The Crime of Monsieur Lange (1936) Script

Lange Amédée born February 3rd 1900 wanted for murder For murder? They say he's in the district He's a man like any other

What do you think of it?

Not bad Hard to please!

Well it doesn't look much but the food's good Behind the dunes is the frontier And on the other side is liberty

You've been very decent Mr. Meunier Not at all I enjoyed the drive

We'd like a room right away We must leave early tomorrow You can have one if you're not too fussy Louise! Show them the way

Dad! What is it?

Lovely white room!

Yes even the walls White sheets too!

They know how to wash linen Nice to have clean white linen What's the matter?

Are you sleeping?

No I'm not sleeping just resting I tell you its him We must tell the police A murderer in my house!

It certainly wouldn't be the first time It might not be him It is. We must denounce him Denounce him? What for?

Want a reward?

Of course I do None of that!

He wants his photo in the papers Get out!

But we can't let criminals run free That'd be too easy Is killing someone easy?

Ever done it? Yes... In my dreams Nasty men At night when I see someone I don't like I put a stone round his neck and drop him in the river

Or I take a stick and knock him on the head

And then I wake up Now perhaps the fellow next door killed someone nasty But the law...

Mind your own business You're not a judge What if he killed his mother!

His mother! Nonsense!

Why not God the Father?

Well, the murderer has to go The frontier's not far We must tell the police

The man you want is asleep if you want to give him up We didn't say that

He has killed a man but I would like to tell you how it happened Then, if you want to hand him over, do so Otherwise

My name is Valentine Cardes I've loved other men before him but it's him I love now I have a little laundry in Paris with four girls

I know what it is to work and to be poor I lived in the same house as Lange A dirty dusty house He had a job with a publisher He's a bit of a dreamer... always in the clouds He used to write stories far into the night... impossible stories with an old pen...

Astride the branch he smiled and pushed the black man They all laughed Then a shot rang out the rope broke and the man was saved Hands up! Up went their hands Arizona Jim...

Arizona Jim killed one or two of them... and rode off at a gallop... with the black man leaving a cloud of dust behind him

Already up?

It's no fun sleeping with that there When I was your age You didn't sleep in a cage When I was your age I was in uniform and Yes, Dad, the Tonkin campaign I've heard all about that

And he wants to be an acrobat... Oh dear...

It's not my fault they put the billboard there!

Speaking to yourself?

I'm the only person I get sense out of Well, go and unblock the loo All right I'm going

There's always something going wrong around here How do they do it?

Hello, Mr. Lange Nice of you to bring my laundry You look half asleep still How long did you sleep?

2 or 3 hours perhaps I was writing Sleepwalking?

Well, I move around Come and look at this The Desert of Death The Mexican frontier and Arizona There are the bandits who rob poor people Life there is hard! Terrible!

A cut throat existence!

Life isn't easy here What do the poor have here?

I don't know I never go out Hardly ever The trouble with you is you're always dreaming But you're very nice all the same Here is your linen I'll do that Four shirts six handkerchiefs three pairs of socks

You're very clever! Where did you learn that?

In the country I grew up with horses In the country there was sun And rain too Ah the country the sun There are no women in your stories True Don't you like women? Oh yes... but in Arizona...

Arizona's Arizona but what about here?

You're such a dreamer If a woman kissed you, you'd think it's a dream Oh, come now!

You write all this... but you are never published You should ask Batala He'll publish any old rubbish Thank you!

Anyhow, I only like love stories Love!


Will you always love me? Yes, always Don't tell anyone! Keep it a secret

Estelle, why won't you?

I don't know... I'm afraid What does it matter if you love me?

Kiss me

Coming Estelle? Don't mind me!

Hello, Lange, still dreaming about women?

I'm afraid of them Nonsense! You're a real kangaroo

Is there paraffin in the coffee?

No, but I've not been paid for a week Louis is Batala in financial difficulty?

Difficulty! Nonsense!

Are you free Sunday?

Would you come for a walk with me in the forest?

We might get lost And there are wolves in the forest

Have you finished looking at Edith's legs?

Not bad, eh! Oh, Mrs. Cardes!

Don't call me Mrs. Cardes I can't stand it My name's Valentine

Is Mr. Batala in? He's not here yet...

Here he is!

My name's Buisson Mr. Meunier of Lille sent me Come up to my office No need What I have to say is soon said About six months ago Mr. Meunier lent you 300,000 francs You were going to buy new printing machines And found a new detective magazine, "Javert". A magnificent project...

