The Boys Next Door (1985) Script

Nearly all these murderers are white males.

Many of them handsome, charismatic, intelligent.

They begin to kill in their 20s or early 30s.

He seemed like a regular kind of guy.

Uh, you know, normal.

Kind of quiet.

But, uh, pretty smart.

He, he just didn't seem like the kind of guy that would kill anyone, you know?

I mean, it doesn't make any sense.

They don't think that you're worth anything if you're in their way.

You know, it's like, she was screaming, so I killed her.

I didn't expect her to scream.

I mean, I wasn't gonna rape her or take her money.

I was only gonna kill her.

These people confuse sex and aggression.

They can't differentiate between the two.

I just think we live in such a violent society.

Sometimes I'll be walking along the street, and just wonder, that all of a sudden, one of these crazy people might wantonly just murder you.

It's frightening.

I just couldn't fit in anywhere.

No matter how hard I tried.

The new criminals have been so brutalized in their own upbringing that they seem incapable of viewing their victims as fellow human beings.

We've got 35 or more people out there now killing 20 and 30 people each.

Like, if I had a .38 now, I could make you do just about anything I wanted to.

And just about all my life, people have been doing that to me.

Back in the past, it didn't seem as real.

And it was never one of those things that you thought could happen to you.

Society's had their chance.

He was a sour man.

He had a bumper sticker that read, "I'm not deaf, I'm ignoring you."

At age 15, he killed his grandparents.

Just to see how it would feel.

I had nothing but pure hatred.

If I wanted a victim, I'd just go get one.

I don't see how anybody can tell me that the fact that his mother used to force him to watch her, uh, turn tricks, uh, and threw him out of the house, and the way he was treated in his childhood, I'm sure that must have affected him.

And quite a bit.

It has to.

Yeah, well like TV.

Where you stab someone and they just fall down and they're dead.

I think we're all expecting these killers to be frothing at the mouth maniacs.

The scary thing is that seemingly normal people commit these crimes.

They can act like anyone.

Your friend.

Your teacher.

The guy next door.

Yes, but if they kill without conscience, how can they be treated then?

How can we recognize them before it happens again?

How does it look?


Looks like some guy broke his back.

No, I heard he was hit by a school bus.

So did I, Darren told me.

Here comes Patterson.

Check him out.

He's gonna drop a load.



I know that you think that teachers always say this, but you are my favorite class.

I am gonna miss you.

All of you.

After the closing ceremonies tonight, I know I'm not gonna see you.

And we are gonna break a little early today, but before we do, I just want to give

most of you are going to go on to college.

You're gonna be the people who change the world.

And believe me, the world is changing.

I mean, for example, Betsy.

Betsy, you're gonna major in computer science.

Ed, ed is gonna be an electrical engineer.

And Todd, uh, uh, Todd, what were you again?

Modern dance.

Hey, Tony.

You have got a unique opportunity to ride the crest of the third wave.

Mr. alston, have you got a comment?


Now, I know.

This sounds like a lecture to you.

But my point is just this.

That my dear mother was born when the Wright brothers flew.

She died when Armstrong walked on the moon.

And in those 66 years of change, she never once lost her humanity.

Well, you remember humanity, don't you?

We read about it in chapter three.


What the fuck does he know about humanity?

What does he know about anything?

He's been locked up in that room for 20 years.

All he really wants is a couple good beaver shots.

Hey David, do you need a ride?


I'm glad we're getting out of here.


We will never see Bonnie Roberts again.

High school didn't teach me shit.

That's not true, Roy.

Well, we did learn about VD and rubbers in social, anyway.

All right.

One thing.

I should have bought a year book.

What for?

I'm not even out of here and I'm trying to forget this place.

I know, but I could have had Bonnie sign.

You'd pay 20 bucks to have her sign, "dear Bo, have a nice summer.

Don't change.

Love, Bonnie."

Hi, Bonnie.


Hello, Bob.

Look at this picture right here.


She always called me fucking Bob.

I hate that.

It's such a joke name.

Bob's a cool name.

You can spell it the same way forward and backward.


Stick around.

I found out.

The party's at Joe's house after the ceremony.

His parents are going to San Diego.

What time?

What time what?

What time at Joe's?

It's invitation only.

How do you get to Joe's?

Take a hint.


Good morning, graduate.

Can I help you?

What's your name?


Hello, Roy.

