The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) Script

Subtitles by Sameera Nuwan

(Male Reporter ) Government s ources tell us the world's energy resources will be fully exhausted within five years.

(radio static )

(radio static )

(male official ) Space Station was completed today... designed for a risky experimental mission.

(radio static )

(male reporter ) Onboard the orbiting lab, is the Shepard Particle Accelerator.

If astronauts can get the Shepard working, it would produce free energy, solving the earth's energy crisis forever.

(car horns honk )

(female reporter ) French officials announce new energy rationing provisions...

(female reporter 2 )...the dissolution of these international alliances...

(car engine idling, radio plays )

(male reporter 2 ) effort is merely a drain on financial and energy resources...

(Hamilton ) Yes.

I'll tell him.



Did you move at all?

Forward or side to side?

Joe says you owe him a call.

Did he ask you?

I feel like honking a horn.

Yeah, because that will make loads of difference.

Are you serious?


You've started a trend.

Come on. That's like the fourth blackout today.


Did he ask you?


You know what I said.

I'm not leaving you.

That mission could be years.

You said you could be back in six months.

Do you want me to go?

Joe knows what we've been through.

And yet he still wants you on the crew.

There are other officers. Yeah, but he called you.

Why are you pushing this?

Why do you think?

Forget about me and what I want, which is for you to stay.

Why do you think?

Because you are sweet.

Because people are starving.

Because our energy supplies are running out.

And this mission could unlock an endless supply of power that could save us all.

If you go... you and I... will survive.

I'm afraid if you don't...

No one will.

(Hamilton sighs )

(rumbling )

(radio transmission )

(tech 1 ) TAD throttle control, 8636.

Line secure.

(Hamilton ) Accelerator system status?

(Schmidt ) It's holding for pre-ignition.

(tech 2 ) Shepard team, you are go for countdown.

(mission control ) We've all got fingers crossed here at Mission Control.

Let's make this first one count.

(tech 1 ) Status boosters? (tech 2 ) Go.

(tech 1 ) The GNC. (tech 2 ) Go.

(tech 1 ) Power up.

(Hamilton ) Commander, Shepard team standing by for your go.

(Schmidt ) On my count...

Three... two... one... mark.

(ignition rumble )

(alarm blaring )

(alarm blaring )

(power intensifies )

(alarms blaring )

(boosters power down )

(alarm sounds )

Huntsville, this is Commander Kiel.

Firing... has failed.

(intense music )

(music continues )

(sharp rumble )

(breathes heavily )

(exhales deeply )

(keyboard beeps )

Morning, beautiful.

Sorry, I woke you. No. Look.

I'm working.

I've got a patient today with...

Camptodactyly-arthropathy- coxa vara-pericarditis syndrome.

What's that? I'll tell you after I do my homework.

I'm getting sick of only seeing you on a screen.

You okay? Yeah.

It's the rest of the world I'm worried about.

You see the same news that I do.

It's madness.

Oil wars are spreading.

Russia is threatening ground invasion now.

Can you believe that?

Ground invasion, which will waste their oil reserves.

Anyway... normal life is hanging by a thread.


We're all on edge.

And we only have enough fuel for three more firings.

I remember. If this doesn't work...

I can't even think about what happens down there.

I don't think any of us are feeling... hopeful.

I miss you more everyday.

Like I miss them.

And maybe I'm an idiot... but I'm hopeful.

And not just for the work that you're doing.

We can't go back in time and know what we know now.

But I was thinking...

Maybe when you get back...

(alert chimes )

(sighs deeply )

(sighs )

(pen clatters )

(keyboard beeps )

(children laughing )

(inaudible dialogue )

(laughing )

("Don't Sweat the Technique by Eric B & Rakim playing )

(TV host ) Welcome to American Sunrise...

(Mundy ) Two-one.

(mechanical whirling )

(rap music continues )

(indistinct conversation )

(speaking Mandarin )

(Volkov ) Six hundred and ninety-four.

Six hundred and ninety-four days I've kept our O2, CO2, N2, hydrogen, water vapor and methane at optimal levels.

You know how many pressure leaks we've had?

Not one.

No microbe overgrowth, nothing.

You know why? This is a long speech, Volkov.

Because I disinfect the decks every 72 hours.

I disinfect the decks, actually.

If you have a point, I'd make it now.

There's one part of this station.

One part that is not working.

This is interesting. Do you know what part that is?

The Shepard Accelerator.

(in Mandarin ) Eight billion are counting on us. What are you saying?

(in Mandarin ) I don't have a problem with you.

(in English ) But your German boyfriend over here, I do.

Go back to your quarters. Don't treat me like you're my mother.

You're not.

Okay, that's enough. (Mundy ) Hey, chill out, Volky.

(Volkov ) Two years on this station, and this man has delivered nothing.

(Schmidt ) Volkov!

You need to think very carefully about what you're saying.

We've both heard the reports.

Germany is preparing for war and everyday that goes by, more and more Russians are starving.

Maybe you're not in a hurry to get the Shepard working.

(loud thud, metal clamors )

(metal clamors )

(Kiel ) Easy! Easy!

This stops now!

If we can't keep our shit together up here, how can we ever expect them to do it down there?

Maybe they won't! Keep your mouth shut!

(Kiel ) We have a job to do.

(anchorwoman ) Another test aboard the Cloverfield Space Station.

