The Choice (2016) Script

Now, pay attention, 'cause I'm about to tell you the secret to life.

You ready?

The whole damn thing is about decisions, little, seemingly insignificant decisions that clear the road for monster truck life-altering ones.

You see, every path you take leads to another choice, and some choices can change everything.

Every damn moment of the rest of your life hangs on them.

And, boy, do I got a choice I got to make.

Dr. Fulton, please call the admitting office at 325.

Are those for someone special?

Someone who deserves the stars and the moon.

All I got are these damn flowers.

I'm just here to talk to her. You go right ahead, Travis.

If that's what you need. If that will help.

PA Thompson to birthing center. PA Thompson to birthing center.

Too easy on me, Ryan.

You're too hard on you, Travis.


♪ Threw away your greatest hits

♪ You left them here the day you split

♪ Bass guitar and Shaggs CD

♪ Well, they don't mean that much to me right now

♪ I'm going through your things...

See that dog right there?

They were bred to protect the Arctic villagers from bear and wolf attacks.

You are so full of crap.

You kiss your mama with that pottymouth?

I don't know how he does it.

What do you mean? It's his gift.

You know all about Star Wars and Travis is good with the ladies.

We're all dealt a hand.

Them dogs live in the tundra.

They don't swim in the water.

You couldn't get that dog in the water for an F-150 full of Milk-Bones driven by Lassie wearing a two-piece, even if it's a little gold one like that.

So you're saying this dog fights bears and wolves, but he's afraid of the water.

I see what you're doing.

You're sassing me, and that's just 'cause you like me.

That's schoolyard 101. It happens all the time.

Yeah? Yeah.

Need I remind you, I let you take Marcie Hoffman to the Azalea Fest in seventh grade?

You let me? Ha! I let you.

Would you two shut up and help me down?

Or would you prefer to watch me slip and crack my skull?

Oh, excuse me. Look who's sassypants.

You keep that up, there's liable to be some hair-pulling around here.

Hey, Travis.

Hiya, Monica.

Excuse me, ladies.

You got time to grab a beer before y'all take off?

Well, I got to get these knuckleheads home.

Just one quick beer.

It'll be really fast, I promise.

All right.

I don't think you and I have ever had just one.

Bye, boys. Bye, Monica.

She's back.

Just like a boomerang.


Don't you start.

Can I just say one thing?

If that one thing is "boomerang,"

I'm going to tie an anchor to your nuts and throw it overboard.



Hey! Hey, hey!


Hey, hey! Hi!

Look alive, fellas. Here come your wives.

Y'all better start talking.

We were about to call the Coast Guard.

We got into some mackerel about three miles out.

They were jumping in the boat.

Uh-huh. Price tag, bro.

Come on, kids. Let's go.

Guarantee they've been at Dockside since noon.

Eh, more fun to let them think they're getting away with something.

Mobe! Where is that damn dog?


This looks great, Travis. Thank you.

You're welcome!


See what he does to me?


Someone bring me a plate.

Y'all just have a good time.

Just kiss on each other and just laugh it up.

I'll just be slaving away over here over the grill like Cinderella.

Hey, turn up the music!

Your burgers are burnt.

I'm not cutting down that damn tree!

I grilled. Y'all are cleaning.

Boy, get out of there.

Fish guts gonna make you sick.

Good night. Good night.

Night, Travis. Night.

Put this on. Put this on.

Hey, Molly.

Do you know how many liters of blood the circulatory system processes per day on average?

Oh, my God! Twenty! That's right!

Good girl. You got that right.

Oh, Mol. How you feeling, honey?

Swollen nipples, distended abdomen, lethargic behavior.

Oh, my God, this isn't happening.

This is like Dirty Dancing all over again.

Oh! No, he did not!

♪ Bam-ba-lam, she said, "I'm worried outta my mind"

♪ Bam-ba-lam, the damn thing gone blind...

Excuse me. Hello!

Yeah, hi. Hello.

Sorry. Um, music's a little loud. I didn't hear you.

Yes, it was. It is so loud...

Hey, you're my new neighbor, aren't you?

I've seen you over there watching me.

Watching you? Yeah.

Oh, my God. Wow. I was not watching you.

You live 100 yards away. Where am I supposed to look?

I'm just kidding with you. I'm just playing.

That is funny. What do you say we start over?

Uh, why don't you have a seat...

I do not want a seat, thank you.

Would you like a beer? I'm fine.

Come on, have a beer. We got, uh...

I do not want that. Thank you.

All right. Well, I'm Travis.

And the rug there, that's Moby.

Yeah. And, um...

I think this is the point in the conversation where you tell me your name.

Oh, you do, do you?

Well, no.


Uh, all right.

Fine. Um... you know, there's a certain type of woman that usually shows up here after 10:00.

She's wearing ratty sweatpants, no makeup, and she's usually only after one thing.

Oh, my God.

Are you implying I'm here for sex?

You are, aren't you? Oh, my God.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

Could you be any more obnoxious?

Lady, you have no idea. Lady! Stop calling me "lady".

Then tell me your name. It is Gabby.

Hello, Gabby. Welcome to the neighborhood.

What are you so angry about?

I am angry about Molly's nipples.

Your stinky-ass dog took advantage of my sweet little girl.

Now her nipples are swollen and she's gained 15 pounds.

She will not get out of bed, and you play your music too loud!

So you're saying that Moby there knocked up your dog?

Oh, I know Moby there knocked up my dog.

He wanders the neighborhood day and night unsupervised.

He has been wearing her down since the moment that we moved in.

Wearing her down? That's right. You're responsible.

That's right, this is my fault.

It's all my fault. I take full responsibility.

I've talked to him so many times about using protection.

Don't patronize me.

Oh, my God, you are... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Look, you're right. This is serious.

This is serious. Um, how long do we have?

I mean, how far along is she?

Oh, God. This is so funny to you.

It's a little funny, yeah.

Well, I'm not exactly sure, because I haven't taken her to the vet yet.

So how do you even know she's pregnant?

Because I'm a medical student and I'm also a woman.

The second I knew, the first one is...

Oh, you did? information.

Oh, you're so smart.

Yeah. Yeah.

Well, I like your confidence.

And there happens to be a fantastic clinic right here in town.

It's kind of a father-son thing.

Okay. And I want you to know, Moby is not going to be a deadbeat dad.

He's... this is not going to be one of them Dirty Dancing type situations.


