The Captain (2017) Script



Where is that little piggy?

Come on now!

Where is he?

Where is that little piggy?


Let's go.

That just means there's still something to be had.

Do it!

Thieves! Thieves! He's getting away!

I'll kill you!

This is too good to be true Like a miracle Shines down upon us From paradise, a golden ray Thank you.

Thanks so very, very much.

Just who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

What's this?

Your pants are too long.


Sorry, Captain.

What did you say?

What did you say, huh?

I want you to run.


Go on. You'll get your chance. Run! I want you to run.

Get going. Run!

Run for your life, little piggy. Get going, run.

Private Walter Freytag reporting for duty, Captain!

Lost my unit.

Requesting permission to be attached to the Captain.

The car is stuck?

I'll get you out of that muck, Captain.

Just who do you think you are?

Let me see your papers.

I lost my unit... Keep quiet.

You deserted.

No, Captain.

I got separated.

We were engaged in heavy combat.

Half of the...

You look hungry.

Haven't eaten in three days, Captain. Very hungry.

All right then. We'll give it a shot.

Better find us an inn.

Yes sir, Captain.

Place is as dark as my asshole, Captain.

All right, let's go.

Don't take it personally, Captain.

People just don't like uniforms anymore.

Especially not German ones. Parasites.

We've heard troubling rumors about conditions behind the front.

But things appear worse than I feared.


Schnabel, Gerd, Captain.

Party member since 1932.

Listen, I know we are in violation of certain regulations.

The roast was a mercy killing.

The poor animal... Relax.

I'm not here to make trouble. Just tell me what you're owed.

Because of the looting.

What did the deserters steal and what was it worth?

Please. For your reimbursement.

I'm here to make sure that everyone gets their money.


The party still stands for law and order. Heil Hitler!

I had two coach horses... You don't have horses!

As I said... Any food left? Breakfast was a while ago.

There's even roast left.

Freytag, roast!


There's roast. Give the innkeeper a hand.

Go on now.

They broke my crockery.

My furniture!

Hope it's tasty, Captain. Enjoy, Captain.


This looks splendid.

We'll take a little break.

No worries. Everyone gets their due.



That I Will.



We've got one.

He stole food.

We need some order around here. Yes, sir!

Time to earn your roast.

Everyone gets their due.

Here's a candle just in case, Captain.

That was hard.

Wake me at 0530 sharp tomorrow. Yes, sir.


What about breakfast?

There's some real coffee left in the car.

That's good.

Starting the day on an empty stomach is no fun.



Which way, Captain?

The farm is to the right. Yes, Captain.


At attention! Let's go!

Move it!

Let's have a look-see at your marching orders!

This is Radio Greater Germany.

Our Wehrmacht request show has concluded.

Your deployment zone is the other way. Deserters. I knew it!


Spit it out!

Captain, permission to report.

We got separated from our unit.

And so you just settled in here? At my expense! Damn drunks!

MPs are in the next village, but our phone's out.

He smashed it!

Come on!

You can't just roll over and take it all.


Yes sir, Captain. Schnapps!

Captain... Did I ask you something?


Captain, permission to report.

We respectfully request to be attached to your command.

Okay. Sit down.

I have a mission here behind the front.

I need help.

DETACHMENT “H” You are going to help me.

To Task Force Herold! Together we are strong.


What exactly is the mission?

To get clarity on the situation behind the front.

I can give you clarity on that.

The situation is always what you make of it.

Isn't that right, Captain?




Keep going.


Where exactly is this going?

Our area of deployment is straight ahead.

Military police! Everyone line up! Papers out!

I won't say it again!


Just who do you think you are?

As a decorated Luftwaffe captain, I won't tolerate such disrespect!

I demand to speak to your CO immediately! Sure, right here.

So you won't show your papers?

To a grunt who treats me like a criminal? Where are your marching orders?

We're on a special mission. Special mission?

To report on conditions behind the front. Uh-huh.

Under what authority? Under what authority?

Under the highest authority.

The highest authority.

Under the authority of the Fuhrer himself.

He has heard some alarming rumors about what's happening around here.

But who am I even talking to?

Sichner, Josef.

Now, if you'll show me your papers, we can be done with this.

