to see.

Yes! He stood by his actions, right or wrong.

Well, because to him they were justified.

Do you have any idea what they're talking about?

No. No.

Homer's a genius, my man.

Just like Shakespeare, Byron, zeppelin, Dylan.








GARETT: I'll have him back Sunday afternoon!

Bye, Mom, I love you!



Oh, hey, Noah, come on in.

You know, kevin already left.

Actually, I, uh, picked something up for you.


Oh, my God, this is a first edition?

I can't accept this, this must have cost a fortune!

It was a buck at a garage sale. One man's trash...


Noah, I can't. Honestly...

Claire, please!

I've been eating here every single night.

It would mean a lot to me.

Thank you.

Those yours? CLAIRE: Oh, no.

They were a gift from vicky. Good.

(CHUCkLeS) Why?

Those kind of shoes are for women trying to be sexy.

You don't need to try.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have, uh...

No. No, it's okay.


(CeLL PHONe CHIMING) vlCkY OveR PHONe: Where are you?

CLAIRE: Almost there.

(GROANS) Well, hurry up! vicky, I can't do this!

I haven't had a date in 1 8 years, I don't even know what to do anymore!

(SIGHS) Three things, One, laugh a lot, TWo, take off your Wedding ring, Three, give him head, What?

Kidding! Just get here, pronto!


eTHAN : And the closer / get to this car, the smell is getting stronger and stronger, (LAUGH ING)

And I walk up to the guy's window, rolls down the window, I look and on the passenger seat is his dead dog!

(LAUGHING) You did not tell me that.

So, ethan tells me you teach. english, is it?

The classics. Wow.

What does that mean?

Oh. No, he just means as a compliment, Iike, "Wow, you teach the classics."


It's fancy.

(LAUGHING) I mean, I don't know how many kids nowadays are going to use what they learn from classics.

No offense.

Oh, none taken. I am a vice principal and I just want to see these kids employed.

Shall we order?

Silly me, I just want them educated.

I'm fine with education, but we gotta get them working.

Practical skills. That's where the money is.

Ah! Money! That's the goal, then.

Oh. ethan, how's your mom?


Oh, gallstones. eTHAN: Mm-hmm. vlCkY: Are those the ones you pass? Or are those the other stones? eTHAN: Yeah, she's getting better.

You know, money's fine, except when it's motivated by greed.

You're a little firecracker when you get riled up, aren't you?

I think it stopped raining.


Is that how you regard women with an opinion?

Only when they disagree with mine.


Pleasure to meet you, Benny.

No, Claire, stay, stay!

J. k. Rowling.

I'm sorry?


Classics major.

She's a lot of laughs.

You gotta get to know her.





Hello? NOAH: Question, I tried to defrost a chicken in the microwave.

And some of it's kind of cooked, some of it's kind of not.

Do you think it's still cool to eat the cooked part? (CLAIRE LAUGHING)

No! Do not eat that!

Then, please, come over and bail me out, Um... um,,, uh,,, Okay, (LAUGHING)

Perfect. Okay.


See you soon, Okay.

I mean, that date was awful.

Like that chicken. (LAUGHING)

I'm sorry I couldn't salvage it more, but... You did fine.

The damage was done.

Yeah. I'm glad I had you next door.


God, you're beautiful. You know that?

Oh, no, I'm...


And sweet, natural and sexy.

So sexy.

Noah! kiss me, Claire. Just...

I can't. Just once.

Please. I have to go.

Tonight, in the window...

You were watching me.

I can't do this!


I want to watch you now.

This can't happen. We can't.

It's wrong!

It doesn't feel wrong, does it?

Wait. It feels so...

Oh, my God, stop.



Please, please stop.




Noah, please!


No judgments.

No rules.

Just us.

Oh, my God.

A woman like you should be cherished.


Let me love you, Claire.

You are perfect in every way.




Oh, my God!

Hey! Where are you going?


I gotta get home.

No, you don't. kevin doesn't get home till later. Have some coffee.

I can't. This...

Was incredible.

Hey, you're having second thoughts, it's normal.

This isn't normal, okay?

Nothing about this is normal.

Where's my coat?

Would you just stop for one minute?

Look, Noah, I don't want you to think that any of this was your fault, okay?