I'm sargent Jack cope with the United States marine corps.

I see you're interested in avionics.

You know, Roy, now is a fine time to enlist.

Presently, we offer a delayed entry program.

Which you can earn a $5,000 bonus, and a guaranteed duty region.

Not to mention...

I don't care about that.

Well, Roy, what is your specific interest?

Did you ever kill anybody?

Sounds like you're more interested in being a grunt.

Hey, did you see some guy was killed here last night?


Yeah, they shot some guy.

He was robbing a liquor store and they just shot him.

Right in the head.

You didn't see that?

No, it was just a couple dicks fucking around.

You're kiddin'.


That's pretty funny.

That's very funny.

Marines say nobody likes to fight.

But somebody has to know how.

Hey there, jarhead, no offense, we have just been invited to Joe's party.

Can you believe it?

You didn't enlist, did you, Roy?

Sarge, if you're looking for a few good men, he ain't one of them.


Your friend here is not interested in the corp.

He's just curious.

Hold on a second.

What happened to the fuzzy dice?

What the fuck?

It's the only thing I ever got out of high school.


L, my friend, got 200 bucks.

Rip off the graduation dance?

Oh, fuck.

Get serious, man.

My grandfather in Phoenix sent it.

Can you believe that?

Did you get anything?



I don't often tell you I'm proud of you.

You're destined for great things, Roy.

I've always wanted you to be better than me.

Not like the rest of the kids.

You know, son, your future is wide open.

So are Bonnie Roberts' legs.

I hope.


To the future.

Bonnie goes Greek.

Bonnie goes Greek.

Bonnie goes Greek.

Bonnie goes Greek.

We are there.

We are there.

We are there, we are there.

We are there.

We are there.

We are there.

Joe really knows how to throw a good party.


Congratulations, graduates.

Oh, no.

Look who's here.

Excuse me.

I think I'm nauseous.

Oh, hey.

Hey, could you guys help me out?

Look, I don't want any trouble, all right?

So uh, guys, be cool.

Okay, yeah.

You be cool and uh, no problems.


And we'll just ignore them.

So let's have fun.


We're gonna have some fun.

Let's go, have fun.

Come on, let's go.

Have fun.

Well, that seems all right.

I'm gonna check it out.

J bluedress ons j 1 go crazy and crazy j j going, going gone j hi.

J ashes to ashes and dust to dust j j easy come, easy go j j and no big fuss j j 'cause I ain't nothin' but a gorehound j j 1 ain't nothin' but a gorehound j jallleverdois >

J crazy and crazy j j going, going gone j


I know this sounds really stupid.

But uh, will you sign this for me?

My book.

All right.

Hi, Bonnie.

Having fun?

What are you doing?

I'm signing Bob's book.

His name is not Bob.

All fucking year you've called him Bob.

His name is bop.



You'd think you piss flaps would get it right, just once.


What the hell is that?

This is mother's dog, bon bon.

Sometimes I think my mom likes bon bon more than she likes me.


You eat bon bons, don't you, Joe?

Bonnie, I'm curious about something.

Do you swallow?

I mean, seriously.

About her tits.

I figured you guys would know, right?

You're out of line.

How big are her nipples?

Like quarter?


I'm gonna kick your ass.

Come on, let's go.

No, get away from there, alston.

All right, alston.

Out of the pool.

Ask him nice or he'll piss in it.

He better not piss in it.

My father put a chemical in that pool.

It'll turn him purple if he does.

Get outta there.

You want a magazine.


Oh, look at that.

I hate every goddamn one of them.

I bet they all fucked Bonnie's brains out.

That wouldn't take long.

Let's get out of here.

Let's get way out of here.

Like a vacation.

I don't have to start working at the factory till Monday.

Like where?

Vegas or something?

No, not with 200 bucks.

What about Phoenix?



Bon bon.

Where is that?

Hey, what are you doing, man?

Get in, dude.

J I'm on fire j j get loose tonight j

hit the road, rat.

It's fast.

Fuzz ball.

Watch out, you're gonna hit him.

Just trying to have some fun, man.

All right.

Pull over.

Stop the car.

J you're gonna find me around j

j it ain't enough » j tomorrow j

hey, come on, little bugger.

He's all right.

He's just scared shitless.

Throw him out.

Let's do it again.

Let's take him with us.


Los Angeles.




What is it?

About six hours?

Let's motivate.

