The Congress (2013) Script

Robin .

Look at me, Robin.

Do you believe when I say I love you?

How long has this been going on?

24 years? 25?

I've always been there for you.

Always, in any situation.

To all your... choices, all your fears... all that...

... enslavement here, anxieties, I was there.

All the irrational walkouts, always when... shooting was just about to start.

"Do me a favor, Al, get me out of this, get me out of that".

"Get me out clean", "without burning any bridges".

"Aaron needs me at home."

But Aaron is just an excuse.

Lousy choices.

That's your whole story, Robin.

Lousy choices.

Lousy movies, lousy men, friends you couldn't trust.

Even the one thing you can't choose, your mother You made a lousy choice there, too.

You had it all, Robin.

Movie queen at 24.

All them big studios came crawling.

Maybe I was too soft on you... everyone says.

I don't know.

Maybe I really was.

But you were just a kid.

You were scared.

You made that choices, you made them all on your own.

And you slammed all the open doors, crushed all the dreams.

And now...


And now what, Al?

Talk to me, what are they offering?

I've no idea that they offer, I wish I knew.

They called this morning and yelled at me for 20 minutes, about how they're sick of us.

Said it was a "final offer", that this proposal won't be on a table again.

A quotation: "That won't be on the table again."

And what do you think it is?

How on Earth would I know?

One thing I do know: they won't be back.

They never spoke to me that way, Robin.


Sorry of that, Mom. I think you need to go now.

What happened ?

Airport security called. No pressure, same as usual.


If [...] kite goes over property fence, you know what' gonna happen. I know.

I know, I'm sorry, it's not going to happen again.

So what was that [air]?

United 435 from Rochester?

Actually, no.

What was it then? Um...

United... but not Rochester.

Let's see...

Wednesday, 6 p.m.

Fort Lauderdale?

I know, Minneapolis.

That's not what matters. What matters then?

That the wind was blowing from the west, There my lady feel like a Queen over the runways...

...and that it looked like a match made in Heaven.

I thought that any minute they were gonna unite.

Those colors!

That red, that white and the black clouds.

So really powerful.

OK, but guess what?

It's not gonna happen anymore, you know that, right?

Why not, why do you care ? Because he's not gonna go there, that's why it's not gonna happen.

All right ? Because the next time the line goes over the fence, we gonna have to pack everything in the house we gonna have to move to a lousy neighborhood in the city, where will be no sky for me to see, or kites.

I'd rather live in some lousy neighborhood in the city than this shit.

Oh, that's not new.

You know, I saved you today.

You saved me? From what?

From Al's proposal.

What was he offering so sweetly?

Tell her, Mom.

What did he offer? I DON'T know, I don't know.

Sci-Fi? Graphic novel?

Holocaust? I don't see WHY you won't do a Holocaust flick?

Every B-grade actress that does Holocaust [...] something in.

You could play both sides.

What do you mean, both sides?

Well, look at you.

Nazi and victim.

You're one-side purpose for a Holocaust flick.

-You know what? -What?

You could even play a collaborator if they needed one.

How many actresses have THAT [...] talent these days?

Yeah, I remember. I remember when you first came to the studio.

I was a... young number-crutcher, down the hall.

Everybody said: "Here she comes!"

"She is beautiful, she is sexy, She's got brains, power and ability modesty, wildness, fantasy."

And she's one of us, goddam'it, she's...

She's from Texas!"

She's not some-some... some actress that comes from the middle of Australia that grew up on some distant farm, that she rode a hundred miles to get to closest movie where the projector runs on bunker fuel!

I remember, standing in the hallway...

... watching you walk in.

And you were so beautiful.

You were "Princess Bride" - Buttercup.

I imagined switching your face for that of Grace Kelly's. the "Rear Window" poster. That was a good idea.

You were the future, Robin.

You were the promise, the answer.

You were the whole package.

And now I'm...

...I'm in this situation.

Exactly what situation are you in, Jeff?

The situation of offering of the last contract that you'll ever have.

The last?

Already? I'm not even 45.

Things are changing quickly.

Very soon, this whole structure we all love so much

... will be gone.

What [...] Miramount?

God forbid!

I mean the structure around the actor: the agents, the managers, all that [...] the trailer the drugs, the Coke, the depression, the... breakups, and lovers, and sexual kinks, the broken contracts, terrible legitimization of tasteless scripts, the post-failure blues, the skipping out on PR begging for forgiveness.

All that... can be gone.

Get my drift ?

No, not really.

We at Miramount, want to...

...want to scan you.

All of you - your body, your face, your... emotion, your laughter, your tears, your climaxing, your happiness, your depressions, your... fears, longings.

We want to sample you, we want to preserve you, we want...

...all this, this...

...this thing, this thing called...

"Robin Wright".

What will you do with this... thing ?

That you call Robin Wright?

Will do all the things that your Robin Wright wouldn't do.

Like what ?

Like all the movies that you missed [...] because of your LOUSY choices.

You gave in, you gave up, you fled, you quit, God knows what you did!

And you did it the last minute, you clogged our productions and you cost us MILLIONS!

