The Chamber (2016) Script

North Korea began to pose a threat to the West-

And they don't seem to stop.

Allegedly the South Korean army, North Korea -

Have the robots ballistic test shot from a submarine

This provocation, and the outside world to act.

We do not accept nuclear weapons or nuclear in North Korea...

And makes the international community also.

We're approaching the ship. Get ready to jump.

We're ready.

Mats, Wake Up!


What's happening? - There!

Angang 81, outside Seoul, South Korea.

Hi... boy?

The show has ended.

Refer to your information.

What's going on?


Incheon wants me to give Americans what they need. Even Aurora.

It's just... don't worry about this?

Oh yeah. I care about everything that happens on the plane.

But the ship does not belong to me.

And Aurora doesn't belong to you. You must remember that.

I just want to know what is happening.

You have to do it for me without any resistance.

In diving for six hours, with men I don't know?

Two additional weighted now that she's turned.

I can't edit and I don't know what to do.

We're close to international waters, the risk of near North Korea.

Contains "without resistance" that I must like this?

No, then. You're not an idiot. - I don't know...

I know that there is a lot to ask you.

I trust you. If you give the green light, you will do it.

Mats, I trust you. Are you sure that this is questionable.

But one thing was wrong. We are not close to international waters.

We go through the 38-degree latitude.

Stay connected.

And quickly. - Yes.

Mats, you should leave some weights?

No, take care of everybody. - Are you sure?

Have you seen how big these guys? We are already very heavy.


Take off all the weights!


Are you the driver? Nice to meet you.

We will get to know each other in half an hour Which is less than three hours than it takes usually.

So, maybe we can healing so I can continue...

To prevent the submarine from diving with the passenger additional...

All of what you assemble.

If there is any other way we wouldn't have done this.

But now the submarine you the best chance to complete the task.

So we're stuck with each other, and it would be great if we agreed.

Well. Can you tell me about Your mission?

Completely, died. But not yet.

My name is matsu.

Our site is a great danger for me and the crew.

I am responsible for everyone on board. - Of course, captain.

When you drop the submarine in a matter of hours, I assume you're talking the same responsibility.

Fully. - Then we understand each other?


You don't need shoes.

You can break a little bit. - Did you notice?

You should underestimate them. - Let her go.

I've been caught up with before.

They have a unique smell. - By all means.

In three hours, it will not be a door picture of my that form.

Goodbye... "I say what we see all.

Cut back. - Can you help me.

Sit. - Sure, boss.

Then the door is closed and you have to stand out to me.

It would also be good to provide some information.

Welcome. It's me who will take you down the roof.

Will I now have to review security.

We lack the storage space above the head, so dump everything there behind.

Do not put anything under the seats, because they are not real seats.

Anyone have the baggage of huge boots or shoes may be put in first.

I think we will take it. - No, I don't think so.

Some things don't matter to me.

As if your feet fall asleep when sitting on it for three hours.

But some of the things that you should do it really.

This is not outdoor and military vehicles to high-tech.

It is old and brittle. If you kiss her, she breaks.

So we must do our best not to sabo submarine your country.

Are you ready? - Yes.

We make-you decide.

But sometimes we have to do our way.

And then you have to accept that I'm the one who decides.

May be responsible for the mission, but I know this sub.

You have to accept that no one knows him better than me.

You have to check with me. - We understand that.

We must plan it philosophy and start it?


Andy, do you hear me? We're ready. - Seen.

Mats, we drowned him now. - Seen. The follow-up.

Aurora, now you're in the water.

Air pressure is fine.

Works scrub carbon dioxide in fact.

The indoor temperature is fine.

Check the headlights.

I tested the cameras. One, two, three and four.


Robotic choice.

81, has completed the review of the system. Batteries 98% of the...

Which gives about twelve hours.

All other systems work. We are ready to start diving.

All right, boom. - Do you have a link to the contact?

Is this a problem? - Maybe.

