The Brothers Grimm (2005) Script

(lion roar)

(wolf howl)

(girl) Mama, it's so cold.

(woman) It's very, very cold, Will. Put another log on the fire, lad.

There isn't any more firewood, Mama. (girl coughs)

Don't worry, Ma. Jake'll be back soon.

He'll have money for a doctor.

Did you sell the cow? You'll never believe it.

How much did you get? I met a stranger on the road.

(Will) Beans?

Magic beans.

Oh, Jacob. Beans?!

He said that they'd make Lotte better and we'd live happily ever after.

And you believed it? You believed it?! You idiot! You idiot, Jake!

She's gonna die because of you! Boys, think of your poor sister!


Where do you come from, mein Herr?

Kassel, near Frankfurt.

Monsieur, we're looking for food and lodging.


Merci à vous.

Au revoir. Monsieur.

A little something, sir? Help an old soldier. Help an old soldier, sir.

Oh, thank you. Thank you, sir.

God bless you, sir. God bless you.


Oh, God bless you.

Groom your horses for half a franc. Do you know the mayor of this town?

Only groom for the best, sir.

Then give him this.

The Brothers Grimm?

Every second counts.

(man) The witch comes in the dead of night, when the moon is well-hid.

She comes out of the darkest, coldest blackness.

(man screeches and crowd gasps)

Her cry would freeze the very blood in your veins.

You were right to send for us.

How many here have seen her? Everyone who lives by the mill stream.

It was a hundred years ago. The miller's wife was burned at the stake for witchcraft, and they tossed her charred bones into the river.

Her remains should have been sealed in a mirror-lined box.

Well, for nights thereafter children saw her walk the riverbank, beckoning them to her.

Many did. The mill witch of Karlstadt. Yes. We know the legend.

Then you believe us? I'd believe anything you choose to tell me.

Come to my mill. Such ungodly horrors!

Such banshees screeching. And if you dare set eyes upon...

Shut up! Give him his medicine.

Brothers Grimm, we're at our wit's end.

What can you do for us?

It's difficult. Jake?

When you burn a witch, her soul burns eternally, so the exorcism of witches requires a very special method.

And expensive. Only an arrow of innocent tears, that is child's tears, shot directly through the heart can put out that fire.

(softly) That's the theory. This is no ordinary witch.

(softly) But we've got no one else to turn to. Can't you help us?

(clears throat)

How much?

You're doing the right thing. I hope so.

Whatever happens, stay behind that shield.

The armor was forged by Prince Richard the Charming, who awoke Brier-Rose.

Thank you. It reflects the powers of evil.

Most of the time. Right.

Surprise is critical. She mustn't detect us until we're...


...ready for her. (animals call)

Hold that. Positions.

Will? Ready.

Three, two, one.


She's trying to bring the whole place down.



Take a shot, Jake! (witch speaks)

(miller) She's here! She's here! She's here!

I can't see the heart, Will. (witch) Lucifer!

Get ahold of yourself, man.

(witch speaks)

The Brothers Grimm do not fear you.


Reload, Jake. Don't look her in the eyes.

Shoot, Jake. Something's wrong.

Hit her in the heart.

It won't release! Don't look in her eyes.

What? Not the eyes.

(witch laughs)

She's got control over it, Will.

Fight her, Jacob. I can't, Will!

We're brothers, dammit.

Be a Grimm and fight.

We've killed worse than you!



Down! Down! Down! Down! Down!

Stay back. Back. She's trying to escape.

All souls take corporeal forms, and when they fail they find places to hide.

Seal these in a mirror-lined box and bury them far from any river, and your witch will be gone for good.

You're a brave man.

Take the bag.

Bless you, brothers. Bless you.

Whoa. We had a legally binding agreement.

Oh, yes. Yes. Of course.

Thank you. Thank you.

She... She is dead?

Yeah, very. Course she is.

She's dead. I must tell the whole town.

She's dead. Our witch is dead!

(miller laughs)

That one was a bit of a nightmare.

Don't give me that look.

I was a scholar once, Will. Yeah, now you're famous.

All the girls know your name. What do you want? An apology?


Blithering idiot!

Your mother was a toothless cow!

Get me down. Get me down!

Sorry, Hidlick. Slipped.

Fat Christ! What are you doing? Trying to kill us?

Weren't we supposed to?



God-awful smoke! You know, just once...

Just once, I'd like to sell it on the strength of my performance.


Watch out for the... snap boards.

We do all the flying, the burning, the scaring, what do we have to show for it?

Talk to Will.

One tenth. Just like God. Exactly, one tenth.

And for the rest, all you have to do is ride into town and smile.

Yes, well, talk to Napoleon. Organize your labor, start a guild.

There are two of us. Hm?

Two times ten. Hm?

We want a twentieth. A twentieth?



Shrewd thespians. Now, here's the plan.

Have a couple of days' rest then meet us in Hamburg.