How old are you?

What difference does it make how old I am, if you're gonna create me at any age at your computer! What difference does it make to you if I am 16 or 60?

It doesn't.

I need Buttercup from "Princess Bride".

I need Jenny from "Forrest Gump."

I need a... what was her name? from "A State Of Grace"?

That's what I need, I don't need you.

I need you only for your... for your history.

A history paid with lousy choices you just said so yourself.

Yes. For the last 15 years, yes, sure.

[All your movies tanked, no-not one... ] could keep it's head above water.

But I can save you, Robin. I can save you.

From what? From yourself! From yourself!

You knew about this?

Knew about what? about all this crap he's offering me?

Oh, he doesn't know anything, he still thinks that cameras run on bunker fuel.

On what?

A bunker fuel, that's crude oil.

Never mind. He is from the Stone Age.

Your career is almost over.

You fell off the Top-O In the economy of scanned actors, um... are not worth... 2 bucks.

We are at war, Robin.

Any actor who doesn't sign within the next 6 months is dead. Gone.

Characters erased from the screen forever.

You'll be back on all fours, begging me to sample you.

What is it that I have to do to make that happen?


Just sign.

Half a day of scanning.

That's it? That's it.

That and... you must agree to never act again.

Anywhere for all eternity.

What do you mean, "anywhere"?

No movies, no TV show, no school plays, no French theater in Western Australia?

"Anywhere" means Anywhere.

Robin Wright The Actress will live and breathe... within the walls of Miramount Studios.

And this Robin Wright can take the money and fly off to some island in Polynesia to discover her true self.

Whadda you say?

You know, it's interesting. Um...

We actresses used to talk about how we never wanted to sleep with you for a part in the movie, but but you know what? Honestly, I think I'd rather do that... than be a fucking chip in your computer. [...]

So, thanks.

But, no thanks.

The offer is valid for 30 days.

After that, she's on her own.

[...], sweetie?

What's up?

I was tired, I guess.

You want to try and fly the Wright brothers' glider ?

No... she's not ready yet.

So maybe [...] the Cody's ?

I do not know.

I missed the 2 o'clock landing.

What's wrong?

You look... you look sad.

Really? -Yeah.

Why don't you fly one of Cody Bank's?

-Me? -Yeah.

I do not think so. You can do it.

Just the little one.

Come on.

You better try it for once, alone.

Gotta see what it feels like.

I'll be there and watch you on, so it does not go with the fence.

Donít want to get kicked out of this place, do we?

Sarah, [get it]


Did you ever see someone come to visit me here?

Like you hold it.

It's okay.

You could call.

What good would that have done? You haven't answer my calls since the meeting at the studio.

This is Steve. He'll draw up your contract with the studio.

He's a scanning contract genius.

Keanu Reeves, Michelle Williams - he did that contracts.

They are [hermetically] scanned.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, kids!

You want a drink, Al? Sure.

Would you like a drink? No, thank you.

It's a real glider. Yeah.

Thank you, this is... this is beautiful.

And who is this ?

This is Steve, a new lawyer I'm working with.

Scanning contract genius This is one hell of a warehouse you guys have here.

Oh no, it's not a warehouse.

It's an old hangar for the DC-9s.

It was built in like 1973.

Wow! I mean, you could NEVER get a 17 [...] permits to do a residential conversion like this these days, that's for sure.

Scanning genius, eh?

Well, I've happened to have seen on the entertainment channel studios that's turning the sample actors into these tiny little computer creatures.

I mean, it must change the way contracting works, completely.

It's absolutely true, uh....

Sara. Yes, that's absolutely true, Sarah. is a completely different type of contracts, it's a one-off sale.

Very tricky, lots of details and you have to be sharp.

'Cause it's not going back to fix it afterwards. Uh-huh.

What do you mean by "one-off sale" ?

Once they sample you, and you are in the computer there is no way back.

So whatever was agreed before the sampling - that's the way it is.

So you have to be really careful.

The studio owns the character.

W-What character? One that used to be the actor.

"Used to be"?

The minute the studio pays and scans, the actor isn't an actor, He's just a person, a nobody.

The actor he once was is now on a character in the studio's computer.

The studio can do whatever they want.

Unless the lawyer puts a clause in, saying that they can't some.

It's very tricky.

Very tricky.

It's a new field. We're on the cusp.

So what happens to the actor? What actor?

The one that used to be the actor is now this... computer creature.

He goes off to play golf somewhere.

And what if he does not like golf?

Well then he plays... with whatever.

Do you have a screen in this house?

Or is that too progressive for you, guys?

You know what, there's something else I haven't told you.

Oh yeah ? - Yeah. What is it ? What haven't you told me?

They will be in 15 minutes, so, get it out. What?

Oh my God...

You were with Maria, too.

Oh, say it, you piece of shit.

Say you were with her, too.

I knew that, honey, I knew it the whole time.

Where that little slut seduces you out...

Oh my God, Max... Max! It makes me wanna vomit.

No, I wasn't with Maria. Oh, no? NO ?!

