The Car (1977) Script

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Let's see how good you are.

You've got it, baby. I'll race you. Come on.

You're a little slow this morning, Peter.

You're getting old.

Yeah? Now who's getting old?

Well, how's that for slow?

Man, that got to be work.


Listen, you gotta give me a second chance.

I'll race you through the tunnel. You're on. Hadrt had enough?

Okay. Ready, set, go. Hey!

Give a girl a break.

Move over.


Oh, my God, what is this guy doing?

Pete! Oh, God, what is he doing?

What do you think you're doing? God!

Suzie, get away! Suzie!

Shit! Oh my God!

Oh, God!

Oh, no! Oh, my God!

Oh, God!

Good morning. I love you. Wade?

What's going on? I'm watching you sleep.

That's about it from here. Now back to you, Curt.

You've got dragon breath.

You really know how to hurt a guy. What time is it?

It's 6:30.

I think I heard the girls, too.

Don't they ever sleep? Not when I'm here, they don't.

Come on, you know that's bull.

Good morning, Captain Good morning, Son Do you need another mule skinner Out on your new mule run?

Did you ever notice it's impossible to brush your teeth without wiggling your ass?

Everybody knows that.

Wade? Boy, I feel great.

Did you leave a hair on the soap?

Yes. No!

You know, what we all have to do is just sit down and talk.

Wade, you've been saying that for months.

When are we going to do it?

I just want the girls to like me. Say what?

I said, what's a nice boy like you doing working in a place like this?

Well, come on, little lady, I'll show you. No, Wade.

Come on. No you don't, come back.

You do that again. Wade.

I got you. No.

I gotta go home. I gotta get dressed.

Margie's gonna pick me up for school at 7:45.

We got 10 minutes. Wrong.

You fell asleep last night, and you blew it.

So now, suffer, baby.

Lauren, Lauren?

We got seven whole minutes. No.

Look. What? Did I fall in love with a stopwatch?

We're running out of precious time. Wait, no.

I've got to get to work.

Come to me, my little French maid.

Little manoeuvre I learnt from one of my fourth graders.

She had all the little boys terrorized, got all their ice cream money.

Fat little slob she was, but the queen. She was the queen.

Easy, baby.

Stand up slowly, put your hands on your head.


Now, you listen to me, copper.

You move towards that door, see?

And I move slowly towards the back door.

At the same time, Lauren?

You wake your sleeping beauties...

I leave discreetly, and you leave in one piece.

Anything you say, Captain Queeg.

A simple... would have been enough.

Do you think your father would have approved of me?

Would he have had a choice?

Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

All right, you phonies, get dressed, double time, and don't forget the helmets.

You have your orders.

I'm getting out of here.

Daddy! No, I'm not.

Good morning. Good morning.

Don't hit me. Stop it, you'll wake the boy.

Damn it, I said shut up! I don't wanna hear any more from you. Do you hear?

Always sneaking out! You hit me again, I'm gonna call the police.

The police? I swear.

You'll call the police, will you?

You've been messing around with that barmaid all night, I know.

I'm gonna come home when I want to without any sass from you.

You're messing around with that barmaid.

Now you're starting up again! Hey, mister!

What the hell are you?

I just don't think you ought to be hitting that lady.

You don't, huh?

That's my wife. And none of your damn business.

Now get the hell out of here.

All right, stay cool now.

Wait a minute.

That was you that woke me up with that bugle.

No, sir, that's impossible.

This isn't any bugle, this is a French horn.

Well, get it on out of here before I wrap it around your neck.

All right, I'm doing it. Don't get excited now.

Watch this. See this little thing?

This has got a hole all of its own right in there, see?

Goes in like that.

Watch how neatly this fits right in here. Isn't that cozy?

See how silent it is?

What the hell are you saying?

Who, me? Nothing.

Nobody's saying anything around here.

Even my little friend in the tree stopped singing.

Well, he's smart.

And I'm giving you five minutes to move on out of here.

Well, I can't move too fast, all I got is my thumb.

Well, stick it out and hope.

And if I hear another sound out of that thing...

I'm gonna ram it so far up your ass, you'll be farting music for a year.