Jake knows a legend of a bridge troll. Bridge troll. Yes! (grunts)

How comes he does the monsters, I play the girlie ghosts?

Because you, my friend, have talent. You've got range.

What do I have, Will?

You, my handsome friend, have heart.

You, bro, have enough bullshit to fill the palace of Versailles.

Right. You want the truth of it, boys? It's a short, brutish struggle, then you die.

Life's little subterfuges make it all worthwhile.


Your half, Professor.


Would you prefer this in magic beans?

I'll take the beans, thanks, Will.


(ravens caw)





(twig snaps)

(wolf howls)

(wolf howls)



(wolf howls)

(wolf howls)


Who's there?



Can you hear me?


Where are you?

(Gypsy dance music)

Yes, we stood together. Honestly.

And you were very, very brave, weren't you?

Who's a brave miller? You are.

Drink up, dear boy.

Will Grimm. Shall we?

Nothing comes between us brothers. Not wicked witches.

No. And not vicious beasts in disguise.

And not murderous queens. No.

Not even Godfather Death.

Because only the truest of truthful love could ever beat the Grim Reaper.

Isn't that right, Will? Absolutely!

The Grim Reaper!

Oh, I've got a story, I've got a story. Shush. Shush.

Once upon a time there was an imp whose name we had to guess.

We had to go right down to the flaming belly of hell to find out.

But we did it. We did it!

I can tell you what. This business is quite a lucrative one. Know what I mean?

There is definitely money to be made in witches.


He can't hold his ale. I can't hold my ale!



(music slows then stops)

German pigs!

Bloody French.

Oh, kiss a froggie and he'll turn into a prince.

(Will) Stop it, Jake.

Stop it. You're drunk. Shut up.

Hello. Bonsoir.

Something full-blooded.

Perhaps a gorgeous Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Come on. 1792.

A very good year.

(band plays "La Marseillaise") (Will) Vive la révolution.

On the house. Oh, no. Don't be too hasty, my friend.

Better to let something like that breathe.

That's the weak piss Hans brews in the basement.

Nice one. Nice one. So... Ow!

Well, the music seems to have turned horribly French.

Shall we continue our little philosophical discussion upstairs?

What do you say, Jake? A little chit, a little chat.

A little huff, a little puff, thank you very much, Will.

There he goes.

Mythical damsels and princesses are all he's really concerned with.

Very well, then. Magic awaits.

I know, we can play my favorite game.

It's called Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Beans, Jake. Beans.


Ah, you're an idiot!

Wait for me, now, ladies. I'm coming. I'm coming.

(mumbling) Beans.

Will, they're magic beans.

No, they're magic beans, Will.

And the giants will crush you and rip out your heart.



Gute Nacht. Herr Grimm.



Ik, ik, ak, ek, ek.

What's going on? How can you speak in this language?

Every word is like an execution.


Benne. Benne.

Your horses are ready.


(sleepily) You've got a rope tied around your foot.


Run! Will! Will, wait!

Never fear, Jake. (Jake) Will!


I shall return for you.

Nice try.

Hey, hey! Heagh!

Signore, with bounteous pleasure, I, Mercurio Cavaldi, present to you the renowned, the legendary, the General Vavarin Delatombe, the military commander of the kingdom of Westphalia, formerly known as...

No, no, no. ... Hesse.

Exactly what am I enduring here?

Can someone please tell me who gave birth to this?

It's Bavarian blood sausage, with sauerkraut.

I gutted the pig myself.

I bet you did. (Cavaldi) Grimmy, you are to have to stand trial for subterfuge, theft, and buggery.

I'm sorry?

For which the minimum sentence is...

Death. (Will) Oh, no, no. Hang on.

That's absolutely unnecessary. There's been a mistake here.

(both talk at once)

These country people, they believe things.

We do this just to test them for science.


Stop. Stop it. Ow.

No, no, no.

Are those... snails?

Snails. Your friends have told us everything.

Everything except one thing.

Where are the children of Marbaden?

What children? Nine cute little bambini gone! Vanished.

We've never been to Marbaden. No.

Open up the cauldron.

No, no. Wait, no! Wait, wait!

I haven't done anything. Please. Please!

(Will) By my honor I swear. I swear! We didn't do it!

Of course you didn't.

We have been observing you for some time.

Cavaldi, stop.


Please. (groans)

No, he said stop it!

However, someone in Marbaden is working as you.

Same talents, same tricks.

It is a thorn in my toe.

You pull it out, I might be persuaded to offer you amnesty.

So you mean, if we work for you...

That's right, Jacob. ... French?

Bien sûr.

Go to Marbaden.

Unmask these villains.

Find the missing children.

(raven caws)

Hans, we have to stay where we can still see the village.

Not if we're going to find the missing girls.

We're going too far.

Greta, nothing has ever happened to anyone in daytime.

And in the very middle of the wood was the witch's gingerbread house.

(owl hoots)


(raven caws)


Hey! Come back!


