The Corruptor (1999) Script



Fukienese Dragons not funny now, huh?


MAN (ON TV): The Fukienese Dragons... the newest entity on the Chinatown crime scene... are headed by 20-year-old Bobby Vu from the Fukien province of China.

Sources say the bombing and the execution of a Tong soldier... are the latest chapter in a power struggle... between the Fukienese Dragons youth gang... and the Tong-run Tong Fung Benevolent Association... believed to be headed by businessman Benjamin Wong... known in the neighborhood as Uncle Benny... along with his lieutenant, Henry Lee.










(IN ENGLISH) Fuck you. (IN ENGLISH) Hey.

Learned some English. Good for you.




What the fuck?









Good. What do they call you?


I can't hear you.

Jack. Jack.

Tell Bobby Vu his time is running out in Chinatown.




MAN: In the history of the 15th Precinct, few officers have done more... to serve and protect the public of this great city... than Lieutenant Nicholas Chen.

Lieutenant, for bravery in the line of fire and for bringing to justice... those responsible for the Chinatown bombings... the people of New York thank you... and present you with this commendation.





VU: Let your brothers die, huh?


(IN ENGLISH) Let your brothers die, huh? Huh?

Sorry. Are you Fukienese Dragon?

JACK: Yeah. I'm Fukienese Dragon. Huh? Huh?

Avenge your brothers, okay?

Kill that cop.


POLICEMAN: No, no, no, you better tell him.

Everybody works tonight.

We are visiting Ginzu Massage.

UNG: My kind of raid.

Found another young pretty in a dumpster.

CHEN: Hmm.

Anybody I know?

Did a two-hour sweep. No one would speak to me.

UNG: Try breath mints. DENG: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And the two who found the body say they didn't see, hear or smell anything.

What's new? Hi.

I'm Daniel Wallace.

I was assigned to this unit.

The Chinese don't trust whites or cops. And you're giving me a white cop?

Hey, you've been squawking about more manpower?

They want more ethnic diversity in each squad. Bing.

You get a white face in AGU.

He's worse than white. He's green.

Ha, ha. Good. You school him, then.

So he can get me killed?

It's your fault he's here in the first place.

My fault?

A freaking tourist gets blown up in our backyard...

...and it was on your watch. Oh, yeah.

Mayor's on television talking about it.

Police commissioner's promising safe streets in Chinatown.

Christ, it was even on Nightline.

So if putting a white cop in the Asian Gang Unit... makes them happy and gets them off my back... fine and dandy.

Get out of here. Do something about those whores turning up in dumpsters.

It's an embarrassment.


You still here?

CHEN: Why does a white cop request the Asian gang unit?

Detective's shield, extra 8 grand a year in my pocket... the chance to work with you.

UNG: Uh-oh. Yellow fever.

You got a hard-on for all things Chinese, right?

Food, customs, women?

I bet you got a Chinese girlfriend, don't you?

Actually, no, I don't. But you did.

Heh. Are we all gonna exchange our sexual histories here?

Heh, heh. I knew it. Yellow fucking fever. Junior's here to walk the street... and get his wick licked by a nice almond-eyed beauty.

I'm here so Chinese immigrants don't have to live 30 to a room... work 20 hours a day making close to slave wages.

Why do you give a shit about the Chinese immigrants?

I'm a cop. I give a shit about enforcing the law. That's my job.

So, what's your plan to save the yellow people?

Same techniques used in every organized crime operation in the city.

Bust street soldiers every time we see them.

Work our way up the food chain to the council, cramp them with surveillance... and keep climbing all the way to Benjamin Wong.


This ain't every other organized crime operation.

We work cases, junior. Keep the tourists safe.

Violence spills in the street, we break heads.

You don't change Chinatown, boy.

It changes you.

Well, I'm ready to give it a shot. That's why I'm here, sir.

All right.

Don't make plans tonight.

Well, why not?

Because we're going on a panty raid. Oh!


You never know how a guy getting his dick rubbed is gonna react.

Keep your eyes sharp and your Glock cocked.

And don't feel any Chinese titties, you little pervert.

Hey, boy, stay out there.


CHEN: Police!


POLICEMAN 1: All right. We've got 18.

The place is secured. Hold on a second.

Deng, see if you can find any files back there.

John, take them down. Wallace will help you. Come on.

JOHN: Come on, ladies.





DANNY: Hey, want me to take her for you?

CHEN (IN ENGLISH): Always throw back the smallest fish of the day.

Let's go.

Hey. WOMEN: Aah!



Fire your weapon!

