The Cowboy Way (1994) Script

Whoo! Yeah!

That brings us now to our final team, ladies and gentlemen.

Sonny Gilstrap and Pepper Lewis.

Keep your eyes right on the roping chutes.

These could be our 1993 champion team ropers.

Our boys are just about ready. Keep your eyes right on the roping chute.

Sonny makes a good head catch.

Now Pepper rides in, throws it down, goes to the horn, they turn and face, and the time is in!

Checking our official timer.

How 'bout a 5.4!

Ladies and gentlemen, that might be good enough to win the state championship!

The 1993 New Mexico State Champion Team Ropers, Sonny Gilstrap and Pepper Lewis.

Good goin', boys!

Thank you!

Hey, Carlos. How ya doin'?

Mr. Stark. Hey, stuff looks nice.

Looks really nice.

Look, there's some money missing from petty cash.

You know anything about it? Uh, uh, no, sir.

Right. All right. I just thought I'd ask around.

It's good to see you, Carlos.

You steal from me, and then you lie to me about it in my face?

Did you take my money?

Yes! Yes! Good! That's what I like to hear.

That's what I like to hear. Now... you pay me back, and I won't add the amount to your debt.

All right? Mr. Stark.

El Senor Huerta's downstairs. He's by the docks.

What the hell is he doin' down here?

Manny. Haven't seen you down here in a while.

John, I don't like this. What?

No, no. Look at this old woman.

She won't live long enough to work off her debt.

That's why I came down here tonight.

I have been getting complaints, John.

Manny, you know it's not an exact system. We don't always get what we expect.

¿Que pasa? ¿Buscas a alguien?

¿Donde esta mi papa?

¿Quien? Mi papa.

Tu vaya con el grupo primero, okay?

She says she wants her father.

What is she talking about? Manny, I don't know.

Am I supposed to be personally responsible for everybody that comes off that boat?

Look, I'll call our people on the other side... and I'll handle this, okay?

Make sure you do that. All right?


Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos de America.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, let's put our hands together.. and welcome Miss Espanola Valley, Melba Van Buren!

We're gonna move to the calf roping event next, if we can get these two clowns out of the arena.

I don't know what they're doin' out there, but if they're not careful...

Well, lookee what the cat drug in.

Hey, Melba. Lookin' more gorgeous than ever.


All righty. Well, here's mine, boys.

You all gonna wish me luck? Shit!

You fellas gonna be cryin' all the way home tonight.

What's the deal here, boys? Hundred bucks a man.

One ride, winner takes all. Just the same as always. You in, Pepper?

Hobby horse have a hickory dick? 'Course I'm in.

Bullshit, Pepper. I ain't ridin' to win no I.O.U. from you.

Yeah, Pepper, you can keep your damn old I.O.U.

That there's good as gold. When you know me not to pay my debt?

Shit! When we know you to pay 'em?

Hell, you still owe me from last April.

April? Hell, he still owes me ten bucks from high school.

You didn't get my check, Eddie? I sent it U.P.S.

You never. You're a lyin' little son of a bitch, Pepper.

Who you callin' "little," asshole? You, you little son of a bitch!

He throws his hands in the ai. Get away from him, cowboy!

The time is in for Mike Ray.

The time is nine seconds flat!

Let him ride.

Yeah, Sonny. What the hell.

Let him ride.


Sonny. Ho! Wait up!

Thanks, man. You just saved Eddie about four teeth back there.

You win that prize money tonight, you're payin' off all your debts.

You understand me? Otherwise, it's gonna be me kickin' your ass tonight.

Oh, yeah? Why don't you just try kickin' it right now, okay?

Be better than this Eskimo treatment you been givin' me all year long.

You heard me, Pepper.

Luke Short, Jim Wilshire, our next team out.

Luke rides up, makes a nice, quick head catch.

Now Jim's gotta ride in. Throws it down, go to the horn.

Turn and face, and the time... Chili Pepper.


Good to see you, man.

¿Como estas? Where the hell have you been?

Oh, I been with the worms in Mexico. iAy Chihuahua! I miss your cookin'.

You talk to Sonny?

Come on, Pepper. Sonny will forgive you.

Oh, yeah? When?

That rodeo was a year ago. He ain't said six words to me since.

I told him I was sorry. What's he want?

Sonny don't care about words. You have to show him.

Yeah, well, I ain't gonna kiss his ass, if that's what you mean.

So sour, probably tastes like a damn old lemon anyhow.

Don't give up on him. You've been friends too long for that.

Yeah, well, I had a reason for not showin' up at that rodeo.

Tell him what it was. He will understand.

Maybe someday, when he ain't bein' such a damn shit-ass.

Buena suerte. Thanks, viejo.

Good luck on your ride. I don't need luck. I need sleep.


Hey, how are you? I'm single.

Pepper's still trying to make up, huh? Yeah, well, I ain't listenin'.

He's your friend.

You two guys should be out there chasing that steer together right now.

Friend don't pull a no-show at a national rodeo final, Nacho. Not in my book.

I had plans for that money. You know that.

Nothing in your book about forgiving?

Nacho, Pepper and I are through, okay?

You got a heart the size of a tiny raisin, you know that?

Why don't you just hand me my bronc rein?

If you only knew what it was to be alone, you would treasure your friend.

Where you goin'?

Home. I'm going home. You're not gonna stay and watch me ride?