Got ya!

Greta! Greta!


(man hums lullaby)

(ax is drawn)


# Rock-a-bye Grimmies on the treetop

# When the wind blows the cradle will rock


# When the bough breaks the cradle will fall Lieutenant, keep your eyes open.

Sergeant, they are mine.

You go and sell your oil of snake, Grimmy.

(Will) Good people of M... Agh!

It was a long trip.

People of Marbaden.

Hello. Anyone there?

Anybody there?

Say, brother.

Why don't you have a look round? Make sure there's no French soldiers anywhere.

We wouldn't want to run into any French...

Oh. Hey, morning. Hello.

Will, there's a...

Ah. Morning.

What..? Hello.

Who are you?

Allow me. Uh...

Grimm is the name. Two ms.

We are the Brothers Grimm.

They don't know who we are. (man) Stand aside, Gregor.

I'll deal with this.

What's your business?

We're here to save your land from evil enchantments.


Too late. The old ways have returned.

You handle it, Jake.


Well, we're from Kassel, near Frankfurt.

We've heard about your missing children. Food for trolls.

Hold your tongue, you old witch, or you'll get another ducking.

(child) Papa, Papa! They can help us.

(man) Stay back.

It's all right. They're the Brothers Grimm. People talk about them in Malsburg.

Right you are, son. The famous Brothers Grimm.

Look at this strapping young lad.

"He" is my daughter.

And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man.

They kill trolls and giants, Papa. That's right. Of course we do, darling.

Jake, me... the team.

Team Grimm at your service.

We were trying to find and rescue the others.

Greta was afraid. She thought there really was a witch in the gingerbread house.

Then birds stole our trail of crumbs. (sniffs)

It was a trap. The forest made it.

Yes. Yes, it took my daughter too.

Mine too. And mine.

Ten girls are missing. Trees themselves set upon her.

Up and snatched her away. Just left her little riding cape.

Like a wolf.

And when my daughter ran, it took flight.

Do you understand? It flew!

Flying beast.

Rope pulley. Snap boards. Fishing line. Wolf pelt. It's expensive.

(woman) Our people always knew that the forest was enchanted.

But it's never turned against us.

Until now. Until the French occupation.

(all shout in agreement)

(woman) And it's all the fault of the French!


Good citizens, you have nothing further to fear.

The Brothers Grimm are with you now.

Your salvation is at hand.

Now, we need a guide. Someone who knows the forest.


There is one. Who?

Who? Who?

The trapper. The cursed one.


(spit hits pot)


Excuse me, Herr Krauss?


Hello, there. We've come to help find the missing children.

We'll only need a few hours of your time.


Sorry. Is your father here?


Is there a man of any..?


Miss Krauss, perhaps you don't realize who we are. We're the Brothers Grimm.

We vanquished the mill witch of Karlstadt, the frog boy of Glutenhof, and the cannibal chef of the Schwarzwald in the gingerbread house of terror.

Miss, we need a guide, someone who knows the paths through the forest.


We'll pay you money.

Well, beads and... pretty shiny things from the big city.


Miss, we believe your village may be under some kind of curse.

Think I care about the village?


(the brothers scream)


But he was trying to run away.

Are you aware that ten girls in this village have gone missing?

Two of those girls were my sisters.

If your sisters are lucky sisters, they are dead sisters.

Who's your friend?

Um... (Cavaldi) I?

Who am I?

I am Mercurio Cavaldi, of the great Cavaldis of Parma, the master of the torturing arts.

Steady, Cavaldi.

We need her warm and breathing.

Good people of Marbaden, your daughters will be returned.

And you shall regain your courage and your joy.

To the forest!

Hah! Hah!


(ravens caw)

(owl hoots)

(ravens caw)

(owl hoots)

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my name's Will.

That's my brother Jake.

(clears throat)

I don't know if I mentioned it, but my name's Will.

That's my brother... Angelika.

Lovely. Whatever trickster we're hunting - and by "trickster" of course I mean "demon" - he's got to have a hideout.

He's got to have a base of operations.

For example, these caves here.

Nothing there. Just animal bones and old drawings.

Nine times out of ten, there's a human perpetrator.

Apparently we're on foot from here.

Why? Why we go this way?


Because even the animals would never come this way.

No weapons? Weapons, uh...

We keep the weapons.

We work with other tools, Angelika.


Don't be afraid.

I know this sophisticated technology must look very strange to you.

What exactly is it meant to do? (all) Shh!


I feel it's safe to proceed.

(raven caws)

(Jake) You understand, this really is exciting for us.

Our folk tales sprang from places just like this.

I mean, it's funny, everywhere you look you can feel the forest's ancient power.

(Jake grunts and groans)

I mean... Ough!

I mean, to our ancestors this place was sacred.

(Angelika) Till the Christians invaded. Now it's just territory.


(Jake) Oh. Oh!

Heavens above!

Will. Will, look at this.

