The Color of Paradise (1999) Script

In the name of God The Color of Paradise

You are both seen and unseen.

Only Thee I want... only Thy name I call.

- Is this it? No, sir.

- Whose is this? Mine, sir.

Come and get it.

- Whose is this? Mine.

Come here and get it.

Whose is this?

Mine, sir.

Come and get it.

- Is this it? No, sir.

- Whose tape is this? Mine.

It is mine, sir.

Come and get it.

- Whose tape is this? Mine.

- This one? Mine, sir.

Come and get it.

Director and Writer Majid Majidi This is my tape, sir.

Whose voice is this, Mohammad? My granny's.

Look, children, I've told you several times.

If something isn't close to your bed or closet... give it to me to find out if it is yours or not.

Now those whose tapes are here stay, and others go to do their homework.

Those who've finished their homework begin packing.

The day after tomorrow your parents are coming to take you home.

Go, dear ones.

The sun... Write, my son.

The sun brightens... the earth.

The sun warms the earth while shining on it...

during the day.

The sunny days...

are warm and bright.

That's it.

You have five minutes to look and check.

The sun brightens the earth.

The sun warms the earth.

Sunny days are warm.

Hold your papers up... up, up!

Well done. Give it to me. Thanks.

What are you doing?

Hello, Mr. Rahmani. Hello.

Mohammad, what is this? A bed or a closet? What is this junk for?

What do you mean by junk, Mr. Rahmani? These are souvenirs.

Ah! Souvenirs! All right, have a cookie.

Thank you, sir. I am busy now.

Come eat cookies with the others after you've packed.

Okay, sir.

Everybody is here. Why are you playing this, Hamid?

Play something jolly.

Ladies and gentlemen, attention, please.

If Zanganeh, Omraei, Ramezani, Mandegar's parents are present... please come sign these papers.

Ali, Majid, Mohsen, come with me.

Mohammad, sit down. Your father hasn't come yet.

I'm so tired. I am left with only you.

When you go, I will rest.

Why hasn't my father come? He's coming.


Give me your mobile to call and find out where he is.

Don't tease me, Mr. Rahmani. Didn't you tell him to come?

Boy, are you impatient! Give me your mobile to see where he is.

Your mobile batteries are low.

Hello. Mr. Ramezani? This is Rahmani.

Where are you? You are late. Did you miss the bus?

Aha! Then you are on your way now. Mohammad is all right--

Hold on. Do you want to talk to your father?

No, he says hello. We are waiting for you. Bye.

See, nothing to worry about. He's coming.

I'll give you a tape recorder to listen to a tape until your dad comes.

Let's go.

Come in, please.

Hello. Hello.

Ah! Mr. Ramezani, you are late. I'll be with you in a minute.

I'm sorry. I can't take Mohammad back.

Is there anything wrong?

No, but if at all possible, keep him here.

Mr. Ramezani, we are on school holiday for three months.

Everybody's gone. There would be nobody to look after him.

I have no one to look after him either.

Since his mother's death I have brought him up with such difficulty.

You have come all this way just to say this?

Do me a favor and keep this child.

This is an educational center, not a welfare organization.

Even there they support orphans or children with unfit parents.

Well, thank God this boy has a family... and you are a respectable and hardworking person.

You mean there is no way?

What he has been through in the past year is nothing compared... to what he suffered while waiting for you.

He took it very hard.

There he is.

Mohammad, have you lost something? I have lost my mobile, sir.

Feel around. You will find it.

Go left, left. Turn around. Well done!

Mohammad, good news.


I thought... you would never come.

Sit down.

Hello. Hello.

What have you got?

Let's go.


Catch it. Can't you? Well, catch it now.

I caught you at last.

Bring your hand inside. I want to catch the wind.

Is it morning yet? Yes.

Are we there? Not yet.

What is over there?

Woods, forest.

And further away?

Forest again.

Time to call Mr. Rahmani.

Hello, Mr. Rahmani. Yes. We are on the bus, yes.

We miss you.

Let me go. Let go of my hand.

Slowly, keep right.

Go more slowly.


Put it on.



We're there, aren't we? Yes.

Granny! Granny!

We're home! Granny! Granny!


Mohammad, is your school closed? Yes.

So soon? We haven't had our exams yet.

City schools are better. They close earlier!

This way.

Are we there?

Is it here? No, wait a minute.

Aha, here we are.

Granny! Granny is not home.

Where is she? She has gone to the farm.

I'll go get her. I am coming with you.

Do you want the children to follow you again?

No. I want to come along.

Bahareh. Yes.

Don't hang around.

Bahareh, tell Granny I'll be late. Yes.

Wow! You've grown up so much!

Granny! Granny!


Granny, Dad has come.

Has he brought Mohammad with him?

What is the matter, girls? Why don't you talk? Why are you smiling?

Beautiful Granny! I am over here.


