The Cursed (2018) Script


Industrial accident Victim fell from the 10th floor His left lung was punctured by a metal shard With multiple broken bones and excessive blood lost Blood pressure 100/50, pulse 100

Give him 100cc of blood



Clear Clear

01:23am Certified

Honey Daddy



Aunty Xia, I heard from my friend That Long Siu only photographs swimwear and lingerie I don't do that

I can't hold it anymore


Are you for real? I'm taking a bath Why are you always like that?

What are you afraid of? We do this all the time And it's not like I get in your way I'm only looking Watch where you're looking Wah, another all-nighter?

A puntured lung right before my shift ends Couldn't save him Don't beat yourself up I know you've tried your best

Hello Jessica, I'm looking for Ah Mui I tried calling her But she's not picking up Really? Hold on Ah Mui The Principal is looking for you

This isn't exactly a mansion I can hear you

Thank you

Hi Principal, looking for me?

Ah Mui There's a legal letter from Malaysia Mailed here for you From Malaysia?

Principal Ah Mui

Isn't this the homecoming of our great doctor

Miss Cheung Kah Yee I'm Ko Cheng Sam, a lawyer from Malaysia Madam Cheung passed away last week This is the carrying out of her will She claimed that you are her granddaughter And her only legal next-of-kin I have a granny?

Principal, I have a family?

20 years ago I wasn't the Principal yet back then I only remember you were brought here by a middle-aged man Hey, what's your name?

I'm Ah Mui The previous Principal told me You had lost your memory back then Only remembered that your name is Ah Mui You had to start all over again And then When I took over as Principal, only then that I found out Every month, you get a payment Sent here from Malaysia The previous Principal Never said a word about your past Principal What should I do?

To be able to reunite with a relative is fate If it makes you happy, go for it Just relax If you want to go, then go

You two Since we are surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature I want you both to act wild Go wilder Bend lower Bend lower Wow, that's nice Go wilder, bend lower Bend lower


You're stiff as a log How am I supposed to shoot?

Long Siu I'm not too familiar with this type of shoot Are you for real?

Then how can you be a model?

Long Siu Shoot me instead then Sure, come

There you go, wilder Great, good Hey!

What is this?

Why did you stitch this together?

You've ruined the style of it This cost me ten thousand dollars

Let me help you Are you for real?

You're the one who should be getting real Why bring along a friend for shoots?

As if that is not bad enough You haven't been exactly cooperative Hey!

You want to try being ridiculed in the forums?

No Don't smear me in the forums This is the only angle I have Hey, are you done, you little pervert?

Sir Your pointing at her breast with your finger And your trying to snap her from a low angle Have all been caught on my phone I have reasons to believe You are sexually harrassing this lady So? Post it online Let's see who will get it Girls your standard Don't deserve my shots Hold on Have you forgotten to do something?

Are you still expecting to be paid?

Thank god Ah Mui recorded that crook's actions today If not I'd have lose out big time Actually I've just arrived I didn't manage to record anything So it was a trick Told you to be done with your celebrity dreams If not for us That guys would've photographed everything That's enough It's my fault for harbouring dreams of stardom I'm worried for you And you're angry with me?

That's enough Knock it off Just be careful next time, okay?

Didn't we promise each other That we are sisters We will care for each other, right?

I'm lucky to have both of you What's that hurry to meet up with us, Ah Mui?

I've got a letter from a lawyer Saying that I have a granny in Malaysia But she'd just passed away I'm need to go to Malaysia to claim some inheritance

You have a granny?

And she has inheritance for you?

That's great Ah Mui, turn out, you have a family I'm so glad that one of us are actually not an orphan But I've actually gotten used to live without anyone Now you tell me I have a granny And that she'd passed away What's difference does this make?

But Ah Mui You could take this chance To know more about your family Family?

Didn't I say it just now You two are my family You two are all I've ever needed I will not get in touch with that lawyer

Nice to meet you Nice to meet you, Miss Cheung Let me introduce myself Ko Cheng Sam A practising lawyer from a Malaysian firm

We've sent you a letter before But you didn't reply Yes I didn't Because I've decided not to return to Malaysia Miss Cheung Why not let me elaborate a little?