So the Christian king built all this? In the middle of the forest?

They cut it down.

It grew back.

(raven caws)

I thought you said the animals don't come here.

The animals don't drink from the spring.


I mean...

Scheiße. Urgh!



Are you feeling it, Will? I sense, so far, dread. It's almost like a smell.

Of death.

Excuse me. Sorry.

You're not afraid, are you? Not like the villagers.


Ah, so, um...

What happened here?

The Christian king destroyed the forest people.

Burnt them to death in the caves.

What an awful story.

They were the lucky ones.

A year later the plague came.

Jake, we really should search the tower.

There's no way in.

Never was.

(man) Angelika.


Look. You see that window? Way, way up high.

Many centuries ago, that's where the queen lived.

She was treasured by all of Europe.

Famed for her incredible beauty.

But also vain and selfish.

Her world was her own reflection.

It was on the queen's wedding day that the plague arrived.

(flies buzzing)

The king was the first to die.

His bride built a tower.

She locked herself away. Safe from the horrors below.

But what she forgot was that plague is carried on the winds.

When she first fell sick and her gorgeous flesh began to rot away, they say you could hear her screams across the oceans.

My princess isn't afraid, is she?

It's just an old story.

Papa's here to protect you.

The Cursed Ruins.

Oh, yeah. Now, that's good. Uh-huh. The Cursed Ruins.

Ruins. By Ja...



Cursed Ruins by Jac... (twig snaps)

Mm-hm. Hm.

(clears throat)

By Jacob Grimm.

(snapping and rustling)


Will. Will!

(horses neigh nervously)

(hums lullaby)

(hums same lullaby)

(snap) Argh! Ha!

(hums lullaby)



I'll kill you and take your eggs and smash them all in and...

(bird squawks)

(ravens caw)

Spooky, spooky, spooky.

I'm afraid my instruments aren't detecting much.

Let's call it a day before it gets, you know, too dark.

We should leave. Angelika.

Excuse me, uh...

We came from that direction. That's not the way.

We walked right past those birds' trees.

It's this way. That's the way we are walking out.

Don't trust the trees.


Hello, Grandmother Toad.

Show us the path. (Will) Oh, God.

Show us the way and I'll give you a kiss.

(toad croaks) Oh, my, that's just not right.

Sh, sh, sh.

(toad croaks)

That way.

You're sure, Grandmother? (toad croaks)

As I thought.

Yeah, right. You don't believe me?


Taste for yourself.

(Jake) We did not come this way. (Will) What's her game?

I don't think she's putting it on, Will.

There was some kind of presence back there.

Oh, shut up, Jacob!

Did you fall for this spooky dance number? You mooncalf.


She is up to something. I don't trust her. I'd slip her the goldfish but I...

And here we are.

Nicely done, Angelika. Knew you'd find it.

Hey, hey.

Here, boy. Whoa.

(horse neighs) Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh.

Calm down.


What are you doing? What are you doing?



(Will) Fruitful expedition. Many things learned. Many things learned indeed.

Won't be long now.


Shall we regroup at dawn tomorrow?

Give you boys enough time for your beauty sleep.

You're on your own tomorrow. (Will) Sorry. What?

I said, you're on your own tomorrow.

What's she say? She said we're on our own.

You forced me to show you the forest.

I showed you the forest.

It's all right. I'll handle this one.

Would you hitch my horse, Will?

Are you all right?

Can I come in?

These drawings are very good, you know.

I do a bit of drawing myself.

I'm not bad.

Angelika, there was power in that place, wasn't there? The tower.

Father used to take us there.

And where is he now?

He died. Oh.

Last winter. They say the wolves took him.

The wolves?

Look, if you won't guide us, would you at least give us a map?

A map wouldn't do you any good. A lot more good than it would do you.

At least we can read. Come on, Jake.

You people think you know everything. I've been to the city.

My father saved every penny he earned to buy me a proper education.

Ah, money down the drain, if you ask me.

You're right.

After he died, my sisters were left alone. They were the first to be taken.

That's why they call you cursed.


So tell me again, famous Brother Grimm, how exactly do you intend to save us?

(armor squeaks)

I think I'll do my own searching.

I thought that went rather well.

(wolf howls)

Gift. For surprise.

For you. Tasty.


Such German hospitality.

The Brothers Grimm will thank you for your kindness.

(women) Oh!

# (Cavaldi) Buon appetito

(Jake) I'm starving.

(Cavaldi) No, no, no, no, no. Not for you, my little Cinderellas.


(horse whinnies)

(horse whinnies)

(strange voice) Help me.

(horse whinnies)

There, there.

It's all right.

What a pretty horse you are.

Such big eyes you have.

And big ears you have.

And such a pretty, pretty mouth.




(horse whinnies)

Sorry. (whinnying continues)

Huh? Where'd that come from?


Ho, hey!

Easy, easy.

Steady, easy.

(Jake) Elsie! Help!

They could mechanize the horse, put it on tracks.

