The Child (2005) Script

Bruno? Bruno open up!

What are you doing in my house? We've rented it from Bruno.

Where did he go? -I don't know.

Open the door!

I want my charger!

Give me my charger!

Open it!

It's Sonia. I'm looking for Bruno. I'll call back.

I ran out ofbattery.


It's Sonia. Do you know where he is?

Did he tell you anything? For me and the baby.


Bye. Thanks.


Did you come out? Yes.

Look at him, he looks like you.

I'm watching someone in the restaurant.


How do you call him? Jimmy, like we said.

Do you want to hold him?

I'll wake him up.

Hold his head.


He's out. He's crossing the road.


It doesn't matter, leave it. Go away.

Where do you sleep? -In the asylum.

What about us? -At the ladies one.

Do you have any money? -No.

You spend them all? -Yes.

Didn't you save anything for me?

Why? I always find money.

Nice, isn't it?

Did you buy it or you stole it? -I couldn't steal it.

Come here.

Come. They're waiting for us.

I want to make love. The house is rented.

I was waiting for you. I thought you'd come to see me.

I was calling you. I changed the SIM card on my cell phone.

He was born Friday night. I didn't hurt much.

Touch my belly.

Tomorrow we're going to the town hall to acknowledge him.

We have to find him a second name.

Do you have any idea? -No.

I'm happy.

Let's go.

Come on.

Only two wires were left. There wasn't any more time.

They almost got us. 1.300.

1.300. 130 x 2 = 260.





Is there any money? -Maybe.

Try with this.

Can you give me the cd? -What you want it for?

It's my sister's birthday. I want it for her.

20 euros.

And my share?

4 euros.

Hold it.

It's his will. Get me a wire.

Found one. Give it to me.

We want to sleep. We're closed after 10.

We missed the bus. No exceptions.

We got a baby. Open the door.

You're going in. Can he stay here?

There's no other one. No.

You're leaving tomorrow at 9. Wait.

Jimmy too.


I got some things.

I prefer now.

I'm coming.

400 euros.

500. No.

Is this your hat? -Yes.

450. With the hat.


Do you need anything? -A SIM card for my cell phone.

I got in the car. I'm almost done. I'm winning.

Did your girl give birth? -Noi.

Boy or girl? Boy.

Are you going to keep it? Of course.

Some people pay too much for an adoption.

Don't throw it away.

Give it to me.


Did the girl with the baby wake up?

Can you tell herto wait for Bruno?

Thank you.

How much you take forthe cabriolet? I'm going to give it tommorow.

Only fortoday. 200.

100 forthe ring, 150 forthe bracelet, 50 forthe earrings.

Minus 200 forthe cabriolet?

Too big.


Awful. He likes it, he doesn't cry.


Leave it!

Tomorrow we have to go to the town hall.

Why? To acknowledge him.

We have to find him a second name.

Your grandfathers name? -Nicola?

Did I ever steal you? When are you gonna give us the money.

This Friday. How much did you sell 'em?

450 forthe camera and...

Good morning. Little Jimmy lives here?

I'm the nurse. Is the mother and the child here?

How much did you get forthe jewellery?

300. plus 450, 750. 75 each.

80 forforthe delay. All right. Do you have a cigarette?

Bye. Do you have a light as well?

Might worth it. Bullshit.

It's 1000 euros per month. I don't want to.

It's gonna be fun. I'm not working for assholes.

Look, same with mine. Do you want it?

It's expensive.

We got 220 euros. Do you want it?


Write 'the mother" and sign.

Write 'the father" and sign.


Only one counter is working.

We should come back tommorow. It's gonna be the same.

Why don't you take him for a walk? Okay.

If she starts crying, come back. Alright.

Boy or girl? Boy.


Do you have any change to spare?

Do you have any change to spare?

No, I wasn't here yesterday.

I'll have something on Friday.

It's Bruno. No, from a phone booth.

These people who want to adopt, how much they pay?

Should I call them?


No, right now.

Yes, both.



Yes, it's me.

We're sure. We want it to get done immediately.


Nine days old. Boy.


I arrived.


I see.

The people who's going to take him... are they good people? Do they have money?

Yes. Alright.

No, we're at the park.

No, he's not crying.

Yes, yes.




Yes i can see you. The line dropped.

See you at the river.

Where isJimmy? I sold him.

What did you say? I sold him.

Where is he?

They're going to give him for adoption.

Where is he? I sold him.

I'm going to tell the police, he was stolen at the park.

We're going to make another.

Look i've got money.

For us.


Are you -Alright?

She's gonna tell them.

The hospital is gonna call the police.

They're gonna believe her, not me.

Its too late...

Yes, I'm sure.

Tell them to call me as soon as possible.

No, I didn't spend them.

Sonia, do you hear me?

She changed her mind.

No phonecalls. I know.