He's going to stand up straight like a man.

Hey. Somebody say Dirty Dancing?


Oh, my God. I'll be inside eating the rest of the mint chip.

I'll get you the card. You know, I'm good.

I can probably figure this out...

No, for the vet. ...on my own.

Good night!

♪ Bam-ba-lam, and she's always ready

♪ Bam-ba-lam, whoa-oh, Black Betty...

Who was that?

Nobody. It's a new neighbor.

Already bothering the heck out of me.

Where's the damn ice cream?



I'll tell you later.

Dad says hi.

Our patients respond to you, Gabby.

Thank you, doctor. Don't thank me.

Just make sure you stay put after you finish your boards.

Now, you're going to get all kinds of offers.

You just remember who gave you your big break.

Good morning, Dr. McCarthy.

Afternoon, Dr. McCarthy.

Well, I'm off to lunch. Oh, Ryan, by the way, your mama needs a headcount for tonight.

Are you gonna bring that lovely lady of yours?

Of course. Let us know if we need to bring anything.

All right. Bye.

Gabby, I'd like to have a word in private.


Dr. Richards to post-anesthesia.

Why did you tell your dad I was coming for dinner tonight?

I have to study.

Because I'm selfish and I want what I want.

Now tell me, why are you staying all the way out there on the Sound instead of on this side of the bridge where I can keep you handcuffed to my side?

For your own safety and well-being, of course.

That is why. That!

I have to study for these boards.

Hey, I would get nothing done otherwise.


You must be Molly.

Which would make this little girl Gabby.

Is that right? Yeah.

No, no. I'm Gabby. She's Molly.

Oh. Yeah.

I'm sorry we're late.

There was an emergency at work.

Don't worry, honey, I've heard it all.

Just admit you were off knocking boots with somebody's husband.

Oh, I'm teasing.

Oh, my goodness, you should see the look on your face.

Oh, yeah.

Laura, are you giving this young lady grief?

Oh, well, I couldn't help myself.

You know me, how I get on Mondays.

For the record, I had no idea how she gets on Mondays.

Okay. I'm Shep.

You want to follow me back? Yeah, sure.

I'm counting three nuggets, so congratulations.

In a month, you're gonna be a grandma.

But I'm too young!

Yeah, well, these things happen. We'll help you through it.

You have any idea who the responsible party might be?

Ha! Responsible?

That word doesn't even belong in the same zip code as this guy.

I meant the dog.

Oh. Right. Yes.

Well, apple doesn't fall far.

I have it on good information that the suspect in question was neutered seven months ago, Pop.

You? And you?

It's awful cavalier of you to point fingers at poor, sweet, innocent Moby, considering six months ago he was in a shelter set to be put down.

Now, I didn't save his life so he could suffer undeserved persecution.

And you'd think as a medical student you'd be a little more familiar with basic anatomy.

You know, no balls, no babies.

Are you two, like... No. Hell, no.

No. Eww. Gross!

Doc Shep, Miss Norcross is here.

Apparently her tabby is possessed again.

She needs you to do that exorcism thing you do.

Just when it was getting good.

You tricked me. No, no, no.

I just having a little fun.

You showed up in my yard all upset.

And then my sister shows up...

Oh, your sister? Yeah, I told you.

Ratty sweatpants, no makeup.

Yeah, only after one thing. Yeah, to raid my icebox.

No apology necessary.

Good, because none was offered.

Damn, lady. Gabby.

You know, you threw some pretty big stones in my direction the other night.

Calling my dog stink-ass...

Yeah, well, that stink-ass and you interrupted my study with all that barking and that awful music you play.

It's annoying.

And for that, we apologize.


Oh, you are one difficult lady.

What do you say we settle this over a drink at Dockside?

Ha! Okay. No.

♪ And in the corners of my mind

♪ I see reasons I can't find

♪ Sound and vision in my sleep

♪ It's coming back to me again

♪ And all the times I had you near

♪ Through my fingers disappear

♪ I see all that it could be

♪ And it's better than it ever could be...

She wants to go again. No!

Monica, hey! We're over here.

Man, they've been on and off since high school.

He ain't ever gonna commit.

Hey. Hey.

Hey! Good to see you. How are you? Hey, guys.

Hey, how are you? Nice to see you.

Hi. So...

...who wants to play Squirt the Jerk?

Would you like to squirt a jerk?

Sure, let's go. Squirt the Jerk.

All right, here we go to Squirt the Jerk!

All right! Come on. Here we go now.

You're almost there. Whoa!

He's all yours!

That's it. Squirt the jerk!

You've done it! Oh, we've got ourselves a winner!

Oh! Come on!

Congratulations, darling. Everyone did a nice job.

You want to go next?

Let's get a candy apple. Candy apple?

Will you buy me one? You want candy or caramel?

I should have run away and become a carny.

You are a carny.

Remember the other night in the kitchen?

When I said, "Uh-oh"?


As in, "Uh-oh... you just met your wife."

I'm just gonna give you some...

Well, look who it is.

Wow. Can't seem to get away from you.

Yeah, I was gonna walk on by, but he wanted to say hello and meet the new doctor and...

Well, I'm not technically a doctor yet, but it is a pleasure, Mr. Monkey.

Hello! Hello!

Turns out you were right.

We do need tickets for the bigger rides.

Hi. Hey.

Ryan, this is Travis.

He's my vet.

And, Travis, this is Ryan McCarthy, my boyfriend.

Nice to meet you, Ryan.

Hey, you want to ride that rusty old Cyclone?

I heard it only killed four people this year.

Hi. Hey.

Monica, this is Gabby and Ryan.

And this is Monica. Hi.

Hi. Nice to meet you.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Hello. How are you?

You're the vet here in Wrightsville. That's right.

My father's been going there for years.

I see the resemblance.

Dr. McCarthy. He's got two pugs.

That's right. Yeah, he does.

All right, folks.

We're going to let some rusty carnival ride maim us.

So... Fun.

...y'all have a good night.

Ryan, it was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you guys. Bye.

Bye. Gabby, see you back at the ranch.

He's... he's also my neighbor.

Yeah. I know.

Um, should we go on those bumper cars?

Yes. Let's do it, right?

Let's go. Come on.


Hey, girl.

Made you something.

Don't work too hard.

What the hell you looking at?

Hi. Hey, hey!

Really? Oh, yeah.

Is this how you hold it, honey?

Yeah, sweetie. You got it.