Come up to my office I am convinced that you have spent this money yourself Come now!

I must therefore inform Mr. Meunier who will take action My dear man, be reasonable!

The Meunier Company wanted a paper and they came to me Subsequently, I had difficulties The unforeseen, you know How much will you take provisionally on account to leave me time to look around?

5,000 francs? You can't buy me for 6,000 francs Oh, leave me in peace! If I had 300,000, I'd pay your boss You're a nuisance! And exacting!

Listen, this is my last word...

Here's 7,000 francs And let's say no more of it I'll come again As you please Mr. Meunier is ill I don't want to worry him for the moment Tell him I'm sorry He should go to Vichy for his liver

Well, what's new? The usual small ads like this...

"Middle aged man young at heart...

"seeks young blonde to read to him at night. "

It's an odd world!

Yes, and look at that "Arizona Jim"

That's mine!

"Then Arizona Jim came out from his hiding place... "

It's an odd world in there too!

That'd be very good for "Javert"... but the blood stain's not big enough You can't see it... and the body isn't visible And I'd like a bowl there in the corner My public must have details A crime is full of little details like that

You didn't come last night

What's new? Any mail?

I slept all alone Me too! I was at home!


You didn't go home, I know Who told you so? My finger That one? Naughty fellow!

Brute! Beast!

Am I in the way? Not at all... We are joking My laundry?

Good! I can change Well, if you don't go home...

You must have clothes everywhere You told me that Nice of you! The customer comes first!

Some customer! Enough!

Shut up, washerwoman! Cool it, you typist!

I'm a shorthand typist Very short!

Now, now... Off you go to your little office... and type a few letters with your pretty little fingers!

As pretty as ever!

When I think that we two... Don't be so familiar!

Quite all right with me

You used to be as sweet as a puss Now you are cruel... As a cat yes It's strange how women listen to what men tell them You did to me And I'll do it again but not to you Sure? Certain How foolish I am! What you need now is a thinker, a dreamer Out with it then!

Why, you and Mr. Lange... Idiot!

You make me laugh. He's off his nut You should look after him Drop it all... Come back to earth You'll see what I'm going to bring out

"Javert" - a weekly detective story magazine I'll have all the best detective writers eating out of my hand Yes... everybody's a cop nowadays Disgusting beast! When I think I slept with you...

I feel sick!

Fastidious, eh?

What's going on? Crisis and scandal Disgusting, I call it Who'll buy that? Everyone you included The brain washing machine! What a business to stop it!

Pretty girl!

Good day to you Please take a seat What a fine dog you have I know a lot about dogs Daisy's a bitch Daisy? Ah yes... An excellent breed Daisy is her name!

Must be English She's Belgian How extraordinary! But it doesn't matter. She's a nice dog A very nice dog And what brings you here, Mr. Baigneur, may I ask?

I am extremely annoyed and the directors of Ranimax are furious They even say you have swindled them Swindled was the word I don't know what you're talking about Over the last year we were to publish various edifying works

"They Shall Not Pass"...

"Work Song"... "Saint Thomas Aquinas". Three masterpieces Quite true, and we were to insert in these edifying masterpieces... certain advertisements to launch Ranimax pills After all, we did advance you the money... but none of them has appeared So you must admit the word "swindled" is justified I don't admit it. There's a slight delay. That's obvious, isn't it?

Excuse me

Allow me to present Mr. Lange I'm sorry, she's a baby Mr. Lange, I wanted you to meet Mr. Baigneur I'll see you in a moment

You saw Mr. Lange?

He's a genius He's working on a masterpiece What, this boy?

Believe me, that boy writes "Arizona Jim"

Something like "Les Miserables"

With "Arizona Jim" your pills will sell all around the world Imagine Jean Valjean or Don Quixote... taking Ranimax pills Prodigious, eh?

I... Excuse me...

I have the exclusive rights to his works...

You'd be a fool not to buy Oh, I wouldn't say that!

Valentine is pretty For what use that is!

She is charming. I'd rather go to bed with her than a cold!

Goodbye, Mr. Batala

Good news for you Come to my office

Lange, we are going to publish "Arizona Jim"

That gentleman's fallen for you... Look out He has plenty of money

That was the great Baigneur!

I'm dreaming. It's impossible Nothing's impossible with me, my dear Lange How can I thank you?

