The Crimson Rivers (2000) Script


We'll touch base in two hours.

Which way do we go?


Okay? See you later, guys.

Can I help you?

Got a light?

Who let you through?

Your men... Commissioner Pierre Niemans.

Just you? Paris said they'd send a unit.

What the hell?

I'm the unit.

Captain, I didn't drive all night to wage war with cops.

What's the lowdown?

Follow me.

Two days ago, the college dean reported Remy Callois missing.

32 years old, single.

Remy lectured at the college. He was also the librarian.

An upper-echelon job there.

According to the dean, Remy was punctual and hardworking.

He never showed up late.

Yesterday afternoon a young mountain climber found his body.

Why call in the Vice Squad?

We're not used to this kind of stuff.


His body was strung up there... At 150 feet.

You're Vice but not really Vice, is that it?

That's it.

We never dealt with you before.

You're lucky.

Happy is he who penetrates the hidden causes of things

What's this college doing here?

No ordinary college: it provides its own electricity, its own water.

It even has a hospital.

1200 students. 100 professors and researchers.

One of Europe's oldest universities.

In case of snow storm, it can survive for a month.

The dean is like the mayor of the valley.

He runs most of the region.

Here's where they form future Bill Gates.

Future what?

Future Bill Gates...

The hospital's attached to the college?

It's open to everyone in the region.

We all get free health care.

We work a lot with them.

There's even a maternity wing.

This is Commissioner Niemans. He'll be helping on this case.

I was in your Criminology class in 1987.

Did you start yet?

I haven't cut the cord.

Can we see?

I figured you'd want to see him intact. It's incredible.

The work of a real madman.

He strove for the fetal position.

What position?

The fetal. Like a fetus in its mother's belly.

He's been dead for 48 hours.

Examination reveals traces of incisions on the shoulders, arms, elbows and thighs made by a sharp instrument. A carpet cutter.

Can you cut the cord?

Four broken ribs.

Arms broken at the shoulders and elbows.

Multiple fractures: tibia, hip... I'll put it all in a detailed report.

The hands were amputated before he died, with an axe, the stumps cauterized to avoid his bleeding to death.

The killer obviously wanted to keep his victim alive.

I wouldn't do that...

He carved out the eyes like a surgeon.

Operating on a live patient.

What the fuck is this shit?

The sockets were filled with rain. It's being analyzed.

There's a good eye doctor in Guernon. He may shed some light on this.

How long did it take him to die?

I'd have to cut him open, but I'd say 5 hours.

The size and precision of the wounds indicate that he wanted his victim conscious, but in the greatest possible state of pain.

Check every prison, every loony bin and sect.

Every trail, refuge and ski slope.

Run random identity checks on drivers in a 100 mile radius.

Dig up evidence of similar mutilations in the past 20 years.

Talk to possible witnesses and Callois' colleagues.

Anyone who knew his itinerary.

Find out where it rained in the past two days.

Find anything: witnesses, clues. You have two hours.

Who's there?

Who's there?

Who is it?

Why won't you talk?


What's going on?

Get the dog out of here.

It's nothing. Go home. Everything's all right.

See you on Tuesday.

Who are you?

Commissioner Niemans. Sorry, dogs scare me shitless.

Dogs are not to fear. Just their masters.

How can I help you?

I'm investigating Remy Callois' death.

I heard about it.

How awful.

Did you know him?

I knew his father.

We went to college together.

Did you teach at the college?

For 20 years.

But I stopped teaching... in 1982.


Difference of opinion.

With the dean?

I don't understand... What's the link between me and Remy?

I have some pictures I'd like your opinion of.

He was tortured?

For several hours.

How horrible...

I didn't know.

No hands?

Nor eyes.

That's why I'm here. To understand these mutilations.

How would I know?

What exactly do you treat?

Genetic afflictions concerning the eyes.

Hereditary diseases transmitted from one generation to the next.

They strike isolated areas... and with the college...

What about the college?

Teachers have been marrying among themselves for ages.

The bloodlines are weak, worn out...