No. You're a hardheaded donkey with a heart the size of a tiny raisin, and I don't want to watch you ride.

You better have a pot of coffee waitin' for me when I get home.

Next cowboy out this afternoo, Sonny Gilstrap from Belen, New Mexico.

High Dive is the name of the bucking horse he's drawn this afternoon.

Easy, boy. I got him. I got him.

There we go. There we go.

There we go.

Seventy-five's the score the cowboy's tryin' to beat... to take the lead in the bronc riding this afternoon.

An excellent ride for Sonny Gilstrap.

This could be a high score.

Hard to beat that one.

Maybe for you.

Shit. Seventy-seven points... for that cowboy!

Let's move up to chute number five. Keep your eyes right there.

Pepper Lewis, Belen, New Mexico, is gonna be our next cowboy.

Lone Star is the name of the bucking horse he's drawn.

This cowboy's gotta do better than 77 points... Okay now. if he wants to take the lead in the bronc riding this afternoon.

Take it easy now.

He's just about ready.

Say when, buddy.

Lemme have the old hammerheaded son of a bitch.

Damn! Well, there goes our money.

Hope to hell you're happy. God, I hate that little peckerwood!

You oughta not let him in the jackpot, Sonny.

That old Pepper sure can cowboy, can't he? When he wants to.

The judges signal:

Seventy-nine points for the cowboy!



Yes, this is Nacho Salazar.

What? Teresa? My daughter Teresa is in New York City?

God's blessing on you, Senor Stark.

I'll go get her right away.

Good, good. And please make sure you bring the other $5,000 with you.

Five thousand? But I already paid, Senor Stark.

That's what I thought too, but the people I work for... said you agreed to pay another 5,000 on delivery.

No, no, no. That was not the agreement.

Well, look, I could try talking to them, but I don't think it would do any good.

Maybe we could go to the police. Wait a second, Mr. Salazar.

Think about what you're saying. Your daughter is in this country illegally.

Yes, of course. You're right.

All these people are interested is in the money.

And all you care about is your daughter. But what can I do?

Is there any way you can get the money?

Yes, I think I can get it.

Good, good. How can I get in touch with you?

My number's 212-555-4320. You got that?

Yes, I have it.

Senor Stark, my daughter, is she okay?

She's fine. Just think, in a couple of days, you two will be together again.

Good night, Mr. Salazar.

"Dear Sonny. Praise God, my daughter Teresa is out of Cuba.

"I've gone to New York City to pick her up.

"I will telephone you as soon as possible about your guns.

Forgive me. I did not know what else to do."

"P.S. Here's your damn coffee."

Where are you, Big Chief?

Now, where are you?

I don't wanna play if you ain't gonna play fair. Oh!

Big Chief on trail of naked paleface woman.

Oh. Oh, no.

What are you gonna do when you find naked paleface woman, Big Chief?

Big Chief gonna teach naked paleface woman to play his tom-tom.

Is much fun for Big Chief. Oh, no. Not that.


Oh. Big Chief.

Now time for naked paleface woman... to make Big Chief happy chief.

Oh. Why, you wicked old heathen!


Sonny? Hey, how ya doin'?

Got any of that prize money left over from the other night?

Sure. Why? Need to borrow it.

How come? None of your business. You gonna loan it to me?

Yeah. How much you need? How much you got?

Just one minute. I'll check.

Hey, Sonny. Melba.

Big Chief catch you yet?

He just about had me when you drove up.

You wanna play?

No, thanks.

You used to like to play, remember?

Yeah, well, you're a married woman now, Melba.

That don't bother Pepper none.

Yeah, well, not much does, does it?

Oh, hey. Keep the wigwam warm for me, baby.


I will return.

Where the hell you think you're goin'?

You tell me.

You sure as hell ain't goin' nowhere with me.

Where you goin'? New York City.

New York City? What the hell's in New York City?

Nacho. Nacho?

He was supposed to pick up his daughter and call me. That was five days ago.

You reckon he run into trouble? I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.

Let's get goin'. I said, you ain't goin' nowhere with me.

You might need my help. I counted on your help once before, remember?

You gonna loan me that money or not?

You want my money, not me, is that it?

That's it. Well, my money goes where I go, you know that?

You go where your money goes, is that a fact? Yessiree, that's a fact.

I'm a businessman. Well, Mr. Businessman, guess what?

You and your money can both get the hell outta my truck, 'cause I don't want either one of you now.


I'd rather play Big Chief anyhow!

Good. Don't slam the door.

And another thing... I wouldn't throw a bucket of water on your ass if it was drownin'!

Good. I wouldn't want you to neither!

Pepper! Get out!

Nacho's my friend! I'm goin' to help him, not you!

Get out.


Okay. You wanna go? You can go, but you're ridin' back here, you understand me?

I swear to God, you are not getting up front with me. Not polite to swear to God.

Oh, God! Hey!

Sonny... Shit!



I told you, Pepper, you ain't ridin' up front with me.

I don't wanna get up front. I'm just curious what the hell's goin' on.

All I know is Nacho's been payin' this guy for the last couple years... to get his daughter outta Cuba.

When I got home, there was a note sayin' she was in New York City... and he'd gone to get her.

Nacho must've been hot to get there if he left before you got home.

Wouldn't you be if someone snuck your daughter outta Cuba?

