The Butterfly Effect 2 (2006) Script

This spot is beautiful.

Yeah, it really is.

You guys are lucky. I didn't have a place like this where I grew up.

What are you talking about? You grew up like half an hour from here.

Whatever. My parents didn't let me out much.

Yeah, well, it was really amazing for us.

In high school we used to sneak out and come here all the time.

That's right. Late-night rendezvous. In fact, we shared our first bottle of tequila right here at this very spot.

Wow. I am impressed that you even remember that.

"I am impressed that you even remember that."

So do you guys feel like you were the same as you were back then?

Well, I know I'm exactly the same.

I still have absolutely no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

Well, hey, you used to work at Foot Locker, and I'm sure if you went back and asked, they'd give you the job.

Very funny. What about you, Nick?

Have you changed much? Mmm-mm.

Although I must say, Trevor has gotten way hotter.

You know that that is a fact, my friend, okay?

My jaw is way wider now. It's striking.

All right, loverboy. How about you and me go get some wood for this fire, huh?

All right, take care.

I got a really good feeling about the next couple of months.

Yeah? Why is that?

If we just close a couple of our own accounts, you know how huge that could be for us?

Yeah, I mean, retiring early would be very nice.

By 30?

Oh, shit. Look, look.

Gross, dude.

Come here. What, you afraid of a little crab?

Gross, dude! Those things are just sick! Don't!

Come on. Come on. No, don't! Dude, don't! Don't!

Fucking pussy.

This is so exciting!

Yeah. Maybe I should wait till tomorrow.

No, you have to tell him tonight.

Hey. Took you guys long enough.

What are you talking about?

There it goes. There it goes. Okay, ready?

Nice. Yeah, I'm ready.

Happy birthday! Oh!

Oh, they went out. Relight. Wait wait.

All right. Okay, now make a wish.

I can't. Everything's perfect.

That's lame. Oh. Oh, sweetie.

Whatever, dude.

If you need something, I've got a whole list of things.

How about a million dollars? Blow 'em out, already.

Let's do this. All right, all right!

Yay! No!

Come on. No. I bought 'em. It's my birthday cake.

I want it in the shot. In what shot?

Good idea, okay. Behave.

Okay, everybody. Come on, hurry up, I want a cupcake.

I know, just hold your horses for a minute, all right?

Art. It's perfection. It's kinda ghetto frosting.

That's good though. That's my favorite.

Yup. Are you ready?


Everybody say "chingas." Chingas.

Good, guys. Chingas.

Check it out, ladies and gentlemen.

I brought my own special kind of birthday candle.

All right. Drugs!

You kids have fun. That is awesome.

Light it up. Come here.

Hey, where are you going? Somewhere.

Really? With you.

Okay. Camera, please.

Yes, sir. Put this on.

All right. This is kind of exciting.

Oh, I will now be blindfolding you. Really?

Are you going to take advantage of me? Mm, I might.

All right, hold this. Okay.

And... Oh!

We shall return. See you later.

Don't worry about me.

Open. Oh.

Remember the first time we came here?

Yeah. What was that, like three years ago?


Nick, um, there's something that I want to tell you.

Me first.

Happy birthday.

Nick! Oh!

It's beautiful. Wish it was a diamond, but...

Well, I love it. I love you.

Here, put it on.

So, tell me again I'm not crazy and I shouldn't go get my master's.

Oh, no, you should. You should go pay some art-school lifer to grade your pictures.

I don't have to pay them. I can use my grant money.

You get the point.

And more importantly, it's in New York, which is 3,000 miles away from me.

I know.

My job is about to blow up. I promise you.

I'm gonna have the money so we can open your own gallery.

You can shoot your own pictures, just like we talked about.

Isn't that what you want? Of course.

This is perfect.

Hey, don't get that, okay? Hey. Oh, where is it?

Remember, I wanted to tell you something.

I know. Just give me one second.

It's work. Hold on.



Oh, okay.

Right. No no no, it's not... it's not a problem.

All right. Bye-bye.