Wouldrt that be fantastic?

Farting music.

For a year.

Get in the house, Jimmy. Go on, Son.

Okay, this is it.

He's gonna stop.

No, actually, she is gonna stop.

Oh, my Lord.

She's gonna be a 34-year-old nymphomaniac.

And we're gonna go to the Amazon Basin together and water ski.

I think I can handle it. I'm ready.

Hi. My name's Johnny Morris, what's yours?

Oh, my, are you a darling-looking lady. I'll pay the tolls.

Slow down, you won't even see me!

Up yours with a splintered fiddle, you son of a bitch!

That'll teach you to jump to conclusions.

Bye, bird.

Debra, you're such a cheater.

I am not. You are so.

You just can't jump where your rocks are.

You think you just gotta keep doing this.

You don't. Now throw your rock.

Okay, ladies, mount up.

Let's ride.

Daddy, how come she always sneaks out before we get up?


Why don't you let Miss Humphries live with us?

Just until Mum comes back, you know.

That's not the way it works.

I think it is. Debra.

Daddy, what she means is that... well, we know it was bad between you and Mother.

And maybe you're scared of getting married to her again.

Well, what would you guys think if I married Lauren?

You still like it when I cook, don't you?

Sure, as long as I don't have to eat Brussel sprouts.

And when I vacuum on Sundays? Who vacuums?

We vacuum. But you like it, don't you?

Kiddos, you guys is the best.

Okay, then it's settled. This is grown up talk, huh?

I'll get on first.

Thompson, this is 402.

Good morning, Wade. What's up?

Usual trip to school. I'm on my way in.

Wade, there's something up at Am os Clements' place.

You might wanna check it out.


Where's your helmet, Daddy? I'll wear it twice tomorrow.

You'll bonk your head.

Do as I say, not as I do, yeah. Hang on, turkeys.

Not so tight.

Then he drove on out past my dynamite truck.

I was looking out my window right at him. What time was it?

Well, around 7:00. You're sure about that?

You betcha. Four times.

How many times? Four times.

Well, are you sure, Amos?

Damn right, I'm sure. He ran him down backwards... then he ran forwards over him, and he did that twice.

Four times all together? Four times.

What kind of a car was he driving?

I don't know. Was it foreign or domestic?

A little of both. What colour?

Grey, black, maybe. Sedan?

What the hell, I'm on trial here?

Station wagon? Hardtop? Two-door? Four-door?

I think a two-door. All right.

Convertible? Sunroof? Vinyl top? Landau top?

A guy was getting ground to hamburger, I wasn't taking notes.

Are you sure you're all right? What's it to you? She's great.

What about the plate?

I don't know. Did it have a plate?

I don't know. Colour of the plate.

I don't know. You saw it.

I didn't seen nothing. Bullshit. You saw two doors.

What with all that dust in the air, how could I tell anything for sure?

I don't know. Damn it, I don't know.

What do you mean, for sure?

Well... maybe the top... was squeezed down low.

There was no plate.

Wade, Luke.

Wade, you'd better get on the phone and call the Daigler County Seat... in case he crossed the line.

Sling the net. We've got a crazy on our hands.

I'll crank it up.

Chas, quit playing sheriff and go back to what you people do best?

If I do, white eyes, you're gonna be in heap big trouble...

'cause I'm gonna track you down and shoot an arrow straight up your ass.

We got an APB out on it.

Yeah? Okay, thanks.

John Morris. A veteran.

Twenty-four, UCLA.

Residence, Snedens Landing, the Palisades, New York.

He was hitching home. Nice family.

His father's in... international reinsurance, whatever the hell that is.

That's his phone number down, the business phone.

Should I talk to him... or to the mother? I can do it.

Thanks, Wade.

Chas, got anything from Daigler County?

Yeah, Sheriff Papez would appreciate a little more information... as to what in the hell they're supposed to be looking for.

That's a quote. Well, he's got what I got.

Now, look. I want everybody out on the street.

I want you to remember, a young man was killed today... passing through our town, and I don't like it.

I don't like it at all.



All right, that was delicious.

Miss Humphries, I'd like to speak to you for a moment.

Sure. In private.

