The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) Script

(Woman): Let me die.

Let me die.

(ominous music)

I should've known he was as good as dead when they wheeled him in.

You did everything possible, everything you could, Dr. Cortner.


Everything except save my patient.

Everything in the books.

Now, Dad, do I have permission to take over and try things my way?

The operating room is no place to experiment.

He's dead; I can't do any harm.

Very well.

The corpse is yours. Do what you want to do.

All right.

Make an opening into the chest cavity.

Apply 100 milliamps of current directly to the heart, then massage by hand. I'll handle the brain area.

By yourself? By myself!

(ominous music)

I've got to work fast, if it isn't too late.

You talk as if he's still alive.

(Woman): He is!

I just picked up a faint pulse beat.

Keep massaging the heart.

I am, I am.

These electric shocks should stimulate the motor area enough to enervate the heart again.

Then he won't need any external stimuli.

Keep away from the motor area.

You'll paralyze him for good.

Which would you rather be: Paralyzed or dead?

Don't try to play God.

Some choices are not yours to make.

When the obstetrician has to decide which to save, the mother or the child, who plays God then?

It's part of the game.

The game?

The human body is not a jigsaw puzzle to experiment on.

Still playing it safe like the other doctors, hmm?

Might as well save my breath. Keep massaging the heart.

You've already lost your patient, doctor.

I'm going to save mine.

(Woman): His pulse is coming back stronger than ever.

It's unbelievable.

(Man): Nothing is unbelievable if you have the nerve to experiment.

I've been working on something like this for weeks.

In your laboratory?

I knew this would work, if only I had the opportunity— You don't conduct experiments on people.

You should be sure of the results first.

I am now.

Stop massaging the heart.

Let's see if it can take over by itself.

(deep breathing)

All right.

Close up the chest.

I'm about finished with the cerebral area.

How's his pulse?

(Woman): Strong and steady.

(breathing continues)

(sighs) Yeah, you did perform a miracle.

I may not approve of your methods but...

I am proud of your results.

(calming music)

That was an amazing...

Even an extraordinary operation, son.

But it still is too risky.

Too uncontrolled.

Saved his life.

And the aftereffects, what about them?

You've lost the urge to experiment.

To explore.

You don't explore on people.

Before you put a scalpel to one, an operation like this needs testing under every condition.

Over and over again.

Rabbits, mice, monkeys!

Not people!

That man who should be dead now won't think so.

There's more to surgery than just being a carpenter to patch up walls.

Or a plumber to drain pipes.

Our bodies are capable of adjusting in ways we've hardly dreamt of.

If we can only find the key.

I'm so close now, so very close.

The key to what?

Complete transplantations.

To be able to transplant limbs and organs.

To be able to replace diseased and damaged parts of the body as easily as we replace eye corneas now.

So that the new parts will join together as though they were born there.

It can't be done!

It can be done!

With my new special compound I've created, I'll do it, I know I can do it!

Sure, sure, that's what you say!

That's what I know!

I know I'm close!

Darling, I'm so proud of you I could kiss you!

Promises, huh? Always promises.

Careful, your father is liable to report us.

(laughs) And stop the floor show?

When you two are married it won't be fun to watch anymore.

Well, I can promise you one thing.

Your grandchildren won't be test tube babies.

You better hurry if you wanna catch that plane to Denver, Dad.

And you know that medical convention can't start without you.

Um, Jan, you'd better check about my reservations.

Oh yes, I'll call the airport. I'll be right back.


The line between scientific genius and obsessive fanaticism is a thin one.

Now I want you on the right side of it.

If I don't experiment, how can I hope to perform operations like the one you almost messed up?

But I can't cover up for you anymore.

The superintendent had it out with me.

He thinks it's you who's been stealing those limbs from the amputee operations.

So what if it is?

I've got to have limbs for my transplant experiments.

Well, you said test and experiment, test and experiment!

Yes, but limbs and organs taken from people!

I've got to have them to work with.

Sure, I've made a few mistakes.

But I've learned from them, I've learned!

Your reservations are all set, 3:30 take off.

Well, what have you two planned for the weekend?

Oh, nothing much.

Just a quiet weekend.

Are you sure you're not going up to the country house?

You're always sneaking off up there.

That place gives me the creeps, I should've sold it when your mother died.

You can't sell that place!