I wouldn't let my daughter go to Cuba.

She didn't go to Cuba. She was born there.

She never been nowhere else.

Always somethin'.

You gotta give 'em one thing, though.

Them Cubans make a damn fine cigar.

Okay, goddamn it, you can ride up front with me, but I don't want you yappin' my ear off, you understand me?

Peculiar how things work out, ain't it?

I mean, one minute, I'm playin' Big Chief.

Next minute, I'm on my way to New York City.

One day, never been east of Tulsa. Next day, boom! I'm east of Tulsa.


Yeah. Woo, woo, woo, woo.

You believe in hypnotism?

I can hypnotize you while you're drivin', only it's probably not good to do while you're drivin'.

This old boy... has got this dead-drunk horse passed out in his bed.

So old Tug, who's pretty well shit-faced himself, takes one look at this horse and says...

I don't care what old Tug says.

I don't care what you say. You been sayin' it for the last 24 hours straight.

You don't wanna hear the rest of the story? No, I don't!

I don't wanna hear you talk no more!

You don't wanna hear me talk no more? That's right.

Okay. That's the way you want it, fine. No more talkin'. Good.

Pepper, how far did that sign say it was to the interstate?

So where you wanna eat?

Okay, Pepper, finish your damn story.

So Tug takes one look at this horse and says, "Well, she ain't pretty, but I wouldn't kick her outta bed for eatin' oats."

Oh, Lordy.

Good to be talkin' again.

Sonny? Yeah.

Big, ain't it?


Whoo! Yeah!

Boy, I like this city.

You ever heard such a racket in your life?

Huh? You ever heard such a...

Forget it.

Hey, how we supposed to track down Nacho in all this madness?

He left a New York number on the desktop.

Called it up. Turns out it's this place called "La Habanita."

Little Havana. That's right.

So I called 'em up and asked if a Cuban named Nacho Salazar had been there.

You know what that bastard did to me? What?

He hung up.

I wish I knew his name. I'd whup his rude ass for ya.

Hey! You know where Club La Habanita is?

What'd he say? Wa-hee, wa-hee, wa-canna?

Italian, huh? I believe so.

This one's gone.

The L's are gone from this one. Must be a phone book thief on the loose.

I'll try information.

Oh, here. This works.

Howdy. Hey.

Operator said it was on Perez Street. Right there.

One last little piece. Goddamn it, Pepper!

You're rippin' out all my ear hairs.

That'll teach ya not to look at a phone 'fore you stick it to your ear.

There it is.

Operator said Perez. Looks more like Juarez.

You two goin' in there?

Sure. Why not? Yes, indeed, sir.

Why not? Why not?

Why not?

Fella there's about three bricks shy of a load if you ask me.

Hey, hey. Dance, senorita?

Come on, Pepper.

Hey. Come on. She likes me.

There's a huge warehouse in Newark. It's in probate.

You could put 300 workers in there.

Hell, it's big enough to let 'em live there.

How much? Quarter of a million.

You gotta be kiddin' me. I know a guy downtown... who can get us that same kind of space for half that price.

Howdy. Hola.

Can I have a whiskey and a beer, please?

Yeah, a beer and a mescal. Hold the lime, hold the lemon.

It's a mighty nice place you got here.

Hell of a nice place. Friend told us about it.

He was here the other night. Maybe you remember him. A guy named Nacho Salazar.

Chubby fella about yea tall. Come here from New Mexico to fetch his daughter.

Guess not.

Sonny, I'd like to make a toast.

We, uh, spent a little time apart over the past year, but it's nice to just be back... Okay.

Mm. Ohh!


Hey, man, ¿por que tu no yippee-hi-yay pa' fuera, huh?

Sonny, I don't think this fella likes us.

Yeah, well, don't go causing no trouble. Probably just don't speak English. Howdy.

Speak English?

Sabe English?

Well, that's too bad, 'cause I was gonna tell you... your face looks like a hatful of assholes.

Sonny, did you see what this pukehead just did?

Yeah, well, maybe if you weren't bein' so rude. Try a little politeness.

"Politeness"? Politeness. We're in the city now.

Okay. Politeness.

Uh, sir, I apologize for my rude behavior.

I don't know what came over me. Bartender?

Could I get a beer for my new friend here?

See, a little common courtesy goes a long way, Pepper.

Amazin', ain't it? Oh, here's your beer.

Goddamn it, Pepper!



iY tus sombreros de mierdas!

Thanks for breakin' my fall.

Here's your hat.

Why not? Why not? Here's your hat.

Well, now you know why not. Eh, gringos?

Let's get out of here.

Te llamo manana. Pronto, huh?


What was all that about? I don't know. I'll find out, though.

You better take off. We could get some cops.

John, uh... You were out of line earlier.

I'm sorry, Manny. I just...

I just don't want this guy tryin' to rip you off.

This guy is a friend of mine for 30 years.

Who was it always told me about mixing business and friendship?

Always watching my back, eh, John?

Yeah, Manny, I am.


Who were they? Two cowboys from New Mexico.

They're looking for that old Cuban.

How much do they know?

They know he was here looking for his daughter.

I don't think they know nothing else.

We made sure they won't be back.

Oh, you did, huh? I hope you're right.

Ow. Boy. Hell of a town.

Ain't been here five minutes, already got our asses whupped. Thanks to you.

Here. Take a bite of this pepper.