My link goes through the microphone to angang. It can deal with the signal only.

This passes another line.

We have a buoy with shippers. It will not bother your link.

Well. Are you ready?

Ready to start. - Ready to start.

"We are ready to start. - Ready to start...

Aurora, we're relaxing now.

Is everything good? Can you tell us what we are supposed to do?

We must start to crawl to this area.

38, at 628 124, 289.

What are we looking for? What are we looking for?

I can recognize it when we see it.

Then you have to keep an eye on.

Usually not exactly exactly under water. We read from a wide area.

81, we are approaching the bottom of the sea now.

We slow down. - Seen.

Already? - The Yellow Sea is only 300-400 meters.

Perfect for oil. - Is that why you're here?

I am part of the research team. We will find suitable places.

Did the company buy this item? - It wasn't me.

It's in great shape to be built during the Cold War.

This was not included in the Cold War. - I mean in the 70's.

Propulsion, and... - I know what it is.

Where built I don't know, but the Norwegian Maritime got it in 1982.

Has taken use on 1989, purchased by the company after a year.

And now is leased expensive to Incheon.

Built by the British.

Before you get to Norway, Britain was.

Can sardines stuffed. Amazing...

Has been the transfer of most of the ships and aircraft of ever out of service.

This is the easiest to fly. - It's in fact very difficult.

Add. My child was able to lead this one.

The basic principles are easy, but when things go wrong will be difficult.

A lot can happen. A few inches of error at the bottom can give holes in the hull.

What's your name?

Can that happen? - What?

To lead to something. "We have to make sure the contestants.

The risk is to get into deep water.

We have a right to see.

But we could easily have missed a small object.

How are the elements that we're looking for? - It's not important.

If the wreckage of the ship we can arrange a little...

It's not a ship. Keep holding the way to the bottom.

Notice when you see it. - Well.

Settled here.

You will learn quickly.

Thank you. What do you say, Dunhill Muslim?

Map. Where are we going?

How about talk less and watch more?

Is it cool always? - I'm crazy.

81, this is Aurora. We're going down to the 225-meter -

-Wid 39.223 and 124.376.

Still nothing. Over. - Do you have to do this?

What? - To enter to our site evenly.

It doesn't matter.

Its link is not as safe as US. If anyone listens...


You can allow Holmes to send our attitudes?

Can you tell me why?

There is a small risk that we someone.

Updates, reveal our position.

And I thought I was paranoid. Definitely.

81, is.

Asks me to enter our website through our passengers.

I think they like the idea as much as I do.

81, do you hear me? I know it's a bad idea, but she insists.

81, do you hear me?

Andy? Reply with a click if the line is bad.

Boom, that is Ahab. Come on. Boom, do you hear me?

What the hell? - Wait a minute.

Holmes? - Nothing.

Aurora, we quit!

81, please answer.

Who is the one who settled for you? 81, do you hear me?

What the hell are you doing? - Leave it outside!

Calm down!

What's going on? Who is it that put her?

I turn off the engine. - Wait.

Boss? - It's on Holmes?

Time Why? Anyone can say anything?! - Sit.

Can be planned and routine. Own ship does not threaten North Korea.

This part of the reserve plan. We are waiting for.

What is the backup plan?

Aurora, is. This is angang.

Come on, Aurora. This is angang.

Stay there. - I have to answer.

Twilight, you must come to the surface and angang.

He's not using a label 81.

They are inherent to us. "We can't risk anything. Stop Aurora, answer. They are threatening to the crew.

Stop! "We must rise to the surface.

Does anyone listen to me? - Yes, I heard you!

Everything will solve. Maybe they were on board North Korea.

You may be afraid most likely. We don't know if they know we're here...

So we don't panic yet. What happens if I lose a ship?

We have prepared for everything. We can deal with it. All right?

No. Without the ship we're stuck in the submarine.

Wait a bit...

We have a mission to perform. - Not for me.

I understand it's a secret mission, but Aurora is not for you.

