The Curse (1987) Script

Get back here immediately! now!

Let me go, Mom!

They said it was in the water. In the water!

And water.

The children are on the water!

No! It's in the water!




Come back into my dear!

Have you finished your tasks?

Good. Go wash up and tell boys came for lunch.

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Son of a bitch!

Come on, tell me who is the strongest. speaks little girl. go.

Say it! Say it! Cyrus!

Zack, that's enough!

Did you hear me! Stop it!


What happened here?

He slipped.

It's a damn lie!

Do not talk dirty word.

Whatever the reason for all it must end now.

"In brotherly love they are full affection for one another. "

Romans chapter 12, verse 10.

Now, fasten your hands and act like brothers.

It's not my brother.

And you're not my father!

Pack it up and come have lunch.

You will finish later.

Where's your sense humor, idiot?

Oh, Lord, I thank you the food we received.

We know that the threat of damnation and hell awaits us and that the Lord does not like of sinners, but with his grace, we will be as pure as snow.


Where is Zachary?

It's already coming.

He stank throughout the house.

And well, he's ahead?

I hope to hang a bucket of tomorrow.

The cakes are a bit dry this morning, Frances.

You forgot an ingredient?


Go away! go! Shoo! Shoo! Shit.

Go away!

French! French!

Shoo! Go! Go!

French! Dogs, Frances!

Shoo! Go ... Go ... Shoo!


Shoo! Shoo, Shoo!

Shoo, Shoo! Shoo!

Shoo! Over there!

Hello, Frances. Charlie.

On the way to the office, I thought of Nathan eating apples So I made a detour.

They are not yet mature, Charlie. One week.

Oh! No! Well, that It looks good squash.

Nathan is there?

He's eating lunch and does not speak to you, Charlie Davidson.

Is going bad like that, you You need not bother he sells the property.

I do not harass, Frances. I want to ask you a favor.

Listen, baby, you and I I offered to withdraw from the race, while it has the advantage.

We can not say that the family farm has the bull by the horns.

You would not have found in an auction, right?

Look, Charlie and Nathan said he will pay, It must be true.

$ 5 ...

How are you doing? $ 25.50 ...

Where is Zack?

up there?

He is fine?

You'll be fine when we leave to treat it like a baby!

Buttoning Shirt even children.

$ 6.25.

I'll see Alice. $ 2.37.

Come on, James! go!

Go! go!

This is James! go! run! Go!


Cyrus, turn off the TV.

But they just take the lead. You heard me right.

In between.

Hi what are you doing?

I read.

How this seeing this darkness.

Your father ...

Nathan told me what It happened this morning.

Yes, yes, and I'm sure he was Ciro's side.

It does not take descisoes, Zack.

He just wants you They look good together.

Why should he be so strict?

He never leaves his Bible and screams like a real preacher.

Not lack respect, boy.

I know it's not like his father, but it is a good man, Zack.

He came to our aid when we had great need of it.

He provided a home and helped us becoming a family.

And we all need that.

We, me and Alice, we have that really make an effort.

Try to get used them, Zachary.


Not suitable.

And it is the man who has to do progress and not women.

"Abstain from fleshly desires which war against the soul. "

You scared me!

Let me go.

I'll scream.

I swear I'll scream.


Dr. Forbes is here?

Yes. But for this noise? A strong explosion.

Is anyone hurt?

Something fell from the sky. A type of meteorite!

Is cold.

When I was assistant University, they had made a meteorite so that the analysis.

In fact, this is a large rock.

Not so landed out. No thanks, ok.

Nathan, I do not think there any health risk but should not be approached before the green light by experts.

Do you think that came from outer space? Perhaps.

Do not listen to this idiot.

Father, it still made me an obscene gesture!

Cyrus goes to bed.

Oh! Pope! Immediately.

Good evening. Good night, Zack.

My God already and it's almost 2:30 in the morning.

We should go to sleep, too.

Thanks for the pie, Frances.

Good evening. Good evening.

Charlie, I'm examining a patient. Alan, we need to talk.

Hello, Arthur. How are you doing? "You feel good?

It did not seem so bad.

Listen, I can take some minutes from the doctor?


I went to see what fell on the ground Nathan last night.

Nathan told me he wanted call the EPA We must consider this. The interest and theirs.