Okay, take a break. And we will rehearse this march for real.

All right. Okay girls, up.

Come on, over here. Right here.

I would like to know what this is.

This is sweet.

Look, Miss McDonald, he's made me a 36-D.

You know who did it? Sure. This is Tommy Ness again.

His proportiors always off.

Are you saying that's a picture of you? Yes.

Well, I must say, I'm surprised. Why?

Lauren, do you think it's healthy for a 13-year-old boy... to imagine his teacher naked?

Absolutely. Well, not in this school, it isn't.

Do you think she's ever been... No.

There's my baby. Don't forget to wish him a happy anniversary.

A what?

It's two years today he's been off the booze.

Hi. Hi, what're you doing here?

Hi, Wade. Time to change drivers.

Hello, Captain. Crooks beware.

Well, how about a hug, you hunk?

Honey, here? Isn't that darling? He's so shy.


Hi, guys. Hi, turkeys.

Hi, Margie. Hi.

We're gonna get to be cowgirls in the parade.

You're never no such thing. 'Cause we know how to ride.

Who knew first?

I did. I did.

The bell, girls. Don't you have a gym class?

Bye, Daddy. Bye.

22, are you there?

Yeah, this is Wade. Come on.

It's me, Fats.

We're at the north side of the High Road. We got some bad news here.

Everett just arrived, and he wants you pronto.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Come on.

Tell me it was an accident.

No way, Everett. Has she got a locket? Heart shaped?

Yeah, she does.

God damn. Damn it.

What in the hell is going on?

Wade, you know Dr. Pullbrook's daughter, Suzie?

You ever seen her? Yeah. Why?

You think you'd know her if you saw her again?

What do you mean, Ev?

Well, she took off last Thursday with a guy by the name of Pete Keil.

Bicycling, you know, camping.

Pete Keil? Lmpossible.

Well, how do you know?

Well, the kid's a neighbour of mine. He told me he was going to Ogden on Thursday.

He told you? Yeah.

Well, how come?

A few years back the kid was in my Bible class, you know... and then his dad died, and Pete kind of took a shine to me.

It couldn't be him.

He had a job interview in Ogden on Thursday. I gave him a letter.

Has he got a mother? Yeah. Alice.

Alice? Well, maybe he lied to Alice... because he didn't want her to know what he had on his mind about Suzie. Anyway...

Ev, the kid has never lied to me.

Well, let's hope so, Luke.

And let's hope he got nothing to do with this.

You're sure it's his daughter?

A bicycle, camping gear, a heart-shaped locket.

Everything checks.

Now, Ev, you don't think the same car did it?

Well, I'd say that was a damn good guess, Wade.

You got a time of death?

Chas says it was some time this morning.

About five or six hours ago.

But what beats the hell out of me is where's this boy?

Ev, I told you he's in Ogden.

Ev, you looked over the whole area, didn't you?

Well, yeah, thoroughly.

Wade, I want roadblocks... on Interstate, Casper, Webster, and Delaware... and on the desert side.

No cars, black, grey, blue, get in or out.

I want this entire area sealed off.


Yeah, 10 years of giving out traffic tickets, and all this in one day.


And in addition to the road blocks, now I want the street patrols going all night.

Some of you have drawn long hours, and I'm sorry about that.

We'll split the shifts as best we can. These are your assignments.

Did you check on the kid?

He never showed up in Ogden.

We'd better see what we got in the armaments locker.

If you don't press charges, Bertha, there's nothing I can do.

That bastard can get up and walk out of here.

And when he finally decides to roll back home... bombed out of his empty, dead head... and drop kicks your face over the county line again, don't call me.

Now, if you'll just sign this here now, get it over with...

Here, sign it.

Out. Now.

You don't have to go home, Bertha.

We can put you and the kid up in a motel tonight.

Tomorrow, you and I...

can talk things out.


Bertha... there's nothing to go home to.

I went to high school with her.

She was the first.

That's it. Bertha, get in that truck, now. I'm gonna have a drink with the boys.

Whiskey! Let's go to the club. All right, I'm buying.

You said a good thing there. Or was that me?

You know what your father once said to me?