Now they do it. - Shut down! I need to rest.

If you send the ship home, we'll be in the shit.

What are we now? "We must rise to the surface.

We will do that. But we must complete our mission.

You can say you're a researcher, and then back again.

You don't know. - No. enlighten me We have to work. If they find an owl, we quickly realize that we are here.

Owl is very clever. And... - we must rise now!

We will do it! I realize you don't know is important -

But you must understand that this can have significant political consequences.

Do you understand? - Go to hell.

Yeah, I'll take it. I'm not an idiot.

I would love to accompany you to North Korea But I don't want to lose contact with the ship.

"It's our lifeline. - We are ready to cut it off.

The agreement made by your company -

Involves both the direction the lost diver lost.

This is the way it appears. "I don't care about the situation.

It's our job, and we must not endanger them.

It's still me who decide on the plane!

What Are you doing, what is wrong with you?

"It is our right to work. - I didn't mean it.

We still need him. "We can control the submarine ourselves.

It is not included in the plan. - Start plan to fail.

Start in failure.

What's the matter with you? - Nothing.


Is it good? - Yeah, but he gets a headache.

We should tie him most likely, because he gets angry when he wakes up.

You should do it. - You have to control a submarine.

It is best that nothing goes wrong, because it is not about to help us.

And try to get in touch with the owl.


Does not work.

I get no signal.

Either, I got stuck to POM, or someone else has found a buoy.

No matter what, we will not receive feedback via satellite.

Keep trying. - I think I found something.

What is it? - See you there?

No. you can shine more on it? - Maybe.

I see that. - It seems that hell.

The left side is damaged.

Do you think we can save something? "It's hard to say.

Without rest, we can't contact headquarters.

We'll see what we find first. We must get as much information as possible.

And I want to see how big a problem we have.

I think our driver might Wake Up...

You can stop holding your breath.

Is - Be careful, the gardens.

It's okay. - Are you good?

I regret his actions. I didn't want to hurt you.

I hope this is worth the.

If we got stranded here... - is this what you worry about?

I know you don't understand what we're dealing with.

But now we're the ones who decide on the plane.

Do as we say, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We don't need you, Matt. So you don't have to be awake.

So if you are still awkward, the gardens will be able to hit you again.

Is this concept? - Yes. Can you relieve detention?

I have to make sure that it does not hurt the submarine town.

He can deal with the submarine.

Let me help you.

I won't be in trouble.

Release I... - she is.

Is everything going to be? - Yes.

Hey! What did you do? Run it!

What did I just say? - You don't need me.

I don't know what to do. - Turn it on again.

Don't even tell me what is happening.

Get this monkey away from me.

Want to know what I'm looking for?

Prefer. Take a look.

What is this?

Good-bye. - RQ4.

And global Hawk. The plan of drone attacks and stretching.

Go to hell. - Now I think he takes it.

A drone. - She sure is pretty?

So that's your big secret?

Why can't everyone just receive it?

They are doing it now.

But if you run, everyone knows why you're here.

The operation was need to cover, this nine.

Didn't find the one where is now located.

Don't say it. - Here we are, Matt.

You help us find what we're looking for in the plane, then we get up.

When you are arrested later, and I reported it you didn't see anything.

You don't have to spend three months in response.

If the North Koreans choose Us? "Then the Marine Corps will not.

The crew on the ship? - You kiss the Koreans in.

I promise you that everyone on the plane can handle.

And if he got the Koreans, they meet when they come to help us.

But first we have to finish what we came here to do.

The sooner we get it the faster we can go back to their homes.

Well. What do you want me to do?

We are in the position. - You need to separate the device...

And put it on the tray with the arm.

Do you know how to use it? - Yes.

What is it chopped up?

We want to use information from the tray.

You can do it A tool that takes data from hard drives physical.

To be assigned in a specific location. Our point...

You don't want to reveal everything when you are still wearing?

So you're here to get data?