It was Bristol. I have to go to work.

Yeah, and it's my birthday, so call him back, tell him you're sick. You just can't go.

Listen. If you do this for me, we will come back here next year, and we will stay the whole weekend, and we'll get a hotel room, and...


Help me out here. I really need to go to this meeting.

No, forget it.

I want a week.

A week? That's right.

You and me and no cell phones.

You can personally smash this thing before we leave.

How's that?


Actually, you know what? Why wait? I say... we just drown this thing now to make sure.

Oh! Oh! Oh, that's... I don't think so.

Give us something to talk about Take your time...

Aw, shit. Baby, did you remember my sunglasses?

Mm? What would you do without me?

Yo, this is stupid! Bristol's a dick.

Yeah, a dick who's gonna get promoted instead of me if I flake on this meeting.

So he gets to ruin our Sundays then? And Julie's birthday.

If I want to beat 'em, I have to join 'em.

Right now! Don't.

Whatever, man. I'm telling you you just should blow the whole thing off.

Yeah, you know, you're right. I don't need this job anyway.

Great idea. And when you get fired I'm sure Trevor will last about two weeks at work without you.

Why do you have to say that?

Wait, guys. Hold up, hold up.

Okay. Nice.

You know what, baby? You can move to New York with me, and we could be starving artists together.

Wouldn't that be perfect, hon?

Sounds like you have it all worked out.

Shit! Hold on!

Oh God!

Is everyone all right? You okay? You okay?

I think so. Are you sure?

Oh! Oh God! Oh, shit!

Nick, move! Ah!


Oh, Nick.


Shh. Shh.

Nick, it's okay.

Room 9, we've got a code blue. He's gone into attack.

190 and rising.

Shh, Nick. Shh.


It's okay.

He gets nightmares sometimes.

He always has.


Oh, Nick!

Where's Julie?

Honey, she's...

Where are they? They didn't...

No. No. Nick...

Okay, everybody.

Just hold your horses for a minute. Hurry up, hurry up.

Yay! Come on! No!

You know what? I cannot imagine my life without you now.

You know, I was thinking... if you, um... if you really need a change of scenery or whatever, I've got some extra room at my place.

For what?


I want you to live with me.

Nick, it's Mom.

How you feeling? I spoke to the doctor.

He said you canceled your appointment again.

Nick, you've got to take care of yourself.

You don't want the headaches to get any worse.

Please, call me.

Hey, man. What's up?

Thought you were out sick. No.

Bristol's looking for you. Just a heads up.

Thanks, man.

You don't pick up your phone? Oh, I was in the copy room.

I need those spreadsheets.

Yeah, I put 'em on your desk last night.

I was here until 7:00.

After that. Did you check your inbox?

Look, I'm telling you I can't find 'em, so just... print me up a new report, spare me the boring fairy tale.

We've got the Rosemont Equities meeting, one hour.

Wait. What are you talking about?

11:00, sales presentation...

I thought that was at 4:00. I had to move it, okay?

And you're just telling me this now?

Look, Nick, 80% of all start-ups fail in the first two years. It is an uphill battle.

Everyone's got to pull their own weight. No exceptions.

Okay. No problem. I'll have the spreadsheets.

I can give the pitch myself if you think you can't handle it.

I said no problem.


You keep your shit together.

Okay? I can't have you pop another brain fart and fuck this thing up.

Clean up your desk. It's a mess.

What we're talking about is software that will enable your handheld to communicate with any wireless technology.

Imagine being able to access all of your technology from here.

Picture it. Say you're in a cab on your way to a meeting.

You're checking your e-mails, you're surfing the web, a call comes in.

Well, your new client decides that they need additional product images to be included in the presentation that you're giving in an hour.

You rush over to the job site snap a couple of jpegs, get to your meeting.

And gentlemen, what you've got is a slideshow in your pocket.

Okay, so... everyone's developing next-gen software for handhelds, including the big guys.

Why put money into yours?

Because ours is ready now.