Okay, here it goes.

What in the world?

That's my girl. Whoo!

I do believe we've been hustled. Speak for yourself.

I knew she was holding back 'cause...

Look at her. She's got that look.

Okay, I'll come clean.

I've actually been playing since I was nine.

I told you.

We had three holes on the property where I grew up with a water hazard.

With a water hazard, see?

Gracious. I got kind of good.

Oh, hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Don't you have a flight to catch, doctor?

Oh. Yes, sir.

Can't somebody else go supervise the Atlanta opening?

Who would you suggest, Maryanne?

After all, our name is on the door.

I just have to go shake a few hands.

Make sure the ship is sailing straight.

Be back in a few weeks.

I know. You better stay away from all those pretty interns, hear?

You remember that one back up in Charleston that couldn't keep her hands off of you?

Sure do. I'm going to marry her one day.

Oh. Oh, really?

Well, who knows? Two or three years, maybe Gabby and Ryan will be opening that Savannah facility together.

I should get going. Oh, look at that time!

See, I knew that would do it.


Thanks. Yeah.

So, seems like you and Monica are picking up right where you left off, huh?

Don't make a thing out of it. I'm not making a thing out of it.

You are. I'm just saying, seems like maybe she's sticking around this time.


I'm sure you know she rented a place on the mainland, but did you know she planted herself a vegetable garden?

Did she now? Ordered cable.

Premium cable. Ooh.

That means something.

It means she can eat a salad and watch Animal Planet.


Why are you busting my chops about this?

I feel like if anybody'd be into it, it'd be you.

Hey, I love Monica.

If y'all ended up together, I'd be totally happy.


I know you.

What's that supposed to mean?

Remember what Mommy used to say about opportunity?

She said opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed up in overalls and it looks a lot like work.

No, Thomas Edison said that, not Mama.

And I thought you were in grad school.

Shut up.

I'm just saying maybe instead of overalls, your opportunity is dressed up in green hospital scrubs and lives about 100 feet from your back door.

But it is work, and my big brother does not like it when things don't come easy.

How dare you?

I ought to squirt you in the eye with this lemon.

Drop it. Don't.

No. You won't. Aah!

Hi. Can you... can you open?

Uh, puppies!

Oh, you're half dressed.

You're naked.

Um, but puppies. Thank you.

Oh, sorry. Something's wrong. She's in pain.

Gabby? Yeah?

We're all good now.

She's been asking for you. Come on.

She was crying and vomiting.

She had a uterine prolapse.


Oh, I knew something was wrong.

You were in so much pain.

Hey, Molly. You're a mama.

What am I going to do with all you guys?

Whatever you do, don't name them.

Makes it harder to put them up for adoption.


And you should probably build them a pen.

I'd be happy to help you, if you'd like.

I mean, unless Ryan wants to.

Uh, no. He's out of town for a few weeks.

But I am a handy gal, so I can figure it out.

Well, I should probably take her in to monitor her.

What? To the clinic?

Now? Yeah.

But it's 2:00 AM.

It's 3:00 AM.

I thought you just said she was okay.

Hang on. I did. She's doing good.

It's just a precaution.

Is that necessary? Well, most precautions aren't.

It's why we call them precautions. Wow. You're being smug.

No, no. I'm being honest.

That's smug. You're so smug! Oh, wow.

Good Lord, you bother me to no end.

Wait. Where will you sleep?

I'm not going to sleep.

I'm like an owl.

They're gonna be all right.

Thank you, Travis.

I think that's the first time you said my name.

I like it.

Good night.

Good night. Good night.


Must be pretty.


If you see a man sleeping on a cold floor, there's sure to be a beautiful woman nearby.

Well, Miss Alice, I hear John Cougar Mellencamp is scratching himself something terrible.

Why don't you come on back? We'll take a look-see.

Oh. Okay.

But Shep knows him so well, I don't mind waiting.

Yeah. We're all full up today.

Shep's busy, so you're just going to have to deal with me.

Come on back. Come on, bud!

Back on your right. Okay.

Come on. Yeah!

Hey! Hi.

If I were you, I'd build a pen in either the garage or the laundry.

And for God's sake, don't give them names.

You and Travis have exactly the same shtick. You know that?

Yeah, well, I don't know whether he gets it from me or I get it from him sometimes.

There's nothing cuter than puppies in a basket.

Got the goods, doc.

Good. Can we trust her?

Yeah, come on. Let's not make a thing out of it.

What the hell you doing?

What's it look like?

Well, it looks like you're swapping out a dead lizard for a live lizard.

Yeah, that's right.

Is that for that little girl out there?


Don't you think there's a little more ethical solution here?

Well, what do you suggest, CPR?

You know, like, the truth, doctor?

The truth?

You want to go and tell that sweet little girl that her pet lizard is dead?

She's ten years old. She doesn't even know what death is.

You want to explain death to her?

You may as well tell her that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny don't exist while you're at it.

I don't think you should make a habit of it, but if you get a chance to protect a kid from the heartbreak that this world doles out so generously, I think you should seize it.

Because there's lots more where that came from.

Okay. I want you to take this and tell her that Abracadabra has made a miraculous recovery and is ready to go home.

Me? You want me to do it?

Yes, because I want you to get used to this situation.


Now go. Go.

He's going to be okay.

Oh. Oh!

Now, Taylor, I have something very important to tell you, okay, honey?

Go on.


There he is! Wow!

It is a miracle.

He's all better now.

Boat day! Hey!

Look, guys, we promised the kids we'd be home for popcorn and monster movies.

So let's get this show on the road.

Okay, I'm letting y'all know right now that I am hungover and altogether irritable.

So don't expect nothing more than a sunburn out of me today.

Would you do me a favor?

What? Would you clean those steamy, slimy fish guts out of that nasty, bloody bucket?

And maybe after that, you can drain the grease trap on the barbeque?

And make sure you get all the chunks of fat or you're going to have a maggot problem.

If y'all make me puke, I'm going to save it, put it in little plastic bags, put it on your pillows tonight.

Believe it or not, she's single, folks!

Hey, where's Monica at?

Monica's sitting this one out.

You don't say?

I can invite whoever I want.

It's my boat. It is his boat.

It's our day! It's our day.

Be nice.

You know how to pick 'em, Trav.

You've got an air of authority and dignity as the captain today.

You like that? Yeah.

Well, I'm borrowing his ship today.

