The Channel (2016) Script

They say when you die, you see a bright light.

The night I died...

...I didn't see that light.

All I felt was terror.

A child was killed.

Crash cart, now.

And in my twenty minutes of death, my world was darkness.

And horror.


And then, it was over.

People told me how lucky I was.

That it was a miracle I survived.

But I didn't feel lucky.

When I was brought back, I wasn't alone...

...something came with me.

Hey, Scotty.

What's up? Hi. Where'd all the bad people go?

Come out, guys, I know you're there.

Fine. I'm going in.


You guys suck.

Sorry, Cass. It was his idea.

Here's a welcome back to the world present to make it up to you.

Apology accepted.

That's our girl.

So... Cassie Stevens.

The girl who cheated death.

How's it feel?

Better than not cheating it.

Amen to that.

Here's a toast.

To tasting death, and then beating it.

Then shall come to pass as is written...

...death shall be swallowed up in victory.

And with this promise of victory...

...we now commend the soul of Katie...

...unto the loving hands of our Lord.

Eternal rest, grant her, oh, Lord.

And may perpetual light...

...shine upon her.

May she rest in peace.


Then the devil approached him and said...

...if you are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.

Jesus said in reply... is written, that man does not live by bread alone...

...but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Steve, you have something you want to add?

Yeah, well, what about the parts in the Bible that mention the devil?

Like when Jesus casts the demons out of people?

That's obviously how people at that time understood mental illness.

Today we'd consider that, schizophrenia.




Everything okay?



Okay. We'll pick up where we left off on Wednesday.

Be sure to finish the reading of the chapter. Alright?

Hey. You got a second?

Not really.

What's up?

It's just... you look like this guy I used to know.

We used to hang out a lot. Sorry. It's been pretty crazy.

Yeah, well, if you see the old Justin...

...can you give him this.

This was us? Yeah.

Back in like third grade. My mom found it in this scrapbook.


Well, let the old Justin know I miss hanging.

Cassie. Yeah?

I'm glad you're alright. From the accident and all that.

Yo, J. What you doin', man? We're gonna be late.

Gotta go.


So what was that about? What was what about?

Don't give me that. You know that chick? Sort of. What about her?

That chick's just weird. I heard she and her friends killed some girl.

She wasn't driving. Who the hell cares?

That's still some messed up shit. And you wanna be friends with that?

I didn't say we were friends. She just needed some notes.

Whatever, man. She's not someone I wanna hang with.

We're not hanging. It was just notes. So did you give them to her?

No. Good. Let's get out of here.

So, are you gonna tell us where we're going, or do you even know?

I'll keep you guessing, dipshit.

Here we are... Katie Dunne.

Why this one?

'Cause she's the girl we killed.

Pretty screwed up, isn't it?

We're up here, and she's down there.

God really got this one ass backwards, didn't He.

That's 'cause there is no God. It's all a bunch of crap.

Yeah. I agree.

What about you, Cass? Do you believe in a covetous God?

I thought we came here to get drunk. Not talk about God.

You really think your God would want you getting drunk?

You know, I think most of the time He's forgotten about me.

That's because it's all a fairy tale, Cass.

Nobody's up there to forget.

No God, no devil.

Just life, and then a bunch of rotting bones.

Let's just drop it. Why, Cass? What are you afraid of?

Nothing. I just don't want to talk about it.

I think our little Cassie's scared of death.

So what is it, Cass? Those fairy tales making you sleep better?

Not really.

There you have it.

Did you guys see that?

See what? A guy just over there.

We probably shouldn't be in here.

Why not?

Hey. We're looking for a ghost Cassie's been seeing.

Hey, any of you dead people seen a ghost around here.

Would you cut the crap? I'm not crapping, I'm ghost hunting.

It's not a ghost.

You sure about that, Cass? You don't sound very convincing.

What is it? I heard something.

Sure it wasn't that ghost you don't believe in?

You guys, seriously. Come over here.

I hear something.

You guys?

What the hell?







You wanted to see me, father? Yes, Doug. Please. Come in.

Several of the parents called this week.

They said you told the students, that demons do not exist.

Actually, I explained that the Bible uses them as metaphors.

Not something to be taken literally.

Is that what you believe? It's what I was taught.

Well, you were taught wrong.

Demons are very real, Doug.

And their actions have a direct affect on us, as humans.