Isn't the data sent to the Pentagon? - Not in this case.

RQ4: can be sent via satellite, but this is corrupted and...

You don't want to know more than you do already.

You're right about that. Now we get this.


We're in the right place...

The plans now.

Received. Sound.

Preparation of the delivery of the scramble. - To begin.

Of course.

How to do with the other thing?

Do you find it a signal from above? Can we talk about after here?

Maybe, but without a sender, we get a problem with the signal.

We will not be able to maintain a safe distance.

Half the distance is barely enough.

What Are you talking about? - Can we use the hours?

You must set the timer on the device, we can't do that with the arm.

Can we go out and do it manually? - You're kidding, huh?

We lack equipment, and light... - no, then.

I didn't think the script on the bombing. We need to link the rising.

Bombing? - We carry out the task.

What the hell are you talking about? - Does it make sense theoretically?

In theory, Yes. - Shut down!

Sure, but at what cost? - Holmes?

We take a huge risk. Can gets Bang...

The disastrous consequences - it is not included in the plan.

We will send the data again, delete the data and destroy the score.

If it goes. - Do it.

We both know what is at stake.

Opposed the resolution. - Included.

We complete the task. "I think we make a mistake.

Prepare the destruction of the leader, - I think we make a mistake.

I don't care what you think. We complete the task.


Think through this. - Shutting down, or I will take care of you!

That's enough! - He's right.

That's enough, I said. We will do this.


Seen. - Figure out the longest possible distance.

The gardens, and keep our guest under control. I want peace and quiet.

You lied to me. - The whole project is a lie.

In our industry, and secrets remain secrets.

Gardens, you make a mistake.

Shut down! - Please...

The idea in your child.

What did you say? - We're going to die.

The idea in your child.

What did you say? - We can't do that.

Look at me!

Well. Seventeen meters.

It's not enough! - You can go.

It's not enough. - Hold on, the fan!

I don't know anything about your calculations, but I know the submarine town.

It is weak and old. It's not against the pressure wave.

Is everything set? - Yes.

Shipping activity Wait a minute. - We can't.

We blew a hole in it and return to their homes. - No, we don't.

You make a big mistake.

Have you forgotten what is at stake?

The drone must not belong in Korea or Chinese.

This is our responsibility, gentlemen. This is a professional.

I have travelled around half the earth, so we will ensure that it is completed.

Enable the cartridge ignition.

Listen. You do not have the right to sacrifice me also.

You're part of this now. - Red, this time you are wrong.

Respect your commanding officer.

Enabled package.

Bang. - Wait!

No, we do it now. - No.

I do not say that again. - No.

Red! Listen to me!

If you do, we will die all! - A blast!

Take us from here!

Come on! Help me


Hell! Shut down!


Come on!

Do you have it?


Press firmly. In a minute starts to climb.

Make sure it is tight. - Make sure not to leak the cover.

Do you see anything? They don't pee? - No.

Don't touch the wheel! "I think it's cool.

I'll try to pump my mind and get out of here.


Holmes, how to go?

That went well. - Are you good?

Does it work? - No.

Can you fix it? - I can try.

Mayday! This is a boat search of the Aurora, belonging to angang 81.

Can anybody hear me? 81, are you there?

Have you heard? Repeat it.

Mayday! This is a boat search of the Aurora, belonging to angang 81.

What happened? - I think he has been through.

Can you lean forward?

I need to pressure. - Will stop the bleeding.

I think I have blood in the lung.

Lean forward again. So there, Yes.

So what can we do? - Did not use the ballast tanks.

It's useless when we're up and down.

Can we straighten the boat? "I think we are stuck in something.


Yes. Broken trading enough.

We are still in the bottom of the sea.

You can pay from here? - Defense doesn't work.

But I have the charge side. - Does it work?

It's worth a try.

That should be interesting.

We work very hard.


Are you coming back? - It's worth a try.

We're trying three. One, two, three!

One, two, three!



