The Burglars (1971) Script

Switch off!

Stop, you're on the serial number.

Set the dials on zero.

Is this your car?

Belongs to a friend. It broke down.

What's wrong with it?

That's what I'd like to know.

Is there a garage around here?

I walked up the road, everything's closed.

At this time of night, no wonder.

Do you have your papers, please?

Hope so.


Business trip or pleasure?


Do you make a living with that? It depends...

...on how often the car breaks down.

Could you give me a ride back to town?

Oh, I'd like to, but, you know...

...some of our regulations are strange.

I can't take you in my car unless you're under arrest.

Okay. Then, I'll sleep in the car till daylight.

Good luck. Enjoy your visit.

Thank you.

Okay? Yeah.



Leave those, they must be recorded.

What's going on? I don't get it.

What was the name of your boat? Arax, She should have docked last night.

Well, find out! That's your job, damn it!

The Arax was supposed to dock at 2 a.m. She was seen entering the harbour.

That's all I know.

If it came into port, it must be some place!

I contacted the captain a month ago, it was all set.

And you made it clear it was organised?

Two thousand for third class passage!

He damn well knew it wasn't for a pleasure cruise.

Okay. If she's not a ghost ship, we'll track her down.

Can't we take another boat?

We could...

...but we'd need a captain who won't ask questions.

Damage. Nothing serious. Be ready in five days.


It's not my fault. I'm not blaming you.

The captain won't change his mind when he reads the papers?

He can add better than he can read.

In five days we sail, no problem.


...get out of the car.

Renzi, you drive down to the end of the dock and wait for us.

Were going through that silo. we'll meet you there.

You're crazy. There's no reason.

I hope there's no reason. But, you don't discuss, you do it.

Wait here.

Ralph, you and Renzi go back to your hide-out.

You'll be okay. no one's seen you.

The caretaker at the villa recognise you?

I went there three times to take measurements for the carpeting.

Got to get you out of town.

I'll phone and tell you where I am. Okay!

Great! First class hotels.

I stayed here two months getting ready. You can stand it for four days.

Are you going to say goodbye?

The day I'll say goodbye, you'll be leaving for China.

Don't forget to call me every day at noon, at the Hilton Bar. Now go on.

Do you know there's speed limit in this town?

Sorry, I'm a foreigner. I can't read signs in your language.

Numbers are the same in every language.

We're very lenient with foreigners... long as they don't go too far.

Do you know how fast you were going?

Twenty? Thirty?



Don't tell me I was doing 60 right in the middle of town!

You were doing 90.

My foot must have got wedged on the gas.

Usually, I'm a very safe driver.

You're lucky you ran into me.

Any other officer would have confiscated your license.

Goodbye, mister...


Azad. It happens to mean "free" in a certain language.

My name is Abel Zacharia.

Means nothing at all.

Inspector Zacharia.

Good morning, inspector. Name's Malloch.

I represent the insurance company. Mr. Tasco is waiting for you.

He just come back from St. Moritz in his private plane.

Hello, Lydia.

No, no, darling, I'm not any more at St. Moritz.

I'm calling you from home. I just got back this morning.

I've been robbed, darling.

My emeralds.

The whole lot.

I'll pass you to Isabelle. The police are here.


Oh, darling, you do read too many detective stories.

In real life, they're not all that brilliant.

They fill up their files with papers, and then forget the case.

Hello. Yes.

I'm very upset about it. Oh, yes.

I think the police did send somebody.

Are you mad? Of course, we won't change our plans.

In two weeks, we'll be sailing for the tropics.

The crews all ready.

Well, 1 suppose there is no need asking if you've found a lead.

Mr. Tasco, I understand your impatience. They're your emeralds.

But never ask a policeman if he's found a lead.

Oh, really? Why not?


To catch a thief wandering around... the middle of a million people, you must have faith.

You must believe in the supernatural.

I do believe.

A policeman's strength is that he's paid by the year.

He never files a case.

May I? If you wish.