The 47th test in just over two years is scheduled for 8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

All eyes are on...

(mission control ) This is Huntsville... we've got eyes and ears.

(Hamilton ) Morning, Huntsville.

(speaking Mandarin )

Copy that.

Schmidt, system status? Green across the board.

(Stambler ) Right this minute, they are testing a particle accelerator up there, so we can learn how to make unlimited energy down here.

But those who have accepted the Cloverfield Paradox is real...

(Schmidt ) Shepard holding for pre-ignition.

Commander, Shepard team standing by for your go.

(Kiel ) Diagnostic mode off.

(in Mandarin ) X-Deck modification complete.

(Hamilton ) Stabilizer active.

Qinhuangdao, confirm pre-ignition sequencing authorization.

(Qinhuangdao Control ) You're a go for accelerator pre-ignition.

Huntsville and Qinhuangdao Control, we'll call you post blackout.

(Qinhuangdao Control ) Copy. (Huntsville ) Stand by for protocol go.

(female anchor ) Why does the accelerator worry you so much?

(Stambler ) Because that accelerator is 1000 times more powerful than any ever built.

Every time they test it, they risk ripping open the membrane of space time, smashing together multiple dimensions, shattering reality.

And not just on that station, everywhere.

This experiment could unleash chaos... the likes of whi c h we have nev er seen.

Monsters, demons, beasts from the sea...

(female anchor ) To clarify, you believe their efforts to solve the energy crisis might unleash demons?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

(Kiel ) Volkov, we're ready to take the Shepard online.

How's your station? Hold on, I'm calibrating our expensive compass.

(Stambler ) And not just here and now... in the past... in the future, in other dimensions...

You have no idea how much I would love to be wrong about this.

(Kiel ) Monk.

(Stambler ) If you want to know more... Turn that shit off. read my book...

(Volkov ) Gyro is calibrating.

Our station is good.

You should ask Schmidt, is his station good?

Jesus Christ.

Please, Mr. Monk, hit us with your holy stick.

(Schmidt ) Oh, come on.

Not now when we're... Schmidt.

The farther we travel from home, the clearer it becomes that there is a power infinitely greater than us.

Please show Your mercy.

And allow the Shepard to work this time.

To provide the energy we need.

To prevent our countries from going to war.

Please, God, be on our side.



That was righteous.

(mechanical whirling )

Back to work.

Sunday School over yet?

Schmidt, power up.

(in Mandarin ) Sequence running.

(Tam ) Thirty to ignition.


Three... two... one... mark.

(electrical whirling )

Please don't break up on me, baby.

(electrical whirling continues )

Yes, yes. Yes!

(Tam ) We have a successful collision.

(Kiel ) What's our output?

(Schmidt ) We have positive energy flow.

For the first time.

Look at this, look at this.

Holy shit, you did it. It's working.

We are focused at 47 teravolts. Oh, man!

Hamilton, viewscreen mode.

(Monk ) Yeah! (Mundy ) Oh, man! Nice.

Oh, yeah man! That's pretty.

(electric intensifies )

(power stops abruptly )

(station powers on )

(Kiel ) Schmidt, tell me something.

(Schmidt ) It says it hit 602...

(glass shatters )

(electric intensifies )

What the hell is happening?

(glass shatters )

(bodies thud )

(alarm blaring )

(Tam speaking Mandarin )

(alarm blaring )

(metal roars, fire crackles )

Extinguisher systems are down. Then we ventilate.

(alarm blares, steam gushes )

(Kiel ) I need 63M open, now!

(Mundy ) Oh, no.

Something's wrong here, guys. It's all scrambled.

(steam blows, door slams )

(wind roars )

(Hamilton ) Qinhuangdao, do you copy?

(Volkov ) The O2 tanks are leaking.

Our reserves are severely diminished.

Qinhuangdao, do you copy? (Volkov ) The systems are scrambled.

There's absolutely no guarantee any executable will function as expected.

I'm rebooting the comms system. I'm not picking up anything.

Okay, what else?

(Volkov ) Life support at 74 percent.

Main power is fried. This is backup.

Temperature is all over the place and nothing gets better until Mundy and I get our hands on it.

(Kiel ) We've got gear to fix all this? (Mundy ) Not by a long shot.

(Kiel ) Request an ECL to send supplies.

(Schmidt ) This doesn't make any sense.

The output, massive amount of energy. (Kiel ) Tam, please kill that alarm.

(Schmidt ) There was some kind of malfunction.

Really Schmidt? There was a malfunction?

(Hamilton ) Kiel?

It isn't there.

(Schmidt ) The frequency for Mission Control?

The Earth.

I... can't find anything.

We must have gotten turned around, moved during firing.

It's big, blue, full of angry people. Keep looking, you'll find it.

I've double checked the radio target, but the target's gone.

Guys, the systems are scrambled.

(Schmidt ) Hamilton is right.

It's not here.

We're not picking up any signals.

The entire Earth is not gone!

(Kiel ) Cycle the external cameras.

All of them.

(cameras beep )

Wait, are we saying this thing of his could have thrown us across the galaxy?

We knew it was dangerous.

That's why we had to go up in space to fire this thing.

No, come on. Bullshit!

(distant signal beeps )

(Volkov ) You, did this! I never trusted you.

(Tam speaking Mandarin ) (Schmidt ) We all did this.