They're Fukienese!



I'm out on three!

One, two, three!


CHEN: Stop!



Drop your weapon! Drop it!

Hands to the wall.

You stupid Fukienese! Aah! Unh.


You're late.

Ung. POLICEMAN: Let me get this.

CHEN: Get me the car.


CHEN: Bobby Vu.

MAN: Hey.


You want some? Want some?

Fukienese Dragon.



Beef intestine noodles. Want some?


Wanna be a Chinese, you gotta eat the nasty stuff.

You saved my life last night.

Part of my job.

Hey, man, I still wanna say thanks.

That said, I heard you paid a visit to Bobby Vu.

Look, I tightened up, but I didn't find my badge in a Cracker Jack box. I earned it.

You study Chinese, so you know what it means that I saved your life.

It means my life is yours to do with as you wish.

Mm. That's right.

So here's my advice: quit before you end up dead.

If you don't wanna work with me, fine. Let me do my own investigation.

Just don't keep me from doing my work. I'm a cop.

You, a cop? Heh.

You're playing cop.


Playing's driving past shit pretending you didn't even see it.

That's what playing is.

You got something to say? Say it.

Why don't I show you?



MAN: Cops! Get out of here!

DANNY: Police, freeze!



What do we have here?

Hands behind your back. You're under arrest.

FBI. I want each one of these guys in different rooms, now.

Each guy in different rooms, right now!

POLICEMAN: Let's go. Can I talk to you, please?

What's up, Pete?

Oh. Nothing. Only that you assholes just arrested a federal agent... working undercover with the Tongs.

Nice work, junior.

I made the arrest.

Well, goody for you.

So tell me, Einstein, what am I supposed to do now?


What do I do?

Put a federal agent in jail to maintain his cover? What do I do?

What do I do? Let him go?

We put him back on the street, everyone will think he cut a deal with you... and he'll be dead inside an hour.

So, what should I do? Do a better job of keeping us informed.

Hear, hear. SCHABACKER: Heh. Oh, right.

Confidential undercover assignment. Key word being "confidential"... which nothing in this 15th Precinct is. Nothing.

CHEN: Relax, Pete.

We lost the drugs, no evidence.

They can all go.

All right, all right. Keep them three hours, slap the shit out of them, let them go.

I want everything on the raid by the end of the day. Keep that dipshit on a leash.

You take care of your people, I'll take care of mine.

Which one's FBI?

Uh, the Chinese one.

UNG: You wanna eat this with soy sauce?



UNG: Hey, cough up the cash, junior.

Knuckleheads buy all rounds.

Blow me.

That's it. Show a little piss and vinegar.

So your first bust was a federal agent... and a senior fed bit off a giant piece of your ass.


So why did the FBI want the info on the Ginzu raid?

It was their raid.

They use us so nobody knows it's the FBI.

Mostly, they use us because they are lazy shits.

Last summer, we grabbed a Vietnamese gang... bringing in heroin by the boatload.

Who swoops in last minute to get the credit?

Your friend Schabacker of the FBI.

Now they have agent working undercover inside the Tongs.

We find the agent, see what he's got going.

When the time is right, we make the bust... and pull the case right out from under them.




UNG: You speak Chinese?

(IN ENGLISH) Doesn't everybody in Chinatown?

(IN ENGLISH) Danny Wallace, Henry Lee.

(IN ENGLISH) You gentlemen are partners?

Are we?

Cagney and Lacey.


Chinatown needs more police.

I hope you find a home here.

I think you'll discover that Chinese people are warm and generous.

I hope to see much of you in the coming weeks.


He's Tong.

That's why it's Cristal and not Asti-fucking-Spumanti.


Ah. Henry.

It is very dangerous to approach a white policeman.

We cannot risk exposing our other ties in the department.

That's why, uncle, we must approach Wallace.

He could compromise Chen... at a time when he's our best weapon against the Fukes.

We need him with us to safeguard Chen's position.

Besides, to the N.Y.P.D., Chen is Chinese first and a cop second.

Chen can take care of himself. He knows what we need of him.

LEE: He knows what he hears in the 15th.

A white officer would have ears outside the precinct.

We could let Chen test the waters.




What do you want? I liked your partner.

I think he could help us.

He could hurt us more.

Afraid of competition?

Afraid of piquing the kid's interest...

In who else is a dirty cop.


Uncle Benny feels he might poke his nose in places a Chinese cop wouldn't.

I can handle him.

He also feels he might be an asset against the Fukes... heh, since you don't seem to be doing much, eh? Heh, heh.


