The Breed (2006) Script

(# The DANDY WARHOLS: "Cool As kim Deal")

The Breed (2006)

# Hey...

# There's nothing in my heart

# I'd rather be cool

# Than be smart

# Here's what I feel Ba ba-ba ba

# Just want a girl as cool as can be... #

You're lost.

I'm not lost. I just don't know exactly where we are.

Maybe I should steer for a while.

Whoa. I'm a little buzzed.

Man, you are so cute when you're hammered.

I'm not hammered. You sure are.

Hey, look.

I'm busy here.


You see? We're not lost, we're just on some creepy island penal colony.

You know what? I'm gonna go and find that bar.

Ok. Ok.


(Distant barking) Woof!


(Hollers) Hey, wait up! I've just gotta finish tying up here.

(Woman giggles)




(Faint clank of metal)


(Woman gasps)




(Rustling in undergrowth)

(Crunch from undergrowth)


(Low growl)

(Animal snarls) (Woman screams)

(Growling) (Screaming)




(Woman whimpers)

(Animal growls)

(# SOHO VAMP: "Tophat Tomcat)

(Man) There it is.

What? There it is! You excited?

Three final exams, two biology labs and a term paper due in four days and I let you convince me to go for a party weekend.

It's my duty as the irresponsible brother.

To make sure I never get into medical school?

The burden of the smart guy!

I got two words for you - Communications Major.

I'm a fan of the five-year program.

This is why I had to study in the library.

Noah has turned our dorm room into prime happy-hour real estate.

Because I read the brochure that said it's Ok to have fun in college.

I have fun! You have fun, when?

Baby, you'll have the last laugh when you're a doctor... and they're stuck living off of ramen noodles and unemployment cheques.

(All) Oh!

That's not a bad thing. Bill Gates never went to college!

Just fly the plane, Maverick.

# Tophat Tomcat

# Bang bang Tophat Tomcat

# Bang bang Tophat Tomcat

# Bang bang Tophat Tomcat

# Bang bang Tophat Tomcat #

Gosh, Mattie, this place is incredible. I can't believe it's yours.

Ours. It's "ours. "

God, it must really suck being a trust-fund baby, huh?

When my uncle died, I only got Sonics season tickets.

Our Uncle Frank wasn't rich. This house was all he owned.

Lived here for... what? (John) 20 years.

...20 years, doing nothing but studying birds, watching animals...

Talking to trees, guzzling whisky.

Yeah, he was a little eccentric.

Johnny and our uncle never really got each other.

No one ever gets me. I got you.

You got me so much, you dropped my ass.

(Hollers) Hey...

Come on. Oh. Sorry, man.

Overgrown chic! I love it.

Come on, let's get inside.

Man, I missed this place, Johnny.

(John) Ah, the zip line. I'm going on that.

Here we are. Home sweet home, huh?

I love it! (Sara) Wow!

How long has it been since you guys were here?

God, ten... How old were you when you sunk Uncle Frank's car in the bay?

I was 12 and bored.

(Matt) 12. So... 13 years.

I'm surprised he left us the place. He was afraid you'd burn it down.

(John) I still can. Poor house.

Check out the wine cellar. Whoa!

An M5 Medoc? God, this is fancy! Yes, yes!

In M5 I was still playing with Rainbow Brite.

(Noah) Yeah? And looking good doing it.

We can't get into his wine, it's... What?

It's... I don't know. It's disrespectful or something.

You know what? Let's all be quiet.

Lucky for you guys I came prepared.

What you got? Anybody know what time it is?

What time is it? What time is it?


(Clapping and singing)

Where's the blender? Come on, baby.

(Noah) Chips, salsa... hot dogs, beer...

Soy milk? Flaxseed oil? Kasha? What the hell is kasha?

That's Nikki's. She's a health-food nut.

Her body looks like no vegetarian I've ever seen.


(John) Have a good time. Don't be a little vagina this weekend.

Ok, that's offensive, A, and B, I am gonna have a good time.

You still remember how to do this? Yes. Go.

Ah, the memories.

The car that was once a submarine.

Give the nozzle a turn. If you smell gas, run.