Dear Mohammad, come here, my son.

Granny, follow me. Where to, son?

Come. I have something to tell you. What do you want to tell me?

Come on.

Close your eyes. Hold out your hands.

Now open your eyes.

Wow! It's beautiful, son.

For you. It suits your sister.

No, no. I've brought them something too.

Bahareh, Hanieh, come here.

Hanieh, this is yours. I made it myself.

How beautiful this is!

And this is Bahareh's.

Thank you.

This is for Hanieh, and this is for Bahareh.

Dear Bahareh! Go and gather alfalfa.

Dear Mohammad, can you tell me what is over there?

Where? I want to see.

Oh! This is the very tree I planted last year.

Am I taller than this tree?

It is taller than you by one leaf.

What are you growing here, Granny?

Here I have planted alfalfa, my boy.

I planted wheat over there.

A.B.P.L.A. B.P.

A small gift from Tehran.

Have you been to Tehran? Yes, I had some business there.

Here you are.

Drink your tea. It is getting cold. Okay.

Excuse me.

Hashem, when shall the wedding day be?

Whenever you say. The sooner, the better.

Well, I agree, but... there are a few things I have to take care of first.

We don't expect too much.

This girl has been through a lot, engaged to him, may God rest his soul.

But they didn't have a chance to get married.

Some things are not meant to be.

And now you're our only hope.

I just want my child to be taken care of.

You have children, too, don't you?

Yes, my daughters will be at her service.

And my mother is very kind.

So there would be no problem. And I'm at your service too.

God bless you.

People have big mouths. You can't stop them from spreading rumors.

Since you've come here a couple of times... there may be rumors already.

Next time, the two of you will come together.


Hello. Hello, my son.

Looks like you had fun. You are late, dear.

I was on the farm. Are the children asleep?

Yes, they are. After playing with Mohammad... they were exhausted and went to bed.

We've got to do something about Mohammad.


I don't know yet. They say there is a blind carpenter.

It would be great if he would take him in and train him.

Then he could become independent. I'm concerned about his future.

His future or yours?

Dear Mohammad, after returning from the shrine... we will go to the field and pick up flowers.

Then I'll dye some wool with them and weave a beautiful rug... to give away as an offering to God.

Why are your hands so white, Granny?

Who said that, dear?

I see it myself. Your hands are white.

I've worked on the farm, so they are black and calloused.

No, your hands are soft and beautiful.

Granny, do you know what they are saying?

Who, my son? Those birds.

That is a woodpecker's sound. They are making a nest and seeking food.

But the birds are talking.

Take it, Mohammad.

I caught it. Hold up your hands.

Oh, it flew away! Let's go and get it.

Mohammad, first make a wish and then pour it.

Wish what? Whatever you wish God to grant you.

Well, my son should be able to do everything. He should study farming... go to the navy and get his diploma.

Granny! Granny! What is the matter, dear?

Come here, Granny.

What's going on?

Listen to what Mohammad is saying. What is it, my son?

For God's sake, Granny, ask them to take me with them.

But it is not possible, honey. Yes, it is, please!

No, you have to stay with me, my son. Listen to me.

Bahareh! Hanieh! Wait! Take me with you!

Where are you going, Mohammad?

Don't go with them. I want to go!

No, stay here with me. Look! Don't you like Granny?

Please! I'd like to go with them.

Stay with Granny. Help her, sweetheart.

Mohammad. I want to go.

Don't cry. Why are you crying? When you cry, I feel so sad.

Don't cry, dear. I'd die for you.

Come on. Let's go. Granny, did he accept?

Yes, dear. Let's go.

Hello, Mr. Ramezani. Hello, sir.

How are you? Yes, I'm fine.

Are you all right? Yes.

I know how to read, sir. I know all my lessons.

Well done. We knew it, but today you are our guest.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Go back, Granny. I'll come back home with Hanieh and Bahareh.

Come in, please. Mr.? Mohammad Ramezani.

Listen, everybody. Mohammad is our guest today.

Sir, let him sit beside me.

Be quiet! Why do you make such a noise?

Nasibe, go and sit over there.

Mohammad, sit here.

Zareie, continue reading the lesson.

Second graders, do your math problems.

Zareie, read.

"The sun brightens the earth.

Sunny days are warm and bright.

A day when--" "The day when--"

"The day when... the sun shone."

Not shone, shines.

"Shines. The sun--" "Warms--"

"The earth.

The nights that the moon shines, it--"

"Brightens--" "Brightens the earth.

The nights that the moon doesn't shine are dark."


Mohammad, is there the same lesson in your book?

Yes, sir. May I read? Go ahead.

"The nights that the moon shines... the moonlight brightens the earth.

The nights that the moon doesn't shine are dark."

Sir, now we go to the next lesson.

"Akram and Amin are sister and brother.