Your paper's got to say something, right?


If I may ask to see your papers?

We're of equal rank. I have the same right to check yours as you do to check mine.

I'll note that in my report as well. Believe you me, Captain Sichner.

At ease.

Well, you know, with all the deserters, you never know who's wearing the uniform.

A travesty.

Freytag, give the men back their papers.

That scum runs around here looting, so we've set up strict checkpoints.

The fuhrer will be pleased.

You'll have your papers checked a few more times.

You're right. We need to teach those looters some manners.


I'll join you on your patrol to get a firsthand view of the situation.

And I'll gladly pitch in where necessary.

Take the men along and tow the car!


It's you, Captain Sichner. Heil Hitler!

We're taking deserters to Work Camp ll. Yes, sir! Open up!

Hold on!

Not so fast.

Captain Junker. Heil Hitler!

Captain Herold is on a special mission to assess the situation behind the front.

For the Fuhrer himself. The Fuhrer?

You can tell the fuhrer the situation is for shit.

Work Camp ll? Get in.

I brought some pals along.

We've met before, right?


Narvik! 1940.


What branch of the army? Airborne.

You? 1940? Poland.

God, Poland in 1940!

I loved it!

I never forget a face.

I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Well, we've got a bit of time.

I'll buy you a drink.

Come on, as long as we're waiting for gas.

It's an unbelievable luxury.

Keeping prisons and work camps going in times like these.

Nine of ten prisoners are morally corrupt and a burden to humanity.


Right. An unbelievable luxury.

When we evacuated the other camps due to the enemy approach, all prisoners were brought here!

Now we get to feed them till the courts...

This way.

Until the courts finally see fit to condemn them.

What do the posters say?


What does the party say?

We need to make looters pay.


What was your name again? Herold. Captain Willi Herold.


“Captain Herold.” I have to see to my men. My pleasure. We'll see to your men.

SA Leader Schütte.

He commands the camp guards. This is Captain Herold.

Heil Hitler. Am I glad to see you. Finally, somethings happening.

We've waited weeks for a court-martial. He's not here for a court-martial.

What? He's not?

I... I heard “special mission” and thought that meant business.

He's reporting on the situation behind the front, to the fuhrer himself.

The Fuhrer?

No other. So I've told Captain Herold about our little “storage issue.”

Oh, yes.

Yes, you see, with all the escaped prisoners, we have our own war of sorts here on the home front.

Even if it's less glamorous than it is for officers like you.

We all struggle with the same problems.

Just recently I came across a looter.

And? I made him pay.

Yes, like I always say!

Civilians are asking us for help, because prisoners break into their homes and loot.

An SA officer's pregnant wife was mugged and robbed.

Men who desert, steal, plunder or rape must be condemned!

Amnesty is no longer an option for escaped inmates.

And we have to make sure they don't fall into the hands of the enemy.

But the court-martial isn't convening.

The Wehrmacht should call the shots here, not the courts.

They just talk in circles and assume it'll all just pass locally.

But where brave soldiers die wretchedly on the front every day it's not right that known, that convicted criminals, live off the fat of the land because no one has the guts to end it.

The scum here is safer than any front soldier.

It'd be so easy to sort out. All it takes is the will.

Yes, the Captain understands our dilemma.


Of course.

Such an emergency cannot be ignored.

So you'll mention it to the Fuhrer? Put in a good word.

It would take a load off our shoulders.

Maybe I can do more.

Yes? What do you have in mind?

I don't want to promise anything. First I need to assess the situation.

And my men need accommodation and provisions.

You take care of the prisoners, and we'll look after your men.

All right, let's go.

Take the Captain to the detention barracks.

I have to clear that with Hansen first.

The warden for the inner sector, where the inmates are held.

I have no power there. The Justice Department has authority.

Then I'll have to grant you those powers.

The judiciary cannot mock the Wehrmacht. Excellent!

Well, I have to go. Schütte, you take over from here.


Captain Junker!

Now I really do want to know. What?

Where we've met. Oh, yes!


I just can't remember.

Happens, right?


If I may show you the way, Captain?

To the detention barracks.

Prisoners who've been recaptured after escaping are kept separately.