Well, then who? I wasn't with anybody.


I voted for Bush.

You voted for Bush?

I voted for Bush. You know what, I voted for both Bushes, senior and junior, four times!

Who are you?

Oh my God, who did I marry? Sweetie-sweetie...

That isn't Michelle.

That is Michelle!

No, I mean, obviously it's Michelle, but...

... you telling me she wasn't there when they did this?

You really want to know ? She was in Paris when they were making that crap on their computers.

I'm shocked.

I mean, it's... perfect.

Perfect? No.

But it's not bad at all for the beginning of the revolution.

Notice anything?

Look at that morons!

They've been trying to solve that bug for 3 years.

I do not find that funny at all.

Well, OK. Just wait till you see that wink in the sex scenes. It will [...]

That's hilarious!

Yo, Mom!

You got to admit it's good stuff!

Do not be so harsh, technophobia never got human nature anywhere.

So, you're with them now, huh?

Hmm, you switched sides?

Oh, come on, Robin, drop that 'pocrisy.

It's not like anything has changed.

They came, they took, they created a crappy romcom, just like they've been doing since the 40s.

You think it'd be any better for her, or for you?

She was stuck on the set for six weeks?

Like a dog?

Kissing some actor with bad breath? Oh, let me see...

You don't have the problem with the fact that they didn't ask her?

When did they ever ask you?

You've always been their puppet.

All of them - the producers, the directors, they told you what to do, they told you how to behave, how to act, how to smile, how to love.

And they gave you the subtext for every... fucking... crappy line they [...] out.

And when you hit 35, they told you how to look young.

Because if you didn't do what they wanted you to do, shave off a couple of years for that beautiful face of yours, you would... cease to exist, for Christ's sake!

So... what's... the difference?

The fucking choice?

Yes, the fucking choice! Al, what are you talking about?

It is the gift of choice that is being taken away!

I don't want somebody else deciding when I can be, what I want to be, I want to decide! That's MY choice!

To decide if I want to be a hooker, if I want to be an opera singer, if I want to play Keith Richards.

That's my choice - not theirs.

You delusional!

What kind of choice was it, when they stressed you out?

Saying that if you didn't work for a year, you would cease to exist? That's a choice?

All the women who were face-lifted to death, they can't smile or show pain or emotion, that's a choice?

That's just staying on as their tools, don't you get it ?

We've been saved, by some miracle, through these fucking computer samples!

We've been SAVED!

You're nuts if you don't take that deal! I swear to you, you're a [raving mad]

And everything they say about you is true!

About your terrible fucking choices! Wake up, Robin!

This is your key to freedom.

How is it going, my friend?

Everything seems good, Dr. Barker.

Any new sky monsters?

Um, yeah, I... Look, I have a real thing now - the original Wright brothers. Oh wov.

That is, the glider? Uh-huh. - Wov.

That's December 17, 1903 ?

I- I built a replica. It's exactly like that, but...

15 feet wide. Yeah. She's about to make a debut.

Very good.

You know, when I think about it, you must be part of the Wright brothers. The third one. Yeah.

Aaron Wright. Yeah.

I am the original Wright brother.

I build better than them, cause, you know...

I build in a world of, um, jet planes and spaceships.

It's totally different.

And, you know - don't forget they had no competition. Yeah.











Remember, Aaron, Just repeat the words.









It got to be the sign of decline ?

Well, it's too early to say, but...

... it looks his [...] is deteriorating [...] in terms of his hearing loss, yes.







And in terms of the... ophthalmologist report, um... oh, that is not terribly promising either.

It has definitely moved into the regnitis pigmentosa stage.

Is that, um... a long...

... [Jonah] way of saying something horrific?

No, that is a very long expression to say that...

...his visual fields are constricting.

Eventually, his night sight abilities will decline dramatically, and... there will be... total night blindness.

And then what?

Dr. Barker?

Yes, sir?

Could we please play the, um... volcano track again?

Volcano track?

Thank you.

Yes, sure.

And the other 50%?

Is Aaron at 50%?

That is the mystery with this syndrome. Right.

You will never know until he is 30 or 35...

... if he will be completely blind.

Aaron has a BEAUTIFUL mind.

He is taking information in... and translating [in his own way], it is a gift.

He hears "Throne" says "Alone", but he is perfectly aware of what he is doing.

He'll imagine what movies will be like in 50 years.

I think that is s-s-somewhat similar to what Aaron is doing..

In what way? In the way that...

Well, the movie guys will just have the electronic stimulae that our brains translate according to what is in our subconscious.

See, people will be given story data, and they'll cast their mother or their girlfriend as Marlene Dietrich or you..

All depending on what is in their particular... box.

This is exactly what Aaron is doing now.

He is a rare case, and he is ahead of his time by...

...God knows how many decades.

What about you, my friend, how are you?


Any new parts on the horizon?

I think so.

Whatever happens, let Steve do all the talking.

Robin Wright for Jeff Green.

Miss Wright, I did not recognize you.

What else is new?

You okay?