What kind of affect? Well, it varies.

For some it's oppression, others obsession.

But ultimately...

...their goal is complete domination...

...of their will over that of the individuals.

That's what we call possession.

Ready, guys?

I guess.

Try it with a little less enthusiasm.

I'm ready.

Are you sure, Cass? We don't have to do this.

I'm sure.

Madame Trish, you may proceed.



Everyone take a deep breath.

And let it out slowly.

We're gathered here tonight to contact the entity that's been dwelling in Cassie's home.

Quiet. Go on.

If you're here, spirit, speak to us now. We command it.

Yeah. Speak, dammit.

Okay. This is not gonna work unless you're serious.


Speak to us, oh, spirit from the great beyond.

I don't think it's working.

No, you think.

If you're here, spirit, speak to us now.

Tell us what you want.

Come on, Seth. Okay. Okay, I'll be serious.

What do you want from Cassie, spirit?

He's here.

Speak to us, spirit.

We command it.

It wasn't me.

D. It's on D.

E. D-E.

A. D-E-A.


I heard something.

You guys, look.

D. Dead.

It wants you dead.

Holy shit.

That's not even funny. Did you do that?

Hell no.

You guys, I just saw something outside the window.

Cass, we're on the second floor. I don't care, I just saw something.

Go. Go on, check it out.

You check it out. I'm out of here.

Just tell me, did you do it? No, Cass. I didn't do it.

Seth, wait.

Tell me! Seth!

Just tell me. Did you do it? No, Cass. I didn't.

Seth, wait. I'm sure it's gonna be fine, girl.

I'm not. I'll see ya, Cass.

Do you think he did it? I don't know.

I felt something. I'll see you tomorrow, girl.

Cassie? Cassie?

Cassie, honey. Cassie?

And it's been that way, ever since the crash.

It's like he's just waiting.

What do you think he's waiting for, Cassie?

For me to kill myself.

Well, then it's our job to see to it that he doesn't get that pleasure.

You don't think he's real, do you?

You think I'm imagining all of this.

Cassie, I have absolutely no doubt that you believe what you're seeing is real.

If you're asking me if I believe in ghosts...

...the answer is... I don't know.

What if I told you there's other people seeing him.

Would you believe me then?

I found this on the Internet.

This is what you've been seeing?

And what other people have been seeing.

I'm certain these visions are quite terrifying.

My immediate concern is the effect they're having on you.

Why you think this man wants you to kill yourself.

Because that's what he does.


The office told me I could find you here.

Can we talk? Sure, Maggie.

How are you?

It's been hard.

I can't even begin to imagine.

Well, I guess you heard they're not filing charges in the crash.

No. I hadn't heard. Well, they're not.

So that means my daughter's dead, and no one's being punished for it.

I'm sorry, Maggie.

Is that what you came to talk about?

I understand that Cassie Stevens is a student at this school.

Can you help me find her?

I don't see how that's gonna help things.

Well, it will.

That girl has put me through hell.

Katie was all that I had, and that girl took her from me.

I want her to know that I wish she died instead.

...hard alcohol anymore, I had too many bad experiences since junior high...

Junior high? Are you serious? How old were you?

I'm only on beer now. Hey, can I ask you a favor?

Hey, I thought you said she wasn't your girlfriend, Mahoney.

Yeah, what's up with that? She's not.

Hey, whatever, man. It's cool. What's up?

Sorry. It's just... there's this guy I'm supposed to meet after school...

...and I was hoping you would come along with me and...

...kind of, make sure everything's safe.

Who is it? Just some guy.

So you want J here to come along as your bodyguard?

Yeah. Well, ain't that sweet.

Justin, the bodyguard. Will you carry my books for me, Justin?

Will you wipe my ass for me, Justin? Will you kiss my ass for me, Daryl?

Only if you wipe it. Will you do it?

You said it was after school? Yeah.

Don't we have practice? Since when did that stop you?

Yeah, we'll just tell coach that you're busy, being a bodyguard.

Doing your good deed for the day. Never mind.

J, the bodyguard.

Your name Cassie?


I'm Kyle Martin.

Hop in.

So it was right after the accident? That's when it all started?

Yeah. Like a couple days later.

Never try to kill yourself or nothing before that?

Mine started about six months ago. OD'd on some bad smack.

Been clean ever since.

What makes you think it's a demon?

Because it's bad.

