The Burning (1981) Script


BOY: (WHISPERING) Tonight's the night.

Cropsy's going to get what he deserves.

-Remember what he did to you, Snoop? -Yeah!

And when he beat up Jamie really bad for nothing?

Billy says Cropsy's been getting away with this shit for years.

If we pull this off, it'll be the biggest number Camp Blackfoot has ever seen.

I wanna find out who's in, okay?

We're all in.

-Jamie, you with us? -Right.

-Snoop? -Yeah, I'm in.


What, are you kidding? I can't stand that creep.

What about you?

As long as I get to see that motherfucker squirm.

Don't worry. Tonight's the night that we scare the shit out of Cropsy.

Because when he wakes up, when he sees it, he's gonna have a heart attack.

He's gonna go crazy. He's gonna go crazy.

Okay, Billy, let's see what you got.


All right, where's Kent?

He's already inside.

-Matches. Matches, matches! -Here.

Sit, wait.

Hold it. Okay, guys, this is it. Take the light.

Give me the box. Run around the back. Let's get him.

ALL: Do it!





Holy shit! We gotta get him out of there.



-BlLLY: I can't believe it. -Come on, let's get out of here. Come on!


-So how long you been working here? -I started working Sunday.

-Oh, yeah, you like your job? -Yeah, it's fine. Great.

When you seen what I seen, you'll soon change your mind.

Hey, listen, after two months of working here, you're gonna feel like an old man.

Guys like you won't last five minutes.

-Listen, l... -Hey, listen, you got a minute?

No, I'm supposed to be on duty...

I wanna show you something down the hall.

After you see this guy, you'll never wanna come back in here again.

Man, this guy's burned so bad, he's cooked.

A fucking Big Mac. Overdone.

You know what I mean?

It's a miracle he's still alive.

Was me, I'd prefer to be dead.

No way I'd wanna be like this freak.

He's a monster, man.

I been working here 10 years and I'm telling you, I ain't never seen anything like this.

-ln here, man. Come on, take a look. -Listen, I gotta go.

You wanna be a doctor, right? This is what you gotta see.

This is where it's at.

Now this is burns.


You ain't never gonna forget this man.

As long as you live, you never gonna see a freak like this.

Come on, man, take a look.

You ain't gonna see nothing standing over there.

Come on, man, take a look.

Come on.

Come on, take a look.


Oh, my God!

DOCTOR 1: It's been a Iong struggle, but now that you've regained your strength, it's time for you to Ieave.

DOCTOR 2: Considering how badly you were burned, you're Iucky to be alive.

NURSE 1: The first few months outside will be the hardest.

DOCTOR 1: We're sorry, the skin grafts just didn 't take.

DOCTOR 2: There's nothing more we can do for at Ieast six months.

I know you still resent those kids, but try not to blame anyone for what happened.

It was an accident, purely an accident.

NURSE 1: You've got to forget your hatred. Control your feelings for revenge.

DOCTOR 2: Anger and resentment won 't bring back the past. You know that.

DOCTOR 1: You may find it difficult, at first, to adjust to a normal Iife again.

But with time you will adjust.

WOMAN: Well, this is home, honey.

Hey, if you're coming in, why don't you come on in?

I mean, ain't no use standing out there.

Are you coming up? 'Cause I'm going in.

Like the low-key lighting, huh? That's all right with me.

Aren't you gonna take off your hat?

Of course, if you wanna keep your hat on, keep your hat on.

I mean, I got guys who wanna do it wearing all sorts.

Of course, you're the one who's paying.

All right, do me a favor, will you, honey? Let's move it, huh?

I mean, I gotta earn a living.


Oh, my God!

Who are you? Leave me alone.

Will you, please? Please, just go.

Just please go. I... Please go!

No! No, get away! Get away from me, please!


Help! Help!


Rhoda! Rhoda! Rhoda!


Come on!



Throw the ball!


-Look at that ass. See that? -Oh, yeah.

I want it, I want it. I mean, you don't got to wrap it, you don't have to send it. Take it home, now, as is.

You're crazy, man. That's a no-sale.