J I never stay j

We had this big graduation ceremony thing today.

Mom said in the card that she was gonna come.


Well, she didn't.

No big deal.

Nobody missed nothing.

What you watching?

Oh, just some stupid TV show, son.

Where you going, Roy?


Me and Bo are taking a vacation.

Going to Los Angeles for a couple of days.

Sounds fun.

Have a good time.

Thanks, dad.

What is that?

Your lunch?

My luggage.

Oh yeah?

I've got some just like it.

Walk in there Monday.

We're on the drill press the rest of our lives.

Could be worse.

Could have no jobs at all.

I guess so.

Either way, you're screwed.

I'm glad we stopped.

Back teeth were floatin'.

Bon bon.

What a pussy fucking name.

So lame.

A dog needs a name with some balls.

Like what?

Like, like bowser, man.

Bowser, the barbarian.


That's great.

No, no, no, no.



Boner, the barbarian.

Even better, man.

Hey, the few, the proud.

Who gives a shit.

What were you talking to that marine about?


What else?

Well, fuck the marines.

I know I don't want to join.

Run 20 miles a day with 60 pounds on your back.

And with some grunt calling you a maggot.

Saying shit about your mom.

It's not for me.

Wind up in some shit hole place, like El Salvador, with a bullet in your butt.

You don't have to join.

I never told anyone.

I got stuff inside of me.

What do you mean?

Like cancer or something?

I don't know.

Remember Christmas?

That guy smashing into your car and taking off?

You could do nothing about it.

I was so pissed off, man.

I wanted to kill that guy.

That's how I feel all the time.

Hey, come on, man.

You're righteously pissed off.

Hell, you're like a lot of people.

I thought the marines would get it out of my system.

All you're gonna get out of the marines is a bad haircut.

You know?

What about Beverly Hills?

You know, I thought that would be like, the first thing we'd see when we came to town.

We'll find it, man.

Oh, mama.

Look at that bitch.

Bet she don't even exist.

How about hollyweird?

We gotta go.

J get up in the morning j j just to work all day » j I've never been no kisser j»

hey, mister.

Don't kick the pump.

Pay first.

You have to pay him first.

Six bucks worth?

Yeah, that will do it.

What number?


What number pump?

Uh, 18.

J it's more than you got j» j and you gonna leave it » j no way j j no way j

Hey, the machine stopped at two bucks.

I gave you six bucks.

Two dollars.

No, no.

I gave you a five and a one.

Two bucks.

What's going on?

Didn't I have a five and a one?

Or was it two ones?

Hey, come on.

Turn on the machine.

Two bucks.

You are a mother fucker.

You know that?

Hey, this fucking camel jockey is ripping us off.

Move it over, boner.

J maybe I'll buy me a new car » j maybe I'll look for a place »

j head out for some kind of station & j somewhere you don't look the same » j I'm tired of workin' nine to five j» j somebody give me a break j» j I'm in this rat race j j I've got no time to waste j jlwon't 2 j you can'tlickitjg jlwon't 2 j no way j jlwon't 2 j don't stick it j j all that you got and you ain't gonna leave it j j no way j all I wanted was some gas.

J no way j j you're stuck inarutj j come on, can't give itup »

j there's no way j»

Fucking amazing.

Can you believe that guy?

Trying to rip us off.

I betcha he knew we were from out of town.

Well, fuck him.

Roy, we must have uh, four dollars worth of stuff here.

Makes us even, right?

We're more than even, Bo.

Piece of gum?

So, what do you think?



His name is Amir akbah shakir.

He's iranian.

Could be a political thing.

Gung ho American.

Maybe sympathizer of Iraqis.

Just a pissed off person.


That guy.

I saw it happen.

I was walking by just as they were leaving.

Two blacks.

And a Mexican.

Were they in the car?

Yeah, they had a car.

Cadillac, of course.

God damn minorities.

Always stealing everything.

They gotta have some way to pay for them cars they drive.

Thank you, sir.

You've really been a big help.

What the hell could this guy have done to deserve this?

Poor bastard will be lucky if he remembers his name after the beating he got.

Two bucks.


What are you doing?

I'm wired.

I can't sleep.

Besides, this one's great.

See, these two guys are really kicking the shit out of each other, you know?

And this, oh, wait, wait, wait.


Jesus Christ.

All right, so this one guy, he turned into a blue monster.

