The Command (2018) Script

That's a new world record, by Misha Averin!

Mum, Mum!

I've done 57 seconds!



No bed.


Misha, it's not funny.

You're in bed.

I've got him!

No bed.

Come here, couch, couch!

I'm done with it.

Give mommy a kiss.

She's tired.

Go to bed!


This is all I got Thank you Sergei. We all appreciate.


That's it.

Sorry gentlemen, we have received nothing from Moscow.

So what are we supposed to live on?

If I knew that, I would be living on it too.

At least you have a deployment coming, you will get a sea bonus.

Which will not be paid.


We have to go, come up!

Sergei gave us 800.

She added more. She what?

She added more?

She said everything on the list, or she'd kill me.

Ahh.. another 4 cases of vodka, 5 more cases of beer, 18 rolls of crepe, balloons, champagne!


Then cancel it.

Or marry me, instead.

Who's got our money?


Who's got our money? Anton!

It's not enough, it's not even close.

We'll be fine.


I would marry her. Shut up!

I would be the ideal wife. Shut up, Oleg!

Give me the list.

Well, this is what we need.

This is the money, it's a bit short.

Forget it.

I'll pay the balance next week (yeah I'm sure you will) or the week after the latest, I promise.

Cash and carry.

C'mon, it-it's my best friend's wedding.

I think we're done here.

Are you serious?

Yeah I'm dead serious.

I don't believe this.

Hey! No, no no no Mikhail.

You see this?

What about this?

It's a mariner's watch.

Anything else you need?

Shoes? Jackets?


That's great.

Looks good.

That will make her happy.

Can we have some vodka please?

This is, this is my watch we're drinking out of..

Can we ah.. start the dinner now or wait a little bit?

What happened to your watch?

No no no don't worry, it's a long story.

Ah we are all a bit naked.

What happened then? We sold the watch.

You didn't, you sold them why?

Well because of.. because of this, and this, and this, and this, and everything!

Seriously? We bought it.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Oleg what's happening? Are you crying?

Look at him, he's cry.. ha-ha...

He's crying. I'm not crying.

What's the matter with you? Why are you crying?

Let's get something to eat. Yes let's go. Oleg!

Stop crying, you'll make me cry.

Oleg, stop it.

Are you enjoying yourselves?

Just for my wife, one.

I have no idea maybe, it's the very barrenness of this place that brings us together.

But there is no denying, that we are one.

And tonight, Pavel and Daria are one.

And as Pavel's best friend...

Oh, look who's crying now?

Shut up!

Me? What did I do?

As Pavel's best friend, let me propose a toast.

To Pavel and Daria, and the half dozen children they will have, that will take care of me, their uncle Anton, in my old age.

And I would love to offer, a toast to Daria.

As my.. lovely Tania can attest, life.. as a navy wife is not easy.

Life here at the Northern Fleet is even harder.

And then imagine being Pavel's wife.. on top of that.

Imagine the agony!

But we make do.

And when things get at their worst, what do we do?

The sailor's man, the sailor's man, Here's my heart and here's my hand.

The sailor's man, the sailor's man, Here's my heart and here's my hand.

I think I think, I think I think, It's time to have, another drink, The sailor's man, the sailor's man, Here's my heart and here's my hand.

A kiss!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

Twenty! Yeah! ha-ha..

You're my best friend. I know.

Ten years, ten years of luck!

What, why ten?


What are you doing?


Can you feel him?


Sleep well my love.

Sleep well my brother.

Morning, sir.


Hey, ready to go fishing? How are you?

Sir, what are you gonna play on the TV?

We're gonna play some very serious shit.

Wait wait wait.


I got it! We did it.

Have they started it? I dunno.

Alexei. What's going on?

You have to get back into shape... Ah shut up.

Alexei, how are you doing? Great.

Right there, in Moscow.

No no no, look.

No, leave the music, leave the music. Leave the music.


Still married, after 24 hours?

So far, so good.

You're lucky she's so tolerant.

So, this is the Fat Girl? Yeah.

It's sweating.