Hey, it's mine by divine right.

Hey, divine this, that's prime meat. You ain't buying it.

-You try it, man. -Watch this.

Oh, now we're cooking on gas! Throw the ball! Throw it!


-You're not doing anything tonight, right? -Why? Who wants to know?

I want you at the rec room at 8:30.

-Eddy! -Just be there.

Nice try, Eddy. Nice try.

What do you say now, sucker?

You old smoothie, you. You're a devil, ain't you?

Natch, baby, natch.

GlRL: Come on, come on!

Tiger, run! That's yours!

Jeez, it's gotta be here somewhere.

Tiger, come on, forget it! We'll use another ball.

Come on, Tiger. Find the ball.

Give me a chance. I'll find it.

Got it!

GlRL: All right, Tiger!



Karen, Todd and I have been going out for years.

You can't expect it to be the same with Eddy. You just met him.

-I know, but... -Tiger! Stop it.

Sophie, don't encourage her.

I really like Eddy.

But every time I think he's serious and I really start to get into him, he blows it.

-I've had it. -So...


Oh, Tiger, stop that!

Sometimes he really scares me. It's true.

It's got so I told the supervisor I didn't want to go on the overnight.

You're kidding! What did he say?

He said if things got too heavy I could come back to camp.

Karen, I think that if you feel that badly about Eddy, you should just tell him that you're not interested.

I can't.

See, sometimes I really like him.

You better just get on with it, then.

-Hey, Sally. -Hi, Barb.

Hey, Dave show up last night?




Michelle? Michelle, is that you?

Okay, everybody. Time to get up. Come on.

Wake up, Tiger. We're late. Come on.

Sophie, my love.

-Hey, gorgeous, rise and shine. -Michelle.

Come on, you guys. It's a beautiful day.

Michelle, is that you?

Who's there?


Did you hear that?

What's going on?

Sally, Sally, what is it? What happened?

Alfred. Alfred, he looked at me in the shower and he wouldn't leave.

Hold it, hold it. Where you going, huh?

Come here. Come on.

You are sick. You know that? You are really sick.

Wait a minute. What's going on here?

Alfred's been prowling around the girls' shower.

-Karen, take Sally up to the bunk, okay? -Okay.

Just take it easy for a while, honey.

What do you have to say about that, Alfred?

I only meant to scare her.

You only meant to scare her! Well, you sure as hell did scare her.

-Okay. Eddy, take him up to the rec room. -You are some sort of degenerate!

-I'll talk with him. -You'll talk with him?

He's a sexual pervert.

What do you expect me to do, cut his balls off?

That kid's weird, Todd.

What the hell was he doing snooping around here?

-He's just a kid. Kids do that. -Did you do that?

Why the hell are you covering for him anyway?

I think we should throw him out.

Okay. So he's a little strange. But I'll talk with him. I'll straighten him out.

You're a pushover.

You always believe the best. You're too easy.

Okay, listen.

If I think he's going to be a problem, I'll make sure he's off the camp, okay?

-Okay? -Okay.

All right, Alfred. What the hell were you doing out there?

Huh? What were you trying to pull?

Come on, if you don't talk to me, you're gonna be talking to the supervisor.

And I don't think you want that.

You know, I saved you a lot of embarrassment out there by not bawling you out in front of the other kids.

I think you owe me something for that. Start talking.

I only wanted to scare her.

You think she's gonna understand that?

Or the supervisor? Or Glazer? What about Glazer?

Look, it's not just Glazer. It's everybody.

I mean, they're all always picking on me.

I don't have any friends.

I didn't want to come to this camp to begin with, you know.

It's like the army. I mean, someone's always telling me what to do all the time.

It's the same thing every year.

I sort of know what you're going through.

Five years ago, when I was in summer camp, I didn't just get bawled out by the counselor. I got sent home.

-You did? -Yeah.

You don't have to take on this whole camp by yourself.

If you've got a problem, if you want someone to talk to, I'm here.



I'd have socked him right in the eye. He's real spooky, that Alfred.

-lmagine, creeping around the shower. -I'm sure he didn't really mean it.

