The Brooklyn Banker (2016) Script

(tense music)

(men shouting)

(bright horn music)

[Voiceover] It was a very special time.

That year, that month, that moment, would change our lives forever.

Joe Pepitone.


Month of June, 1969.



Month of June.

Month of June.





Who the hell do you think he is, Ron Sabota?




The man's the best!

How about-

How about you go downstairs and get some ice and stop breaking balls.

Nah, the kid's okay, leave him alone.

Here you go.

Thanks, Santo!

Now do as your grandfather says, all right?

Huh, look at that.


(mutters in Italian)

You should be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of a man my age.

You know it's not my fault you suck at cards.

You do Phil, you suck at cards.

I don't suck at cards you little prick.

I'm just distracted.

You're distracted?

Yeah, it's 100 degrees in this joint!

I'm dying here.

Well here you go, go buy yourself a beer, Dracula.


Yeah, I got your Dracula right here.

I should bite your nose off.

Just because you got promoted, don't think I can't give you a smack.

You too, Julian.


Now count the points.

All right.

All right.

One ace.

No, two aces, that's two.

Two kings, that's 10.

All right look here, it's 34 points, plus 25 for gin, that's a total of 59 points.

I know!

For chrissakes Nicky, let Santo do it.

I got it!

All right, so we add that to the first game.


134 points for the first game.

The second game, that's 112 plus 100.

64 and a third.

Right, okay.

You got troubles, at a nickel a point, you're into him for...

It's 21 dollars and five cents.



The Hand wants to see you.

What do you mean, the Hand wants to see me?

He wants to see you, about your bank.

About my bank?

About your bank.

How does he know I work for a bank?

Who don't know you work for a bank?

Oh, you told him I work for a bank?

What are you saying, this is good for us.

No no no no, this is not good for us.

It's not good, Benny, this is not good.

I don't even want him to know my name, I don't want him to know anything about me.

I'm gonna walk down the street, I wanna see him, I wanna nod, I wanna keep walking, that's it.

I don't wanna know him.

I don't know now.

He wants to see you.

You are fucking unbelievable.

I thought I was doing a good thing.

Anyway, we gotta go.

We gotta go.

Here you go, man.

Here's the dough from fat Sal.

Fat fucking 250 short.

Wait for me back there.


How nice of you to come.

Please, sit.

Mr. Mistera.



This is Carmine.

I'll be outside if you need me.

So, your father-in-law tells me you're a bigshot at the bank.

I'm no bigshot, I'm really a nobody.

Oh come on.

Vice president.

Don't be modest.

You know Manny, it's a big bank.

There's a lot of vice presidents in such a big bank.

You underrate yourself, don't underrate yourself.

See this piece of shit here?

He's into me for 60 grand.

He gives me cashier's checks.

Where am I going with cashier's checks?

It can be traced, somebody can ask about them.

Then, we'll have trouble.

And that wouldn't be good for anybody.

So, what do you say?

About what?

Can you get 'em cashed?

Manny, I'm sorry, I can't cash your checks.

Santo, the checks are good.

Shut the fuck up.

Yeah, I could take a few and I could check 'em out, see if there's a trace, you know.

But you gotta understand something Manny.

You know, they could be good one day.

That doesn't mean that they're gonna be good the next week.

Don't worry about it.

You take 'em all.

Please, I don't wanna take $60,000 in cashier's checks.

Hey, I know your father-in-law.

Over a hundred years, and he swears up and down for you.

Don't worry about it.

Benny tells me you're some sort of mathematician.

You're like a walking fucking calculator.

That's a gift.

It's a real gift.

When were you born?

When was I born?


May 1st, 1938.


What time?

What time what?

What time were you born?

What time was I born?

I don't know.

But I could find out.

You do that.

Then you come back and tell me.

Yeah, sure.


How long is this gonna take you?

A few days.


Come back Wednesday at nine o'clock.


Boy, looking at you is something.

It's like looking at your father.

My father?


Carlo was the best.

May he rest and peace.

Thank you Santo.

I owe you.

Hey, where you going?

This is good for us.

Are you out of your mind?

Don't you give a shit about your grandkids, huh?

Or your daughter, my wife?

You know what happens if I fuck this up?

I told you, I didn't want him to know anything about me.

Now he wants to know my birthday.

So what?

Who gives a fuck?

Who gives a fuck?

Benny, I don't need this shit, all right?

I heard the last guy who got in trouble with the Hand has no hands, or a fucking head for that matter.