Everyone fall in.

And hurry up!

This scum needs to be taught discipline and order.

I'm going to see that you swine rot!

I'll get the warden. You can start interrogating the prisoners.

Did you steal?



Didn't you hear what the Captain asked you?



Repeated desertion.

Have them line up outside.

All of you empty your pockets.

If you've got nothing, you're next.

Do you have anything?

Do you?

In with it!

That'll do. That'll do too.

Who has something? You do. Give it here! Out!

Give it here.



You! Give it here!

Give it here now!


Please! They're already dead.

Either way.


What is it now?

A Luftwaffe captain wants to see the prisoners in the detention barracks.

Does he have the necessary authorization?

He has all the authorization he needs, from the fuhrer.

From the fuhrer himself?

In the inner camp, he must be accompanied by one of my prison guards.

In the inner camp, neither you, your SA guard units, nor the Wehrmacht have any authority whatsoever.

With your permission, I'll do that.


That certainly isn't regulation.

I hope we both know that. Of course.

But considering I'm already effectively the liaison to the Captain.

All right.

I'll be right there.

Um, Schütte? Yes?

Winkler's daughter would like this personally delivered to her father in Barrack 4.

Can you do that for me? Certainly, I'm going that way anyway.


Get out!

I said out!

What are you looking at?

What's with you? Huh?

So you'll convene the court-martial yourself?

My father always said, “Finish what you've started.” Finally, somethings happening! Brockhoff!

Confine all prisoners. Don't let them near the windows.

Shoot violators on sight!

Post a man every 15 meters along the barbed wire fence.

And, Brockhoff, dig a trench. These criminals don't need coffins.

You got it.

Come in.

Heil Hitler! Just take a look at this.

Move! Faster!

What in the hell is going on here?

Herr Hansen, may I present Captain Herold.

Ah, Captain! Do you have papers for this?

The Fuhrer has given me authority to take all necessary measures whenever German combat forces are at risk.

The soldier can die, but the deserter must die.

Yes. Yes, yes.

All the same, I ask you not to take any further action for the time being.

Because I must contact my superior.

Since I haven't received any orders from the Justice Department for this.

Obviously, as an officer, that must make sense to you.

I'm at your disposal.

Dr. Thiel, it's Hansen from Camp ll.


I have a Captain Herold here with me.

He says he has authorization from the Fuhrer, and he has already executed five prisoners.

Yes, within the inner sector.

One moment.

Deputy Special Emissary for the Justice Department, Dr. Thiel.

Captain Herold.

Five prisoners, yes. I know the judiciary has authority.

They attacked me during interrogation.

Yes, all five.

Herr Schütte can confirm that.

Indeed I can.

Of course they're guilty beyond doubt or they wouldn't be in the detention barracks.




I see.

Dr. Thiel says he would like you to wait until tomorrow before taking further steps.

Dr. Thiel says the statutes are very clear on that.

A court-martial must be organized properly.

Dr. Thiel will contact the chief public prosecutor in Oldenburg and then come out here to discuss things and check your papers.

He can check all he wants. And he will!

You haven't grasped the gravity of the situation, Herr Hansen.

That's for sure! I beg your pardon!

It's got to be done properly. Who wants to take responsibility for this?

Captain Herold!

Captain Herold.

Captain, we can sort this thing out so everyone is happy.

I know the Gauleiter. If he's on our side, there'll be no more problems with the Justice Department.

We'll have no trouble keeping Dr. Thiel out of this.

Captain Herold.

He has unlimited authority from the Führer.

That's right, to put things in order here at the camp.

Yes, the Captain has already gotten rid of a few of prisoners.

He says, “You've got to start somewhere.” I agree entirely. The Justice Department is stonewalling.

But we should definitely clear this with the gestapo in Emden.

You'll do that?

That's great!

He says, “If Herold is ready to take care of the matter, it'll save time.” He'll call back.

Schütte. The Gauleiter.

Is someone coming from headquarters?

No, we'll manage on our own.

He says, “Break a leg and smooth sailing.”

Dr. Thiel? Yes, Schütte from Camp ll. Captain Herold wants to speak to you.

Dr. Thiel?

And entrusted the matter to me.

