The Contractor (2007) Script




Easy, baby.



MAN: Hi, James.

Ali Mahmoud Jahar.

Remember him?


Course you do.

Wake up.


JIMMY: Don't.





So they finally got him.

Took a year to put this thing into place.

He's in prison in London.

He's my gift. I'm giving him to you.

Wet work, Jimmy.

Right now he's in solitary, but in 48 hours...

British intelligence is gonna be sweating him. That's why I'm here.


I heard you moved up.

Keeping your distance from this sort of stuff?

Since his unfortunate escape there have been three bombings attributed to his cell.

Belgrade subway, Pakistani tour bus... and those army barracks in Iraq.

That's 200 deaths... you and I know could have been prevented.

You wanna see him run his operation from prison?

Not to mention the political ramifications when it's discovered we sponsored his training in Saudi.

We need you to eliminate him and we need you to get out.

I've got two passports for you, one to enter, one to leave.

Your liaison in London is Terry Winchell. He's a good guy.

Used him before.

Moscow Rules, of course.

Every second counts, no mistakes.

I know what it means.

Same old shit.


WOMAN [OVER P.A.]: Flight 679 now boarding from Gate 3.

MAN [OVER P.A.]: Would passenger David Alan Raynor, traveling to Luxor please proceed immediately to Departure Gate 59.


Winchell? That's me.

And you, it's a true honor to meet you, sir.

The stories I've heard about you over the years.

All right, let me take that for you. Which way?

Which way? Um, well, this way.

Did you have a good flight?

Well, welcome to London.

Excuse me, miss.

Sorry about the weather.



Okay, you're the boss.




Look, I'll need these things before I leave.

Ah, easy-peasy.

Oh, where's the safe house just in case we get separated?

Elephant & Castle.

1212 Statton Road.

Easy to remember. Always use it.

The name "Whitney" on the flat door.

And if you need anything else...

Beloit Printing's the place to go.

Now, he's a mate. Nice guy.

It's gonna be chaotic real quick.

Two seconds, and any longer then we're both dead.


[ON COMPUTER] I'm going to sleep now. I'm going to sleep now.




MAN [ON PHONE]: Has our friend arrived yet?

Yeah, yeah, we're ready.

He's good. No trouble whatsoever.

MAN: Any time. Of course, sir. Yeah, yeah, sure.

MAN: Any time. Brilliant.

MAN: Good luck. Cheers.

Who was that?

That was our dark lord and master.

You just recorded Collins?

Take it easy, all right.

It's just a precaution.

It's a new world out there.

Paranoia. Insurance.

I've got loads of these recordings back at the safe house.

You can have a listen to them later on if you fancy a laugh.





Okay, we're on.



Look lively.

It's like a feeding frenzy here.

Okay, look lively. I gotta go.

Okay. It's on. It's on.


OFFICER: Do not approach!

TERRY [OVER RADIO]: He's coming through. He's gonna stop. He's gonna stop.

I'm gonna get him closer.

It's up to you now. Here we go. Here we go.

TERRY [OVER RADIO]: Here we go. Ten seconds.

Stand by. Move back please.

TERRY: Okay, five seconds.

Three seconds. Oh, no, he's covered. He's covered!

He's got cover on him. He's got cover on him!


Other way, other way. Headed north.

TERRY [OVER RADIO]: Go. Take the shot, now.

What you waiting for? He's in.

Here's your chance. He's there. Just shoot now. Now, now!

OFFICER: Through here.


Right. Quick as you can.

Keep moving.

TERRY: He's gone, he's gone. We've lost him.

TERRY [OVER RADIO]: I'm gone. I'm out of here.

It's all fucked.


Where is my lawyer?


Terry, get the car.

TERRY [OVER RADIO]: It's fucked. It's all fucked.

Terry, get the car.

Everything's arranged.

Don't worry, we'll have you out of here in no time.




OFFICER 1: Hey, back up.

Hey, you, hold it a sec. Hey.

ID, please. All right.