Yeah, it's new.

You seem awfully focused.

I'm driving, so I can't drink.

She's making me nervous as hell.

Woe is you.

Hey, y'all, this is not a middle school dance.

Go bother somebody else.

Hey, you doing all right?

Hey. Yeah, I am great.

Not getting seasick on us, are you?

No. Good.

This is unbelievable. It's great.

I can't even believe you get to come here all the time and do this.

Hey, mind if we join you?

Hi. It's so hot.

It's 80 degrees. Take off that sweatshirt. Are you crazy?

Okay. Okay.

It's hot. It's the Spanish Inquisition.

You can lay off.

We might be in trouble, boy.

You can do it. You're so close.

Come on, Moby. You can do it. You're going to make it!

Someone needs to teach that dog how to swim.

Cooked to perfection. All right, thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Don't even think about it. Aww.

I saw that before.

It's happy. It's a happy color.

Well, to good times.

Mattie and Ben have a pretty successful loan company.

But I keep thinking Mattie wants out, like he feels like his life is passing him by or something.

What do you think?

None of my business.

I'm not one to gossip.

What about that guy?

That guy? My knucklehead brother?

I don't know. You tell me.

Well, he is the glue.

The good old boy who's mastered the art of Southern charm.

Women give him anything he wants.


He gives them just... just enough to keep them coming back and has never been in love because he backs off when things get too hard.

That's why he has that chair.

You know, the chair out in the front of his house.

That lonely chair.

Well, it is just one chair.

The man with one chair likes to sit alone.

You know, I sure like talking to you.

Pass it!

Yeah! Nice.

You are in so much more trouble than I thought.

Hey, over here! Pass it!

♪ I can keep my head inside

♪ When the modern drift is all I have

Is this seat taken?

No, it is not. Go ahead.

Thank you.


Hello. Hello yourself.

Hey, uh, I have a confession.


My friends like you better than they like me.

Yeah, yeah.

I was actually afraid that was going to happen.

I just don't get it.

Yeah. I don't get it.

I mean, you're not funny, you're not smart.

You're nothing to look at.

No. I think it's, um... speaks a little more to, you know, you, and you're just... you feel quite mediocre and unattractive.

I'm lowering the bar.

Yeah. That makes sense.

That's it. That's why.

So they can tolerate you.

Yeah, I thought so. That makes sense.


I love it here.

Thanks for coming.

I'm really glad you came.

Yeah, me, too.

I feel really good out here.

I haven't felt like that in a while.

That's good. Yeah.

You dork. You're a dork.

You keep looking at me.


Son of a...

You look...

Well, good night.

I noticed you didn't eat a lot out there today.

What do you say we throw some red meat on the grill, tell a few lies?

Has anyone ever said no to you before?

"No"? No. I thought so.

I am making history, Good night.

There you go again bothering me.

She said no to us, Stink.

Yeah, I know.

I'm not familiar with that term either.

Come on.

If you've been in the fish guts again...


What you got?

Good boy.

Come on, boy. Come on!

Hi. Hi.

I brought wine. Thank you.

Thank you.

Handy, my ass.

Well, the young 'uns are looking good. I think they're down for the night.


Damn, I thought you were just going to whip something up.

I am.

If this is how you whip, I might just have to get down on one knee right now.

Excuse me? Mm-hmm.

My mama is an amazing cook. I just paid attention.

Hang on a minute. Is this you right here?

Yeah, it is. It's my favorite memory.

It's at the property where we grew up.

We used to swim and ride bikes and fish, and I used to put on these silly little plays.

My dad would tell me stories at nighttime about the constellations.

They sound like good folks.

Yeah, they are.

A hurricane washed it all away, though, when I was 12.

Broke my heart.

It's funny, I wonder if that's why that's my favorite memory.

What do you mean?

When things go away, you know?

Makes you appreciate them so much more than when you actually have them.


It makes you pay attention to the things that are just right in front of you.

Okay, dinner is served on the eastern-most botanical mezzanine.

Ooh, so the porch with the trumpet weeds?



I'm sorry.

This view we got here is just beautiful.

Yes. The view.


I really can't get enough of it.


It is really something.

It makes you wonder where it all comes from, doesn't it?

Not really.

Not really?

No. Okay.

So you don't believe in God.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy!

This was going so good.

"Oh, boy"? Don't "oh, boy" me.

An honest question deserves an honest answer.

All right.

I apologize. Okay.


You want to know what I believe in?


Moby, come here.

Oh, he has an opinion on this, does he?

Oh, yeah. Watch this.

Now, you see that?

How he pushes back?

He does it every time, and he only does it for me.

Now, that's loyalty.

I know it sounds stupid, but it's love.

Your friends, your family, yourself.

That's all you can count on in this world.

And that's what I believe.

What do you believe?

I believe... the moon, the stars.

It's that feeling that I'm a part of something so much bigger than myself that I will never, ever begin to understand.

And it's something that I cannot control, no matter how hard I try.

So, if you can tell me where that comes from and why it is so damn beautiful...

...then I will stop saying my prayers before bedtime.

Okay. Okay.

Well, that was lovely.

It was, wasn't it?

We just had the God conversation and it wasn't bad at all.

It didn't go that bad. Weird.

Whew. Uh-oh.

I don't know. I don't know.

The couple that used to live here, they used to have music playing all day and all night.

You'd see them out in the grass dancing together on their anniversary.

Oh, my God. That is so lovely.

What happened to them?

They're still around.

They just got old and fragile and moved into the home over on Cedar and Marsh.

Together? Yeah.

I love that story.

You're from Charleston, right?

Yeah. I miss it so much.

♪ It's a terrible love

♪ And I'm walking with spiders All she needs now is a silver spoon.

Scratch that.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Did you just spin?


I know a spin when I see one.

I'm pretty sure I just saw you spin.

You know, I... maybe there was a twirl.

Twirl, hmm?

Yeah. Oh!

You wash, I'll dry.

No. Here. I will get it.

Come on. No, I'm good.

All right, well... want to dance with me out on the grass?


Why do you make it so hard for me to flirt with you?

Because if I made it easy, you wouldn't flirt anymore.

I shouldn't have said that.

♪ It's quiet company

What are you doing?

I'm walking towards you real slow.


Because if I ran, I'd scare you.

You're so smug.

Sometimes I just want to stomp on your foot.

I knew from the moment I saw you that you're trouble.

And don't think I haven't seen you watching me from your stupid ch...

