The Captain (2019) Script

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Maner, I will be back for your birthday party tonight.

How could someone abandon a cutie like you?


All right.

You will be okay soon.

Let's go.

Flight crew sign-in liu changjian, 04:29 thank you.

You're welcome.

Please exhale.


Captain liang. Good morning.

Good morning, captain liu.

Convective clouds affecting southeastern Tibetan plateau are stronger than anticipated.

They are moving southward in the southwest region and intensifying.

Between seven and nine o'clock, these clouds will affect planes passing through the area.

Pay close attention to flights to and from Tibet.

Be prepared for delays and cancellations.

Notify air traffic controllers that there are critical weather conditions in the region.


Hair and makeup check.


Sync watches.


We will fly from Chongqing to lhasa today.

What is special about this route?

It's a high-altitude route since the elevation of lhasa airport is higher than 2,438 meters.

What do we do in case we encounter cabin depressurization?

Put on oxygen masks and strap ourselves down.

How long does the oxygen supply last?

Fifty-five minutes.

And the critical point?

Chongzhou to lhasa cabin pressurization flight profile pargu.

Check procedures for cabin depressurization.

Flying over the Tibetan plateau is atypical.

In case of an emergency, we need to first protect ourselves, but also care for the passengers.

If they are nervous, what do we say to calm them down?

Please trust us. We are trained professionals.

We are confident that we can ensure your safety.

What day is this on your rotation, captain?

First day.

This is my third.

I'll fly outbound and you can fly the return trip.


That's a rather large cloud formation.

We will fly above it on our way there and on our return flight, it should be gone.

Did you notice anything different today?

It's your first day in business class.

Yawen, I heard you're getting married?


Please trust us. We are trained professionals.

How many times have we rehearsed that? We've never had to use it.

Better if we never have to.

Good morning.

I don't know if I can balance work and family life like you do.

Your back injury just got better. Take it easy.

Thank you.

Good morning, captain.

Good morning, captain liu.

Good morning.

Huang jia.

My name is xu yichen. I've seen you three times before.

How old are you?

It's my first time flying with captain liu.

Does he always look so pissed?

That was his definition of a smile, you know?

He's number one and I'm number two.

Would you like some bacon?

Thank you, but I'm on a vegetarian diet right now.

I see. How about an egg then?

Out of 30,000 employees, why are the nine of us grouped for this flight?


We were assigned by dispatch.

Of all the combinations, why this one?

Do you mean to say that we were destined to meet?

Of course I've wanted to meet all of you too.

I think we subconsciously desire to meet each other.

So, here we are.

So lame.

Ignore him.

I remember you.

You left a deep impression on me.

You were the one who puked outside the simulator.


Good morning! Are you flying today too?

I heard you are here, so I came by.

We kept missing each other.

Surely you are here to see me.

I'm here to see nan, not you.

If he asks strangers for their phone numbers, don't stop him.

When did I ever ask for phone numbers? Strangers ask for mine!

I'm really low-key. Did I ask for your numbers?

Yes, you did! Yes, you did!

I love you!

See you on the radar.

Have an egg.

Well, it's time.

Let's go.

Please wait for the explosives check.

You may go in now.


As soon as we get to Tibet, we'll have lunch.

The altitude of Tibet is quite high. It is about 3,600 meters.

We want to go dancing at potalo palace square.

You must avoid strenuous activity. Three, two, one. Say cheese!

The grand Tibet hotel hired my husband as a chef and we're going with him.

Why are you calling me so early?

Identification or passport, please.

Flight 3u8633 lhasa hurry up. I think it's over there.


I need those for work!

It's pretty crowded even though it's still early.

Let's go! Slow down!

Are you looking for trouble?

All right, dear. Our turn.

Hey, everyone. I'm going through security now.

Next, please.

Place any belts, wallets, chargers, and cell phones into a tray.

No lighters allowed.

Stop looking at your phone!

I'm taking you all on a trip to lhasa!

Yes. Really?

Go, team! Go! Go!