Is it angry?

130 degrees. Within parameters.

Not angry, but irritated.

Reactor to three-quarter power state.

Temperature and pressure normal.

Port and starboard CGs online.

Main engines ready.

Propulsion crew online.

Precee and harbour station checks.

Complete and reported to manoeuvres.

We need to keep an eye on the aft hydraulic system. OK Instrument check? Complete, and correct.

Boat's.. going! Hurry ah-uppppppp!

Wait for me!

They're going!

Don't be too long.

Ahhh.. wait for me!


Bye, dad, bye.

He is coming.

Be careful.

Admiral on deck!

Carry on.


Pair-up the frigates. Redeploy North 16.5.

Yes sir.

Must I do everything myself?

No, sir.

A grand sight. Yes.

20 years ago, for this exercise, we had three times this number of ships.

Now half of them rust in dry dock.

Two-thirds of our submarines are being cut apart for scrap.

Do you remember the Kutusov?

My first command. Uh-hmm.

It has off-loaded its missiles, and is delivering meat and vegetables to our base at Poliarny.

Now if the Americans attack, the Kutuzov can throw cabbage at them.

Still it's impressive.

More than enough to send a message to our enemies.

Now all we have to do is figure out who our enemies are.

Commodore Russell.

Deputy flag officer, submarines.

Thank you. Thank you.

I'm scored out on the Russian exercise.

57 surface ships er, 3 detected submarines.

An Oscar-II, the Kursk, departed Vidyayevo at 07:20.


Silent and invisible.

Oscar class.

Thank goodness the Russians don't have the money to build more of those things.

Least we could hear the Typhoons, so we didn't bump into them.

Amazing to think that the Russians, used to do one of these every year.

Morning. Morning sir.

Is Admiral Grudzinsky on Klite? At sea and in command.

You know him, don't you sir?

Met him. We fished.

And drank.

Yes, too much, in my case.

So, Admiral Grudzinsky.

What have you got up your sleeve?

Officer of the watch, take us to 28 metres.

Come around to 085.

When you've got control, come up to 20 knots.

28 metres, 085, and 20 knots, sir.

Type of arms?

24 SS-16 missiles, 21 L-55 torpedoes, and one HP practice torpedo.

The Fat Girl?

Status? Stable.

HPs, I hate them. Cheap and dangerous.


I've no watch.

I'll be happy when it's time to say goodbye to it.


At ease.

The exercise will have three phases.

Test missile fired.

Test torpedo fired.

Return to base, undetected.

Reactor status?

Both reactors online, sir.


Our test torpedo's currently stable, but has a slightly elevated internal temperature, indicating a possible hydrogen peroxide leak.


We'll get rid of it as soon as we reach our fire authorisation window.

Anything else? No.


Tube cleared.

Prepare to load.

Sir, temperature spike. 142, rising.

Command priority carmady, to speak to the captain.

This is the captain.

Sir, our test torpedo's angry. 142 degrees and rising.


Request permission to fire prior to authorised window.

Are we still below abort threshold?

Yes sir.

We're 7 minutes from our fire authorisation window, and we're not in position.

Permission denied.

Yes sir.

By the book.


Say your prayers.

I'm not a religious man.

Secure the compartment. Secure the compartment. Secure all..

All valves closed.

Secure the forward bulkhead.

Secure bulkhead doors, all valves closed.

Command. Command this is compartment 7, come in.

Command this is compartment 7, come in.

Why isn't command responding? Because they're dead, that's why.


Why are we not surfacing? Why do you think?


Command, this compartment 7, come in.

Command, this compartment 7, come in.

Sir, there's a fire in the torpedo room.

Detonation temperature?

I think the warheads explode at 1-180°.

How much?


That's off the scale.

What are we going to do?

As we've trained, secure compart...

Go aft, to compartment 9!

Pavel and Anton are forward.

Go to compartment 9.

Leave him on the platform, go to compartment 9.

Move on!



Compartment 5, this is compartment 7, come in.

Compartment 5.

Compartment 5, this is compartment 7, come in.