(Volkov ) The Earth is gone. The Earth is gone!

(Mundy ) Are you sure we checked everything?

(Hamilton ) Mundy, you've asked that question six times.

(Mundy ) It's a good bloody question, isn't it?

(Volkov ) This is your fault. (Schmidt ) Of course you blame me.

(Volkov ) Who else made this happen?

(Schmidt ) We've been working on this for two years.

(Monk ) Volkov is right, the Earth's gone! (Schmidt ) You don't know this.

(Monk ) Somehow, we did it. (Volkov ) Look out any goddamn window.

(Mundy ) Maybe we're missing something. (Volkov ) We're missing the Earth!

(Mundy ) This is not our fault. None of us...

(Kiel sobs )

(radar beeps )

(corridor door opens )

Alright, here's what we're up against.

The station's got problems we don't have tools to fix.

At this point, looking for home is a luxury for us.

First, we need to survive.

We need to consider, evidence or not... that we might have ended the lives of billions of people.

(Schmidt ) We didn't destroy the Earth, we just lost it.

Totally routine day. Copy that.

Mundy, take Schmidt and deal with the O2.

I'm a physicist.

And now you work for Mundy.

Oh, your lucky day.

Tam, you and Monk will search and repair all power leaks.

Maybe we can get the temperature under control.

Hamilton, Volkov, test all circuits, then we can start looking for home.

When the Shepard overloaded, something went wrong with the station's orientation system.

We'll replace the circuits. No shit. If that's the problem It might be the gyro.

Then let's get that fancy compass fixed.

(drawer opens )

Volkov? Yes.

I found the problem with the gyro. What, it's fried?

It's not here. What do you mean, it's not here?

I secured this when we fired the ship.

(Volkov groans )

This look okay?

(shrieking )

(alarm blaring, door opens )

(door closes, shrieking )

(distant shrieking )

(shrieking )

(distant shrieking, door opens )

(distant shrieking continues )


(Schmidt ) Tam?

You alright? Shh.

(loud shrieking )

What is that?

(in Mandarin ) It's coming from inside the wall.

In the wall? No, walls don't make noises like that.

We have to open it. (Kiel ) Volkov, get the tools!

(Mundy ) Volky!

Before you rip off that panel and damage God-knows-what, can we at least discuss it?

(loud shrieking )

(Schmidt ) Mundy's right. It could be dangerous.

We should open it. No!

Who are you to decide?

Stop! We are doing this.

(Mundy ) All right, good luck.

(power tool whirls )

Three... two... one.

(woman yelling )

(yelling continues )

We're here. We've got you. Hold on!

(Hamilton ) We have to cut her free. (Volkov ) We can't cut anything.

Those lines going through her body are power lines.

(Hamilton ) She's dying in there! (Kiel ) Mundy, cut the power.

(Kiel ) Hold on! (Hamilton ) She's dying!

(Kiel ) We don't have a choice.

(Schmidt ) We have a choice!

Stop it! We don't know what that is.

(Kiel ) Shut it off! (Monk ) We can reroute the power later.

(Mundy ) Hold on

(Kiel ) Mundy! (Mundy ) Module 17 powered down.

Just breathe. It's okay. (Kiel ) Power's down. Let's cut her out.

(Volkov ) Monk! (Monk ) She's bleeding out!

(Monk ) I can't do anything until she's out of the wall.

Help me. Guys, hurry!

Help me... Hamilton.

She just said your name.

(Jensen ) What is happening to me?

What's happening to me? What's happening?

We're gonna cut you free.

(Monk ) Quick. Please.

(Monk ) We got to get her out. (Kiel ) Can you move her leg?

(Kiel ) Okay, got it. (Monk ) Hurry up!

(Kiel ) Mundy, the saw. Quick!

Hold on. Stay with me.

(saw buzzing, Jensen yelling )

(Kiel ) Careful with the pipe. (Mundy ) That's no good.

(Monk ) Hold her down. (Mundy ) Careful.

It's gonna be okay. Grab her leg.

(Mundy ) This is a mistake.

(Monk ) Schmidt, I need more light!

You got her? Keep her down.

(Hamilton ) Breathe, breathe. (Monk ) Okay.

(pants ripping )

(Jensen yelling )

(Kiel ) Get something to strap her down.

Keep her still. (Kiel ) All right.

(shot injected )

(Kiel ) You're okay.

(alarm blaring )

(Jensen panting )

(panting continues )

(alarm continues )

(loud explosion )

(car alarms sound )

(explosion sounds )

(louder explosion sounds )

(cell phone vibrates )

(police sirens wail )

(newsman ) No official public statement has been made about what caused the explosion that was thought at first to be a nuclear weapon.

But we are being assured by authorities that that is not what this is.

(fighter jets soar )

Are you on call?


Yeah, I saw it.

Has the hospital issued Code Orange yet?

Shaw said what did it?

Jesus Christ.

(Schmidt ) This is madness! (Kiel ) Calm down.

(Mundy ) We can't stay calm. Not with that woman lying there.

(Schmidt ) Who is she? And what the hell is she doing here?

(Hamilton ) She knew my name.

(Monk ) What if we're all going mad?

(Kiel ) I'm not gonna say it again. We have to stay focused.

We have other problems to deal with.

(Mundy ) Speaking of other problems, how the hell are we supposed to find the Earth?

Without the gyro, we're lost.