Please, sir. Your ID.

OFFICER 2: Move, move back, please.

OFFICER 3: Look at me, look at me. Take your glasses off.

Do you hear me? I said, take them off.

All right.


OFFICER 4: Right, you check the pews, I'll take the bell tower.

Okay, sir, on your way. Great. Smile.


Damn it, Terry.


Sorry, mate, I just...

Just drive. Okay.



Great. Brace yourself.

WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Suspects are heading north in a black cab.

Hold on to your pants.

WOMAN: Secure the perimeter.

I repeat, secure the perimeter.















Superintendent, sir.


Where's Inspector Ballard?

She's down at the tube station, sir.



MAN [OVER P.A.]: The next stop, Elephant & Castle.

Elephant & Castle, next stop.

Change, please. Change.




Surveillance footage arrived yet? Cramston.

Inspector. Can you bring the stills?

CRAMSTON: Uh, right away.

Let's not make a big deal of this, Dad.

Of course not.

Just make sure you phone Mum about tea on Sunday, will you?


...speak about it again. I want it done yesterday, understand?

Hello, Mr. Whitney.

Lovely weather for a change.

Oh, sir.

The, uh... The driver of the cab was also at the courthouse.

Posing as a journalist, we assume.

There was also a passenger in the cab.

We might be able to get a clear image from those, but I'm not sure.

Definitely two suspects then?

Only one accounted for.


Kitty. Bingo?


Kitty, Kitty.


I'm looking for my cat.

She's white with two brown feet.

Who are you anyway?

I'm a friend of Mr. Whitney.

I like Mr. Whitney.



How'd you hurt yourself?

Let me see it.

It looks really serious. You need to get it looked after.

No, I'm fine.

I'm fine.



You need me to help you.


If I see your cat, I'll...

I'll keep it for you.

Don't bother.

I don't really have a cat.

Oh, shit.


Thank you.

Jeremy Collins.

Andrew Windsor. How do you do?

This assassin is obviously very dangerous, as you can see which is why there's an international manhunt.

Now, Mr. Collins, is to be given all cooperation during your investigation.

I really appreciate all your help, superintendent.

My entire department would.

Well, I'm here to carry out any orders that Mr. Collins may have thus making them, as it were, English orders.

Oh, um...

Thank you very much. Um...

Exactly what does that mean, sir, if you don't mind my asking?

You tell me the word that you didn't understand and I'll try and couch it in simpler terms.

You see, I have 38 police personnel and four specialist units working on this inquiry.

Am I to notify each one of them about Mr. Collins?

No. I'd rather you didn't, if that's all right.

It's a highly sensitive case we're working on here.

Which department did you say you work for?

The Justice Department. Justice Department?

U.S. Justice Department. Hmm.

My main concern is to identify the shooter.

My government has instructed me to take him into custody.

Thing is, Mr. Collins, if...

When we find him, we will question him before anybody else does.

It's under my jurisdiction.

Well, see now, this is where we're not really communicating.

When the shooter is found, with all due respect, your department is under orders to call my department immediately.

Well, I thought I'd made that abundantly clear.

Well I'm sure we'll work something out.

Friendly cooperation. Yeah.

Right, well, since we're now all very good friends are there any questions that you need answering?

Sure, I see you released a photo of the driver to the media.

You have any shots of the second suspect?


Uh, we're working on it. And hopefully, within the next few days we'll have it cleaned up.

Okay. I need to see all CCTV footage.





I brought you a sandwich.

And cupcakes.


What...? What's your name?


Emily Day.

I heard you talking to someone out there. Who was it?

That's just Gramms. She's all right.

Just a bit wonky, if you know what I mean.

And your parents?

Peace Corps hippies.

They're in South America now, I think.

Touring the country.

But they'll be home by Christmas.

I'll get you some bandages.

MAN [ON TV]: Scotland Yard have just received further information concerning the dead man in today's tragic crash in central London.

Police have positively identified the victim as Terry Mitchell.