And this is totally wild.

Fucking weird.

It's like you and that iranian today, Roy.

Think he's dead?


I doubt it.

I mean, Jesus.

I couldn't believe, that was like, uh, that was a real e ticket there.

He pissed me off.

Should have killed him.

Almost did.

Almost doesn't count.

Detectives woods and hanley?


You can see him for five minutes.

He's got a compound fracture to the right forearm.

Had to be a metal instrument.

He's got some internal bleeding.

Mild concussion.

Multiple lacerations.

156 when we stopped counting.

Did he say anything?

He's been under heavy sedation all day.

It's gonna be hard for him to talk.

Room 408.

Thank you, doctor.

You're welcome.

Excuse us, Mr. shakir.

We're from the los Angeles police department.

And we'd like to ask you a few questions about this morning.

Was it somebody that you knew or had seen before?

Was it two blacks and a chicano?

The two men.

Were they over 207?

Over 16?

All right.

Two boys about 18.






Big car.


Do you remember the color of the car?

Take the car.

Take the car.

Hey, buddy.

Could you just shut up for a while?

Tell me to shut up?

No paint.

Great, no paint maybe it was primer-ed.

Dip shit.

Primer gray.

Pretty good, huh?

What do you want?

A prize?

I got a prize for you right here, buddy.


A Tommy-gun.

A Tommy-gun is correct.

I think that's it, he passed out.


So we got two teenagers in a uh, souped-up primer-ed car.

That narrows it down to about a thousand.

In a city of eight million.

Sorry sir, but we had to ask Mr. shakir here some questions.

Don't apologize.

You already ruined it for me.

Butt wipe.

It was many, many a year ago.

A kingdom by the sea.

And a maiden lived there whom you may know, by the name of Annabel Lee.

Sit down, will you?

You're embarrassing.

That was Edgar Allen poe.

Can't you just think it?

You ought to appreciate great art, Roy.

Oh, something inside says she's made for me.


The tip of your dick.

These girls cannot walk around half naked all day and not want it in every orifice.

I'd like to walk up to her, just walk right up, and say, hey baby.

I want to do you till your tits pop.


That should do it, Bo.

Come on, boner.

Let's blow this baloney factory.

Check out these pussies.

You're taken, man.

It's punks like this that I just ruin with a look.


Have a few degenerates, what do you say?

Thought we were a couple of rodents.

I was drunk and she was begging for it, man.

Check it out.

You should be helping me stop this disgrace.

Bad enough you should be smoking it at all.

But in front of children.

What's going on?

I don't know.

Some old lady's got a bug in her ass, I guess.

All right.

I see.

Typical fucking old people.

All right.

Party time.

Party time.

She's gonna have a heart attack.

She's ready to die anyway.

Oh, fuck!

What's with these chicks?

Let's go.

They're getting away.

Hey, come back here.

Hey, don't mess with the car, bitch.

I want you to take that woman to the hospital.

You fucking pricks.

We didn't do nothing.

Oh, I am sure.

I saw you.

Hey, you cunt.


Come on, let's go.

We didn't do nothing, you psycho bitch.

You don't even know!

Let's get the hell out of here now.


You queers.

Lose her, man.


We'll see who's a queer, bitch.

Roy, Roy, what are you doing, man?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I don't think she's enjoying the ride.

Come on, man.


Lose her.

How do you like it sweet lips?


Or faster still?

Fucking a, man.


Fuck you.

Bye bye.

If she wanted a ride, all she had to do was ask.

Aw, shit.

We forgot the dog.

God damn it.

Poor little thing.

Where do you live?

So this is the tar pits?

Big wow.

Why isn't it bubbling and stuff?

Steam and shit.

Maybe there's some kind of show or something.

Hey, check it out.

What a screwed job.

Like our jobs are better.

What, the factory?

No, our jobs as fashion designers.

Hey, quit complaining.

It's a good job.



You sound like my dad.

He's been going in and out of those shit box factories for 30 years.

Always a week away from getting out.

All right.

We start Monday.

But we don't get out in two months.

And then it's six months.

Then you wake up, and it's 30 fucking years later.

So what do you want us to do?

Huh, Roy?

Become computer programmers?

Maybe fly the space shuttle?

I don't know, perform a couple heart transplants?

Look, I don't know about you, man, but I am not having a good time in la.

I mean, Jesus Christ, we were beaten up by a couple of girls.