We, with our partners at Strike Line, believe we can have this on the market within the quarter.

Nick. Is he having a seizure or what?

No, he gets headaches. Nick! Nick!

I'm so sorry.

I swear, if I get one more S.E.C. notice, I'm gonna burn the whole stack and move this thing to the Caymans.

Yeah, the weather's nice there.

I'm... sorry about the meeting, sir.

Nick, I shouldn't have to tell you...

80% of all start-ups fail within the first two years.

We make one mistake, it affects everything.

We can't go back and do this over again.

You're absolutely right.

I assure you this will not happen again.

Dave tells me you've been having some problems lately with concentrating and remembering stuff.

Are you sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

Really, it's... it's not a big deal.

I want you to just go home, take the rest of the week off and recharge the batteries.

Mr. Callahan, really, I can work. Nick...

I need to work.

It's done. Just go home.

We'll see you in a week.

Always searching Looking for the one to wrap your soul Around

Sing the one name as you let go The fear of flying You're on your way Endless love

And you say

You're gonna turn time around...

Oh, man.

Oh, shit. Baby, did you grab my sunglasses?

Mm? What would you do without me?


Yo, this is stupid! Bristol's a dick.

Yeah, a dick who'll get promoted instead of me if I flake on this meeting.

So he gets to ruin our Sundays? And Julie's birthday.

Whatever, man. I'm telling you you should just blow the whole thing off.

You're right. I don't really need this job anyway.

Yeah. Great idea.

I'm sure when you get fired, Trevor will last two weeks at work without you, maybe. "Two weeks at work without you."

Why you got to say that? What?

Ooh, guys, wait. I want to get a picture of this.

Nice. And you know what, honey?

You can move to New York with me and we can be starving artists together.

Isn't that a perfect idea? Put your seat belt on.

What? Put it on!

Okay. Shit.

I think so.

Hey, pumpkin. Hey, do you know what you're gonna wear?

What's happening?

Are you okay?


Oh, Nick, are you okay?

What's wrong, huh? Huh?

What's the matter?

I think I was having a nightmare.

Oh, baby! It's okay.

All right? It's all over now. It's all over.

Oh, shh.

Oh, God!

Okay? Now let's get going.

We'll celebrate my birthday. It'll be fun.

Okay. I'm gonna go get ready. All right.


I know how weird it sounds. It's just...

I can't explain it. I... there's this entire other version of my life without you.

I went through a whole year believing you were dead.

And then I just... I just wake up, and there you are.

Okay, it was just a bad dream, all right?

It wasn't real.

I'm here. Come on.

I hear you, I do, but it's just I'm having a really difficult time believing it.

It's been a traumatic year for both of us, okay?

But we made it. It's not that.


I am here.

And that's all that matters.

All right.

You're right. I know.

Oh, fuck. You're right.

Hi. Sorry we're late.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

Happy 25th, old lady. Oh!

How's it going, man?


It is really frickin' good!

Oh, it's good to see you, man!

Yeah, it's good. Good.

You two, you look amazing!

Oh, how much has he had to drink?

Well, it's been a long night.

Speaking of which, why don't, uh...

Yes, let's. and I do the...

Right. Okay.

...and you two... good. All right.

Hey, how's it goin', man? Two MGDs, Jack on the rocks and a house red, please.

Please tell me that you locked down the strippers.

The strippers?

For my bachelor party.

Your bachelor party?

Because... you two are getting married, and I'm... the best man.

Which means I would have locked down the strippers.

Of course I did, dumb-ass!

You're scaring me, man. Dude, I got the...

10 hottest strippers ever.


Awesome! Thanks. Thank you.

I am...

I am so psyched for you guys!

Oh. Okay.

Do you still think you're dreaming?

Baby, what's wrong? Baby, what's wrong?


I love you. I love you.

Oh god. All right, baby.

"Migraines have been linked to seizures in recent studies.

Patients with a high frequency of migraine attacks are at greater risk for cerebral strokes.

This progressive brain disease can lead to acute and selected memory loss.