Alan, Alan, have a little over experience.

Have you ever thought what would happen to our association, the EPA came intervene?

Advertising could take them elsewhere.

I can not afford to lose so much money. you see?

What this assuming pretend this thing is not there?

We do not even know what is it made of.

You are the scientist to of a look.

All I'm saying is that before calling this group of hackers, assure us that there are not really need to worry, okay?

Good. Bye.

This is not so great as that.

It probably consists mainly carbon dioxide.

This explains his criticism.

I saw shining in my window last night.

She shone last night.

And the trees were movement without wind.

This child has a lot of imagination, right?

Yes, he always talks about things he does not know anything.

So what's the problem?

I do not know what I should look.

I performed all analyzes I learned in my chemistry class.

I've never seen anything like it.

And then? It's nothing.

I dislike of this.

I have no equipment. I do not know what I'm doing.

Thank you darling.

This thing is not radioactive.

Our ears will not start to fall, huh?

Not that I know ... In fact, This thing is very good. It would be impossible to cut.

You can take care of it, Esther?

It's a rock.

This young man will have a nervous breakdown.

Okay, Charlie, I understand what do you say.

I think I should go.

Not good for fix what is not broken.


Nathan, are you there? Nathan?

Oh, sorry. I returned.

All right, Doctor. In between.

Provide a place pro Dr. Forbes. No, okay, I I can not stay.

It seems that they found what is your meteorite.

Apparently, not one.

I do not know how to say, but it looks like that a plane must have dropped his Gasoline reserves on the way

and they froze as a hail falling.

I just went, and he was gone.

Gas reserves?

Du expensive plane?

Next time, tell him that to go fishing and adds nothing, okay?

Liam'll call you later.


THE PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION (Tennessee Valley Authority)

Sophie, I'm going to dinner.

HOTEL Tellico Plains

Listen, I need a room.

Good ...

Bring me a beer, my pretty.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

You work for the water.


Water? VAT?

The biggest aquarium you want install here?

Charlie Davidson, P. opriedades Davidson.

I chair the Board of Trade Tellico Plains and Town Hall for three years.

Willis, Carl Willis.

How did you hear about the tank?

The news, you know.

I do not know what you heard, sir ...

Davidson. Davidson.

My Tellico Plains business are strictly confidential.

VAT and discover the benefits project for someone it will withdraw from the time project to tell.

Honestly, I do not know where we build the reservoir.

Lord, there is no need play holier than thou.

I just receive it officially to Tellico Plains and tell you if you need some thing, I'm here.

Listen, I'm sorry. This work is new to me.

But these things happen.

I get it. I wont say anything.

Right. I appreciate that. Yes.


If you do not want people ask questions you should avoid walking in an official vehicle, which draws much attention.

I have an idea.

Why not let me take you Where do you go?

Yes! Hey! Besides that!

Where are you going to start?

We will see. One for Airfields twelve right here.

No, no, no, you do not want to start there.

Because? No ... It is owned by Crane.

You should start from of the southern valley.

They do not like strange on your property.

Hold the steering wheel is my tip.

Look! Look!

Can sing? You?

Yes! hold!

I do not want to do anything rash skin, that's all.

I have a responsibility with the community.

And me too.

You understand, unloved, not you?

Of course my love.

But we must also think of us.

All he had planned make money.

Back live in the city

attract new customers,

make friends who want to talk about something else fertilizers.

Charlie is a waste. We all know.

But he's right.

Why fix things that are not broken?

Now, boy,

Speaking of things not They are broken ...

What is it? It has a strange taste.

What? Water.

It is because of the minerals. It's good for you.

Vegetables have strange taste because of water.

There is no problem with water, my dear.

We drink this water every day. The water And new as well. It has a strange taste every day.

There is no problem with the food or water.

No one leaves the table before empty the plate and the glass.



Yes sir. Yes sir.

God be praised.

Dad! Help me!

Daddy, help me!



Help! Dad!


Get me out ...

Crawls under the fence. On the floor, go!

You should have caused it, Cyrus, is all.

I did nothing!

He ran after me as you're crazy.

But what you are doing to and behind?

Connecting the dots.

But you're crazy?

Oh! My God!

Put your pants, Cyrus.