There were no tracks. Get out of the way.


What about mirrors? Elsie!

You use a real animal and a warped mirror.

That as my horse. That was Pepper.

What is happening?

I should catch that horse. (Cavaldi) Grimmy?

You're wearing a bonnet. So are you.

Heagh! Heagh!


Faster! Faster, Will.

(Cavaldi) Dax, Letorc, don't lose sight of the Grimmy.

Go on. Kick him, kick him, Will!


Tripwires! There's someone in the woods.

Watch out!

(creaking and thudding)

Will, are you seeing what I'm seeing? I most definitely am not.


They've put the woods on wheels.

Those trees on tracks. Will...

Pulley system. Expensive.

Control your horses.

Don't lose sight of the Grimmy. Go, go. Idioti!

I've been looking for you. (grunting)


Stralda, what's happening?

Avanti. Avanti. Avanti!

Gie, gie, gie!

You can see they're on tracks.

Show yourselves! There, there, there!

Can you hear me?

(wild whinnying)

What is this, Grimms? What is happening?

These people are much better funded than we are.

Get down! Get down.



Stop, Will. (screaming)

Help me!




Run! Run!



His eyes.

His eyes.

My hair.

(creaking and growling)



Can you hear my voice? I command you, fall in.

How many times do I have to tell you?

There you go. Can't breathe.

This is so incredible. (gasps)

This changes everything. Gotta write this down. That was real.

Beans, Jake. Magic beans. There is a rational explanation for all of this.

What do you mean? Rational explanation? The bugs were...

And the forest was sweeping down on us.

Stop it, Jake!

It was like everything was under a spell. Or curse.

What? My whole family's cursed.

My father... Father...

What about your father? I have to go back.

Angelika... (screams)

On the ground. On the ground, crucchi bastardi!

Go down, now! On the ground.

Now, who killed my men, huh?

You tell me, Grimmy.

Who? Or she will die.

It was the forest. (chuckles)

German peasant.

And if you stay it will destroy you too.

Mesdames et messieurs.

The emperor honors me with a visit from you, his most trusted advisors.

I salute you.

Your shining examples illuminate this dark German forest of ignorance and...

(Cavaldi) Dov'è il generale?

Ah! Il generale!

Finally, finally!

General... Ah!

Guten Tag. Buongiorno.


Bonjour. (whispering)

General, your soldiers... finito.

They are dead.

I'm lucky survived. See?

Here, just this little wound. (shocked gasps)

Just a little, little itchy scratch.

We begin with lobster bisque.


You embarrass me.

You ridicule me!

You insult me in front of my guests.

These people are Parisians.

No, no! Argh!

They tried to blind Cavaldi with their fairy tales and devouring trees and flying wolves.

But I use my logical brain, Generale.

I can make this as clear as crystal.

I am in no way responsible.

It is them. They are the ones.

The Grimmy!

The plan is very simple.

They use the little girls as bait, they lure your soldiers into the forest, and, uh...

Bingo. Bingo?

Yes. Shh.

It's bingo.

General, we are outmaneuvered, outflanked, outnumbered by some German force which threatens your superiorit...


What precisely happened in the forest?

General, I believe we witnessed a case of authenticated enchantment.

We're not saying that. That is not our official position.

But it's true.

Kill them.

I will deal with you later.

No, monsieur.

Don't kill.

I can make them speak.


(# Minuet from String Quintet in E by Boccherini)


Wait! No! Stop!

No, no, no, no, no!

This is nothing to do with me. He forced...

(Jake) She's innocent. Let her go. Stop!

General, you keep working with Cavaldi, this country won't be yours much longer.

He panics. The great Cavaldi never panics.

(kitten meows and Cavaldi screams)



À point. (dogs bark)

Bon appétit. Mes chiens.

(Angelika) Stop! (Jake) General!

Cavaldi was right.

Cavaldi was right.

We saw them. We did.

There was three in the trees, two in the caves.

Huge men. With weapons.

My masterpiece is working. Truth comes out.

These are backward people. They cling to folklore because it gives them strength.

Stop. You're giving them what they want.

The longer this goes on, the more Germans will talk like her.

Then arm themselves, organize... Then the problem won't be just a forest.

It shall be a nation! Yes!

Let us do it our way. Yes!

Send us back into the forest. Ye... What?

We'll lie in wait with our men, our equipment.

No, no... General, trust me.

Let us rig a surprise for them.

Cavaldi, stop.

Huh? Stop!

(General) Very well, Grimms.

You shall return to the forest.

But I warn you, attempt to escape and I shall raze every tree, demolish every building, slaughter every innocent in search of you.

You understand?


Mind his head.

Pack the horses with as much gear as they can carry, all right?

I'm a little unclear as to who exactly we're up against.

Just stay close to your horse.

Jake. Jake.

Listen. What?

Go and get back on your horse.

We're gonna make a run for it. I remember the rest of the story.

What are you talking about?

