The Collector (2009) Script

Oh man...

I'll be up in a bit.

You better.




What's that box doing in our bedroom?

Uh... I...

I don't know, maybe one of the crew left it.

Why'd they do that? I don't know.

What is it?


Don't open it.


Jesus... Oh God!

Is everything alright?

Uh... just about as good as new.

Oh yeah, Arkin?

After you look at the door upstairs, could you get the last of the window bars up today?

Yeah, not a problem, sir.

I know we're in middle of nowhere, but...

Vicky still insists on Victorian decor.


What shall I call you?

How about Jill?

Bye, Jill.


I'm a mermaid.


I'm having a tea party, Mr. Arkin.

Oh well... Would you care to join us?


It's... it's very good.

He made the tea.

Well, it's very good, sir.

You have a very nice room, Hannah.

This isn't my room.

No? I'm a mermaid.


Mermaids sleep in caves, not rooms.

Can I ask you something?

If you were to really want a present.

Something really special.

What would it be?

A baskin bear.

Where would you get a... baskin bear at?

Toy store.

Of course.

Whoa! Excuse me!

Is everything alright in here? Yeah um, she...

Hannah just uh... invited me to her tea party.

Is that right?

I'm sorry, sir.

I have one about her age. A daughter.

Name's Cindy.


Okay well uh... Well, I got your door working.

Well, thanks.

Thank you for coming, Mr. Arkin.


There's a wasp nest over there.

There's a wasp nest, by the... by the greenhouse.


Let me bum a drag.

Sorry, I'm not adding to your... delinquency.

What are you, a narc?

Give me a drag.

Arkin, right?

Mm hmm.

What kind of name is Arkin, anyway?

It's a first name. What kind of name is Jill?

It's my grandmother's name.

She was the first female Attorney General in the State.

You're about to hear a fight.

You done somethin'?

Yeah, but don't freak. It's just a show.

You better gimme that back then.

I wouldn't wanna ruin your performance.

Later, Arkin.

Nice try.

I told you mom, I don't wanna go.

You can't do this to me.

All of my friends are staying here. I cannot go!

It's not an option!

You're going.

I'm not going on a family vacation with you!


For the week. Thank you.

There is a little bit of extra there.

Oh, no, sir, I can't take extra.

No no, it's... it's for the little one.

I know how tough it can be.

Thank you. Appreciate it.

You earned it.

Listen, spend as much time as you can with them when they're young.

Something happens around age 13 and it get's kind of rough for awhile.

What I understand? Eventually they come back around.

Anyway, see you in a couple of weeks.

Have a safe trip!

What you doing there, baby girl?


Shh... keep quiet for just a sec.

I've got someone who wants to meet you.


He says you have to close your eyes.

Alright, go ahead and open them.

Do I get to keep him?

Of course you get to keep him.

Do you have it?


What is that?

Daddy got him for me.

God damn it.

Thank you Daddy. You're welcome, Cindy.


You're supposed to come by 6 hours ago.

Yeah, so I just got a bit tied up at work, you know?

Do you or don't you have the money?

Look, it's not as much as I said, but... it's something.

What is this?

You promised you'd get it by tonight.

I know, but these jobs don't just happen overnight.

I have to have it today. Why today?

Because the people I owe want it.

So why don't you let me talk to the people that you owe?

They're loansharks, Arkin.

It's due. That's all there is to it.

I'm leaving tonight. Where're you gonna go?

You gonna go to your Mom's? Or your sister's?

And all this shit, what're you gonna do? You gonna just disappear?

They're gonna chase you!

Look, I'm gonna get you the money, alright?

No, it's too late.

No baby, come here.

Just give me until midnight, alright?


Hello? Found what we're looking for.

I'm going in and I gotta get paid tonight.

No way. On whose...

I'm coming over right now.

You would've grown it to a skin there, kiddo.

Now you've been casing that family's house for months...

And now that you've found the jewel broker's safe...

You go to come in here.

With demands.

We settle tonight.

50% take. The family is out of town.

The stone is inside, and I need to get paid tonight.

We got a routine.

I pick the jobs. You pick the locks.

We pick up the prize together.

That's the routine.

You don't change routine.

That's when mistakes happen.

Tonight. Midnight.

No can do.

I guess I'll find somebody that will.

I run a... smooth operation out here.

You helped me on the inside.

You did.

But I never agreed to your terms.

Taking my help means you did motherfucker!

You don't come up here all hopped up in your macho bullshit!

You need to be thinkin' about that woman of yours, and that little pretty girl of yours.


What was that request of yours?

We settle tonight. 50% take.

You don't like your fingers do you?

Huh motherfucker?

I am the only guy that you know that can get into that safe.

So you got a better option than me? Then roll it out!


40. You take it or leave it.

I guess I'll see ya later tonight then.

"Just give me until midnight."


Let go of me! Please leave me alone!


Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?

You son of a bitch...

You son of a bitch!


Just stop! Stop! Shh...

Shut the fuck up! I'm tryin' to fuckin' help you.

Michael, listen...

I have nothing to do with this. You gotta believe me, okay?

There were... there were tools down here right?

Where were they? I don't know, he took 'em.

Oh God! Shh! Shh!

My wife... my wife... how... my wife...

Where... where's your wife?

She's in there.

Where's Jill and Hannah?

Jill left before he got here.

And Hannah is she in here?

I don't know.

God, I don't know... I don't...

Okay, I'm gonna find 'em. I'll find them. Calm down.