I was gonna make it up anyhow. How you doing?

You know, this morning all I had to do... was to figure out some way to get the girls to accept Lauren.


Are you gonna stand there philosophising, or are you gonna buy me a drink?

You're not smart enough to do both. Now, come on. Come on, boy.

Whatever happened to last Thursday?

I had it made last Thursday. Ev, what the hell's going on around here?

Wade. Come here.

Get in the truck! Just like I told you... and sit down under that steering wheel.

Now look at that. Doesrt that turn your stomach?

For God's sake!

Be a liar, be a cheat... be antisocial, all of which he is.

But don't be a bully. I hate bullies.

Now, come on, let's have a drink.

Order me a gin and tonic. I'll wait for Luke.

I'll order him a sarsaparilla.

The lock was rusted. I can't tell you anything about the guns without a test.

Okay. That's tomorrow's business.

Damn it, Bertha, drive Jimmy on home like I told you, and go to bed.

Jimmy, you stay in that truck.

I am staying here, I am having a drink with the boys.

I don't want you hanging on my coattails from morning till night.

How many times do I have to tell you?

But if you guys can't get him, I sure as hell can.

I'll blow the son of a bitch sky high.

Don't push me, pig face.

Twenty-two gun-toting idiots, and you guys can't bag... some pretty little jackass out for kicks.

All I want of you... You let me out of here.

Shut up! I'll put you two...

All I want from you is to know if it's the same car that killed the hitchhiker.

Yeah. Tell me slowly... so I can understand what happened.

I was crossing the street to go to the club... he came out of the dark, he looked like he was heading right at me... he swerved, I dove, he hit Everett... it was the same guy, and that's all I know.

What did you get from her? Anything?

She says it was a black car. Well, doesn't she know what kind?

Big and black.

I called Daigler County. They're watching, but no sign of him.

Well, he had to crawl into Daigler County? He had to cross the county line.

There's only one road out of here. There's no other way.

I told them. Okay, what happened?

He swerved around Clements and then hit Ev.

What did she say?

She's an old woman. Indian talk, it doesn't matter.

What did she say, Chas?

Moccasin telegraph says bad things are coming with the wind.

Her family's going deeper into back country tomorrow.

What do you think?

About what?

Well, what do you want to do?

How the hell do I know?

Well, that's it, guys. It looked like he went over the hills.

But we'll keep everything going.

Roadblocks and so forth, until I tell you otherwise.

Don't let down, anybody.

I wanna thank you all. Two door or four door?

I wanna thank you all for hanging in there.

What can I tell you? Go to it.


That's good.

All right. Thanks very much.

You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

Wade, Daigler County reports a black vehicle... two-door, unidentified make. Sounded like open pipes.

Last seen going north at 8:00 a. m. On Interstate 12.

They wanna know, does that sound like our car?

Could be.

Tell them thanks and good luck.

Thank you. Yes, Sheriff Parent says it sounds like it.

Thank you and good luck.

Hello, Mackey. Good morning.


Miss McDonald, the principal called... and she wants to know about the parade rehearsal this morning.

Can she go ahead?

Tell her we think so. But see if she can put it off until this afternoon.

I'd sure feel better about that.

Tattleman, I wanna put you on that parade.

Call Miss McDonald and check what time she wants to schedule it.

Not before 3:30 or 4:00. Right.

Wade, we're on our way over to claim Everett's body at the hospital... but he has no next of kin, so we thought perhaps...

I can do it. Right here.

I had nobody else to ask, you know, about the funeral arrangements.

Give us a couple of days.

He was a...

He was a Methodist. That's right.

The guys and I'll chip in for the expenses.

There won't be any charge.

Okay, I guess I've got all I need. Thank you.

At least that's one of us.

Wade... there's something I wanna tell you about last night.

Well, the old lady.

Well, Chas, he didn't translate everything that she said.

What do you mean? Well... she said... there was no driver in the car.

Thanks, Donna.

Thomas County Sheriff, may I help you?


Where did you say you found him?

What do you think about the parade rehearsal?

Don't do it.

Call McDonald and tell her to cancel it.

I've got a Mr. Jenkins on the line.