Complete exaggeration.

Geez Benny, huh?

I get pinched, I'm gonna lose my job.

Then they're gonna wanna know where I got the checks from.

What do I say?

Then what do I say?

Manny the Hand gave 'em to me to see if they're hot because Basta is the dumbest fucking bookie in Brooklyn?

You worry too much, this is a good thing.

Where you going?

I'm gonna figure this out!

Don't tell your uncle.

(reverent chanting)

Come on, come on, come on.

Put all your money in, here we go.

There's one.

Give him another one.


I told you.

You say a prayer, that's what happens.

That's what it is.

(laughing) Well you filled the hat, I'll take it away.


Oh, Father, I'm sorry.

Is there a service going on or something.

In the church?

No no no.

Maybe a funeral though, huh?


How are you, what are you playing?

Can I play?

No, Father, you don't wanna.

Let him play, you have money?

Yeah, my money's not good?

Look at this.

Come on, me and you, come on.

You're lucky, it's one game.

One game.

One game.


There goes his lucky day.


Come on, I got it.


He got God on this side, there's your lucky day.

Can't bet against the priest.

Son of a bitch.


[Man] Who is it?

It's me, Uncle Matt.


Why you not coming into the church?

Is everything okay?

Anne's at home with the kids.

She's fine, the kids are fine.

Well, there's a problem, we need to talk.

What is it?

It's the Head.

(tense music)

(whispering numbers)

Santo, I need to speak to you about something.

Your breakfast is getting cold.


[Anne] Listen, I wanna talk to you before you go to work.

Yeah okay, I'll be out in a minute, all right?

Are you gonna come out?

Come out of there already!

All right!

[Anne] Jesus.

Jesus what?

You feel okay?

Do I feel okay?

Was it the pasta fazool?


So listen.

The baby's coming.


And I need a bigger house.

Come on, we talked about this.

Sweetheart, we can't afford it right now, you know that.

I just got promoted.

The interest rates are terrible.

Look, I can't have three kids running around this place.

I'm gonna lose my frikkin' mind.

It's tough enough with two.

I understand, but what do you want me to do, huh?

Rob my bank?

Look, my Aunt Angie, she moved up to Babylon.

Okay, they have beautiful house there.

Nice yards, five bedrooms, and cheap.

Do you know what my commute would be from Suffolk County?

It's not that far.

It's the boonies.

Besides, you'd have to leave your mother.

No, she'd stay with us during the week.

Okay, okay, great.

Let's invite Benny, we can make it a party.

Lay off him Santo, he's good to us he loves the kids.

I know.

Look, I gotta go, all right?

I love you.

You gotta go?

Yeah, come here.

No no no, so the girls are at my mother's.

Anne, you're pregnant.


So I could hurt the baby.

Easy, big guy.

Seriously, I gotta go.

Give me a kiss.


Your baby wants a calzone.

All right, I'll pick some up.

And a cannoli.


Good morning, Mr. Bastucci.

Oh, Mr. Bastucci.

[Phone] National Merchants Bank, Mastick.

Anthony Mangone, please.

[Phone] One moment please.

[Anthony] Anthony Mangone.


[Anthony] Hey, Santo, how are you?

Yeah, you know, can't complain, can't complain.

How's my bank manager?

[Anthony] He misses Brooklyn.

Yeah, listen Zuki, now the bank sends you where they send you, okay?

Bide your time and I'll try to get you back here.

[Anthony] Yeah, yeah, I appreciate you getting me the job, you know that.

Hey, how's the Giglio feast?

How's your uncle doing.

He's good. (knocking)

[Anthony] Tell him I said hi, will you?

Yeah, will do.

Hey hold on a sec, Zuk.

Come in.

Good morning Mr. Bastucci.

Thank you Claire.

Listen, Zuki, I need a favor.

I have some cashier's checks I need to run a trace on to see if they're clean.

You think you could do that for me?

[Anthony] Sure.


Think you can get it done by this Wednesday?

[Anthony] Yeah, what's the invoice number I should put this under?

No no no, this is under the radar, capiche?

[Anthony] (chuckles) Okay.

What's the cashier's numbers.

Okay, you got a pen?

[Anthony] Hold on.

Okay, go ahead.

All right, first check.


Total amount, $812.96.

Second check.


for a total of $500.65.

Third check.

(bright horn music)




You got the checks?


Are they good?



I spoke to Manny.

He told me you are to say the checks are no good.