He said he just wanted to scare you, to get back at Glazer.

Oh, that's great, isn't it?

He wants to get back at Glazer, so he scares the shit out of Sally?

Let's forget about it, huh?

We have the canoe trip to look forward to.

Yeah, Sally, just think. Three nights alone with Alfred.


MARNlE: Hey, you gonna make it with Glazer, Sally?

Cool it, Marnie.

-lmagine doing it with Glazer. -TlGER: Doing what?

The weight of all those muscles on you.


I'd take Alfred any day.

Lay off, will you?

Why's everyone so down on Glazer?

Look out where you're going, punk.

You know, I ought to break your legs, huh?

And twist your head off.

Now, I'm gonna tell you just one time.

You stay away from my girl. You understand that? Huh?

What are you staring at, you little fucking weirdo, huh?

Look, I'm warning you.

If I even catch you looking at her, I'm gonna tear you up so bad, your own mother won't recognize you.

-You dig? -TODD: Glazer!

-What's your problem? -Oh, no problem, Todd. No problem.

All right, get out of here, you understand?

And remember, it's a long summer.

Little jerk gives me the creeps.

And when was the last time you won a personality contest, Glazer?

Hey, what's the matter, Todd?

You ought to ease up on me, man.

You're coming down on the wrong guy.

He's the one that was caught looking at the girls in the shower.

You ought to be coming down hard on him.

-You know what your problem is? -No, man, what's my problem?

-You can't take anyone your own size. -Oh, yeah? Well, that's bullshit.

Yeah, well, let me tell you something.

You cause any problems for any kid on this camp, and I'm gonna bust your ass.


Come on, Alfred. You gotta do the swimming thing, all right?

Because if you go in tomorrow, I can't go in after you.

I don't think this will work out.

Don't wuss out on us. Just... Fish, listen to Fish.

-He's been in, right? -Look, it's beautiful water.

There's no problem in swimming or diving.

-I mean, your head's the main thing. -Head's the main thing.

-It's the heaviest part of your body. -Right.

So, wherever your head goes, your body's gotta follow. Right?

And you'll be in big trouble if it doesn't.

-Dave, Dave, look. -Hi, girls.

-Hey, girls! -Hey!

Hi, guys.

DAVE: Give him a little encouragement.

Look, it's no problem.

-Just watch Fish. -Watch me.

Esther Williams, look at that.

DAVE: And we know Flipper! WOODY: Go, go!

-You see how easy that is? -I hate swimming.

Not much you do like, huh? Drown.

Follow me, Alfred, all right?



Are you crazy? He can't swim.

Yeah, I'm crazy, and you better save him if you don't want him to drown.


Hey, Sally? I'm coming to get you, babe.


-Are you okay, man? -Hey, want me to fix Glazer for you, man?

-Get him up. -Come on, get him up. Get him up.

Come on, bring him up.

Lie down, on your back. On your back, Al.

You all right? You breathing? You breathing? That a boy.

You all right? Speak to me. Come on, speak to me, Al.

That's it, don't cough. Speak. Words.

-I'm okay. -All right. All right.

Hi, girls!

You look like a bunch of mermaids up here. You know that?

-Don't worry. He'll get his. -Yeah? I gotta tell you.

Fifty bucks buys you the top torpedo in town.

-Who's that? Woodstock? -Sure.

Oh, come on. Woodstock couldn't knock over an umbrella stand.

-Got the pea-shooter with you, Woody? -Yeah, I sure do.

Right there.


-Hi, Sally. Hi, pretty girl. -Hi.

Hey, Sal, you wanna go for a swim with me?

No way.


-What's the matter? -I don't wanna get my hair wet.

All right, guys, I got him in my range.

Hey, Dave.

Are sure you want me to go through with this?

Alfred. This is about to be the greatest moment in your life.

There will be four commands: Ready, aim, fire and run.

Glazer's gonna go crazy. Shit!

Ready. Aim. Pork him!


Shit, what the hell was that?


You think that's funny, huh?

Woodstock, I think you got him.