Go ahead.

Cures what ails ya.

At least we know someone in there knows somethin'.

You figure? Hell, yeah.

Second I mentioned Nacho's name, we got them two damn gorillas standin' right next to us.

So what now? We find us a motel and sleep on it, I reckon.

Oh, hey. Hook a left. That looks like a motel right there.

A bit uptown for us, ain't it, Pepper?

Don't worry about a thing. You're my guest.

Howdy do? Hidy what?

Hidy... He... Hello.

Uh, welcome to the Waldorf. May I help you?

Yeah. Uh, me and my partner could use a couple beds. We just blew into town.

We ain't from around here. Really?

Um, just fill this out.

Right away. Fill that out, will ya, Sonny? I'll take care of the finances.


You're a real cowboy, aren't you?

Been accused of it a time or two, ma'am.

Well, hell, yeah, we're real cowboys.

What the hell?


Well, there you go.

Little piece of New Mexico right there.

Hey, uh, you know, we were thinkin' maybe later... to go to a museum, maybe take in an opera or two.

How's that sound to you?

Will this be cash or credit card, sir?

Personal check, if you don't mind, little darlin'.

I can't believe she didn't take my damn check.

You ain't got no account. I don't know why you didn't just pay cash.

Cash? After she insulted me like that? Hell, no.

At least we can get a bite while we're here.

Howdy. Howdy.

And how would you gentlemen like those steaks prepared?

"Prepared"? Oh, you mean cooked.

Yes, sir. "Cooked" is most definitely what I should have said. Do excuse me, please.

How would you like those steaks cooked?

Well, just knock its horns off, wipe its nasty old ass, and chunk it down on the plate.

Same for me, please.

I will give chef your instructions exactly.

And would you care to order wine with your meal?

Uh, yeah. Why don't you bring us a bottle of somethin'- or-other?

Uh, not too sweet. American.

American something-or-other. Yes, sir. An excellent choice.

And would you like to have glasses, or do you prefer to drink directly from the bottle?

Well, uh, glasses, I reckon.

Oh, and hey, toss a little ice in mine if you would, my good man.

Ice. Certainly, sir. Nothing could surprise me now.

Hey, tell that cook he better not screw up them steaks.

We're particular about our meat.

Thank you, Pepper.

I hope you enjoy this bottle as much as you did the previous two.

Mmm. Hmm.

I been thinkin'. We got but one choice tomorrow.

I think we oughta boot on over to the police station.

Let them handle it.

I must say, they've done a fine job with this steak.

I don't understand why they gift-wrap these little lemons, but the steak is mighty tasty.

For all we know, Nacho could've gotten drunk... and thrown in jail.

It don't really matter. First thing in the morning, we'll make our way over to the police station, let them handle this.

That's what they get paid for.

This little secret. We don't have to tell her right now.

What do you think?

Jesus Christ, Pepper! Ow!

We're in New York City. That shit don't fly around here.

Whoa! Would you please...

Just to come for a fitting.

Will there be anything else?

Yeah, you got any, uh, popsicles?

Popsicles. No, sir.

Well, I guess that'll be all, then.

Thank you.

That was wonderful.

Well, shall we? Of course.

Gentlemen. Margarette.

Sonny, take a gander at this. Tell me what it says.

"Tuesday, 9 p.m. 50 Central Park South. Top floor."

"I must see you again. Margarette."

Whew. Well, kiss a duck's red ass.

I do believe she loves me.

I'll be right back.

That amazes me.

That truly amazes me.

I'm beginnin' to like this town, you know.

Well, it's time to go. Hmm?

Stop touching me, Pepper! Hey, get down.

Them people think we skipped the check. They think right.

Well, bullshit. Pay 'em. With what?

You lyin' son of a bitch.

You told me you still had some of that prize money left.

I do. I wouldn't lie to you. Well, how much you got?

About eight bucks, I reckon.

"Eight bucks, I reckon." Better than a poke in the eye, ain't it?

Pepper, I've had it with you.

Ah! Ooh!

Ah. Don't worry. Things will get better.

Only when my father comes.

You have to face the fact that maybe your father isn't coming.

He is coming.

Back to work!

I said, back to work.

Where is my father?

Let go of me! Juan!

Dejala quieta.

Are you okay? No.

There's a sink in the other room.

Let's go in there and wash that off, all right?

We'll take care of this. Come on.

Go ahead.

My father was going to take me to New Mexico... to work with him on the ranch.

Where is my father?

Please tell me. I don't know.

I mean, that's the truth. The last time...

The last time I talked to him, he was still trying to raise the money... to pay me for getting you outta Cuba.

He already paid you.

Yeah, he paid me. He paid me some.

I mean, he didn't pay me everything.

Please, sit down.

Your father's comin', Teresa. I mean, I don't know what's keepin' him.

Until he comes, let me take you outta here.

These people can be very cruel, as you just saw.

They take advantage of a pretty girl any chance they get.

I promised your father I'd take care of you.

What are you gentlemen doing here?

Just catchin' a few winks, officer.

For your information, there's a law... against camping in Central Park, and a fine.

I.D.'s, please.

Are you fellas cowboys?

No, we, uh, criminals, mostly.

You know, sleep out in parks.

Bloodthirsty shit like that. Pepper.

Excuse him, officer. He wasn't raised with any manners.

Where you guys from, Texas? Texas!