Mitchell is believed to have been involved with today's assassination of alleged terrorist Ali Mahmoud Jahar.


Mitchell's accomplice is still at large.

The police are appealing for anyone...

Mr. Whitney.

MAN [ON TV]: ... to come forward.

[GASPS] Gramms.

Where you running off to in such a hurry?

You all right? Yeah.

Oh, Mrs. Jenkins down the block called.

Asked if I could read Jane Eyre to her.

Jane Eyre, is it?



I told my gramms I was gonna read Jane Eyre to this weird lady down the row.

What if she finds out you're not?

She won't. I lie all the time.

I got her incredibly confused once, poor old thing.

Anyway, the thing is, about Mr. Whitney...


He was really kind to me.

How's your cut, by the way?

Look, I need some rest.

I'm glad you're here.

Whoever you are.





COLLINS [ECHOING]: Wet work, Jimmy.

He's my gift.

Wet work, Jimmy.

He's my gift.

EMILY: I'm glad you're here.

COLLINS: Gift. I'm giving him to you.

I'm glad you're here.

You need me to help you.

You need me to help.

It's just a precaution.

Moscow Rules.

TERRY: It's just a precaution.


No more of that terrible music so early in the morning, please.

You're wicked. I'm off. You better go, you'll be late for school.


Forensics came up with this, inspector.

They took apart the cab and the only thing they found wedged underneath the floorboards is the corner of a takeout menu from a curry house.

Can we ID it?

We traced the logo on it to a restaurant in South London.

Elephant & Castle.

It's worth looking into.

Take the photo of the suspect with you.

Right away.




What? Let me in.

JIMMY: No. Go away.

EMILY: I brought you some coffee.

If you really want some coffee, I can go and get you some.

Why aren't you in school?

If you must know, I'm skipping.

I can't be bothered.

I brought you something you'll want.

What is it?

Guess. I can't guess. Just tell me.

Just guess. I don't know.

Hell, I just... Just tell me.

It's something you need.

Some desert boots, a frying pan, a Dust Devil, a...

I don't know, a butt-naked lady with some six toes and a thing for chocolate.

What? I don't know. Toothbrush.

It's been sent to every airport, border and port.

They've all been alerted.

Keep it away from the media for now.


What about the American? Collins.

Don't tell that bastard anything yet.


Agent 52-57 calling from the field.



Terry's dead.

Yeah, he fucked up, didn't he?

You're all over the news, buddy.

COLLINS [ON PHONE]: Where are you?


I'll bring you in.


Dance is over.

No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.

Give me 40 minutes, James, and I'll...


He's getting out?


WOMAN [OVER P.A.]: Your attention, please.

Passengers are reminded that for security reasons baggage must not be left unattended at any time.

Have a safe flight, Mr. Murphy.



No, no, no, don't do anything.


MAN: Next one, please.

Excuse me, sir.

Step to one side.

Thank you.



GUARD: Under the jacket here, sir.

Right, I need you to do that again, sir.

Take your belt off. And your shoes, please.

Thank you.


GUARD: Right, sir, thank you very much.


Excuse me. Yes.

Could you page John Murphy, please?


WOMAN [OVER P.A.]: This is a call for John Murphy.

Can John Murphy pick up the white courtesy telephone?

Thank you.


This is a call for John Murphy.

Can John Murphy please pick up the white courtesy telephone?

Thank you.


Sir, I've been informed we have to let the Americans run point.


I'll check with airport security.

Very good. Where's the suspect?

Sir, I've been told we shouldn't interfere.

Don't piss about with me. Where is he?

Baggage area, sir. Thank you.


GUARD: Wait. Hold up.

Where you going? Come back.




AGENT: King?

You okay?

Yeah. You go on.



Come on, Dial.

Hiding again?




That's far enough.

Don't you move a muscle.

Chief Superintendent Andrew Windsor, Metropolitan Police.

Now this whole area is swarming with armed coppers, so I suggest you start talking to me.

My name is James Jackson Dial.