And on top of all this shit, we lose boner, the barbarian.

Stupid dykes.

Where do they get off calling us fags?

I mean, wouldn't it be great if the government declared like, an official caveman day?

I mean, you could just knock girls over the head, drag them back to your house, and completely drill their socks off.

You could do anything.

You could throw rocks at people, run around naked.

Take a shit in the middle of the street.

Just be totally prehi-fucking-storic.

Better than Valentine's day.

All right, listen.

We're gonna go back to the motel, take a shower, eat someplace nice.

Like sizzler.

And then it's caveman day.

What do you say?

All right.

Let's bolt.


All right, yeah, all right.

Party till you puke!


J are you going out tonight » j are you going out » j all night j j all night j j are you looking for a fight >


J 'cause it's just Saturday night > j won't you come outside j this place is like mtv, man.

Check it out.

Punk rockers.

Hey, stop the car.


They're punk rockers.

They're against everything.

They're anarchists.

They're what?

Anarchists, man.

It means they'll fuck anything.

You'd fuck a punk rocker?

I'd fuck the cigarette lighter if my dick would fit.

What do you mean if?

J all night long, all night long j j ahhh j»

sex for sale.

Hey, baby.

Come and hump my stump to a bloody lump.

Jesus, this whole fucking place must be on drugs.

Holy shit.

J she cried j ji need a lover j check out that lady.

See her with the shopping cart?


See her?

I also saw a lady with a bag like that by the motel.

You should be glad there are people worse off than us, man.

Yeah, scumbag lowlifes, man.

Yeah, fuck 'em.

Go back to the valley!


Major domination.

You see that?

J all night long, done me wrong » damn perverts.

J let me rock you j j let me rock you all night long » I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.


And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, and deliver us from evil.


Friend of yours?

Whoa, check, check, check.

Whoa, hey.

Hey girls, the sex pistols rule.

You ladies want to party, or what?


Hey, eat my fuck.

Just exactly what does eat my fuck mean?

Beats me, pal.

Hey, Hollywood.

Land of opportunities.

Give me head ill I'm dead, mama.

Rock and roll.

Sex, violence.

It's all gonna happen tonight.

J let me rock you j call me, lady!

J let me rock you all night long » j all night long » j all night long » jletme rock > jletme rock > jletme rock > we might not be able to get in, you know?

Don't worry, son.

Leave it to me.

This could be all right, you know?

Chicken hawk.

You guys going in for a drink?

Uh, we're not exactly old enough, you know?

No problem.


All right.

I'm Bo.

How you doing?

This is my friend Roy.

I'm Chris.

Come on.

I'll get you in.


I'll talk to you later.

Don't bother.

I'll have a beer.

Yeah, beer.

J something in the air j j it must be spring » j I can do without that too j j but I can't do without that night j j it's not so strange j j it's not so strange j j you taught me a lesson » j that I never learned before j j but I didn't learn that lesson j j I keep coming back for more j j it's not so strange j j it's not so strange j j it's not so strange j j it's not so strange j keep it.


Hey there.

Keep your hands off me, creep.

Take it easy, Peter.

These guys are my friends.

This place is sick.

Let's go.

Where do you want to go?

Just out of here.


How about to my apartment?

Uh, no.

I don't think I can make...

Sounds good.

I'm sorry about Peter.

He's usually not like that.

Oh, this guy is a friend of yours?

Oh, I've known him for years.

We worked at the same accounting office together.

He's really a very sensitive man.

You're kidding?

L, I, I missed that, you know?


Well, he has a strange way of showing it.

Where are we going?

Wow, nice place.

So, make yourselves comfortable and I'll get some drinks.

All right.


J having a drink > j just tryin' to while away my troubles j j you came around, my drinks j j they turned to doubles » j you say you love me at least 50 times a day j j but if you really love me there's nothing to say j» j leave me to be here by my little ol' lonesome j» j I need the company of no one j» are you interested in computers?

You know, in 10 years, you'll be illiterate, unless you know how to run one of these things.

J if you really love me, j j you'd just go away j; j go away and clean the dirt behind you j» j I'll be all right » j just leave me alone j come here.

J you try my Patience j» j you'd just go away j; j if you really love me » j you'd just go away j; j remember when you lit the house on fire j

j I need you, baby » j like a pig needs slaughter j oh, for Christ sake

die, you mother fucker.