(Matt) Thank you.

Hey, look. The keys are still in the car.

That thing hasn't been used for ages. It's never gonna start.

Given your history, it's probably a good thing.

(Engine starts)

German engineering at its finest.

Come on! Oh! Oh...

What's wrong?

The only thing separating me from my immediate personal happiness is John and Matt's skill with a generator.

Then we'd better start drinking these... before they go...

(Blender whirs)

Yes! That's what I'm talking about! That's what...

(Blender stops whirring)

Why, blender?

What happened? What do we do?

I saw the fuse box in the basement.

You know how to fix a fuse? Hell, no. You?

No! Well... maybe we could figure it out together.

(Door creaks)

Ok, Ok... a young, handsome brother...

...takes blonde little bad girl into the dark, dusty basement with him.

I got it. Ok, you go ahead.

Young... attractive... virgin... pushes obnoxious asshole in the basement!

(Noah) Are you really a virgin?

(Sara) Wouldn't you like to know? (Noah) Er... yes.

Ooh! Vintage.


(Heavy scrape of metal)

(Both laugh)

Here's the fuse box.

Look, there's the fuse. New one?

Yeah... Oh. You see? That one's blown.

(Sara) This one? Yeah.

(Noah screams)

(Noah) Sorry. Dude!

(Noah) It was this thing! I'm sorry!

(Sara) You scared? No. Where is this?

Oh! Got it! Got the fuse. Yeah.

Should I put it in? Oh, God, yeah.


Ok, here's the master switch. Ok, try it.

Ready? Yeah... Yes!

(Matt coughs)

You weren't supposed to find that. Why?

It's just a secret attic for make-out parties.


You were nine the last time you came here, silly.


I was a very early bloomer.

If everybody knew the Matt that I know, it'd be so hard to keep you to myself.

No, it wouldn't.

Which room should we take?

The one farthest from my brother's?


Two years and it's still awkward.

I apologised to him a thousand times about us, but he's still mad.

He's not mad, he's John.

Are you trying to fulfil some adolescent fantasies?

I might be.

Uh-uh. There.

A secret make-out party. Uh-oh.

It's on!

(Matt) You know you're gonna kill yourself.

You'll never believe what I found in the attic.


Ah, the house flag. We were such dorks.

At least one of us has changed, huh?

That rope's gotta be 20 years old. It feels Ok to me.

John, really. Hemp like that deteriorates.

I brought climbing rope with me. You can string it with a Dynaloc.


Once a brute, always a brute. (John) Whoo!

Sometimes it stuns me that you two are related.

Usually people who live on the edge like that die young.

Johnny wouldn't be caught dead dying.

It would make him look bad.


What? All work and no play.

(Matt) You sound like Johnny.

Well, he wants you to enjoy yourself too.

Right. He does.

Remember when we were 13 and he threw you your first boy-girl party?

When your mum went out of town? I do.

And we played Truth or Dare and watched, er... What was that called?

"Wild On Ibiza"?

And he dared you to kiss me. And I did.

Then I cried.

I don't think my male ego ever recovered from that.

I think you're doing just fine.

You think? Yeah...

Have fun, Ok?

Did you ever... No.

We've been friends for a long time, plus I got with too many of her girls.

Too many! What's too many? For a chick, any is...

Any is too many? Any is too many.

(Both) Hi!

(Sara screams) Ok...


Nice shot, Robin Hood. That's so white of you.

You wanna give it a shot? What?

(John) Do you wanna try? Er... no.

All right.

See? It's that easy.

You guys hear that?


Oh, my God.

It's so cute.

Where is it from?

You better leave that thing alone. (Matt) Can I see it?

(Puppy whines)

(All coo)

He just peed on you.

It's a boy.

It can't be more than 8 or 9 weeks old. You go, Dr. Ruth.

(Sara) What kind of dog is that?

Well, it looks like a German Shepherd, but he's big. Really big.

I thought we were the only ones on the island.

He was probably abandoned by some boaters.

Hey, guys, I have an idea. Hold on!

Ssh! I have an idea, a good idea.

Let's eat him. You're such a dick.

I'm serious. We'll put him on the target...