Tell her tomorrow might be a better day.

Said he's been fishing below Arrigo's Bridge, and when he came back to his tent... he found a young mars body.

There was a bike, too.

That's got to be the Keil boy.

Tell him to stay there, and I'll be right along.

Sheriff Parent says for you to stay there, he's coming right over. Bye.

Thomas County Sheriff, can I help you?

No, we haven't found him. No.

Sorry we're late. We were just over seeing Everett.

We're going over, too.

Donna? - Yes?

Wade. Look, I'm with Mr. Jenkins.

Yeah, send an ambulance. Tell them...

Tell them there's no rush.

I'll probably be back in about an hour.

Anything new? Nope.

The roadblocks are set, the patrols are out, and everything's quiet as can be.

Remember, kids, horses are a little like people.

They're shy of strangers until they get to know them better... so hold the reins gently but firmly, okay?

Jimmy, you're too slow, and Bobby, you are, too.

Lively, everybody. What we want is for people to pick up their feet... and wanna march.

Count. One, two, three, four.

I don't hear enough flute.

And I hear too much bass.

Move up. Move them up. Come on.

All right, hold onto them. Hold onto them, everybody.

Hold on, everybody, to your music!

Turn away from it and protect your eyes!

I can't see.

Okay, just turn around. Let's face our backs into the wind.

Quiet a second.

Get everybody off the track! Everybody, run up to the cliffs!

Run! Come on!

Get to the wall. Hurry!

Run up to the cliffs! Go on up to the cliffs!

Let's keep him busy, give those kids time to get out of here. Come on.

I hurt my arm! My arm!

Keep running, baby. Hurry. My arm!

Wait a minute, get in there! Come on!


Come on, over here.

You're okay now, Debra, you're okay.

Oh, God.

I know.

Are you ready? I'm ready.


Hey, you!

Why don't you get out of your big, ugly car?

We'd like to see what you look like.

I'd like to see what a creep like you looks like.

Well, come on. Get out of your car.

Let us all see what a lunatic son of a bitch you are.

Come on, crawl out. I'll let you crawl out.

I got your story now, I see.

As long as you're in your car, you're big and you're bad.

Come on, let me tell you something, buddy.

You know what you are? A chicken.

You're a chicken shit. Scum of the earth.

Son of a bitch!

Go, Margie!

Are you back again? My God.

Listen, what could we do for you, sweet thing?

Why don't you just get out of that big, upside-down bathtub... and let me see who you really are?

You punk, psycho idiot, horse's ass!

Hello, somebody, hello?

Yes, who is this? This is Margie Johnson.

The car has the kids and the band and all of us trapped... in the old cemetery out by the race track.

Please, for God's sake, get out here before it kills someone.

Donna, this is Wade. I've heard and I'm on my way back.

I want everybody out to the cemetery, fast.

Donna, who's at the station? And where the hell is Luke?

There's nobody here. Everybody took off when they heard Margie.

Okay, you guys on roadblocks, hold your stations in case he slips through.

This is our chance. Don't blow it.

Okay, we all know that you know how to rev your little engine.

Tadpole! All right!

Lauren was terrific.

Take the kids to my house and stay there. I gotta get to the station.


Donna, this is Ray, are you there? Yeah, Ray, what have you got?

I got a vehicle coming up fast from the south.

It's a truck, maybe. I really can't see it clearly yet.

It's black or grey. Where is he, Ray?

He's coming up Can'ter's Road. God.

What is it, Ray?

God. It's no truck.

It's him. God damn, it's him.

He's coming up the road.

Here we go.

Ray, this is Wade, are you there? What's happening?

It's him. It's gotta be him. He's coming right up the road.

Ray? Take him out.

He's slowing down.

He's stopping.

He's stopped.


Ray? Talk to us!

I missed him twice. God damn it. I don't believe it.

Where's Metcalf? Where's Denson? Where's Mac Gruder? Where's Berry?

Denson, Mac Gruder, Berry, Metcalf.

He's leaving.

Son of a bitch. He turned around, he's going right down Can'ter's Road.

Well, follow him. Stay with him, we'll box him.

Just tell us where he's going, we'll intercept.