You aren't gonna think it's so funny when I get my hands on you.

And Woodstock, you're a dead boy, you hear me?

Sorry, Glazer.

You won't think that's so funny when I get my hands on you.

You're a dead boy...


-How many? -Give me three.

-All right. -I'll take three.

All right.

-Howdy do, boys? What are you doing? -Hey, how you doing?

He's under, he's up, he's in there. All right.

-Who ordered the PIayboy? -Over here.

Dave, did you get my Hustler?

Hustler?What do you want with Hustler, Woodstock?

-You're too small. -Hey, size never stopped Woody.

That's the world bantam-weight jerk-off champ over there, huh?

Just stick with me, kid. Keep flexing the muscle, huh?


God bless her mom and dad.

You guys are a real bunch of wimps. You know that?

Looking at girlie magazines. You guys make me sick.

You ought to try the real thing sometimes, man.

Let me tell you that.

We make you sick, do we, huh, Glazer?

Well, then, you won't mind paying a new market price for a bag of rubbers.

Five bucks.

-I'll pay. Get me what I asked for? -Absolutely, absolutely.

Absolutely, huh? Absolutely shit, man.

Look, I asked for lubricated rubbers.

These aren't lubricated rubbers, you understand that?

What am l? Masters & Johnson?

You want lubes, buy your own.

All right, I'll buy my own. And let me tell you something, pal.

-I ain't paying for these. You got that? -I got that.


-Whoa, what's up, man? -Oh, my God!

-What are you looking at? -At the window, there.

There, there, at the window.

-DAVE: Take it easy, man. What's going on? -lt was a face.

A horrible face at the window.

Yeah, forget it, girls.

I saw it. It was there.

Well, there sure as hell ain't nothing out there now.

What's that? Who's in there?


Hey, you wanna know something, man? You're weird.

That's your fucking problem, man. You're a weirdo, man.

Hey, what's keeping you guys? There's not gonna be any dinner left.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Forget this. Let's go get the girls.

So you saw a face, huh? Shit!

-What was all that about? -Nothing.

We made it! Don't worry, guys.

What's this? Oh, my God!

Good shot, kid, good shot.

Ladies! They're eating without us! They're eating without us!

You're late! You are late!


DAVE: Hey, girls.

-Hi, Sally. -Oh, God.

-How you doing, huh? -Okay.

Okay? Just doing okay? You look good.

Hey, what do you say you and me go for a ride tomorrow in my canoe, huh?


-Maybe. -Maybe? What do you mean, maybe?

Hey, what's the matter? You don't trust me?

-Hey, Redford, let's go. Come on, huh? -Wait a minute, I'm talking to her.

"Hey, I'm talking to her." Can I talk to her, too?

Hey, Todd! Whoa! Todd?

-Glazer, calm down. -Yeah.

-What are you staring at, you little creep? -Hey, Glazer.

Come off it, what harm is he doing?

He's been staring at me, that's the harm he's doing.

Maybe he wants your body, Glazer.

So, you girls all set for the trip tomorrow?

Nothing I can get you? Life jacket? Spermicide?


Hey, you gotta be prepared. You know what I mean, huh?

Oh, God!

All right, which one of you guys got my vitamin E?

Vitamin E? Christ, Woodstock, you don't believe in all that crap?

Just don't knock it. You leave my champ alone, huh?

-Well, I haven't got it. -Well, I'm going back to the cabin to get it.

SUPERVlSOR: Quiet. Quiet, please.


Quiet, please.

Quiet. Quiet, please.

-Come on, let's keep it... Come on, quiet. -Quiet!

That's better.

Okay, I just want to say a couple of things about the overnight.

Some of you older ones are leaving tomorrow for a three-day canoe trip to Devil's Creek.

I know you can all look after yourselves pretty good.

Just remember, it's a long way from home.


Well, I guess you've all made friends by now, so however you team up, stick with your buddy.


-Woodstock? -Todd, you scared the shit out of me.

Come on, let's go.

Sorry I scared you. Glazer and Fish said you were really sick. I was worried.

-Why'd they say that? -I don't know.