The checks are no good.

Why would I say that?

I guess because Manny wants to make another 60 large.

But if I say the checks are bad, Basta's dead, cooked.

Jesus Christ, man.

He's not gonna whack him, he's gonna scare the shit out of him.

For, putting me through this.

He'll also make him pay 60 more, plus the big.

Besides, if he whacks him, he gets who gots.

Manny told you this?


But don't worry, he said he's gonna take care of us too.

No, see, you don't understand.

I don't want anything, okay?

This is not me, this is your problem!

It's not my problem, Benny.

What the hell's going on out here?

Never mind, it's okay.


Oh, the beauties of the world.

I'm trying to put them to bed.

Hi, Daddy.

Hi sweetheart, how are you?


Grandpa, sing!

It's gonna make all the neighbors complain!

Please don't.

Sing, Grandpa.

(sings in Italian)


Okay, thank you.

Now sing Dorna!

Oh no, Dorna means nobody's gonna sleep.

And that's not about you two, 'cause you two gotta go to sleep.

Time for bed.

That baby's coming in.

I know, tell me about it.

Is it a boy?

I don't know, we'll see.

I think it's a boy.

You do.

Would you like a nice baby brother?


No, it's good, we could call him Benedeto.

Let's call him Rex.

Yeah, if he's a dog that's what we're gonna do.

How's Mommy doing, is she good?

Ah, she's got the sciatica.

All right, tell her to come over tomorrow, all right?

Yeah, good.

You want some coffee before you go?

I wish I could, I gotta go.

All right ladies, let's go to bed, come on.

Go to bed.

Siana, Titi, now, it's past your bed time.

Say good night.

Good night.

I love you, Grandpa.

(chuckles) Adorable.

Here's how it reads.

When we're in that room and Basta's there, if you don't say what Manny wants you to say, we got a lot of fuckin' trouble.


Okay, let's go.

I don't wanna be late.

Carlo was the best.

Anne, I'll be back later.

[Anne] Okay.

* I've got a crush on you

* Sweetie pie

* All the day my time Sit.


Uh, Mr. Mist...

Manny, can I talk to you in private for a second, please?

No no no.


No, tell me in front of this piece of shit.

Are they good?

Sorry Basta.

Manny, they're good, I swear.

Santo, please tell him.



* We would share a world

* I have got a crush

* My baby No, in the basement, you morons!

(forceful yelling)

You're a good boy.

These checks, they could've put me in a box.


If these checks are hot, you gotta get them as far away from you as possible.

Because there's no telling if the Feds knew that Basta had them.

Take 'em out and burn 'em.

Thank you Benny.

(melancholy music)

You never came to bed last night.

What happened?


Santo, what happened?

I gotta get ready for work.

(phone ringing)


Oh my God.

Gina, what happened?

Billy's been acting very strange since Sunday.

He won't talk or eat.

And then last night he left and he never came back.

I got a call at four o'clock this morning.

They found him in the back of an alley off Jackson Avenue and brought him here.

They beat him like an animal!

What'd the doctor say?

That he's almost dead!

They broke his jaw, his leg, he has internal bleeding, his face, oh my God, his face.

Who did this, Santo?

Did he owe money?

Anne, take Gina downstairs, get her something to eat.

All right honey, we're gonna go downstairs.

Come on.



Mr. Bastucci, your father-in-law's here to see you.

You're telling me this is like a foot and a half, two feet thick, huh?

Yes, yeah.

You're gonna have to get a bigger drill.


We keep our cash in the basement.

We use this for foreign currency and cashier's checks.


Yeah, oh, Santo.

Here, I got pinnolis, have one.


You know this guy over here?

That's my son in law, he's a big shot at this bank.

I know, Mr. Masakia, he's my boss.



Well if I was your boss.

Thank you Beth.


What, what?

Here, have one of these.

Why don't you come back to my office where I can speak to you in private.

Yeah, sure.

Bye honey.

(laughing) Yeah.


What the fuck happened?

Where are the checks?

[Benny] I burned 'em.

You burned 'em.

Not yet, but don't worry.

It's all under control.

Under control.

You know who you're fucking with.

If Manny finds out.

How is Manny gonna find out?

Ah Jesus Christ.

If your blood wasn't pumping through my kids, Benny.

Hey, you worry too much.

It's all under control.

This is very good for us.

Oh, it's good for us?


What about Basta?

Basta's fine.

Basta's fine, he's in intensive care.