I'm the adult, I'm the one that should've known...

Stop, stop! Just stop!

What we did wasn't wrong. No matter what you say, it wasn't wrong!

I wasn't thinking clearly, okay?

I got swept up in the moment. I was vulnerable and you're very sweet. No.

And it was flattering, but I... No.

(STUTTeRS) It was more than that.


God damn it! (CLAIRE GASPS)


Noah, look, it wasn't more than that, okay.

I was feeling vulnerable.

How can you say that? Last night was so perfect.

Because it's true.

And in time, you're going to see it, too.

Just leave.

Are you okay? Go!



Mom, we caught seven trout.


Yeah, he was, uh, pretty amazing.

Uh, Mom, can Dad stay for dinner?

Um... Please?


Please? Sure.

I saw this video on YouTube, where this, just like, big, you know, mountain dude who lives all alone in this old shack in Montana.

And he cooks all his food on a shovel.

No, you didn't. GARETT: We did.

I mean, we wrap it up in tinfoil first...

And eat off the shovel?

GARETT: Yeah, well, the foil-covered shovel. (CHUCkLeS)

It was a great meal. It was delicious.

Yeah, it was, like, one of the best meals I've ever had.

Oh! Thank you!

No. No offense, Mom.

You know what I mean. I don't mean it like that.

(PLATeS CLINklNG) GARETT: This was great.

GARETT: What do you think she made?

I bet you it's cookies.


(DOOR BeLL RINGING) kevlN: I'll get it.

You want any coffee?

GARETT: Yeah, I'll have some if you are!

KeVIN: Noah! What's up?

NOAH: Hey, man, you're back.

How was the trip?

Hey, Dad, this is, uh, Noah.

Remember, I've been talking about him a lot?

Hey, nice to meet you!

I feel like I know you, he talks about you so much.

Told me about the alternator you put in the truck.

NOAH: Oh, actually, kevin helped out, too, so...

GARETT: Yeah? kevlN: Yeah, I did.

Yeah. It was so cool.

I had no idea you could do that yourself.

GARETT: That's what friends are for.

Hey, Mrs. Peterson.

Hey, Noah.

Wow, looks perfect.

You tell them what happened this weekend?

What happened?

Oh, there was a big thunderstorm up here.

You guys didn't get it up there?

No, beautiful, dry as a bone at the lake.

Well, it got pretty wet here.


You know what, big day tomorrow. First day of school.

It's getting kind of late.

But it's, like, 8:30.

No, no, no. Actually, I gotta get going. It's a big day tomorrow.

I'll walk out with you, Mr. Peterson.

Oh, I'm going to stay around awhile, thanks. kevlN: Well, you know, I'll walk out with you, Noah.

Yeah, come on.

Uh, do you want to take a cookie for the road?

I love your mother's cookies. kevlN: They're great, right?

Nice to meet you. Yeah. You, too, pal.

Nice kid.

You know, we need to figure out what we're doing here, Garrett. (CeLL PHONe CHIMING)

What do you mean?


I mean, we're in limbo here and maybe, you know, it's just time to move on.

I'm not seeing her anymore.

But you might as well be, because I'm always going to think you are and I don't want to live that way.

And you shouldn't want to live that way, either.

Hey, it wasn't about her. It was about us.

Okay? We were broken.

We both checked out.

I'm not saying what I did was right, it wasn't.

It was...

It was stupid.

Smart people do dumb things. They make mistakes.

Haven't you ever made a mistake?

Don't throw our marriage away because I made a mistake.

Don't file. Not yet.

Just take... Take some time.

All right.

Come on.




CLAIRE: Welcome, everybody, to the start of a brand-neW year, This year, we are studying Homer's /liad and its themes.

The first one we'll be studying is the wrath of Achilles.

Mrs. Peterson.

Principal Warren, what a nice surprise.

Good news. I've approved your request for Noah Sandborn to join your class.

"No man or woman born, coward or brave, "can shun his destiny!"


I think it was Achilles who said that, right?


Wait! ed?


Wait a second.

This is a class for AP juniors, Noah Sandborn is a transfer senior, so...

I'm confused.

Your transfer request said, yeah, that he'd be an asset to the class.

This was your email.

That's right. Thank you.