I got my iPod. Please, please.

(All) Here's to that!

You like it here, huh?

Let's keep him with us tonight, you guys.

You like it here?

(Noah) Wait, wait. No TV, no phone, no Maxim?

Some people like a break from civilisation.

All right. Sure. I'm for the whole kumbaya-granola thing, as long as when it's over, there's a fifth of Jager and internet porn waiting for me.

Noah, sometimes it amazes me that you're still single.

Here's to being single, seeing double, sleeping triple...

(Laughs)... and to multiple orgasms. (Nikki) Yeah, by yourself.

(All) Ooh!

(John and Noah) Oh!

What's that in the cellar? You hear that?

Is that an M5 Medoc calling me? Yes.

You are gonna drink the cheap stuff and you are gonna like it.

You are a cruel, cruel man. But I still love you.


(Puppy whimpers)

Uh-uh. That cute stuff's not gonna work on me.

I'm a cat person.

(Puppy growls)

Cheap enough? That little sucker growled at me.

You piss on that rug, you're dead.


He was just kidding! Come back!


That dog is weird. He just growled at me for no good reason.

I said I liked cats. I wasn't talking about the musical.

This little dog is harmless. Chicken.

Don't worry, he'll come back. He knows there's food here.

You wanna find him?

I wanted to sleep with him. You were sleeping with me!

She was gonna make love to me and then sleep in your bed.

That's Ok.

I see cancer patients every Thursday. That's my charity work for the week.

Oh! Funny!

The folks got jokes tonight. You all want some?

Here, pup. Where are you?

You see him? Uh-uh.

This is bringing me back memories from Ghost in the Graveyard. Remember? When we were ten?

I don't remember that.

Yeah, you were too cool back then. I'm still too cool.

Right. Over there. There he is.

(Pup whines)

Hey, pup, there you are. There you are! Come here.





You Ok?


(John) Ok?

(Low growl)

It bit me.

All right, you're Ok.

You're Ok. Come on, let's go.

It just attacked you, unprovoked?

Yeah. Came out of nowhere.

It was probably just protecting its young but the rules say you gotta treat any bite by an unknown animal as a possible rabies infection.

But listen, you will not get rabies. I know what I'm talking about.

There isn't a single case of somebody who's gone through a proper post-exposure treatment who's then contracted the disease.

Isn't that where they gotta stick a bunch of needles under your skin?

(Matt) It's a little simpler than that.

A little simpler? I think we should get the plane ready.

You wanna leave? We should get Sara to a doctor.

Remember when I got that rabies shot cos of that bat in the Bahamas?

You don't have to start right away.

You really don't, if you're feeling Ok. Is that true?

As long as you have your first shot within a week, yes.

But... there's no pressure.

Well, then I'm cool. I'll be fine, you guys.

She's fine. Sara?

Mattie, the point of this weekend was for you to live a little, so don't use this as an excuse. That's bullshit.

Yeah, it's true, I'm fine. I mean, really. It was scary!

Nothing that a little drinking can't cure.

Could someone give me a drink? I need a drink.

Are you sure? Yeah. Sure I'm sure.


(Nikki) What are you thinking about?

There was this company who leased some land on the other side of the island, a couple of miles away.

Anyway, they built a compound for training dogs.

When I was little, my uncle used to walk me over there and we'd play with all the little puppies.

I think that's when I decided I wanted to be a vet.

About a year ago... of the dogs got rabies.

It started spreading and all the dogs got it, and my uncle told me they had to put them down.

That's horrible. Mmm.

So I assumed they had been killed, but...

...after seeing that dog today...

So you think some of them survived?

That's just it.

If they had rabies and escaped, they would've been dead a long time ago.

In dogs, rabies is always fatal.

So, what are you saying?

I don't know.

(Clears throat)


Sorry. I didn't see you.

What are you doing?

I couldn't sleep.

You? Me, neither.

You look like an angel.

Ow! Damn it!

Easy, tiger.

Go away.

Go away.

(Thunder rumbles)

So, how about doing some swimming today?

Maybe hang out by the dock?

Maybe when your leg feels better?

I'm fine.