Real bad. The stuff it puts in your head, and makes you see.

What kind of stuff? Scariest stuff you'll ever see.

I've been having nightmares.

That's how it starts. The thing's gaining its influence on you.

There been any accidents yet?

Like what? People you know getting killed.


Good. But it'll happen.

The thing goes after anyone who tries to help you.

You had people die?

Is it close yet? What do you mean?

How far away is it when you see it?

I don't know. Like across the room.

Good, then. You're still good. But it'll get closer...

...and that's when you need to worry. Why?

'Cause you'll feel it in your head like a siren going off day and night.

The thing just keep ripping at your thoughts.

I only found one way to turn it off.

This sometimes works too.

You twist, and the pain gives your brain something else to focus on.

I'm freaking you out by all of this, aren't I?


Well, get used to it. 'Cause the folks who couldn't turn it off...

...they're the ones that killed themselves.


I was hoping I'd catch you.

What is it?

About our conversation the other day.

Perhaps I was a bit, abrupt.

About the church's teachings about demons?

Yes. No. No, you were fine.

And the truth is, you're probably right.

I've been giving it a lot of thought since Katie Dunne's funeral, and...

I've been having a rough time with some of the church's teachings.

With regards to demons?

With regards to everything.

Would you like to talk about it?

I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Maggie Dunne stopped by earlier today.

She was so angry, and full of hate.

And the more I tried to talk to her about God's mercy...

...and how her daughter's in a better place...

...the more it struck me.

I don't know if I believe that anymore.

Be right back. I'm gonna go check on Cass.

Girl, come dance with us. I'm not in the mood.

Snap out of it. You've been in this funk all night.

Have a shot, Cass. It'll take the edge off.

That's more like it. Come dance with us.

Hey. Hey, he's here.

Cassie? Cassie, wait up.

Leave me alone!

Cassie? Cassie, are you okay? Cassie?

He's the one! He's the one who's doing this!

Come on, you guys, let's get her home.

Get out! Just get out!

Is this what you wanted?



Cassie. Cassie. Now.

That's it. That's it. You're safe now.

You're in my office. You're safe.

That's it, shake it off.

Do you remember that night now?

The night you tried to kill yourself.

He was there.

And everyone was dead.

What about your friends? Were they there?

They were dead too.

This is a place you've been too, isn't it? A rave party, I believe they're called.

Are you familiar with a drug called ecstasy?

I believe they're popular at these parties.

I've heard of it.

Have you ever taken it?


You're not gonna tell my parents, are you?

They're very worried about you, Cassie. They care for you deeply.

No, they don't. They only care about themselves.

Perhaps they have a difficult time showing it...

...but I assure you, they do care.

Cassie, is there something wrong?

You don't hear that?

What are you hearing?

It's like a buzz.

He's coming.

What is it, Cassie? What just happened?

He was here.

He was standing right behind you.

I assure you, there was no one here but us.

No. He was here. He knows about you now.

I think he's coming for you.

Hey. How ya feeling?

Okay, I guess.

Can I come in?

Aren't you afraid your buddies will see you talking to me?

Right now I could really care less.

I brought you these.

Notes from class. I didn't know how long you'd be in here.


So... what are you doing here?

I don't know. Just seeing how you're doing.


Can I ask you something, Cass?

I guess.

It's okay if you don't want to answer.

You wanna know why I tried to kill myself.

I saw your parents at church.

They told me about it. About Scotty.

So that's the real reason why you came? My mom put you up to this?


No, I came...

...I came because an old friend tried to kill herself.

And it made me realize what a complete dick I've been.

I'm so sorry, Cass.

I'm scared, Justin.

I don't know what's happening to me.

Hey, father.

You got a couple seconds? I need to talk to you about Cassie Stevens.

Yeah, sure, Justin.

How is she?

I've known Cassie my whole life, and I've never seen her this scared.

She's had these visions ever since her accident?

And it's always in the corner of her eye. Like in that old saying.

Evil hides in the periphery.

So you believe her, right?

That she really is seeing this thing?

That's something we should let her doctor decide.

But he doesn't believe in demons, or spirits, or anything.

Thinks it's all made up in her head.

In all likelihood, he's probably correct.

Look, Justin, I know you want to help her...

...but these visions could have resulted from her head injuries or any number of causes.

But what if they didn't? What if she really is seeing this thing?