They took nothing but the emeralds.

And the collection is valued at $1,000,000.

He must be a specialist.

It's all yours, inspector.

If you find my emeralds, of course.

And my company is also willing to give you a 10 percent bonus.

Well, gentlemen...

...perhaps we'll be able to modernise our offices. They could certainly use it.

If I were you, I'd buy a new car.

We heard you coming a mile away, and burglars have pretty sharp ears.

Miss. You can take it at the bar, sir.


Yes, I'm Mr. Azad.

I'll take it here.

Hello, Helen. Yes, all is quiet here.

How about you? You like the place?

Found a good hotel?

The place is full of them. It's the local Riviera.


You needed a vacation.

I wanted to ask you something.

Can |1 go out?

What do you mean? Of course you can, I mean, with somebody?

Why not? Just don't talk too much, You don't mind?

Why should I? If somebody asks you, go ahead, Well, I just wanted to know...

Know what?

If I could go out with a man.

What is this, a riddle?

It's the first time you ever asked me a question like that.

Because it's the first time I'll be going out without you.

Listen. Hang up. If you waste your money on phone calls... won't be able to go out.

Call me tomorrow, same time.

Too bad.

Like that.

Now you can pin it over your bed.

I'd never get to sleep. Just seeing you I am all wound up.

May I?

Of course. Now that we're such intimate friends.

Does it pay well? Depends on the photographer.

If I was a photographer... But you aren't.

The way you look at me, your pictures would be out of focus.

I can dream, can't I?

No, you can't.

I'm only for sale on the news stand.

Doesn't it bother you to pose bare-a... Like that?

No, you know, two years ago I only showed my legs and that was shocking.

Now I show more and it shocks less. It's really weird, isn't it?

People used to read these in hot rooms, alone with their hot imaginations.

Now the cry is for sex in public.

That's what shocks me.

Oh, no. Come on, listen.

AS pleasures go, you know drinking leads to the DTs...

...and drugs lead to the psycho ward.

But sex, I mean sex merely leads to an act of love.

Would you like to pose? We're looking for a man.

I have one principle: Never replace a professional.

Right, but who says you couldn't get educated?

Who's the teacher?

Trust the leader.

The most erotic night club in the world, the Eldorado.

It's heaven, it's hell. The show that will hock you, grab you, throw you.

Hi. Hello. Hi.

You wait right here. I'll be back in a couple of seconds.

The Eldorado erotic theater presents...

...the most daring spectacle ever staged!

And here, direct from Hamburg...

...are Sigrid and Marlene in their super erotic number:

"The House of Love."

Hello, Sigrid?

A glass of water, please.

Hey, look at that.

Good evening, gentlemen.

AS you can see, I have been waiting for you.

I don't like to drink alone.

I see there are only two of you left.

What do you want?

The emeralds.

We don't know anything.

Sit down, please.

I was going to offer you a drink.

But you are not reasonable.

It's been years since I took a drink.

First glass.

Now we'll see if alcohol affects my aim.

Pretty bad.

Generally I never miss the bull's-eye.

Somehow I think that alcohol and firearms don't go together.

Second glass.

Listen... can search the place. You won't find anything.

And besides, let me tell you, you are trespassing.

That's for your first stupid remark.

And this is for the second.


The alcohol is beginning to take effect.

I almost killed you.

If I was sensible...

...I wouldn't drink anymore.

Where are the emeralds?

Listen, inspector... wasn't us who stole the...

The what?

The emeralds.

A confession!

Take a note, sergeant, they confessed to everything.


...came all alone.

The last clip.

But hurry... aim is getting considerably less accurate.

Where are the emeralds?

You see...

...accidents do happen.

I have only one round left.

But I can't miss you from this close.

Where is Azad?

Hello, Mr. Azad.

Remember me?

What a town.

You can't take two steps without running into someone you know.

Steak and french fries?

It's the best way to attract attention.

The same as usual, for two.

For Mr. Zacharia, for two.