Everything has been turned over to the gestapo in Emden.

He wants to check with the gestapo and contact the prosecutor, then he'll inform Hansen.

Sleep, baby, sleep Hansen is a sheep



So you're saying that the gestapo has assigned the matter to Captain Herold as a simplified court-martial and is assuming full responsibility?

I see.

So Captain Herold has the proper authority?

Yes, then nothing can be done.

I see. There is no doubt about his authority.


Yes, I understand. Heil Hitler.

All fall in!


Hurry up!

I was thinking three groups of 30?

Then we'd better get going.

Let's go!

Left face!


Today we want to march along March to a brand new song In the Westerwood so old Oh, the wind it blows so cold In the Westerwood so old Oh, the wind it blows so cold Oh, you beautiful Westerwood!

O'er your tops, the wind blows cold Yet the tiniest ray of sunshine warms our hearts

Because dancing is a delight and makes your heart cheery and light Oh, you beautiful Westerwood!

O'er your tops, the wind blows cold Yet the tiniest ray of sunshine warms our hearts And Gretel and Hans On Sundays, they sure like to dance Because dancing is a delight and makes your heart cheery and light Because dancing is a delight and makes your heart cheery and light Oh, you beautiful Westerwood!

O'er your tops, the wind blows cold Yet the tiniest ray of sunshine warms our hearts When the dancing is all done then usually a brawl is on Any lad not keen on that has no pluck and that's a fact



Flak has shit the bed.

Everyone, open fire!

Let's go!

Captain, these proceedings are in no way according to regulations.

What you've done here can only be called a disgrace.

It's inhumane, and I shall report it.

Back to work.

Going marvelously, isn't it?

Someone has to go in. You there!


You get in there!

Get moving!

Get moving!

Make it snappy, damn it!


Put an end to his unnecessary suffering.

Respectfully reporting. Order executed, Captain.

Yes, a complaint regarding the improper disposal of 90 prisoners.

Ninety, Dr. Thiel. No. No way!

What? I'm not cleaning this up.

Oh, that.

Captain Herold has organized festivities to celebrate the day.

With some inmates, actors and musicians. Pick up that shovel!

You bastard! Follow orders! About the complaint...

I'll kill you!

I'll send you into the trench! Yes. Yes, I understand.

I'm sick of your shit! Um, yes. Yes. Agreed.

You must be nuts! Refusing to obey an order!

That means death! I'll stick this shovel...

What's going on out there?

A horrible mess is what this is!

Shut up!

He can do this crap himself!

The digging detail is refusing to fill in the trench!

Then do it yourself! I want peace and order around here!

Dr. Thiel says give it to me in writing. I'll submit it in due order.

I have to insist an official report is made.

I'm powerless here as well.

Come on. I'll take you into town.

We can spare ourselves Herold's festivities.

I ask permission to stay away until Captain Herold has left.

Yes, as far as I'm concerned. It's nearly over anyway.

Oh, screw off!

You'll regret this, you swine! Go on. Get to work.

Hip hip... Hooray!

In celebration of this day, there'll be enough schnapps to drown in.

For everyone!

Your hard work will be rewarded.


In two weeks, on April 20, 1945, the fuhrer's birthday, a triumphant German offensive will bring the turning point.

The Fuhrer said it, and the Fuhrer doesn't lie.

Been with me since she was 15. Can you believe it, Captain?

For 20 years now, one heart and one soul.

Like all big cats, I mate only once. And then it's for life.

Look! A banana!

How are you? I feel like a Jewish lawyer.

How's that? I could tell you, but I'd get charged.

Hey, Rabbi! Yes?

I'd like to know what “relatively” means.

You don't know what “relatively” means? No.

Should I explain? Yes, explain.

Fine, Moshe. I'm going to pull my pants down now.

Then my underpants. And now?

Now I'll bend forward. And what do I do?

Now stick your nose right up my ass. Do I have to, Rabbi?

Yes, Moshe, or I can't explain “relatively” to you.

Is your nose right up my ass? Yes, my nose is right up your ass.

Now the both of us have a nose right up an ass, but my situation is “relatively” better than yours.


Oh, that was...

Oh! I'm so hungry.