Thank me another time We'll start with one installment a fortnight If it goes well, it'll be one a week Arrange things with Louis You have some manuscripts ready?

Just sign here... for the form of the thing

Here. A cigarette will help you And here's a light

Don't read it It's unnecessary Just a lot of silly paperwork Idiotic Yes, but necessary You're very intelligent!

That's right. You have a pretty signature. Excellent

I'm looking for Mr. Bessard Through here

Charlie's had an accident!

Riding like a mad thing he was caught between two lorries Where is he? Come along

What's happened to you?

What's wrong? My God, they've killed him!

What have we done to deserve this? Is it serious?

They wanted to take him to hospital, but he said no He wanted to see his mother again poor boy

What's the trouble?

He must go to hospital I don't need advice from anybody Off to hospital!

What's the use of doing acrobatics?

The girl's fainted What's up?

Leave her to me She's quite small And her eyes She's not for you She's a good girl That's what you say You beast!

Duchat... not here Next door... No 42 What a Sunday! I'm fed up!

Two months in this hole with my leg in plaster In hospital I could see through the window You shouldn't play the fool But he likes risks and adventure Adventure, oh, of course!

You and your stories of Indians. I know Indians better than you do In Tonkin... There are no Indians there There are Tonkinese They're just the same as Indians They're all niggers... No brains... and lazy into the bargain What a chump!

Him and Mum make a right pair! Good old Dad!

There's a leak on the fifth floor I'm off!

You're looking very smart! Going out with a girl?

I forget I've brought you "Arizona"

The episode where the gangsters steal the workers' pay Was it worth it?

6,000 workers... 3 gangsters They could live on that Not for long. Jim gets them Look at the cover What'd you know? Must be off now Going already? I have a rendez-vous

Has nobody ever told you you are the Mexican type?

No, I come from Limoges Limoges... porcelain!

I don't know I always lived in Paris What about your father?

I never knew him He was very retiring!

When did you go there?

Where? To Mexico... to Arizona Me?

Never been there?

No, but I've read about it... and I can ride a horse You've never been there and you write all that?

How do you manage to describe it?

I make it up!

Make it up... Mexico... and the sun!

I don't know. Everything...

Flowers, love... Jokes...

All that just to come to this!

Oh, I know all about it It's not funny One night, an old man stopped me on the stairway I screamed for help Unfortunately, this man was very influential They wanted to punish me So I offered my excuses And I got a real good hiding for it Then we moved I didn't want to hurt you Not long ago, someone I liked wanted to He asked me very nicely, very gently But I said no I ought to have said yes He kissed me and said he would always love me Perhaps it was true

Cigarette, Estelle?

No, thank you. I don't smoke And I don't want anything...

I want to go away from here You can trust me Of course, I wanted...

I understand you!

I want to go home, I tell you!

Got a cigarette? If you want Oh Camels! I'll take two Keep the packet. I don't like them Well, are you all alone?

Come along with me dearie I live quite near Come and have some fun

Not bad, eh? The cover's very good But as for the rest, what's all this about taking medicine?

What medicine?

I forget... Look... On page 3... and then... page 9 There we are!

Suddenly, Arizona Jim put his revolver on the table...

"and taking a little red box from his pocket...

"he opened it and said: These are the pills to give me courage!"

How disgusting! As you say But I never wrote that!

That's typical of Batala Well don't just stand there... Do something!

Go and find him!

Have you thought about what I told you yesterday?

Just want to say hello to Mrs. Bessard Well, come back quickly May I see Charlie, Mrs. Bessard? He doesn't want to see you

It's not true He said nothing... but she's no good for him... as he's nearly better Yesterday she was seen in the metro with Mr. Lange The madman? Yes, a real satyr You must understand I got a shock when I saw it Quite so... I understand but you must understand...

I didn't publish "Arizona Jim" just to please you I know that All this costs money Authors usually pay a little I didn't ask you. That's why we put in a little advertising There's some on page 3 And page 9 And the last page Needs must Money is money... that's all Of course, you're an artist You're a dreamer That's very fine... in view of the times we live in We are going through a period What a period!

Have a cigarette!

You're happy you want for nothing!

Look at that Don't you find the cover good?

A fine publication

A letter for me? Yes, registered!

What's it doing here?

It came when you weren't here I signed for it And I forgot it When did it come?

About a week ago or a fortnight Idiot! Get out of here! Get out!

Edith, come here!