Just stay with him.

Metcalf, go.

Denson, go.

Get out to Can'ter Road, tie in with Metcalf. Go.

Move. Everybody, move.

You got it. Right.

What's happening out there, Ray?

I'm moving as fast as I can.

Christ, he's probably hit the Me sa Road intersection by now.

Christ knows where he's going.

He's not gonna wait around for us, you know?

I see him.

He's at the foot of the Mesa.

Ray, it's Metcalf. We're coming in, too. We're about two miles away.

Got him. He's trapping himself up there.

Come on, guys.

Got him. We got him. There's no way down but straight down.

Ray, don't lose him.

You boys better move if you wanna join in on the fun.

I'm getting near the top.



No. Please, no.

This is Wade. We can't let him through, no matter what.

Do you understand?

Yeah. See Utah and die.

Jesus Mother Christ! Mac Gruder, look! There it is!

Come on, stay in close. He'll have to stop. He can't take us both.

He'll turn off and we got him!

You're lucky. Just a few bruises, that's all.

Of course, you're gonna be a little sore for a couple of days.

If he has any... real discomfort after he leaves in the morning...

In the morning? Get some of these.


I want you to stay here overnight.

Dr. Pullbrook.

We're sorry about your daughter.


I am, too.

How is he?

He's going to be all right. Nothing serious.

Good, I'll tell the guys.

Fats, are the roadblocks back up? Yeah.

I don't know why. They didn't seem to do any good.

Of course, everybody's doing double duty... and we had to get some boys at the fire department... to replace...

It looked like he smashed through our cars like he was stomping bugs.

I didn't even see a scratch on him.

He took me out with his door.

Two rounds in the tires.

One straight into the windshield.

Poor Ray didn't miss.

Bullet proof glass, self-sealing tires.

Yeah, I guess.

How many men?





Mac Gruder.


Was there a licence plate?


And there were no handles on the doors.

How the hell could he get past our roadblocks?

He could have crashed through those tombstones... and he could have killed all of us... if he wanted to.

And the wind, all that wind and the dust that came before...

What did he look like, Wade?

What? What did he look like?

When he threw open the door?


Well... Come on.

What? Nothing. I didn't see him.

It was just too quick for me to look.

How could he flatten the guys that way and come out of it?



And why?

Hello? Lauren, is Wade okay?

Margie, yeah, he's okay, thank God. - That's great.

I had to lock up Amos Clements this afternoon.

Okay, I'll be there in a little while.

He had a shotgun and was screaming bloody murder again.

Yeah, Luke's okay.

His son getting hurt, us letting the car into town.

We had a few good words, you know. Okay?


Your kids want to speak to you, okay?

Hi, you guys.

Yeah, I'm okay. The doctor just checked me out, and I'm just fine.

Don't let anything ever happen to you, Daddy.

Nothing's gonna happen to me, I'm t oo ornery, you know that.

Daddy, you should have heard Lauren today.

She cussed that car so bad.

She called him a chicken... Never mind, Debra.

Anyway, if I was him, I'd never come back.

All right, get on to bed. I'll see you in the morning.

Laurers gonna spend the night with you. I love you.

Well, if I'm gonna spend the night with the kids...

I guess I better stop by my place and get some clothes and things.

Yeah, okay.

Chas, drive her home, will you? Sure.

Sleep well.


Come in here.

Close the door.

What happened?

What do you mean?

I told you to cancel that parade rehearsal. What happened?

What happened?

I think... when Mackey started... talking about Ev... and the funeral arrangements, I guess...

It's not what I think it is, is it?


I loved him too, Luke.

It's been so much.

It's been a lot.

What's the matter? Nothing. Just checking the tepee.

The old lady, two kids.

How long are you gonna be?

Not long. Why don't you come in? Do you mind if I...

Of course, you're worried about your family. Well, go check on them.

Come back in about a half hour, okay?

Oh, my God.

Hello? Wade Parent's room, please.

Hello, Wade? It's me, baby. No, I'm home.

Chas went over to his place. He said he'd be back in a few minutes.

Wade, no, I'm all right. Listen to me.

As I was coming up to the house, that crazy wind came up.