Really? Yes, I'm hungry.

Do you have food? I haven't... No!

A giant sausage.

It's been so long! Boy, I'm so hungry!

I'm hungry! Oh, I'm so hungry.

No! Oh, no! Oh, God!

He sure is hungry, but I am too.

I... Boy, am I hungry too.

Now I can eat too.

They are terrific.

Band of brothers! Band of brothers!

It is so lovely and never more found When a band of brothers is together as we The soul cries out Not a word need be found They sense the sacred bond By which they're bound Band of brothers! Band of brothers!

Anyone who's ever heard the grenades Holds in his heart the brothers he's made What could ever replace these ties?

They can see it in each other's eyes Band of brothers! Band of brothers!

At last the hearts that beat so strong And bear their brothers' burden along Across the bitter years they stand The future of the Fatherland!

Band of brothers! Band of brothers!

To Captain Herold. Hip hip...


Now I'd like to say a word about our esteemed Captain Herold, who took this whole thing into his hands so speedily, decisively and so terrifically.

It went smoothly.

Smooth! Smooth! Smooth!

Firstly, thanks for the kind words.

But I have to note that our work here is far from done.

None of the inmates, the parasites in this camp, may fall into British hands alive to then collaborate with the enemy.

To our sacred duty and obedience.

To Task Force Herold! To Task Force Herold!


What is it?

Have a seat.

Come on. We won't bite.

Come on. Sit down.

Come on.

Come now.


Cheers. Thanks.

Cheers. Cheers.

What's your name? Roger, Captain.

Crime? Oh, you know, nothing really.

Nothing really? So you're not a criminal at all?

No way! An actor is what I am.

And a clever one at that. Right. “Nothing really.” I'll get your file, you dog! No need for that.

I want to ask you something, purely hypothetically.

We'll pretend as if.

We'll pretend you did something. But I didn't.

Yes, I know. But you're an actor, right?

Yes, but... Then act. Pretend you've done something.

Yes, act. That's exactly what hypnothecally means.

"Hypno" what?

“Hypothetically” is what you mean.

So what would someone like you do if he had done something wrong?

I've got a nose for these things.

Judging by his looks, he's a thief.

What do you say, Gerda?

I don't know.

Maybe a murderer. A murderer?

I've never murdered anyone.

Not me! What are you then?

Now think of something. It's just... Hypothetical.

You're just pretending to be a criminal, so to speak.

Um, well, I'm not a murderer.

If anything, then... then probably more of a...

Probably a thief. What did I say?

What did I say? What was it you stole?

I haven't thought that far yet.

This is no fun. A bit more effort.

Maybe you stole food. That happens. If you're hungry.

When it's a matter of survival.

A few eggs here, a bit of bread there.

A few lies. Small ones, big ones.

Whatever gets you through the dark times.

If you're not fucking death, death will fuck you.

I, for example, stole this uniform.

I stole the wine.

I... I stole these potatoes here.

That is, purely hypothetically.

I can steal this sausage.

Captain, you're quite the actor.

Seriously now, what is it you did?

I stole from a dead comrade.

Oh, he's a grave robber! Now that's a hell of a confession.

No, I only mean hypothetically. Do you know what that means?

Should I tell you?

What? Should I tell you?

Should I spell it out for you?

Should I? Should I? Huh?

What in the Sam hell is going on here?

Come on! Come on!

Come here, you swine! Hey, what is this crap?

Didn't want to dig, huh? I'll show you! Out, you swine!

That's enough! Back into the mess hall!

What kind of a mess is this?

You swine!

Into the mess hall! And right now!

Not like animals! Brockhoff!

Captain, this is no good.

This is not the proper way to do this.

This isn't German!


Everyone listen up when “the Captain” gives a command.

Everyone listen up!

“The Captain” is speaking! Enough, I said!

Everyone listen up when "the Captain” gives a command.

Everyone listen up...

How does he dare speak like that?

Captain, I implore you. Get things back in order immediately!

...listen up when “the Captain” speaks!

This has to be done in an orderly manner!



No cowardice.

Next round's on me.

Welcome to Task Force Herold.



I have to speak to the Captain. He is busy.

It's urgent! As I told you, the Captain is busy!