So he'll take a couple of bruises, all right.

By the way, what is the exact hour of your birth?


When were you born?

What is it with this shit?

Manny wants to know.

I don't know, tell him 11:30 at night, who cares, Jesus Christ.

You know, you're losing your mind.

Mr. Bastucci?


Sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to remind you, you have a meeting with Mr. McKenna at five.

Yeah, I remember, thank you.

Who's that?


That guy, McKelly, McKessler?

McKenna, our senior vice president.

Oh, nice.

Does he like action?


I gotta go away for a couple days, all right?

Anyboy asks you, you have not seen me.

Where you going?

Going camping.



(laughing) What?

You know what, Manny was right about you.

You are just like your father.

What is that?

What is that?

What's that crack, you're just like your father?

Why did he say that?

You're just like your father.

Sorry to bother you again, Anne is on two.

Yeah, I'll be there in a minute, please.

All right.

I gotta go.

Kiss my grandchildren for me.

Hey sweetheart, where you living, Astoria?


Like some fries with that shake?

See the game last night?

Two for three.


Single, double, one RBI.

Hey boss, how are you?

(speaking in Spanish)

What are you looking at?

Don't you PRs work?

Fuck you, fat boy.

Fuck you too.

What'd you say?


(speaking in Spanish)

Need me for anything else, boss?

No no, I'll see you tomorrow.

Come on, let's go.

(speaking in Italian)

Daddy, Grandpa!

Why didn't you tell me you wanted to come for dinner?

We would have come to you.

No, this is spur of the moment.

Okay, well dinner will be on the table soon.

Sit right there, sit right there.


Manny, Manny.

Okay, all right, let me see, let me see.

Oh my God, you got potato in your hair.

Daddy, I wanted to talk to you about something.

Get me some toothpicks, gumballs and some warm water.

Hey, your mother ever check your ears when you come home from school?

You know, when Grandpa came home from work, first thing I did was check your mother's ears for potatoes.

Daddy, why do you tell her such nonsense?

Hey, if it wasn't for me, all the beggars would be at our doorstep begging for free potatoes.

(laughing) Daddy.

How is he?


You know Daddy, Carmine had a good idea.

What's that?

Well, Carmine thought, maybe we could go into some investment deals together, maybe buy some real estate.

Hey, don't I take care of you?

Of course, but this could be, you know, for the future.

You're always gonna be taken care of.

I know, Daddy.

Come on, I got more important things to do.

(singing in Italian)


(orchestral music)

Okay, so I've gathered my vice presidents.

So let's go talk to them now.


Why don't we just talk to them now, all right?

Listen up.


Seven and a half.


Would you like to run this meeting?

I called all of you here today to introduce you to a man that will be working very closely to each of you over the next few months.

This is special agent Thomas Cahill of the United States Secret Service.

He is to have your full attention, and to be treated with the same respect that you would treat me.

Special agent Cahill is investigating a growing concern in our industry.

Specifically, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Are there any questions?

I thought the Secret Service only guarded the president.

Are there any pertinent questions?

Oh no, that's okay.

We get that question all the time.

It's true, the Secret Service does protect the president, vice president, former presidents and their families.

And before Vietnam, I served briefly under a United States president.

But, as Steven has said, we also investigate financial crimes.

Counterfeiting, wire fraud, money laundering.

Recently, we've seen a rash of these crimes in the banking industry.

Specifically, National Merchants.

So, I'm here to take a look at the transactions that have gone on the last few months, and shed some light on the problem.

I look forward to speaking to each of you personally.

Thanks for your time.


What was that all about?

That McKenna's an incredible prick.

These are the best.

Keep eating, keep eating, we're gonna put in in the Thanksgiving Day parade, gonna call it the goomba float.


I get 'em from Viros.

[Manny] Yeah, you're making Dumbo look like Twiggy the model.

Fuck you, it was a gift.

A gift from who?

Your boyfriend?

(speaking in Italian)


You done with that paper?


Thought you said you wasn't done.

I'm not.

You got eyes in the back of your ass?

You want the paper?

I want the paper.

You want the paper.

I want the fucking paper.

Come get the paper.

Whoa, hey!

Come on, give me the paper.


You pussy.

Now take a walk.

I wanna talk to my son-in-law.

Come on, pull up a chair.

I talked to Maria.


Yeah, I thought maybe we could make some moves together.

Don't I think of you?

Do you want for anything?

No, but, you know, just.

I don't need any partners.