Sophie, a print of the My standard contracts.

For the property Nathan Crane.

Hello, Nathan.

Hello, Charles.

Why are you here? No, it's for a reason specific.

I thought to stop and buy apples for my wife.

The bank was extinguished by closing Farm Bob Dockery.

We are all state, Charles.

Yes, but I hate to see these happen.

What you suggested, Charles?

Condominiums, a track bowling, what then?

I heard that the man Knoxville with whom you walk and work of VAT Oh! Willis?

No, this is a good friend who is conducting research for me.

Oh really? Yes.

They said it looks one dam site in the valley.

That's why we are besieging producers sell them?

I'm just speculation a little honest.

I'm fighting for get a favor!

I appreciate that. Really.

But I have a crop of apples filling the pockets for six months.

Who knows what will happen next.

But in the meantime, God bless airlines Delta.

Nathan, family farms They are disappearing.

Big companies They are being crushed.

I offer you a chance to escape from here, while you have the advantage.

It does not me i terest, Charles.

Here, take on a BlackBerry.

The first of the season.

You made a mistake serious, Nathan.

Hey! But you're trying to do? Poison me?

Alice! Alice!

I gave him a sedative, she will sleep until tomorrow.

It will feel very better tomorrow morning but she must stay in bed for three or four days.

There is fresh coffee on the stove.

No thank you. Something cold. Water and ice?

Nathan, what's wrong with chickens?

A kind of mange, I suppose. I gave them antibiotics.

This probably explains his nervousness. I doubt it.

The girl may have caused.

Ended up.

I'd better forget this case.

And the horse? The horse?

Yesterday, in the pasture, one horse attacked Cyrus.

This did not happened.

Do not talk about things you do not know nothing.

Sometimes the horses panic.

This is nothing more.

All right, Frances? Yes, why?

You look pale.

Why not come to the office tomorrow morning?

If you need any thing, please Chamen me.


Vam not continue.

Maldita airlines.

They ruined my harvest apple with your water!

There is no need to worry, Frances.

Papa will protect you. That's sure.

Hail Mary, full of grace, how are your crops?

Do not worry, Frances.


Stop it!

It is God who punished you, Frances.

You sinned in God's grace!

When you sow evil, diseases are brought.

Quickly! please!

Good evening, Doctor. Is there anyone sick?

I do not know.

I came here running because of Frances.

She is fine?

Zachary responded one bit exaggerated.

Francis feels a little weak, that's all.

But anyway I will take a look.

There's no need!

She is fine. She's worried about girl, that's all.

It sits right now.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

No, okay, no problem.

Send a hug to Esther for me.

We do not allow strangers They interfere in our affairs unless I say, ok?

I thought she needed help.

Do not move.

Anybody here?

Anybody here?

Anybody here?

I will ...

Drink water.

Frances, va it up.

Pray for their salvation.

As you enter the house so people uninvited?

I just want ... Skirt!


Please fill in this form and leave with your example.

How long does it take?

At least 24 hours, maybe two days.

Call us tomorrow, or we connect.

No, no, I will call you.

Eat your eggs.

We want you to become big and strong, is not it?

There is a pancake in the oven. take it to your sister before you leave.

Oh! Sir.

Take it from min!

"The third angel sounded the trumpet.

"And he fell from heaven a great star burning like a torch, "And it fell on a third of the rivers

"And the fountains of waters."

The Revelation of St. John, Chapter Eight.

Our food is filled with worms and all my animals die this terrible scourge.

You, Frances, who became ugly and bad all night.

I hardly knew her. And you know why, Frances?

Because God wants to punish All of us.

Your sins have contaminated and caused his anger.

"The third angel sounded the trumpet.

"And he fell from heaven a great star burning like a torch, "And it fell on a third of the rivers

"And the fountains of waters."

Will it out!


Stay away from min!

My God! Stay away!

No! No mother!


Behaves, Frances. poe the ground.


No ...

Go! Kill her, Doo-Dah!

Kill her!


"No peace for the wicked, saith the Lord. "

We are victims of their crimes, sins!



Dr. Becker is there? I need to talk to him. I do not know.

I have to see Dr. Becker!

Hello, yesterday I brought samples water for analysis.

Hello, Zack. The doctor here?