I will take care of the Fukes.

The kid's a short-time. Leave him alone.


I didn't realize you had such maternal instincts.


Uncle Benny wants you to speak with him.


This costs $1 to make... and some fool will pay hundreds for it.

It's amazing how easy it is for some people to overestimate worth.

Don't overestimate yours.


Talk to him.



Who's in the bin? DENG: The invisible woman.

No ID, no prints, no nothing.



Thought you liked Chinese food, junior. CHEN: Shut up.

Let's go. I need about 50 coffees. What, we're not gonna investigate this?

We just did. What? What are you talking about?

Tell our partner what we learned.

Deceased is an illegal, straight off the boat. Less than a week.

There's two bills Chinese under the oysters, by her spleen.

She finds her passage over was twice what she thought.

She can't pay and doesn't like working as a prostitute, so she ends up here.

No family, no friends, no witnesses.

UNG: No sense wasting taxpayers' money.

What, so case closed?

Take a walk with Deng. See if anybody knows anything.


Let's go.


POLICEMAN 1: Careful. POLICEMAN 2: Go ahead. Go ahead.


JACK: What the fuck, man? UNG: Easy, Jackarroo.

Chen is now able to identify the shooter who got away from the lamp store.

Unless you can do something for me.

I want Bobby Vu.

He'd kill me.

UNG: The alternative to helping us is 10 to 20 at Sing Sing.

And that's gotta hurt... especially for somebody 98 pounds soaking wet.

No court, no wire? No promises.

Think about it.

You got 10 seconds to make up your mind.

Five, four, three... JACK: Fuck you.

...two... JACK: Unh.

Kid's loyal.

See how loyal he is after two weeks in lockup.


Could've killed you. Could've killed you first.

What are you doing here? Father can't visit his son?

Got something to drink? I'm as dry as a 90-year-old tit.

How'd you get in?

Twenty years Robbery and Homicide.

Out of the two-five, greenhorn. That's how I got in.

I've been through more windows... I don't have any money.

I'm in for 12 grand. Those fucking dagos down on Mulberry.

Good luck. I'm not asking for the 12.

God forbid you should bail me out with your lawyer money.

I wouldn't want you to miss out on becoming a leech, asshole.

And here I thought you'd want me to be a chip off the old block.

All I'm asking for is a little stake money to get me even.

Wouldn't work. Too much of a loser.

Then we'll go partners.

You was always a lucky son of a bitch, eh? Eh? Eh?

I wouldn't be here if this wasn't serious.

Cold, hard cash. You slay me.

There's a little over 500 there, and we're not partners.

That's to buy you off. Next time you sneak up on me...

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. You'll kill me, huh?

By the way... there's a Chink watching you from across the street, Sherlock.

Good night, officer.

Yeah, you're welcome.


I got something for you.

I love gifts.

This isn't free. Forget the kid.

That's an expensive request.

CHEN: This is an expensive item.

LEE: Let's hear it.

The FBI have an informant inside the Tong.

This time, it's one of their own.

It's an agent.

Who is it? Don't know.

We picked up four of your guys, and one was a fed.

It won't take long to find out which one.

And all you gotta do is blow his cover... and they'll pull him.

No violence, no mess.

My thanks.

The kid is out.

As you wish.

Would you like May to give you a grape?



LEE: We need to delay the start of our new partnership.

We've got a federal agent sniffing around.

I have to postpone delivery.

VU: We can't.

The boat's coming into port next week.

It'll wait at the port.

I'm not afraid of the FBI.

Everything we've done has been to keep the feds' focus on Uncle Benny.

When he's gone and I lead the Tongs, you'll make all the money you want.

Let's kill him now.

When Uncle Benny's indicted, he'll be a danger to our partners in Hong Kong.

Killing him then will come with thanks instead of retribution.

We kill Chen too.

All in good time.

Do you remember me?


Heh. I have information about the girl you found in the garbage dumpster.

How'd you find me? You're conspicuous in Chinatown.

Two brothers on Chrystie Street bring in illegals.

That girl worked in their brothel, then tried to run.

They left her as a message to the others.

How do you know? Everyone knows.

No one is going to speak of it, especially to police.

So why are you?

I knew her.

What are their names? You can't tell anyone, not even Chen.

Forget it. I can't do that. For every person who knows... the chances of me being killed in reprisal... increases a hundredfold.

The girl was 15.

And there are more to come if you don't help us.

Check out the basement of a place called Tony's.

Don't worry. This is how things get done in Chinatown.

The boy come in yet?

Not that I've seen.