Any ideas?

Because honestly, I'm stumped.

(in Mandarin ) You're assuming Earth is still there.

Earth disappears.

Station does not feel the same.

A woman appears in the wall.

We're definitely not in Kentucky anymore.

Kansas. Kansas?

Really? Who gives a shit?

People from Kansas.

I don't know what's going on, but one thing is clear.

The Shepard's done it.

Which means it might also undo it.

Right now, the integrity of the station is all that matters.

We have repairs that need to happen, immediately.

Monk will give us an update when there is one.

Let's get to it.

(high pitched beeping )

(in Mandarin ) Meet me at X-Deck in ten minutes.

Kiel wants me with him... I'm done with Kiel.

You and I need to take control if we're ever going to get home.

(foosball players spin rapidly )

(spinning stops )


The worms are missing.


The worms are gone!

(Schmidt in Mandarin ) Enhance the core density.

(in Mandarin ) I did. I told you I did.

We have to think about the fact that...

Bullshit... no...

...there might be a larger problem.

We're gonna solve this thing.

And what if we can't?

(in English ) We will, goddamn it!

Who else can fix this up here? No one.

Now focus and get your shit together. Understand me?

(in Mandarin ) Speak to me like that again... and you and I will have a bigger problem than the Shepard.

You copy?

Give me the wrench.

(door opens, closes )

(yells in shock )



Excuse me?


I know.

(computer beeps )

(electronic whirls )

(device charges )

(device whirls )

(putty seals )

(machine beeps )

(gun cartridge clicks )

(Tam ) Hey, Schmidt.

Look at these moisture levels.


What are you doing here? No.

What are you two doing up here?

Against Commander's orders? I don't answer to you, Volkov.

No? No.

Then who are you answer to? German intelligence?

Where'd you get the gun from?

(Tam ) Please put that down.

Chancellor Gerlach? Put that gown down, Volkov.

Was it Gerlach who gave...

(Schmidt ) Stop it!

Who gave you the wartime orders...

(Schmidt ) Put the gun down! You need help, Volkov. sabotage the Shepard? (Schmidt ) Drop it!

Are you crazy? Put that gun down!

(coughing )

(Volkov gags )

(Schmidt ) Monk! (Tam ) Help!

(Monk ) How long has be been like this? (Schmidt ) He tried to kill us.

(Kiel ) Tam, why do you have a gun?

(in Mandarin ) He came to us on X-Deck, threatened us with this.

(Kiel ) Lock it away. Now theres a gun?

Since when is there a gun?

(Mundy ) What happened, Monk? (Monk ) What the hell?

(choking )

(Kiel ) Do something, Monk!

(Hamilton ) Monk, what's going on? (Monk ) I don't know.

(Kiel ) We have to help him!

(flatline beep )


(Mundy ) No.

(vomits )

(crew stomps, worms squishing )

Well, we found the worms.

(flatline beep continues )

(door opens, closes )

(breathes heavily )

(lights flickering )

(Monk ) Hamilton, she's awake.

(inaudible dialogue )


(door slides open )

(Jensen ) Ava.

How are you on this station?

I have the same question for you.

I don't know.

I was heading to X-Deck... to find Mundy.

You know Mundy?

Of course I know Mundy.

We've been on this station for two years.

Mundy, Kiel...


Jesus Christ, Volkov.

Everyone except her.

Who is that woman?

Who are you?

What do you mean, who am I?

It's me.


Mina Jensen.

I'm the Shepard engineer. No, Tam.

Tam is the Shepard engineer.

What are you talking about?

What are you even doing here. You're supposed to be on Earth.

Why would I be on Earth?

Because you're our civilian coordinator?

We trained together since ExoMars 6.

We're friends. I'm your friend.

We've never met.

How can you not know who I am?

None of you know who I am?

None of us.

I don't understand.

I don't understand.

(Jensen exhales deeply )

How can you not know me?

How can you not know me?

I'm the Shepard engineer.

(Jensen inhales, exhales deeply )

(speaking Mandarin )

Listen to me.


don't trust Schmidt.


It was him.

Schmidt sabotaged the ship.

(door opens )


What's going on?

Kiel, have you lost your...

(Tam speaking Mandarin )

You're making a mistake.

Stay out of this!

Jensen warned us about you.

The woman in the wall?

I checked your communication logs. So what?

We deciphered your messages from the BND.

The BND?

We trusted you!

For two years, Schmidt.

What are you talking about, Kiel? Two years!

You were ordered by German Intelligence to keep the Shepard offline until Russia was neutralized.

I swear I never received such an order. I saw the order! I saw your response!

Have you lost your mind?

Maybe I am losing my mind.

But I will do everything I can to keep us alive and get us home!

Until I say otherwise, this is where you stay.

You're trusting her and not me!

You need me, Kiel!


(radio reporter ) City wide destruction has been reported, stretching from the downtown area to the residential suburb.

(Joe ) Michael, are you safe?

No, I'm headed to the hospital.

It's gonna be a mess.

Listen, can you get this message to Ava.

Tell her I'll to be in triage for the next 72 hours.

(Joe ) Michael, listen.

We're trying to get answers here, b ut... it's gone.

The station.

We lost signal.

What? I know.

We're scanning everywhere.

It's off comms, off radar...

Did it break apart?

Did the station fail?

We don't know.