(bells tolling)

Our lady of blessed sorrows.

San Paulino.

I wanna begin today's mass with a prayer for Billy Caputo, you may know him as Basta, who was viciously beaten and is recuperating in a hospital.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done.

How you doing, Gus?


I'm not sure if I want the sweet or the hot sausage.

How the fuck's your stomach know the difference between a sweet and hot sausage?

Listen, fuck you.

Why don't you try the combination?

Yeah, give me half and half.

And don't slight me on the peppers.

Jesus Christ.

Is that for me?



Well pay the man.

Give me another one, just like that.

Fuck off, will you?

Oh there you go.

Keep it.

You gonna eat that too?

Come on.

* Come fly with me

* Let's fly away

* If you can use some exotic booze

* There's a bar in far Bombay Hi, how are you?

Santo, how are you.

Good to see you.

I'm doing well, thanks.

You look great.

Thank you.

When are you due?

A few months.

That's nice.


Your kids are beautiful.

Thank you.

Look how well-behaved they are.

Not like your kids.

Now they're my kids.

(laughing) Your kids are great.

Thank you.

We have a table all set up for you.

Oh, thank you very much.

Enjoy your dinner.

Uncle Matt.

Good to see you.

You too.

Your table is gonna be over there.


Want some bread?

Thank you.


* Come fly with me

* Let's fly, let's fly away


(marching band music)

Come on, let's dance.

Go ahead, you do it.

(foreboding music)

Where you going?

I gotta take care of something for Manny.

Don't take too long, I got shit to do.

This won't take too long.

With the pigeons.

On the roof.

On the roof, with the pigeons.

It's better than the basement.

Yeah, you don't wanna get a call if Manny's in the basement.

Yeah, right there.


Oh, Santo.

How is you?

I'm fine, thanks.

Carmine said you wanted to see me.


Is that the chair?

No no no.

This is an old girl.

She lost her bearings.

She cost me 2,000 last week.

That's too bad.

What are you gonna do?

You see Benny?


No, I haven't seen him since last Wednesday.

Any idea where he might be?

He's camping.


Yeah, he's camping.

Well when you see him, tell him to call me, all right?


Come here.


Come here.

You know, I come here at night, and I look at the stars.

I always find them interesting.

Me and Carl Sagan.

People think I'm bats, you know.


You see, every man has a path.

And every so often, that path changes.

And it all depends on when and where he was born.

When the stars are aligned, there ain't nothing he can do about it.

Unless he knows how to read the stars.

You know what I mean?

I love this neighborhood.

These people have been good to me, and I protect them like they're my own familia.

(speaking in Spanish)

This neighborhood's changing.

Spics are coming in.

And the people, they look to me to keep order.

Hey baby!



This place was here before I was born.

Loyalty, tradition, family.

That's all that matters.

And I need help.

I need help to keep it that way.

(woman cries)


You know the difference between me and your father?

Tell you the truth Manny, I don't know much about my father.

He died when I was two.

What'd your uncle tell you about?

That he was a butcher.

He tell you how your father died?

He went to the dentist and there was an infection.

I'm gonna tell you.

This might not make your uncle happy, but fuck it.

Your father was my best friend.

We ran this neighborhood, together.

I treated him as an equal.

And I should have no equal.

To my business, your father was priceless.

He had a rare gift, with numbers.

Like you.

Yeah, like you.

But the beauty of it was, he had it all in his head.

No ledgers, no evidence.

Boy, was he smart.

He was partners to a gangster,

and brother to a priest.

Anyway, back then I was building up a big reputation, and we were always going up to Harlem.

And after a while, there was a little dispute,

nothing major.

But Benny, he went up there,

and he caught a beating.

Anyway, I couldn't let it go unanswered.

So I went to the best man I knew who could handle this.

Your father.

But he knew, he knew this was a tough go.

So he comes to me, and he says...

He said, listen, if anything happens to me, I want you to do the right thing by my son.

I want you to let him make it his way, the right way, not our way.

And I listen.

And I say I will.

But what your father failed to understand is that no matter what, each of us are made for something in this fucked up world.

And no matter how much we try to deny, or make decisions to avoid it, at some point, it stares you right in the face.

Like your father.

His path was to go to Harlem

and straighten out that problem.

So how did my father die?

Like you said.

Tooth infection.

The checks are good, Santo.

When I had 'em last week, they were good.

I can't understand what happened.

It's all my fault.

No, Basta, it's not your fault.