Well, I mean it's nice to get away from the city, I can work without anyone snooping around.

You spent too much time up there.

All right, I'll see you both in a few days.

I've got to clean up and get out of here.

Fine operation or not, Bill, you're walking on thin ice.

But don't go too far!

Oh, every time you touch me I go out of my mind.

I wanna kiss you.

Bill, I wanna get married, I can't stand not having you!

You've been wonderful!

Oh, I'd rather be a bride.

In a few more weeks.

Then nothing will keep us apart.

We'll be together.

Dr. Cortner!

I'm so glad you're here.

I was afraid you'd gotten away.

There is a very important phone message that came to you; it sounded quite urgent.

I have been looking everywhere. it was from a man called Kurt.

He called from the country place, and he said something terrible had happened, and he wanted you to come right out.

Thank you.

Well, you've always wanted to know what's kept me away from you so many weekends.

Have you got the keys to your car?

Why haven't you ever taken me up here before?

Because the things I'm working on don't need an audience.

That telephone call, what about it?

All right, all right, hold off the questions.

Why the mystery, Bill? What's this all about?

We'll be there soon enough, you'll see.

I've got to hurry.

(anticipatory music)



(urgent music)

(Bill): Kurt? Kurt!


All right, all right!

For God's sake open the door!

I'm coming!


What's the matter?

What's happened to you?

There's been a terrible accident.

I've got to save her, I've got to save her.

What is it, what have you got there?

Kurt, please!

Sterilize the tubes and instruments, quickly!

Well what are you going to do?

Aren't you going to have a look in the closet first?

Oh, I can't now, this is more important.

But you don't understand!

For God's sake, Kurt, this is urgent, do as I tell you before it's too late, I can't waste precious time arguing with you!

(anticipatory music)

The eyelids!

I saw them move!

It can't be!

My eyes are deceiving me.

What you see is real.

What's done is done and what I've done is right.

It's the work of science.


I remember...



Let me die.

Let me die.

I've had success with transplants, now I can do it for her.

Transplant her onto what?

I brought her back, she'll live, and I'll get her another body.

I can make her complete again.

Only a madman can believe that she could ever be like before!

Don't argue with me.

I love her too much to let her stay like this.

I'll restore her as before.

You'll see.

Can't you realize?

Can't you see?

There's a pattern to all that lives!

An order, an arrangement.

She had a heart, and a brain, and her spirit was in both, not in one or the other!


I'll give her a brain and a heart.

Yes, and what of her soul?

You say you love her and... you can remember her love for you.

Then how can you make of her an experiment of horror?

All the skill and science I possess was meant for this.

Life has a pattern.

The whole pattern of my life is shaping itself to save her now.

Then you intend to go through with it?


Sleep, my darling.

Rest and grow stronger.


How long do you think we can keep her alive under these conditions?

48, 50 hours at the most.


And you really believe you can work a transplant on her?



Like my arm?

(ominous music)

Withered and deformed.

Yours was an early experiment that failed.

With her I'm using my new Adreno-Serum.

It must work.

I... I've got to go now.

If the police, or anyone, call, tell them you don't know anything about it.

I don't think anyone will trace us here because her body was burned in the wreckage.

Yes, yes, of course, of course.

Look, Bill, before you go, do have a look in that closet.

It's the reason why I called you up here.


Keep it locked!

Last night it go so violent, it almost broke out!

Oh, no, not through that thickness.

Keep it closed.

I've got to think about her now.

I've got to find her a body.

How are you going to go about getting one?

Bill, how will you do it?

There are ways.

There are ways.

(ominous music)


(swanky jazz music)


(seductive jazz music)

(machines whirring)

What took you so long?

What made you think I'd come?

You know a good thing when you see it.

Yeah, there was plenty to see.

I liked your act.

Is that all you liked?

Well your costume, what there was of it, was interesting.

Is that all?

The rest of the equipment is standard.

But, uh, the arrangement is pretty special.

You're no tourist just looking at the sights.

What are you doing here, slumming?

Oh, I get my allowance once a week.

Okay, if you're so loaded, you pay for the drinks.

I already did.

Are you hustling for the house?

I hustle for myself.

I'm the leading lady around here, I can sit with the squares out front or I can relax back here with my friends.

I'll bet you you don't have an enemy in the world.


(ominous music) (machines whirring)

Let me die.


Let me die.