Look, I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I know anything.

I'm so sorry.

Just don't lose hope.

I believe it's still up there.



I'll call you back.

(car door opens )

(sirens wailing )

(helicopter whirls )

(fire crackles )

(electrical explosion )

(distant roar )

(child yelling )

(child ) Help!

(fire crackles )

(child ) Help! Help!

(child ) Help! Help!

(child ) Help! Help!

(child ) Here! Help!

(electrical explosion, child yelling )

(device whirls )

(putty seals )

(loud thud )


What the...?



(metal clamors )


(metal clanging )

Mundy. Get me out of here!

Kiel, help me!

(metal clamors )

(Mundy screams )

Help me!

Hamilton, help me out.

It's pulling me further in!

Pull me out!

(metal clangs )

(Mundy ) Oh, man.

Anyone ever seen anything like that before?


Where's my arm?

Where's my bloody arm?

No pain? No.

Not physically.

It's like he was born this way.

Except I wasn't, was I?

He's in shock.

Can you stop talking like I'm a kid and these are my parents?


I don't know the rules, now.

Do you think there's any chance... it might grow back?

I don't know.

I don't know what to believe anymore.

(door opens, closes )

(lights flickering )

(door opens )

This your way of apologizing?


(metal thuds )


(thuds continue )

(thuds speed up rapidly )

(speaks German )

(intercom rings )

(Schmidt ) I need the whole crew on M-Deck, as fast as you can.

Who let you out of the airlock? Just get here, now.

What is it?

(metal thuds )

(Kiel ) What is that?

(metal thuds )

That's my fucking arm.

(Mundy ) Hold it quick! Hold my arm, please!

(Hamilton ) Quickly, come on!

(Mundy ) Hold it!

Be easy with it.

(Tam speaking Mandarin )

Are you controlling it?

I'm not controlling it. It's over there! Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure because I'm giving you the finger right now.

(Hamilton ) How is that alive?

(Tam ) Logic doesn't apply to any of this.

One thing is clear. The overload did it.

None of us believed it was real, but this is the paradox.

Excuse me?

Particles interacting with each other across two dimensions.

Okay, I'm gonna sit down.

Two distinct realities in a multiverse... fighting to occupy the same space, creating chaos.

These aren't the things we know... because they don't belong to us.


My communication logs.

Guys, check out my arm.

(scratching )

I think my arm's trying to write something.

Somebody get a pen. Quick.

(Monk ) This is madness.


That's creepy!


Volkov... open?"

What are you talking about, arm?

(zipper opens )

(light clicks on )

It's nothing personal, Volky. Mundy.

He was your friend. He was about to shoot me.

Well, you know, before that. (Kiel ) Guys.


Sorry, I can't do this.

Come on. You're the doctor.

(in Mandarin ) I can handle it.

(flesh opens )

There's something...

(organs squish )


(Kiel ) What the... ...way, Jose!

Come on.

(clicks, device whirls )

So we're hoping that the piece of equipment you found in someone's stomach is what's going to save the day.

Good luck, everybody.

Putting it on the viewscreen.

(Hamilton ) Look, there's Cassiopeia.

(Mundy ) It's upside-down.

We're upside-down!

Guys, we moved and we're upside-down.

Check the other side of the sun.


(screen beeps )

My arm helped us find the Earth!

(laughter )

Targeting all receivers.

(radio chatter )

I'd clap, you know, if I could.

Let's let them know we're still here.

We could receive, but we can't transmit.

Let's make that happen as fast as we can.

Let's request a shuttle and give them status on the Shepard.

And have them send us some champagne.

(in Mandarin ) Or some dumplings.

Wait! Guys, listen.

(British reporter ) Sources say the number of those killed today could be even greater than the blitz on Berlin.

The fourteen-month-old European war... Fourteen months?

(British reporter ) sign of resolution.

This, as China sends warships further west...

What are they talking about? What's going on down there?

(British reporter )...from All Chinese embassies.

All this with nations still reeling after the destruction of the Cloverfield Space Station.

(Kiel ) Hamilton, is there video?

(British reporter ) ...most recent attempts to create safe renewable energy...

(Hamilton ) Oh, my God. (Kiel ) Viewscreen mode.

(British Reporter ) ...a catastrophic failure two days ago.

Losing its brave crew of six... debris from the Cloverfield has crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Salvage crews are en route.

President Usman is set to make a statement from the Rose Garden at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

I don't get it.

(Schmidt ) It's much worse than we thought.

It's not just particles of two dimensions interacting.

We've traveled to another one.

To another dimension?

So, hold on.

If that's not our Earth... can someone please explain to me how we're supposed to get home?

(Schmidt ) We have to get the Shepard fixed and fire it again.

What we know about Quantum entanglement dictates it should bring us back.

Perhaps undo the damage we've done.

(Monk ) It doesn't matter what Earth that is.

We should go down and get help.

(Tam in Mandarin ) We need to go home... to our home.

Look at them. At their war.

That will be us if we don't get back.

(Mundy ) I'm with Monk.

I say we go to that Earth, the one we can see, and get the hell off this station.

That place cannot save us.

The longer we stay here the more dangerous it is.

For us and for everyone back home.

(sun rumbling )

(operator ) All circuits are busy now...

I can't get through to your home yet.

Circuits are busy.

That means no calls will go through.

I know what it means.