It almost blew me off my feet.


I think I hear the engine of that damn car.

Wade, it's sounds so weird. Wade, I'm scared.

No, I promise you I won't go out. Tell me what to do, baby...


I shouldn't have left her.

Nothing would have changed.

He'd have taken you out, too.

I talked to her.

She called me when she got back here.

She could hear the engine coming down the street.

She was so frightened.

I don't know.

I know why he didn't go into the cemetery.

I know why. There's no other reason.

The ground was hallowed.

That's what I say, but you think about it.

Everything that's happened.

What it did to the guys and how.

Everybody else was killed on the street.

Lauren was killed in the middle of her own living room.

She was special! Why?

Because she cursed him, that's why.

I don't believe it. I don't accept it.

Wade, that car flew into that house four feet off the ground.

And how did he know where she lived?

Keep the roadblocks up.

Get all the other guys.

Get them down at the station right away.

What's up? I don't know. Let's go find out.

Do you guys want some coffee? Please.

Chas, get Amos.

You probably have about two hours.

You just snap your fingers, and poof! He appears.

I don't know, but I'll be the only one on the streets.

Get our van, too, divide the stuff in half. One of you has got to get there.

You're that sure he'll show?

No, but what have we got to lose?

You stay on the switchboard.

I'm going. They were my friends, too.

It's about God damn time, Tonto.

These God damn roaches are as big as hen eggs. What...

What are you doing?

This ain't no way...

I'm a taxpayer, you damn savage. I pay your salary.

I'll sue you. I'll sue the city.

You're choking me, Chas. You dumb Indian. Turn me loose.

Sit on... down.

We need you.

I got it.

Easy. You cough with these blasting caps... and they'll blow your balls up around your tonsils. Easy, now.

Okay, let's go.

Lauren, is that you? Margie, it's Wade.

Wade? I thought it was Lauren. Margie, listen to me.

Why aren't you in the hospital? Don't come in here. Go back upstairs.

What's the matter? Did you hear me? Get in the house.

What is wrong, Wade? Go back upstairs. The car, it's in here.

Oh, my God.


Debra. My ears hurt.

It'll be okay.

Cover your ears.

Guys, he's hanging in right on my tail. You better be ready.

You're too early. We're still on the way, for Christ's sake.

You're still on the way? Did Amos get to the canyon yet?

How the hell should I know?

Stall him, Wade, you've got to stall him.

Luke, do you read me?

He's turned off the main road, going north across Jelly's Field.

He's really moving. I can barely keep up with him.


And he seems to know exact ly where he's going.

That son of a bitch is coming right behind us.

Okay, hang on.

He's going towards the canyon.

I've got him, Luke. Get to the top of the canyon.

Ashberry, how many have we planted now? About five cases, Chas.

Amos, how many have you got left?

I got about 10 cases left. I hear an engine.

Can you see anything?

Two vehicles. One's a bike. Shit. Somebody's early.

No time to plant your sticks.

We'll get across to the other side and place as many boxes as we can.

Where's the rope? Just below the rise there.

Come on.

Come on, move it. Wade's holding him at the bottom.


Jesus. Hold on, Wade.

What do we do now, Amos?

Pull him up. Give us another minute.

Come on, guys, lets get these wires over to the other side.

Then we'll bury him.

Watch the wire, fellows.

Wade, it's stuck!

Tell them not to stop. He's coming up.

Don't stop! The car is coming up!

Damnation! The detonator in the truck. Get it out, quick!

Come on, Wade.

Over here!

Come on!

Come on.


Damn it, Wade, he'll see us. I want him to. Come on.



Get the spindle!

The wire, it ran out. What are we gonna do?

We'll splice it.

Wade, you're crazy. He'll kill us.

We gotta get his attention.

Come on. No.

Look at him. He thinks he's got us.

Come on, Wade. Not yet.

Wade. Not yet.

No, not yet. Now go!

Hit it!

Hit the damn thing!

Well... whoever he was, he isn't anymore.

It's all over, Luke.

But didn't you see it in the fire?

He's down there under 100 tons of rock.

But in the fire, I saw... It's over, Luke.

It's over.