Hurry up. I think it's over there.

If you cared about our child, then why are things like this now?

The flight attendants are in such good shape.

No tummies sticking out.

Good morning.

Blessings and good luck.

Blessings and good luck.

Good morning. Good morning.

Hot pot tonight, nan.

Thank you. Thank you.

Attention, crew. Conduct emergency equipment check.

Are you done with the emergency equipment check?

Emergency equipment check is complete. Everything is normal.


Rear cabin emergency equipment check is complete.

Everything is normal.

Copy. Thank you.

Captain, the plane is in good condition.

Please sign. All right.

Thank you.

Attention, crew. Conduct the emergency lighting check.

Emergency lights are normal. Copy.

Rear cabin emergency lights are normal.

Copy. Thank you.

Flight records, please.

Thank you.

Reporting. We received 124 breakfast orders.

No special meals.

Copy. Thank you.

Thank you.

Okay, thank you.


Okay, thank you.

Rear cabin clear of maintenance personnel.

Requesting permission to close the l2 cabin door.

Permission granted.

Please sign this.

Remove the safety belt.

Safety belt removed.

Push the gust lock.

The catering truck is leaving 3u8633.

Weather radar, off. Landing gear, down.

Wipers, off.

Battery power, auto. External power source connected.

Apu fire protection test button, check.

Flashlight, check. Escape rope, check.

Rainproof spray, check. Jump switch panel, check.

All switches are off.

Checklist complete, captain.


I'll do the walk-around.

I really have nothing against him.

He is young.

He's a bit flashy.

Maybe after this flight, you will like him.


Raise your hand if you're a member of the communist party.


According to the weather report, we will hit a jet stream 30 minutes into the flight.

So pay attention to turbulence.

As usual, no ring for light turbulence.

One ring for medium, and three rings for severe turbulence.

It's a pleasure to be flying with you all.

Let's begin boarding.

Thank you, captain. Thank you, captain.

Have a good flight! Have a good flight!

Cut it out!

Attention, passengers heading to lhasa.

Flight 3u8633 will begin boarding soon.

I'm boarding soon. I need to go now.

Welcome aboard.

Good morning. Welcome aboard. Good morning. Welcome aboard.

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning, ma'am. Welcome aboard.

May I see your boarding pass?

Your seat is 23e. This is 2d.

Your seat is that way. Thank you.

All right, I'm going to hang up. Just hang up.

Okay, stop crying.

I'll be back in a couple of days! Okay?

May I help you?

Here, let me.

Thank you.

Is it here? Your seat is here.

Row 17.

Mom, we're over here.

Good morning.

Ma'am, 119 passengers are all boarded.

Please confirm. 119 passengers.

Welcome aboard sichuan airlines flight 3u8633 flying from Chongqing to lhasa.

The cabin door will be closed. Please check your boarding passes again.

For your safety, please turn off your mobile phones and electronic devices turn it. Turn it? Let's try.

The air is blowing out. Or set them to airplane mode.

Please contact our flight attendant.

We're about to show you Do you want a beating?

Our safety video. What are you guys doing?

What does this say?

In case of an emergency landing, bend over and keep our heads down.

What is this?

My brother's ashes.

Are you okay?

Hold door assist handle. Holding handle.

Push gust lock. Gust lock pushed.

Move the door rearward towards the frame.

Moving the door toward the frame.

Lower the door control handle.

Chongqing ground, sichuan 8633.

Terminal 211, requesting pushback.

Sichuan 8633, Chongqing ground you are cleared for pushback, qnh 1018.

In an emergency landing, assume a brace position.

I'm heading to the jokhang temple. See you guys there.

Cleared for pushback, qnh 1018. Sichuan 8633.

I hope my guitar is okay.

I'm sure it's fine.

Startup engine two.

Sichuan 8633 requesting permission for taxiing.

You may begin taxiing, 3u8633.

Why don't you call her?

Where are you?

Who is texting you at this hour?

Mom is very worried.

Who else?