Have a great year.







Stop following me!

I'm not following you, Claire.

I live next door.






Did you send an email from my account to Principal Warren? kevlN: No, why?

Because somebody did.

It sounds like you've been hacked.

You should really change your password.

You know, I'd be happy to help you out with that, if you want.

No, thanks.

Hey, you ready to go? kevlN: Yeah!


Noah, can you give us a second, please?

You can wait for him outside.

Yeah, I'll be down in a minute.

Oh, sure, yeah.

Mom, that was really rude. Why'd you do that?

He's here way too much.

You're the one who told him he could be and he's coming to dinner tonight.

No, your dad's coming to dinner tonight. kevlN: So, why can't he come, too?

I want it to just be the three of us, okay?

Okay, yeah. Okay.

All right. I'll see you later, then.

My Uncle Bob was a tail gunner in korea, and a sergeant in vietnam.

Tough old dude.

Now he's laying in valley Memorial, hoping the transplant takes.

Here, you got that?



Your dad seems to be around a lot now, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

Like a dinner and a camping trip can just make you forget about how he walked out on you.


Yeah, it's so predictable.

A guy hits middle age, and suddenly staring death in the face.

You know, tire around the waist, hair in the drain, cock that just won't stand up anymore.

He wants to feel alive again.

He wants to feel that rush, you know, he felt when he was our age.

So, he picks up a younger woman and poof!

Whole new life.

Go ahead and aim.


Almost. Little better, right?

Yeah. Here, switch with me real quick.

Then the guilt sets in.

Because he basically just left the first kid in the dust.

So, he tries to bribe him.

With things.

Like computers.



You follow me?

GARETT: So, what's up? How's school?

KeVIN: It is what it is.

Tell him about your computer class.

He's learning how to write his own software.

Like father, like son.

That's cool. We can do some stuff together.

I dropped it. What?

I dropped it. It was boring.

Going out for boxing now.

You're going out for boxing? You don't like boxing!

How would you know?

How would you know?

Seriously, how would you know what I like and what I don't like?

Am I missing something here?


Okay. You've been missing it for nine months, Dad!

You just can't come back in here and expect to pick up, like nothing happened!

All right, kevin, that's enough!

No! Mom, he's gotta hear this! Okay.

Life's been happening, Dad.

You know what, Mom, I got homework to do. kevin, wait. At least finish your dinner!

GARETT: Let him go.

He just probably needs some space.



NOAH: Here we go. Yeah, yeah.

Hey, uh, how was dinner with your dad?


Let's just take a break, all right?

No, keep going!

Come on, talk to me. Dinner?


God, I was a jerk, okay?

I feel really bad about it.

No! No! Dude, that's good.

It means he knows you're onto his bullshit.

We just have to hope that your mom doesn't fall for it.

Can't let her, uh, be his meantime girl.

What's that?

You know, someone he screws in the meantime.

Hey, uh, come on.

Someone he screws in the meantime?

Yeah. Put your body into it, there we go! kev! Take it easy, kev! (GRUNTING)

Calm down! easy, easy! kev!

Hey! Hey! Hey! (BReATHING HeAvlLY) kev! kev!

What do I do? What do I do?

God damn it! (SCReAMING)

Where's your pen? Where's your pen?



kev. kev, I got it! What do I do with it?

Oh, my God!

Where do I put this?

BOY: Shove it in the leg!


Is it working?

You good?

Oh, my...

Are you all right?

Oh, my God.


You're not dying on me today, okay.

God! Get over here!



Garrett's coming on a little strong, don't you think? (LAUGHING)

What makes you think they're from Garrett? (GROANS)

Did you read my card?

Would I read your card?

"Please give me another chance."

What? It's a thin envelope.


Tell me you're not going to.

I'm thinking about it.

Oh, no. No, no, no. Oh, I know! I know.

Let's tell him to take his cookies and shove 'em right up his ass.

You know what? enough with the cookie jokes.

We've all done things in our lives that we wish we wouldn't have.

You know what? Maybe you should start worrying about yourself for a change.

It's way more fun worrying about you.


(WHISPeRING) Make him grovel just a little bit, I swear...

GARETT: Hey! Hey!

Um... (CHUCkLeS)

Uh, did I catch you at a bad time?