Mikhail, they're gone.

Compartment 5, this is compartment 7, come in.

Let's just go. Let's go.

85. Mikhail?

Anton, we're in 7. W-what's your status?

The reactor's melting down.

Emergency cooling is inoperative.

Get out of there.

We can't leave, or it's Chernobyl.

We've got to activate convection cooling.

What's the water level?

It's rising. Fast.


Tell Vera I love her.



Move move move!

Go to compartment 9!

Is anyone here?

Go go go!

Peter! Peter!

Leo, come!

Don't touch me!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Help me. Help.

Move it. Move it!

Sir, do we exactly know what happened?

Not sure.

So why are we alive?

We are aft, that's why we are alive.

The explosion was forward and we are aft, so the bulkheads protected us from it.

What are we going to do?

Let's use the hatch, and get the hell out of here.

We're taking on water.

No. No, first things first.

We stabilize the compartment, we inventory our assets, and then.. then we evaluate our escape options.

Does everyone understand that? Yes sir!

Very good.

Maxim and Niko.. Yes?

We shut down the compartment. Now you purge the main pipes, then check list, from forward to aft. Yes sir.

Boris, you work on the pump. Yes sir.

And Sasha.. Sash, where are you?

Get the hammer, we need to let them know we're alive.

OK, 4 strikes, repeatedly. Every hour, on the hour.

4 strikes.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1..

Get me a closer on their Barents Sea, northeast of Murmansk. Yes sir.

And bring up maritime traffic, please. Bring it up now.

Get me a satellite picture, get me a better satellite picture than that please.

Yep, closer on that. What's that?

Whadda we have?

The Russian frigates are running grids, and the rest of the fleet is sailing in short radius circles.

"Seismic events." Be more specific.

One small, one large, 3.9 on the Richter.

11:28 hours. Two minutes apart.

Mother of God.

They've lost a submarine.

Get me the Norsar Seismic readouts for the Barents Sea. Yes sir.

David, ask the Americans to reroute Satcom 3 for photos of Vidyayevo and the other Murmansk secondary ports. Sir.

Bruce.. place a call to Russian Northern Fleet headquarters.

To? Admiral Grudzinsky.

Should I, clear that with NATO HQ first, sir?

I wanted you to clear it first I'd have told you so. Yes sir.

Admiral on deck! As you were.

Account makes ...

Two acoustic events..

How big? Unclear. Our instruments were pinned.

I need location and boat.

Kursk? Get the Dronov ready to be sent down.

Understood? Yes sir.

What are we hearing?

One explosion, then a second explosion, which was really multiple explosions, that landed almost simultaneously.

Granite missiles.

More likely torpedoes.

Any word from the Northern Fleet? Nothing yet, they haven't responded.


Well there were two explosions, very big.

And the American satellite data shows the Russian rescue assets still docked.


Good or bad?

They're small.

Taste good.

Put them in the basket.

They're very small.

Baby mushrooms.

We can put them in the soup.

Let's go.

The water's rising fast.

It's up 1.5 metres.

We are trying to fix it.

Pass the wrench.

We need more cloth. Leo, bring me the cloth.

Give him some cloth. Move, move, move!

OK go get me the cloth. The cloth.

Niko, come on. OK, good.

I got the club.

Boys how're ya doin' without the pump?

We need that pump now. I'm on it, I'm on it!

We're connecting it to the reserve batteries.

It's on.

Get the milk and check if there is suction.

Hand me milk.

Check the suction.

That will slow it down but it won't stop it.

Boris, make sure the pump stays on. We still have water coming in.

Yes sir.

Niko go find blankets, we need to stay warm.

Prepare the oxygen generator as well.

Do not activate without me reviewing the procedure with you.


What's going on?

You're going to make it.

Listen to me, listen to me.

Imagine you're on the surface and your friends are trapped down here.

You would move heaven and earth, to save them.

Nothing would be too much. Not, nothing. Nothing.

Right. Everything we would do for them, they will do for us.

Yes sir. Do you believe that?