It's not your fault.

I gotta make him whole.

Santo, how can I make him whole?

I don't have that type of juice on the street.

I need my hands.

He took my hands!

No, Basta, I'm gonna make it right.

How can I hold my kids with no hands?

How can I hold my kids with no hands?

How can I hold my kids with no hands, Santo?

You okay?

Yeah, I just...

Got a lot on my mind.

I'm here, all right?

Yeah, I know.


[Anne] Santo, get the door.

Who is it?

It's your uncle.


(kids yelling)

Hey, if I have to come in there.

[Matt] Anne dear, thank you for having me.

Uncle Matt, please, any time. (groans)


Yeah, this one kicks.

It's a boy!

We'll see, I don't know.

Did you discuss names?

I like Bennedeto.

[Matt] Oh, like your father.


I like Rex.

I'm not so worried about names, but where we're gonna live.

You are growing out of this apartment, Santo.


But Anne did say, after the baby comes she's gonna get a job so we can afford a house.

Yeah, I'm gonna rob a bank.

She'll do no such thing.

No no, we're fine.

Very happy here.

[Anne] I'm gonna take these.

Here, here.

Go lie down, he'll clear the table.

No it's fine, I gotta do the dishes.

Santo will do that too, you go lie down and rest.

Go ahead.

Santo's gonna do it.

[Matt] I guarantee.

All right Uncle Matt, you come over more often, all right?

Love you.

God bless you, sweetheart.

I see you're spending time with Manny.

I want you to be careful.

You know, he's not to be trusted.

He's a bad guy.

Your father wouldn't approve.

My father.

Uncle Matt, you wanna tell me how my father died?

What did Manny tell you?

That the two of them ran the neighborhood.

Manny the Hand and Carlo the Butcher, best friends.

And then he went on to tell me some story, about Benny, up in Harlem.

You know about that?

Whatever I know will do you no good.

Manny is a user, Santo.

I've known him a long time, before your father, before my vows.

I married him.

I christened his daughter, and married her to that bum Carmine.

You be careful.

You do what you gotta do.

Do not get wrapped up in his life.

You got a good job.

You got a beautiful wife, nice family.

Don't look into the past.

I gotta look into the past.

I don't know who my father was.

You never told me the truth about my father.

I wanted you to know your father the way I knew him, not the way Manny knew him.

Yeah, well who's gonna tell you your father's a crook.

There's nothing down that path for you.

Tell that to Manny.

Manny should place his faith in something other than the stars.

I'm gonna kill Benny.

Listen to me.

Your father-in-law's not a stupid man.

You believe me.

He hasn't survived in the streets this long because he can't navigate the waters.

I mean come on, use your head, will you?

You got eyes?

He's carried the burden of Harlem and your father's death a very long time, long time.

I'm gonna make it right by Basta.

I have an idea.

I need your help.

(tense music)

Here you go.

These are up to date?

As of last night.

Thank you.

Um, Agent Cahill is in your office.


Agent Cahill.

Am I interrupting?

Not at all.

Do you have some time for me?


I was just about to review some things, but, what's up?

Do you keep a tab of each of your account's balances?

I try to stay on top of everything.

You must have thousands of accounts.

How on Earth do you retain all of that?

Well, I don't remember everything.

Just, some?

Well more than just some.

They tell me you're like an idiot savant when it comes to numbers.

Well if you ask my wife, I'm just an idiot.


Can I have some fun?

It was recently updated.

I haven't really had time to review it, so.

That's okay.

Previous week's balances are right here.

Let's see.

Account number, 99987232.

You know I really think this is-

Come on Santo, let me see what you got.



67 cents.


That is unbelievable.

We're gonna have you cracking codes in no time.

Oh God, this heat.

It's cooler in New England, but not by much.

Is that where you're from?

Yeah, just outside Boston.

Some good Italian restaurants in Boston.

Oh sure, north end.

Actually, I did some work up there.

Is that so?

Yeah, remember that mob war they had a few years back?

Oh sure, late '60s.


Well, when all that was going on, we got together with the FBI and the Boston PD on a task force.

We infiltrated the Italians by getting one of their minor players to flip.

Oh, I'm sorry, I said Italians instead of mob, and I did not mean that in a derogatory way.

You see, in Boston, we also have the Irish mob, who's very powerful, quite ruthless actually.

So in order not to confuse the two, I said Italians.

To me it doesn't really matter.

Either group, pieces of shit.

Not people of Italian or Irish descent, mind you.