No, never, They're beautiful, Garrett.

What is? The flowers!

FloWers? What floWers? claire? Hello?

You know what, I'm going to call you back.




I need to talk to you.

I'm busy with physical education.

I believe you're familiar with that subject, right?


Those flowers? What were you thinking?

They were a peace offering.

Do you know what that looks like?

A student sending a teacher flowers?

That's why I didn't sign the card.

And you hacked my email?

You said I could be in your class.

And you're trying to turn kevin against his father!

You can't blame me for the trouble your cheating ex-husband has brought upon himself.

Stop it!

You're welcome, by the way. For saving your son?

Thank you.

You know what, you're right, I should have thanked you. everything okay, Claire?

Yes, Mike. everything's fine. Thanks.

Look, I just want us to start over, Noah, okay?

Can we do that, please?

Yeah. I can if you can.

So, deal?

You can trust me, Claire.




Allie? Hey.

Hi, kev. Need something?

Yeah, um, I need four three-eighth hex head bolts, nuts and washers.

And I need an air filter for a 201 2 Silverado z71.

And I need you to go to a movie with me.

I'm kind of busy with work.

And now that school's started... Um...



Well, I guess I'll see you around, then.

But I don't have a date to the Fall Fling.

Uh, me neither.

That'd be really great.

Like, really, really, um...

(SNIFFLeS) ALLIe: Great?

Yeah, great. (ALLIe CHUCkLeS)


Okay. Well, um, I'll see you around.

Okay, cool. Okay.



I think I like the first one better.

You do? Yeah.

Then the soldier says, "No, no, buddy, she didn't have a head."


Oh, God. It's stupid.

It is stupid.


I'm not ready.


There's someone else?

No! But we were apart.

Hey, no, no. I don't wanna know. Look, it was nothing.

It just made me realize how lost I was.

Me too, Claire. We gotta...

Listen, we gotta have a clean slate.


But until I get my head straight, I'm not ready to just jump back in, and I need you to know that.

All right.

All right.

It's honest. Okay?

No guarantees, I get it.



I think I had one too many. (CHUCkLeS)

Can I crash on the couch?







I just want you to know, I'm not giving up on us.

Well, I want you know that I'm not asking you to.


kevin! Let's go!



What a fucking whore you are!

"Deal," you said. "Let's make a deal."

You trying to play me, Claire?

Is that what this is? Of course not.



Why are you doing this? Because you're a fucking liar!

What is wrong with you?

I'm seeing things clearly now.

You have to stop! Hey, Noah, what's going on?

Game on.

Mom, what just happened?

Honey, I need you to stay away from Noah, okay?

He's a bad influence.

What're you talking about?

You're just going to have to trust me on this one.

No, I'm not going to trust you! Okay.

'Cause you're not taking away the one good friend I have.

He is not your friend!

Bullshit! Mom, he's my friend! excuse me? Watch your mouth and get in the car!

You know, he said you'd do this. What?

He said you'd do this, and if you did, then it was Dad talking and not you.

He's been right all along! This is crazy!

Noah, wait! kevin! I'm asking you to get in the car.

(eNGINe RevS)

See you at school.


BOY 2: excuse me. BOY 3: Hello.

Move! Move!



Hey, Peterson!

Your movie was on Turner Classics last night.


It's like the black version of The Wizard of Oz, The Wizards of Waverly Place are on tomorrow.

Fuck you, zimmer!

Want some of this? Yeah, fuck you!



Stop it! Noah, stop it! Stop it!


Get up! Get the fuck up!

KeVIN: Noah, stop!


Fuck you!

So, I was looking at your files.

NOAH: Why?

I'm a vice principal. It's my job.


So, what a surprise I found when we didn't have your transcripts from your old school, so I called them. know what they told me?

To mind your own business? No!

That you were kicked out for disorderly conduct.

Jason zimmer's skull is fractured. You could have killed him!


I'm not done. I am.

I'm not! Sit down!

I said sit down!


You know what I see?

I see a pattern of disturbing behavior. Poor impulse control.

You know what I see?

A pathetic old woman who's trying to look and act like something she's not.

Something she'll never be.

Because all she really is is a dried up, dirty, fucking cunt.