Where are you from?

Oh, around.

Just looking around.

When you get done looking, then what?

I operate.

I get your message; you're coming across.

You could flip any chick in the house; why me?

Well, like I said, I'm looking.

Well, you don't have to look any further.

I'm not gonna fake it for you.

When do you go on again, huh, when?

Relax, I got another show yet.

But it could be for you.

Oh, I was just asking.

Try taking.

Are you getting nervous?

I'm over 21.

Oh it isn't that, it's...

I've just got things to do.

Things to take care of.

Well, if that's anything that makes you sick what could be more important that could be taken care of right now?

Oh I've, uh, I've got to see about helping somebody.

Somebody who needs my help very badly.

You can't cut out on me now, baby.

Not when you've got me feeling so good.

I'm so warm all over.

I'm good for you.

I know I'm good for what you want.

You may be just what I'm looking for.

You've got your nerve.

Oh, look who's talking.

Why don't you haul your beat-up body back to the bar with the rest of the flies?

Keep your g-string on.

I only came in here to change my clothes.

I got admission.

Now I'd like to see the rest of the show.

Come back in half an hour and maybe you will.

Get lost.

Hi, loverboy.

I see you've met the queen.



Come here, don't hide.

You know you've got the kind of face a girl doesn't mind looking at.

Even out front all the other girls were asking about you.

Get out of here.

Two's company, three's a crowd.

Who's to tell me to blow if I don't want to?

This here is my dressing room too, remember?

It kills her to see me make time.

You're the only thing that's going to be made around here tonight, honey.

Eat your heart out.

Yeah? Yeah!

Yeah, well, uh, I'd better be going, hmm?

What for?

Look what you've done!

You come busting in here with your two cents.

Let me see you later.

I'll make everything up to you, I swear I will.

Yeah, come on back later.

I'll remember you.

Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of.

(upbeat jazz music)

You lousy tramp.

Once in a blue moon I latch onto a guy with class and you mess it up.


What makes you think you had him?

He wouldn't have you on a bet.

Says who?

Says me.

What's a guy like that want with leftovers for?


Why, you cheap third-rate stripper!

(incoherent screaming)

Let go!



I'll mash you like a bug.

Don't you cry. Watch out.

(cat meowing)

(foreboding music) (machines whirring)


Inside the closet.

What has he done to you?

I know there's someone there.

Knock once if you hear me.


Then I'm not the first.

Knock twice if I'm not the first.

(knocks twice)

He should've let me die.

I hate him for what he's done to me.

If he only knew what it's like being like this.

Do you know what it's like?


Together we could have revenge.

You want revenge?



You the thing inside, and me the thing out here.

My brain is still untouched.

And his keeping me alive has given me a power he didn't count on.

A power that you can feel.

Across this room and through that door.

Can't you?

(three knocks)

Together we're both more than things.

We're a power as hideous as our deformities.

Together we'll wreak our revenge.

I shall create power and you will enforce it.

You, the thing inside.

Me, the thing out here.

(pounding at door)


What's locked behind that door?


No normal mind can imagine.

Something even more terrible than you.

No, my deformed friend.

Like all quantities, horror has its ultimate.

And I'm that.


There is a horror beyond yours, and it's in there.

Locked behind that door.

The paths of experimentation twist and turn through mountains of miscalculation and often lose themselves in error and darkness.

Behind that door is the sum total of Dr. Cortner's mistakes.

He had no right to bring me back to this.

Perhaps not. Who knows?

But you should know... that before he injected the serum into that, it was but a mass of grafted tissues.


It just lay there, weighted down with its transplants of broken limbs and amputated arms.

But with this serum, it began to breathe.

That's impossible.

Would you have thought possible what he has already done?

Take yourself.

He has brought you back.

You live!

And only a few years ago, all transplants were impossible.

That's what he's been doing up here where no one could see his work?


Experimenting with transplants on that... and on me.

Letting him tear away my flesh time after time, test after test.

My hopes shattering with each grafted arm he fastened to me.

Watching it wither and warp.

Instead of strengthening.

Now you see, he's learned from his mistakes.

And you stayed with him.

Helping him in his grotesque work that he claims is for science.

Was there a place for me on the outside with this?

In a world where eyes would look upon me with pity and people would turn away from me in disgust.

No, the alcoholic has his bottle.

The dope addict his needle.