(phone chimes )

My uncle's dead.

There's nothing you could have done.



We're going to find your parents.

The most important thing right now is keeping you safe.

(glove box opens, closes )


You shouldn't text while driving.

You're a smart kid.

Only in emergencies.

This qualifies.

(phone chimes )

What did this?

We're not sure.

Bad things are happening.

But good people are going to make it better.

We're going to need a lot of good people.

(door swings open )

(door slams shut )

I'm gonna close the door.

(door cranked closed )

(light switches click )

(cabinet doors squeak )

Let me look at your arm again.

I'll do a better job this time.

(door slides open )

Thanks, Monk.

You got it working, didn't you?

You got it working.

Something went wrong.

Shepard smashed a Higgs boson.


Somehow you ended up here.

Your dimension crashed into mine.

(power flickers )

Crew must be working on power.

Trying to fire the Shepard again to get you back home.

Could you do me a favor?

Would you mind mention to your crew that you escaping my dimension will trap me in yours?

(Tam ) I've been thinking...

When we put out the fire, we ventilated...

What if condensation caused the Shepard to overload?

Ventilation could fix that.

Run the numbers.

I'll check the circuits.

(door mechanically opens )

(door shuts )

(lining rips )

(laughs )

(softly ) Tam.

(lining rips, water splashes )

(pipes rattle )

(water flows heavily )


(water gushes )

(electric shorts, alarm blares )

M Deck, I need help in Airlock 6.

I can't get out!

(water rises rapidly )

(water gushes rapidly )


Hold on!

Hold on. It's jammed. Try and override it.

Tam, we're gonna get you out.

Hurry! It's not working.

Come on, come on! Mundy, let's do it manually.


(gasping )

(metal clanks )

(grunting )

What's happening?

Get her out!

(metal clanks )

(ice cracking )

Tam! Let go!

(wind whooshes )

(somber music )

(Schmidt ) Tam figured out what we've been doing wrong.

Condensation has been throwing off our numbers.

We needed to ventilate.

(Kiel ) We can't stay here.

This dimension is eating us alive.

We need to fix the Shepard and use it to get home.

We can't.

Not without Tam.

Maybe not.

Are you sure about this?

(phone line beeps )

(operator ) All circuits are busy now. Please...

(music from headphones muffled )

(phone line beeps )

(operator ) All circuits are busy now...

(phone rings )

(Joe ) Hello? Joe, anything?

(Joe ) Not yet, but there's no debris.

That's a hopeful sign.

We're looking everywhere, I promise.

We'll figure out what happened to them.

It's the goddamn paradox, isn't it?

You can't find the station because it isn't here anymore.

And they do this too?

What's happening here...

(Joe ) Michael, I'll call you as soon as I know anything.

Look, I just need you to write this down.

I need you to contact Andrew and Nancy Pontanuis in Philadelphia.

My phone's not going through.

Just Tell them that their daughter Molly is okay...

(loud rumbling )

(alarm blaring )

(fighter jets soar )

(loud roaring )

(Kiel ) Can you install Tam's algorithm? Yes.

But I want all of Schmidt's work. What?

Done. Kiel.

Once we get the Shepard operational, we give her your work.

We put her in an escape pod and send her home with the specs.

What do you need? Power.

Parts of the core are irreparably damaged.

What's left isn't sufficient to fire.

How much?

I'd like 210 kilowatts for at least eight seconds, possibly as much as 12.

I'd like to take a bath with identical twins and a tub of Rocky Road. Figure it out.

Hamilton, get Jensen whatever she needs.

Let's get this done and get the hell out of here.

(door slides open )

You can change in here? Thank you.

Nothing of mine would fit you, but... try this. Thanks.

You know, as odd as it is for me to suddenly have you up here...

I realize it must be much stranger for you.

Maybe I'm not the same Ava you're friends with.

No, you're the same.

A little sadder perhaps.

The situation calls for it.


Did you know my family?

Of course.

Michael... Isaac...


And your friend was...

strong enough to stay.

Stay where?

On Earth.

After the fire.

What fire?

The power cell.

The one... I put in the house so they could have reading lights at night, so they would feel safe.

The fire.

It killed them both.

Hi, Mina.

A little visitor has come to see you.

Hi, Auntie Mina!

We love you.

Sending love.

(overlapping chatter )

(gasps )


in this world, your family is alive.

They're on Earth.

That's why you didn't come up here.

You're down there... with them.

(softly cries )

If I divert everything non-life supporting from the station I can get us up to 170, maybe 180 kilowatts.

That's not enough. 210, I know.

I started thinking about what life-supporting elements we could sacrifice, which is when I landed on this.

If I shut down the O2, I could get us up to 240.

Power down the O2 pumps.

(Monk ) There are six of us.

That gives us two hours of oxygen, more or less.

So we turn off the O2 pumps, fire the Shepard... then, with the power generated by the now operational Shepard, restart the pumps. That's clever.

I'm clever.

Kiel, I need you for a minute.

Anything you need, I'm here to help.

I won't let you down.

We're all dealing with a lot. We've just got to keep it together.

They're alive.

In this place, my children are alive.

I'll do everything you need, comply with every order, but if we do get the Shepard to fire again to get back to where we came from...

I won't be here.

You want to take a pod.

With Volkov and Tam gone, there are enough vehicles for everyone. Ava.

This goes against regulation, I know, but I don't care.