Sir, please adjust your seat to an upright position.

Alpha one, bravo, bravo one, wait by runway 02l.

Mr. wu. Sir, the plane is now taxiing. Then, I'll change my phone number.

Please switch your phone to airplane mode or turn it off.

Why don't you hang up the phone for me?

Here, do it.

Mr. wu, the call has ended.

A few more words won't ground the plane.

The plane is about to take off.

For everyone's safety, What's the big deal?

Please turn off your phone. Tell her to stay away.

I don't want to see her.

I am the in-flight service manager of this flight and I'll be serving you on this flight.

Fine. You'll be serving me, right?

Here. Are you happy?

Thank you so much for cooperating.

Chongqing tower, sichuan 8633 waiting by runway 02 left.

I think the first officer likes you.

He thinks he is so cool with his sunglasses.

Sichuan 8633, cleared for takeoff.

Runway 02l, wind direction 030, 4 knots.

Sichuan 8633, 02l cleared for takeoff.

Takeoff power, set.


It's 100 knots.




Positive rate.

Gear up.

Gear up.

Chongqing tower, sichuan 8633 has taken off from runway 02l.

Sichuan 8633, contact approach on 125.2. Goodbye.

125.2. Goodbye, sichuan 8633.

Chongqing tower, sichuan 8633 has taken off from runway 02l.

Sichuan 8633, you are identified.

Climb to 3,900 meters, sichuan 8633.

Your hair.

Thank you.

When we get home, you'd better catch up on your homework.

This toy is for you.

Thank you!

Please sit tight and fasten your seat belt.

Sichuan 8633, contact chengdu on 123.7. Goodbye.

It's 123.7. Goodbye, sichuan 8633.

Setting 123.7.


Good morning, chengdu radar. This is sichuan 8633.

Altitude 7,200 meters, squawking 2245.

Sichuan 8633, you are identified.

Continue to climb to 9,200 meters.

Pay attention to abnormal weather patterns in the southeast region.

Air traffic control

Keep your hands moisturized.

It's your first day in business class. Keep it together.

No one has ever thrown their phone to me like that.

I was a bit nervous.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some turbulence.

For your safety, please fasten your seat belts it's okay. And refrain from using the lavatory.

Turbulence checklist.

Turbulence, speed 275.


We must be in a jet stream.

Mom, what is going on?

Don't worry. Please fasten your seat belts.

Autopilot disengaged.

I have control. You have control.

Tell chengdu that we have hit severe turbulence and request a climb.

Chengdu, this is sichuan 8633.

Sichuan 8633, go ahead.

Sichuan 8633 encountering severe turbulence.

Requesting a higher altitude.

Sichuan 8633, climb to 9,800 meters.

Sichuan 8633, 9,800 meters.

Fl321 is equivalent to 9,800 meters.


Altitude set to fl321. Proceed.

Climb thrust and change level to fl321 blue.


We have reports of severe turbulence on the CTU-lsa flight route, near chz.


I want to go home, dear.

We're on a plane. Do you think I can stop this thing?

I really want to go home.

All right.

Don't worry. Here, have an orange.

I'm not hungry. I'm scared.

Isn't this exciting?

It's nothing.

I told you that back rows are the worst.

Don't worry.

It's scientifically proven that the back of the plane is the safest spot.

Take a nap while you can.

I should have stayed home instead of going to Tibet.

What a thing to say.

A husband and kids.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?

That sounds dreadful.

Don't you lose your freedom after marriage?

After I get my visa, I'll fly international routes and travel all over the world.

I hope you have lots of fun.

Sounds good.

Take me with you.

Quit it!

Engage ap1.

Ap1 engaged.


My daughter turns six today.

She's having a birthday party?

I promised to celebrate with her tonight.

Hey, captain.

Is it true that daughters are closer to their dads?

She's closer to her mom. They spend more time together.

Any plans for a son, captain?

You can have a second child now.

A son?

I'll have to think about it.

Coffee or tea, gentlemen?