I had my research.

I used to be a surgeon. It was my life.

Then one night in the laboratory, there... there was an accident.

They had to amputate my arm.


He has used you, too...

I had no choice.

He was my only hope.

A surgeon needs both his arms, not just one.

Well, you see, my transplanted grotesqueness stayed, and so did I.

I live only for the day he can work a successful transplant to my body.

That is why I stay.

Transplant... my head onto another body?


And he's insane with the belief he can do it.

But the tissues of my body would reject the tissues of another.

Reject it as the foreign substance it is.

The transplant would never take, it would never stay in place.

My blood's antibodies would attack it as they attack any invading matter.

Yes, but his new discovery, this new serum, may change all of that.

This serum, injected into the bloodstream, affects the lymphoid tissues.

Here in the neck, the lymphoids that provide the antibodies for the blood that detect foreign transplanted matter.

It was untested, untried.

Until we used it on you.

So that liquid in the blood that's being pumped through what's left of me...

is what makes me feel the...


He may produce results he didn't ask for.


You mean, like this?

Results more terrible than your arm of relative beauty.

Results of power.

Of magnitude.


What power?

Can't you see that you're at the mercy of every element of the universe?

How can you speak of power?

I have a power.

This liquid that's he's pumped into me, my brain burns with it.

That thing inside and I are in touch.

Want me to prove it?

Oh, you can prove nothing.

You're powerless!

I'll show you how powerless I am.


Behind that door.

(doorknob rattling)

Let me know if you hear me.

(knocks twice)

Whoever, whatever you are...

I command you.


You understand me?

I'm only a head and you're whatever you are.

Together we're strong!

More powerful than any of them.

(anticipatory music) (door creaking)

What are you running from? What's wrong with you?

Oh, it's you.

There's something wrong, something beyond control in that room.

There's nothing beyond my control.

She's alive and I'll keep her alive until I find her a body.

I can't talk anymore, I'm tired, I've got to go to sleep.

Then you... you didn't find her a body?

Well, I've got to be careful.

I can't afford to be identified as the last person seen with a girl before she disappears.

Do you think you'll get one?

There are many things left for tomorrow.

(swanky jazz music)

Hi, I was about to call a cop the way you were looking me over.

How have you been, Bill?

Oh, just fine, Donna.

I haven't seen you for quite a while.

Too long, I'm still waiting for that call you once promised me.

Ah, you know how it is with interns.

All work.

All work and no play even makes for dull doctors.

You're gonna lose that bedside manner of yours.

Say, how about a little side course in anatomy?

Yours, anytime!

No, not mine.

A Body Beautiful contest, you know, bathing suit models, plenty of females on the hook.

Your eyes will have a field day, interested?

Oh, why not?

You're just what the doctor ordered.

Come on, jump in.

Ah, on second thought...

I just remembered I've got to stop by my place and take care of a few things.

It'll only take a minute. You don't mind, do you?

I always follow the doctor's orders.

Anything you prescribe, I'll take.

That's what I like about you, Donna.

Always so obliging.

Hey Donna, where are you going, what's the hurry?

Hey Jeannie, we're going to look for some bodies.

You mean the contest?


Got any room for me?

Oh sure, plenty.

Bill, this is Jeannie Reynolds.

Jeannie, this is Dr. Bill Cortner.

Hi. Hello.

Hop in, but first we gotta stop off at his place.


Well as a matter of a fact, that can wait.

Now that there's two of you, it will have to wait.

Guess he thinks there's safety in numbers.

Oh, this time there is.

We promise not to hurt you.

And I promise not to hurt you.


(car engine revving)


Oh Bill, there's a seat.

Oh, there looks fine.


Oh, thank you.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Well, it looks like we're about ready to go.

Backstage are five of the girls who have reached the contest finals, and we are here to choose Miss Body Beautiful.

Now we've eliminated everyone except the five finalists and they will be judged solely by your applause.

So let's bring them on.


Helen Appleton.


(swanky jazz music)

Betty Brockton!


Terri Lund!


Peggy Howard!


She has the second nicest body I've ever seen.

What, second to you?

No, another girl, a figure model.

You remember that one in school, years ago.

The one who had the accident.

Oh yeah, yeah, Doris, uh...

Doris Powell.

Yeah, is she still around?

Few people see her nowadays.