Agent 52-77.

I was trained in Quantico.

Target elimination.

Under the covert black ops unit.


My case officer is Jeremy Collins.

You say Collins?




What's going on in there? Why are those cameras off?

Turning on the lights now.

Zooming in.

Inspector, better come and look at this.

What do you wanna do?






We checked out that lead in Elephant & Castle.

The owner of the restaurant ID'd the suspect's photograph as someone who lived in the area.

Went by the name of Mr. Whitney.

No one tells the American.



Where have you been?

A costume party.

Don't lie to a liar.

Well, you've messed up the place.

Looking for something, are you?


But it's not here.



You have to take a look at this.




Easy, for fuck's sake.

Come on.


Where does this go?

The flat is secure.

He was there, but not anymore. Gone.

Well, continue searching every flat in this building.





Police, madam. We need to search your...

Where are you...? Go, go.


Stand down.

AGENT 1: Get her out. Okay, sweetheart.

Go wait with the lady in the living room.

AGENT 2: Get out.

Clear, sergeant.


MAN [OVER RADIO]: All clear.

Ballard? I want a picture of the bastard on every television in the country by morning.



I thought they caught you.


They're gone.

Come on, I gotta hide you.


Just got off the phone from Washington, sir.

You've been called to testify before the Congressional Intelligence Committee.

The hearings have started.

When? Three days.

We need to get him before they do.

Then that's how long we've got.




You've gotta see this.

MAN [ON TV]: This morning, Scotland Yard released this photograph of the man suspected to be involved with the Ali Jahar assassination and the murder of Chief Superintendent Andrew Windsor.

The public are reminded that the suspect is armed and extremely dangerous.

If recognized, he should not be approached under any circumstances.

I didn't shoot the cop.

I believe you.

You can't lie to a liar so I'd know if you were.

Yeah, I bet you would.

What are you gonna do?


I'm gonna try to find a way out.

That's nice. I like it. Thank you, ma'am.

Can I order more?

MAN: Yeah, of course.

WOMAN: Like 200? Sure.

WOMAN: And they'll be ready till Monday?

Yes, ma'am, just for you.

WOMAN: Thank you, Mr. Beloit.

All right, come on.

Sir, may I help you?

Yes. The way you helped my friends.

And friends like him.

I'm sorry?

Terry Winchell.

I need a passport.

The Passport Office issues passports.

I'm printing invitations, announcements, letterheads...

Half now... half when the job is done.


Be all you can be.

Tomorrow afternoon.

Three p. m.

It's too late.

I need it today.

Not possible.

Anything is possible.


WOMAN [ON TV]: Pressure increases on the government over the issue of grace-and-favor homes for ministers as the Opposition vows to scrap them if elected. Martin.

MAN [ON TV]: Thank you, Cindy. Just in from the newsroom:

No arrests made yet in connection with the shooting of Chief Inspector Andrew Windsor, but Scotland Yard are offering a 20,000-pound reward for information leading to the arrest of this man.


Is this gonna be too hard for you?


I'll be all right. I figured as much.


Who the hell's Beloit?

EMILY: My dad wore that coat to work every Monday.

"Make a good impression," he used to say.

He wore it, huh?

You mean when he wasn't traveling the world?


Well, before he left.

I saw the obituary, Emily.


You know, back home in the mountains...

I have this horse.

Stubborn thing.

Won't be broken.

I think you'd like it.

What's his name?

I call him "Beauty. "


You should see him.

I tell you, this horse has a spirit like no other I have ever seen.

Well, maybe I'll come and see him someday.


You okay?


It's time.

Okay. Mister, listen to me.

I'm gonna go ahead of you and check the shop.

What? To make sure it's not a setup, you know, like you see on the detective shows.

No. Why not?

No. I'm just a girl walking into a shop.

No. Why not? Stop!

When I come out, if I walk away from you, everything's fine.

But if I walk towards you... it means there's cops in there.

Emily, Emily, Emily.