I'm okay. Thank you.

Cola, please.

Sure. What about you, captain liang?

Did my wife say what I should drink?

Tap water.

Would you like a refill?

Can I have some ice? Sure, coming right up.

I'll have coffee.

Your breakfast, Mr. wu.

Congee, as you ordered.

I don't like congee. I want noodles.

Sure, right away.

Noodles, sir.

Please enjoy. I changed my mind.

I do like congee.

Sure. You can have both. Enjoy.

Are the noodles warm? Yes.

Are you sure? Yes, please give it a try.

It's even better with hot sauce.


Nothing but a waitress. What makes you so special?

A waitress.

If we were on man vs. Wild, I bet we would be the last ones standing.



You would eat things that even bear grylls wouldn't touch.


That's the four maidens mountain right there.

From here on, we have entered the Tibetan plateau.

Aren't you the pilot?

Why are you out here?

There are two pilots on this flight.

After we reached cruising altitude, I can take a break.

So you're the backup.

The backup?

Flights over Tibetan plateau require two pilots on board.

He flies outbound, I fly the return. We're equally qualified, okay?

So you're traveling alone?

What will you do in lhasa?

Take a stroll.

Would you like ice with your water? Coming right up.

Be careful, it's hot.

Put it away.

Trolley coming through. Please watch out. Excuse me.

We don't get pickles.

I'm sorry, I'll get some for you.

Get two packs.

Are two packs enough?

Yes, thank you.

Trolley coming through. Please watch your feet.


I heard from dispatch that you have flown this route many times?

About a hundred times including missions during my air force days.

I flew a bomber back then.

Switching from military to commercial service was not easy.

My instructor really chewed me out.

When he was done, he said to me, "I'm not doing this for myself.

I'm doing this for my family.

One day, you might be their pilot.

I don't want to have to worry on that day."

I remember you had good grades at the academy.

They were all right.

Good grades alone don't make a good pilot.

Remember this.

When you think nothing can go wrong, something will go wrong.

Every move in the cockpit has to be precise and correct.

It's not just for show.

Copy that, captain.

Hi, sir. Sir, do you need a refill?

Here is your water. Thank you.

Your water.

So why are you going to lhasa?

Visiting my buddies.

Old-timers like yourself?

They are younger than you.

An avalanche during a patrol buried all of them.

Everyone in the squad but me.

It has been over 40 years.

Trolley coming through. Please watch your feet.

Another beer, please.

Sure, right away.

Sir, would you like some more?

I need to go to the bathroom. Where are you going?

To piss!

I want to use the restroom.

It's spacious here.

Hello. Can I help you?

I want to pee.

Go ahead.

Use the handle in case of turbulence.

We're in luck. We'll be on time today.

And I can make it to my daughter's birthday party.

No point of impact.

Chengdu, sichuan 8633.

Sichuan 8633, go ahead.

We have a malfunction, requesting descent to a lower altitude.

Sichuan 8633, descend to 8,400 meters.

Descending to 8,400m, I'm turning back.

My windshield is cracked.

Did you say the windshield is cracked?


Are you returning to Chongqing?

Sichuan 8633, do you confirm return to Chongqing?

Returning to chengdu.

Diverting to chengdu?


Sichuan 8633, descend to 8,400 meters.

Be careful of the turbulence.

Please return to your seat and fasten your seat belt.

Please fasten your seat belts.

Sir, please be careful.

Hurry up and sit down. It's so bumpy.

We're experiencing turbulence. Please keep your seat belts fastened.

Please fasten your seat belt. Please fasten your seat belt.

Sichuan 8633, turn right for chongzhou. Do you copy?

Do you copy?

Please fasten your seat belt.

We're experiencing turbulence. Please fasten your seat belts.

What is with this thing? I got it.

It doesn't work.

Sir, please sit down.

Fasten your seat belt. It's not safe to stand up.


Please keep your seat belts fastened. Please keep your seat belts fastened.

Keep your seat belts fastened!