You're gone, you're expelled!



kevin, you don't want to keep her waiting.

Come on, you're going to be late! kevlN: Mom, we're going to get there too early, nobody's even going to be there.

Okay, how do I look?

Like the handsomest man on earth.

Mom, come on, please, stop.

Seriously, come on, tonight has gotta be perfect, all right?

Because Allie Callahan's the most beautiful girl in school and I just never thought she'd actually go out with me.

Okay, please, stop.

Well, she obviously knows quality when she sees it.


She'll love it! Come on!


BOY: Hey!


Hi, kev. You look amazing.

Thanks, Allie. Uh, you look really great, too.


Uh, this is... That's for you.

Thank you.

Mrs. Peterson? Yes?

Um, some of the guys said there's water running out of the boys' bathroom.

Oh, okay. Um...

You guys go. Have fun.


I'll check it out. Okay.

So, do you like the flower? Yeah. I love it, thank you so much.

(kNOCklNG ON DOOR) CLAIRE: Anybody in there?




We need to talk.

Your behavior has been completely unacceptable.

My behavior?

And I'm not going to stand for it.

Just let me go.

So, what, your shit-head husband comes crawling back and you're just done with me?

Suddenly, I'm nothing to you?

Like what we had never even happened.

It was one night, and it was a mistake! We had nothing!

Hey, hey! Yes, we did.

And you loved it.

Just like this.


(GRUNTS) Just like this.



Just like this. Don't.




You think you can scare me with some graffiti on the wall?

Think again!

It's going to be your word against mine!

And who do you think they're going to believe?

Stay away from me!

And stay away from my son!





Sorry, guys.

GIRL: Good morning!


Give me one second, okay?






What's going on?

She locked us out.

eDWARD: Mrs. Peterson. (DOOR kNOB CLICklNG)

Mrs. Peterson, open this door!


Mrs. Peterson!


Open this door now!


Mrs. Peterson, I'm coming in!


Come on in.

What the devil's going on?

The bell rang five minutes ago.

Oh, I'm sorry, ed.

Take a seat. Come on.

Why was your door locked, Claire?

Oh, I just had a personal call.

You guys take your seat, okay?

All right.

You know what, give Mrs. Peterson and I a second.


I'm concerned, Claire. very concerned.

Your behavior lately has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Mike Avenido reported an incident in the gym with you and Noah Sandborn.

Oh. Yeah, I remember that.

That was when I was reprimanding him for skipping class.

Mike said that you got physical with him, that you put your hands on him.

Now, you know what our policy is regarding the use of physical force on students.

Well, I would hardly say I was using physical force!

I'm not questioning your integrity here, okay?

But I'm questioning your behavior.

Get it together.



GARETT: Hey, kev!


I told your mom I'd pick you up today.

Because I think it's time for you to drive this bad boy.


(eNGINe RevS)

I'm not used to you driving.

Yeah, well, I've been doing it awhile.

I guess.

Come on, buddy, slow down.

You like to drive fast, isn't that right?

I mean, why else get a car like this?

Unless you're trying to be something that you're just completely not.

(eNGINe RevS) kevin, slow down!

Do you have any idea what that was like when you were gone?

You didn't see her, Dad, okay.

She wasn't Mom anymore.

She was just completely torn apart, and I had to sit back and watch and there was nothing that I could do about it!

GARETT: kevin!

Slow this car down!



What's wrong? What's going on?

It's not braking!

Hit the brakes! (vOICe BReAklNG) It's not working!

GARETT: Downshift!

Downshift, downshift!

There's no clutch! What do you mean there's no clutch?

Look out! Here comes a car!

Look out! Watch out!


Oh, fuck!

Okay. All right, here goes. Straight, straight.

Here comes another one, kevin. Stay right here! kevin, look out! Look out!


Nothing's working, Dad!

GARETT: We gotta get off the road! emergency brake, punch it!

Punch it!

Oh, shit!

I'm so sorry!

Are you all right? It's okay.

It's okay, son. It's okay.




Hey, we're in here watching Tv.


What happened to your car?

Oh, nothing. I had a little fender bender.

We're all right.


They look, uh, fine to me.

Hey, Mrs. Peterson.

We're watching the Detroit Grand Prix.

Come on in and get a slice.