Yes sir.

Any idea?

Sir it's, it's not working.

We'll get it fixed. We're almost there, sir.

My God!


Much worse than I expected.

No one could survive that.

It's the Kursk. Something happened.

What? I'm sorry.


Hi Mum!


Anastasia! I know I-I know what to do.

What have you heard? That they lost contact with it.

When? How long's it been?

I don't know.

I heard it from the fire.

Who told you that? Dacha.

Danil's sister said everything is fine.

Are they trapped? Well who knows?

What are we doing?

Find Vadim.

I'll try headquarters, see if I can find out anything. OK We'll meet at Vera's. Yes.

Don't worry, we're finding out what happened.

Has anything happened to the Kursk?

I-I erm know anything about that.

Have you heard anything? Can you tell me?

I can't tell you things I don't know.

Actually even if I did know, I wouldn't be authorised to tell you, I-I'm sorry.

Captain Timoshenko!

Captain! Yes?

We heard something happened to the Kursk.

I was just called here for a meeting so, excuse me.

God forbid the Navy should tell us what's happening, right?

This is bullshit.

What should we do?

We let the navy do its work.

I mean, they will do anything in their power to get them home.

But we need to know what's happening.


What 30 years ago, when Anton was much younger than Misha is now, and his father worked on the Kiev.

There was a fire on the submarine, and she was on the bottom for three weeks.

I didn't know a thing.

The navy, protected me as it saved Vadim.

Their comrades will do their duty.

Your duty is to wait and hope.


I didn't say goodbye to Anton when he left.

I was mad because..

he, he swore he'd fix the broken window by the sink.

I didn't even kiss him goodbye.

Maybe that was our last moment together.

And I snapped at him.

He knew you loved him.

He knew?

He knows it.

You have to stay strong.

We have to stay strong. Yeah.. okay.

We have no choice.


Go Misha, please go there.

I'm Tanya Averina. Yes I know.

I know Mikhail.

Is it our only rescue ship, right?

If they were alive, you would be on your way.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I have it.

No oxygen.

C2O2 is gone.

We have to start the oxygen generator.


We need the cartridges to ignite the generator. I know Oleg. I know.


What's the matter?

We don't have any cartridges.

What? We don't have any cartridges!

Well are you sure, there must be somewhere. We looked everywhere.

They must be somewhere.

But sir, there are cartridges in Compartment 8 in the lower section, ah.

Gave them to Timour myself.

Compartment 8 is flooded.

We can't go down there.


Boris get the pump running.

I will help you.


Emergency power.

Fleet command.

All engines stop.

Audio test confirmed.

If there's anything to hear, let's make sure we hear it.

Cut the engines.


Fifteen seconds.

On the hour.


Are you sure the audio is working?

Yes sir, we've got ambient sea noise and current flow.


We're on the hour.

Passed it.


We've passed it, you need to do the strike.

Ah. Sorry, I-I sold my watch.

Contact the Rudnitsky. Now!

Get the Rudnitsky.

Tanya Averina? Yes.

I am Koulkin. Yes.

They heard, thumping from Kursk.

Thank you.

Marina! Marina!

Daria! Daria!


What? They heard something!

What? They heard something!

You sure...?

They are alive, Averina!

They heard knocking. Heard knocking?

The rescue gotta get it's way.

551 00:49:50,800 --> 00:49:51,596 Yes!

They are alive, they are alive!

Tony get me a live feed from Vidyayevo satellite and keep an eye on all images north-east of Murmansk.

It's the Kursk that's down.

A ship left Vidyayevo two hours ago with a rescue submersible on deck.

There are survivors. Which rescue submersible?

The Russians had three functional rescue submersibles.

The Mir was sold to an American company which uses it to take rich tourists down to see the Titanic at

$20,000 a pop.

Their A-32's stuck in the Black Sea, with stabilizer problems which leaves the Priz, which is a bucket of bolts, I wouldn't trust it in a bathtub.

Have the Russians requested our help?

My repeated calls into Admiral Grudzinsky of the Northern Fleet..