I need to go to see them.

What about Michael?

And Jensen said you weren't on the crew of her mission.

That means you're down there, too. I know.

Ava, that's not your family down there, that's hers.

What's gonna happen when you get there?

You will never understand what this is like.

No, I won't.

But as much as you want to see them, this isn't right.

This isn't just about me.

The Ava that's down there wants the same thing I do.

I know her.

She'll steal energy for her family just like I did, and they won't survive.

I don't just need to see them...

I need to save them.

Michael would want me to.


(indistinct chatter )

Let's turn off the oxygen.

The pumps will need to be deactivated from the maintenance ring. (Mundy ) Yeah.

That means you'll be working inside a giant oxygen tank.

One spark and... Kaboom!

Yeah. No, I get it. Kentucky Fried Mundy.

(Monk ) That's not funny. (Mundy ) I'll be on my comms...


(Mundy ) It's gonna be tight.

Let's look at some the problems we might come into.

Listen, Kiel. Trust me.

Even with one stumpy arm, I think I can get this done.

(electric whirring )

(putty melts )

All right, Mundy. What's your progress?

Shutting down the auxiliary O2 pumps in Maintenance Room 3.

(Kiel ) I can't understand anything you just said.

I'm nearly ready to transfer the oxygen.

(device beeps, putty melts )

Okay, we're good.

Standing by on X-Deck.

Ready on M. All right, Mundy.

(metal clangs, steam flows )


The oxygen is pouring in.

I can feel it.

Where's the power, Jensen?

Test the actuator.

(actuator powers )

Mundy, good work.

I got to say the pure oxygen in here is sweet.

(metal clangs )


(clanging continues )



(metal clangs, vibrates )


Are you having magnetic issues, by any chance?


(putty chittering )

(metal bangs )

(chittering continues )

(metal clangs, chittering )

(Mundy ) Help!

(Kiel ) Mundy!

(Mundy ) Guys?

(screams and moans )

(loud bang, explosion )

(all gasp )

(Hamilton ) No! No! (Kiel ) My God.

(alarm blaring )

(alarms blaring )

(papers rustling, distant alarm sounds )

The maintenance deck gets more unstable with every rotation.

It's a matter of time before that thing rips the station apart.

The ring's spinning off axis by 17 degrees.

(Jensen ) Anything more than 25...

it won't hold.

We'll all be in pieces.

So we decouple the maintenance ring.

(Schmidt ) If we're going to survive... we have to.

Not you. Not Jensen.

To do that job in the time we have...

it has to be the three of us.

I want to give you some comforting advice, but I have no idea how this is going to go.

Gravity will be unpredictable, so be sharp.

Follow my lead.

The Schmidt that betrayed you... you realize he's not me, right?

(door beeps, opens )

(Hamilton ) Oh, my God.

(grinding metal )

This isn't gonna hold much longer.

(Kiel ) Let's get across.

Monk, get moving!

The ring's at 20.2 degrees.

(debris swooshes )

(Kiel grunting )

(Hamilton ) Monk, you're almost there.

(Jensen ) Twenty-one point five degrees.

(metal banging, Monk yells )

(Kiel ) Monk, look at me!

Give me your arm!

(Jensen ) Twenty-two point three.

Hamilton, you need to hurry.

(steam blows )

(Kiel and Monk grunting )

(Jensen ) Twenty-three point one degrees.

(metal clangs, Hamilton gasps )

Hang on!

(Jensen ) Twenty-three point four degrees. Keep moving.

(Kiel ) I'm clearing the debris.

(metal thuds )

(door opens )

Come on.

(Kiel grunting )

It's jammed.

(metal grinding, sparks hiss )

Twenty-three point nine degrees. We have to jettison that ring.

(Kiel grunting )

What is it?


We have to shut down the hydraulics.

Let's go.

(Jensen ) Twenty-four point two degrees.

(Kiel slams door shut )

Wait, Kiel. What are you doing?

To decouple the ring, this portal has to be locked.

Wait. No, Kiel. We can do this remotely.

I'm the commander of this station. I have to do this.

You can get the station home.

You can do it.

There's no other way.

You have to.

It's okay.

Oh, Jesus! The ring's at 24.8 degrees.

(alarm blaring )

(door shuts )

Oh. Oh, God.

(Kiel grunting )

(Jensen ) Twenty-four point nine degrees.

(Kiel grunts )

(door slides open )

(grunts, metal bangs )

(Michael ) How late? (Hamilton ) Super late.

(Hamilton ) Isaac with Jenny? (Michael ) I'm getting him at three.

(Hamilton ) Thank you. Oh, don't forget his antibiotics.

(Michael ) Yes, no I won't forget. (Hamilton ) Yes, you wont.

(Hamilton ) No you won't. Okay. (Michael ) No. I won't forget.

(Michael ) H ave something in your hair. (Hamilton ) Where? There?

(Michael ) No. No, the other side. (Hamilton ) Did I get it?

(Michael ) It's over there now. (Hamilton ) Good? Did I get it?

(Michael ) You keep missing it. (Hamilton ) Where is it?

(Michael ) How do you keep missing it? (Hamilton ) Oh my God, what is it?

(Michael ) It's gone. You're good. (Hamilton ) Are you sure?

(Michael ) You got it a few seconds ago. I was just being stupid.

(sighs )

(phone beeps )

Hey, beautiful.