Keep your seat belts fastened!

Don't panic.

Keep your seat belts on. Keep your seat belts on.

Put on oxygen masks!

Put on oxygen masks!

Put on oxygen masks!

Let me help.

Sichuan 8633?


Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sir, our radios are working fine.

We can talk to other planes.

I gave instructions to go north, but sichuan 8633 is heading south toward air force-controlled airspace.


Sichuan 8633 shows abnormal rate of descent.

Continue monitoring.

The rate of descent exceeds 3,000 meters per minute.

They may have lost cabin pressure.

They will crash if they keep going.

Put oxygen masks on and keep breathing!



Are you okay?

Mask? Oxygen?

We can use the same seat belt.

No, keep your seat belt fastened.

It's safer this way.

Mom, she said it's safer if you keep your seat belt fastened.

Passengers are okay.

The crew is still conscious.

Notify the air force.

Try to reach sichuan 8633 on the emergency frequency.

Sichuan 8633 is squawking 7700.

It is now 100 kilometers away from navigation station three.

Contact chengdu area control. Verify flight info.

This is wang mo.

Initiate emergency response procedures. Shut down the CTU-lsa flight path.

Ground all flights yet to take off and divert aircrafts already airborne.

Clear the air space around sichuan 8633.

Tower copy.



Initiate emergency response procedures.


Sichuan 8633 has a mechanical failure and will divert to this airport.

Contact sichuan airlines and verify flight information.

How many planes have started taxiing?

Three at tower east.

Five at tower west.

Keep them on the ground.

How many are waiting on the apron?


Halt all the pushbacks.

Keep runways 02 left and 02 right clear.

Instrument landing system on 02 left is under maintenance.

Verify ils status.

Initiate level three emergency response procedure.

Police, medical response, fire department, and airport security.

Prepare and standby for further instructions.

Come on. Get into this car.

You guys get in the next one. Quick.

Come on. This way. Hurry up.

We will make an announcement when there is more information.

One moment, please.

We still need confirmation on this.

Your flight is at nine o'clock.

The 3u8633 is approaching controlled airspace.

Instruct tower to divert all planes on training missions.

Clear airspace for sichuan 8633 and let caac take control of the area.


Tower, suspend all training missions scheduled for this morning.

Let caac take control of our airspace.

Tower copy.

All planes, return to base for further orders.


Check if nearby aircraft can reach them by radio.

Aircraft on this frequency, check if you can reach 3u8633 on the radio.

Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling.

Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling.

Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling.

Sichuan 8633.

Chengdu calling. Do you copy?

Sichuan 8633 will divert to chengdu.

The estimated time of arrival is 25 minutes.

A total of 9 crew and 119 passengers.

No hazardous equipment.

The estimated fuel weight is 27,000 pounds.

There is a risk of an overweight landing.

We have lost contact with flight 3u8633 to lhasa.

All flights heading to lhasa will be affected.


Keep breathing.

Sir? Are you okay?

Keep your oxygen masks on.

Attention, flight attendants.

I need to confirm your position.

Push the call button when you are called.

Number two.

Number three.

Number four.

Number five.

Number five.

Miss? They're calling you.

Report, number five.

Number five, respond!

Are you okay? Please get up!

Zhou yawen!

Number five, respond! Zhou yawen! Number five!

Zhou yawen!

Zhou yawen! Number five!

Number five!

Zhou yawen!

Number five!

Number five.

Zhou yawen!

Zhou yawen!

Respond, number five!

She is up! She is okay!

Number five reporting in.



Turn up the volume.

Attention, passengers. I am the in-flight service manager.

We lost cabin pressure moments ago.

Please remain seated, keep your seat belt fastened, and continue breathing.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If they lose cabin pressure, they need to descend below 3,000 meters to gain enough oxygen.

Average altitude of Tibetan plateau is 4,500 meters.

The plane needs to exit the plateau before dropping altitude.

What is happening with 8633?

They lost contact with 8633 flying from Chongqing to lhasa.