Behavior changes might include the following... delusions, hallucinations, hearing things that are not actually present..."

"Schizophrenia refers to a split between emotion and thought."

"Studies have shown the disease to be genetically linked, which in its end stages can result in suicide."

Hey! How ya feelin'?

Oh, busted. Looking at porn. Again.

Yeah. By the way, you were really fucked up last night, man.

Yeah, I had a couple of drinks.

Yeah, a couple. Um...


Hey, guys. Bristol just called a staff meeting.

Conference room, five minutes.

Oh, God. What does that prick want now?

I don't know, but he wants to see you in his office beforehand.

What? Oh. Oh, guys?

I think I can already feel his foot up my ass.

All right, people, let's get right to it.

You've all heard me warn you about the problems of the average start-up company.

Well, it seems that we've been on the losing end this week.

I had five deals fall through, including R.S.B. Financial.


That's Trevor's account. He said it was a sure thing.

Well, he was wrong.

And unfortunately, Mr. Callahan felt like he had to send a message on this one.

We've had to let Trevor go.

So I suggest that we all get back to work, hmm?

Doesn't that seem a little harsh?


So what actually happened? Excuse me?

Well, if Trevor thought it was a sure thing, why'd the deal fall apart?

Come on, Bristol.

You had Trevor's job once, and you know how hard it is.

Yeah, and I worked my ass off, I didn't make mistakes and I got rewarded.

Why? 'Cause the Strike Line deal fell on your lap?

You were supposed to close the R.S.B. deal, not Trevor.

And you think you know something we don't?

What I know is Mr. Callahan pays me to be the judge of you people, and right now my judgment is telling me that you'd much rather be at home watching "Oprah" with your friend than working on this team any longer.

Congratulations, Nick. You're fired too.

Anyone else?

I love you, man, but this was not your problem.

Fuck that.

If it wasn't for us, Bristol wouldn't have been promoted in the first place.

I'm not taking orders from him.

Nick, you worked your ass off at this place.

You put your blood into this place, man.

Yeah, I put my blood into this place, and Bristol's the one who gets promoted.

Nick, that's business. You taught me that.

Now, look. Go tell Bristol you're sorry.

Tell him you're still having side effects from the accident.

Only side effect I'm having is knowing life is way too short for this.

What is this, a guy thing?

Trevor gets canned, so you just jump off the bridge with him?

Look, I was never gonna move up with Bristol as my supervisor anyway.

Ever since the guy got promoted, he's just been looking for an excuse to fire me.

Well, you didn't have to give him one. You know what? The truth is, he's the weak link. He's ruined the whole company, and everybody knows it. And you know what?

I am better off just getting out from under him.

No, Nick. You're better off with a job.

I told you, I'll find another one.

A better one. We'll all be okay.

You also told me to stay here and not go to New York, because that would be okay.

I'm sorry, and I just can't forget what we lost in that accident.



Hey, it will be.

It just takes time.

Nick, it's been a year.

I spend my days cataloguing other people's photo shoots for minimum wage.

I have half a portfolio and no time to finish it, and now...

Well, now I have to get another job so that we can pay our rent.

Excuse me.

Hey. Hey.


It's about the big picture. I finally see it now.

All that other stuff is just... just stuff.

Look, the only thing that is important is that we have each other.

That's all that counts.

Always the salesman, aren't you?

Mm. Maybe I'll be a technical copyeditor.

Is that Bristol? Jerk.

Come on.



Perfect shot. Ah! Great.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Isn't that great? You look so good.

Nice. So, what do you think?

Hmm? The ring, honey. Isn't it beautiful?

Can you believe I picked that thing out myself?

It's fantastic. Ooh.

Yeah. Sure, it's beautiful.

We're thinking next October.

Oh, how many people are you gonna invite?

You know, maybe 50. Just the important ones.

Mmm. Ah. Right.

Dave Bristol. What?

From your office?

Yeah, right. Like I'd invite that tool.

Looks like I'm out. Anyone else need more?

Oh, no, honey.