♪ It takes an ocean not to break Why did you do that?

'Cause you bother me.

♪ It takes an ocean not to break

♪ Company

♪ But I won't follow you

♪ Into the rabbit hole

♪ I said I would

♪ But then I saw

♪ The ship of woes

♪ They didn't want me to

♪ It's a terrible love

♪ And I'm walking with spiders

♪ It's a terrible love that I'm walking here

♪ It's a terrible love

♪ And I'm walking with spiders

♪ It's a terrible love that I'm walking here

♪ It takes an ocean not to break

♪ It takes an ocean not to break

♪ It takes an ocean not to break


"Didn't want to wake you.

Had to get my exhausted butt to work.

Don't go far, Gabby.

This is just starting to get good.

This is Travis, by the way... your neighbor."

Come on.

Hey, babe, it's me.

Sorry for calling so late, but the opening is going great.

These guys keep dragging me out to dinner and drinks.

Listen, I'm trying to get back as soon as I can, but I still have a lot of work to do.

I'm hoping that your studying is going okay.

Love you.

Maybe you should send him to bed a little early.

He's just fine. No limp, then?

No, no, no. He's... I don't know what he's doing.

He's not limping. Thank you so much.

All right, okay. Bye-bye.



You don't think it's slightly strange that John Cougar Mellencamp is in here three times a week?

Well, you know what some folks are like.

Their pets are their children.

That dog has got to be the healthiest animal this side of the Mason-Dixon.

That woman's got something else on her mind.

Who? Mrs. Vandy?

Now, Daddy, you know her name's Alice.

She's been divorced from Mr. Vandy for the last three years.

What are you getting at?

She's crushing on you! That's hogwash.

And frankly, you're crushing on her. There ain't no other patient you walk all the way to the door every time just giggling like a schoolgirl.

I walk her to the door because I'm a professional and I'm a gentleman, and we're not giggling.

Stop being such a stubborn mule and ask the pretty lady out on a proper date already...

♪ What are you gonna do?

♪ I've been waiting a while to take you

♪ Your friends, will they understand

♪ When I leave holding your hand?

♪ Driving late at night

♪ I let you listen to the music you like Son of a... What now, slick?

Well, I guess we could just hang here.

It shouldn't last very long.

There you go spinning again.

I am swinging, not spinning.

You sure do like to argue, don't you?

It's because I'm really good at it.

Are you now? Yep.

Do you hear that? Come on!

Gabby... Come on! Hurry up!

Gabby! Come on!

You got something better to do?

Ain't no way I'm stepping foot in that church.

I'd rather roll in poison ivy, stab rusty nails in my eyes... What is your deal?

I rode on your motorcycle, pal. I went in your boat.

Time to do something I want.

There's a church closer to town that's less packed.

Hurry up!

♪ Feeling all right, all right, uh-huh

♪ I'm not feeling too good myself, uh-huh I think I'm going to burst into flames.

Hush. Shh, shh, shh.

Uh-huh Hallelujah

♪ I'm not feeling too good myself

♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, Lord

♪ Feeling all right.

Oh, my God, it's your dad!

How about that?

Special thanks to the Wrightsville Beats for that rousing rendition of Traffic's 1969 classic, my personal favorite, and a real birthday treat.

Well, thanks for coming. It was great to see you.

Dr. Shep! That was amazing!

I had no idea that you did that.

Well, thank you, but you're a miracle worker.

It takes real guile to get that ingrate son of mine through those doors.

All right, go ahead, Your Holiness.

Go ahead?

I'm sure you got some self-righteous barb you want to stick me with, so get it over with.

I don't know what you mean.

Gabby and I are just talking about the weather.


I mean, look, isn't it beautiful?

After all this time, the sun hath returned.

There it is. There it is.

That feel better? Yeah.

I got the cake.

I may have taken a few bites for safety purposes.

Where's Dad? Yonder.

Hope you don't mind me inviting Gabby.

I know it's always been a tradition, just us and Dad.

I hate tradition.

Don't burn my steak.

I'm not burning your steak.

We were lucky.

The sheriff's retriever was a patient of mine, or Travis would have spent the weekend in jail.

But I never got the truck out of the bog.

It's there to this day, Bullfrogs' Motel.


You know, I feel bad, Shep.

If I had known it was your birthday, I would have gotten you a present.

Oh, no, it's not my birthday.

Travis didn't tell you?

No, it's Catherine's.

My wife. Their mom.

She'd be 57 today.

She had cancer, you know?

First in her breasts, and then in her bones, and then... then everywhere.

Travis was 14, mad at the world.

And I... I kind of... kind of fell into the Bible.

He wanted to burn it, you know?

I kind of figured that I'd lose him if I tried to make him see it from my side, so I didn't.


Maybe I should've.

I think he turned out all right.


Y'all quit talking about me and come eat!

Okay, here it comes.

Mmm! All righty.

That looks amazing.

A good-looking piece of cake there.

Yeah. I know there is.

Yeah, what is... Shut up.

...what you're looking for.

Yeah, okay. Oh, my gosh.

All right. Happy birthday.

Oh, just... now, hold it one second there, Gabby.

There is a minor tradition.

Catherine always insisted that the birthday girl or boy had to endure a little ceremonial cake on the face.

She was a little bit of a jokester.

A little bit. Really?

Okay. So who gets it?

Well, you are the guest.

Yeah, I mean, that's only fair, right?

Guest of honor. Yeah, I am the guest.

It's not as bad as it sounds. It'll be over quick.

All right, let's do it.

I'm sorry.


One, two, three.

I got that, yeah?

Oh, my God! It's up my nostril!

It's really good. It is?

Yeah. It's in my nose.

It is... you know what? It is really tasty.

Give me that! Come on!

Out of there! Out of there!


Thank you.

Hang in there, Daddy. Thank you.

Love you. Good night.

Are you really going to let him drive home like that?

He's not driving anywhere.

Yeah, he's just going to say good night to Mama.

She's just up the road a ways.

I'll check in on him in a few shakes.

Good night, lovely. Good night.

So glad you're here. That was so much fun.

Thank you... for the cake.

Thanks for that, yeah.

I love you, dipshit. Yeah, I love you.

Good night. Night, y'all.

I should get started on the dishes.

You should not. It's my house, my dishes.

It'll take me two and a half shakes.

Yeah. Hi, bud.

Yeah. Yeah!

There's something I want to show you.