No response. But he's no fool.

The Kursk has more secrets on it than any ship in their navies.

Cryptography, propulsion, weapon systems, they're not going to let us go anywhere near it.

We'll see.

In the meantime, I want the LR-5 prepped, and loaded and ready for air-transport and I want a list of all dive-platforms and saturation divers from the North Sea to the coast of Finland. Yes sir.

You wait.


No. Why?

I said no.

Let me begin by saying, that I will make all efforts to share with you available information.

That said, you must understand there are security issues that may prevent certain information from being shared to this day.


The Russian navy, and in particular the northern fleet, has a long and proud history of defending our nation and the brave sailors who served..



Excuse me for interrupting, but we've been told that there is tapping from inside the Kursk.

Is that true?

I cannot speak to that issue.

All I can tell you is that the Russian navy, and in particular the Northern Fleet..

Why won't he say anything? has a long and proud history..

I'm so.. sorry, Captain but we've all come here for some information.

I mean can you.. tell us anything?

About the tapping please? Do you know their condition?

How much air they have. And what is being done to save them sir?

Tell us!

How long do they have, please? Anything you can tell us, anything..


I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry.

I'm very sorry, but I've.. I've nothing more to tell you.

Tell us! When are they coming back?

Please! Captain!

It's not the way you should have acted.

They want you to trust them. No.

What if I don't? You should!

Excuse me.

Is Dad dead?

I don't know.

You think he's dead?

Hope he's OK.

Me too.


Wake up. Wake up.

You hear me?

We have to stay awake. Stay with us.

I have to go through the floor hatch. Careful now.

It has to be done. We need oxygen.

You won't make it.


Yes sir.

What one can you deport them in?

I-I don't know, I left before he stowed 'em.

You don't know? Lower section.

It will take some time to find them.

I need someone to come with me.

Sacha. Sasha!

Help me get the oxygen cartridges.

Leo, hurry up.

This is a crazy plan. It's too far.

Your arm.

Come on, come on, your arm.


Help him!

Take them out of the water! Get the blankets!

Help me! Help me! Help me!

Come on!

Look at me!

Take him out!

Come on!

Hold on, Sacha!

Come on!


You OK? You OK, you OK?

Look at me. Look at me.

Where are the cartridges? Where are the cartridges?

Two boxes.

10 cartridges each.

One down.

19 to go.

What the hell took you so long?

Can you tell a lot?

And I forgot my tools around there, can you go back?

Watch out!


Keeping! Watch it!

Five men port side for the manoeuvre!

Current just over one knot.

Battery level 85%.

Turnaround 25%.

Leo, below!

Yes sir.

Hey hey hey be careful, be careful. I know, I know, I know.

Be careful with this one.

Yes, I know.

Listen to me.

Have you done this in training?

In theory. That was on the short schedule.

So you didn't.

No water on this one.

Are you listening? No water on this one.

No water.

Any contact with water and it will explode. Yeah, big fire.

Do you understand? Big fire. And then what happens?

No oxygen. Exactly, we don't want that.

Always hold it, on the top. Yes sir.

Here take the cartridge.

OK, put it in.

Now bring it down.

Lock it in.

We'll approach it, just beyond the reactors, then let the current push us backward, toward the aft escape hatch.

What's that?

They're here!

It's them.

Silence! Silence!

Let's listen, let's listen!

Let's wait.

It's not connecting. We're in position.

It's not making a seal. Why?

Battery's at 25%.


I not leaving until we seal. Well if we die, they die.

We recharge and we come back.

Blowing ballast.

Blowing ballast in 3,2,1..

Full ahead.

Come hard left.

I can't hold it, I can't hold it.

Watch out. Watch out!

They hit the rudder!

They're surfacing.

Whoa, yes, no.

They're surfacing.

You bastards!

Come back! Come back, come back!

Come back!

Come back! Come back!



Please listen.

They will try again.

But sir.. Well trust me, they will.

What if they still can't attach?

We’ll swim to the surface, through speed ascents. No!

They're right above us.