I've messed up The boss is furious No kidding?

If he wants me, I'll be back I'm going to see Charlie Dirty bastard! Shall I note that down?

Leave it out! I'm not in a joking mood

"I warn you that failing reply, I shall take legal action. "

And that fool keeps it in his pocket!

I could have gone to Lille to see Meunier Now its too late. I could grease Buisson's palm, but I'm broke I saw Baigneur yesterday and played the big dishonor scene He laughed at me The dirty dog!

You ought to go and see him I can't stand him What does he do? He's in business Very influential Ranimax pills... that's him And he likes women particularly brunettes If you were nice... If I were nice...?

You'd take a taxi and go Then what?

Go and see him He lives in Rue du Colisee Then what? What d'you mean, then what!

Come now, don't be so naive

I thought in difficult circumstances... you'd swallow your pride My pride?

You're sweet, I adore you Baigneur, remember! 28 Rue du Colisee

Third floor You'll find it easily

Ah, the laundry girl Well, still happy in your work, eh?

It's no fun doing laundry all the time It's not too bad A pretty girl like you could do things Have you never posed for photographers... or painters?

You should. It pays well It'd give you some freedom Freedom's important Don't be afraid, come in I like you very much I'd like to do something for you The trouble is you're afraid Me? Afraid? What nonsense!

Because I say nothing? Take no notice of that How did your rendez-vous go yesterday?

Very well... Extremely well in fact Tell me!

I may not look much, but when I get going... It's experience With women, it's easy A walk in the woods... a packet of Camels... a few kind words and the thing's done The thing? In a hotel Was she good?

Perfect Where does she work? Laundry Oh, who is it?

Estelle What are you saying?

What's up? Don't play the fool!

Mind your leg I don't give a damn about my leg!

What is it? Estelle and you...?


Listen, old man, I swear to you I've just told you a pack of lies You know me... making things up all the time I tried... but she wouldn't She's in love, but I didn't know it was you I swear Oh yes, you swear Go away!

It's the truth!

So why lie?

Because I'm a fool

Why are you locking the door?

You have the eyes... of a child

Fine buffalo It's a bison I want to see Mr. Batala Who shall I say is calling?

Tell him it's Police Inspector Juliani I'll see... Wait a minute A fine zebu It's a bison A buffalo, eh? It's a cow

An inspector! Go away!

What did he say? He wants to see you His name is...

Tell him I've gone to the country Where? Anywhere!

Are you going already?

Wait a second. There's somebody...

What a nuisance! Where's he gone?

Far away... Arizona Well, I'll come back later

Hello, Mrs. Cardes I've told you not to call me that My name's Valentine Mine's Amédée

That's funny! I mean, it's a nice name Shall we dine one evening?

Would you like to?

Goodbye for now... Amédée...

Goodbye, Mrs. Cardes


What did he say?

Not much. His time was precious Is that why you came back? Is that all?

What are you doing?

I'm getting out I must The police have been here They'll be back So you're going?

If I'd time I'd manage somehow... but I'm up against it What can I do with that?

What have you...

Ah yes, I forgot to thank you, I'm sorry You're not taking me?

I can't. I've not the money for a family ticket Come and see me off

Well, what is it? Nothing I see, you're in love, eh?

Don't make a face like that There's no need to be so sad about it. I'm in love too Hello, Mrs. Cardes Could I have a word with you?

Pretty little thing!

Extraordinary eyes Sweet! Yes, but not for you Go round there

Is it true what they say?

That the boss and Mr. Batala once...

So they say, but he's not bad I can't stand him myself Then say no more... I just thought... an old friend in a moment of difficulty...

An old friend who's interested in my savings!

But you're saying goodbye to a wreck Yes, but one still capable of floating

Very nice cloth These'll keep your head above water!

I'm not worried about you. You came for a first-class ticket, eh?

You don't want me to travel third!

I'm keeping my money... to buy dresses to look pretty Because you see, Mr. Batala...

I'm in love No kidding?

So in love!

You always make me laugh

In love!

Want money for a taxi?

That's it... You're understanding And I've a dinner this evening with influential people I don't want them to pay

I'm always borrowing from you old man, but I'll give it back Listen, Estelle, that Batala is the biggest crook I've ever met

Won't you have a lump of sugar?

You should have eaten Not hungry

What shall I do now?

An intelligent girl always finds something to do I once knew a fellow... well...