Come on.

Hit him, man.

Hey, Roy.

Come on, man.

J go away and clean the dirt behind you j» j I'll be all right » j just leave me alone j j 1 don't need you » j you try my Patience j» j you'd just go away j; j if you really love me » j you'd just go away j; j I'm singin' this song so you'll understand me j j I need the company of no one j» whoa.

J just who gave you the right » j to scream in my ear j check it out.

J now pack your garbage and get on out of here j

Go ahead, man.

Shoot him.

Roy, Jesus.

Don't worry, man.

We're gone.

How do you feel?

Just rage.

It was loaded.

I can't believe we did that.

Just think about it this way, we didn't.

Here you go.

Excuse me.

Computer time.

Well, look at this shit.

I stopped at that stand on vine, next to that punk rock club.

And this is what I get on my windshield.

Oh, nice.

Did you get any uh, hot sauce?

Have you ever checked it out?


I mean, 14-year-old girls running around in black leather skirts, with fishnet stockings and spiky bondage boots?

It's disgusting.

Which one's the root beer?

I mean, you drive around the block, and I mean, the neighbors lawns are all strewn with, with teenage girls.

Just hanging out.

I mean, their dresses are all hiked up to here.

It's unbelievable.

Ross, these tacos are cold.

I think he spent too much time driving around the block.

Yeah, woods.

Yeah, what makes you think it's our guys?

All right.

Thanks very much.

It's a homicide in west Hollywood.

Witness saw two kids in a primer-ed road runner.

Go get em, boys.

J we want your money j» j we want your money j» j we want your money j» j we want your money j» j we want your money j» j we want your money j» j give me your money j» j give us your money j j give us your money j j we want your money j» j we want your money j» j we'll pretend we like you j they're very strange.

What a bunch of goof balls.

J we want your money j»

j give us your money j j give us your money j

you got a Bonnie Roberts hang up, man.

Well, hello, there.

Come on.

She is beautiful, man.

What are we gonna do?

Follow this babe all night long?

Let's play some games, huh.

Now, this is my game.

Hey, got any quarters?


I was uh, wondering if you want to play me this game?

Well, okay.

Prepare for battle.

Ladies first.

Oh, shit.

You're up.

Hold on, I'm gonna blast him.


Well, those things always get me too.

Here, let me show you.

All right.

You're great.


I suck at these games.

Such a dick.

Forget it, man.

That's the way things are.

Pushed me right out of there.

That mother fucker.

That mother fucker.

He's the one who will keep us from going anywhere.


Come on, son.

I'll buy you some candy.

What happened?

Well, that fag said the dead fag picked up on uh, two boys at some butt-slammer bar on Santa Monica blvd.

You have such a way with words.


Well, if it happens to be your guys, things are gonna get worse.


The dead fag had an unregistered .38.



It's missing.


Everybody's got a gun these days.

They're more popular than sex.

What's his name?


Dwayne, may I ask you a few questions?

I know how you must feel right now.

But we need to know about those boys you saw your friend...



Is there anything you could tell us to help us out?


Their names are Bo and Roy.

They both looked around 18.

They drove up in a gray car.

A Plymouth road runner.

How do you know the make?

Jesus Christ.

I didn't just play with dolls when I was little.


Did you happen to get a license number?


I don't go around memorizing license numbers.

All right.

Dwayne, did Chris seem upset to you earlier this evening?

Was there anything on his mind that could have made him susceptible to something like this?

He was a little uptight, I guess.

We just had an argument.

We uh,

haven't been getting along lately.

I'm sorry.

That's all I can think of right now.

That's fine.

I understand.

Thank you, Dwayne.

It still doesn't make sense.

We have an iranian and a homosexual.

Where's the connection?

Put out an apb on a gray road runner and those two kids.

Concentrate a patrol on the west end.

Let's go check out that bar.

Uh, what's it called?

The end zone.

Good name for a fudge packer bar.

Don't you think?

You've got a mouth like a toilet.

This place is perfect.

Everybody's so squeaky clean.

And all that money to burn.

What do you want to do?

You want to go to a movie?


We didn't come to la to go to a movie.

Let's try something different tonight.

Like what?

That body shop place?

That's one way for you to see a girl getting naked.


What about the laser rock show, huh?


I don't know, man.

Nothing sounds exciting.

Ain't they just the perfect couple?

What the hell are we doing here?