You've seen the rescue ship, right?

Mikhail, we have to leave now! No!

The rescue ship has no decompression chamber.

You will die of the bends, you know that.

You go, you die.

We wait!

We can't wait.

We've done enough waiting.

To hell with waiting!

What happened? Why couldn't you make the seal?

I don't know sir.

This is supposed to be replaced annually.

God knows how old this is.

The tail is damaged.

So make the repair!

Yes sir.

Change out the batteries.

Let's try again, quickly.

We only have one set. 12 hour to recharge.

No extra batteries?

We were ordered to sell them with the Mir.

They're at the Titanic.


This little polar bear goes to his mother and says, "I'm a polar bear, right?"

And she says, "Yes, of course."

And the little polar bear says, "OK, thanks."

The next day, the little polar bear goes to his mother again and says, "Let me if I got this right.."

"You're a polar bear, right?"

And she says: "Yes, of course."

And then, little polar bear says, "And dad's a polar bear too, right?"

And she says, "Yes, of course."

And then the little polar bear says, "OK, fine, just checking."

So the next day, the little polar bear goes to his mother again and says, "I just gotta be clear here."

"You're a polar bear, right?"

And the mother says, "Yes."

"And dad's a polar bear, right?"

And she says, "Yes."

"That makes me a polar bear, right?"

She says "Yes."

Then the little polar bear says, "Then why am I so.."

So fucking cold.

Huh, sorry Oleg.

"Then why am I so fucking cold?"

773 01:11:03,400 --> 01:11:04,959 What's taking so long?

And the collar?

We're hoping that heating it up will, enable the oil to penetrate and soften it enough to attach.

And it's not reassuring.

Carry on.

The batteries are really charged!

Leo! Yes sir.


What should I tell Moscow?

I'll tell them, Asher.

This is Admiral Grudzinsky from the Northern Fleet.

I need to communicate with Commodore David Russell, Royal Navy.

I'll put you through.


David! It's been too long!

It certainly has.

What can I do?

You've seen the Priz, and the Mikhail Rudnitsky.

It not built for the Barents Sea, it's built for carrying lumber.

You know how many survivors?


Perhaps.. 20, 25.

How bad is it?

The compartments after the reactors, appear intact.

But everything else is, gone.

Is there any chance your superiors will let us in?

Not until I try a sufficient number of times, to do the impossible, with the inadequate.

I understand.

If there's anything I can do besides standing by, let me know.

There is one thing you could do.

And so we are offering immediate deployment, of the LR-5, our state-of-the art rescue submersible, and anything else the Russians need.

And with Russian rescue assets apparently unable to reach survivors, offers of international assistance, are now pouring in.

Britain and France, Norway, and the United States offering both technical help, and rescue submersibles.

And so we are offering immediate deployment of the LR-5, our state-of-the-art rescue submersible, and anything else the Russians need.

It has the potential to be, a unique moment of collaboration, sweeping aside, cold war suspicions.

But so far inexplicably, there has been no clear response, from either the Kremlin, or the admirals of the Northern Fleet.

There are reasons to believe that the initial cause, was a collision, with a non-Russian vessel.

With submarines as silent as they are, that is of course a constant danger, made worse, of course, by the aggressiveness of NATO.

How about the offers of foreign help, are you gonna accept them?

Erm, that is unclear at this time.

Have a look Yes sir.

Boris, check the batteries.

Yes sir.

Batteries are dead!

That means the pump is out. Whaddya mean?

Water will be rising soon.

How much water? Whadda we do, the water is..?

Settle down. Settle down.

Save your strength, save oxygen.

Stay awake.

Maxim, whaddaya doing?

We should have done this a long time ago.

Maxim, get down from there. Come back here!

Maxim, get down!

Come back!

Get down!

I want to live!

Oh stop it!

Stop it!

Come back down!

Stop it!

That's why I believe we should accept the British and Norwegian offers of help.

The survivors are only in the aft section of the boat.

We can limit foreign divers and submersibles to that area.

Those young men knew what they were signing up for.