No, he went to Knoxville morning.

I might help you? No ... Right.

He hopes to return at night.

Is he all right with you, dear?

Tell him just to come.

Mr. Limbacher? Hello, I'm Dr. Becker.

We tried to call him several times today.

The telephone does not work.

There is a problem with the water?

And the address in They gave false.

We understand your concerns, Mr. Limbacher.

It can be a financial burden, but if your chickens They are sick you must understand it does not spread.

There is a problem, Doctor?

In fact, it is not right.

The spectrographic analysis yield odd results, as I've never seen before.

He will have to do more tests before being confident, but I've found only one element hitherto unknown there seems to be plenty.

Whatever it is, it is very unstable.

It alters the structure Molecular water!

You must cooperate with us, Mr. Limbacher!

His life and his family They are in danger!

Mr. Limbacher, you You can not take it!

Tellico Plains.

Willis? No, he left.

Of course, Doctor, go ahead.

Tell him to meet me Nathan Crane in house.

I will be there by 21 hours Okay, I caught.

Do not worry, I'll talk. OK.


God, thank you, I saw you go by car. Alan called me.

He said he was looking for you, Then he spoke of water samples.

I worry about him, Charles.

He is ready to reveal all the authorities.

Come on, you can help me.

Help you? Of course.

Would not you found that this case and so tonight Alan had been mouth shut?

Frances care, and I I take care of man.

Or vice versa.


Let's go.

Davidson properties. Charlie is ae?

No, he's not here.

Here and Dr. Forbes. When does he come back?

I do not know. He spoke last chance.

I think he went to the Crane for business.

Find him, tell him I'm leaving.

I see you there tonight.

Dr. Forbes?

Do not let him know you're scared.

Dogs can smell it.

We have to go back slowly and back to the car.

Well, they do not let us back behind.

I'm afraid.

Do not panic. Hold my hand.

Slowly, Fido, do not want you do any damage.

I will flee. Do not be silly, Esther.

I can succeed. No, Esther ...

I'll get help. Do not be a fool!

No! Help! Help!

Where were you? I was a walk.

You missed dinner. Excuse me.

His mother does not feel very well. I made the stew.

Take him to his sister and eat what you want.

How do you feel? A little good.

I brought water from Dr. Forbes.

I rode the whole city to get food.

I can come back tomorrow for more.

These came from the store. I suppose that is good.

Mom's going to be good?

Eat your dinner, OK?

What you want?

I came to see Mom.

It's up there. I put it up there.


What is it? Anything.

Where did you get that? In the city.

Your damn!

Our food not and good for you?

You do not like taste of the water here!

You are as bad as his mother, that bitch!

Not said anything to unite us.

It makes you sick! You do not realize?

No! No!

Stay here.

I will return. I will seek help. I'll be back in two minutes.

No! Do not go!

Look, stay here. I will come back. Do not make any noise, right?

I'll be back, I promise.

Hey! boy!

Come on, we have to leave the house!

My sister this up there!


Right. Everything is good.

Let's go!


Go fast!

No, I have to go find my mother!


We managed.


Are you okay?

America all day today Welcome to America today, Thursday, January 29, 1987.

Here is the epilogue of the tragedy Tellico Plains where four people died with contaminated water falling from the sky.

A week ago, Carl Willis, the basin agency, who was at the scene He was transported to the hospital by the police, He led a violent heart attack.

A hospital spokesman said that Mr. Willis is recovering well and should go home soon.

And to discuss this strange phenomenon, I'm with Professor George link.

I was invited to respond two questions.

First, there is a connection between Mr. disease Willis and the occurrence Tellico Plains?

Secondly, the public is there a risk?

In the first question, the answer is yes.

Her symptoms were similar to the victims.

And of course, he was exposed to the same risk of contamination.

But the similarities end there.

In his case, the disease took five months to develop, and he can now be considered cured.

For the population now I assure you there is no danger.

The water treatment basin acted quickly by isolation and decontamination Farm Crane and testing to ensure that the water It not found any trace contaminant.

The situation was under control and yet, and I guarantee that there is no risk subsequent crisis.

You see, Mr. Willis? There is no reason to worry about.

It was hoisted flags today one day after the commemoration the first anniversary of the accident the space shuttle Challenger.