Yeah, there's plenty of room.

I gotta unpack the groceries.

I'm gonna get something else to munch on.

Look at these clowns.

Do you have any chips?

(WHISPeRING) You took pictures!

A video, actually. Capture the moment.

(HUFFS) Come over tonight.

After they're asleep. Say, 2:00?

Go fuck yourself!

I'd rather fuck you.

You're fucking crazy!

Who should I show it to first?


Or maybe... kevin!

No! Yeah?

Do you want a soda?

That sounds good. Thanks!

Hey, I'll take another cold one, please!

Yeah, anything for you, Garrett.


I'll leave the light on.


(DOOR OPeNS) Hey, you're early.

Where's the damn video?

Why are you so angry?

What you did in my classroom today?

You've been avoiding me.

What do you think? This is some kind of game we're playing here?

This is real life!

That is my home!

Okay. You're doing things in front of my kid, in front of my husband?


Your husband. Your fucking cheating, lying husband?

Okay. What's your plan?

What do you think? What do you think, we're going to date?

We're going to go on family vacations together?

What do you think is going to happen here?

Here? Nothing.

But it's a big world out there, Claire.

Oh, my God, this is crazy!

No, no, no, wait, wait, wait!



You see that video, and the proof of our love as a threat to this life, but I see it as a promise.

For a better one.

And none of this will ever see the light of day.


If you let me show you what's possible.

Because, Claire, I will never ever gonna let you go.


Fucking crazy!

Oh, Claire.

Okay, why didn't you tell me?


I thought that I could handle it.

I thought that it was gonna just blow over, I don't know.

I didn't think he was going to turn into a stalker!

Okay, okay. Look, we can look at this picture and we see, we know that he's a psychopath, but it's not the way the rest of the world's going to see it.

And there's a video.


There's a video, and if it gets out, you know I'm going to lose my son, my husband, my job, my life. everything that I've ever worked for. Okay, Claire, listen to me.

Claire, that's not going to happen. Do you know why?

I'm not gonna let that happen, and neither are you.

No one is going to see that video.

It won't see the light of day.







What? vlCkY OveR PHONe: claire, he saW me, Get the hell out of there, he's coming back there!

Wait. I haven't even found the video or the files yet.

Get the hell out of there, you got five minutes max!




Mrs. Peterson! Mr. Sandborn!

You scared the living daylights out of me. I'm sorry.

What in the world are you doing here?


vlCkY OveR PHONe: Tell me that you're home, and that all the doors are locked, Yes.

And I found the computer and I deleted all the files.

Good, Good, But I found something else even creepier.

/'m not surprised, He's a freak!

Does ethan know any cops in San Bernardino?

Oh, /'m sure he does, /f We're not having dinner With his mother, We're having dinner With cops, Why?

Just a hunch.

I might have to go there later. I'll call him.

He went to Laughlin with his mother for her birthday. Welcome to my world.

But listen,,, (DOOR RATTLING)

What? He's here!

Get out of there! Run! claire! claire!

/'m gonna call the cops!


Talk to me, claire! /'m dying! He's trying to force the lock.


Oh, God!

Run, hide!


Hey, Mom, what's with the knife?

It's Kevin.

Oh, my God!

Oh, I'm going crazy.

You guys have to spend the night With me, out here, okay?

Oh, God, / love you very much, I'll talk to you later. (BeePS)


ethan, uh, said you wanted to take a look at the Sandborn case.


Sad. I remember it.

They Were on a back road outside San Bernardino, Tire marks indicated the driver had lost control of the car, (MeTAL CLANGING) (TIReS SCReeCHING)


The crash killed both passengers instantly.

And it was ruled an accident?

Bodies were destroyed, so there was no toxicology.

But we assumed the driver was drunk.

Why was that?

Well, he had a long history of DUI's.

Or his brakes went out. I mean, they could have been tampered with.

Well, Mrs. Peterson, even if his brakes went out, there was no indication of malfeasance.

Sometimes, breaks malfunction.

Sometimes, people drive while intoxicated.

This is the Sandborn car.

If you don't need anything else...

One more question, Detective. Um...

Was this a 2006 minivan?

Well, yeah. That's exactly what it is.

Is there something else I need to know, Mrs. Peterson?