How did I wind up dating an outdoorsy type?

(Voices echo)

(Nikki) I don't know. I think it's a lot better than living in a library.

(Noah) I'm outdoorsy as long as beautiful women in thongs are involved.

Do you ever get tired of making an ass of yourself?

Not really. I figure it's a part of my charm.

Yo. Excuse me.

I'm still hungry.

Knock yourself out. (Matt) I'll make more.

(Noah) No, that's cool.

Morning, guys. Good morning.

Boys and their toys.

I thought I'd take a walk in the woods and find something to shoot.

I hope you mean something inanimate.

Gosh, no, I thought I'd hunt for Bambi. (Matt) Just checking.

I'm gonna come with you. I haven't been around the island for years.

You guys wanna come? Noah, come on.

Yeah. Yeah, why not?

Enjoy your breakfast.

Actually, I think I'm gonna stay here.

I'm not keen on that dog running around.

Ok. We'll be careful. Keep him away from Thumper, too.

(Noah) Come on.

No deer. No droppings.

You hear anything?


It makes you wonder where all the animals are.

Are you guys trying to freak me out or something?

Is this like a game you play? What?

No, I'm serious. He's referring to inanimate animals.

You think Sara is feeling Ok?

I hope so.

She's looking pretty good these days. Don't.

What? Don't go there.

Why not?

She's obviously into me, so why shouldn't I just go for it?

Really? Yeah.

Because I've seen how you treat women.

Because you're good at saving them doesn't always mean I'm the one that ruins them.

Brother in love. It's all right, man.

Are you feeling all right? Yeah.

Are you sure?

I made out with John.

So that's what's bothering you? Kind of, yeah.

Why? Nice.

I don't know. I guess I thought the rabies was settling in.

Very funny. No, actually, I feel fine.

I feel great. I've got like this adrenaline inside.

From John kissing you?

Maybe. Well, might as well.

You've liked him since you were 14. How did you know?

Who doesn't know that? Everybody knows.

Oh, really?

Ok, then I hate everybody right now.

(John hollers) Any day, Mcknight!

Can a brother not get some alone time?


(Low growl)


Nice doggy.

Nice doggy.

Good boy.


Ok, Ok... It's fine. It's fine.


John! Matt! Hey!

Oh! Oh!


What happened? What are you doing?

The dogs on this island are not friendly!

You afraid of a dog? No, dogs, man. Plural.

How many? Three, but it sounded like more.

(Rustling in undergrowth)

You hear that?


You believe me now?

(All) Oh!

They don't want you here.

The dogs, they don't want you here.

(Man yells and dog snarls)

(Man yells) Help!

Get back! We gotta help him!

(Barking and snarling)

What's up?


(Indistinct chatter)

(Whispers) The house.

(Nikki) Hey! (Whispers) Go to the house.

What? Here they come.



Run to the house! Oh, my God! Run!

(Matt) Run! Hurry up!

Come on, you guys! Hurry up!


Mattie, no!

(Echoing scream)


This ought to be fun.

Argh! Argh! Damn!

Damn it! Son of a bitch!

God, I'm so sorry, Nikki.

That's Ok.

For all I know, you could've saved my life.

I don't know if I'm the life-saving kind. I couldn't save that guy in the woods.

I thought we were the only ones here. He came out of nowhere.

They ripped the shit out of him.

I know! Death by dog is brutal!

(Matt) None of this makes sense! There's no reason dogs could do this!

These have the characteristics of a rabid dog.

But if they had rabies, they'd be dead. (Noah) Then what is it?

You know that dog compound? The seeing-eye dog facility, yeah.

What if they were actually training attack dogs, right?

A year ago they shut the compound down because of a rabies outbreak.

So, attack dogs plus a weird strain of rabies equals what?

Scary-ass Lassies, that's what!

(John) Relax. They don't want us here.

That's what the dude in the woods said.

(Matt) Twice. (Nikki) Who cares?

We need to be focusing on getting the hell outta here!

I'm in serious need of some painkillers... and there's something wrong with Sara.

You feel it, don't you?

Is something wrong with you? It comes and goes.

We've gotta be smart here, smarter than these dogs.