DANNY: Police, freeze!





I said, freeze!


What were you doing in here?

I was coming out of the diner on Pell and I saw this guy snatch a purse... so I chased him into the building. I lost him as soon as I got inside.

Then I heard some screaming from down here and I just kind of stumbled onto it.

We got close to 40 women here, all illegals... and we found about a hundred tapes.

Landlord remembers the four Jane Does we pulled out of the dumpsters... were part of the stable.

Good job, officer. Thanks.

POLICEMAN 1: Attaboy, Wallace. Yeah, way to go.

POLICEMAN 2: Wallace. POLICEMAN 3: Good job.

MAN: For bravery in the line of fire, the people of New York... thank you and present you with this commendation.



It's dick size.

You think everything is dick size, huh? It is.

White people believe all Asians got little dicks.


So you think that when an Asian chick sees your pecker... she's gonna think it's Mount St. Helens.


It's true.

And then you look at the tiny hands on most Asian chicks... and figure your weenie's gonna look like a sewer pipe in her fist.

Ha-ha-ha. He's discovered my secret.


Well, the joke's on you... because this Chinaman's hung like a fucking...

Gnat. Ha-ha-ha.

You wanna see? You wanna see?

Hey, hey, come on, put that thing away. CHEN: No, no. Sit down.

That's my cue. I'm gonna see you guys tomorrow.

Eight sharp. We gotta put a tag on those guys you busted... find out which one is the FBI agent.


(ON SPEAKERS) And I remember you and me used to spend The whole goddamned day in bed Losing a whole year Hey, Wallace.

You did a lot for those women down there. You did a good job.

Thanks. But it was an accident.

You are lucky you are not dead.

So don't you ever go off alone again.

Congratulations, Danny.

Thanks. Look, I gotta... You must allow me to buy you a drink.

I gotta go. You've done a great thing... for the people of this community.

Let me thank you, as a show of respect.



DANNY: Shit. SEAN: I tried to, but I never made it.

Pop, we gotta get you to a hospital. No time.


Shit, you're bleeding inside, Pop. Oh, well, wouldn't be surprised.

I need the money.

I don't have that kind of money, Pop. How much you got?

I don't know. A grand at most.



Shit. Come on, again.

Come on, this way. No. Hey, hey.

Would you give it to me if you had it?

Hmm? Hmm?

No, I don't think I could, Pop.

Fucking honest, just like your mother.

Oh, screw it, then.

Might as well go to the hospital.

Come on.

We'll get you there.

Come on. Get up.

What's going on? Figure out which one's the FBI agent?

If he's there, we haven't seen him. You better get in there.

He's fucking pissed at you.

What's new?

CHEN: You are late. DANNY: Sorry about that.


My old man fell last night. I had to take him to the hospital.

Took all night to get him there? Well, he fell last night... but I didn't find him till this morning. He was in the bathroom.

Looks like he scratched you. Yeah, well, I was carrying him.

He all right? Yeah. He should be fine.

He was a cop, right?

Uh, yeah, in the two-five.

Tough beat.

Is that why you're here? Prove something to your old man?

No, why, is that why you're here?

CHEN: My old man's dead.

I don't have to prove anything to anybody.

How about you? Just to you, I guess.

That's for sure.

Why do you have to constantly break my balls?

I'm educating you well this time.

Do you mean you care about me?

I don't know what to say.

Try nothing.

Oh, but I'm overwhelmed.

I mean, I had no idea that you felt this way about me, it's...

I mean, it's just very kind and warm and... Heh.

Hey, check this out. These guys don't look like junkies.


You got pictures? Not all of them.


Shit! Shit.

CHEN: Police!




Meet me with the car!



Come on, boy!

This is Car 7 in the green sector.

We're in pursuit of a burgundy Cadillac. Jersey plates.

Five-nine-five-Alpha-Alpha-Zulu... traveling south on Park Row. Suspects are armed and dangerous.

Requesting roadblock units on all lanes.


WOMAN (OVER RADIO): All green units, 10-85.

All green units, 10-85.

Burgundy Cadillac traveling south on Park Row.

Suspects armed and dangerous.







WOMAN 2: Hey!



Nick, right there!


Chen, watch out!




CHEN: Hold on!

Ugh. Damn it.

DANNY: You okay? Yeah. Yeah! Aah!



Go! I said, go!


You all right? You?

SCHABACKER: Six innocent bystanders... dozens of cars... millions in property, all destroyed.

Not to mention...

Federal Agent Ronald Ming is dead.

Shot seven times in the back.