Bristol, merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, come on, Nick!

What are you doing? Bristol, I'm sorry, man.

What a klutz. Can I...

Nice. That's really nice.

Oh, man.

Oh, that's embarrassing, so embarrassing.

No way.

Hey, Nick.

I know you need those spreadsheets.

I'm just waiting on some numbers from the clients.

Holy shit.

I'm the vice president.

Uh, yeah, of course. I'm not trying to make excuses.

I pulled the Strike Line deal, not you.

I'm sorry. I'm just not following this.

Where's Trevor?

At some off-site client meeting. He said you knew about it.

Oh, yeah, right. Thanks.

Oh, and Bristol, clean up that desk. It's a mess.

I swear, if I get one more S.E.C. notice, I am gonna burn the whole stack and move this thing to the Caymans.

Well, I hear the weather's nice there.

Yeah, I guess. So how you feelin'?

Oh, better than ever.

Listen, I'm having dinner with a potential investor.

He's a big one. We need him.

You know what they say about start-ups.

I want you riding shotgun.

I wouldn't miss it for the world, Mr. Callahan.

"Mr. Callahan." That's cute.

The weather burns in you I can't predict the rain

The silence falls...

"Pacific Avenue."

You've reached Julie Miller Photography.

I can't take your call, so please leave a message, including your phone number and the date you'd like to book.

Thank you.

Well, hello there, Julie Miller Photography.

It's Nick Larson calling, and the date I would like to book is for tonight after my client meeting, which hopefully won't last too long.

So why don't you give me a call back and let me know if that works for your schedule?

Unless of course I see you at home first. All right. I love you, babe.

Honey, I'm home!



Hey, Nick, it's Mom. I hope you're okay.

I'd say so.

Call me. I haven't seen you for weeks. I know you're busy, but let me know how you are.

A toast... to successful partnerships.

Salud. Salud.

Your daughter is charming and beautiful.

Thank you.

Mm. And what about you, Nick?

Do you have family here?

Uh, just my mom. Yeah.

My, uh... my father moved away when I was a kid.

Ah. I am very sorry to hear that.

Well, it seems that you turned out all right.

You have certainly made an impression on your boss.

Oh, well...

Nick's had a bit of a magic touch lately.

Well, I just try to keep things simple, you know?

Know what you want and try to make that happen.

And if that doesn't work out, you steal the file from the guy sitting next to you and hope that one's a winner.

All right, Nick. Well, let's get serious for a minute and tell Mr. Fuentes about the new numbers.

Now? Oh, we're having such a good time.

The new numbers, Nick.

We're about to ask Mr. Fuentes for a large amount of money.

You have to dazzle the wallet out of his pocket and make it dance on the table.

No, really, Ron, you take the glory. This is your baby.

The numbers, Nick.

Well, what we're, uh... we're really talking about is, uh...

the next generation of hand-held operating systems.

Our software capitalizes on optical internet protocol, using light-wave architectures for processing so that it will send and receive data over multiple wavelengths.

Our system can be commercialized within six months, and with a working beta product and your company's backing, we can expect to sign one, maybe two of the incumbents.

Then we'll minimize our front-end expenditures by outsourcing to a flex manufacturer in China.

If we're right, our product margins will add

500 basis points to your company's gross margins within 12 months.

Bottom line, if we achieve one-third of the unit sales forecasted, we'll double your company's cash flow.

All right.

Hey. How's it going?

I'm about to pull out my hair, I'm so bored.

Yeah, it's, uh... sorry for all the technobabble.

Actually, you know, that's the part that got me hot.


Oh Jesus.

What are you doing?

Baby, it's been a week.

What, you want me to beg for it?

Whoa. Hey. Hey hey hey. We're in a restaurant.

When has that ever stopped you before?

Oh fuck.

Hold up. Your dad's right outside.

I don't care about that, and neither does he.

Besides, I'll just tell him to give you another raise.

Oh, Nick!

I want you, Nick. I hear you.



Oh my God. What are you doing?

Let's have some fun here.