You're crazy.

Do you want to get to know her?


Come on.

Oh, Jesus.

I'm gonna look like an asshole.

This is my game, sucker.

No, no, wait.

Come on, Bo.

Come on.

Let's go, man.

Hey, cut it out.

Why did you kill her?

You did not have to kill her.

What were you gonna do?

Ask her out?

Put out anything verifying the date of birth, 4-28-70.

Have your next sequence of boys stand by.

Units on four.

Are you walkins?


You responded to our apb.

I'm ed hanley.

Oh, yeah.

Well, we've been here about 40 minutes.

What did you come up with?

Well, I think we came up with a couple of pretty good leads.


See for your self.

Taking a break?

You all right, Mark?

Sometimes it just gets to me.

Report says the neighbors heard three shots.

Saw two boys.

One called the other Bo.

The bullet passed through the girl and lodged in the backseat.



Well, what do we do now?

We've got the apb.

Nothing to add to it.

We've got no license.

No last name.

Which boils down to, we're not gonna learn anything new until they do it again.

Calm down, Mark.

I can't calm down.

That's the fucking problem, hanley.

Everybody calms down.

Everybody accepts it.

I feel so fucking useless.

I'll call the captain and notify him of the urgency of the situation.


It's a fucking epidemic.

There's a lot of people out there.

It's you and me up here.

Watching them.

You still thinking about the marines?

I don't know.

I was just wondering if you still got that stuff inside you.





I just feel bad about that girl.

I don't... I did not want to hurt her.

She didn't know what hit her.

We gave her two seconds of pain.

Girls like that wind up giving us 18 years of pain.

Don't expect me to feel sorry for her.

What are you talking about?

I wasn't alone.

Well, I don't want to sound like a fag or nothing, but you are my best friend.

And I think that if you don't get control of this shit, they're gonna lock us up.

They lock us up Monday, pal.

Turn on the hockey game.

Turn on the fucking hockey game.

This is summer.

Hockey is in the winter.

There's no hockey on television.

Right, Angie?

Now, be quiet.

You're bothering the customers.

Anyway, this is the only time I can watch the news.

Well, hello, there.

What's with this bartender?


Can we get a couple beers down here?

You kids have some ID?


We don't serve minors.


Yeah, minors.

Ask me what year I was born.

Come on, quick.

Ask me, what year?

What year were you born?


That would make you 33.


Have a nice life.

The young man and woman were both residents of the Westwood area.

We expect to have a complete report for you by tomorrow morning.

And at this time, there is no apparent motive.

If you have any information regarding these suspects, please call the following number.

555-9949 can you believe it?

People are crazy.

Are you going home?

Did you get it?

Night, al.

Yeah, see you, Angie.

To dive off a 30 foot water tower on his own.

Jensen and his act.

Excuse me.

Where's the action around here?


There is no action around here.

This is la.

Oh, right.

Well, do you know of any after-hours bars anywhere?


No, I don't.

But I sure could use another beer.

Want to get some and come back to my apartment?

Oh, yeah.


I'd, I'd love to.

Where's your car?

Just up ahead.

My name's Angie.


I'm Bo.

And this is Roy.

Hi, Bo.


Do you live very far from here?

Oh, no, I don't.

Well, that's good.

How far do you live?


Oh, fuck.

I don't believe this.

What's the note say?

Thanks for

taking up two parking places, asshole.

Son of a bitch.

Listen, Roy.

There's a lot of tension in the air right now.

Mercury is in retrograde.

Venus is opposing saturn.

The moon's in scorpio.

What does that have to do with my car?

Well, if you know your place in the cosmos, the world is beautiful.

Just think to yourself, the world is beautiful.

Fuck the world.


What do you think you're doing?

Hell yes, it's important.

Would I call the police if it wasn't important?


Okay, I'll wait.


Let's go to her house.

By the time we come back, these cars will be gone.

If we have to come back.

You know what I mean?

Hey, you guys, what are you gonna do?



No fair.

I haven't played this in so long.

Ah, my turn.

Oh, phooey.

I blew it.

Your turn.

Where are you going?

I'm not playing anymore.

J he doesn't know j» j she can't face him » j and say I love you j j she's acting so detached » what is all this shit?

Those are tarot cards.

How do you play?

You don't play them.

You use them to tell you things about your past and your future.


I'll bet.

What the hell is this?