And I'm thinking some scumbag in the 15th is responsible.

Maybe some scumbag in the bureau is responsible.

Maybe I'm gonna grow a tree out of my dick.

If anybody could... You bet your ass, it'd be an oak.

They ID'd the shooters.

They're Fukienese.

Fukes have been making a move on Tongs for months.

That's the only thing keeping me... from ripping this fucking precinct to the ground.

That and this.

Assholes were in such a hurry to get moving... they didn't check the bodies for wires.

Who's on it?

Benny Wong.

A few others.

Three weeks' worth of undercover work.

A court would never admit it without the agent backing it up.

Yeah, they will... once you tell them you've been working with us on this investigation.

That after the shooting and before the chase, you entered the building.

You approached our agent, who with his last breath... told you that he got this tape and corroborated what's on it.


That's perjury.

Why would I do that?


Well, to keep me from bringing charges against you... for obstructing a federal investigation.

Oh, yeah. Wallace told us... how you engaged in the unauthorized surveillance of a federal agent... which possibly blew his cover, resulting in his assassination.

That speech may have shivered a rookie... but you need better for me.

Yeah? I'll tell you what. You better watch your back.

My guts still tell me somebody in the 15th gave my guy up.

If I can't have Uncle Benny, I'm gonna fucking have him.

Mr. Chen.

Come on. Let's go.


DANNY: Yeah?


You alone? Yeah.

Then ask me in.

You wanna come in?

Hmm... Tsk.

What's going on?

You got something to drink? No.

Well, I haven't gone shopping yet.

About yesterday, you saved my life out there.

It's part of the job.

Maybe... but I still want to say thank you.

You know what it means now that I saved your life, right?


This is America.

It doesn't mean anything.

So feds getting you nervous?

No, not at all.


Because whether it's the feds, Internal Affairs, whoever... the inside of a cop car is sacred.

You don't tell them what we do unless you come to me first.

Why the sudden paranoia?

I'm just saying, no more talking with the feds... until we are working off the same page.

Yeah, sure.



Do you even have water?

Regular water, yeah.


Thank you.



Nice-looking girl.

Do you know she's in the country illegally?

Gonna have to send her back... after a little jail time, of course.

Shame you two will never see each other again.

You can't send her.

She's in trouble there.

She'll be sent to prison.

CHEN: Too bad.

I can't help you.

That's what you told me, isn't it?

I help you when they move me.

She comes too, with papers.


My pager number.

Punch one one after your number so I know it's you.

I get you out... you better not run on me.

I want whoever shot that undercover fed on this tape.

And I want to know if he talks to Henry Lee.


WOMAN (OVER PA): Dr. Bergen to ICU west.

Dr. Bergen to ICU west.


SEAN: Hey.

Thank you.

For the money. They sent a guy.

You must've really put something on the line.

I'm not gonna forget that.


LEE: Hello, officer. Did you cover my father?

Tea? I asked you a question.

I want to help you because I want you to help me.

What do you mean, help you?

Heh. My business is victimless.

I supply services people want and are forbidden to them by politicians.

However, there are those whose business is not victimless... whose tactic is violence.

I can help you rid Chinatown of those elements... and help keep your father alive.

All I ask is that you look out for my interests in return.

I think you're asking for more than that.

Long after you and I are gone... there will be gambling in Chinatown.

There will be men waiting to pay a woman for her favors.

And the police will always be the last to know. That's a fact.

Now, you can chase your tail in the dark and accomplish nothing... or you can really do some good... for the people of Chinatown... for your career... and for your father.

Think of how many more young women would have ended up in dumpsters... if not for your acceptance of my help.

Do we have a deal?

Or do you want me to call the Italians and rescind my offer... and let them deal with your father?


There's something I'd like you to do tomorrow morning.

There's a tin shop on Mott.

A Malaysian runs it.

Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m... he'll be receiving two bricks of heroin from a Colombian.

These men are scum. They deal to children.

I want you to stop them.

Freeze! Police!

You son of a bitch.

When did Lee approach you?

The bust from Chrystie, right?

Yeah. I knew your story was full of shit.

When did he approach you? I bet it was quite a while before that.

When was it, two years ago, five years ago?

How long have you been working for him, or can you even remember?

You're dead.

Your life is over.

I thought you were smart, but you're not.

You're as dumb as they come.

DANNY: You gave him that FBI agent, didn't you?

That's why you pressed that kid so hard to wear the wire, huh?

You wanna know if the Fukes killed that agent or Henry Lee.



We had a deal. You brought him in, not me.

I couldn't risk it.