Does anyone have any friends or family on board?

What's happening with the sichuan flight? Please confirm!

It is my first time seeing a plane squawk 7700.


Did you watch the news?

No, I'm busy.

They lost contact with changjian's plane!

What are you talking about?

Really. It's all over the Internet!

Come on, 8633! I hope they pull through. I hope everyone gets home safe!

They are facing strong winds.

I believe in you guys! You guys cando it!

Flight 8633 has veered off course.

Can 8633 come back safely?

Flight 8633 has lost contact with the surface.

Boss, where are you going?

Are we turning back now?

Dad is going to be worried.

It's going to be okay. Let's pray.

I've been waiting.

The plane is in trouble.

What happened?

Look at this.

Oh, no.

What do they mean by a malfunction?

Don't worry. Please be patient.

I see. Thank you.

The closest airport is chengdu, but this cloud formation is right in its path.

Can they fly over it?

No, it's dangerous to climb higher.

But they can't fly into the storm either.

It will be like flying into a blender.

It'll be...

It's up to the pilot now.

He can't go through it. He turned around.

We are flying in circles!

What is happening?

We need to go back!

What's wrong?

What is happening?

We have a right to know!

That's enough!

Please remain calm.

Stay seated!

We're going to die if we keep circling above the mountains!

Are we going to die?

Everyone, please remain calm.

Please remain calm!

Keep your oxygen masks on.

Stay seated!

We're doomed!

Let me take her. Don't be afraid.

Please remain seated. Sit down!

Stop crying! Make her stop!

It's so annoying!

Sir, please sit down. Make her stop!

It's driving me insane!

Sir, please remain calm. Please cooperate with us.

Sir, please sit down.


Don't worry.

Sir, what are you doing?

Please head back to your seat.


Sir, please step back and return to your seat!

What is the pilot doing? Why are we circling?

Can you guys believe this?

We've received professional training.

Please trust us. Calm down, sir.

I want to see the captain! The crew can ensure everyone's safety.

Yes, you need to trust the crew.

Calm down!

Can you fly a plane?

I'm scared. I want to go home. I don't want to die.

With your actions, you jeopardize everyone on this plane.

You have to trust our captain.

Please continue breathing in your masks.

I want to go home!

Pilots and flight attendants have trained day after day...

In order to ensure everyone's safety.

That is our purpose in this aircraft.

We need your trust...

And your cooperation.

Please sit down.

Don't be afraid.

We need your confidence in us.

I want to go home. I want to see my kids.

I got him.

Come on.

Calm down, sir. Try to relax.

It's okay. Keep breathing.

It's okay, sir.

Relax. Please remain seated.

We are all someone's son, daughter father or mother.

Our families are waiting for us to go home as well.

We are all going home.

Thank you.

Please trust our captain. We'll go home together.

Don't be afraid.

Put on your mask.

Like this.


I'm heading out.

I'm coming to keep you company.

It's okay, I'm fine.

You don't have to do that.

I believe in changjian. He'll bring the plane back.

I'm going to hang up.


Dad said that this puppy is my birthday present.

And this morning, he said he's coming to the birthday party.

Dad is okay.

Yes, he's okay.

Blessings and good luck.

Blessings and good luck.

Hold on!

We have to get back!

Sichuan 8633?

Do you copy, sichuan 8633?

The crew has reached the limits of human endurance.


Do you guys remember helios 522 back in 2005?

The plane wasn't pressurized properly and hypoxia incapacitated everyone on board.

But the plane was on autopilot and it kept flying, circling above Athens until it ran out of fuel.

Flight 8633 is probably running low on oxygen.

I'm only telling the truth!

Be careful even if you are!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to encounter severe turbulence.

Please remain seated. Secure yourself and keep breathing.

We need to go through now.

This is our only chance.

It's okay, I'm here.

What is he doing?

I got it!

The captain was waiting for the cloud to split.

Now there is a path to chengdu!


I like you.

But I'm mute.

That doesn't change anything.

Lean to the side!