Really, I... Don't worry. Tonight, you're my guest.

Confidentially, I never pay here.

Tell me, what are the local specialties?

Me, for instance...

...I chase petty crooks like you.

I take all those risks for $300 a month.

Don't you find that outrageous?

You have fringe benefits.

You race around in your car... sit at whatever table you want... don't pay in restaurants.

It all adds up.

One good turn deserves another. Where are the emeralds?

Just for a...

Zhat do you call it? Dolma.

It's rice wrapped in vine leaves, soaked in oil.

Eat it, it loosens the tongue.

The last 24 hours, we've been like Siamese twins.

That's what I ate for 20 years, it's my whole youth.

It couldn't go on.

Rubbing elbows with people like you, a man acquires expensive tastes.

Now I've decided to work for myself for a change.

Since when?

Since last night in front of the villa.

When I took the car keys, I guessed everything.

That's why I didn't try the ignition.

Bad business for a cop. We've each got a job to do.

You want to do both. That makes complications.

Not at all, it's very simple.

I play both sides.

If things go wrong, I start acting like a policeman again.

So why don't you tell me, where are the emeralds?

You're really decadent!

Decadent, yes...

...but easygoing.

I'm leaving you time to digest.

Think it over. You have until five tomorrow afternoon... hand over those emeralds to me personally...

...otherwise I throw you in jail.

We split?

I want the whole collection.

I don't do things by halves.

What if I accept?

Home free.

You and your friends leave town with no worries.

Come on, Mr. Azad, I offer you the possibility... go on living on steak and fries, and you quibble.

That's good.

What is it?

This is called Iman Bayeldi.

The legend is, a sultan fainted when he tasted it...

...So they named the dish after him.

It's better this way.

Not bad.

And what are you eating?

It's called Moussaka.

One layer of sliced fried eggplant... layer of ground meat seasoned with local herbs... mint, marjoram, little bit of cinnamon...

...another layer of eggplant...

...layer of fresh tomatoes... layer of white sauce, some grated cheese...

...and the whole thing baked in the oven.

And what's this delicacy you don't want to share with me?

This is cod fish roe.

I can see they like to mix things up around here.

That depends. Here. Look, this for example...

...Is a fine cheese in browned butter.

Would you like to try some?

No, thanks.

You're not hungry anymore?

I hope I didn't spoil your appetite? You did.

I was peacefully eating a piece of grilled steak...

That's what I object to!

You wanted to eat all by yourself!

Very well, I shall respect your privacy.

See you tomorrow before 5:00.

Here, it's easier to reflect over a good cigar.

And Mr. Azad, you are staying in town, are you not?

Your face is very familiar to our border police.

It's on me.

I told you not to come near me.

What happened?

He just shot Renzi!


Do you want to see a doctor? Forget it, it's nothing.

I'll take care of it tomorrow.

You have Tasco's telephone number?

Yeah, why?

Give it to me.


Let's go.


...I'd like to speak to Mr. Tasco, please.

This is Santa Claus.

No, it's not a gag. Tell him it's about the emeralds.

Hello, Mr. Tasco?

Be at Inspector Zacharias office at 5 tomorrow afternoon...

...If you want your emeralds back.

I'm going to see a friend.

Pick me up in half an hour.

I came unarmed.

That was your mistake.

Sit down.

What do you get in this country for killing a dirty bastard?

You get hanged...

...get a medal, posthumously.

They always catch a cop killer.

That's the risk I take.

Your friends death...

...It's an accident.

What have you got there...

...a bad tooth?

Don't move your jaw, this might go off by itself.

I fire...

...and you have no more teeth... More jaw.

But you'll be alive.

Alive with no jaw.

No more vine leaves... more dolmas soaked in oil.

Maybe here.

...or here.

It goes in here...

...and comes out in back.

Two nice clean holes... big as emeralds.

But what a mess in between.

No brain...

...just daylight showing through.


...came here to talk business.

You're not going to hand over those emeralds for peanuts.

I accept your proposition.