Let him go. LEE: What's done is done.

You know that better than anyone.

You want to help him? Smarten him up.

Make sure he doesn't trip on his toes and fuck both of you.

I hear dirty cops have an extra rough time of it in prison.


I find out you killed the fed, I'll kill you.



Black or red plum?

I don't like plums.

What do you mean, you don't like plums?

I like peaches. Peaches are shit.

Haven't you ever heard the song Sinatra sang?

"Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum."

Not a peach, a plum. I don't care if he picked a raisin... out of Sammy Davis' eye socket, I prefer peaches.

Then I'm not paying for it.


So when did Lee get to you?

I was the first Chinese cop in the 15th.

Thought I was gonna clean up Chinatown.

But white cops wouldn't work with me.

And the people wouldn't talk to a cop, Chinese or not.

Only Benny Wong would talk to me.

He took me around, took care of my debts... fed me a few busts.

Made me look good, and I liked it.

Then he became my godfather.

At that time, Henry Lee was nothing.

One night, my father walks into a gambling house and ends up dead.

Turns out, Lee knew there was a contract on him.

He made it clear.

He could have told me.

I could have saved him.

Got me thinking I was better at my job with him... than without him.

And he was right.


SCHABACKER: Give me everything you got on this guy.

Detective in the 15th Precinct. His name is Daniel Wallace.

His old man went crooked out of the two-five. Check on him too.

Mr. Wong... we're running a one-day sale.

Chance of a lifetime.

The opportunity to buy your freedom.

Now, this tape was obtained... by a federal agent working undercover inside the Tong.


(ON STEREO) I'll put a pistol in your mouth and pull Hello? Patience has paid off.

Uncle Benny made a visit to the FBI.

His time is over.



VU: We got a job. What is it?

We take care of Benny Wong tonight.

Heh. Come on, let's go.


CHEN: My friends are waiting for me.

How long do you think the feds are gonna be watching us?

Month. Maybe two.


I didn't want Lee involving you.

It's not your fault.

What I'm saying is that you're alone now.

You can't trust anybody in the department.

Not the guys in the 15th.

Not the guys in the AGU.

And you sure can't trust Henry Lee.

So if anything gets sticky, you come to me.

How do I know I can trust you?

You don't.

Hey. Hey. I know this might sound crazy, but I'm glad it's not just me.

You hungry? I could buy you a plum.

I got plans. Maybe next time.

Yeah. Next time.









I gotta take a leak, man.

MAN: He said he wanted me at the other ward.


She's lucky you found her.

I want you to write her up as a deceased.

Nick. She recovers, she go to work.

Two weeks later, she back in here, maybe not so lucky.

You're asking a lot.


Let her stay here a few days.

Then I come to get her.

What the fuck are you doing?

I'm sick.

I wasn't sure if I had to go back inside or not.


I'm all right, man, let's go.

What the fuck's going on here? Let's get out of here.

Uh, hello, is this Domino's Pizza?


Jack thought he was gonna shit his pants.




Uncle Benny.

You kill me? You're not man enough, huh?


We kill you anyway! Heh, heh.

Uncle Benny!



Where are you going?

Lee's not covering my old man with the Italians. I gotta move him.

I told him to stop. Why the hell did you do that?

Because the feds are building a case against you.

How do you know? Lee told me.

If they nabbed you, it would take three seconds for you to give them me.

I would never do that. I'm not saying it's fatal.

The point now is to cover tracks and keep everything clean on the surface.

When they call you in, keep your mouth shut.

This is your cut from Lee. Four grand.

I gotta get to the hospital.

Where are you gonna move him? I don't know.

CHEN: To cover your old man. I can't.

Just take it.


Remember, don't say anything.

Let me deal with the FBI, all right?




Hard to find you, Jack.

Tell her to take in a movie.


CHEN: Go on! I wanted to call. I couldn't.

Now I'm here.

So, what do you want to tell me about Benny Wong?

AGENT: Daniel Wallace? FBI.

Hi, could you pass that letter off to my father?

He's in 409. Sean Wallace.

Back off. What the hell is going on? AGENT: Don't be an ass.

Don't touch my gun or badge. I'm active.

Fine. Let's just get out of here real quietly, all right?

Just got a few questions we'd like to ask you.

Look, I got my father... We'll put someone on the door.

Pass it. Thank you.

CHEN: Then everybody took off? JACK: Yeah.


You're coming with me.


You're gonna tell the feds you've been working with Wallace and me.

That the hit on Benny was Fukienese... and you're eager to testify against Bobby Vu.