All right, so what I'm about to show you, I've never shown anybody.

So you can't tell a soul, all right?



All right.

Okay. Watch it.

Welcome to my island.

Your island?


My grandfather and I used to come out here and fish.

He left it to me when he passed on.

This is where I come when I want to be alone.

And, uh... I don't know. I wanted to show it to you.

It's unbelievable.

This is my favorite part.


From me to you, Gabby.

The stars and the moon.

Let's just stay here forever.

I'm glad you like it. Yeah.

I do.

Very much.

I think John Cougar might be a little bit of a hypochondriac.

I wouldn't worry about him, Mrs. Vandy.

It's Alice, please.

Oh, oh. Alice, yes.

Well, thanks again, Dr. Shep. Well, you're welcome.

Here, let me, uh, get the door.

So I'll see you next time?

Yes, yes. Okay.

Um, Mrs. Vandy?


I was thinking, um, maybe we could have dinner sometime?

Yes. I would like that.

Yes, well, so would I.

Well, okay. Bye. Bye.

Earth to Gabby. Don't you hear the intercom?

I've been paging you.

Oh. Phone call. Line one.

For me? Yeah.

Hello? Hey, babe. How are you?


I know I should have called earlier, but I just got back. Yeah.

Meet me at Dockside. At 7:00? My parents will be there.


Gabby. Hi! Hi.

How are you?

I missed you. Yeah, me, too.

Come on, my parents are over here. Let's go.


Oh, hey, look. Here they are.

Come over here and give me a hug.

Good to see you.

Good to see you. Sit down!

She looks gorgeous. This place is so much fun.

Caught you off guard.

I don't know why we've never been here before.

I'm sorry. I should have called sooner.

Things just wrapped up quicker than I thought.

No, it was a nice surprise.

Evening, folks.


How the hell are you? Nice to see you.

Mary, you remember Shep's son Travis, don't you?

So you're the one I should thank for fixing Cotton's eye last month.

Ryan, did Daddy tell you Cotton Blossom got stung by a bee?

His poor little eye swelled up the size of a walnut.

Travis, why don't you pull up a chair and join us?

Ryan just got back in town, and we decided we were going to slum out here in Wrightsville in his honor.

Thank you, Doc. I'd like to, but I got an early morning, and I just wanted to say hello.

Ryan. Gabby.

Good night, y'all.

Good night.

Nice young fella there.

He certainly is my hero.

So, tell me, how was the opening in Atlanta?

A huge success.

Really good that I went.

Meet Dr. Stevenson? Mm-hmm.

Yep. Would you excuse me a minute?

I'll be just a minute.

Where you going? Gabby?


Are you going to tell him?

Please listen to me. Are you going to tell him?

I didn't know he was coming... Are you going to tell him?

I don't know! I don't know.

I get it.

So it's all right to fool around in the back seat with a country boy, but as soon as summer camp's over, rich girls go home to their rich boyfriends, is that it?

How dare you?

You don't know anything about my life.

I know enough.

Oh, really?

Well, guess what, I know about you, too, country boy.

You see something you like and you go after it.

You're damn right I do.

Not because you want to, not because you need it, because you just want to win.

I want you.

We never talked about what this was.

It just happened so fast. We got caught up.

Caught up? Is that what happened? We got caught...

We both knew this was coming around the corner.

Neither of us wanted to acknowledge it.

All right. All right, well, here it is.

It's right here, right in front of us.

So let's acknowledge it.

We had an amazing time.

One of those ground-shaking, life-altering, knock you on your ass months, and I wish it could be more.

But this is... this is all I get.

So what about you?

No. No, see, that is not fair.

How am I supposed to know how you feel?

I love you.

You hear me? I love you.

I'll say it again. I love you. I'll say it a million times.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

I knew it the second you walked into my yard ready to rip me a new one.

Hell, my damn dog knew it.

Now, do you remember what you said to me on my island, holding my hand under the stars?

You said, "Let's stay here forever."

Well, we can. Me and you.

Come home with me.

Come home.

We'll go in there together and we'll tell them... together.

That is what you want, isn't it?

Isn't it?

I don't know.

All right. No.

All right.

"Dear Travis, I feel like such a coward writing this letter.

After you left, I told Ryan everything.

He yelled and cussed.

He called me just about every name in the book.

He stormed out and told me to go to hell.

But in the morning, he came back

and he asked me to marry him.

Got to thinking that life is held together by choices, one after the other."

Oh, so cute!

"All shapes and sizes.

Right or wrong doesn't matter, because life just keeps unfolding.

It won't wait around for you.

If you sit still, it could pass you by altogether."

Happy anniversary! Ten years!


"I guess I'd like to believe all those choices are made for us the instant we enter into this world.

Because if that's true, then we're exactly where we're supposed to be... forever."

Here you go.

Thank you. Yeah, sure.

You, uh... seem like you're somewhere else tonight.

I know. I'm sorry.

I'm just a little wiped out.

You'll never look at me the way you look at her.

It's true.

I know it.

I'd hate her for it if I was one of those women, but I'm not.

Come on, now. Travis, I, uh...

I'm going to give you some friendly advice, and then I'm going to go home and cry, okay?

Swallow your pride.

You want to be the guy that shows up in ten years with flowers in your hand, Moby by your side, hoping that she'll hear you out?

Praying she'll understand why you quit so easy?

Because that's all any woman wants, is a man who's gonna fight.

So why don't you just do it now and save yourself a whole decade?

You know, she looks at you the same way.


♪ I

♪ See you falling

♪ How long to go

♪ Before you hit the ground?

♪ You

♪ You keep on screaming

♪ Don't you see me here?

♪ Am I a ghost to you?

Gabby! Gabby!

Where is she? Where's who?

Gabby. Where's Gabby?

Sir? Gabby?

Gabby! Gabby! Hey, you can't... no, you need to come back from there!

Gabby! Gabby!

Sir, you need to come back! Oh, shit. You're him?

Yeah. Gabby!

Travis, she's gone.

Where? I'll give you a hint.

Where do women go when they break off their engagements?

Now, she told me that her head was hitting her heart.

I'm not sure what that means, but I'm pretty sure that you speak the language.


I suppose that means her true feelings were at odds with...

♪ Why

♪ Are you phoning

♪ What am I to do

♪ When you're miles away?