Be careful of the luggage!

Don't be afraid.

Watch your head!

What's the status in the back?

No problem.

Sichuan 8633, be aware.

Your lowest safe altitude is 6,700 meters.

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling. Do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633!

Do you copy? Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling.

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Do you copy, sichuan 8633?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Do you copy, sichuan 8633?

Do you copy, sichuan 8633?

Must get through this! Go forward!

Don't be afraid.

You need to breathe.

I must bring all 119 passengers back to safety!


This is commander xin of air force traffic control.

Keep me updated on 3u8633's status.


I miss home!

Dear, my job in lhasa is to cook for construction workers.

It's not at a fancy hotel.

I knew it!

I've been eating your food for 20 years and your cooking sucks!

Why would any fancy hotel hire you?

I'm sorry.

Don't lie to me anymore. Put your mask back on.

Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling. Do you copy?

Sichuan 8633 has entered the approach's airspace.

Hand it off to approach, but keep calling on the radio.


Sichuan 8633, chengdu calling. Do you copy?

Chengdu, it's sichuan 8633.

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Mayday! Chengdu approach.

Sichuan 8633 in circular descent above chongzhou.

We've got sichuan 8633.

Headquarters, this is chengdu approach.

It's circling and descending over chongzhou.

We're overloaded!

We are going too fast!

Sichuan 8633, runways 02 left, 02 right.

It's 20 left, 20 right.

Both runways, all directions are cleared for landing.

Be advised.

Instrument landing system on 02 left is under maintenance.

The crew must be transmitting blind.

Attention, all planes. Please keep the radio channel clear.

We have an emergency involving an aircraft.

Approach, this is chengdu 2723.

I heard sichuan 8633 say they're landing on runway 02r.

Can you confirm that he said runway 02r?

Affirmative, landing on 02r.

Shuangliu tower, prepare for sichuan 8633 to land on runway 02r.

Sichuan 8633, you are cleared to land on 02r.

Wind directions 270, 2 knots.

Qnh 1004, crosswind on ground minimal.

Runway 02r condition normal. You're cleared for landing.

Let's go to the hill next to the airport. All right.

Sichuan 8633 intends to land on 02r.

Police, medical response, fire department, and airport security.

Initiate level two emergency response procedure and proceed to assembling point two.

Gear down!

All flight attendants, prepare for an emergency landing.

Position three!

Sichuan 8633, crosswind on ground minimal.

You're cleared for landing on 02r.

Sichuan 8633, crosswind on ground minimal.

You're cleared for landing on 02r.

Don't be afraid. Everything is going to be okay.

Is this the right location?

Tower, I have a visual.

Aircraft exterior normal.

It's too fast.

Notify the fire department and medical response.

Ask them to be prepared. Copy.

Sichuan 8633 is overloaded. Speed is 40km per hour above normal.

500 feet!

Continue approach!

I see it! It's over there!

Be ready. Thank you.

Empty throttle.

Brace for impact!

Bend over, heads down, and brace.

Bend over, heads down, and brace.

Bend over, heads down, and brace.


Bend over, heads down, and brace.

I hope it will land safely.

God bless!

The reverse throttle is not working!

Too fast! God bless!

They will run out of the runway! They are not slowing down!

They are almost at the end of the runway!

Let's stop!

We have to stop!

We have to get off the runway! Other planes need to land!

We're safe!

Don't be afraid. Here is your mom.

Thank you.

Please refrain from getting up. Remain in your seats!

Ladies and gentleman, please stay in your seats.

Ladies and gentleman, please stay in your seats.

Please stay in your seats and follow instructions from the crew.

Please sit down. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sichuan 8633, tower calling.

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, do you copy?

Sichuan 8633, go ahead.

Sichuan 8633, what is your situation?

Do you need anything?

We are okay.

We have crew injured. Please send paramedics.

It's very nice to hear your voice.

Thank you.


Sichuan 8633 landed safely!

Okay, let's get back to work.

Tower reporting. Sichuan 8633 landed...