Yes sir, those young men knew what they were signing up for when they joined the Navy, but did their wives?

You have your orders. No foreign interference.

Very well sir.

I understand.


Where's Vera?

She'll meet us there. Ya.

Marina! I'm coming, I'm coming.

Yeah, hurry up.

Attention everyone, Admiral Petrenko!

I know this is a very difficult time for you.

Speaking.. for myself and the president I want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power, to bring out the men, still on the Kursk.

To that effect, I will list the ships, that are on the sea.

The flagship, Peter the Great.

The rescue vessel, Mikhail Rudnitsky..

Admiral, admiral.

What is the status of the crew?

Are you in communication with them?

And who is alive?

Yes Who is alive?

Are are are they injured?

An-and what about the foreign help?

Have you accepted it?

If you let me continue, I will give you specifics.

The offers of foreign assistance are being considered.

Meanwhile here is, what we know.

The Kursk is intact, and on the seabed.

It is in a very difficult position and, at a depth of 500 meters and almost zero visibility, No! at a very steep angle. No!


And there have been strong underwater currents.

The Barents Sea is nowhere near that deep.

Stability is like glass.

We are confident that our search and rescue...

The Barents Sea, is not that deep.

And the visibility is not what you say.

Are you an expert on underwater rescue? No.

No then, leave this to those who are.

I'm not an expert, but I am not a fool either.

None of us are.

OK, none of us are.

You shouldn't lie.

You're lying to us.

How dare you!

I'll ask you the same question.

We have children here.

We..we have husbands.

Your husbands and sons, are sailors in the Russian navy.

Every one of them took an oath to defend his country with his life.

The rescuers at the scene are doing all they can.

They are well equipped.

They have the latest technology, equal to or even superior to anything offered by foreign nations.

That's nonsense. That's nonsense, and everyone knows it.

Look sit down and listen.

Anger and disrespect are not permitted.

Well my husband.. my husband served.. in the Northern Fleet.

We are navy!

We raised our son to be navy for what?

To die, for nothing?

Calm down, or you will be removed from this hall.

Tell us if they are still alive or how long they have before they die.

Calm down, or you will be removed. You will be removed.

Calm down.

No! No there is no time for this!

You want our men to die, for nothing!

Damn you!

You are remiss!

You go to hell!

You, and your admirals, and your bureaucrats...

To hell with you!

Where you put us, and our families, and our children!

It is just for justice!

What did you do to her? What did you do?



I'd like to take you up on your offer of assistance.

What changed? I dunno. Me?

I'll pull divers from one of the Norwegian rigs of the Asgard oil fields.

They can rendezvous with the LR-5 and me in Trondheim, Norway.

From there it's 11 hours to the accident site.

Graham. David.

This is Commodore David Russell. We're working for him on this one.

Very good to meet you gentlemen. I appreciate what you're doing.

Thank you sir.

Right, before we go into the chair, we’ve got a little paperwork.

We've been asked to sign special waiver forms agreeing to dive without a hyperbaric lifeboat, and not to hold the Stolt Corporation liable in the event of injury or death related to, or caused by, nuclear radiation or weapons of war.

No Admiral Petrenko?

He sent me.

So you have taken over my command?

Yes. And your rescue operation.

And pending formal transfer of command, the Northern Fleet.

Commodore David Russell of the Royal Navy. I'm aboard the Seaway Eagle.

We're here at the request of Admiral Grudzinsky.

We're requesting permission to approach the accident site, over.

You're to maintain your current position until further orders.

Stop the engines.


What is it?

I need a pen.

I have a pen.

What is it?


How old were you, when your father died?

I was three.

Little lad.

What cover.. What do you.. what do you remember about him?

Tell me honestly.



If Misha would.. have only a very vague, memory of me. No!

Yes, the baby..

The baby will have none.

No, that's not true.

I can feel my father.

I know my mother loved him, and I know that he loved me.

And somehow, he's always been a part of me.

Thanks, I need to tell him that.

Thank you.

This is Graham Mann, he heads up our dive team.