There ain't no real cowboys from Texas. We're from New Mexico.

So what brings you guys to New York?

Lookin' for a friend. A friend?

He came here about a week ago. Haven't heard from him since.

Thought we'd come check it out ourselves, you know?


Yeah, hey. You better watch it. She's liable to come up lame on you.


Hey, uh, thanks.

Listen, uh, you guys been to Missing Persons?

No, sir.

Come on. I'll, uh, I'll walk you over.

Thank you very much. Maybe they know something.


Almost forgot.

Next time you'll be a little more polite.

I always wanted to be a cowboy myself. Ridin' the range.

Always wanted to ride the Chisholm Trail from end to end.

Of course, the only cow I've ever seen is over in the Central Park Zoo.

Sign in, then I'll take you down to Missing Persons. Thank you very much.


You, uh, you ever heard of Bill Pickett?

What's that? Bill Pickett. He was a cowboy in the Old West.

He pretty much invented bulldogging. Black man. Like me.

Who told you that?

It's true. Hey.

Sonny, you hear that?

He thinks some old black cowboy invented bulldogging.

That'd be Bill Pickett, Pepper.

Ready? Yeah.

Oh, you mean William Pickett.

Yeah. Oh.

Age? Fifty-five or so.

Social Security number?

I don't even know if he has one, ma'am.

Any tattoos or distinguishing marks?

He's got a small scar over his left eye.

Yeah, I remember that. One night he got toilet-huggin' drunk...

Shut up, Pepper. Okay.

That's our friend. Goddamn!

I'm sorry. How did it happen?

They found him in the East River four days ago.

One shot in the head. His thumbs were tied behind his back.

Oh, Jesus.

We found this in his shirt pocket.

It's a claim ticket from a pawn shop.

Listen, uh, let's go talk to the Chief.

There's nothing more you can do for him here.

Adios, my old friend.

They place illegals into domestic work, prostitution, sweatshops.

There may be 3,000 sweatshops running in this city alone.

Goddamn, that's slavery. Yeah.

A lot of big cities run on it, whether anybody wants to admit it or not.

What are you all gonna do about our friend's daughter, Teresa Salazar?

Look, Mr. Gilstrap, we'll do all we can to find your friend's daughter.

There's a procedure. Sam will have to file reports with the I.N.S., the Department of Labor.

It's gonna take time. You have to be patient.

Damn, who's the law around here, Sam?

Look, I'm, uh, sorry I couldn't do more.

I guess I'm no Bill Pickett.

Yeah, well, not much use for cowboys these days anyhow.

Look, I'll, uh, do what I can here.

I'll call you in New Mexico and keep you posted.


How we supposed to know what we're lookin' for when we see it?

Lookee there.

It's them two bastards from last night.

I don't remember seein' that other guy.

Neither do I, but he sure as hell looks like the boss to me.

I think we oughta see what we can find out about that guy.

Okay, I got it.

You go in there and talk to him. I'll cover the truck.

That's real cowboy of you, Pepper.

I got a better idea.

Lemme go! Lemme go, lemme go, lemme go, lemme go! You bully!

Stink factory!

Hey! You settle down, you ornery little cuss.

Listen here. We wanna ask you some questions.

What kinda questions? I wanna know about that guy drivin' that fancy car.

I don't know nobody in no fancy car.

Let's tie some rocks to the peckerwood and kick him in the river.

Okay. You wouldn't do that to a veteran.

Hell, I'd do it just to see what it looked like.

So let me get this straight. These guys smuggle people.

Why? You got somebody you want smuggled outta someplace?

Answer the question.

Yeah, Huerta and Stark, they smuggle people... for a price.

Who's the boss? Huerta's the boss, but Stark does all the legwork.

We got a friend that had somebody smuggle his daughter outta Cuba.

We were wonderin' maybe you could tell us where she is.

Now, why would I do that?

Hey, we're the ones askin' the questions here, bub.

Why don't we throw him on the spit with the pigeon? Okay.

Wait, wait, wait! You just wanna know where your friend's daughter is, right?

That's right. And we'll pay you.

Write you a check. Don't take checks.

Twenty bucks.

You get the other half when you deliver.

Howdy, ma'am. Hey. How ya doin'?

People so unfriendly here.

It's like talkin' to a bunch of rocks. Get away from me!

Pepper, behave yourself. He ain't gonna show.

I only gave him half a twenty. He'll show.

Hey! I'm gonna hit him. Pepper.

Hey, look.

Well, this town's full of surprises.

Did you have any luck? Gimme a smoke.

There's your brand right there, pal. Easy, Pepper.

You owe me half a twenty, cowboy. Yeah, well, earn it.

Your friend's daughter? Stark is keepin' her in a house over by the river.

Aha. I'm gonna give you the address.

I got a better idea. Why don't you show us?


Don't waste a lot of money on rent, I'll say that for him.

Which one is it? On the end there. 4-B.

Okay, come on. Oh, no, no, no. Uh, not me. Mm-mmm.

That's not part of the deal.

Where's my other half?

We'll give it to you when we get back, if she's still there.

She's there, all right.



I got 'em here for you, Mr. Stark.

Just like you said.

You did a good job, Pop Fly.

Can I get my money now, Mr. Stark?


Anybody home? Looks like she ain't here.

Come on, Pepper! Come on!

Kick this mule!