Everybody just shut up! You're all driving me crazy right now! Wild dogs?

Nikki's right, we gotta get outta here!

Sara needs help and we're gonna do that!

But first, we'll stay in here where it's safe, let the dogs disperse, then get in the plane and get the hell out...


(Low growl)

(Dog yelps)

I don't wanna be here any more.

What do we do?

We get outta here.

(Matt) Ready?

The dogs are on the dock.

It's like they know we wanna leave.

You gotta be kidding me!

(John) What?

The plane's drifting away. It can't be. I tied it myself.

Look, then.

(John) Shit. If it hits the channel, it's lost.

The dogs are gone.

(Noah) You guys, you guys...

I don't wanna go out there. You're going.

You'll have to swim. No one else can bring the plane back.

I know. Just give me this.

For your brother being a screw-up, he's stepping up and being a badass.

I can't believe this. They chewed through it on purpose.

Listen, I don't know what the hell is going on around here but dogs can't think like that. They can't plan.

If a dog chews through rope, it's because dogs like chewing rope!

(Noah) Come on, John.

He's almost there.


Come on, swim back, man! (Nikki) Swim!

The dogs! Hurry!

Stop looking back! (Nikki) Swim! Swim faster!

You're fine!


(Dog yelps)

Bitch! Back to the house! Come on!

(Matt) Hurry up! (Noah) Go! Go! Hurry up! Go!


(Noah) Go! Go! Get inside!

Come on, get up the stairs!

Shut the door! Shut the door!



(Matt) But how did the dogs even get on the plane?

I once saw a dog balance a marshmallow on his nose.

(Hammering continues)

(Phone beeps)

Still no service.

You're running a fever. I am?

Don't worry, it wouldn't be rabies yet. It could be some other kind of infection.


All right, pros and cons. What are the negatives?

Negatives? Well, everything.

It's dangerous just trying to get to the garage.

We don't know if the car will start or what we'll find across the island.

Whatever got that guy here. With our luck, he parasailed in!

The compound has gotta have some kind of communications system.

Hopefully it's not equipped with some crazy Old Yellers.

Look, we can't stay here. We gotta get off this island.

Ok. Ok?

Ok, damn!

(Matt) All right, eeny...



I'll go.

(Barking and snarling)

(John) It'll lift right off. I don't want you to go.

I don't want anyone to go. I'll be fine. I'll be really quiet.

(Faint barking)

(Door creaks)

(Wind chimes clink)


(Pulley clanks)

How much do you weigh?

You know how much I weigh, baby. You're not doing this.

Speed climbing champion three years running. I weigh 120 pounds.

I could do this with my hands tied.

You were injured badly.

I know my limits.

This cable can't support you.

I know what I'm talking about. Think about it.

I mean it. Think about it.

You didn't get any on the handles? No, you'll be fine.

Be careful. Yeah.

You gotta be kidding me.

(Distant barking)

They're here.

Hurry, Nikki.

(All yell) Hey! Hey!

(Hollers) Hey!

Dogs! Dogs!

Dogs! Dogs, over here! Come on!

(Engine fires once then bangs)

Come on!

(Engine stutters)

(Engine Stutters again)

Come on! Piece of shit!

(Engine stutters)

(Engine stutters again)



(Hollers) Hey! Are you Ok? Yeah, I'm fine.

Just seems like it's gonna be dinnertime over here soon.

Hang on. We got something worked out.

(John) Come on, guys!

Let's go! Yep!

Good? More slack! Watch yourself!

You didn't hit her this time! I'm gonna tie the line to the rope.

Pull it across. All right.

Here it is!

All right, pull it, pull it!

(Noah) Hurry!

Come on.

Behind you! Jump!

(Dog yelps)

Come on! Nice shot. We got one, man!

Come on, pull! Bring her in, bring her in.

Get off the harness!

(Distant barking)


You have to talk to me.

I'm not in pain but...

I think I'm in trouble.

I'm so sorry for this, Sara. Don't be. It's not your fault.

(Matt) Yes, it is. Matt!

It's Ok.

This is Ok?

None of this is Ok.

We should've left this morning. We should never even have come here.