I'm sorry, Justin, but I'm inclined to agree with her doctor.

Well, he's wrong.

Something's after her, that he can't stop, but you could.

You know, I thought priests were here to help people.

What are you guys doing here?

Liberating you, girl.

We haven't seen you since they locked you up.

I'm not locked up. They're helping me.

Right. 'Cause you looked so helped just now.

You're still seeing him, aren't you?

The judges will accept that as a yes.

How about a little midnight snack, Cass.

All the help you need's right here.

I can't.

You mean, you won't.

Jeez, girl. They really did a number on you.

I think someone needs to intervene on this intervention.

Will you guys go?

Not till we get our Cass back.

The one who likes to have fun.

Come on, Cass. One little pill will make all the bad things go away.

See. I'll even do one.

Nothing to it.

What are you scared of, Cass?

Are you afraid of dying?

Hell, death can't touch us, now.

We are dead.

See ya soon, Cass.

Good. Good, Cassie.

That's it, Cassie. Shake it out.

I was there again. At the accident.

In your mind, you were.

Do you remember what you saw?

They were dead.

Seth, Trish and Silvia.

We were in the car...

...and they were all dead.

I felt it best that you recall that for yourself.


...they really are dead?

I'm afraid so.

You see, Cassie, what you've been experiencing is...

...what is known as survivor's guilt.

It's a defense mechanism the brain constructs... order to avoid dealing with tragic losses.

But... I saw them. They were here last night.

You also said, they were dead.

And that woman I saw in the hallway?

Who I also said was dead.

See, all of that is part of your memory finally awakening... the reality of what happened that night.

The death of your friends.

Now, it's time for the healing process to begin.

So that was the last time you saw this thing? About a week ago?

Yeah. But it's still there.

You know when you just...

...feel you're being watched?

I feel it every hour of every day.

It's like he's just there... waiting.

Waiting for what?

I don't know. The right moment?

Did you tell your doctor any of this?

It wouldn't do any good.

He'd just say it was some kind of left over trauma mumbo jumbo crap.

Try to lock me up again.

Don't say it, Mahoney. Say what?

Any cracks about me being locked up again.

So this guy we're meeting, he's the one with the blog?

Yeah. His name's Kyle.

He thinks he knows how to stop it.

There wasn't anyone who lived closer we could talk to?

They're all dead.

Is this it?

It's the address he sent me.

And that's his car.

Alright. Let's go.


Kyle, it's Cassie.

I brought a friend.

How well do you know this guy?

We just met once. But we chatted on the Internet.

You think it's cool if we just come in?

Yeah. We'll just say the door was open.

Kyle? Kyle, are you here?

It stinks.

Holy shit! What is all this stuff?

It's what he sees.

Do you see any of this?

Just the one right there.

But he warned me I'd start seeing other things.

Do you smell that?


Cass, come here. You need to see this.

What the hell is this?

It's him.

Go ahead and call the number on this card.

Schedule a time for the two of you to come down to the station...

...make an official statement.

Is there anything else you need from us?


But you should probably get her home.

Thank you.


I'm gonna take you home, okay?

This doesn't mean anything, alright? You're not that guy.

It's not just him...'s everyone that thing went after.

They're all dead.

Except you. You're not dead.

And you're not gonna be dead, okay? Not from that thing.

I don't know what to do.

I think I know someone who does.

Father, I need to speak with you about Cassie Stevens.

How does it feel to kill a child? Yes. Yes, I heard about the incident.

How is she? Honey, are you okay?

Cassie. Cassie, calm down.

She... they have her sedated at the hospital.

She's scheduled to have some tests run later today.

God love her.

Let's pray they find out what's wrong with her.

Justin Mahoney spoke with me about her last week.

He's worried that her problems are more of a... spiritual nature.

How so?

He believes she's the target of diabolical attacks.

What makes him think that?

Cassie told him about visions of a specter...

...she's been seeing out of the corner of her eye.

She feels that this spirit wants her dead, and apparently her doctor's dismissed the possibility of supernatural causes.

What do you believe?

I told him I agreed with the doctor.

That was before I saw the look in her eyes outside the church.

I've never seen anything as horrific as the fear she had.

Maggie, please.

It wasn't a fear of death.

She was terrified of something far worse.

We're gonna have a fun time explaining this when we get you out of here.

Sorry, I was just trying to cheer you up.