If I walk towards you... just run.


MAN: He's a wild boy. Wild boy. He's a rude boy.


BALLARD: Mr. Beloit, this whole thing is gonna be fine.

Trust me.

I'm getting married, not you.


BELOIT: Are you a hundred percent sure?

BALLARD: I'm absolutely sure.

Just have to change the date.

BELOIT: Can I help you, young lady?

I need something photocopied.

This is a printers. We don't have copy machines, I'm sorry.

Right. Well, thanks, then.


AGENT [OVER RADIO]: A1 in position. Fifth floor.

Target in sight.

I repeat, target in sight.

One hundred yards downrange.

Target's approaching, wearing a brown hoodie.


AGENT: Target's approaching. Thirty seconds.

Do we have permission to fire?

A1 in position.

Target heading towards the printer's.

King, ID.

AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Repeat, do we have permission to fire?

Clear shot available.

Twenty seconds. What the hell is this?

This operation has not been authorized.


AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Clear shot.

I have reliable information...

Sir, our task... Get the fuck out of my face!

AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Ten seconds.

Stand your men down, Ballard! Absolutely not!

AGENT [OVER RADIO]: The target's moving away. The target's moving away.

Go, go, go.


AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Target now moving north towards the market.


AGENT [OVER RADIO]: He's taking a left, left, left into Kendall Road.



AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Target moving down Kendall Road near the car park.

Target taking a right, right, right into Christchurch Street.

Do not fire. I repeat, do not fire.

AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Stay in position, A2.

Do not shoot. Repeat, do not shoot.

I've lost sight of the target. I've lost complete sight of the target.



MAN: Get off me!




Yeah. He got away.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Mr. Collins.

I know why I want this shooter.

But what I can't figure out is why do you?

National security of the United States of America.

Have we got that footage back from the lab?

Not yet, but... Tell me someone's bloody trying.

Of course they are.

Just keep me informed, all right? Certainly, inspector.

There you are.

I was worried to death. Sorry, Gramms.

I need you to sit down with me, Emmie.

I don't feel much like it. Now, if you please.


I know we've had our differences, you and I.

[WHISPERS] It's not you, Gramms.

No, I mean really. I...

Your being here, I know how unnatural it is.

And any mothering instinct I once had has obviously faded.

You do all right. Honestly.

Honesty's not something you're very familiar with.


I miss them too, Emmie.


GRAMMS: We will try and make the best of it, you and I, won't we, Em?

That's good.


[WHISPERING] I thought you were dead.


They were waiting there. Yes.

The whole world is looking for you.


Things are becoming more complicated.

Oh, you can say that again.

I'm gonna have to turn myself in.

But you'll go to prison then.


What will happen to Beauty? Beauty?

Beauty will be just fine.

I wanna go to your ranch. You'll teach me how to ride.

I'd only come for a visit, and I wouldn't be a bother.

I promise. Just, just, just stop.


RABBIT [ON COMPUTER]: I'm going to sleep now.

I'm going to sleep now.

I'm going to sleep now.

How long have you had that computer?

It was a present.

From your neighbor, Mr. Whitney.


How did you know that? Lucky guess.

[ON COMPUTER] I'm going to sleep now.

BALLARD [ON RADIO]: It's really not going very well.

Two more days until the hearing, sir.

COLLINS: Yeah, you know what? Fuck them.

Fuck all of them.

People like us, Purcell... we're just the soldiers on the covert battlefield.

I know you know that.

Fight fire with fire, sir.

We should be heroes. Me, you, James.

It's embarrassing.

We have to hide and cower like criminals when the whole world is falling apart at the seams.

But we've got every phone in Scotland Yard tapped.

And he's gonna be calling in real soon.

How do you know?

That's what I'd do.


What's all this about then?




WOMAN: Inspector, that was a really lovely service for your father.

Thank you. You holding up?

At the end of the day, Cramston, I...

I don't know.


You don't have to. Excuse me.


WOMAN [ON PHONE]: Inspector Ballard? We've an urgent call for you.