Smile, baby.

Uh-uh. Hey...

I'll be in touch. You're most welcome.

You did great, Nick. Thanks for coming.

Yeah, Nick. Thanks for coming.

Here I am to let you know Take it back and let it slow Take it back and let it slow

Lust away from all that ends Try to keep all amends Try to keep all amends

Your home You hardly know it...

Oh! Jesus! Where were you?

I was waiting for two hours.

Trevor, settle down, man. I was at dinner with Callahan.

What? I told you, we need to talk.

All right. What's going on?

I've got a problem with one of my investors.

Who? Malcolm.

"Malcolm"? Are you playing with me?

Malcolm, from the club. We took his money. You closed the deal.

Is your head fucked? Come on! Malcolm, of course.

Yes. What's up? What's going on?

The money... h-he-he... he wants it back.

All right. How much? All of it.

250 grand. "250 grand"?

Did he do that to you? It was one of his guys, as a reminder.

Just listen. Listen to me, Nick.

You've got to make this happen, man, okay?

'Cause I can't mess around with this guy.

I- I- I can't make him wait anymore.

Hey, Trevor...

I'll talk to Ron. I'll take care of it.

It's no big deal. All right?

Yeah. Yeah, all right. All right, okay.

I owe you my life, man. No no. Dude.

It's all right. All right.


You, uh... you talk to Julie lately?

No. Not in a while. Why?

I'm having a hard time tracking her down.


You told me last time, you're done with her, right?

See you later.

Ron. How's it going, man?

For shit. Fuentes bailed.

What? You got to be kidding me.

After last night I thought we had him.

Yeah, well, fuck him. His mistake.

Oh, Jesus!

Listen, I hate to pile on, man, but, um, it seems we have a problem with one of our investors.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

Guy Trevor brought in back in July, gave us 250 grand?

Anyway, he says, uh... he says he wants it back.

That's it? Yeah.

That's pocket change.

Why don't you just go get the checkbook off my desk and write it yourself?

Ron, thank you so much, man. I knew you'd understand.

Why don't you write a few more while you're at it?

I mean, just go down to the corner and pass 'em out with milk and cookies.

I mean, if you really want to give some money away.

It's not like that, man.

Nick, we have contracts that specify how and when people get paid back.

I know. I understand. Look, it is a one-time thing.

I'll make it up to you on the next deal.

I don't get it. Were you asleep for our entire conversation yesterday?

Which... which one?

The one where I told you we're broke.

What? Nick, the money is gone.

No matter how many times we go over it, it is gone.

We've spent it... everything we had and more.

Ron, that's not possible. You wouldn't think so, but somehow we managed to pull it off.

What about the Strike Line deal?

Nick, you're a good salesman.

You've done a lot of great things for my company.

I'm glad I made you V.P., but let's face it... you blew it on that one.

What are you talking about?

You approached them during Christmas.

We weren't ready.

No matter how you look at it, Nick, you scared them off. That's the truth.

I didn't make the Strike Line deal.

Hell, you know, if... if we had just nailed that deal, we'd actually probably have some working software right now instead of this pile of garbage.


So what's the story? Still working on it.

Nick, come on, man. I'm meeting Malcolm tonight.

Hey. I'm gonna take care of it.


Julie. Hey, it's, uh... it's me, Nick, again.

Um... listen, I know that there's some stuff between us, and you're obviously not calling me back, but...

I'd really like to talk to you.

Happy belated birthday, and, uh...

I miss you.

Hello? Nick. Finally.

Oh, hey, Mom. How are you?

Fine, uh, what's up?

I've spoken to your father's doctor. He'd like to see you.

Will you talk to him?

Why? What... what do you mean?

I'm concerned about you. I really want to come and see you.

No no, I'm good, Mom. I'm fine. No, I really...

Hey, listen, I got to go, okay? I'll call you later.

Nick... I love you.


Let me see. Oh, looks good, huh?



Wow, I... hardly recognized you, you look so different.

Uh, thanks, I think.