Just in case I don't make it through this...

what I wanted to say the last time we spoke was...

maybe we'll try again.

I can't defend the idea now.

There's no time to think about what we could have done or what we'll do one day.

The only choice we have... is to save the people that we still can.

(Hamilton ) What's our oxygen level?

We've got 43 good minutes left.

We'll prep the Shepard to fire twice.

Once to overload, which should get us home... then again with Tam's equation programmed in which will give us the energy we need.

Jensen, copy all our data from the Shepard and take it home.

This should eventually help your planet.

Schmidt, get the Shepard to countdown mode.

Here's Kiel's firing key.

Jensen and I will take Pod 3 down before you fire the Shepard... and hopefully get home.



(cabinet breaks open )

(Jensen ) Ava?

(loud thud )

(alarms blaring )

(breathes heavily )



(pants heavily )


(door slides open, closes )

We all set on X-Deck?

What are you doing?

I need the firing keys.

I can't let you take the Shepard.

I can't do that.

It's not a request, Monk.

Please. Jensen.

(echoing gunshot )

(Jensen ) I'm sorry, but I need that key.

(door slides open )

(breathes heavily )



Okay. No.

(echoing gunshot )

I won't let you take the Shepard away from my world, Schmidt.

Jensen! Please.

Why have you come back?

You could have gone home.

We were a crew. We were never a crew.

Stay away from her, Hamilton.

This had to happen from the moment you wiped my crew, my station, from existence.

No. You can't have it both ways, Ava.

Your family here, but the Shepard there.

You have everything you needed!

We couldn't rebuild fast enough. Think.

People are dying down there, every day.

You're going to kill us?

If you're asking me if I am willing to kill three people... to save eight billion...

wouldn't you?

(loud thud, gunshot )

(Schmidt ) Go!


(grunting )

(Jensen screams )

(gunshot )

(body thuds )

(breathing heavily )

(door bangs )

(door shuts )

Ava... don't fail them again.

That is your family down there.

The same kids.

The same man you married.

(video chatter )

(Jensen ) You don't know how bad it is down there.

It'll only get worse.

Listen to their voices, Ava.

They need you.

You may be willing to kill your children again...

but I won't let those people down there die.

(metal clanging )

(gunshots )

(Jensen grunts )

(metal bangs, alarm blares )

(grunting, glass shatters )

(grunting )

(gasps )

(alarm blaring )

(steam whooshes, Jensen yells )

(grunting, yelling )

(child ) Yes! I learned my back handspring.

(gunshots )

(glass cracks, wind whooshes )

(Jensen yells )

(body thuds )

(Jensen panting )


(glass cracks )


(Jensen yelling )

(glass shatters, wind whooshes

(alarm blaring )

(video chatter )

(chatter continues )

(Ava ) I don't know where to start.

But this isn't my world?

As much as I want it to be.

It isn't mine.

It's yours.

Ava... you're not losing your mind, I promise.

There's no other way to say this.

I'm you.

I have to be quick.

Attached to this message, are detailed construction and operation plans for the Shepard Accelerator.

I'm praying it helps your planet.

I have the same hope for mine.

I need to say two things that won't make sense to you.

But please, hear me... and understand how important these both are.

First... if you've installed a power cell at the house... take it out, now.

It's wrong, and it's dangerous... and if these plans work, you won't need to siphon power anyway.

And two...

Whatever you're doing right now... whatever meeting you're in or wherever you're going, stop.

Go to your husband and your children... right now.

Go to them... and hold them.

Hold them for as long as you can.

Kiss them and love them, and know how blessed you are... to have them in your life.

That's all there is.

That's all there is.

(button beeps )

(door slides open, shuts )

(key clicks )

Three... two... one... mark.

(power electrifies )

(station rumbles )

(power intensifies )

(intensity continues )

(metal clangs )

(Huntsville ) Cloverfield, do you copy?

Huntsville, this is Hamilton. Can you hear us?

(Huntsville ) Where have you guys been?

That's something of a conversation.

(Hamilton ) We can explain later. Listen...

I'd rush an emergency team up here for repairs.

Schmidt and I are all that's left.

(radio static )


(Huntsville ) What did you do up there?

What's going on with the Shepard?

Stand by.

(vents flow )

(beam intensifies )

(monitors beeping )

We have a stable beam.

(breathes heavily )

(Hamilton ) The Shepard... is working.

(cheering over radio )

(cell phone rings )

(Joe ) Michael, we got them.

You did? You found them?

(Joe ) Ava, the station.

We made contact.

(capsule breaks off )

(Joe ) S he can't wait to see you.

She's coming back.

You're having her come back to Earth?

Do they know what's happening here?

(Joe ) No, there wasn't time.

We lost contact.

(Joe ) Listen, just get to the Delaware coast.

She splashes down at 4:30.

(Michael ) Have you lost your mind? (Joe ) The station's been through hell.

You're having her come back to these things?

(Joe ) There's nothing we can do.

They couldn't stay up there.

(capsule descends )

(Joe ) Michael, there wasn't a choice.

There is a choice! Tell them not to come back!

(Joe ) You have to listen to me. (Michael ) Tell them not to come back!

Tell them not to come back!

You hear me? Tell them not to come back!

(capsule soaring )

(loud roaring )

(roaring continues )

Subtitles by Sameera Nuwan