I know.

Hey. You need to get better, so we can have a rematch...

...for all those times you kicked my ass when we were kids.

I know why I saw it again.

It was the church.

What did the church have to do with it?

That thing.

It hates God.

And it fed off that woman's anger.

It wants me dead, Justin. And it's not gonna quit.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

I don't know how to stop it.


I just want to apologize.

Just need you to sign this, doctor.

Sure. Right here? Yep.

Dr. Switzer? Yes. May I help you?

I'm Father Jenkins.

I left a message for you earlier about a patient of yours...

...Cassie Stevens.

Yes. The parish priest. What can I do for you, father?

Is there a place we can talk in private?

Certainly. Follow me.

I'm concerned about Cassie, doctor.

How do you feel she's responding to her treatment?

We haven't isolated the cause of her dementia yet, if that's what you're asking.

Have you considered the possibility...

...that Cassie may actually be seeing these things?


No, father. I'll leave that area to men such as yourself.

My focus is on the neurological cause.

And... suppose there is none?

Then we look elsewhere.

Does that elsewhere include the possibility...

...of demonic attack?

Father, if I may be frank...

...the church's obsession with demons and spirits... what may have planted the idea... Cassie's head to begin with.

So you don't believe in demons?

No, father, I don't.

And in twenty years of psychiatry...

...I've only had one patient suffering from a dementia similar to Cassie's...

...who I wasn't able to successfully treat.

Well, then consider the consequences.

You see, if I'm wrong...

...Cassie loses her sanity.

If you're wrong...

...she loses her soul.

Father, I am fully aware of the consequences.

And I assure you, that Cassie Stevens will have the very best in medical care.

Now, was there anything else?

No. That was it.

I appreciate your time.

We're all very concerned with Cassie's well being, father.

By the way...

...what happened to that other patient?

She died.

As a matter of fact, right here at this hospital.

She was found with her neck slit open.

Self inflicted.

I am very sorry to hear about that.

I'd like to leave this with you, doctor... case you run out of those neurological causes.

Which I suspect you might.

This is a case for demonic possession.

I lost my husband Jack three years ago.

And since then, Katie's been my life.

Was my life.

Mrs. Dunne...

Please. Just... let me finish.

This belonged to Katie.

She used to take it with her everywhere she went.

I want you to have it.

Me? Yes.

No, really, Mrs. Dunne. It was your daughter's. I can't.

Please. Just take it.

I can't explain it.

But just something inside me tells me that she wants you to have it.

Thank you. I'm so sorry.

I know you are, dear.

I know you are.

And I forgive you.

And I know that Katie forgives you too.

I see you took my advice.

What'd you think?

Not the book to be reading when you're all alone.

No, I suppose it isn't.

And the book can't compare to the experience itself.

You mentioned that the other day. About feeling their threat.

And a part of me has never recovered from that experience.

It was a direct encounter with hatred, Doug.

With a being that is so cruel...


...and superior, and without a trace of mercy.

It happened when...

...when I was assigned to my first parish... Ohio.

There had been a series of killings, murders... the Columbus area...

...and the police were finally tipped off... that a group of high school kids were responsible for the killings.

They traced these kids to an abandoned building.

Inside the building, the found a basement.

What they found there, shocked...

...even the most hardened of them.

I was brought onto the case because they suspected satanic...

...ritualism was involved.

But by the time I arrived, it was too late.

During the night, the girl...

...had chewed through her own wrist.

But she left a message for us on the wall... her own blood.

Ava Satani.

Hail, satan.

Evil is real, Doug.

And so is the threat it poses to the bodies...

...and the souls of its victims.

You're Katie, aren't you?

I'm Cassie. I know.

I'm so sorry, Katie.

Thank you.

He's wrong about the man.

Who's wrong? The doctor.

You see him, too?

He's here right now.

Only God can help you, Cassie.

It's alright, Cassie.

You're in my office. You're safe now.

What is it, Cassie? What did you see?

The little girl.

The one I've been seeing.

I know who she is now.

Her name's Katie.

She was killed in the other car.

This little girl. Did she say anything to you?


She said you're wrong about the man.

And... she gave me this.

Come in.

I've got the results from the MRI you ordered for Cassie Stevens.

Good. Let's have a look.

Were there any abnormalities? None the radiologist could find.

Said it looked like a normal human skull.