Genetic problems keep popping up.

The ransom of the elite.

I thought professors' kids were prodigies.

They are.

I don't get it.

Over the past two generations, the situation has reversed.

The native mountain children are getting sick.

Like the boy you just saw.

Could there be a connection between the mutilations and the diseases?

Hands and eyes are the body parts that belong to us alone.

They're different from anyone else's, like with DNA.

They're our... biological identity.

Your killer is giving you hints as to his motive.

And he starts stabbing away...

He stabs the dog, stabs the guy, grabs the bag and throws the knife under the car!

Seriously, Paris is full of psychos!

The subway! The cops!

Robo Cops! "Hand over your ticket, please!"

What the hell? I'm happy with my cows!

I'm happy here! Fresh air! It's amazing here.

Take a look at my cows!

It's the County Mounties! Hi, kids.

Cool it...

Can we go now?

Happy squirrel hunting!

You want the roach?

You smoke?

I always have. You didn't before!

Now I do.

You're smoking on duty.

He does!

You're lower on the totem pole.

Where does that put you?

Harry and Sally! Why did you come for me?

The cemetery got robbed last night.

The word is "desecrated."

The elementary school got desecrated too.

The word is "robbed", dick wad.

Two in a day! We're back in business, guys!

Let's start with the cemetery. I'm riding high today.

Pass the joint.

What now? Nothing!

You're sulking. Because you're smoking!

Do I sulk when you drink?

Cut the crap! You sound like two old hookers.

You're here for the desecration. Follow me...

It's the girl's mausoleum.

The only mausoleum in the cemetery.

When I got here this morning, this is what I found.

It's those skinheads. They're always hanging around here!

We have skinheads? Not skinheads. Just kids.

Kiddy skinheads? Just kid kids.

Did this ever happen before?

The first time.

1972 - 1982.

She didn't make it too far.

Stop that! You have no right.

You need her parents' say-so. I know the law!

Relax. No problem.

Where can I find the parents?

Her mother was crazy.

She said the devil killed her kid.

The devil?

You heard me.

Where are your skinheads?

A warehouse in town.

Let's pay them a little visit.

First the school. The principal's expecting us.

What's she missing?

Nothing's missing. That's what's so strange.

I've never seen you. Are you new here?

Is it that obvious?

What did you do to end up here?

Cops are like teachers. We can't always choose our school.

Tell me about it! For 14 years, I've asked to be transferred!

They broke in here. Where we keep school records.

They went about it extremely carefully.

Are you sure nothing's missing?

Nothing at all. I checked this morning. It's so weird!

I don't understand.


File a complaint at the station this afternoon.

So the investigation's over?

What can I say? No theft, no investigation.

Have a nice day. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Detective.

"Detective" is passé. It's "Lieutenant" now.

Just a second! How long have you been here?

Not as long as you seem to think.

If I say a name, could it ring a bell?

Try me...

Judith Herault.

Was she one of my students?

She died in 1982.

Should I check? I'd appreciate it.

You think there's a connection?

You tell me...

I wonder if she's the one who got run over.

Run over?

Killed in a highway accident. It was terrible.

What else?

It was a truck. The mother was there. She became insane.

How can I find the mother?

What's wrong?

The pages are torn out. The pages from '81 and '82.


Any pictures? Class photos... stuff like that.

The pictures are missing too.

I'll be right back.

What's the problem?

Any highway patrolmen here?

Not one. They're all out to lunch.

What for?

I need some info. I'm a cop myself.

Information about what?

An accident that happened around here 20 years ago.

It's your lucky day. They call me "Gravedigger".

Over the past 27 years, I've seen 248... no, wait...

249 accidents entailing deaths.

On our part of the highway alone. 50 miles!

Cops and firemen get all the attention.

But we're the first guys on the scene.

It's all in here. What do you want to know?

You can use that? What do you think?

I'm looking for the parents of a girl killed in '82. Judith Herault.

That sounds familiar.

Here we go...

Mile marker 98. September '82. She was that kid?

That's right.

Just a sec.

1982... It's coming back now.