Just a dumb joke. I'm getting a little fed up with Glazer's sense of humor.

Oh, one other thing. I want one good swimmer with each group.

That means one in each canoe, at all times.

One more stunt like that and you're on your way home, got it?

That goes for you, too.

...done this trip before, and they know the scene.

And one final thing. Before you leave for the overnighter, please check in with me to confirm your travel arrangements home.

-Got it? -ALL: We got it.

Hey, Woodstock, straighten up.

I'm doing the best I can, man. Can't you take it easy?

Hey, I told you not to beat your schlong last night. It drains your power.


SALLY: Straighten up, Glazer.

When Glazer straightens up, Sally, you better run.



-Michelle, control your campers. -Todd!

Come on, you guys.

We're canoeing, not showering.


TODD: There was a camp not far from here, just across the lake.

It was called Camp Blackfoot.

No one goes there anymore. Everything burned down.

There's nothing left, except the ruins.

Now this camp had a caretaker, a really evil bastard.

And his name was Cropsy.

Everyone hated Cropsy. For a start, he was a drunk.

Two bottles of whisky a day, no problem.

Like, most of the time he was somewhere out in space, but if he caught you, look out!

Because Cropsy could strip the paint off the walls, just by breathing on them.


Now this Cropsy was a sadist.

I mean, he got real pleasure out of hurting people, scaring them.

And he had these garden shears, you know?

The kind with long thin blades.

And he carried them all the time, wherever he went.

And he had this kind of demonic way of looking at you.

One time, this Cropsy really went after this kid from Brooklyn.

Followed him around night and day. He made this kid's life a living hell.

But this time he chose the wrong guy.

Because the kid and some of his buddies had planned a little prank that would scare the living shit out of Cropsy.

Only problem was, the gag went wrong.

The next thing anyone knows, Cropsy's trapped alive and burning in his bunk.

They try to get him out but the fire's so fierce they can't reach him.

All they can do is stand outside, and listen to him cry out in agony.

They say he smashed his way through the bunkroom door, just a mass of flames.

And as he screamed out, burned alive, he cried out, "l will return. I will have my revenge."

They never found his body. He survived.

He lives on whatever he can catch. Eats them raw.

Alive. No longer human.

Right now, he's out there.

Watching. Waiting.

Don't look, he'll see you.

Don't move, he'll hear you.

Don't breathe...

You're dead!


Oh, shit!

Oh, you asshole, Eddy.

-Real funny, man. -You freak.

You motherfucker!


KAREN: You know, that little joke you played back at the campfire wasn't very funny.

-EDDY: Oh, you don't think so, huh? -Not that you scared me, but...

No, of course not.

Eddy, is there really a Cropsy maniac?

Sure there is. He's from my neighborhood.

Know what he does? He takes paper bags, see?

He fills them with dog shit, then he lights them and leaves them in front of somebody's door and when they open the door, they go like that.

-You're crazy. -Yeah, I know. Crazy for you.

I can't figure you out, you know.

I mean, first you tell me you like me, and then 10 seconds later you're looking off here, looking off there, like you don't even know who I am.

-I do like you, Eddy. But... -But what?

You're always talking about how many women you've had.

I don't want to be just another statistic.

Karen, knock it off, will you?

Come on, if two people like each other, if they want each other, so you do it.

What's wrong with that?

We like each other, right? And we're alone.

You can't blame me for trying, can you? Come on, what do you say?

-Maybe. -Maybe.

-All right, let's take a swim. -What? Now?

I haven't got a swimsuit.

So, who needs a bathing suit? Who's gonna see you here?


You're free to do what you want. I'm taking a dip.

-Eddy? -What?


Hey, relax.

Just going to take a quiet swim around and head back to the camp.

Come on.

Oh, this is great!

Oh, you gotta come in. This is the best.

-It's nice, huh? -It's freezing.

Come here, I'll warm you up.


Don't fight it, don't fight it.

You're not gonna start that now, are you?


Come on, you gonna start that again, now?

Cut it out, Eddy.

Why'd you come out here, then?

You promised!

Get the fuck out of my face.