My gun...

It's the only way, you have get my handgun.

You got a gun? Where is your gun?

It's in the safe in my bedroom.

Behind the mirror.

Bullets are in the bottom drawer.

What's the combination?

15... 24... 7.

15-24-7, all right. Just stay quiet.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Oh God!

Hey! Hey! I'm here to help you. It's ok. Shh...

We're taking that gag off okay?

Yeah... yeah...

Can you get this off my eyes?


Nah... Nah... listen, I can't. I can't.

Why? I can't take that off.

Have you seen Hannah? Where's my baby?

I didn't see her. I don't think she's in the house.

No no... she's hiding. He hasn't got to her yet.

You have to find her.

Okay, okay I will. I'll keep looking.

My baby... Shh!

Victoria, I will. I'll get her, okay?

But listen, I need you to do something for me, okay?

I need you to help me. I'm gonna need you to scream.

Oh no... no no...

Listen, I just need a distraction so I can get up there.

If I get up there, I can find Hannah.

But I need to get upstairs.

When he comes down here, stop screaming so he doesn't hurt you, alright?

Can you do that?

It's okay.

I'm gonna get you out of here but I need your help.

I need to get up there.

Okay? Okay...

Give me just a second, and then you start screamin'.

I promise you I'll be back. Okay...


There's no fuckin' bullets... Where's the fucking bullets?


Hannah is that you?


Hannah is that you?


Get out! Who the hell are you?

Larry Horn.


No... no...

What does this guy want? What... what does he want?

He collects people...

No no, he's killing people. He's killing them.

No no no, he only kills people that he doesn't want.

The rest he takes. He takes them.

Then why are you here?

I'm the bait.

If you're not chosen, you'll never leave this house alive!

He only takes one! He only takes one... no!

No! No!

Hey, it's me...

Come here.

Let's get this off you.

Come on, get it off. Get it off, come on.

I couldn't find Hannah anywhere. I don't think she's in the house.

She has to be here.

I looked everywhere. I didn't see her.

Where's Michael? He's okay. He's fine.

After I get you out of here, I'm gonna get him out of here okay?

I can't do this. I can't do this.

I gotta get outta here... I gotta get outta here!

Please, one second... One second...

A robbery... I've prepared myself for that but not this... not this!

I don't wanna die!

You're not gonna die!

Shh... shh... You're not gonna die. Shh... shh...

Hold still. And Hannah, gonna get Hannah.

And Hannah too.

Now listen, when we get outta here, I'm gonna hide you okay?

You can't say a word, okay?

And when we go out of here, you keep your eyes on my back.

Alright? Keep your eyes on my back. Come on...

Why didn't you listen to me!

I told you to stay with me!


Easy... you'll wake the neighbors.

What neighbors?



Jill, stop!


Let's do it right here.

I'm not doing it on my front porch.

Damn it.


I think my mom changed the locks on me.

You sure they're not here?

Yeah, positive.

Let's go.

Definitely not typical.

Who cares?

I don't think so.

Where do think you're going?

I really think we should do it right.


911, please state your emergency.

Oh God no.

Oh my God!

Hey! Hey!

Don't make a sound! It's me!

What are you doing here?

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Where is my family? Jill, you gotta be quiet!

Look at me! You gotta be quiet!

Come on...

No... no...


Jill! Don't!

Help me. Help me please!

You gotta push... Help me here!

Help me...

Help me... please help me. You gotta help me push up!

No... no... no! Please don't leave me!

No... no... please...

No! No! Please! Please! Please come back!

I'm sorry... Please come back!

Please don't go!

Run... run little girl.


Where the hell were you?

Please, don't let the man get me.

We're gonna lose him now ok? Now, would you listen to me?

You gotta stay off the floor ok? I can do that.

Alright, you can do that? Yeah... yeah.


Damn it!

Damn! Fuck!

The laundry chute!

Does it go all the way down?

I want you to get outta the way ok? I'm coming right behind you.

Just let her go.

You got her father.

You got me. Just let her go.

You never would've found her anyway.

Stay away!

Where are you going?

Is that all you got? You little bitch!

Is that all you got? You fucking faggot!

Is that all you got? You little fucking faggot bitch!

Come here you faggot! I'm gonna eat your fucking heart!

Fuck you!

Get it off! Get it off!

Get it off me!

Get away!

Dispatch, this is unit 316 responding to a possible 911.

Oh my God.

Freeze! Do not move!


Raise your arms!

Raise 'em!

Drop your weapon!

Drop the weapon!

Unit 316, dispatch...

Hannah? Hannah, stay back.

My God, he's gonna blow the house up.

He's gonna blow up the house.

Unit 316, all units are responding.


He's coming!

He's supposed to come down the stairs okay?

He's coming! Hurry!

I'm gonna go up there and I'm gonna pull you up okay?

Okay. Stay right here.

What are you doing?

Come here... You gotta help me.

It's broken.

This guy, the exterminator.

He was the same guy working earlier in the day right?

And you saw his face?

Yes, I saw.

What happened inside the house?

Tried to save 'em...

I really did...

Sir? Company's called MASTER TRAP EXTERMINATION. We got an address.

Pull him tight and get him to the hospital.

What time is it?

Just before midnight.

I made it.


I need you to call my wife.

They'll take care of all that at the hospital.

Come on now. You gotta... You gotta call her.

Alright! Alright! What's the number?




Come on!



Please, no!