No, I mean, you look beautiful.

Um, I left you a bunch of messages. Did you get 'em?

Yeah, I got 'em.


I'm sorry. I know I...

I got a little carried away. I just really wanted to talk to you.

Well, I'm standing here, so go ahead.

Um... What are you doing?

I'm working. At a club?

Yeah, at a club. I'm shooting a fashion show.

Well, that's cool. Who hooked that up?

Christopher. He introduced me to a few people and it just took off.

Wow. Who's Christopher?

Hey, baby. Hey.

You call me? I did.

And who's this? Oh, uh, Nick.

Old friend. We're just catching up.

Nick, she's the greatest, isn't she? She's gonna be a star, aren't you, baby?

Listen, I'm gonna get another drink.

Can I get you something? Sure.

Nick? No, I'm good.

All right

Julie. Julie.

Listen, I know some stuff went wrong with us, but you have to believe me, I never meant for it to end up like this.

Oh, cut the shit, Nick. You know what?

You got everything exactly the way you wanted it, so don't start caring about me now.

I am telling you, whatever I said, whatever I did, whatever... happened between us, just... just wipe it out of your head.

Don't you get it? I already have.

You know, and all your talk about your job and my career, the future, that's all it was, Nick... talk.

And now I'm my own boss, and for the first time I'm doing exactly what I want to do.

No, you're not.

I know what you want, and it's not this.

Things change. Not us.

Julie, we can start over.

Just give me a chance.

That's her, isn't it? Who?


Julie, no.

You are the only thing in this world that matters to me.

I don't know how I lost sight of that.

I can fix this.

I promise you I will.

Always the salesman, aren't you?


Nick. Oh, thank God.

See, I told you he'd show.

I'm really glad you could make it, Nick.

Malcolm, I assume. Yeah, good to meet you face to face finally. And you.

This is Wayne. He owns half the club with me.

Wayne? Nick.

Good luck.

Have a seat.

All right.

Malcolm, this space is fantastic.

Thank you very much.

Here we go. A little black tea with ginseng and mango.

We call it Chinese rocket fuel.

Keeps you sharp, mind and body.

It seems to be working for you.

I know why you're here.

You want to renegotiate your contract.


Your friend made a lot of promises.

Said he could get me in on the ground floor, triple my money with some sort of turbocharged super-phone software, and I'm no expert, but it sounded pretty good.

And it is, Malcolm.

That's all true.

It is an excellent product. I'm sure your investment will see a great return.

Malcolm, I'm not sure what it is you're looking for, but if you look at your contract, you'll see we're well within our timeline.

Okay, but at some time, I need to feel like there's some sort of progress going on.

Okay. Well, how can I help you feel like that?

See, we're part of an organization.

There's a chain of command. It's the way things are done.

Which is why we sign contracts that specify how and when people are paid back.

You're a businessman. You know how the whole thing works.

Have you ever wished you could look into the future?

The Chinese believe it's possible just by looking at a pattern of tea leaves.

So... the question is, do I see a waterfall dripping with all the money you guys are gonna make me?

Or, uh, do I see a little bonfire cooking as everything I gave you goes up in smoke? That's not it, Malcolm.

Well, I'm dying for you to prove me otherwise.

I think I can help.

Because of your relationship with Trevor and my confidence in this product, I've written you a personal check for 10%.

25 thousand out of 250?

It's a Band-Aid until your... your investment sees its return.

Band-Aids. I love Band-Aids.

Now, you see? I told you, Nick's on this now, and he's gonna take care of everything.

Well, it's better than nothing, which is all I've gotten from you so far.

So, maybe it's time we cut out the middlemen, right?


Get him out.


No! What?

Stay in here, okay?

Come on, move, move! Get out!

Shit! Get out! Now!

Fuck! Fuck!



Nick? No!

No, Julie! Fuck!

Oh, Julie! Oh, my God! What's happening?

Shh. Shh. I love you, baby.

I love you. You're okay, okay?

Here. Don't look. Here here. Hey, look at me.