"No child abuse, no sex, only love story, betrayal, romantic comedy, no retard, truly handicapped, no porn? no Holocaust, no Nazis. "

You marked this up?

You better believe it.

What are you, some sort of swastika freak or something?

No, it's not him, it's my kids. It's her kids.

Your kids [is] Nazis and porn?

Porn? At your age?

Nazis and Holocaust winning awards.

Awards for whom? For your computer artists?

Nice, yes, they are computer artists now, not just technicians.

Look, this is just all... details, it's tributes, minutia.

I'll agree to everything except this, um... Sci-Fi bullshit.

No Sci-Fi, Jack.

Sci-Fi is a dumb genre, in our opinion.

She's never done Sci-Fi before, and she's not going to do it now.

Well, if she had done one Sci-Fi, this contract would be worth 6 times as much!

No Sci-Fi, no contract.

Then, no contract.

Why? Why, Sci-Fi is fantasy.

You know how many people read "Lord of Rings"?

1 thousandth, not a single per cent of the people who went to see the movie, read the book. And you want to know why?

Because it is one hell of a complicated read, that's why.

It's a nightmare. a [...]! It's-It's boring!

Did you read it before you made the movie?

Are you kidding?

But I saw the movie, and that's why we make movies.

But that's not what I want to say. What do you want to say, Jeff?

That I want to make you young forever.

That's what we gonna do.

How old are you?

45? 48? 50?


Sign the Sci-Fi and I guarantee that I'll make you 33... 34, For ever young, I promise you.

For ever young.


Which sounds better? - 32.

Greedy. That's greedy.

34 and we'll seal the deal.

For life.

You know, in some countries, life - sentence means 20 years.

In what countries?

Middle East. Middle East?

They are fucking animals over there! 20 years for murder?

20 years?

In 20 years...

...this technology will be as old as the invention of the boomerang.

20 years. Okay, great.

Can we do it now? What?

This thing that you need to do to me, can we do it right this second?

[...] I do not want to wait another day, I want to do it now or never.

Robin Wright.

Aren't you, um...? Yes, it's me.

Chris... Christopher Ryne. Yes.

What are you doing here?

I'm the scanner.

Come on, don't feel sorry.

The others guys are at home, doing nothing.

You were such a great cinematographer, for so many great movies.

Thank you.

You know what - at least I get to work with the actors, and... light.

I'm lucky - to be able to meet you at work.

Just like the old times.

And, I also like that I get to tell you to...

... take off your beautiful dress.

A changing room down the hall to your right.

Good to see you. Good to see you.



Anybody here?

Yeah, I got you, Rob.

Just make yourself comfortable, we'll start in a minute, OK?

I don't want to miss any of your...

...charming expressions here...


Now, smile.


You're happy


Now, laugh

Big laugh.

Gimme here your laugh.

Come on, give me a big laugh.

BIG laugh, yeah!

Now, that laughter...

... slowly slowly... turns...

... to emptiness.


... the sadness.

I can't, stop... stop.

Stop! Turn off the lights.

Chris, I got it.

Give me a minute. Okay.

Robin, did I ever tell you how I got into this business?

The agenting business?

I mean, the REAL story?

Of course, I never told you, I was probably too embarrassed.

Can you believe, I've been in this business since I was...

... 10 years old.

A 5th-grader.

An agent in the 5th grade.

Let me explain.

We had this guy in our neighbourhood, in Bronx.

Joey Fairy-Tail, they called him.

He was this, um... know...

How should I put it...

He was born with the tail.

A REAL tail.

We're talkin', um... an inch.

Maybe - maybe 2 inches.

Like a boxer dog.

And... from the minute it came out, in gym class, he suffered the most horrible abuse.

I can't describe to you what this kid went through, an 8 year old boy.

They would strip him down in the street singing songs to his tail.

The kids would stay outside his window and [...] yell:

"Hey Joey! , Gimme [...] your tail, "I want to stir my chocolate milk!"

So... one day I go up to him, before school, I had this idea.

I say: "Listen, Joey."

"From now on, anyone who wants to go on your tail, that's a buck".

And he looks at me and goes:

"Really, Al?"

And what am I supposed to say to that?

Tell them: "Al said so?"

I was a scrawny kid, much [stooped] a reject.

Not exactly the rugs-wrestler type.

So that night, I went to the Twin Towers.

I mean the Bronx Twin Towers: a Podlowsky brothers.

Remember Podlowsky? Started shaving at 10.

And at 13, they went dating 40-year old divorcees.

So I tell them about Joey Fairy-Tail, and I offer them 50 cents for every kid who wants to see his tail.

They take the tailships and manage the line, and I do the booking and collect the fees!

That month, I made more dough than my old man made as a shoemaker all year, and I was 10 years old!

And from then on, the business took off.

By age 13, I was agenting for all the losers.

The cripples, the midgets and the fire-eating hunchbacks of the Bronx.

Within two years, we were the richest family on the block.


When I was 15...

...ahem... the child protection got on my case for abusing handicapped kids. and I did three-months time.

And then, after many years I wound up in this town.

It's all glits and glitter, and I was ashamed of my past.