It's an ancient folklore, passed down... Jake!

The tower, the queen, her story, it's...

Before the plague... Jacob.

...the queen killed all the villagers' ancestors to get her hands on their spells.

And one was a spell for eternal life. Give me that stupid book!

She's still in the tower. She's there now. Jake.

You've got to understand something. This is not about the story.

It's about you and her. You want to rescue her.

That's right, Will.

Because she's part of the story.

She's still there. Isn't she? The queen. She's still in the tower.

She's been there for centuries now, waiting for someone.

To serve her and find the one spell they kept hidden.

It's just a story to scare children.

Well, now, that's not the truth, Angelika. I know you believe.

Ignore him. He wishes his whole life was something out of a book.

Now he thinks he's in love. Shut up, Will!

Angelika, do what your father wanted, leave now.

No. I'm going to find my sisters. Will doesn't care about them.

Will doesn't care about anything but himself.

This isn't a fairy tale. They won't come back.

This is not your world, Will!


You know, don't you?

The story, it's happening to us now.

We're living it. It's alive, it's real, it's breathing.

And we can give it a happy ending.


Angelika, we'll find your sisters. All right? We'll bring them back.

Bring back her sisters?

Bring them back?

Bring them back with what? Magic beans?

Why do you say that? Magic beans don't work!

They don't bring people back to life. They did not then and they will not now.

You go wait by the horses.

Jacob, wait by the horses.

Sorry. He was doing what he thinks is right, Will.

He was trying to help.

We can not fight the entire forest. You're just scared.

Just scared?

I'm terrified. You should be too.

Don't you understand? The idea of going back in there - nothing makes sense there.

It's like being inside Jake's head.

God, I hate him. He makes me...

He drives me mad.

He makes you feel weak, doesn't he?

Yeah. He always has done.

The thing is, I can't...

Protect him.

My father thought he could protect his family too, Will.

(clears throat)


Jake. Jacob, come back.


Come back, Jake!

You're a fool!

Now do you see? I made that armor.

It's not magic, it's just shiny.

Oh, no!

This lovely Fräulein will not be coming with you, caro storyboy.

She will be staying here with me.

It's all right, Will. Just go. Go.

(Jake) What's this? It's a mess, that's what it is.

It was hardly a snap, was it?

More tension in the snap board. (Bunst moans)

We need the trunks here now. What do you suppose I'm doing?

And this is the last time I'll ask you, is the chuck basket secure?

Yes, it's secure. It's secure.


So, if we find these 11 girls, we don't get guillotined.

Can you believe, these bumpkins actually think they were devoured by the forest?

(Bunst chuckles) (creaking)

And what exactly do we think?

(snapping and strange noises)

(Jake) All right. Positions, lads. Jake?

(Jake) Check for takeoff. Jake!

(Jake) Right, you ready? Steady it. Jake!

(Jake) And three, two, one. Takeoff.

Woo-hoo! No!

Gargh! Oh!

Jake? Jake?



(Jake) Dammit. Every time.

We need more height. And can we check the alignment? The alignment is crucial.

Stop this now, Jacob. You're going to kill yourself.

Oh, good. That's just great, because then it will just be you, Will, and you can have anything and everything that you want.

What is it exactly you do want, Will, huh?

What? Is it Angelika? You want her?

Fine. Take her, she's yours.

Is it the money? Take that. That's all you seem to do these days, is take and take.

Jacob Grimm, you petulant child!

Argh! Oh!

Ow! (creaking)

What was that? Something moved. I saw something move. Did you?

D- d-d-don't ask. Please don't ask me to look.

All my life I've studied these folk tales, Will, and now I find one that's for real.

It's not beans.

It's real.

I mean, don't you understand?

I have to do this.

Ow! Agh!

All right, Jake.

What do you want me to do?

What? Honestly?

You're my brother.

I want you to believe in me.

I need you to help me.

All right, lads. Let's launch me off into the flaming belly of hell.

Wait. I think you're overcomplicating it.

What? A catapult's not gonna work.

Yeah, you're right.

What other gear do we have? Uh...

Huh! Well, there's the...

What about the flying-witch rig, with a grapple and a hook to catch the window?

Yeah. Good idea.

We haven't got a hook and grapple.

They'll have hooks at the village. We'll ride like the wind.

Will, we've got the hooks, right? We'll be no time at all.

No, I've got it.


Oh, great!

This is suicide.


(man) Bring some water, Sasha.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

(strange voice) Sasha.



The great Cavaldi.

Children in danger and here he is, hiding out.


Ah, poor birdie.



(child screaming) Huh?


What is ha..?

Cavaldi. Huh?


Sasha, run to my voice. Sasha, this way.

Got you.


Get inside.

It will be fine.


I do believe I've soiled myself.

Oh, good. I thought it was me.

Hm. I taste good.


Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man. Ha ha!

Sasha! Sasha!

And one...

We're doing fine, Will.