She was run over by a 38...

What a goddamned mess!

Here she is.

Here's her file, with the policemen's statements, pictures and all... I'm warning you: the pictures are...

Don't worry.

I warned you.

Jesus! What happened?

A 38-ton truck going 80 miles an hour...

How did you identify her?

When we got there, the mother was at the side of the road.

She was holding... What?

A finger.

The only piece of her daughter still intact.

She said her kid ran away and tried running across the highway.

God knows what happened.

You don't have the mother's number?

Are you kidding? It's been 20 years!

The insurance company sent us an address in case we came across any new leads.

This is too crazy!

The dean's office?

That way, on your left.

I want to see the dean.

I'm his assistant. How can I help?

By getting me the dean, now.

Who shall I say is here?

Commissioner Niemans.

Commissioner Niemans for you.

Have a seat. I'll just be a minute.

I'm a slave to this university. I never have enough time.

What can I do?

I'm investigating Callois' death.

I spoke to Captain Dahmane.

Tell me about Remy's private life.

Do you work with Dahmane?

Neither with nor without. I lead a special unit.


I don't understand what happened.

Remy never posed the slightest problem.

He was kind, hardworking. His parents were close friends.

He took over his father's job in the library.

He went to school here?

Like most of us.

Many students are born and grow up here.

Some become professors, like their parents.

It's sort of the tradition.

It was the case with Remy.

He didn't have a police record.

Maybe there's something we missed, that may be of help.

Like what?

Someone who hated him.

Drug use, some religious conviction...

I think you misunderstood me.

This university is a community, a temple of knowledge.

Everyone lives and works here in perfect harmony.

To accuse one of us is to accuse all of us, including me.

I want to visit his apartment.

I'm afraid that's impossible. The police sealed it off.

I'd like to see it all the same.

Hubert, come here, please.

Unfortunately, I can't join you.

I hope you don't mind if my son shows you the way.

As I told you, traditions are a way of life here.

We've been voted "Best College" three years in a row.

We even helped raise the national average.

Just for fun, we calculated the average IQ here. Guess how much.


Excuse me?

Callois had room 24. Do you have the key?


Do you have permission to go in?

What did he do at the library?

He was in charge of books and seating arrangements.

Seating arrangements?

Our tradition is to be seated in the same place every year.

It's beneficial and makes seating easier.

"Dominissimus, simus serve, "ubicum Que..."

"We are the masters. We are the slaves.

"We are everywhere. We are nowhere.

"We control the crimson rivers."

It was his PhD. He'd been working on it for years.

Fanny Ferreira? Up there.

Fanny Ferreira?

You discovered Remy Callois' corpse?

Who are you?

Pierre Niemans. I came from Paris to investigate.

Paris exports cops now?

Depends on the case.

Too bad. I like the local yokels. Their seriousness cracks me up.

Me too.

You can make a difference?

I've been trying to for 25 years. Maybe you can help.

I doubt it.

I didn't see much. I scaled the cliff twice before noticing him.

Didn't you read my statement?

Did the killer have to be strong to get the body up there?

Not necessarily.

With know-how and good equipment, you can lift anything, anywhere.

What was he like?

A pretentious asshole. Like most students here.

I agree. It seems pretty...

Uptight? Exactly.

A closed circuit race course for high-performance cars.

If you've been around once...

I read that you're a glaciologist. What do you do?

I control avalanches.

The school's in a valley, so I try to steer them away.

You protect the school.

I do my job.

Like Remy Callois. What?

You went to and work for the school, like Remy Callois.

So? You're part of the clan.

What clan?

The elite composed of professors' kids.

I have a busy day and I don't like uniforms.

Your colleagues have my number.

It's the pathologist.

I got the results of the water in his eyes.

It's rain water.... acid rain.

What? - It's pretty common.

But we haven't had any acid rain since the 1970's.

And it hasn't rained recently.

I don't get it.

It's ice cold. Freezing.

Hello, Sister.

I'm a police officer...

Does a certain Mrs. Herault reside here?

May I ask why?