I mean, I'm Irish on my father's side.

Rather, mobsters.

Pieces of shit.

Where was I?

Oh, right, how'd I get this guy to flip.

So, most minor players don't really know what they're getting themselves into.

Most times, believe it or not, they're either conned into it, or they just, they want a taste of that life.

Money, power.

And then when they find out it's not really what they expected, it's too late.

They're in too deep.

Then we find out what their weakness is, and squeeze 'em.

Oh, well, that'll do it. (chuckles)


Sometimes, it's the threat of prison.

And sometimes, believe it or not, it's not so much what they can lose, but more what we can give them.

I don't understand.

Well, sometimes,

it's really better if they just stick around.

And that way, they can keep doing what they're doing, and we get a better look at the big boys.

No harm, no foul.

In this specific case, they were leveraging the odds on horse racing by laying off bets, and then funneling their winnings through a local bank.

Inside job.

Most times it is.


I wanted to ask if you had some time so we could go over a few transactions that we red flagged.

What did you find?

I don't wanna go into it now.

I'll have the entire file when we have a chance to sit down more formally.

I'd be interested to see.


How about early next week?

I take my vacation next week.

There's a feast in my neighborhood.

That's the thing with the float.

The Giglio.

Giglio, it's religious.

I'll see you when you get back.

Thank you very much for your time.

My pleasure.

By the way, I wanted to tell you, you really, you got a beautiful family.

Manny, I'm gonna fucking kill you.

(energetic jazz music)


200 in.

I call.


I'll pop in at 50.

Raise him, stupid.

I only got 50 left.


Give him 500.

See your 50.

And I raise you...

Put it all in.

All in.

So what are you gonna do?

I'm out.

Good move.

So what do we got, fellas?

Good game.

All right.



What was the amount of that final hand?


That's what I thought.

You should've folded.

How would I fold when we're all in?

You got your father's head for numbers, kid.

But I never knew you had his balls.

Unc, I don't want this.

It's not for you.

I don't understand.

You'll figure it out.

Grab it, come on, I'm busy.

Manny wants you to stop by for a cup of coffee.

(dramatic Italian music)

Hey, what do you say?


Sit down, sit.

That's a nice game of cards you play.

You see how I set 'em up for you?

I knew you had shit, and you got a better hand.

How much was in that pot?

About 3,000?

(laughs) Yeah.

Yes. Thank you.

Thank you for that.

What's this?

You don't have to.


You're a samrt boy, Santo.

He's smart, like his father.


Have a good evening.

You're sure making a name for yourself around here.

Can you tell me what that's about?



You haven't been listening to a word I'm saying.

Can you tell me what's going on with you lately?

Is it Basta, work, what?

I'm sorry.

What did you say?

I was saying, for someone who doesn't wanna be noticed, that stunt you pulled last night with Manny isn't doing you any favors.

What stunt?

Santo, please, it's all over town.

You made him look like a jackass in front of his whole crew.

It just happened last night.

So, why didn't you fold the pot?

I couldn't.

What, you trying to play Robin Hood?

Try not to get yourself killed, okay.

Don't worry, Santo Bastucci, they have to go through me to get you.


Go get some ice.

I just got ice.

Go get some ice.

How you doing, kid?

I haven't been in this place for years.

It never changes.

Can I sit?

Yeah, of course.

Come on.

Get me some coffee.

(sports playing on radio)

So how are you doing, kid, everything all right?

Your family, work?

Yeah, everything's okay, thank you.

Those fuckin' Yanks, they're taking a pounding.

I don't think they ever took a beating like this, ever.

Actually, they lost by 18 to Cleveland in 1928.

You don't say.

You see?

I'm telling you, I need a guy like you, with your talent.

Manny, thank you for thinking of me, but please understand, I'm not like my father.

I got a good job with the bank, I try to keep my mouth clean, I just make sure that I can take care of my family.

Well we all wanna take care of our family.

No, I didn't mean any disrespect, it's just...

I don't think there's anything I can do for you.

Well let's say I just hire you in a professional capacity.

A banker.

Give me some advice every once in a while.

I'll give you 1,000 a week.

I help you the way you helped me with Basta.

We're closed.



That's right.

Maybe just a beer.

You heard the man, we're closed.

It's okay.

See y'all around.


Welcome to National Merchants Bank, can I help you?


Why don't you take a break?

I'll take care if this customer.


This is Anthony Mangone, our branch manager.


How are you?