Call tower. Terminate the emergency response.


Resume training exercises. Copy.

Please remain seated and wait for the captain's instructions.

Please remain seated.

Sir, please sit down. Thank you.

Please cooperate and remain seated.

Thank you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ladies and gentlemen.

This is your captain, liu changjian.

We were not able to arrive in lhasa today.

I apologize on behalf of the entire crew...

And thank you for choosing sichuan airlines flight 3u8633.


Thank you. Thank you for your cooperation.


All departments, stand by.

Hurry up!

The passengers are okay.

The first officer and a flight attendant are injured.

Let's deplane first. Sure.

Please take all your personal belongings. Attention, all units.

Mind your step.

Ground crew, prepare for passengers to deplane.

We're ready.

Thank you.

If you were a man, I would call you my brother.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Thank you. Thank you for your cooperation.


We're alive!

Thank you. Thank you.

Be careful, ma'am.

Mind your step, be careful.

Mom, I've landed.

We just had an emergency landing. I'll be home soon.

It's not me who hung up the phone.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

Say thank you. Is she all right?

Thank you.

Thank you. Goodbye.


Blessings and good luck.

Goodbye. Thank you.

We're in luck today.

We're still alive.

I'll go and check on the cabin.

Mom, I miss dad.

Don't worry. We'll be home soon.

Will you still go to lhasa?

Please head to the shuttle buses.

I'm going with grandpa to visit his friends first.

How is the captain? Where is he?

We want to see him!

How long before incoming planes arrive?

Ten minutes.

Clear departing planes for takeoff as soon as possible.

Avoid massive delays of outgoing flights.

Baby, we have landed safely.

I will see you soon.

Be careful.

Please aboard the shuttle bus.

We want to wait for the captain.

Please aboard the shuttle. Thank you for your cooperation.

Be careful.

Be careful.

Thank you. Thank you.

It's okay.

Nan, I...

You don't need to say anything.


Thank you for your hard work today.

Thank you.


We'll eat hot pot when you get better.

Get in.


Are your legs okay?

Yes, they should be.

Captain, all checks are complete.

I'm stepping off.

You're going to be a great captain.


Thank you.

Sir, do you need a stretcher?

I'm fine, thank you.

The passengers need your help more.

Okay, be careful.

Hey, kid.

How old are you?

I'm not telling you.

Here is my ID.

It's so quiet.


Thank you.


The management bureau.

So incredible!


We had a malfunction.

I'll call you later.

Sir, can we see the captain?

I just want to thank him.

We want to see the guy or we won't get in the shuttle.

Okay? Got it?

We want to see the guy or we won't get in the shuttle!


We want to see the captain!

Thank you, captain! You're our savior!

Let's go and apologize to the passengers.

Thank you, captain!

Raise your hand and salute!

Thank you, captain!

Thank you.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you.

Respect life.

Respect duty.

Respect procedures.

Do you know how many people are flying right now?


At least 500,000.

Did you say 500,000?

So there are one million feet above us!

Yes, quite a lot.


Here is the salad! Thank you.


My dear!

Give me a kiss.


I don't want you to grow up so fast.

No, I want to grow up faster. The faster, the better.

Welcome home, captain liu!


Brothers, I'm back!

The balance between work and family life.

Are you planning on having children?

I'm thinking about it.

Put vegetables in the soup.


Sorry, I'm late.

Captain! I went to pick up the cake.

Here. I'll take it.

Whose birthday is it?

It's my daughter's birthday, but also the second birthday for all of us!

Thank you, captain! Thank you, captain!


I propose a toast!

Let's do it!

Captain, please say something.

All right.

The weather on our route today was quite nice and the skies over Chongqing are also clear.

It's a pleasure to be flying with you all.

All right, cheers!

Cheers! Cheers!

I love the blue skies of my native land where the sun shines so bright Where the sun shines so bright gleaming clouds pave my path Gleaming clouds pave my path and the east wind And the east wind is on my back - is on my back