Wonderful chap He lived off women Horrible fellow He had noticed that when a train is leaving... there is always someone crying on the platform Remarkable that... for when a pretty woman is crying, you know what happens, eh?

So with a platform ticket and a handkerchief in your hand... everything's possible!

Excuse me, I must... How much?

15 francs, Sir

My train leaves in five minutes I must go You'll write? Of course I will. Don't be silly

The cigarettes, Madam!

How much? Two packets... 24 francs

I wanted to say goodbye and see you off I love you And I adore you Mind how you go!

Well now, Miss... are you sad?

So your lover has gone off!

Such childish grief!

May I offer you a drink?

I don't know Come along You must try and forget!

Where the metro passes overhead There are pretty girls and rotters And tramps and beggars Sleeping in the gutters While painted tarts aged 65 Still walk the streets

From day... to day From night... to night Under the stars That is how I live Where is my star? I have never seen it And yet I walk the streets at night From day... to day From night... to night Under the stars That's how I live

Under the funny old stars It's a sad old life

Is it true what they are saying?

That you were with Estelle on Sunday?

The truth, you know...

You're quite free...

Estelle loves Charlie The cyclist? Yes, he's nice Two young people together!

A fine couple

Who's the woman you're always speaking of in "Arizona Jim"?

The Mexican? Yes, who is it?

I don't know. It's just a woman

Excuse me It's so hot in there

Mind if I smoke? No, not at all I occasionally indulge myself Allow me

After all, a priest's a man too Yes, like any other Only the dress is different It is our uniform With that you can go anywhere I mean, people respect you Oh, of course Good thing too...

There are so many criminals about these days Yes, bad times Such times...

You're right, Father Terrible times we live in

Here is a special news bulletin We have to report a very bad train accident There are many people killed and injured The Army has been called in to help Among the victims are the industrialist, Mr. Laurice... the wife of the Ambassador...

Mr. Batala, magazine publisher...

Did you hear? Batala!

Odd way to die!

Poor man...

To think that this afternoon... ... he was still alive It has not been possible... to identify many of the victims except by their papers And me? Am I alive?

Yes or no?

You're the most alive of all!

The driver of the express has been arrested Initial inquiries would appear to show... that he is entirely responsible for the accident

Many passengers suffering from shock have disappeared without trace Among them is a priest

Run away now The girls will be here

Heard the news?

Extraordinary... and most unexpected To think that yesterday... ... he was alive. Quite so Batala is dead A light has gone out Come now! I'm not joking. It's true He didn't pay much when he was alive And now that he's dead?

We must do something There's nothing we can do Are you Mr. Batala's men?

You come too late He's dead I know, alas Why alas?

You don't understand... I am his cousin We're from the same village I'm probably the sole heir You're an inspector Retired So young?

Well, not retired I... er... resigned I had a little trouble... Small matters Now I do a little of everything I am a croupier I came to see my cousin to ask him for help You're the heir? To debts We must try and do something We can't just give in I couldn't agree more What I'd like is a little job you understand Any ideas?

Of course it shows Like the nose on her face Who's the father?

You are fools, both of you

Don't mind us, Estelle It might happen to any of us Don't worry Everything will be all right Leave her alone, won't you!

They're very sweet But I can't go on living Don't be so ridiculous!

Anything wrong?

Yes, Estelle's going to have a baby!

Yours perhaps, eh? Estelle? You're not serious?

Yes I am What a business!

But it can't be Charlie Maybe it was me! You really think it was me?

No, What's happening up there?

Batala was a swine A dirty swine!

Just found out?

We're trying to organize things but...

Someone has an option on "Arizona"

That's bad Batala had me sign a paper I trusted him A real mess. I don't understand any of it. Let them sort it out

If you see Charlie today... would you say I think of him and only him all the time?

I'll tell him Because I've decided to leave Yes, to go away

I represent Mr. Meunier of Lille chief creditor All we want to know is whether we shall be paid Whether we eat or not?

Mr. Meunier, chief creditor, is coming today Damn the chief creditor!

Gentlemen, I have an option Keep quiet, Daisy My company has been completely swindled But as I have an option...

I am owed money too I've supplied paper. I must be paid The machines must be sold

Speak up, Louis Gentlemen, I make a proposal in the name of the staff The idea is a cooperative of the staff I am the sole heir and I am in agreement All I want is a little job I was tricked!

I'm an old soldier He'd borrowed 400 francs Have you a receipt?