Wait, let me think.

The main power source is not the debtor, but we have batteries to spare.

Can you pay it? "I can drive the arm.

May have reduced us.


Is everything good? - No, all is not well.

You killed us. "Do what is required.

You got what you wanted, and now we're going to die.

No one will die. Nothing.

Is on the right.

We just have to know how to get from here.

Do you have any ideas? - I'm working on it.

The radio is dead. - But not the lights.

They go on battery backup. Must be that pump.

You can connect it to the radio?

Take this key.

I need to pump air into the tanks soft.

With them tanks and the ballast had come loose.

Make an effort to. Pull.

Oh yeah. Is

Oh yeah...


Hell. - What is it?

Not filling the tanks. They must have broken in the explosion.

We have to save on batteries.

Rolls? Wait. - No, he's right.

Turn off.


Are you kidding?

The pumps used more battery than I thought.


That was amazing.

I can't access the current backup from here.


Angang is still the only ship that belong to us.

We do not know whether the left.


Yes. - You don't know for sure.

Yes, I do.

They know we're here, as they are our team too.

How long should we wait before we short?

It's hard to say.

36 hours. - Good-bye.

Alpha team is closer than that. - They don't send Alpha team.

We're alone here.

We must manage ourselves.

We hope in his ship.

I couldn't report on our website.

Do you get up to 36 hours of power supply in case of emergencies?

Stream emergency enough twice as long as it is. But not the gap.

Then, is it?

You don't have to pretend. I know they running for me.

Holmes, don't say that. We find a solution.

When she boarded his ship, our team started work.

We are the best of the worst scenarios.

You should keep them from the water.

No, No, No.

I know what to expect.

I can't even manage for another three hours.

Feel how the lung fills with blood.

If that didn't work, I'll stay here.

The cold helps. - I won't let that happen.

You will still lose to me, red. Just let me sit here.

Can we go out? Can swim on the surface?

You said there was shallow water. - To be the search.

"We're about one hundred meters. - This is nothing.

You can't swim a hundred feet up the roof. Lungs explode.

It's worth a try. - You can't do that.

And if you did, you may need a pressure chamber.

There is one on your ship. - Can be thrown away.

You can't do that. What the hell are we gonna do?

Is on the right. If you leave the ship, it is better to wait.

They don't have another submarine. We have to deal with something else.

Are there any cubes air or anything on the plane?

Yes, but it doesn't work.

Didn't realize that nothing on board works? You could have choose a better one.

"It wasn't hard. - Stop!

You have suits and eviction?

Yes, we have. - Then use it!

Don't work either? - I don't know.

One hundred meters is still too deep. "I'm better than death.

Listen! There are only two costumes.

Rolls? - There are only two.

Why are there only two models? - Why?

Because the Aurora is usually accommodates only two people.

Bastard your stupid! - You forced me here...

Then criticized the drone. This is your fault!

We'll pull him over. - We won't knit.

I'm not waiting to be saved.

That's exactly what we'll do. - It doesn't matter.

If you manage to get to the surface, you will be drowning patients within half an hour.

Are you sure of their presence there?

I don't have to go to the knit.

Holmes, no one will knit. Nothing.

Don't worry - we'll solve this.

Are you concerned about?

Forget something important.

Holy shit.


We're upside down.

And? - It's wrong.

This one works very well? - Yes.

But only the top cover has a door to the outside.

"But it is not necessary. - Necessary pressure on the tie.

You just drop the water in the submarine. - The water will smash us.

You do it slowly, and then opened the door.

So the water fills the submarine, and then can get out?

Yes, but it will be uncomfortable first.

We left the water in. We left the sealant to do the job.

The lack of clothes, then? - It's your fault!

We pull on fashion, while others get up without.

We will not be knit! - I'm not waiting for death!

Why do you think you will win? - 2 out of 3 are good odds. He's dead.

For the fan! - Are you saying! I've already died.

I'm very sad ". Still not up to the surface.