Admiral Einar Skorgen, NATO commander North-Norway.

He's been instrumental in getting all of this going.

Now here's a, a list of things, that needs attentive, ah including your site surveys and photographs of the accident site.

And we'll also need detailed specs on the hatch.

But all in good time.

All in good time.

Admiral, with all respect, ah surely time is of the essence.


Well we need to send down our ROVs for a preliminary radiation check, site surveys..

I think there has been a misunderstanding regarding this meeting.


The Russian rescue assets are in position and functioning very well.

Tomorrow the decision will be made whether you and your men will be allowed, to participate in the operation.

Did we come all this way for nothing?

Admiral let me be frank.

We have the divers, and the equipment, to start bringing those men to the surface, in a matter of hours.

We don't know their condition, I implore you to accept our help.

If there are survivors, we can bring them to the surface very quickly.

I believe we've been very clear.

When we reconvene, if your help is needed, we will let you know.

We look forward to your call.

Why are they stalling?

Their protecting their naval secrets, and trying to avoid national humiliation.

It's not humiliating to lose their flagship sub? Not if they can blame it on us.

A collision, or us not saving them?

Maybe both.

So what? We wait?

We wait.

And the men at the bottom?

They wait too.

I can't hold it. We're missing it, we're missing it.

Let's go for another attempt.

OK, turning around.

Coming back. Placing a mark.

Battery level's 25%.

We're staying.

Battery level's 12%.

Battery level's at 9%.

Push it down, push it down.


Keep it!

Don't move it! Keep it still!

You're moving!

Battery level's at 7%, we have to abort now.


Blowing ballast.



You hear tapping?

No, no tapping.

Send in the Brits, at dawn.


We're on tomorrow morning.

Get the divers at depth, get them ready.

Hey, friend, don't leave me.

Stay with me.

What the hell is this?

Jesus Christ!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not ready to die.

Good morning Kursk!

Good morning!

Breakfast is about to be served.

Leo, help me up.

Hey everybody, wake up!

Show me what you have, and ahh.. let's gather a nice, morning buffet.

Come on, Sasha!

Whadda you have there?

Some tuna.

Oh nice, seafood!

We have some meat?


You’d have crackers?


What do you have guys?

What a coincidence! Tuna.

Can't think about food right now.

This is good, yeah!

Finally the Navy does something right.


Where is it?

C'mon, get out of here. Where is it?

Real breakfast!

I got some more on that.

Can I get some?

Keeps us warm.

This is really good, huh!

Maxim, look at this!

There's everything here...

Do we actually wanna go up? No point, no!

Not yet. We do not come down here.

Will I tell my polar bear joke again?

OK, shut up this time, please.

So, this little polar bear goes to his mother, and says...

No more, have a drink instead.

Leo, that's a blame you, you little piece of shit.

Leo.. Leo, be careful!

Pick 'em up, pick 'em up.

How long do we have?

A couple minutes.

It's been an honour.. to serve with all of you.


We're on, ready to go!

Let's go!

OK keep it moving, check this oxygen will you?

Divers at depth? Prep 206 meters.

C'mon let's go!

Move it!

We need to make sure the hatch chamber is not flooded.

Copy that.

We'll need to open the pressure valve and, see if there's any suction.

The hatch chamber is flooded.

No survivors.

My Mikhail said that those who'd gone to sea, are forever changed.

He said that's why they're different from the rest of us.

Tied one to the other, by the sea.

That's why sailors, rescue sailors.

Even at war.

I don't know if we're at war.

The men of the Kursk, can't tell us what they think.

But before he died my husband.. wrote a letter to me, to our son, and to our unborn child.

"No one has forever.

"But I wanted more.

"I wanted to give you more.

"More babies.

"Love our son and the baby, "for both of us.

"Tell them, again and again, "that I love them, "as I loved you.

"Find another man to love, "but love me as well.

"For though I am, "but a moment for you, "You are my forever."

Misha Averin!

Well done.

The church.

I have something here.

It was your father's.

Thank you.

Thank you.


71 children lost their fathers