That's odd An old soldier's word for it And the word of a police inspector?

No receipt... no money

I say it's a swindle What d'you mean, a receipt?

I don't like the idea of a cooperative And I doubt whether the chief creditor...

On the contrary, I am very much in agreement Another acrobat... Ah Mr. Meunier Junior!

That's right, Papa sent me He's at Vichy with his liver So I've come Hello, everybody I've told you I hate bow ties Good idea, the cooperative But I have an option, Mr. Meunier Have it seen to!

Carry on Since Mr. Meunier agrees, we need say no more A moment! I have something to say...

I'll be right back

I like you very much...

But I can't stand bow ties

And me pocket handkerchiefs Me too

We agree then Well, you said you wanted to know something, eh?

Yes, I just wanted a little information I don't want to look a fool to my father So tell me exactly what is a cooperative?

Charlie! Are you there?

I've come to revive you!

What are you doing? Can't you see?

Have you got permission? I'm giving Charlie some fresh air I must have a written order, duly signed In the Army, I always had a written order Hygiene first... Let the sun shine in!

Odd, the chap with the tools. Don't know him He wrote "Arizona Jim" I don't believe it!

But it's for Charlie!

Did you write "Arizona Jim"? Great!

I've been looking for you everywhere.

I've read every one of them.

Jolly good, especially when he takes the pills.

That's over! A pity... That's the best bit!

What are you doing? Taking this away.

I'll help. Hey you, the acrobat, stop that!

Stop it! He's the chief creditor's son.

His word goes. What about my 400 francs?

We'll see. Have you a receipt?

No. Well, it's too bad.

Hurry up!

Well, how d you like that?

A great improvement.

What about Estelle?

We did that to get him air... Stand away a bit.

What about our 400 francs, Sir?

You're going? Yes.

Why? Because...

Because I'm going to have a baby.

A baby... No!

Lange's? No...


And you laugh...

I laugh because he's dead and I love you.

No, it's no good now.

Nonsense! It's just like my leg. I'll soon be better.

But what about me?

It's nothing like so serious as a broken leg.

Go away and play!

Any news of Estelle? The doctor is there now.

Is Valentine there?

Here she is.

Well? The mother's well.

And the child?

It was part of the family after all...

Arizona Jim! Arizona Jim!


Coming soon... "Arizona Jim Against the Hooded Fascist"

A fly!

Ready? Don't move!

I'd rather redo it.

Look at Louis.

There they go again, those two, they're mad.

Calm down, General.

Hanging around with a woman like that...

Keep your opinions to yourself.

Yeah, shut up, General. No manners any more!

Who paid for your son's hospital bills?

The Cooperative.

And who paid for your electricity?

Charlie and Estelle are children of the Cooperative.

Something extraordinary has happened. I've an idea.

I only had it ten minutes ago.

We are going to make a film of "Arizona Jim"

I'm paying. 200,000 francs.

Yes, because... if you'll excuse me...

I love a woman... very pretty.

She doesn't give a damn. She'll be the star.

Arizona Jim is a man!

Ah yes... but there'll be a part for her, won't there?

I'm not very keen...

They'll do it on studio sets.

It won't be America.

But it's the movies.

It's wonderful!

I'll ask the lads.

They'll agree, you'll see.

Let's have a little dinner party.

You will come, Mr. Meunier?

What's the caption for the photo?

Oh, yes! Just put... er...

Estelle, led astray by the sordid hooded fascist... had a certain amount of luck: the baby died!

Any good?

Excuse me... Does this "Arizona Jim" sell much?

I'll say so. I can never meet the demand.

And this one, "Policeman"?

It's finished.

The publisher's dead It's like "Javert". Lots of advertising and that was that.

All the better! I'm not very keen... on this sort of thing.

Give me the paper.

And I'll also take "Arizona Jim". So as to get an idea How much? 1 franc 25.

Oh dear, I've left my money at home.

Don't worry, Father, pay next time.

That's very nice of you.

Most annoying... I have purchases to make...

How much would you like me to lend you?

It really is too kind of you!

It was Christmas Eve.

The snow was falling fast.

The angels were shaking their wings.

Go away, snow! Go away, snow!

A star shines in the sky.

The pole star.

And the poor orphan Standing on the bal... cony With eyes a-shining Looks for her poor mother.

It was Christmas Eve.

It's not Christmas, Dad. You'll make it start snowing!

Whenever I am drunk, I think it's Christmas Eve.