(Jake) That's good. Steady.

Will! Come on, keep it together down there.

We're almost there. Put some muscle into it.

Life without Jake.

Will, concentrate.

Only a matter of seconds now.

That's good, Will. Keep going.


Hah! Oh!


Where was I? Oh, yes.

Settling down. Honest labor.

Crypts. There's, uh...

One, two, three, four.

Five, six.

Seven, eight. Nine, ten.

Eleven, twelve.

Uh... Will!

Will, it's strange, there's twelve crypts.

And they're evenly spaced in a circle.

Yeah, it's like a clock face.

Easy. Easy.

All right, Will. I'm going in, Will.

He's going in.

That was lucky.


What's this? It's a crown.

It's a...


It's a book of spells.



(noises and rustling)


It's a book of spells. Huh.

That's the blood moon.

Twelve crypts.

Eleven girls.

I'm new at this, darling.

If I'm doing it wrong or if there's a certain way you like it, Grandmother Toad...

I'll just try to be gentle.

Now show me the way back to Angelika's house.

(toad croaks)

Make up your mind.





For you, my queen.


(man) Sleep.


(softly) Jake.




Ha! Will!


What? Huh!

(croakily) Jacob.

Look at me, Jacob.

Look at me, Jacob.

Am I still the fairest of them all?

Tell me I am the fairest of them all.


And I will make your dreams come true.

I've got you, Sasha.

What do you desire, Jacob?




You love her, not him.

He doesn't love her.

Not like you, Jacob.



Argh! Oh!

Jacob Grimm, you bedwetting piss bucket!

Ha ha!

Look at me, Jacob.

No, no. Don't look at her. (cries)

(croakily) Jacob. Jacob. Look at me, Jacob. Jacob!




Good timing. Nice disguise.

She's still there, Will. She's still alive. She's up in the tower.

For 500 years? Yeah, but they haven't been kind.

Grab the ax. Huh? Right.

They tricked her, Will. They tricked her.

Because she has the spell for eternal life, but not for youth, not youth.

So she'll rot for eternity, waiting for someone to come and rescue her.

Come on. Was that Sasha?

It's this way, Will. No, no, it's not.

It's that way. Grandmother Toad told me. What?

Trust the toad!

Come on!

Stand aside, Will.

It's the ax, Will. It's enchanted as well.

Stop them!


To the horses. Run!

(Queen) Stop them!


Sasha! Sasha.

She's not breathing.

How can she not be breathing? It's impossible. I saw her walk.

There's no breath. No pulse.

Sasha. Cursed forever!

They shall all perish beneath the blood moon.

The drawings. The spells.

(crone) The blood moon comes tonight.


It has to do with the eclipse.

It has to do with the eclipse.

Listen to me. We know why your forest is enchanted.

It's under the power of the Thuringian queen.

She's stolen your girls for their youth, for their beauty.

She needs twelve. Sasha was meant to be the twelfth.

The queen needs one more to make her spell work.

You're right. Clear out these children. Get them to Malsburg or Frankfurt.

(Jake) Leave before the eclipse. (horns)

(man) Listen!


(herald) People of Marbaden, citizens of France, all honor and glory be to General Vavarin Delatombe.

He rides to the aid of his people.

Où est Cavaldi?

Generale! Generale!


Ecco Cavaldi!

What are you wearing?

Ah, this.

Precautionary measure.


All is well. Everything is in the hands of your most devoted...


If all is well, why were two compatriots of these men arrested on the road to Malsburg?

And why would they not stop telling tales of extraordinary occurrences in the Thuringian Forest, spreading superstition and rumors amongst my troops?

These Grimms are thieves and liars.

Every demon they have killed they have created.

No, no, that's not true. That's a lie.

But I have confessions.


Arrest them. Baissez-le! Baissez-le!

Vite. Vite!

You see? You German people, what you think of as heroes.

New citizens of France, vanquish your darkest fears.

Burn the forest.

(crowd object and grumble)

And with it... the Brothers Grimm.

(General) Adieu, Grimm.

And farewell to your tales.

They will not be remembered.

Burn them.

I, uh, sorry.


Elsie! Elsie!

Jacob. Will.




(Angelika) Will.


The feet. The feet.

Where did you find this? Where did you find it?


Run, Jake. Wait. My book. My book!

Forget the book, Jacob! Run!

This is the life, eh, Cavaldi?

To be victorious in the field, with one's troops around you, enjoying a simple meal, a soldier's meal, by firelight. (explosion)

Romantic, huh?

(Will) Wait! (growling)


Where have you been?


Cold. So cold.

(Queen) Come to me, my frozen prince.

Be mine...

(gasps) and forever... love.

(both) No! Angelika.

It's my father. Stop looking. He was trying to kill you.



Angelika. (growls)


Will, Angelika's the twelfth.

The twelfth.

(inhales harshly)

What the devil?

What kind of magic, huh?

What tricks?

Where are you going? Come back here!