One minute.

The nurse came in.

That's why she is in the hospital.

Now she changed her mind. It's not my fault.

I'm leaving.

Are you going to be here when...

Are you going to be here when she wake up?

Can you tell herthat Bruno is going to get Jimmy?

Are you going to bring Bruno? Jimmy, the baby.

Tell her, i got it sorted. Alright.

I arrived.


The money.

I got them.

It's too high. One minute, I'm searching...


Did you bring the baby?

One is missing. Impossible.

Yes it was in my pocket. I didn't do it on purpose.

Your phone.

The card? The phone.

Did you bring the child?

When you hearthe car leaving, come out.



Be here tomorrow at 9. I don't know you.

You're going to pay forthe kid. I gave the money back.

We lost double.

You owe us. Tomorrow at 9, alright?


I'm going at my girlfriend. In the waiting room.

In the waiting room.

Did she wake up?

I want to give it to her. They want to talk to you.

The motherfiled a lawsuit. Against who? Did she wake up?

Take the kid.


For revenge. Why?

It's not mine.

Aren't you the father? No.

Then why you accepted it? I don't know, no reason.

You told her you sold it. It's fine.

You didn't say it was stolen. It's the same.

When they rob you, you don't take money. You did.

Did you show them to her? -No.

She says you did. She is lying.

She wants me to go in prison so she can get fucked freely.

Where was the kid between 1 and 4 this noon?

At my mother's.

Where does she live? -19 Zoncig Street.

It's very important. He says it's very important.

Tell herto give me her number and i'll call her.

She doesn't want to talk to you.

Can you give me her number? No.

I want to speak to my mother.

I thought he wasn't here. What do you want?

I've got a kid. A boy.

What's his name. Jimmy.

Bring him this Saturday to see him. I need a favour.

I had a fight with his mother.

I told the cops that the baby was with you today.

What did you do? -Nothing.

I took the kid to some friends and she called the police.

Why don't you say the truth? I don't want to get them involved.


When was the baby here? This noon, 1 to 4.


Put him in the perambulator.

Put him in the perambulator.

Can you lend me your cell phone? They stole mine.

Can you give it to me?

Can you lend me your cell phone?

What did I do to you? I thought we could make another.

Get away! Take this too.



I took it 350. It's new.

I'm leaving. Did you speak with Antuane?


80? 50.

70? 50.

You're gonna sell it 250. 150 the most.

60, 80?

65. Alright.

And forthe coat?

One euro. Alright.

Two toasts and a beer.

Are they going to play for long? They're losing.

Can you change me 50 euros?

You didn't come.

I need them to eat!

You owe us 4.934 euros. 5.000 minus 66.

We're going to meet every Sunday till you pay us back.

I can't do that. You're going to rob for us.

See you on Sunday. Alright?

Pick him up.


Alright? Yes.

Sonia, open up.

I'm sorry.

Do you hear me?

Wait, Sonia!

Forgive me! Spare me!

I need you. Let me go.

I didn't want to harm you.

Don't leave me. Get up! Let me go!

You gave me to the cops, we're even.


I have changed. You'll see!

Dont lock, i won't try to get in.

I love you. You're lying, as usual.

Do you have any money? I'm hungry.

Push them down the door. I'll return them.

Do you hear?

Do you know Steve? The one with the earing?

He's inside.

Tell him Bruno is looking for him.

Where have you been? Do you have the motorbike?

Do you have our money? I'm working on something.

I'm coming. Come at the river at 2 o clock.

What do you give forthe motorbike? 10 euros.

What time is it? Past 25.

Did you fart? No.

Must be the school's food.

Come on! What's the big deal.

Thief! Catch him!

The guy is after us!

I found them.

And coins.

Did they see us? Yes they're coming.

Hold tight.


Forget the bike.

Leave it! The key!

They're coming.

What are we gonna do?


It's cold.

It's frozen. Come here.

Hold this.

I can't stand it, I'm freezing. Don't speak.

They're here.

They left.

Let's go.

Hold on me.

Hold on me.

Get up.

Get up!

What's wrong? I can't move.

Give me your hand.

I can't stand it.

Your blood must get warm.

We got to go. They might return.

Do you feel better? A little.

Did you get warm? My foot, here.

Keep going. I'm gonna bring the motorbike.


You're going to leave with the money! I won't.

Damn it!

Did they bring someone named Steve here, about an hour ago?

Steve Lambion, 14 years old.

Can I talk to him? Are you a relative?

I have to tell him something. Say it to me.

I have to see him. Wait, I have to ask.

Someone wants to talk to the young man.

With the interrogator's presence. Alright.

You can talk.

I brought the motorbike. I parked it outside.

I did it.

Are you the leader? Yes.

Do you want a coffee? -Yes.

Thanks. 356

How'sJimmy? He's fine.