♪ You're always calling

♪ From the darkest moods

♪ And we're both scared

♪ Now your grip's too strong

♪ You can't catch love with a net or a gun

♪ Gotta keep faith that your path will change

♪ Gotta keep faith that your love will change

♪ Now your grip's too strong...

♪ Can't catch love with a net or a gun

Are you expected, sir?

Um, no. Uh, I need to see Gabby.

This young man here is looking for Miss Gabriella.

Well, I believe she's returning from the stables.

Hi. You?

What are you doing here?

Mr. Holland. Mrs. Holland.

I'm Travis Shaw. Maybe you've heard of me?

Maybe not. Okay.

Um, well, I'm here today to tell you that I love Gabby something terrible, and I was hoping I could take her off your hands.

Right. Young man, we love Gabby something terrible, too, but you are barking up the wrong tree.

If you're here for Gabby's hand, you might want to ask her parents.

No! No, no, no. Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry.

No! No, no, no. I just assumed that they were...

It's quite all right, Travis. It's nice to meet you.

So nice to meet you. Pleasure.

Why are you here?

I saw you with her on the porch.

No, hang on now.

On the boat. Hang on.

No, I saw you! Hang on.

Picked up right where you left off.

Gabby, stop!

Listen to me, please.

I love you.

Well, I don't love you.

Oh, hush! You do, too.

Knew it the second you walked inside and set your eyes on him, biting your lip the way you do.

Mom! He is a walking cautionary tale!

Now, hang on a minute. You are!

Gabby, you've been waiting for him to show ever since you got home and you know it.

Dad! Whose side are you on, anyway?

Mr. Holland, Mrs. Holland, I'm so sorry for the confusion and the intrusion...

Yeah! ...but I love this woman and I would love a blessing from you, whether it's a wink or a nod...

Oh, my God! A blessing?

...or anything that you could give me.

You got a ring, son?

What? What? What? No, no, no.

What the hell is going on here?

Mom? No! No, no, no.

I am not marrying this man.


This was her grandma's. What? Oh, my God!

Hello? I am right here!

Gabby. No!

Gabby. No, no, no.

You should probably take a knee, son.

Dad! Right.

Yeah. Thanks again.


I think I pretty much said all the words, so all I need is a lifetime to prove it to you.

Will you marry me?


Well, yes.


Yes! No!


Come bother me, baby.

Bother me for the rest of my life.

Be my wife.


Don't ever let go.

♪ On my way back home

♪ By chance I thought of

♪ All my favorite songs

♪ Where I'd gone wrong

♪ The only words

♪ That I could think of

♪ I'm pissing my life away

♪ In the form of a song

♪ On my way back home

♪ Every step

♪ A victory it was...

We're fighting 'em. Come on.

Here he comes. Oh, he's a big one.

Oh, no, he fell back in the water.

We gotta crank him back.

♪ Come to me Ah, here's another.

Berry? No.

♪ On my way back home There you go.

Mine is the best.

Hey, handsome. So the kids are finally in bed and the babysitter arrived early, so I'm gonna head out now.

And just so you know, I'm ordering the most expensive thing on the menu because it's your treat.

I love you. Bye.

All right, Aurora. You're gonna start feeling better real soon.

It was nice to see ya.

You be careful in the rain.

Good night. Thank you.

Oh, shoot. I can't be late.

Tell me that was the last one. Sure was.

You got somewhere to be? Yeah, I got a date, not that it's any of your business, Miss Cora.

Oh, a date. Sounds romantic.

Yeah, I've been promising Gabby some one-on-one time and I stood her up on our last date, so this one's makeup.

Well, you two have fun.

Thank you. You have a good night. Good night.

Hi, I have reservations for Shaw.

Follow me, please.

Have you dined with us before?

Sorry, ma'am, we're closed.

Oh, wait, Dr. Shaw.

She can't keep anything down.

She's so old. Please.

Well, let's do it real quick. Right this way.

See that? She's got a little...

Good job. Doing good.

Will you hold her for me?

Thank you.

Can I get you another glass of wine?

No. Uh, no. I'm fine, thank you.

Um, I... I'm gonna grab the check.

Of course. If that's okay. Thank you.

If you get this, I'm on my way. I had a feline emergency.

But I'll be right there. I am so, so sorry.

I love you and I'll see you in a sec.

So, like I was sayin', every path you take leads to another choice...

...and some choices could change everything.

Every damn moment for the rest of your life hangs on it.

And, boy, have I got a choice I gotta make.

I do not want to see you back here unless you bring your wife's cobbler, Mr. Metcalf, you hear that?

No more flag football.

Those for someone special?

Someone who deserves the stars and the moon.

All I got are these damn flowers.

How are the girls? Terrible.

Tess is texting already.


I'm just here to talk to her.

All right, you go right ahead, Travis.

If that's what you need. If that'll help.

Too easy on me, Ryan.

And you're too hard on you, Travis.

Mmm, delphiniums. Her favorite.

I thought they were lilacs.

She's all yours.

Thank you.

Hey, babe.

Got you some delphiniums.

To be honest, I thought they were lilacs, but Jackie says they're delphiniums.

I got a decision I gotta make.

I've been putting it off and putting it off.

It's, like, so much harder than people can even imagine.

And everybody's got an opinion on it.

But since yours is the only opinion that I give a damn about, I just wanted to run it past you.

So here it is.

What am I gonna do...

...about my pickup truck?

I mean, should I get one of those new hybrids that gets, like, 500 miles to the gallon and runs on babies' dreams, or should I just go ahead and rebuild the tranny in Gertrude?

Rebuild. All right, great.

That's what I wanted to do anyway.

You know, I always had a special place in my heart for fossil fuels.

I just hate breathin' all that clean air.

What is going on in that head of yours?

Come back to me, baby.

We are runnin' out of time.

Come bother me.

All right, here we go. Please. We need... Green.

That was mine.

Ooh, where's mine?

Messed up.

Travis. Oh, hey, Travis.


Who's winning?

Well, technically speaking, it's this pretty little girl here on my left, but since she's been cheating since round two...

No, I haven't!

...I'm afraid there's gonna be some questions about that.

Well, I don't wanna spoil your fun.

Finish your game.

Okay. It's your turn.

Mm, okay. Green.

Travis, I just wanted you to know that...

Send these off to the lab, please.

What do we got next?

We've got some friends here.

It's gonna hurt like hell.

Like pain that I can't even...

Come on.

"'How do you play in the river?'

Tucker asked Maggie the Mullet.