Shut down! - It's your fault we're sitting here!

Can you come? - You need to calm down.

I'm out of here. I'm leaving from here.

I know. - Should I go back to my house for my child.

Take a deep breath. I want you to look at your friend there.

It's not a barrier.

Is your brother. All right?

Listen. We must get in touch with the ship.

You need to fix the link rising.


I don't know.

Search for one way only. All right?


Are you good? - She doesn't have to worry.

His hands shake.

It looks like a loss of pressure, but he did it a thousand times.

Won't always come. - Or it's just a joke.

Then it's definitely.

We all skate shoes...

Who painted you in this. - Don't think about it.

"It's a weird job. - Your or mine?

Don't take this guy personally...

But I don't want to die in your scooter to the diver.

I am open to all solutions.


Take this.

Data from the cassette. So it was not in vain.

You inform my wife...

You know how it works.

Do it for me.


Keep an eye on him.

We were on standby.

I'm sorry. - Go to hell, red...

Was it?

Is he dead?

Do you know you're set for? - Yes.

This is the way that shaped us.

This is why that threatens our lives: thought in the perspective of the largest.

Sit. - I don't think I know what's going on?

It's not the right situation. - Who asked for your opinion, Hunter curse!

Hold your mouth and put yourself. It is.

I'm kidding in your orders!

Do you think you ordered yet? We are on the bottom of the ocean.

I'm your commander! - So, the fan either!

This is no longer a mission without disaster.

Now we're just trying to survive! - Take it easy.

Do you think that the sacrifice of one of you for a civilian?

Do you realize what you're saying or doing?

Look at your hands! - I'm fine. Don't say anything else.

Survival is more important than you.

Hell with your orders. - Are you ready?

We're trying to find a way out of here.

No, you are thinking in leave me here. Don't laugh!

If this happens, it could be a broken neck.

You have done every single one of you. - Don't touch me!

You need to calm down. - I will never let you leave me To die here! - Calm down, I said!

Go to hell!

You're breaking my arm! - I just broke it.

Calm down, the gardens.

And again.

This starts at the track. Are you soothing we can give him?


Here. - Take this and stop whining.

Dunhill Muslim?

Dunhill Muslim?

He's dead.

Sorry. Sorry.

Are you soothing?

Otherwise you can sit with your arm joints.

Help me

What should I do? - Contract No.

Demons... on three.

On the wood? One, two, three.

We don't have as much time as I thought.

The submarine filled in a few hours.

Do you have any suggestions?

What about allowances, evacuation? You can fit two in one?

No, it is not possible. - Then we'll get on!

There must be something on the Board that we can deal with it.

We must focus on access to the surface.

Wait. There is air in this life jacket.

It's not much, but you may be able to use it.

Make the suit for eviction Can we have a pull card of one of the costumes?

No, we run the risk of tears in the suit.

Give it to me.

Fan. Does not work. "We should be able to do something else.

What do you do I can't let you do it. - How so?

Do you think I will allow you to take my place?

It's your fault we're even here. - Remove the knife.

Listen. - You're trying to get rid of me...

But I don't accept that.

I have!

You should not be ordered.

Gardens... gardens...

What do you do

Give me a fan!

Oh, my God!

Holy shit.

You killed him. - Do you instead of yourself?

Try to open the door! - I know.

Are you good?

Yes. I really thought we would do it.

We can. If we fill the boat, we will come here sooner.

Then there is a greater chance that we will be saved.

Do you think that there will be someone there?


The ship had gone away for a long time. - There will be.

No - you don't know.

You will get out of here and get unlocked.

We have more chance there than here.

Are you listening?

Killed my friend.

What the hell? - Thank you.

Then I wanted to distract you.

Did you work? - No.

Will pick you up at your fingertips.

I'll see.

Press this against the wound.

There is no risk.

Is it going?

It's hurt there.

What Are you doing here, Matt?

She stole a bunch of eyes submarine town.