It's a crystal ball.

You use it for the same thing as the cards.

But your senses need to be more highly attuned.

You know what I mean?


This stuff is all bullshit.

You know, you have very negative energy.

It's gonna prevent you from getting anywhere in this life.

Let's make this more interesting.

Want to?

Wait, we'll throw with rocks?

If you make it, you get to kiss me.

And if I make it, I get to kiss you.

Sounds good.


No, wait...

My turn.

Oh, no fair.

I get to go again.

Double or nothing?

Do you mind if I cheat?

You cheated last time, I guess.

J your world and my world » j they're not the same world > j I can't say I know why j» j there will come a time » j we will meet again j» j face to face j j skin to skin j j face to face j let me help you with this.

J skin to skin j j heart to heart » j skin to skin j j heart to heart » j skin to skin j

That one's from last summer.

It's 2:34 on this beautiful Saturday night in Los Angeles.

The skies are crystal clear.

The stars are shining.

The weather for tomorrow is for more clear skies.

This is english Mike.

And I'll be here with you until the sun comes up, los angelinos.

> Ooooh »

> ooooh »

> ooooh »

> ooooh » j man, I feel »

> oooooh » j feel so washed out today »

> oooooh » j where are the sheets j j of my bed > j throw that girl away j» j 1 got nothing » j got nothing to say j j man, I got nothing j j 1 got nothing to say »

J man I feel j

j I feel used inside j sorry.

J broken hearts j oh, baby.


J 1 got nothing » j 1 got nothing to say »

j 1 got nothing to say »



What the fuck?

What are you doing, man?

J 'cause I got nothing » fuck him.

J 1 got nothing to say » Roy!

Come on, man.

Leave her alone.

All right.

Stop it.

Shut up.


I'll show you why.

You couldn't even fucking talk to her, man.

Are you fucking jealous?

Just stay out of this.


J out of the cradle » j and straight into the cold »

j nothing » you'd fuck that?

You are sick, man.

We're going home.

We're going home right fucking now.

And when we get there, all of this was just one day.

All right, from then on, I'll get married, have kids.

Work at the fucking machine shop for the rest of my life.

If it's all I can have, Roy, it's all I want.

But we are going home now.


All right, listen.

We'll go back to the motel, pick up all our stuff...


What are you doing?


Did you see that fucking television.


He's just giving us a ticket.

He'll be gone in five minutes.

Just wait.

Why doesn't he leave?



Over there.

Hey guys, they found the car at highland and Melrose.

Bartender saw two teenagers that fit the description.

All right.

What are you doing?

Get out.


Are you crazy?

I can't shoot at a cop.

I don't believe this.

Stolen vehicle is a red Ford Maverick.

173, George, Jordan, libra.

Suspect is wanted for suspicion of homicide.

Roy alston.

Last seen heading westbound on Melrose near Fairfax.


Pull over.

This is ridiculous, man.

You should've stole a faster car.

Oh, fuck.

Watch this.


Woohoo, you made that?


Hey, watch it, watch it, watch it.



You guys...

What are we looking for?

A place to hide?

How about a way out?

Get those babies and we're home free, man.


Open it.

Come on.

Go, go!


Get em, man.

Hurry up.

Come on, man.

Fucking chained.



Did you get the gun?


Look, up there, let's go!

Come on!

We want to use the mall's intercom system.

Yes, it's right here.

Just hold this down and speak.

Uh, Bo, Roy, all the exits are covered.

Is this thing working?

There's no way in hell you're getting out of here.

Turn yourselves in to one of the officers right now.

Come on out.

Let's end this thing, huh?


This party's over.


We did some pretty fucked up things.

So what?

We can get out of here.

No problem.

It's time to stop, Roy.

We got three shots left.

I'll fire off one.

They'll take cover.

Get down here, so they don't know we're out.


We can't go back to the car.

We can't go to the motel.

We can't go home.

We're fucking busted.


Gimme the gun.


You're not getting it.

I don't care what you're doing, man.

I'm gone.


What the fuck, gone where?

Look, they might give us a break.

We're only kids, right?

If I give you this gun, they'll kill you.

I can't go back, Bo.

Not now.

Give me the fucking gun.

What are you doing, man?

I'm your best friend, Roy.

Two seconds of pain, Roy.

Which one are you?

Bo Richards?

Answer him.


Why did you kill your friend?

Because I had to.