But deep inside, I knew I had an advantage over all the others: the power to recognize a flaw, a weakness, a defect, and to exploit it for my needs as an agent.


And that's how I met you.

You were perfect for me.

As lovely as an angel, and with the worst defect an actress can have.


Such fear!

Real terror.

A terror that stand in the way of every desire.

Panic attacks before every critical meeting.

Paralysis at face with truly grip roles.

And I was there to help you.

I was the inner demon that lived off your fears and made a living off your weakness.

Then the kids came along, and all of a sudden you stopped being scared.

You've never been so happy, You just didn't want to work anymore, you wanted to be with them.

I [...] felt so abandoned.

That's when I realized...

I'm not your agent, I just love you.

I was afraid you were going to leave me.

Then all of a sudden, in the space of a few weeks, Aaron's condition started going... downhill.

And my strength was rebuilt from your weakness.

Then Aaron goes further and further away...

...and we were left alone.

And now, you really can't leave...

...trapped inside that monster.

This is your last performance.

And I guess it should bigger save you, all your fears, all your demons.

You didn't deserve that.

You don't deserve it.


Welcome to Abrahama, Ms. Wright.

Is this your first time with us?

It certainly is.

[...] You are expected at the Miramount Abrahama hotel, as a distinguished guest of the Futurist Congress.

That's a pretty good-looking car for it's age.

What year is it?


Just a reminder, Miss Wright.

Abrahama City is a restricted animated zone.

The only way to leave the animation zone is when we meet again, on your way out.

Your ampule.

In the age of the spiritual machines where the streets have no names.

The Earth is covered with rage and shame.

Agent Robin is back again!

"Triple R"

"Rebel Robot Robin - Street Fighter."

Now - in the air!

Good afternoon, Miss Wright.

Welcome to Miramount Hotel Abrahama.

The city of Abrahama and Miramount Nagasaki welcome you to the Futurist Congress.

We would like to remind you that Abrahama is a fully restricted animated zone.

Agent Robin is back again!

"Triple R"

"Rebel Robot Robin - Street Fighter".

Now in the air!

Hi, Aaron.

So I see you've left your room.

You feeling better?

No, it means it's stopped raining, so I can walk without being afraid of slipping on wet leaves.

So, how does it look?

Oh my God, I wish you could see me animated, it's pretty sick.

It's like a genius designer [...] bad asset trip.

How do you mean? Oh my God, I don't know. I look like...

... a combination between Cinderella on heroin and an Egyptian Queen on a bad hair day.


Did they recognize you, Mom?

I mean, the new film is out all over the year.

No, nobody sees me.

I'm just an old lady to them.

Probably 'cause you're animated.

No, you never... recognize me anywhere.

Welcome to the Wright.

No one's recognized me for 30 years.

Aaron, you know, I can barely hear you in this crowd.

I gonna go to my room for a while.

Check-in later, OK? I love you.

Robin Wright, um... personal guest to the Miramount Classic.

Wright, Robin. You are the sixth one today.

The sixth what?

The sixth Robin Wright.

I guess they did not look as "Robin-ish" as you do.

Anyway, Ralph will see you to your room, Miss Wright.

Have a pleasant Congress.

The Animated Zone...

Miss Wright think that your new film, "Street Fighter", reflects our lives in any way?

Yeah, I do, I mean...

You know, I find something new in this character Agent Robin every time I do it like now, in The Street Fighter's production, you know that...

... the robots, they come from the [...], they're so much a part of our lives, they... they are close to us.

Because people buy household robots and they...

... basically just suck, pull [...] out of them, and then they just use them up, and... and they expire, and...

... the poor robots, you know, they used to have Rehab centers for them, and now they just...

... they use them as scrap, it's so sad, and...

... I donít know, people call "Triple R" Sci-Fi, but I- I just say...

... it's documentary.

Room Service?

Hello? Can I have room service?

Yes, Miss Wright. How can I help you?

I... the, um... the light went off here, the power, everything's off.

Does that make sense, or... or is this just in my mind?

Ultimately everything makes sense, and everything is in our mind.

What would you like to order, Miss Wright?

A want a full breakfast, just 3 eggs, um... and hash-browns and toast, please.

And to drink, Miss Wright?

No, I'll skip the liquids.

All types of?

Yes, all types. How long will that be?

2 seconds. How would you like your eggs, Miss Wright?

Over easy, but... will the yolks be soft by the time they hit the 100th floor?

But of course, Miss Wright.

That's exactly why we at Miramount Hotel Abrahama invented the supersonic elevator.

Ralph, it's dark in here or is it just in my mind?

Everything is in our mind.

If you see the dark, then you chose the dark.

Oh my God, it's in the water! it's in the fucking tap water!

Oh, my God.


Jeff Green, did you hear me?

Can you fucking hear me?


STOP!! I'll sign! I'll sign.

Just stop fucking with my head!

Please, stop.

I'll sign.

If it be your will,

that I speak no more,

And my voice be still,

As it was before

I will speak no more, I shall no pipe, none tune.

I am spoken for...

If it be your will...