Thank you.




Hey, Noah. NOAH: Are you home?

Yeah, what's up?

You got plans tonight?

Well, I'm supposed to go to that car show with my dad.

Well, /'m over here Working on Vicky's tractor, You're at vicky's?

Yeah, /'m at her ranch, You knoW Where it's at?

Yeah, no, I think I know where that is.

Is everything all right? can you and your dad sWing by and give me a hand?

Yeah, okay. Let me ask.

Just get over here, Okay, catch you later. Bye.

Let me just start off by saying I'm sorry.

No, really, I am very, very sorry, vice Principal Lansing.

See, I've got a bit of a temper.

There's no denying that.

And sometimes, (SIGHS) it gets the best of me.

Like, when I feel like I'm being bullied.

And no one likes to be bullied, vicky.

Can I call you vicky?

I mean, given that I'm in your house, and it's after hours, calling you vice Principal just feels, I don't know, wrong.

See, my guess, vicky, is that, uh, you don't like to be bullied.

I mean, who would?

But that's what you were doing to me today.

You and Claire.

Now, the two of you, with your little secrets. (SIGHS)

You were playing a joke.

A silly little game.

Trying to make me think that you were her, so she could do what?

Something sneaky?


She's hiding from me?

What was it, vicky?


No, no, no.

Let me.

(LINe RINGING) vicky!

Listen, I am pretty sure that Noah tampered with the brakes on his parents' car and that's why they crashed.

And I'm pretty sure he did the same thing to Garrett's. vlCkY: claire, / need you, / need to talk, can you come over?



(kNOCklNG) vicky?

vicky! Are you upstairs?







(SOBBING) Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


FeMALe OPeRATOR: 91 1, What's your emergency?


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


You killed vicky!

For you. For you, okay? She wasn't your friend, Claire!

Hey, hey, hey!

When I love somebody, I protect them.

That's what heroes do.

No heroes kill their mothers and fathers!

I would never ever hurt my mother.

I loved my mother, but she killed herself.

My cheating father and his whore got what they deserved.

But, hey.

I protect people I love.

This is all for you.





Now, let's go.



Oh, my God! What did you do to him?

Well, he ran into a 14-inch crescent wrench.

KeVIN: Mom!


Noah, you hurt my mom, I swear to God...

NOAH: Really, kevin?

I would never hurt your mother.

I love your mother.

Just steady your breathing, baby! (BReATHING HeAvlLY)

And honestly, I'd hoped you'd see me as a mentor who cared about you more than your cheating father ever did.

Tell him, Claire.

Do you need your shot?


You know, it's destiny, Claire.

And you can't interfere with destiny.


We're meant to be.

And Garrett needs to know that.

Wake up! Hey, wake up! (GROANS)



It's gonna be okay.

You know, I was going to take kevin with us.

Seems like he's got too much of his father in him.

No, he needs to go.

No! No, no, no.

No, he's not like his father at all.

Noah, you've taught him. You've changed him.

All right.

All right, then, uh...

He'll come with us. Yes.

Form our own family.



Mom! Mom!


Please, Noah!

Please, just stop this! Let me help you.

There's still time.

There's no time. This is our time!

You'll never be lovelier than you are right now!

We will never be here again!




What are you doing?

Building a funeral pyre. What does it look like?

You can't do this!

No! Stop!


I'm sick and tired of everyone going back and forth! (SCReAMING)

So, it's time to make a choice, my love!

You either live with me or you die with them.

No! No!







Take kev and get out of here!


No! No!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Stay with me, Garrett!

Garrett, stay with me! Stay with me!

All right. Let's go, Claire.

You'll see. You and me. Off-grid.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for you.


You can trust me.

But, Noah, you can't trust me!





Die, you piece of fucking shit! No!










Sorry, buddy, but sometimes even heroes have to make tough choices.


Noah! Noah!

You're no hero!


CLAIRE: I'm here. I'm right here.

MAN 1 : All right, guys, lift on three. One, two, three.

Me and kevin are right here, sweetie.

PARAMeDIC: We got him now, ma'am.

Don't you worry. He's gonna be fine.

Just hang in there. Hang in there.

You're gonna be okay.

You're going to be okay.

And then we're gonna go home.

You hear me? We're going home.