Oh, no! Where are my clothes?

KAREN: Come on, you guys.


Come on.

Where are my clothes?

Come on, please?

Oh, no.



MlCHELLE: Okay, Eddy, wake up. TODD: Get up.

-Wake up. -Where's Karen?

-What do you mean? -You know what he means.

-Where's Karen? -How should I know where she is?

-You were with her last night, remember? -So what?

So she never came back.

I didn't look for her because I figured she was with you.


So where is she, Eddy? Come on, get up.

Hey, what the hell is this? Some sort of interrogation here?

Don't give me that! Where is she?

All right. Okay.

Hey, Karen!

Cut the act, Eddy.

We've already looked all over. She's not here.

Are you sure you didn't go just a little too far?

Hey, take it easy, huh?

"Take it easy"! Christ, you guys make me sick.

You know, Karen told me she was really scared of you.

Oh, yeah, she was scared of me, huh? Then how come

-she went with me last night? -I don't know.

Maybe it's because she likes you, you dumb bastard.

Now tell me, what happened?

-Come here, will you? -What?

Look, all right, I must have come on a little strong, okay?

Came down here, went swimming, and I don't know, she...

-Look, what did she do? -She didn't do anything.

She called me a few names, swam back to shore, and I figured she went back with everyone else.

You jerk!

Michelle! Hey, Michelle.

The canoes are gone.

What do you mean, they're gone?

They're gone. They're not here.


-Why would she take the canoes? -She might have let them go accidentally.


Because the supervisor gave her permission to go back to camp if things got too heavy.

Oh, come on, will you? We had a fight. Nothing serious.

She's gonna let all the canoes go?

For Christ's sake.

Okay. So they had a fight.

She took one of the canoes back to the main camp, but where are the other five?

I don't know.

Maybe the kids are just pulling a prank.


Get all the kids together to where the canoes were moored.



Okay, okay. Quiet, quiet.

I'm not kidding now. Does anyone know what happened to the canoes?

WOODY: Oh, yeah, Dave sold them to some lndian guy.

Come on, you guys, this could be serious.

Yeah, they can't just vanish. I want them found.

There's your answer, sitting right over there.

What'd you do with the goddamn canoes, you little freak?

Look, I don't know what you're talking about.

Yeah, I bet you don't know what we're talking about, huh?

Glazer, why don't you lay off him? He doesn't know anything about it.

TODD: Yeah, cut it out, Glazer.

Look, here's what we're gonna do, okay?

We're gonna split up and search this whole area.

They gotta be around here somewhere.

What happens if we don't find them?

I don't know. We'll build a raft or something.

MlCHELLE: Why don't we just walk back?

Michelle, take a look around.

It's thick forest for miles.

No, we need those canoes. Okay, come on, let's start looking.

MlCHELLE: Come on, it will be fun.

DAVE: I'm looking forward to it, huh? TODD: Come on.

-Come on, it will be fun. -Yes.

GLAZER: Better lay off the girl. WOODY: Okay.

DAVE: Whoa! Come on, chief.

-What are you thinking? -I don't know.

I just feel real uneasy.

About Karen.

Yeah, something's wrong.

There's no way all those canoes can just disappear and Karen wouldn't go back to the main camp in the middle of the night.

Well, what are we going to do if we don't find the canoes?

Are we really going to build a raft?

We're gonna have to.

Man, what the hell are we supposed to be looking for, anyway?

-Your mother! -Your mother!

Hey, guys, here's a piece of wood.

I still don't understand how Todd expects us to build a raft with all this stuff.

Hey, Dave. You know, you've never failed us.

How about a big speedboat with a Merkel engine on the back?

Oh, why, certainly!

-Hey, what about this? -What about that?

What do you expect? This looks like a houseboat for ants.

-lt floats. -lt floats, huh?

-Dave. -I told you.

Come, Jane. We seek wood.

-Come on. -DAVE: Come on, you guys.

...mad at me, Sally. I mean, shit, I try to be nice.

I asked you to go swimming with me. You wouldn't go.

And then on the canoe ride, you wouldn't even go with me.