You, stand your ground. That is an order!

I command you. You traitors!

Come back here!


Generale. Generale.

Grimmy. Miracolo!

How is this possible?

Run, Will.

(hums lullaby)

Sleep well, princess.

(ravens cawing)

It's started, Will. It's started.

(Queen) Yes. The blood of the twelfth, my queen.

Wake up, please. Will, push!

I am.

Will, try the magic ax. Try the ax!


Give me that. Back, back!

I held the ax the same way you do. Concentrate on getting up in the tower.

I don't have time...


We found the missing girls. They're in the crypts.

I mean, they're in the crypts.

Grimms, story time is over.

Execute them. No, no. That's who you want. Up there.

I said execute them.

(cocks pistol)


I wish to resign my...

Resignation accepted.

Italian never agrees with me.


Mild indigestion.

It will soon pass.


Is this one of your tricks, Grimms, huh?

Run, Will. Jake?

Be a soldier!

(valet) How dare you insult my general?

Die, barbarian.


(General) Heagh!

Oh, wait. No. Oh!


Bingo. You killed my friends.

I only wish you had more.

Still, there is always your brother, hm?

Where is Jacob, by the way?




I want you to beg.

Oh, God, no, no.

Brave general, don't kill me.


All I wanted was a little order.

A slice of quiche would be nice.


Soon we shall be one, my love.


Yes. My queen.

(Jake) Stop!

Huh! No.

Finish the spell, my love.



(Jake screaming)



Where am I?


I'm exhausted.

Stop her, Will.

No. Not the knife, Will. Not the knife!

She's got control of them.

When the moon again becomes full, so will I.

And your kingdom will once again be mine.

You can stop her, Jake. I can't, Will.

This is your world, Jake. It's just you.

Finish the story. (Queen) Yes!

I don't know how.

Am I beautiful?

I can't hold on. I can't hold on.


Who's the fairest of them all now?

You can stop it, you know the story. No, I'm weak.

It's you. It's you. I can't.


Will. Will!

Will, Will.


I'm sorry.

Come here. All right, now. All right, Will.

Um... OK.

All right.

(Will gasps)

Such brotherly love.

Such sacrifice. Will. Will.

Don't look her in the eyes. Don't look her in the eyes.

He's dying, Jacob. Leave him alone!

Because of you.

Can you save him?

Do you have your magic beans?

Because I do.

(Queen claps and gasps)

What a beautiful bedtime story this will be.

Did you not know, Jacob?

Truth is much more terrible than fiction.


Do you want to live?


No, my queen.

Oh, no. No, my queen.

I am here.


Complete the spell, my sweet new prince.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Say it.

You are the fairest of them all.

(Jake) No! Don't kiss her!

(Queen screams)

So cold.

Look what you have done!


You killed my daughters!

My queen. Stop him!

You must die! Stop him!

No, Will. No!


Who is the fairest of them all?



Signor Grimmy.

Please. No, please.

Tell me what to do.

Serve my queen.

No. Grimmy?

Demon queen, hear me.

Swallow my curse from the dark heart of my ancestors.




(Cavaldi) Hello!

Can anybody hear me?




Jacob, it is I, Cavaldi.


Where's Will?


Oh, God, Will.

No. God, no.


I know this story, from my childhood.

There is still time, Jacob.


See? Hurry, Jacob.

The spell can be broken with a kiss...

Yes, a kiss. A kiss, yes. ... of true love.

Make sure, in your heart, true love.

Or the kiss will be the kiss of death.



(child #1) Eva! (child #2 ) Heidi!

(Cavaldi) Bingo!

Lily! Elsie!


Will. Hurry, bambini. Hurry.

Will. Come on, it's over now. You can get up.

Will, the spell's broken.


We did it.



(Cavaldi) Perhaps another kiss.

Not you.


Maybe you should give it a try, Angelika.

(children laugh)

I just had to know what that was like before the story ended.


(villagers cheer)

(children scream excitedly)

Good people of Marbaden, you have nothing further to fear, because I and the Grimmies, we have destroyed the dark heart of evil.

You are free!

Grazie! Musica!

(German folk dance)

I would like to keep this. It saved my life.

Of course. Grazie.

And this, you should be more careful about this.

It's very good, but I think it'll... (Jake) Is that mine?

Sorry I never believed in you. Well, I never believed in you either.

So you are brothers.

You're welcome here any time, any time at all, Grimms. This is your home.

I thought you ended up with the girl. You see that?

What? The sun?

The day's not over yet. Yeah, right!

Would you call this a turning point? I'd say we're on the verge.

Really? The verge, Will.

That's fantastic.

Cos I've been thinking of an alternative career path.

One that uses all of our new expertise. Will.

I haven't sorted it yet... Will, this is the real world.

We're men without a country, we're enemies of the state, and worst of all we haven't a single bean.

It's a good name, though, isn't it? It's a damn good name.

Let's dance. Come on.

" The End "