I'm sorry. I'm afraid not. I can't say.

Sister Andrée has been here for 17 years.

This concerns a relatively old incident.

Could I possibly see her?

I'll see...

Come in.

Wait here.

Take off your cap...

Where do you think you are?

My son!

Wait here.

Sister Andrée will see you.

But I should warn you... What?

You can speak to her, but you cannot see her.

You can listen, but you cannot go near.

Why not?

The Shadows, my son.

What about the shadows?

Sister Andrée took the Vow of the Shadows.

We haven't seen her for 15 years.


Sister Andrée?

I'm a police officer from Sarzac, just nearby...

Your daughter is buried there, right?

Judith was your daughter, wasn't she?

I'm here because last night someone tried to open her tomb.

They're coming back.


They're coming back to complete their mission.

Who are you talking about?

The demons.

They want to make sure Judith won't cause them any more trouble.

So it's these demons who killed your daughter?

Could you try being a little more explicit?

For 18 years I've been trying to forget.

Last night, your demons broke into the school and stole Judith's class picture.

I need your help to understand why.

In order to erase every trace of my child.

What for?

To protect their secret.

What secret?

Judith's face is a threat to them.

Please, Sister... I'm sorry, but...

Can you tell me the circumstances of your daughter's death?

My daughter fell ill.

We went to the hospital she was born in.

Then the demons attacked us.

They chased us.

I wanted to run away, to disappear with my daughter.

But they found us.

No one can escape their clutch.

Where did you live before Sarzac?

The nightmare began in Guernon.

Did you try calling the police for help?

I speak of demons and you speak of police.

There's nothing you can do for my child.

Save your soul while you still can.

Leave me now.

I want to stop remembering.

Forgive me.

Glaciers are formed from years of compacted snow.

The snow is compressed into ice.

Each season has a corresponding stratum.

This glacier is 600 feet deep.

It's a huge source of water and energy.

The water composing it dates back centuries.

What's the point of studying glaciers?

The college power plant has a research lab.

This glacier is sliding. We study the risk factor it represents.


How far down do we have to go?

At least 100 feet.

Why did you choose me? There are great guides in the area.

They say you're the best. And I had you under my thumb.

You enlist civilians to find murderers?

Let's say I'm picking you up.

Put this on. Don't walk on the rope.

Welcome to the time machine, Commissioner.

I'll compare this ice to the acid rain you had analyzed.

We're at the right depth.

He must have brought us here for a reason.

There must be a clue... a trace.

Niemans, that's dangerous!

We can't stay here.

Water can come gushing in at any second.

What's back there?

Natural water canals.

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

Where are we?

An intra-glacial canal, dug out by the water that feeds the power plant.

We can't stay here. It's dangerous.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

The Light Brigade! What'll it be, guys?

Nothing today. The Chief wants to see your tenants.

In back.

What's up? I'm coming.

Stay here. I'll have a word with them.

A glass of red?

Hello, gentlemen.

I'd like to speak to the manager.

The head honcho. The leader of your little group.

What for?

Police. I'm new in the neighborhood.

Lt. Max Kerkerian. I have some questions.

Don't bother. We know you. We don't talk to cops.

I'll do the talking.

What can we do for you?

Tell me about your whereabouts last night.

What's the problem?

Some kids sprayed swastikas on a mausoleum.

Why ask us?

Skinheads, swastikas... swastikas, skinheads...

No swastikas here. See any swastikas?

What stickers? Swastikas.

You're not skinheads?

So what?

You didn't do the school? What school?

You didn't hear me. We don't talk to cops. So get lost.

No school for you. And you? What school?

Sheriff school? You think you're cool?

Relax. Hands off!

Policeman is doing his job.

I'm just doing my job.

What's his job? To piss us off?

Yeah. My job is to piss off your type.

What's our type?

What's our type? I hate fascists.

Did you figure that out all by yourself?

Cool it!

What's he after?

Don't play his game!

This is private property. You better get out. I know the law.

Yeah, get lost!

Thanks for your help.