Up with the little Tonkin girls!

Won't you say a few words, Mr. Meunier?

All right, I'll say a few words...

Yes, I'll say a few words.

A few words to congratulate Arizona.

I mean, of course, Arizona Jim.

I mean, to congratulate the author of "Arizona Jim"

I call on Mr. Lange.

Go to it, darling.

My friends...

I'm very happy about this evening.

Don't make me laugh And as we are all... here together... eh?

I call on Mr. Bessard!

Why did you leave?

I have a wonderful idea for the film.

I want to write it down.

What are you thinking of? Nothing.

Nothing? Yes, but it's silly.

Tell me!

Before... I mean... way back... what did you do?


Why, nothing.

You really want to know what I did?

No, it's now that counts.

I was passing by, so I came to see you.

So you're not dead? Well, do I look it?

Life is a thing you have to get used to.

And you? Business good, eh?

All the better.

What's the matter? Perhaps my dress amazes you?

I don't know why... I find it respectable.

You are not looking very well.

You look tired out.

Sit down... A cigarette?

Indulge yourself.

You are not dead?

Don't repeat yourself. It's nerves. You should take a pill.

It would do you good, I swear.

You know my advice.

Now, when I was here...

I used to keep my money in this drawer.

Where do you put it? What d'you want?

And a revolver at the back... Hadn't you seen it?

You're not inquisitive!

Or perhaps you're just tactful.

An old holy relic.

Is that all?

By the way... is Edith still here?

No She must be making her way. A sweet girl.

And what legs!

And Valentine? Leave her out of it!

Very well... just as you like.

I'm coming back. Impossible.

Why is it impossible?

All this is mine!

Say what you like. Dear boy...

I find it very touching to be back here.

In the business which I created with so much effort.

You know... my son...

Work really is something!

How much d'you want? How much?

Everything, my angel, everything. It's all mine.

You sold the rights to "Arizona" for 200,000 francs. They're mine!

You swindled me.

That's a plea that won't wash in court.

But what about the debt to Meunier? You'll be arrested if you stay here.

Quite so... but I'll be released. It won't be long.

And when I come out, I'll get my money.

1,200 francs... For the poor?

Thank you. A priest needs nothing, but he has expenses.

I'll come back and take my place... and with the 200,000 francs, we'll settle Meunier.

We'll publish "Javert". It'll be terrific But what about the staff... and the Cooperative?

Don't try to break my heart The staff and the Cooperative... I don't give a damn!

What about the dustbins?

The dustbins...

I'll put them out straight away.

Completely sloshed!

What a cargo he's carrying!

Pipe down there! Haven't you finished?

I work all day... and I'm tired.

Cooperatives... what the devil are they?

Sheer nonsense, old man What a mess! Everybody directing...

The bill poster too.

No, what is required is authority.

A man... like me!

And if I like, I'll sack the lot.

You're a scoundrel.

It's been fine since you left. And now. You've come back.

So it's a pity that I'm not dead, eh?

You should kill me.

Yes... who'd be sorry?

The girls, old man!

A priest! Looking for something, Father?

I've come from someone who is dying.

Dying? Someone's dying!

As pretty as ever...

Don't be frightened of ghosts. You'll have bad dreams.

I'm very glad to see you again.

I'm soft-hearted. Why have you come here?

A pilgrimage. What is it? Afraid?

You're nervous, my darling. What is it?

Is it love... or the sun of Mexico?

What's this?

You're mad!

Is he dead?

How easy it is!

Don't stay here.

Well, you lovebirds?

What's wrong with you?

I've just killed a man.

That's a good joke, eh? It's true.

Well, I suppose it's possible. I've never killed anyone.

But the best thing to do is to get out.

And quick! I'll take both of you.

What do we do? Go away.

What about you? I'll come with you.

Hurry up!

I say, Mr. Meunier you're a respectable person.

Did you see who took the bins?

No, I didn't. Go and sleep it off.

Let's get going!

Did you fall down, Father?

Did you slip on something?

It's not possible.

It's Bata... Mr. Batala.

I'm done for, old man. I'm dying.

I'm finished.

Get me a priest.

A priest... We need a priest!

Go to bed, you drunk!

And that's that! Meunier brought us here.

I've not tried to make excuses. I told you the truth.

Now you know everything. It's sordid, but true.

Do as you like.

We must get the police to take him.

Shut up, idiot.

We must think. My mind is made up.