Aah! Damn! You okay?

I'm all right! I'm all right!

Oh, no.

You reckon somebody'll find him?

We ain't got time to worry about that now, Pepper. Come on.

Okay, we got a whole new plan.

What's that? Let's get the hell out of here while we still got two nuts each.

Teresa's still out there, Pepper.

Goddamn it, don't go hardheaded on me.

There's nothin' we can do. Those guys damn near killed us.

Let the police handle this. They get paid to get shot at.

You always fade in the stretch, don't you, Pepper? Just like Vegas.

Boy, that rodeo again. You got a memory like a damned elephant.

I remember when a friend lets me down.

We were one steer away from the national championship... and you don't even show up. We won State, didn't we? Got the buckles to prove it.

It ain't about winnin' buckles, Pepper.

It's about being able to count on a friend. It's just a damn rodeo.

It was more than a rodeo! It was a down payment on my ranch!

I'd been dreamin' about that since we were wearin' short pants and ridin' stick horses.

But you don't care about other people's dreams.

You sure as hell don't care that Nacho died for his.

I don't see how lettin' some crazy bastard shoot our fuzzy asses off... is gonna bring Nacho back to life.

Get out. What?

Get the hell out!




I didn't mean you, pardner. Follow that red pickup.

I've come to pick up my guns, ma'am.

There. Right there. Pull over.

That's four-fifty, please.

Hey, you take a check? Take a check? Take a hike!

Four-fifty, please.

All right.

Oh, shit.


Here. One, two.

Two-fifty, two fifty-five...

That'd be all of them. $4,000 for the lot.

$4,000? These here are my guns, lady.

They are yours for 4,000 bucks.

Well, look, I just need a couple of 'em. Teddy!

I'll give you an I.O.U. It's the best I can do right now. Good-bye!

You hear her? She said good-bye.

Don't do that. Don't do what?

Don't do this?

I'll tell you one more time: don't push me again.


Not my personal best time, but it'll do.



Lady, look, how about a trade?

You like this belt buckle?

Solid silver and gold. Only two of 'em like this in the whole wide world.

What is it worth? I don't know. It ain't worth a damn thing to me no more.

Oh, Sonny, don't do that.

Only two like it in the whole world? That's right.


How you doin'? Come on in.

Is the girl here?

Yeah, uh, she's upstairs. Why?

Go get her. Hey, wait a second. What are you doin'?

John... where's her father?

He came around looking for her. This guy got out of control.

I'm not kidding you, Manny. Out of control.

It was an accident, that's all. Just an accident.

He could've screwed us. I took care of it.

It was an "accident"?

He got out of control, huh?

Why? What did you do, huh?

Tried to get more money out of him, right, John?

Those cowboys the other day...

They were looking for him, weren't they?


It's being taken care of, Manny.

I can handle it.

The cowboys got away, John. They're still out there.

So, what now, more killing?

Take her out.

You gonna kill her too?

We are not in the killing business, goddamn it! There's another solution, Manny.

We sell her.

We can make a lot of money off a young girl like that.

A hell of a lot more than she's making for us in any sweatshop.

You have been doing a lot of figuring, haven't you, John?

This will protect you! It's the smart thing to do! Shut up!

What we do with her is up to me, because you work for me!

And when the buying and selling that goes on behind my back... gets in the way, then it stops.

Why are you treatin' me like this, Manny?


Why are you treatin' me like this, Manny?

Where's Teresa? I don't know what you're talking about.

I know you've got her! Screw you, cowboy. I ain't talkin'.

Which one of you bastards killed her father?


We wait for Stark. I'll get the rope. We'll tie him up.

Ho! Hey! Ho!

Crazy sons of bitches.


Evenin', ladies.

Excuse me, sir. This party is by invitation only.

Invitation only, huh? Yes, sir.

What's that look like, Mac, a chicken fried steak? Please excuse me. Enter.



Boy, a fella could get a terminal erection in here, couldn't he?

Speak for yourself.

Excuse me, can I take your hat, sir?

Hell, no, you won't take my hat. Here, take my bag.


Howdy, pardner. How you doin'?

I'll be better if you got some mescal back there. Sure do.

Mescal, 1993. I know it well.

Thank you so much.


Slow down there, amigo.

Ah. Thank you.

Much obliged.

Have a good night.

Howdy. Remember me?

Oh. Sorry. You look just like my sister.

But she ain't stuck up!


Whoo! You're a bad boy, you know it?

Hell, yeah, I know it.

I'm glad you came. I was hoping you would, Mr...

Lewis. Pepper Lewis. Pepper Lewis.

Wild horses couldn't have kept me away.

So, this is your party, huh? Mmm. For a new client.

What business you in? I own a modeling agency.

Mmm. So these people are all clothing designers, manufacturers, distributors.

They're all here to see the new lines, the new models.

In fact, you see that gentleman standing right over there?

That's Alfonse Salini, the famous Italian designer.

No shit. Hey, Al!

How's your hammer hangin', boy?

Where's your friend? Sonny?

Oh. Well, we ain't as close as we used to be.

I decided to go my own way.

There's some people I'd like you to meet.

Jacques. Gaston.

Pepper Lewis, meet my new friends, Jacques and Gaston.

Hi. Howdy, boys. Pepper Lewis. How you doin'?

Margarette, this is our cowboy? Oui.

I love this cowboy. Look at this face.