Put them through. WOMAN: Sorry to disturb you.

Ballard speaking.

JIMMY: You're looking for me.

I'm sorry?

JIMMY: You've been looking for me.

Of course.

Things aren't the way they appear to be.

In what way?


I'm a...

I'm an operative for the Agency.

JIMMY: My case officer is the one who ordered the hit on Jahar.

His name is Jeremy Collins.

I didn't shoot your father.


I have more proof.

Meet me.

Where? Corner of Harrington Street.

There's a new mall. I know it.

JIMMY: In one hour.

And, Ballard... no cops.

If there are any cops there, I disappear.

For good.

Yeah, I understand.


Ready, sir.


Hi, Gramms.

Um, Mr. Brown was sick, so I got the rest of the day off school.

What's all this then?

Made you coffee. Oh, and I've got a load of laundry in the wash.

Are you possessed, child?

Oh, and I know you have your book club today so I heated you up a sausage roll for the tube.

Have you done something terrible like burn down the school or something?

Of course not. Now, come on, we're gonna be late.


EMILY: So we take this road to the new shopping mall.

And then the train station's just a block away.

You have to take the 4:00 to Dover.

And then the ships go in and out all the time.

JIMMY: You know, you're a little too good at this.

Take this road to the new mall here.

EMILY: And then the train station's only a block away.

You need to avoid the high streets, there's too many people there.


Do you know where this is?

Over there.

JIMMY: Listen to me very carefully.

If you don't hear from me in an hour, then you take your laptop to the police station.

You ask for Inspector Ballard.

Inspector Ballard. You got that? Yeah.

JIMMY: And then you play for her the MP3s that I copied.


All right.


I still don't know your name.




You said you had proof.

Take it easy.

What's that? Years of hits ordered by the Agency.

Ordered by Collins.

I need you to come with me, Mr. Dial.

Stop running.

You have everything you need.


I don't think so.


Stop right there.



Which way? This way.

Wait. I want my gun.



BALLARD: Are you okay? I'm fine.

It just grazed me.

PURCELL: Go right. Go right!





PURCELL: Over here!


KING: Purcell? Purcell!


HARRIS: Purcell! Come on.

Is this what you do?

Let's go.

KING: Purcell?


KING: Purcell, we're here.

Keep going. Try to find a way out. I'll stay here.

No. Go.


KING: Over here. HARRIS: Purcell.



KING: Purcell.

God. He's dead.


Purcell's dead.









Cramston, I hope you're bloody well ready for this, mate.

Just look at that.

Fuck me.

I need you to print out an image of this man.



Just spotted them.

Headed into the Brisbane Hotel.




MAN 1: You all better get out of here! MAN 2: Run! Come on.



Move! Go. Go. Go.

Get out of here! Go. Go.


Seems like we're trapped, James.

Just like Croatia. Remember that?

Escape seemed impossible.


If the mission fails, you're already dead.

Moscow Rules. Not this time.




Hey. Hey.

Well, you know,

this thing here, it... It was never personal, man.


I know.


You need to see this. It was Collins who...

I know.

I know.

Get this looked at.


After all we went through, you've gone and hurt yourself again.

Yeah, I got a nasty habit of running into bullets.

I'm coming with you. No.

I've packed everything.

Emily, you can't.

You can't go where I'm going.

You belong here.

This is where you're from.


I promise I'll...

I'll see you again.

Look, Emily, I gotta go.


Do you know where he's going? No, I don't.

Do...? Do you know him?

He saved my life.

He's my friend.


EMILY: No, I... No, I wanna come. On Saturday, yeah?


Well, I'll tell Sarah. I... I think I can come.

Emmie. I gotta go.

Got a letter today.

From who? I haven't the slightest idea.

America, I think.


JIMMY: Dear Emily, I was thinking of setting Beauty free.

Thought you might wanna help.

I've sent two tickets, one for you and one for your grandma.

Hope to see you.

We'll be waiting.