Then tell him the local reserve corps are ready to start combing the area.

Pleased to report... I heard. Go to the mess hall, old friend.

Deserters loot and rape, terrorize the civilian population, threaten our brothers-in-arms.

We must put an end to that!

It's not enough to wait for the scum to act.

We have to preempt the crimes of such riffraff!

They are antisocial, worthless elements that Germany cannot tolerate.

I expect a quick, efficient resolution. No pussyfooting around.

About the pants...

They were too long.

But, thank God, now they fit, Captain.

Yes, that I am. The Captain.


The reserves are back.

British artillery!

All right, let's go.

Fall in.

Task Force Herold, fall in!

I wouldn't have given a cent for our lives this time around.

Isn't that right, old friend?

Hell of a party, boss.

But this joint's closed for good.

I promote you both to the rank of corporal.

You are now a sergeant.

Get yourselves uniforms.

We're done here.





Traitor to the Fatherland!

Oh, shit! Requisition supplies.

I am Captain Herold, head of Special Detachment and Express Court Herold, the avenging angel of our sacred German honor!

And I will ensure every traitor to the Fatherland gets just punishment.

This sentence will please all honor-loving Germans, and be a warning to all cowards who betray their Fatherland in these hard times.

I will return law and order to this place.


Find the best house in town.

Get your passage fees ready.


Empty it! Empty it!


My girlfriend Irmgard. My pleasure.

Pleasure's mine.

This is Captain Herold.

Decorated for his bravery by the Fuhrer himself.

Thank you.

Hey! Hey!


Come on! Let go! Let go!

Let me go!

Let go! You dog!

Let go! Let me go!

You are accused of looting, burglary and...

high treason.

Private Kipinski has disgraced our outfit.

Express Court Herold finds him guilty and sentences him to death by...

firing squad.

I flew inside you like the devil into the virgin.

And that's where I'll stay.

In your heart.

Let's go.



Crying? Laughing?

- Dreaming? Waking?

Today I know not how far I'll go Where I walk, where I stand People they smile at me, it's true Today, my fairy tales will all come true Today, I see it all so clear

- Come here, doggy! It' happens just once in a lifetime It'll never happen again This is too good to be true Like a miracle shines down upon us From paradise, a golden ray It happens just once in a lifetime It'll never happen again Perhaps it is merely a dream

Such a miracle comes only once and not twice Tomorrow it may be over Such a miracle comes only once and not twice For every springtime has just one May

Get up!

Move! Come on. Hands up.

Military Police!

Military Police!

Open the door!

PRIVATE You're a private!

So you confess to the following crimes: impersonating an officer, organizing the massacre in Camp ll, and, finally, hanging a mayor who was flying a white flag.


Shooting a mayor who was flying a white flag.

My father always said, “if you've done something wrong, then at least admit it.”

Sorry, but legally the case is clear.

This man must inevitably be sentenced to death by hanging.

I don't know.

That seems extreme to me.

Given the chaotic times...

Herold didn't behave that unreasonably.

He displayed a no-nonsense military demeanor, but, ultimately, he did no harm to the Wehrmacht.

Herold always behaved like an officer around me.

Herold has stood at attention throughout this hearing.

And it's been over four hours now.

And he's done it without complaint!

He's one spirited fellow. He showed tremendous military leadership qualities.

Such men impress me. I'd like to add something.

My actions were guided by my determination to do everything in my power in these last days of the war to curb the defeatist mentality and to keep Germany fighting.

I've seen plenty of evil committed out of necessity, but this man cannot possibly be in his right mind.

Well, you know, when I think back... to our days as young Freikorps soldiers.

We used to get pretty trigger-happy ourselves.

Surely you don't mean to acquit him?

Restricted release.

I recommend suspending the case and giving him an administrative transfer to the front.

He's a peppy son of a gun.

A man like him is worth his weight in gold, especially now.

Let's not kid ourselves.

The war is over.

The Reich has lost.

But that does not mean that we're giving up.

We will establish an underground army that will operate in occupied Germany and continue the armed struggle against the enemy.

Heil Hitler! We'll march to Berlin on foot to free the Reich's fallen capital!

Yes, sir!





HE WAS 21.