She just stays in her studio posing for art classes and camera bugs.

(foreboding music)

(thinking) A figure model.

Poses for art classes.

The nicest body she's ever seen.

The nicest body.

Maybe this is the one.

She's got to be!

I can keep Jan alive only for a few more hours.

I've got to find her a body.

He... he intends to kill somebody.

To rob them of their body.

Do you hear me?


Yes, you hear me.

You know how Bill's egotism drives him on and on.

To infamy upon infamy.

How can good ever be born of evil?

(knocks twice)

Yet he claims his work is for science.

For humanity.

To be joined to flesh not your own.

What's human in this?

Of how you must exist?

Locked behind that door.

We've got to stop him!

(loud knock)

(swanky jazz music)

Okay, boys, I've had it for today.

Come on baby, one more.

Just one more, please!

Another five minutes, baby!

Time's just about up anyway.


Say, Doris?

Would you like to have a drink with me?

Just you and me, away from everybody, some place where nobody will butt in, where you and I can really be alone.

No, thank you.

How about posing for me, private-like?

I'll pay you real money, real good money.

The kind of money they don't throw at you everyday and for doing hardly nothing at all.

I do my posing for classes only, Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:00 to 10:00.

Yeah, I know, but we can— Goodnight.

See it all, mister?

The show's over.

Next time bring a camera and buy a ticket.

I'm not running a charity!

You don't remember me, do you, Doris?

Every guy on the make gives me that same tired line.

I'm Bill Cortner.

Bill Cortner.

Long time ago, that fight.

You almost tore that wise guy apart for making fun of me.

After my accident.

Look, uh, can't we go somewhere and talk?

No, I don't date men.

Because I pose like I do, your mind works overtime.

You get ideas.

You're all alike.

No, not all of us.

I'm not on the make for you.

Okay, so maybe you're better than most.

Maybe not.

I still hate all men.

I hate them for what one did to me once.

Have you forgotten?

Well, have you?

No, I haven't forgotten.

Well, neither have I.

I carry the memory around with me.

Yeah, but you can't hide yourself away here forever.

Posting bare in front of a bunch of neurotics.

Listen, Galahad.

I trusted a man once, all the way!

What did it get me?

He gets his head full of jealous lies and I get— You've got to forget what happened!

How can I forget?!

I carry the memory around with me.

Permanently! (ominous music)

Am I so appealing to you now?

Still so interested?

Doesn't it make you sick?

You don't even turn away from me, like everyone else does.

To me you're not ugly.

I see only beauty in you.

You have a lovely body and a face that can be made beautiful again also.


I've heard that song before.

I'm a doctor, I know.

My father is one of the leading plastic surgeons, if anyone can help you, we can, I know I can.

I've been to doctors; it's no use.

The scar tissue's too deep.

No one can help me!

Ah, ah, that was a few years ago.

Today nothing is hopeless.

Yeah, we can graft scar and skin tissue that...

Why we can even freeze areas of the skin, and sand away damaged skin tissues.

The way you say that, that look in your eyes.

I almost wanna believe you.

I almost wanna believe you!

Well then start believing, hmm?

Even if your father could help me, I couldn't pay him the kind of money it would take.

Oh, don't talk about money, he does a lot of work without any charge.

Why should you wanna do this for me?

What's in it for you?

I'm gonna make your face beautiful again, cut it off and give your body away.


I'm sorry.


I have been knocked around so many times...

I've lost count!

It's tough living with this.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

Well, because you've been battered around, don't go sour.

You shouldn't lose your trust in people.

Not all of us.

I believe you, I want to.

Do you really think something can be done?

Only my father knows.

Look we have a country place just out of town.

He's visiting for the weekend.

I could take you there now for a consultation.

You mean tonight?

Well, if you'd rather wait till he comes back, if he comes back.

Oh no, no, I mean, he wouldn't be annoyed, being bothered with me so late at night?

Well, you let me do the worrying, huh?

I'll do anything that'll help me get rid of this face.

Well, that's where I come in.

Remember the last time I helped you?

Where are you going?

Who are you calling?

My girlfriend, I want to tell her the news.

Before you know what the verdict is gonna be?

(ominous music)

You're right, I shouldn't talk until I know what's going to happen.

My girlfriend, she's supposed to drop in later, I'll have to leave her a note or something.

Well, just tell her you'll see her later.