Are you Robin Wright?

Yes, at least I used to be.

Miramount Police!

You went too far. You know we are busy making you a star.

Next time we'll shoot you. Fucking whore!

Arrest her. NOW!!

Miss Wright, Mr. Green is expecting you at his office.

So you're here too, huh?

You and I are the only ones who survived.

And who are all the rest?

Characters they invented.

What have you been doing all these years?

I was with UNICEF, hanging out foods for the hungry kids of Africa.

And you?

Taking care of my son.

Robin! Robin, Robin, Robin. Vow! Vow...

You look fantastic! Un-animated, I mean.

Look who's left.

Just you and... what's his name, sitting outside, um...?

That guy's one thing, he cost me a fortune, but you -

I paid 2 cents for your contract and her you still are, 20 years later.

What you've been doing all these years?

Feeding hungry children in Africa.

There still is hungry kids there, huh? Well, not so many, thanks to you.

So... tell me about this congress, Jeff.

Why is everyone so stressed out?

Oh well, you will see in a while. What will I see?

You see, Robin, that pretty soon this whole structure will stop existing.

Structure? What do you mean, Jeff?

This, the Miramount Classic, the Miramount Hotel?

No, no, no. Not Miramount Hotel. I mean, this whole structure won't exist.

The script writer, who needs his antidepressants, The ex-Russian story-board artist with the drinking problem, Animators always behind deadline, And those idiots who fall in love with their computer characters.

Special effects people, they can all go to FUCK themselves!

Movies are old news, Robin.

A remanent of the last millennium.

As you will very soon find out upstairs, in the Futurist Congress Miramount Nagasaki is entering a new age.

We are in the era of free choice!

And what does that mean for the extension of our contract?

The contract is no big deal, just a 20-year extension.

And one other little clause.

What's in this "other little clause", Jeff?

That from now on...

... they can drink you.

Or you can be eaten, like an omelette [...], or creme brulee.

You see, Robin - from now on, you're...

...a substance, that is all.

You're a chemical formula. that Miramount-Nagasaki's brilliant pharmaceutical department has cracked.

And people can - can drink you, in their milkshake, and imagine you the way that they LIKE.

Everything? Yes.

"Everything", means everything.

Drama, Little Red Riding Hood, extreme art-house, porn, comedy, Sci-Fi, trash, zombies.

WHAT do you care?

Now tell me something, Robin: when you fantasies alone, in bed, in the dark do you pay him or her, royalties?

You'll sign anyway, Robin.

Oh yeah? And why do you think so?

Because you might have sold your image as an actress, but the actress never left your soul.

You drove all this way just to be on stage for a single moment of fame.

To be seen, after all these years.

And you will sign for the same reason.

Ladies and gentlemen.


For God's sake, look at us!!

Can you believe that a tiny mini-ampule manufactured at the Miramount-Nagasaki labs made THIS!! neo-God creation!

I'd say if you hear, you're a believer.

My friends, I came here to declare that our great, great scientists at the Miramount-Nagasaki labs have recently cracked the chemical formula of FREE CHOICE!

I, Reeve Bobs, President of Miramount-Nagasaki, here declare that as of tomorrow that genius Free Choice formula be out in the market accessible for each and every human being!

Now just imagine a life with no frustration.

No jealousy.

No ego.

You have a dream?!

Be your dream, for God's sake!

Ladies and gentlemen, It is a supreme honor for me to invite to this stage the everlasting symbol of the Miramount-Nagasaki revolution She used to be our finest actress then she became the best ever DIGITAL actress Agent Robin!

And as of tomorrow you can be her! be her, be with her!!


Look at me.

They call me the "symbol".

I used to be an actress.

Then I was a pile of computer codes.

And now, as of tomorrow, you gonna be able to drink me, you can become me, by drinking a milkshake.

Wake up, people! Wake up!

Behind every chemical compound you invent, and use, there is a person built exactly like you.

From the same material, the same loves, the same dreams.

Wake up!

This is my son.

He can barely hear, he is deaf.

And you could have been his hope, all of you.

Did you ever think to direct your chemistry research to his problem?

Or to hundreds of millions of other children?

Did you, ever?

I just want to remind you of one thing: that if you think, that by releasing your chemistry, to the world you'll dictate, how we desire, what we desire...

I just want to tell you: by doing that, you will be releasing your conscience as well, and your conscience will devour you.

And you'll die of guilt.

You will die of guilt.

Look at me!

I am your prophet of doom!


You've gone too far!

Don't you get it?

Just imagine!

Tomorrow when you leave Abrahama, you will never know that you left!

Because from tomorrow on Abrahama will no longer be a Looney Tunes playground!

Abrahama is going to be our life!

You should go back inside.


It is Robin, right?

Let's go. Now!


Breath deeply, hold it as long as you can.

Come on.

You need to get down below, I feel it coming.

Do you believe them? Of course I believe them!

We already trapped in our animated characters.


I think I saw Sarah. You probably did.

It just like her to be one of the rebels, you should be very proud.

How do you know who Sarah is? How do you know?!