Hey. You about to lose you a hand there, Pierre.

Margarette, did you hear that?

Ah, this cowboy... Formidable.

Didn't I tell you? Tell 'em what?

You know, I love him. I love the hat, the boots, the, how do you say...

The attitude! Attitude! That's it! He is a man for all men!

Hey! Oh... What the hell?

You a couple of rope suckers?

He is perfect!


Yes, I knew you'd be pleased.


Them's some weird ducks you got there, you know it?

They want you to model for them. Model?

They design men's undergarments. Check it out.

Let a bunch of people I don't even know see me gallivantin' around in my underwear?

Pays $500 an hour. I can probably get you more.

I don't care if it pays a million dollars an hour. I wouldn't do it.

Well... if you change your mind, you've got my number.

Well, now, hang on there, missy.

Hey! That ain't the way this party's supposed to end.

Ooh. Let's dance.

Yeah? To this? If it's got hair on it, I can ride it.

If it's got a beat, I can dance to it. Hold that, Jean-Claude.

Take it off! Take it off!

Take it off, cowboy!


Take it off, baby! Yeah!




You know who I am.

My father sent me pictures of you in his letters.

He showed me everything you ever sent him too.

Practically watched you grow up.



I have to tell you about your father.

He, uh...


I know.

I'm sorry.

I can't do it. They're too tight.

There's a knife under my jacket in my belt.

You ever done a shiver shot?

Well, this just happens to be your lucky day.

Pretty simple, really.

Just take this, put it right there.

Put that... there. Hmm?

Now you get the shiver. Mmm!



And I... get the shot.


I know you eat the worm.

Well... don't be shy.

Holy jumping Jesus.

You know that guy?

John Stark? Yeah. He a friend of yours?

Not really. He's a clothing manufacturer.

Clothing manufacturer, my patoot.

Come on. Introduce him to me. Mmm!

It's got a beautiful cut to it. Uh, excuse me. Pepper Lewis, John Stark.

I already know this son of a bitch.

Oh, I didn't know this was a costume party.

This son of a bitch killed my friend Nacho and kidnapped his daughter!

He's a slave trader, is what he i...

I think this guy's had a few too many to drink, huh?

Is that the best you got? Even the old Cuban had better than that.

Now, you get this piece of shit out of my way! Get him out of here!

Oh, shit! Sonny!


Hey, buddy, I thought you went home. Believe me, I want to.

Loan me your horse, will ya? I don't loan my horse to anybody.

Sonny's in trouble.

Hop on.


¿Que pasa, John?

You don't look so good. Yeah, I don't feel so good either.

What's goin' on?

Don't you know?

I thought you had everything under control. What are we gonna do, Manny?

Stand here all night playing games?

Malagradecido, carajo.

I took you in right out of prison and gave you everything you got.

And you never had to remind me of that, did you?

You got greedy.

You killed that old man for a lousy five grand.

You need me, Manny, because I get things done.

The things that you ain't got the stomach for anymore.

What I haven't got the stomach for anymore is you, John.

So get the hell out of here.

You don't work for me anymore.

You're right.

I don't.

What makes you think... that you're so much better than me?

You got a problem with this?

I ain't got a problem.

You got a problem? No. No.

How you doin', baby? Hmm?

I wanna talk to you for a second. Let him go, Chango.

Come here.

You know, you never should've left the cow shit. Hmm?

[ Ohh!

Okay, get the girl. Let's get outta here.

What do you want me to do with the vaquero?

Him? Cut his throat.

Okay, cowboy, it's show time.


What are you planning to do?

I let my friend down twice. I ain't gonna do it again.

You're gonna get yourself killed! We gotta call for backup.

I thought you wanted to be a cowboy. Yeah, I do, but...

Well, mister, this is the cowboy way.


Hold on! Don't move!

Where's my buddy?


Whoa. Get over there where I can keep an eye on you.

You heard the man, shit for brains. Where's his buddy?

Watch 'em. I'm gonna go after Sonny.

You people stand back. My partner's coming through.

All right, now, listen up.

I don't want any talkin', any lookin' around.

You're answering to the big man now... Mad Dog Shaw.

Say adios, Cowboy.


About time, Pepper. Better late than never.

They took Teresa. Took her where?

This son of a bitch here knows.


Good work, Sam. Sure thing.

Nice to see you, Sam. Come on, man, where you guys takin' me, man?

Thanks for your cooperation. Drinks are on the house.


You'd better tell us where she is. Screw you, buddy.

This son of a bitch ain't talkin', Sonny.

Yeah, well, maybe we oughta show him how Pancho Villa used to make guys talk.

You might think this here's gonna be fun... I ain't tellin' you nothin'.

Hell, for the first three or four seconds it just might be.

Ooh-eee, fellas, lookit there!

You fellas found a big one.

I had hell pullin' him off his mama's tit.

Hungry bugger, isn't he? Yep. Starvin'.

You hear that, asshole?

Screw you, I ain't talkin'. What's a baby cow gonna do to me?

Hey, uh... Oh, come on, man, what you doin'?

I am embarrassed.

Our friend here is not wearin' any underpants.

Oh! He sees it.

Damn! That hungry devil thinks your little weenie is his mama's tit!

Hey, wait a minute, man. You guys can't do this.

I'll ask you one more time, asshole: Where's Teresa?

I ain't tellin' you shit.