Otherwise she'll ask a lot of nosy questions.

We wanna be sure first.

Just throw something on, huh?

I'll be with you in a minute.

Just tell her you'll keep in touch.

I'll leave it on the table, she'll see it.

Had to go out with old friend Bill Cortner.

I'll call you tomorrow, Doris.


I'll leave it on the lamp.

She'll see it, won't she?

That's the first place she'll look.

I'll leave the lights on for her.


I have waited so long for this.

So have I.

(door creaking)



Hit it again!

(door banging)

I've got to see your hideousness.

And you've got to see mine.

I wonder which of us is more awful.

Nothing you can be is more terrible than what I am.

A head without a body.

A head that should be in its grave.

I hate him.

I hate him for what he's done to me.

Can your horror match mine?

(door banging)

Quiet, someone's coming.

I have come to feed your friend.

While you feed yourself with hate, it prefers food.

Your former sniveling fear becomes you more.


What makes you think I'm afraid of what's in there?

Or of you?

A mere head in search of a body.

People fear what they don't understand.

And what they can't see.

Oh, what are you talking about?

You're nothing but a freak of life!

And a freak of death!

Why should I be afraid of a few knocks on a door?

But last night you ran.

You were afraid of what you imagined lay behind that door.



It was I who helped graft together the bits and pieces that were stolen from the hospital.

An amputated arm, a leg, a torso.

It was I who helped piece 'em together like a monstrous jigsaw puzzle!

And that same medicine that he's fed to me to activate my lymphoid tissues.

Has he fed it to that?


No, on that he used an earlier formula.

It wasn't as successful as the serum he's using on you.

But it was enough to allow the transplants to take.

If your experiment is successful... oh, then it'll be my turn.

And what else has happened to it?

What do you mean, what else?

Well, it's...

It's mutated some, of course.

It's changed considerably.

Why don't you open the door?

Then we'll both see how it's changed.

Listen, you. I warned you.

You better stop pestering me, do you hear?

I'm getting fed up with you and your insidious talk.

He should've cut out your tongue while he was at it!


Afraid of whom?

Of you?


Not anymore.

But of it?

Nor of it.

He only keeps it locked in there so that... it will be safe, that's all.


From me?


Oh, you beast.

I hope he prolongs your existence into a lifetime of agony.

Then we'll see who's laughing at whom!

You miserable fool!

(Jan): Get him!

(frightening music) (screaming)

Get him!

Oh my arm, oh!


Kill him!




You and your father live here?

Only on weekends when we wanna get away from the city.

This place certainly is lonely.

Well, the further from prying eyes the better.

I mean it's nice and quiet here, we can get away from the noise and telephones.

Oh, I guess it is.

Well, sit down, sit down, I'll fix us a drink, huh?

My father should be back soon.

You mean he's not here now?

Oh, come on now, Doris.

Do I look like a maniac who goes around killing girls?

Now, you've got to learn to trust people.

Well, people like me, really.

Oh, I'm sorry. I trust you.

I trust you with my life.

Well, I can't ask for anymore than that.

I'll be right back.

(ominous music)


Oh, I was beginning to think you'd forgotten about me.

Forgotten you?

Oh, Doris, you've become very important to me.

Very important.

I put a little water in it, so it wouldn't be too strong for you.

Fine, I'm not a very heavy drinker.

Neither am I.

Well, um, here's to your future.

Whatever it may be.

I'll drink to that.

(glasses clink)

(machines whirring)

(swanky jazz music)

Oh, it's getting awfully warm in here.

(swanky jazz music)

I feel kind of funny.


You put something in my drink!

Didn't you?

(glass shattering)

I told you I'd bring you a body.

A beautiful one.

Soon it will be yours.

(Jan): Bill, you can't!

Yes, I can!

I want you as a complete woman, not part of one.

Is it a crime to wanna keep you alive?

Is it a crime for science to jump ahead by years?

This kind of thing must be done.

When it's over, you'll see.

I've got to hurry now.

The drug will wear off soon and she'll be awake.

When she does come to, it will be your head consciously awakening for her.

(anticipatory music)

You must be stopped!

You must!

And who's going to do it?

Now it's got to be quiet here.

You can't stop me.

Very well.

(banging on door)


(rumbling) (gasping)

(chemicals exploding)



(fire crackling)


I told you to let me die.

(Jan laughing)