No, why do you work with this?

This mats.

Excuse me? - My name is Matsui is not dead.

I apologize. I called you Matt all the time.

It doesn't matter. - "Mats", then?

Mats. - Mats.

You? Edwards is just crazy?

Red... what's your name?


Nice to meet you, Alice.


No one called me Alice for ages.

"My mom is the only one that do that. - What related people then?


Why? - I started through education.

"We are few women in the industry. - Nothing, I thought.

You are bad in quitting smoking, so they had to accept me.

Anyone was joking that maybe I was high heels and red lipstick in this field.

That pig. - Then it was red, or Rouge.

It's got stuck. Didn't matter much.

The man was on training allows the season to begin.

Then the best red.

It's a good title. "My father will like it.

Is the fan Sox.

Red, Sox. The game of baseball.

Don't have it in Sweden, huh? - No, I didn't do it.

Forget it. - Feeling all right?

Thank you. - There is no risk.

It's really cool. - We must put on the costumes.

They help against the cold.

They remind us of the clothes dive, but filled with air instead.

We used during training. - Clearly.

Here. Keep this away from the hand.


Did you fix it? - Yes.

Hell. - Good-bye.

Oh, my God.

Knife Park. It should happen during the Battle.

We change clothes. - No.

Do not say anything. - I fix it.

It's not stuck. I'll have to find it.

It happens sometimes.

So there

I have!


Are you good? - Yes.

Are you good? Your ear - Yes. I'm to stay alive.

Aired my call. I couldn't prevent it.

No air reserve? - No.

And then...

Then it work well.

Take this. I want you to take. - No!

I want you to take.


I want you to take this one. Give it to my team.

Do it yourself. This is not over yet. - Yeah, that's all.

"One should not live. "I don't let you die for me.

I will not allow you to die for my country. So shut up and get on.

"You're more stubborn than me. - Yes.

Did you forget that forced you here?

It was my team, my job must be.

I agree that the error is yours.

But I still don't want to allow you to die here.

I don't know how to do it.

It is easy to. You just have to give up.

I didn't know that either.

But is not over yet.


Maybe I was worse than this one.

You seem very difficult.

Lost in the desert once.

I was on a mission to practice...

Got away from the group in a sandstorm.

I was alone for 27 hours. Without food and water.

Very hot in day and cool incredibly at night.

In the end I came to a small town.

"I was sure I will die. - There you see.

That's not bad.

This time I was alone.

This may work.

Is what you're looking for?

Things that we will need.




Air enters here and there.

We'll find a way to bring the air from your visit to mine.

Sounds like a good plan, but I don't take the increase.

I want you to take it. "If we did that it would be as well."


"Maybe even working. - Runs.

Don't do it. Don't laugh.

It will work.

How do we get on the air?

It's tough.

We let the tube go from here...

Then in your costume.

Then I suck your strap.

As long as we protect each other, and we run.

The tube will relieve. We have to fix it with something.

Well. Wait.


Keep this one Who would have thought that this would be useful?

Well. - Drag.


Do you have everything? Do you have memory USB to?

Will you help us if you know what we get?

I didn't want to help you at all if you forgot.

Yes, I did. You're a good man, matsu.

You barely feel. - Are you kidding?

As the closest you can come sit with the bottom of the sea?


Forgive for everything.

I asked why I work on this.

I don't think how I came here...

And I don't look back.

So whatever happens, we won't do it.

This is not true. Was there any more?!

Damn. There is no risk.

Will fix it.

His contract is.

It's a little crowded in here. - A little bit.

Listen. There is no risk. We can deal with this.

Imagine you're in a dry, warm place.

Really hot and dry really.


When it gets water on top a little, open the door then get out.

I swim first then you will come directly after.

When we go out together.

And only after that draw power, isn't it?

We can deal with this. - Yes.

Well. It's time. - Well.

Open the door. Wait.

Is stuck. I can't get it. Help me



The mats!