Look at me, look at me. Everything's fine. Okay?

You're okay. Shh.


Come on!

Breathe. Just breathe.

All right. All right.

Oh, Grace!

Oh, God.

Found something that would wake you up.

What the fuck?

Relax. You're enjoying it.

Your shit's on the floor.

You want something to drink?

Who are you?


How did I get here?

You are so bloody cute.

Answer the question. Get your hands off of me.

You don't remember me? We met at the club.

Malcolm and I are partners.

On everything. Which means I own half your ass.

I understand you owe us $250,000.

If you hadda behaved yourself, I could've persuaded Malcolm into reducing your bill, but now you're not going anywhere until he gets here.

Don't you get it?

I'm sure your girlfriend and Trevor would agree.

Fuck you.

I really screwed things up, Mom.

I tried so hard to fix everything, to just... make things right, and every time I do I make it so much worse.

I don't even know who I am anymore.

Don't. You remind me of your father when you talk like that.

Why? You try to control everything.

Mom, I want to talk to Dad.

No, you can... you can't, okay?

You don't understand. It's really important.

No, you don't understand. Mom, you've gotta help me find him.

Nick, he's dead.

He committed suicide.

Why would you keep that from me?

I don't know.

I didn't want you to remember him like that.

The point is, Nick, it's you I'm worried about.

You can't do this alone.

You need to see a doctor.

You don't have to have the same fate as your father.

Nick, you can't control everything.

You have to let it go.

Another drink, please.


Nick. What's going on?

Oh my God.

What happened to you?

Did you bring it?

Where is Trevor?

I can't believe that was only a year ago.

I know something's wrong.

First, Trevor comes home with a black eye.

Then he says you have some meeting together, but he doesn't come home at all.

And now you want me to bring you some old picture?

Nick, I'm really scared.

I know.

You know that I'd do anything for Trevor, don't you?

I'd do anything for all you guys.


Come here.

I know you're scared.

I can't explain it... but I promise you that Trevor's okay.

Oh, great, guys.

Check it out...

I brought my own special birthday candle.

Yes! It's drugs!

Oh! My favorite.

Light it!

Light it. Yes yes.

Where are you going?

Somewhere. Oh, really?

With you.


I need to talk to you alone.


Put this on, it might get cold.


Ah. This looks exactly the same as it did when you first brought me here.

I can't believe... when was that?

Three years ago. Three years ago.


I can't imagine my life without you now.

Nick, I want to tell you something.

Me first.


You need to go to New York.

What? I know that it sounds strange, but trust me, it's for the best.

Where is this coming from?

This is your chance to pursue your art, to... find out about yourself, to not have to worry about me or us or my job or all that other bullshit, just...

I don't want to be free. Listen to me.

This is your last chance to...

pursue your own path in life, one that I can't fuck up.

Well, I don't want to pursue my own path. That wasn't the deal.

Listen. We were going to do this together and we were gonna work it out, and you promised you would be there.

Just trust me, I know, baby. I don't think you're getting it.


I just need a little space myself right now.

I'm sorry.

You're breaking up with me?

That's it? Yeah.

I don't think there's anything left to be said.

Nick, I'm pregnant.


Where's Julie?

What happened? Yeah, dude, she ran down here, grabbed your keys and took off to your car.

No! Oh God!

All right, here we go. Keep going to the point and back.

Hey, man, what are you doing? That's my car!

Slow down. Please, slow down.

Oh God.

Oh, you've got to be kidding. Julie!

God! Pull over, Julie, please!

Please, pull over.

I'm sorry! I love you!

I didn't know! I'm sorry!

Julie, you have to pull over!

Pull over! You don't understand!


Oh my God.

I love you.

I would do anything for all you guys.

You know that, don't you?

Hey, Nick. You're awake.

Come on, baby, we've got a big day.

I've got class in a half-hour.


That's right, Nicky, yeah!


Mommy has to go to class in a half an hour.

That's right. Okay?

I'm gonna drop you off at Grandma's. Yeah!

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