I know a lot more than you can imagine, Robin.

Okay, clear out! I got a badly injured woman here.

[...] woman with severe head injury, what's wrong with you, people?

She has irreversible hallucinogenic poison, now who is getting up their seat?

I suggest we draw straws.

Who are you? I'm from management.

What management? Hotel management.

Everyone here is a hotel management it's powerful important people.


Stay with me.

Robin, you must just stay with me, this is very important.

Listen to me.

Don't sink, don't give up.

Stay awake, please.

I want to see my son.

This is his first time alone in home.

As soon as we can, I'll connect you.

Stay awake, please.

Robin! Tell me about Aaron.

Are you Robin Wright?

Yes, why? - Miramount Police.

Come on board.

Give her more oxygen, we need her alive!

Why keep her alive if you can manufacture a thousand of old pretties like that whore!

You fucking whore!

[...] what a stunning old lady she's turning into!

No surgery, nothing. She's a clean cut!

You can't manufacture that!

We need her, keep her alive.

How far from the hospital? We're already there!


Who are you?


Dylan Truliner.

Do you work for them? I used to.

Until this morning, when they...

...declared the Futurist Congress revolution.

I am the animator.

We moved you on the computers for 20 years.

Head of the Robin Wright department in Miramount.

Your body, your face, your smile, your sadness...

That was my whole life for the past 20 years.

Tell me more.

I was unemployed animator.

They put me in Robin Department for the first film, "Triple R Strike".

I was lost.


Because I had no clue who you were.

I've never seen your anything.

I had to research you.


What was he looking for?

Where you came from, where you went.

Texas, the all-American girl, tight jeans and boots.

After... a week, I came and pitched them the lasso idea, I had a little illustration, drawn in pencil.

The rebels! They've taken over management!

What management? Miramount-Nagasaki.

They've taken over the management floor, and stopped the chemistry flow!

We gonna be real again!

How do I know if I'm dreaming?

Do you know what my dreams are?


Can you see my dream?

4 cockroaches playing poker on your lap, it's a dream?

Yes but it's not mine.

Did any of you... think about me that whole time? About what I went through till after I sold myself Well, I was... obsessed with you for years.

With her, not with me. For me, it's the same thing.

At some point, I was... dried up.

I was afraid they'd take you away from me, give you to some... up-coming... young genius.

I've been looking for you all over California. I needed new...


A different sensuality, things a woman gains... with age.

Target on. Vicinity 0.3 miles. Over.

Bomb hatch dysfunction. Over.

Bomb hatch dysfunction. Over.

Let me go now, man. I'll take care of this situation.

Where is everyone?

They hallucinated themselves out, to freedom!

Where is Dylan?

Oh, he went with the flow.

Why am I the only one left?

Because you're fucked up again.

What exactly was going through your mind when you got on that stage?

What do you mean?

You invited me, you said I was the symbol.

Symbol? Symbol of what?

The chemical revolution, Jeff, you said.

You are not a symbol. You're nothing!

The symbol is what we created of you.

Robin, look at yourself. Does that look like a symbol?

It was suicide what you did up there on stage You left us no choice.

How do you like it?

A bullet to the head.


But quick.

Quick as possible, I just want to get out of this hallucination.

After all these years, it is time you knew that this is no hallucination.

This is our lives.


The following case is particularly interesting.

The patient, who some of you might know, was an actress once.

I forget her name.

She suffered severe hallucinogenic contamination During the Abrahama uprising.

[...] In 4 months now, she is being convinced that her life everything she has experienced, is all a hallucination.

It was so extreme, that the the rescue forces reached Abrahama, she begged the chief fireman to put a bullet in her head.

She's a lost case, hopeless.

So much [...] that we've decided to freeze her.

With today's advancements of liquid nitrogen can easily keep her frozen for 70 years.

Bring it down.



Aaron, you heard me!

You heard me calling you!

Yeah, Mom, I heard you. Of course I did.

What's so weird about that?

And now for the weather.

The Weather Company apologizes for the lack of complete symmetry of the rainbows for the past 2 days. On the other hand, symmetry contradicts art.


You must release your mind from the thoughts.

I do not understand.


I was first to wake up in the distant future.

It's like bringing a diver back from the bends.

You have to start as far away as possible, with the things you know from childhood.

This is the setup we chose for you.

The early 1980s.

But now, Robin, you have a visitor.

Do you feel ready for him?

What are you doing here?

I waited for you.

For me? Yes.

For the moment that you could be... thawed.

When medicine could advance enough to fix you.

You waited for me all those years? Yes.

I was the last person to see you, I had a responsibility.

They say Sarah's fine.

She was saved from the Abrahama revolt, whatever that means.

And now, they're looking for... my Aaron.

This is Aaron's original DNA listing.

I've been looking for him for a very long time. since I knew they were about to thaw you. And?

There is no sign.

No trace.

I don't... think he is with us anymore.

What do you mean, "not with us?" What do you, what you mean - in this world?

Or that he's not alive, what are you saying?

What are you saying, he's... he's dead?

It's much more complicated, Robin.