Do it right, I will back you on trying to tip me before the hit.

Do it wrong, I go out of my way to bury you.

So why the fuck didn't you tell me you were Internal Affairs?

Confidential undercover assignment, Pete.

Key word being "confidential," which nothing in the bureau is.

Fuck yourself. Nobody knows except a few of us in IA.

Not even the commanding officer in the 15th knows.

Well, now I know.

Bag man's kid. Internal Affairs. Wow.

Your old man must think you're a real scumbag, huh?




So, what do you got on Chen?

This isn't a federal case. No reason to tell you anything.

No, there is, actually.

Because from where I'm sitting, it looks to me like a young IA rat... went to build a case against Nick Chen...

...and ended up working for him. You're reaching.

Enjoying for himself the Chinatown whores... and financial assistance to help a family gambling problem.

Don't start with that.

I'll start and finish with it unless somebody hands me Chen.

He's here. SCHABACKER: Who's here?

AGENT: Chen.

Hello, Pete.


Who's your friend?

CHEN: A buddy of Wallace's and mine.

He's an eyewitness to the Benny Wong murder.

SCHABACKER: Hmm. Peanut?


And you bring him here to me. Why?

You know why.

My compliments, Wallace.

You must've sunk your hooks into Chen pretty good, huh?

What did he want? To trade for you.

KIRKPATRICK: He said that?

Not in so many words.

He brought that Fuke snitch of yours who rode shotgun on the Wong killing.

He gives me the eyewitness, I call off the FBI investigation on Wallace.

KIRKPATRICK: What'd you tell him? Ah.

I told him fine.

Putting the kid back on the street to get the rest of the Fukes on tape... talking about the hit on Wong.

And in return, I'm not gonna press charges on young Wallace here.

Is Chen still here? SCHABACKER: No, he took off.

But you gotta promise me that I can be there... when you break the bad news to Chen, heh... because that's gonna be fucking priceless.


Your wire's showing.

How long you been IA?

First assignment.

Quickest way to a gold shield and all you gotta do is bury your partner.

The guy who shoved 10 grand into your fist to back your play.

I figure you ain't worth much to the Chinks yet... so this must be Chen's money.

And you're gonna bury him.

And for what?

Turning his head?

Making a few dollars?

I know it wouldn't mean much to you, Pop.

Lying and cheating is what you're made of.

That's a hell of a lot better than what you're made of.

You don't even know what I'm made of, Pop.

It's the one thing I should thank you for.

Your lack of interest.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You've been real honest with your partner.

Ends justifies the means, Pop.

The ends is bullshit.

The means... is what you live with.

Keep it.

I don't want nothing from you.



Oh, wait, wait, wait.

TAI: Don't you like me?

Of course I like you. I just need to go to the bathroom.

TAI: Huh.


What the fuck are you doing?

DANNY: Where's the lieutenant?

He left. He said he wanted you to be very happy.

The police are running in circles on the unfortunate death of Uncle Benny.

Uncle Benny, yeah. We didn't kill him for nothing, okay? Give us the money.

Then it's time to bring the cargo ship to port and unload our freight.

One hundred eighty-six at 40,000 apiece.

I'd say that's a nice start to our relationship...

...wouldn't you? Ha, ha. Shit, yeah!


Hot tea.


The only time I was ever in here, I was talking to my godfather.

Uncle Benny was a great man. You would know better than anyone.

But even a great man can outlast his time.

I've got something for you.

Should quiet any doubts as to Wallace's character.

The Fukes are bringing in a highly valuable cargo by ship.

Bobby Vu will be on site supervising the unloading.

Take the Fukes and half the cargo.

I'll keep the other half.


You're getting greedy.

I'm an American.

Hey. Let's go.

We gotta pick up Jack and send him to the feds.

What time is it?

Time for a shower. You stink.


Got a match? Yeah.

You know, you were right.

About what? I wish it was neither of us.

But the fact is, I'm glad it's not just me.


Get up.


You sure it was Henry Lee?

It was him.

I think everybody here knows Assistant U.S. Attorney Margaret Wheeler.

Gentlemen, tape's good.

Probably enough for convictions on Bobby Vu and the rest.

I think we hold off.

We wait till they make their move to bring in the illegal shipment.

We bust them on the ship, then we go for the murder charge.

With Jack connecting the dots to an ongoing criminal enterprise... we get life sentences.

What about Henry Lee? What about him?

Do we have a case, Pete?

Enough to drag Mr. Lee before a grand jury.

It's his word against their word, and he'll win.

We wait till after the shipment comes in, then the tape's got merit.