'You jump like this.

Jump, splash, jump, splash, jump, splash.'

And Maggie was gone in the blue river."

Daddy, can you do the voices?

Mommy always did the voices.

Dad, why don't you let me read it?

Okay, big guy. Yeah, you read it.

"It was beginning to get dark, and Tucker spied a big owl up in a tree.

'Hi, who are you?' Tucker asked.

'Who, who, who are you?

I am Willa, the wise old owl.'

'What do you do when the sun goes down?' Tucker asked."

Ninety days.

And where'd you get that number?

Medical journals and case studies.

Well, that's just words on paper. It's statistics.

It's well-documented, Dr. Shep.

After 90 days, the percentage of trauma patients who regain consciousness decreases to less than one percent.

It's a quantifiable fact.

I'm sorry, Travis.

If we reach that mark, we need to know you're prepared to carry out her wishes.

This is her voice.

No, it's not.

That is something you do to prepare for the future.

For... for old age, when your life is all behind you.

You know, you cover for the "what ifs."

Nah. How could you know?

How... how could you ever really know?

It's been a long time since she's breathed on her own.

Her body's tired.

She's tired.

I wish I could breathe for you, baby.

Come back to me.

Come home.

I love you.

All I have left are memories.

Trust me, I remember everything.

I remember her coming home... day after day.

Watching her...

...staring and thinking, I can't believe that that woman is my wife.

I kept thinking how many times I could've told her I loved her.

How many times I could've showed her, how many times I could've loved her hard.

Oh, I'd give anything just to be able to tell her, tell her one more... one more time.

Hey. Hey.

Hi, Mama.

She's a good listener, huh?

She's the best.

I had to make a choice, Steph.

Just been so long.

Seeing her like that.

Knowing it's not what she would want.

Hell, she'd be so mad at me.

Last night I told her... I'd do it.

Today I would have the strength.

But I just... I just can't do it yet.

I'm just not ready to let her go.

Me, neither.

You did what your heart told you.

And if anybody has anything to say about that, they gotta go through me.

...residents are advised to secure all windows and doors, and remember, too, as always, that any outdoor furniture needs to be stowed away.

Thanks, Karen. Now this is the first hurricane of the season...

Travis, this is crazy. Just come with us.

I got some boarding up to do, and, besides, I don't go anywhere unless its a Category 7 or higher.

Dad, there's no such thing as a Category 7.

Well, aren't you smart?

I hope you're not trying to prove something.

This thing looks big. There's nobody to prove it to.

I just wanna stay near the hospital.

Besides, I got stink-dog here to keep me company.

Let's saddle up.

Come on. All right.

Right now we're seeing sustained winds, about 75 miles-per-hour.

Now, those gusts are gonna go up to 90, maybe even 95 miles-per-hour.

We're gonna see damage...

Ah, you're a lucky SOB. Storm landed in Charleston.

Knocked it down to a Category 2.

Looks like the old place could do with a lick of paint.

What are you looking for?

Something that... should be here.

I let her down, Dad.

I should've been there.

If I'd have been on time...

It's not your fault, Travis.

Get that out of your head.

The world breaks everyone, Travis.

The very good, the very gentle, the very brave.

And those it doesn't break, it kills.

Is that from the good book, Pastor Shaw?

A great book. Hemingway.

There's no shame in being a broken man.

I should know.

You just pick up the pieces...

...and start rebuilding.

What are you doing?

How'd you get all the way out here, boy? You can't swim.

What you got there, boy?

What's that?

Good boy, good boy.

What's he doing out there, Grandpa?

Uh... just going a little crazy.

Come on, let's go get some ice cream.

Come on.

We've got vanilla, we've got chocolate.


You're late.

I'm sorry.

Mama! Mama, you're home! Easy, easy, easy, easy.

You've seen your mom every day this week.

Let's let her get settled, okay?

My babies. Hi, Mommy.

Oh, hi.

Let me look at you.

Hello, Gabby.


Oh, somebody is dying to meet you.

Oh, hi.

Oh, my goodness.

Mrs. Shaw. Mr. Shaw.

Well, welcome to the rain-check date.

What is on the menu?

Well, that's a... that's a good question.

The kids have been cooking all day.

It, uh, started as a pot roast, but now it's probably a shoe.

I'm nervous. So am I.

Uh... but, uh...

Gabby, I, uh...

I know I've had a lot of time to think about what I'd say if, uh... what I'd say when... and, um... dang it!

I had this all sorted out. I did. Now I can't, um...

Travis, I heard you.

I heard... every word that you said.

You were breathing for me, baby.

Your heart beat for mine.

We got through this together.

You reckon Moby had this all planned from the get-go?

Moby? What?

You're gonna give Moby all the credit?

What about my sweet, innocent Molly?

Sweet and innocent?

Are you saying she's not sweet and innocent?

No. Yes.

Lady. I know.

You bother me, too.

I'm really worried about this pot roast.

We're probably gonna have to order a pizza.

Okay. Yeah.

You guys ready? Mm-hmm.

One... two...

♪ Daylight

♪ Sometimes

♪ Daylight is much too harsh

♪ Daylight

♪ Sometimes

♪ Daylight shines a light bright

♪ Under cover of the night

♪ I dream what I like

♪ I feel

♪ You so near

♪ When the day shatters night

♪ Daylight

♪ Like flood

♪ Washes all out

♪ Daylight

♪ Sometimes

♪ Daylight has so little heart

♪ Daylight

♪ Sometimes

♪ Daylight is no friend of mine It's just no friend of mine.

♪ Under cover of the night

♪ I dream what I like

♪ I feel

♪ You near

♪ When the day shatters night

♪ Daylight

♪ Like flood

♪ Washes everything out

♪ All I hide

♪ Try to forget about

♪ Where you are

♪ Why your hand's not holding mine

♪ My eyes

♪ Open wide

♪ See so clear

♪ That you are no longer here

♪ Daylight

♪ Sometimes

♪ Daylight has so little heart

♪ Under cover of the night

♪ I dream what like

♪ I feel

♪ You so near

♪ When the day shatters night

♪ Bright light

♪ Like flood

♪ Washes everything out

♪ All I hide

♪ Want to forget about

♪ Where you are

♪ Why your hand's not holding mine

♪ My eyes

♪ Open wide

♪ See so clear

♪ Why you are no longer here

♪ Why you are no longer here

♪ Why you are no longer here ♪