Father, good to see you.

You got something for me?

I do.

Santo said to cash these.

Okay, good.

Come to the office.

* I just want to celebrate

* Another day of living

* I just want to celebrate

* Another day of living Santo!


(car honking)

Where do you think you're going?

Move that piece of shit!

You going bowling?

No, I'm going to the feast.

Well, do you mind if I walk with you?

(man yelling)



My wife's got cravings, so I'm getting her some Zeppoles, you know?


She's pregnant, huh?


So, boy or girl?

No, we wait.

(laughing) You like surprises, huh?

Not really.

This is great, huh?

So much tradition.


It's a tight-knit community, isn't it?

Hey, Santo.

Can I confide in you?

I wish you wouldn't.

Uh, look.

I don't mean to jam you up, but I know that you were coached by Manny Mistera.

And I got my orders.

They're pretty explicit.

Mistera's gotta go down one way or another.

I just don't want you to be collateral damage.

So what do you say?

Two dozen.

Hey, what do you know?

They look just like beignets.

What the fuck is a beignet?

(laughing) I love it.

What the fuck is a beignet?


These for me?

I'm here to see Manny.

Oh yeah, right.

Open the bag.

Is he on the roof?

No no, he's in the basement.

Knock yourself out.




Oh, I heard you were coming.

Come here, come on.

Good to see you, you look good, sit.

Everything's all right?


Sit, sit.

I don't know how to say this, but...

Well, this is for you.

What's this?

That's to pay Basta's debt.

No way.

Where'd you get this?

Benny told me you're loyal.

Just like your father.

He was the best.

Carlo, Carlo Bernardo, the best.

You know, this life of ours, it's going into the toilet.

The Feds, they'll bring down my neck.

Just so, you know.

Your father-in-law knows.

It's just a matter of time before somebody flips.

I had to see for myself, you are who your father-in-law said you are.

And just like, boop, boop, this, you come up with 60 grand to save that piece of shit Basta's life.

And you thought Benny scammed me when he told me the checks were no good and you didn't rat on him, even though you know it might cost you your life.

I need that kind of loyalty.

What about Basta?

What about Basta?

What about Basta?

He's in intensive care.

I mean, the money's good, it's good.

He didn't deserve that.

Deservin' got nothing to do with it.

Basta is stupid, and sloppy.

And in my business, that gets you clipped.

Basta got off easy.

He's out.

You're in.

The 60 grand is juice for you to open your books.

Welcome aboard.

Manny, this life isn't for me.

It's not for me.

I need...

Your father.

And it's been 30 years since he's dead.

I never met anybody like him.

Not up until now.

You're smart and you're loyal, not like those gamokes I got working for me upstairs.

You're wasting your time behind a desk.

And we both know that.

Your father-in-law.

I love him.

I love him.

I tell him right to his face.

He's not that smart.

He ain't got no brains.

And I tell it to him, right to his face.

You know on the roof I told you about the paths people take.

Well your path is with me.

I seen it.

Everything's in order, it's a very special time.

The stars, they're all aligned.

This month, this year,

this moment.

It will change our lives forever.

What the fuck?

(dramatic music)


Burn these.

They're no good now.

You got it, boss.

(bright horn music)

(dramatic music)

* I just want to celebrate another day of livin'

* I just want to celebrate another day of life

* I put my faith in the people

* But the people let me down

* So I turned the other way

* And I carry on, anyhow

* That's why I'm telling you

* I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah

* Another day of living, yeah

* I just want to celebrate another day of life

* Had my hand on the dollar bill

* And the dollar bill flew away

* But the sun is shining down on me

* And it's here to stay

* That's why I'm telling you

* I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah

* Another day of living, yeah

* I just want to celebrate another day of livin'

* I just want to celebrate another day of life

* Don't let it all get you down, no, no

* Don't let it turn you around and around

* And around and around and around

* Well, I can't be bothered with sorrow

* And I can't be bothered with hate, no, no

* I'm using up the time but feeling fine, every day

* That's why I'm telling you I just want to celebrate

* Oh, yeah

* I just want to celebrate another day

* Oh, I just want to celebrate another day of livin'

* I just want to celebrate another day of life

* Don't let it all get you down, no, no

* Don't let it turn you around and around

* Round, round, round

* Don't go round

* I just want to celebrate

* I just want to celebrate

* Well, I just want to celebrate

* Said I just want to celebrate

* I just want to celebrate

* I just want to celebrate