I didn't know this was supposed to happen.

Of course you didn't. Because you don't think, you just do, only this time you dragged all of us down with you.

Nikki, just let it happen.

Does this make you feel better? Lay it all on me. I'm the fuck-up.

Mum knows it. Dad knew it. It's never you. It's always me.

It is always you. I wasn't given the room to make mistakes.

That room was filled with yours. I just wanted you to have fun.

Bullshit. You wanted me to act like you cos if there's two of us it would make you seem less of a disappointment.

It must be nice to have your life so together.

Dad would be proud.

What's up? You all right?

How you doing? I'm all right.

You know, er... when our Dad got sick...

...I knew Matt was pissed at me for bailing, but I just didn't know what to do.

After he died, I tried to make it up to him. I tried to be around more.

I just didn't know he hated me so much.

He doesn't hate you as much as he thinks he does.

All evidence to the contrary. He loves you, John.

He's here for you. Mr Responsible skipped school, a week away from his finals, just to spend a weekend with his big brother.

He can't say no to you. Yeah, look where it got him.

None of this is your fault.

You'll get through this.

Besides, you're a hard guy to stay angry at.

Yeah? Yeah.

Even I don't hate you quite as much as I used to.

"Quite. "

I really love him, you know.

I know.

I'm glad.

Hey. Want a sip?


Your uncle had very eclectic musical tastes.

That's putting it nicely.

Thank you. Cheers.

Hey. You're gonna be fine.

I feel awful.

Why? You guys have been wanting to do that for years.

(Sara) You'll both recover. (Matt) I hope so.

You ready to turn this mother out? (Sara) Yes!

Ready? (Matt) Come on, Mr DJ.

(Blues music cuts out)

(John) The fuse? Yeah. I'll get it. I know where it is.

(Matt) I'll come with you. No, no. Relax, relax.

Each of you has your job. You're the future doctor - smart and calm under pressure.

You're the Eagle Scout in black sheep's clothing - quick with a weapon and handy with a sea plane.

You're the perky, athletic one - very randy to have around.

And you... you look incredibly sexy in a bikini.

Now where does all that leave moi?

I'm the one who knows where the fuse box is.

(Sara) He's in need of psychiatric help.


(Metal can clatters)


Why have they always gotta put the fuse box in the basement? Damn.

O... k.

(Blues record starts again)



You're mine, baby.

(Music stops)

Oh! You gotta be kidding me.

(Cans clatter)


Almost, baby.

(Metallic rattle)

(Low growl)

(Dog snarls)

(Noah screams)

Stay with Sara.



Matt, slide that over here!

(Sara) They're coming through the door, Nikki! Hurry!

Come on, come on! Come on, hurry up!

(John) Get Sara and get upstairs now! (Matt) Get upstairs!

(Nikki) Get upstairs! (Matt) Get to the attic!

Oh no!

(Sara) Hurry up!

(Nikki) Matt!

(Nikki) Grab this!

(Nikki) Ok? Let's go, let's go!

(Nikki) Hurry! (John) Let's go!

(John) Get the rope!

(All out of breath)

(Nikki) You Ok? My shoulder.

Oh, my God! You got bitten!




(Dog howls)

None of this seems real.

I can't believe that Noah is dead.

Ok, look, we'll get out of here. We'll get you guys to a doctor, Whatever it is, they're gonna figure it out.

(Whispers) Go away!

Hey, Sara, please... Get off me!

I'm so sorry. That's Ok.

You know I didn't mean that. That's Ok. Come here.

(Sara) I'm sorry. (John) I'm gonna get you out of here.

I promise. Ok.

I just don't feel right.

(John) I know.

(John) You'll be all right.



Army Mountain Combat School, that's who leased the compound.

So they were training attack dogs? Could be experiments that went wrong.

Why would Uncle Frank have these papers?

Uncle Frank wouldn't be involved with something like this.

He was an animal rights activist. (John) keep telling yourself that.

They probably told him what he told me - that the dogs got rabies, it spread, and that's why they had to put them all down.

Well, they missed a few.

(Matt) Clear? (Whispers) Yeah, we're good.