Cops think they're so cool! A gun and badge and you rule!

Son of a bitch!

Watch this, Greaseball.

No gun. No badge. What did he say?

What? I'm not a cop now.

Not a cop now? The cowboy rode off?

Hands off. What did he say?

What was it? Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

Kill the motherfucker! Get him!

What happened? Max Kerkerian wins!

Warmed up? Come and fight me, motherfucker.

Watch out, he's getting his gun!


Did you stick a gun at me?

Stop, it wasn't us!

What wasn't you?

Last night at the cemetery.

We saw a guy in a white Lada.

Why didn't you say so?

You didn't ask!

Next time you point a gun, check for bullets, asshole.

Great vino. Very tasty.

Excellent bouquet. Really stunning.

What happened? It wasn't them.

We never had a problem with them.

We do now.

What the hell?

Son of a bitch! Come here!

You'll be sorry!


What's going on?

The keys!

A list of every white Lada in the area. Every single one!

In one hour. Call me on the radio.

Every white Lada.

White what? Lada.

How do you spell it?

Beats me. Just take a guess.



How are you doing?


Sorry I got you into this.

You think it's a serial killer?

No, a serial killer kills in order to exist.

I'd say we're dealing with a pointer.

A pointer?

We go where he points.

What for?

What for?

Either he's pointing us in a direction I don't understand...


Or he's playing with us.


We've identified the body.

Are you out there, Chief?

Find anything?

We found all the Ladas. There are 132 in the region.

What do we do?

Anything in a town called Guernon, with a "G"?

Guernon, yeah. One white Lada.

Give me the name.

It belongs to Philip Sertys.

Good job. We'll talk later.

Don't do this to me, motherfucker!

His name is Philip Sertys. He graduated from here.

29 years old, single. Became a doctor at 25.

He worked in the maternity wing.

Did he live on campus? No, in town.

Do you have his address?

What exactly do you want?

To understand.

Get to work!

Stand up, nice and slow.

Don't move! I'm a cop.

I said I'm a cop!

Keep it slow.

Give me my gun, asshole! Don't move!

You're under arrest. I'm a cop!

Give me my gun.

They teach lock-picking at the Academy?

Commissioner Niemans.

Pierre Niemans? Yeah.

Sorry... Couldn't you say so?

Why are you here? To see a suspect.

What's his name?

Philip Sertys.


Pierre Niemans?

Great technique!

What are you looking for?

Don't touch anything.

Chill out. Can I breathe at least?

The guy's a real dog lover.


We're talking total dog freak.


What's the problem? Come on!

I can't believe it!

Mega-Cop is scared of pooches!

Don't worry. Come on...

Come here, sonny.


That one may bite!

You ever stop blabbing? Just joking.


You know what this place is?

The lab of a guy who experiments on dogs.

Using genetics to make a perfect fight dog.

He has all the equipment.


This is really gross.

Did you see?

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

To see your suspect.

You know where he is?

So where are we going?

What do you want Sertys for?

Desecration. And you?


In Sarzac, about 60 miles from here.

Why do you want him?


Where's the lighter?

Do you never answer questions or is it me?

Take a left.

Okay, Chief. I'll take a left.

This will be a barrel of laughs.

Sir? He's with me.


Same method of strangulation. Same killer. I'm sure.

But this guy wasn't tortured.

The hands aren't torture?

They were cut off after he died.

I don't get a thing.

What I don't get is why he still has his eyes.

Did you start the autopsy? Not yet.

There are no wounds.

There must be some clue.

What kind of clue?

I'm not sure. But I'm sure it's here.

We have to look.

Hold on...

Tweezers, please.

You won't believe this.

Glass eyes. Like in an eye doctor's office or at medical school.

Get your men and meet me at Cherneze's office.

Tell me what's going on!

You're asking me?

Can I know where you're going?

Butt out. Wait for me at the station.

You're kidding! He's as much my witness as yours!

I didn't make it this far to go back empty-handed.

This isn't child's play. I can't be your teacher.

Stop acting like some kind of living legend!

I can teach you too.