-There's a piece of wood. -What's the matter?

You won't even talk to me? What do I got to do, huh?

-I mean, what do I gotta do? -Glazer.

-What's the matter, huh? -Just cool your engines.

Come on, we're meant to be looking for wood.

Yeah, right.

Glazer, no!

Go ahead. Shit!

You're something, ain't you?

-Hey, Eddy throw me over that rope, huh? -All right.

This is going to take longer than you think.

We'll be okay as long as they leave by this afternoon.

Hey, guys. Look what I found.

-Oh, great! -Oh, good.

Eddy, give her a hand. Take it over to the pile, huh?

-All right. -Here you go.

No, Glazer! No!

-What's the matter? -Not here!

What's the matter now? You know you want to.

Later... Maybe.

-You mean that? -Sure.

That a girl, Sally.

Listen, you can trust me, you hear?

It's gonna be real good.

Real good, I promise.

Okay, kids, listen up. Eddy's in charge.

All right, Eddy!

Okay? He'll get you back to the main camp.

Eddy, no side trips. Straight back to camp, right?

-No lefts, no rights, straight ahead. -Remember, it's just like paddling a canoe.

Try to make good time so you get there before dark.

You call this a paddle? This is an eggbeater.

If we're not back by tomorrow, send in the Marines.

All right, here we go. Bon voyage!



Come on, paddle together! Paddle together!


I'll be 84 by the time you get help here.

-Goodbye! -Goodbye!

EDDY: Come on, dig in. Dig in.

-I'm tired. -I'm tired.

What do you mean you're tired? We're doing all the work up here.

Shut up, Woodstock!

Hey, hey, hey! Will you all please shut the fuck up

-and just keep paddling. Okay? -All right.

Let's go.

-Eddy? Eddy? -What?

How come Karen left, really?

Hey, look, it's like Michelle said, okay? She was upset about something, all right?

Come on.

-Hey, you guys! Look over there! -What?

-It's one of our canoes! It is, it's ours! -lt is!

-One of our canoes! -EDDY: No, it isn't.

-lt is, too. -It's gotta be.

Yeah, who else would be stupid enough to lose it?

-Come on! -Dig in there. Let's go!

Come on, Eddy, strong man, let's go.

-Just keep going. -I'm paddling, I'm paddling.

-Let's go, Eddy. -Let's go!

Man, that looks like...

-All right. -WOODY: There's some of that muscle.

Hurry up, let's get ahead.


-Come on! -I'm coming.


-Here we go, Fish. -I'm going. I got seaweed on here.

Don't worry about that, we'll have a canoe!

-I can't believe it! -Eddy, Eddy!

EDDY: Get ready to grab it, man. I'm going on board.



-EDDY: Woody, get ready to grab it. -All right.

We're going to go on, so you got to get ready to hold on.

All right.





God, look at this. We really could get lost so easily here.

That's kind of what I was hoping for.

Get out.

Do you think those kids got back all right?

Probably back right now.

-I hope so. -Come on, don't worry about them.

Let's go.

Come on, it's gonna get dark soon.

Easy does it.

Those kids really had fun today, though.

I know. Look, the way we built that raft, -they're probably safer than we are. -I was impressed.


Where did you learn to build a raft?

Raft building, in the Boy Scouts.

Thank God for the Boy Scouts.

-I've been wondering... -About what?

Well, about whether you're ticklish!

Come on, we better get back before it gets dark, huh?

I've got a better idea.

SALLY: Glazer!

Don't you think we shouldn't be so far away from the others?

Trust me, baby. Trust me. It's okay.

It's okay.


Easy, Glazer, please.

Relax, baby. Be good, it's gonna be good. Trust me.

-Relax. -Easy.



Hold still.



-Shit! -That's all?

Is it?

I'm sorry, Sally.

-I don't know what happened. -It's okay.

It'll be better next time, baby. Trust me.

"Trust me, baby."


-You're cold, huh? -Yes.

You didn't do too much to warm me up.

So, I guess you wanna go back, is that it?


Why don't we stay? We might...