What about the other files? Anything there?

Pretty much the same.

If there's anything going on up there, it sure didn't show up on the test results.

Apparently not.

Do you wanna try again? Maybe recalibrate and run a few more tests?

No, I don't think so.

Thank you, Charlie.

Not a problem, doctor. I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night.


Is someone there?

I'm sorry.

But the church is closed for the night.

Oh, Lord.

Are you okay?

I didn't come for the church, father.

I came for you.

Page 52.


...locate the article from New York reporter referencing...

...footnote 8.



Who's there?

Mrs. Johnson? Everything alright?

Working late, Dr. Switzer?

Yes. Apparently too late.


Don't you worry. I'll get these lights fixed up in no time.

I'm sure it's just a fuse.

Yeah, well, I guess it's time for me to call it a night anyway.

Goodnight, Todd. Goodnight, doc.

You drive safe now.

Have Cynthia...

...schedule a meeting with Father Jenkins at Saint Matthews Parish.

This is Dr. Switzer, Hillview Medical Center.

If this tape recording is found, deliver it to Father Jenkins...

...Saint Matthews Parish.


...I'm afraid you were right in your assessment of Cassie Stevens.

Cassie, if you hear this, you must see Father Jenkins right away.

Your life depends on it.

I'm so sorry, Doug.


If you'd like, I can go ahead and make arrangements for his funeral.

No. You don't have to do that. You should go home.

Really, it's no trouble.

It's probably better if I keep myself busy anyway.

I'm gonna miss him.

I didn't know who to give it to.


I'll see you tomorrow?

Cassie, if you hear this, you must see Father Jenkins right away.

Your life depends on it.

Father McCready.

Father, it's Justin. I think something's wrong.

What is it? Cassie's phone, it's dead.

It rings once, then just goes silent. I've tried like five times.

Is it disconnected? It's her home phone, and her cell.

Get over there right now. I'm on my way.

Cassie? Honey, are you awake?

Do you want to ride with me to the airport?

He's coming, Cassie. You need to go.

Mom? Dad?







No. But you're dead.

It's time for you to join us, Cassie.

We'll be together again, Cassie. Just like before.

Take the knife, Cassie.




Cassie? Justin! Justin, over here!

They're here. They're in this room. Come on, we'll get you out of here.

No. There's no time. We need to do this now.

Can you do this? Yeah. Yeah, let's do it.

Here, hold this candle. Hold it so I can read.

Can you read for the assistant? Yeah, yeah, of course.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Justin. I need you to focus. Okay.

Be merciful on us, oh, Lord...

...and save this young child, Your servant.

Because she hopes in You, oh, Lord.

Be a tower of strength for her, oh, Lord.

Be a tower of strength for her, oh, Lord. In the face of the enemy...

Let the enemy have no power over her...

And let the son of iniquity not succeed in injuring her.

Lord, hear my prayer... And let my cry reach you.

Go, father!

God of mercy...

...come to the assistance of this child, you created in your own image.

And cast into the bottomless pit the spirit that torments her.

We drive you from her unclean spirits and all satanic powers... the Name and power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.



Cassie. Cassie.

Come with us. Come with us, Cassie.

Join us, Cassie. Be a part of us.

Come with us. Come with us, Cassie.

Come with us. It can all go away.

Please. Please, just leave me alone.

Take your life.

Do it, Cassie. Do it.

It'll all go away. Do it, Cassie.

Take your life.

Do it, Cassie.

Do it! Do it!

Come with us. Come with us, Cassie.

God, please help me.


I'm ready.


Cassie? Can you hear me?


We need to finish. Can you do that? Yeah! Yeah, just go.

God the Father.

Crush the demon that plagues this child, that she may again be clean.

And drive it into the infernal wasteland.

Behold your fate, unclean spirits, the eternal fire that awaits you.

By the power of God, depart unclean spirits!

Depart, and cease your torments of this child.

Cassie! Cassie! Go, go, go, go! Hurry!

It is God Himself who commands it!

The power of Christ, compels you!

The blood of Christ, compels you!

In the name of God, depart! Cease now, it is God who commands it!

Cassie. Cassie!

Cassie! Are you okay?


What is it? Do you see them?


They're gone. They're all gone.

Thank God it's all over.

Thank you.

So this is her?

I just wanted to give her something.

They were her favorites.

Bye, Katie.