I work alone! That makes two of us!

Where are we?

Did you ever shoot someone? I never had to.

Good. I want him alive.

Who? Who, godammit?

What the fuck is this?

What are we looking for?

Can you tell me?

If you talk to me, maybe I can help.

The other stairway!

Don't move!


"I will track the source of the crimson rivers."

Would it kill you to tell me what's going on?

I have no idea!

That's an answer. So?

So I'm comparing the fingerprints.

There's no match.

No criminal on our files.

Can you scan this print? No problem.

What's that?

A girl who died 20 years ago.

She led me here.

If she died 20 years ago, we got a problem.

She's the one who shot at you.

These prints are a perfect match with the ones on the gun, except for the age difference.

We need to talk.

So we talk now?

Last night Sertys went to a cemetery.

Into the vault of Judith Herault, who died in 1982.

He couldn't open the coffin, so he tried misleading us with swastikas.

That night, someone broke into the elementary school and stole pictures and documents from '81 and '82, the two years Judith Herault attended that school.

She's one of these kids.

How did she die?

Run over by a truck. They called it an accident.

But the mother told me something completely different.

According to her, her daughter was killed by demons.


She has a major screw loose. She's in a convent since.

But I got the impression she wasn't telling me all...

Did you grill her or have tea?

I was investigating a misdemeanor.

I couldn't punch her to get her to talk. She's a nun.

Your turn.

Tell me what's going on.

It's a treasure hunt. Each corpse leads to the next one.

Let's say that Sertys, Callois and Cherneze are linked by an incident that happened 20 years ago.

Two days ago they learn Callois is dead.

We find the body.

They panic. The past resurfaces.

They go to the cemetery and the school to find something out... to check something...

But what?

If Judith is really dead.


She's seeking revenge. The nun probably faked her death.

And the prints?

Fingers can be cut off.

The guy who shot at me had 5 fingers.

Why did he let you live?

So I'd understand his vengeance.

What links the three victims?

Callois was head librarian.

Sertys worked in the maternity ward. Cherneze worked with the dean.

It all leads to the university.

I better get back.

What about me?

See if Judith is dead.

I knew you'd say that.

I get the fun stuff.

Call me with any news.

What are you doing here?

Your colleagues held me for 4 hours.

Sorry... Everyone's on edge.

Want a ride?


So Cherneze is dead too?

Did you know him?

One of the college's last dinosaurs.

You don't seem to appreciate the geniuses you live among.

I don't respect intellectuals much.

Weren't your parents professors?

I don't respect my parents much.

Take a left here.

Is anyone expecting you?

You're a lousy Don Juan.

Nice place.

I like it. It's far from everything.

No TV, no radio, even cell phones don't work.

A grenade?

I use them to trigger avalanches.

Are all the locals like you?

Battling mountains helps forge your character.

Same goes for cops.

Have you been one for long?

Too long.

Buy lighter fluid.

I should.

But I'm trying to quit. It was a gift.

From your ex?

I never got married. How about you?

Almost. With the dean's son.

That could never work.

It sure was intended to.

After 3 years face to face in a reading room, you get close.

Why do you hate the school so much?

Why do you suspect me?

You climb mountains.

You found the first body, helped me find the second.

You're the perfect suspect.

Except for one thing.


You're incapable of strangling someone for 10 minutes, eye to eye.

I have to go.

Thanks for the tea.

Tell me about Remy Callois' thesis.

He talks about the myth of Olympus, Greek athletes who combined mind and body.

He refers a lot to the Berlin Olympic games of 1936 when German athletes fueled Nazi propaganda.

And crimson rivers?

Flow with the blood of perfect men.



You want my opinion?

Seriously, this thesis is a potpourri of Nazi crap.

At the end, it's like "How To Be a Perfect Fascist."

He explains how to create a perfect man of today.


By combining brawny kids with brainy ones.

By selecting them and marrying them.

It's called...


Eugenics, that's it.

Like Nazis tried in some villages during the war.

Like at this school. Healthy minds... in healthy bodies.

What are you doing? You have no business here!