What are you saying? You mean that?

Huh? Do you really mean that?

I guess so.

That's a girl.

Hey, wanna know something?

I'm gonna sneak on back to the campsite.

Get some matches.

Come back here and build us a hot fire.

What do you think about that, huh?

-Don't be long. -Not a second longer than I gotta be.

Listen, you stay warm, you hear? Because I'm coming right back.

No, please, no! No!



Sorry it took so long, babe.

Hey, Sally?

Hey, listen now, you playing hide and seek, huh?



Todd, Todd. You gotta wake up. You gotta wake up.

-Now, come on. Hurry up. Wake up. -Come on, Alfred.

No, come on, hurry. You gotta wake up now, come on.

-What time is it? -Look, I couldn't help it.

It happened so fast, it was like... He was out.

He was out and... And he was on top of him in a second.

I was... I didn't know. I was following and he...

Look... Glazer's dead.

-What the fuck are you talking about? -No, no, really.

-I saw him. I saw him kill Glazer. -Look, would you be quiet?

-You're going to wake everybody up. -The same guy at the window...

That I saw at the window.

Remember? I told him about the guy at the window.

-What guy? -The burned face.

He's dead.

Alfred, if this is another one of your tricks, you know, I'm not really...

You don't believe me.

You're just like the others, you don't believe me.

-I'm telling you, I saw him. -Would you be quiet?

I'll go with you, all right? Okay?

Come on.

Oh, my God.



GlRL 1 : What do you see?

BOY 1 : It's a raft. GlRL 2: It's a raft.

I don't know.

-I know. -What are they doing?

Now, why would they get off the raft?

DAVE: You guys are really falling for this, aren't you?

For what?

I mean, you still don't realize we got Ringling Brothers out there.

Hey, Eddy! You guys!

All right, come on. Enough is enough, huh?

Come on, bring it in, you guys.

This is ridiculous. Come on, come on, come on. Let's go.

-Dave, wait. Stay, I want to go in. -Hey, can we go in?

No, just stay here okay. Let me check it out.

Okay, we'll stay here.

DAVE: You guys are in trouble. Counselor coming.

Hey, Dave, what do you really think is happening?

I don't know. Am I swimming out there? Hang on a minute.

Is Alfred there?

-Hey, there's Todd. -Where?

Hey, Todd!

DAVE: Todd.


GlRL: Can you do something about the raft?


Stay! Stay here!


GlRL: I know we're gonna die, for real.

We'll never get back.


Just get back to camp and get me some help. That's all I want you to do.

Just get me some help.

All right, come on, come on.




Michelle, I'm so tired. I can't paddle anymore.

Paddle! Now, we're almost there. What do you want to do, stop right now?

Deep down there you can do it. Come on.

You can do it.

-Come on. -DAVE: Let's go.





Grab this pole.

Come on, just another inch. Pull it.

JEFF: What's with the raft? Where are my canoes?

Jeff, where's the outboard?

What do you want with the outboard?

Listen to me. There is a killer out there.

Oh, come on, Michelle. Todd put you up to this?

God damn it! Look at those kids!

Can't we go any faster?

It's a small motor, Michelle. It won't go any faster.

How long before the police get there?

Oh, God, I hope they're there.

They said they were going by helicopter.


Help! Help!










BOY: Cropsy's going to get what he deserves.

If we pull this off, it'll be the biggest number Camp Blackfoot has ever seen.

Tonight's the night that we scare the shit out of Cropsy.

-Jamie, you with us? -Yeah, sure.

-Snoop? -I'm in.

-Billy? -I can't stand the son of a bitch.

What about you, Todd?
















Alfred, get out!

Let's go.

COUNSELOR: They never found his body but they say his spirit lives in the forest.

This forest.

A maniac, a thing no longer human.

They say he lives on whatever he can catch.

Eats them raw, alive maybe.

And every year he picks on a summer camp and seeks his revenge for the terrible things those kids did to him.

Every year he kills.

Right now, he's out there. Watching.


So don't look, he'll see you.

Don't breathe, he'll hear you.

Don't move, you're dead!