It's your call, Stubby. Let him go, Pepper.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Damn, that looks like it hurts.

Round up a posse, boys!

Come on.

Let's take her down to the dock.

Pepper. Yep.

You know, about that rodeo... I want you to forget about it, okay?

You just got drunk, that's all. It could've happened to anybody.

You ain't mad at me no more? No, I ain't mad at you.

You were right. It's just a damn rodeo.

Last night, I was gonna take all those guys on by myself.

I just couldn't do it without you.

The whole time I was sitting there, thinkin', "Goddamn it, Pepper oughta be here with me." Started getting mad at you all over again.

Then I realized I wasn't mad at you, I was mad at myself.

'Cause you were right... there's just some things I can't do on my own.

And I hated you for that.

You understand what I'm sayin'?

Yeah, I think you're tryin' to say, deep down you're a chicken shit. Is that it?

No, Pepper, that ain't it.

Here's that warehouse, just like old Stubby said.

Pepper, just forget it, okay? I'm sorry I even brought it up.

All I'm trying to say is I ain't mad at you 'cause you got drunk... and completely ruined my chances of getting that ranch.

Sonny. What?

Listen, uh, actually, I, uh...

I wasn't drunk. Huh?

At the rodeo, I wasn't... I wasn't drunk, I was just... bein' selfish again, like always.

What are you talkin' about, Pepper?

I knew we was gonna win that night... ain't nobody could've beat us.

I guess that's why I didn't show up.

Didn't want you to buy that ranch.

Guess I just always figured we were... better together than we were on our own.

Didn't want to split up the team.

Get what I'm trying to say?

Yeah, I think so.

I think you're trying to say that deep down you're a chicken shit.

I knew you'd understand, old buddy.

You ready?

You gotta show me how to do that someday. It'd be my pleasure.

Lock it? Yeah.

What are you doin'?

Nothin'. Put it away.

You cover me.


Shut up! No!

Oh, no! No!

Okay, everybody, hold it right there!

Let the girl go!

Come on. Come on!


Goddamn it!

Well, if it ain't Bill Pickett.

Let's go! Come on, move!

Nice work, Sam.

Hey, thanks a lot, guys. We're bringing the boat in now.

How's Teresa? Boat's secure, sir.

Son of a bitch!

Go! Go!

We'll never catch that bastard. The hell we won't.


Pepper, duck!

Son of a bitch!

Yee-hoo-hoo! Yee-hah!

He turned right!


Hey, hey, wait a minute! You can't just leave it...

Aah! Shit!


They're not in the car!

They gotta be in the subway!

Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me!

Thank you! Excuse me! Thank you!

Police! Police! Police!

There he is!

Where's the train going? Brooklyn.

Any way we can head it off? Head it off? It's a fucking train!

It'll come out on the Manhattan Bridge, but we'll never make it through this traffic.



Hey! Follow the river!

I need to use your radio. They stole our horses!

Don't worry, they're good with horses.

10-13, 53rd and Lex. We have a hostage situation.

10-4. All units, all units. 10-13, 53rd and Lex.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Ho!

Police business! I need your cab! Come on, out!

Thank you very much!

Hey, get a job, will ya?

Hyah! Hyah! Ahh-hah! Hyah!

Go ahead. Sit down.

Move it!

Come on! Let's go!


Hyah! Hyah!



Ho! Ho! Whoa!

Come on! Come on! Hyah! Gidd'up!

Whoa! Yee-Hoo! Hyah!

I need to know the first train stop after the Manhattan Bridge.

I need backup there now!

That would be the 62nd Street station.


Hyah! Hyah, hyah! Hyah!


Look, Mom! Cowboys!

There he is!

Hyah! Gidd'up, boy! Whoo!


Get out of the way. Get out of the way!




Come on!

Jump! Okay!



Stop the train!

I can't! This is the express! You stop this train now!

Coming through!

Excuse me, please!


We just want the girl! Yeah, and all I want is your guns!

Throw 'em down on the track. Do it!

Do it!

Don't play games with me. Give me the other one.

You cowboys.

You're a dyin' breed, man.


Hold it right there!

Pepper, heel it!

Give it up, man. There's nowhere to go.

Shaw, are you all right? Yeah.

Give him a hand. Take it slow, take it slow.

Thank you.

You okay? Yeah.

Nice throw. Not bad yourself.

Thank you.

Can't thank you enough, Sam.

Hey, my pleasure, Sonny.

Don't you forget you got an open invitation to come see us. Thanks.

Pepper. Saw you in the paper this morning, Sam.

Yeah? Good picture.

Put me in mind of William Pickett.

How's that shoulder? Oh, it's, um...

Oh, it's, it's okay.

Well, this'll cure what ails you.

Really? Oh, yeah.

How's your butt?

Tender subject, Sam.

Okay, off we go. Ho!

Teresa, you take care of these two.

I will.

So long, Sam.

Got a little somethin' here for you, Sonny. Thought you might want it back.

Damn, Pepper.

How the hell'd you get the money to pay for this buckle?

There ain't no hill for a high stepper.

You didn't give that old lady a bad check, did you? Hell, no!

Old bitch wouldn't take a check.

So how'd you come up with the money? I ain't tellin'.

Pepper! Nope. My secret.

You ain't gonna know, not in a million years.

Pepper. Don't ask me. I'll go to my grave with it.