The world... today is unlike the world you came from.

To find Aaron, alive or not, we have to go on a very long journey.

What do you think, there is a direction? There is a clue?

I hope so.

But we have to start somewhere.

I'm here to take you out into the Big City.

No one told me for how long I've been frozen.

Could have been a year, could have been 20.

Time is now a subjective matter.

You decide in your mind, when day breaks, or when the moon fades.

After a while you probably lose the numeric calendar, as we once knew it.

New York is now a city of suspended gardens.

They reach the sky, the wild colors they strike you [...], and the people are so beautiful, so young and radiant.

Exuding serenity in beauty and sexuality.

There is no more ego.

Thanks to Chemistry we've been redeemed.

There is no ego, no competition, no violence, no war, no strong or weak, or secrets.

Everyone is... what they are.

Everyone is what they want to be.

And while they consume their new personality, they spread in the air those pheromones that your mind translates into an image.

There is no way I can imagine Aaron in this world.

This street holds the wisdom of a millennium.

A year ago, when I was consuming Greek mythology I woke up half-man, half-God.

I impregnated one of Zeus's daughters, I- I burned an entire city and then I fucked this city, and then I burned it and I punished it.

It's all about feelings.

Just make a choice and you feel whatever you want.

What do you choose, Robin?

Usher syndrome.

What level of Usher syndrome?

I think, it's Type 2, Why do you need this?

Are you researching someone? No.

'I'm missing someone.

May you build ladder to the star... climb on every... may you stay...

...forever young.

Somewhere, out there. there is Sarah.

She's a naturalist now.

No-no-no. Don't, don't.

Won't do you any good.

You'll never be able to recognize where [...]

Don't know who you are, anyway.

Trust me, Robin, she is happy.

This is one of the only people who still brings children into the world.

What if I don't want to take part in the chemical party?

Then you'll realise very soon that you can't.

Because you won't be part of this world.

And where will I be?

On the other side.

What's on the other side, Dylan?


And who is on the other side?

Ones who did not pass over. who aren't taking part in the chemical party, And of course, everyone who operates the world, you see here.

Have you been there?

No. Why not?

Because I don't know if you can get back.

It's like coming back from death.

Maybe some have, but... we'll never know.

Then send me there, and I'll tell you what it's like on the other side.

Do you have a way to send me there?


Is it at home - the substance? It's...

...not a chemical cocktail.

It's kind of a, a...


That deletes all the chemical influences in a second.

And the truth... comes right out.

And where is it?

It's like the cyanide capsules the Nazis had, in case of surrender.

When I left the old world I took one.

It was my compensation from Miramount-Nagasaki that's what I asked them for after 20 years of work.

This little capsule.

I want it.

And if your son comes back, while you're gone?

And if he's there? What if he is on the other side? That's more likely.

This is all I have left.

Robin, if you take it, you are leaving, you are leaving me.

You can't do that.

Not now.

Then come with me.

I can't, the capsule is strong enough only for one person.

It's your choice, and I'll give you anything you want.

I love you.

Robin, I have always loved you.

I loved you for 20 years when I did not even know you, and you were my entire world.

And I loved you for 20 more years waiting every hour of every day for you to come back.

Promise me you not gonna look at the real me.

Promise me you'll remember me this way.

I promise.

I love you.

Are there any doctors left in this world?

Yes, there are.

Where are they?

Up above.

Excuse me.

Can you tell me where I can find an ENT physician named Dr. Barker?


His cabin will be at the end of the corridor.

I knew you would never cross over to the other side. Oh!

Do not be so impressed that I am still here.

Being here, on this side of the truth, is not so brave.

Nothing has really changed, has it?

Once we just masked the truth with... antidepressants, drugs that, um... concealed, lied.

Now we reinvent the truth.

It's not such a big difference.

Drugs were just cut much, much better.

And is there... no choice?

The only choice is between waiting for death here in this filth of truth, or hallucinating over there.

Maybe it's better over there, dreaming.

And Aaron?

Aaron [awaited] here, all over the years.

For 19 years, he waited for you to come back.

His condition got worse and worse, and, um... he was almost totally blind, by the end.

But he...

He did not cross over.

Even though I told him to.

I begged him to, [knowing] that I wouldn't be here forever [...] to take care of him.

Six months ago, he crossed over He is someone else now in the world of chemical fantasy, over on the other side.

6 months it is?

Exactly 6 months ago.

He just broke down, Robin.

I think he thought that I was going to die and...

He no longer believed that you would ever come back.

Basically there is no way to find Aaron.

Here, he does not exist.

And on the other side, there is no way of knowing who he is now.

But you can still go back there, and that's something to.

That's better than waiting for death.

And on this other side...

Yeah, what about it?

Can I go back to where I came from?

There is no such thing as "the place that you came from".

You invented it.

You will go where your mind and your chemistry will take you.

And after your experience of here, there will be a place in your consciousness completely different from any you have been to before.

Your past is dead, Robin.

I'll fix you an ampule.

And then I will call the kite.

Do you know where you're going, Robin?

Yes, I know.