What role did Callois play exactly?

Callois... Sertys... Cherneze...

It all leads here.

What are you after?

You suspect us, don't you?

Victims can be guilty too.

Watch what you say, Niemans.

I inquired about you. You're on the razor's edge...

I'd gladly put you first on the list.

All that's stopping me is the desire to prove you're behind it all.

Am I wrong? Am I?

Stop it!

Are you crazy?

You'll be hearing from me!

Can't I leave you alone for a minute?

What did you find in the tomb?

I don't know if it'll be any help.

It's not her.

You know her?

She helped with the case. She helped you?

To understand the meaning of the crimson rivers.

They've lived in a closed circuit here for ages.

Inbreeding led the professors to start having degenerate kids.

So they needed new blood.

New blood?

In the maternity wing, they replace professors' kids with healthy newborn mountain babies.

Sertys' father exchanged Fanny with Judith?

And plenty of others.

What for?

To create a superior race.


A freaking Nazi college? Not a college.

A breeding ground.



It's bullet-proof.

Aim for the same spot.

Go on, shoot!

Are you okay?

Who's this bastard? The dean's son.

What did he want?

To stop us from knowing what they did to Fanny.

What could he do to Fanny? He's was 10 back then.

He was exchanged. He was seated with Fanny at the library.

He should have married her. That was the plan.

So then why is she killing them all off?

She refuses to play by their rules.

You think she's innocent?

My coat!

Hold on... "A la Niemans"...

Who is this babe of yours? Lady Cliffhanger?


Are you still not sure?

To think she brought me here!

I could have seen it all.

She could have operated on you too!

She didn't want to kill me.

She left me alive.

What are you talking about?

She left you alive, but three other guys didn't make it.

Your girlfriend's hobby is to cut up her boyfriends.

Why the treasure hunt?

What are you talking about? She's a schizoid! A psycho-killer!

She wants us to understand.

What's to understand? She wants to get caught.

Good news. That's our job, right?

Now we just have to find her.

That's our job...

What now?

She took the grenades.

What grenades?

Closed up like a fucking clam...

Did you evacuate the college?

I need an explanation first!

It's not the time for explanations. Evacuate.

This can't go on. Who's up there?

I go alone. It's everyone or no one!

I'm going alone.

Everyone freeze!

Calm down...

No one is coming.

Have you gone berserk?

Give me that.

Trust me.

Lower your arms.

We have to go all the way now.

Leave her to me.

Down there!

Fanny, turn around.

Come down.

This is the end. It's over now.

I know who you are.

You know nothing!

Stop it! I know what they did to you.

Exchanging newborn babies...

Killing kids... I know.

It's too late. You can't help. Go away!

You led me here. I can't turn back.

Neither can I! Don't do that!

They'll close down the college. They're all dead now.

You'll kill innocent people. They're all guilty!

No one is innocent!



They exchanged twins!

Just one.

That's why her face was a threat to them.

Take care of her.

So who died in the car accident?

What about the fingerprint?

Mommy prepared it all.

The other girl was already dead.

Mommy planned everything.

Except your going haywire.

You thought you'd make it?

I don't intend to make it.

Freeze or you really won't make it.


Leave her alone!

I'll trigger an avalanche.

Fanny, listen to me.

Stay away!

The men who hurt you are all dead. If you do this, they'll win.

Only you can stop her, Fanny.

You're not a monster like her. Stop before it's too late.

I have no choice. You do.


Kill him.

For our lives. For those of our parents.

For the lives they stole from us.

Kill him.

Not him. He's innocent. Kill him!

Do it for me. For the life I never had.

A life in your shadows.

They created you. And they rejected me. Do it.

Kill him, Fanny.

Kill him!

You wanted him to understand.

You can't do that.

It's you and me.

Go on.

Go on!


You're not like her.

But I am.

Do it!

You had to understand, so no one could forget.

I know...


Take her feet!

Can I ask a question?

What do you have against dogs?

It was a long time ago.

Subtitles: Andy Litvack Processed by L.V.T. - Paris