Fifty-fifty, and you leave the country.

I've got it.

I'll shoot here...'ll be one-eyed...

...and paralyzed.

Your vision would be fifty-fifty.

One, two.


So... were on even terms.

Maybe I won't get the emeralds, but I'll get something.

I place you under arrest.

Up yours.


...If we don't come to a friendly agreement...

...Mr. Tasco will get his emeralds back.

He'll just be slightly richer.

He won't forget you.

Oh, 10 percent.

And the other 90 percent in glory.


With people like you around, accidents can happen.

And if I am lucky enough to stay alive...

...what happens: A, I catch you, and it's all in a day's work.

B, you get away...

...and I look like a fool.

I'm sorry to say, you're still in category B.

I forgot to tell you, I didn't come alone.

I am sorry...

...but the game will be short...

...because there's only one racquet...

...and I'm holding it.

Yes, but I've got the bullets.

You know something...

...I think it's better this way.

Somebody might have gotten hurt.

Disarmed, you know, he can be charming.

So long!


If I get knocked off, you pick up the emeralds.

You know the desk in the Hilton lobby? Yeah, I know it.

You'll find a map in an envelope addressed to you.

Remember, only in case of emergency.

I'll remember. But nothing is going to happen to you. See you Thursday.

Hello. Hello.

Miss. Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Hello. Azad speaking.

Hello, Helen. Yes, it's me.

How are you? Getting bored without me?

Everything's fine. We leave the day after tomorrow.

Give me the name of your hotel, I'll come get you.

Met any interesting people? You think I've got time for social life?

I heard something about a blond.

Who from?

A blond with a big book, a big hat and bad taste.

She can't read, she's pretending because it looks intellectual.

What is this?



What the hell are you doing here?

I leave you just two days and you turn into a sex maniac!


What is she?

A pro?

I thought so in the beginning, but...

I see, you're past the beginning! Fast work.

Helen, you're a pain. I told you to stay out with the peasants.

You won't be much longer.

But with the peasants, I met a boy who's everything you're not:

Very handsome, very polite, very affectionate.

Keep this up, people are going to stare. Why?

Because I'm going to clout you.

Because someone dared to take me out?

Don't tell me you're jealous?

Oh, dear, I have to choose.

On the one hand, affection and security, on the other...


Anyway, I told him I wasn't free.

That was right, wasn't it, to tell him I wasn't free?

You came here just to give me this routine?

Wasn't I right to tell him I wasn't free?

No, you were wrong.

All right...

...I've still got time!

May I see your identification, please?

Follow the trolley bus.


And here, finally, is Hadriah's Arch.

It was built in the second century A.D. out of marble... the form of an arch supported by two Corinthian columns.

It's two friezes...

Mr. Azad...

...I know you're here.

I'm going to count to 10.

If you don't surrender, we shoot at everything that moves.






Six. Seven.






Yes, it's me.

No. Not yet.

All right. I'll call you.


Make mine a double.

Been here long? I just got here.

This is the life.

Good whisky...

...cosy room...

...nice pictures...

...but too much light.

Can I try?

One clap for off, two claps for on.

That's the only game you got?

No, I know another game.

Very sexy game.

I'll buy that.

Close your eyes.

Now stop me whenever you like.

The rules say you can't argue against the decision of fate.

Since I'm in the hands of fate...

I'll be back in a second.

I just know you're one hell of a man.

And I just know you're one hell of a bitch.

Which do you prefer...

...the cop or the robber?

You haven't given me a chance to compare them.

Stop it.

That's why you dragged me to your show?

I did it for Zacharia.

He looks the other way where the show is concerned.

He picked you to keep an eye on me?

Yes, but he didn't say why.

The first time I saw you, I should have known.

I've been had, like a tourist.

All I need is a camera around my neck.

What a mess!

When the customs people see these faces, it'll ruin my reputation.

They'll think I came straight out of a nuthouse.

What about all those cops at the Hilton today?

That was me too.

Nice going! You're proud of yourself.