Daniel, what are your thoughts?

It's Margaret's call.

WHEELER: Then we wait. Everybody works round the clock.

As soon as Jack finds out when delivery is set, we'll reconvene... and make the arrests.

That's it, gentlemen.

Thank you. Pleasure.

Nick, what do you say after we bust the Fuke Dragons... we get together, bury the hatchet, huh?

Oh, can't wait. SCHABACKER: All right.

Danny, you up for that?

Oh, yeah. Sure.


Bacardi and Coke.

I'll get a Bud.

I got it.


The suckers lose themselves In the games they love to play I gave the fed to Lee.

The children love to sing I know.

But then their voices slowly fade away People always take a step away I'm gonna have to answer for him someday.

We all have something to answer for.


You do, you do, you do, you do You do, you do



Speak of the devil.

Lee. CHEN: Yeah.

Order me another.

No apology because my urge is genuine CHEN: It's Chen.

LEE (OVER PHONE): I've been paging you all day.

What do you want?

Wallace is Internal Affairs.

What? You heard me.

I don't believe it.

Your girlfriends found a wire on him last night.

I checked it out, and the fuck is making a case against you.

You there? Yeah.

Who knows how long he was wired.

He's gotta go.

You kill him tonight.

The Fukes are taking delivery in one hour, Pier 25 at Port Imperial in Jersey.

A ship called the Dorian.

Take him along, make sure he doesn't leave the boat, you understand me?

I don't give a shit about the cargo, the Fukes. Just make sure Wallace is dead.

Are we clear?

He'll hang us both.


I understand.



You get ahold of him?

CHEN: Yeah.

And did you tell him about the tape?


Well, what did he say?

CHEN: He wanted to tell me that the Fukes... are picking up the shipment in an hour in Jersey.

Well, shit, we gotta move. Did you call the feds?


They're gonna meet us there.

Well, let's go.

No sign of anybody.

Have a look.

DANNY: Lee said an hour, right? Yeah.

Still nothing? No.

Are you sure?

Yep. It's all clear.

What about Internal Affairs?

What? I forgot to mention...

Lee thinks they are making a case against someone in the 15th.

Who? He didn't know.

Maybe it's just a rumor.

You hear anything?

They're here. You keep watching.


We got to let them lead us to the cargo.

MAN: Come on!


They're heading away from us.

CHEN: What would you do if you knew IA had a case against you?

I don't know.

What would you do if you knew your partner gave you up, amigo?

Answer me!

I'm asking you!

I don't know.

You should have let me die in the car that day.

At least then I die a cop.

You are a cop.

You're a good cop.

I tell that to anybody that asks me.

And you?

I don't know.

All I know is you saved me and you saved my father.

My life is really yours to do with as you wish.





















Wallace. Come here.


DANNY: Maybe that's all of them. Bobby Vu is here.

He would never leave without us.

You mean without you.




DANNY: Where? Come here.



Fuck you!






Shit. Hold on.

You all right? You okay?

I'm so sorry.


Who sends a white cop undercover in Chinatown?

I swear to God, I wish they never did.

Nick. Nick, can you hear me?


Bring a fucking stretcher now!



It's just you and me.

I'm your partner.


Where's the stretcher?!

Nick, you gotta hold on.

You wanna get Wallace out here, please?

You wanna get Wallace out here, please? Now.

KIRKPATRICK: What is this bullshit?

Exactly what it says.

After a month-long investigation, I find no evidence... supporting any charges against Chen.


SCHABACKER: Think you can get away with this? Hmm?

Forget it, man. That man's responsible for the death of a federal agent.

The man's dead.

And no matter what you believe, the officer died a good fucking cop.


Henry Lee, you're under arrest.

I'd like to introduce you to my attorney.

I'd like to introduce you to the inmates at Rikers Island... but that'll take a few weeks.

I was very saddened to hear about your friend Lieutenant Chen.

Heh, I'm sorry. He wasn't your friend after all, was he?


I'd like to thank you for killing all the witnesses against me.

Not all.

Not the one who recorded this tape.

VU (ON TAPE): We didn't kill him for nothing. Give us the money.

LEE (ON TAPE): Then it's time to bring the ship to port and unload our freight.

One hundred eighty-six at 40,000 apiece.

I'd say that's a nice start to our relationship, wouldn't you?

VU: Ha, ha. Shit, yeah!



Let's go, hotshot. You're under arrest.

You have the right to remain silent. You understand?

You have the right to refuse to answer any questions.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to have an attorney present...

(English - US - SDH)