You guys get in the room. Stay there.

Be careful. I will.

(Flies buzzing)

What's that smell?

They've marked their territory.

We're the ones trespassing now.

(Door opens)

You ready for this?

No. You?


Jesus, Matt. Matt!

What is he doing? Is he insane?

(Sara) He's not afraid.

So sad.

I've waited ten years for him to notice me.

What are you talking about?

It feels over.

It's not over. Don't talk like that.

Pop the clutch!


(Howling and barking)

Come on, Mattie.

Come on, Mattie!

Give me the bow. Here.

Heads up, Mattie!

(John) Come on, come on.

We need more speed.

(John) Hold on!

Better work this time!

(Engine starts)

Cool. Piece of cake.

(Engine whines)

They don't like the noise.

Let's go!

I don't think I'm gonna make those finals, Johnny.


Hold on to him!

(Dog yelps)

Sara won't come down. You've gotta help.

I got it, Mattie.

I tried everything. Get in.


Sara. Go away.

No. Get out!

No! I won't make it.

I don't care! Get up! On your feet!

(Dog growls)

Get out of my house!

John, out the window! I'm not leaving!

You understand? If I break eye contact, it's over.

I will be right behind you.

Gone? Yeah.


You Ok?




Sara! (Matt) No, no.

(John) No! Come on!


(Matt) That fence didn't used to be here.

We'll break through it with the car.

What if the fence is the only thing standing between us and those dogs?

That's true.

(John) Ok... Ok, but we'll leave the car running.

If we turn it off, we don't know if it'll start again.

The car's not gonna get us off this island.

Well, if we need to, it'll get us the hell out of here.

Come on.

(John) There's gotta be a radio here. (Matt) It's no good if there's no power.

Look. (Matt) Solar panel.

We could hook onto that, right? Yeah.

Were you ever here? (Matt) No, not inside.

Looks like an attack-protection suit.

What the hell is all this stuff?

This was not a training facility. Something else was going on here.

They weren't training anything.

They were genetically redesigning them. They were playing God.


Let's keep moving.

Here's a radio.

No power.

All right, how do we hook in to the solar power?

The batteries have to be around here somewhere.

(John) Down here.

Batteries. All right, good.

I'm gonna check the main first.

Hit the breaker.

These batteries are never gonna charge.

They're too rusted. Look.

No, they're the old lead-acid kind. They'll hold a charge forever.

Positive to positive. Negative to negative. Just like a car.

You good?

Nice. (John) Right.

(Panel beeps and machine beeps)

How do you know all this?

You'd be surprised what an irresponsible fuck-up can pick up over the years.

(John) Ok, here we go.

(Matt) Does it Work?

It's dead. Still no signal.

Give me that cell phone. Open the back.

We can hook up this phone to the radio tower.

It's a giant antenna. By itself, a cell gives you two, three miles, but a tower like that gives you over 100. We attach the cell phone... here to the radio antenna.

(Phone beeps) Shit. No signal.

Wait a minute, guys. Look right there, on the radio tower.

There's a cable detached. I'll go.

We gotta stick together. I'll go.

You guys stay here. Once I connect the cables, you're gonna see this signal.

When you see the signal, you wanna turn on the antenna amplifier here.

All right.

Hey... Be careful.

We're gonna get outta here.

What's wrong? Baby, calm down, sit down.

It's just...

What happened to Sara is gonna happen to me.

Matt, don't talk like that. You're gonna drive yourself crazy.

What's wrong?


They're inside.

What are you talking about?

For the dogs to survive being put down they would've had to find a way to escape.

If they found a way out of the compound...

They found their way back in.


(Antenna buzzes)


Oh, my God!




Give Cujo my best.



Nikki! No!

Stop it! Listen! Listen to me!

There is a boat on the other side of this fence!

It's our only way out!

We're not getting off this island, John!

(Crash of metal)

Need a ride?

I thought you were dead. Any ideas?

Hang on!

(Engine revs)

Come on!

You Ok? Yeah.


John, get the boat started.

Jump on!

What do you think's gonna happen to you guys?

Find a doctor that can cure it.

What if he can't? He has to.

I need some sleep.