Okay. Get dressed. You're coming with me.

You don't trust me?

Oh, no.

Oh, no, too bad.

Just when I was beginning to like robbers better than cops.

One more reason why you're coming with me.

Let's go.

It's bigger than I thought.

Oh, well, there are only 54 hotels...

...75 boarding houses, and 150 rooms to rent.

You won't have the slightest trouble finding her.

I don't even know what name she's using.

Listen, we can always wait...

...for the warm weather to settle in...

...and we'll find those beaches jammed...

...and we'll find the yo-yo working on her tan.

The hell with her. If she's going to be stubborn she can take care of herself.

Tell me, what's this girl to you anyway?


She counts on me, that's all.

With the triple leap of death.

With the king of magic, Professor Marcy.

Get your tickets now.

Bring the whole family to enjoy the show... the Cornelius Circus tonight.

The one and only representation of the Cornelius Circus.

A big show in a little tent.

With lions from Africa...

...the wild monkeys.

The last boat leaves at noon.

Helen, I'll be waiting for you on the dock.

Spine tingling chills...

...with the triple leap of death.

Suspense with the king of magic, Professor Marcy.

At noon on the dock...

...the last boat leaves at noon. Do you hear me, Helen?

Tonight only at the Cornelius Circus...

...a big show in a little tent.

White lions from Africa.

At noon on the dock.

Do you hear me, Helen?

Get your tickets now.

Bring the whole family to enjoy the show... the Cornelius Circus tonight.

The last boat leaves the island at noon. Helen, I'll wait for you on the docks.

Helen, the last boat leaves the island at noon.

I'll wait for you on the docks.

Tonight only at the Cornelius Circus...

...a big show in a little tent.

Bring the whole family to enjoy the show...

...tonight at the Cornelius Circus.

You better change your spiel. You're making a fool out of yourself.

What do you want? Tell her you love her...

...and stop giving me this crap about debt of honour.

You don't know her. She'd think it was true!

It is true.

It is?

Is that him?


You want to go back to him?

No, I'm staying.

Get your things, we're going.

Helen is not coming.

So leave her alone, and buzz off.

Got it?

How do you say "young punk?"


Let's go, let's go.

Stop it!

You can go back to your cop...

...but tell him not to count on me to make him a millionaire.

What am I going to do with a cop who's not even a millionaire?

That's your problem.

Are you mad at me?

I know it's my fault.

Listen, Azad, let me explain.

I grew up.

You never noticed, but I grew up.

You went on being very nice to me, like when I was a kid...

...but what I wanted was...

What do you expect?

I couldn't force you to marry me, could I?

You should have, it would have kept you out of trouble.

You know, you never looked so handsome.

And that's what you call growing up?

Come on, let's go.

Zacharia's here.

There was no way to warn you. It's my fault.

You got nabbed at the Hilton.

Yes, like a sucker. I wanted to know where the emeralds were.

Now you know.

I didn't even have the time to pick up your map.

Forget it.

So, what's he want?

The emeralds.

One track mind.

Say, that's a compliment...

...a general mobilisation.

Hell let us get on the boat free to go.

What's to guarantee if we give him the emeralds, the cops won't grab us?

I'll go ask him.

He says you're right.

None of the cops but him knows us.

So either he sits tight and we get on the boat...

...or he nods and we sleep in jail tonight.

And so? so he thinks it's funny.

Listen. He's a sadist. He'll do anything.

He wants to pin Renzi's death on me.

I'll give up my share.

Me too.

Go tell him it's a deal.

It's a deal.

You can go aboard, miss.

No, thank you. I'll wait for him.

Go aboard. I'll be right back with you.

We share?

No, Mr. Azad, we don't share!

Aren't you coming down?

You're not getting dizzy, I hope?

If I shoot, no more brain...

...just holes, Mr. Azad!

Nothing but holes.

And mine is real and it's loaded.


Oh, no, the whole lot.

Mr. Zacharia!


Azad. Yes.