Amin is two years older than Akram.

When Akram studies, he helps her.

This brother and sister--"

What is the matter? Go back to your seats.



What's happened?

Have you sent Mohammad to school? Well, what is the problem?

He will be miserable and lonely. He won't be able to go to Tehran to study.

I will take him away!

Are you doing this to spite me? It's you who are trying to spite me.

Granny! I've got twenty.

For the love of God, I beg you not to scold him.

Teacher says I can go tomorrow. I'll take him.

Take care of Mohammad, okay?

I want to come, Granny.

No, I'm going shopping. It's very far. Stay here. I will come back soon.

Come soon. I'll be back soon.

Let's play.

Mohammad, Hanieh.

Where is Mohammad?

Granny, Dad came and took Mohammad to show him the sea.


Don't go any further than the end of this rope.

Stop, boy! Stop!

Let's go. Don't we take the horse?

No, we go on foot.

It is a long way to the village. I will get tired.

We'll get there soon.

I hear cars.

It is not the way to the village.

Where are we going?

Where are we going? Let go of me. I won't go with you.

I want to stay with Granny!

Let me go!

This is Mohammad.

Hello. My name is Ali Fatemi. What is your surname?

I will call you Mohammad.

Well, well, well!

These hands say they can learn many things.

If there is nothing else, I'd like to leave.

Suit yourself.

Have a nice day. I'll visit you. It is a nice place.

Good-bye. Good-bye.

Let's go. I'll show you around.

This is a carpentry. I am blind like you.

I started this job when I was your age.

My father was a carpenter. I learned it from him.

This is a hallway.

And here is a small, but nice... room for you.

I lived here for many years, but now I'm living... on the second floor of this building.

Now, let's go out.

There is a pond with a lot of ducks on the left side.

Here is a part of the wood storage.

Now come and sit down.

The first step is to get familiar with wood.

To know that each kind of wood is suitable for a certain thing.

For instance, take this one. It's soft, isn't it?

This is a poplar which is suitable for carving.

Now take this one.

What's wrong? Are you crying? A man never cries.

Do you already miss your family? No.

Then what?

You know nobody loves me.

Not even Granny.

They all run away from me because I'm blind.

If I could see...

I would go to the local school with other children... but now I have to go to the school for the blind... on the other side of the world.

Our teacher says that God loves the blind more because they can't see... but I told him if it was so, He would not make us blind... so that we can't see Him.

He answered, "God is not visible."

He is everywhere. You can feel Him.

You see Him through your fingertips.

Now I reach out everywhere for God till the day my hands touch Him... and tell Him everything, even all the secrets in my heart.

Your teacher is right.

Where are you going, Mother? What are you trying to do to me?

Only this way remains to me.

You want to spite me, don't you? I did it for his own good!

What am I to do now?

What have I done wrong to be stuck with taking care of... a blind child for the rest of my life?

Who will look after me when I am old and weak?

Why doesn't that great God of yours help me out of this misery?

Why should I be grateful to Him? For the things I don't have?

For my miseries? For a blind child? For the wife I have lost?

I've put up with it for five solid years.

What do you think you've done for me?

That's who I am, a poor and miserable man.

I lost my father so early that I can hardly remember him!

Who helps me? Who cares for me? Go!

Go wherever you like.

Mother! Come back.

For God's sake, come back. You will get ill.

I beg you. I will kiss your hand.

Let's go back. I will lose face.

Bahareh! Give me a glass of water and a spoon.

When you pull it this way, it cuts.

Take it in your hand, carefully.

Then put it here, inside it, on the wood.

Is it ready? Yes.

Loosen your right hand, let it move with the movement of my hands. Smoothly.

Listen to its sound while it is going forward.

The sound is lower when it is going forward, while backward it is louder.

What does it do? It cuts. Listen.

Drink, dear Granny.

Bahareh, go to bed.

Mum, do you want me to bring Mohammad here?

Mum, do you want me to bring Mohammad home tomorrow?

Would you like me to bring Mohammad?

I'm worried about you, not him.

See? This is its head, its beak.

Here is its back and this is its tail.

Look here. This is its wing. Opening them, it flies.

You've got to concentrate your fingers on wood to feel everything you touch.

You need the delicate touch of your fingers to focus... and to see with your heart.

This is its beak.

Well done.

No. You yourself check it carefully. Look at it from every angle.


A small token.


Today I called on Mohammad.

He is doing well.

I mean, if that is okay with you, I want to set the date of marriage... in a couple of days.

What should I do? Take it.

What for? You will need them.

I don't need them. Your blessing will be enough for me.

No, take them.

Hello, Mr. Hashem. I have a message for you.

Come in.

Mr. Safari gave me these and said:

I'm sorry, this marriage is ominous for us.

Stop! Stop!

Get on.

Hey! Are you crazy?


Do you know who has come?

I've come to take you home.