I don't need any inheritance Miss Cheung I understand how you feel right now To suddenly tell you that you have a family member It's hard to fathom But we Chinese have a saying Blood is thicker than water If there's a psychological barrier within you Then you need to deal with it yourself

Hello, Amy Can you and Jessica take a week off?

Ah Mui I thought you said to wait here?

She just texted me She's waiting outside the airport

Sir Sorry Do you know how to drive?

Are you okay?


Oh It's you Miss Cheung Kah Yee Nice to meet you I'm Chan Siu Ling from the Malaysian law firm Ah Ling I'm so sorry Initially...

Hold on She's Miss Cheung Kah Yee Nice to meet you, Miss Cheung Kah Yee I'm Chan Siu Ling from the Malaysian law firm That's enough I heard you Please excuse me This way, please

We meet again, Miss Cheung These are my friends, Amy and Jessica First off, welcome to Malaysia, Miss Cheung I know I've said this before But due to protocol I shall explain this again Madam Cheung Set a will before she passed on To give away the Cheung Family's mansion And all its contents To her only granddaughter That's you Miss Cheung Kah Yee

Allow me to introduce to you Mr Soh Man He's the person in charge of the Chinese crematorium And the appointed host of Madam Cheung's funeral Even funerals have appointed host?

I'm not too clear with that I'm just carrying out the will of Madam Cheung Nice to meet you

Don't worry, Miss Cheung I will do my best for Madam Cheung's funeral

This fellow Can't even hold himself together upon seeing a pretty lady

Alright, it's getting late Miss Cheung Why don't you adjourn to your hotel for some rest?

Tomorrow I will arrange for you to visit the mansion Alright

How's it going, Ah Mui?

Can you recall anything coming back here?

A little But it's almost like, I don't remember anything anymore

Hey, what are you doing?

Nothing, I was just asking her...

If she still remembered me If you're a celebrity, she might Ah Mui Does she know you?

I wonder why Why do we need you to send us back to the hotel?

I live nearby What's the problem?

If you like to help so much Help us to check in

Welcome to Big Horse What's a Big Horse?

That's the literal translation of Malaysia Crazy

This house is pretty retro You can't find this type in Hong Kong anymore for sure Miss Cheung Please follow me to Madam Cheung's study room I have some documents to show you

Miss Cheung This is the checklist of items in this mansion Have a look

This is the portrait of Madam Cheung

Wow What a beautiful red dress Here, draw while you eat Thanks granny Good girl

Recall anything?

How's it going, my pretty ladies?

Did you sleep well last night?

What's that got to do with you? Go do your work There are some things that I'm not sure whether to say Then don't But it seems inappropriate to hide things among friends So what do you want actually?

What's with that attitude, I want to know My father was a fortune teller An infamous Malay fortune teller I learned a lot from him Malay fortune teller?

Then can you tell when will I get married?

When will I marry a someone born with a silver spoon?

I can't tell you that But Miss Jessica, you're born with strong Earth elements Be wary of the Wood elements, like branches and trees You mean elements like you Loghead Miss Amy, you have strong Fire elements Which will be made worse by alcohol

Alcohol blurs your conscience, brings predicaments It's best to limit your intake That's enough, I also know what element you're born with Really? Are you a student of the mystique as well Pray tell, what element am I born with?

The element of hatred, people hate you You are indeed knowledgeable

You're blocking my car Move Where are you going?

I'm in a hurry to buy a nuclear bomb To save this Earth Beat it Okay, I'll make way

Why can't move? What the heck This mansion thing is driving me crazy Why are you still here?

It's very dangerous Dangerous? Here?

What danger is there?

When you were in the mansion Walking around Did you hear the stairs Making creaking sounds?

That's because the stairs are old There are dirty things in the mansion The stairs are laughing at you These are evil things Same goes to the tables And the chairs And the lights And the mirrors And all the things You have very good imagination You don't believe me?

Look at that window

What's your name?

My name is Brother Awesome This is a very dangerous mansion You should go back to Mars quick Very dangerous

What's the matter Miss Cheung?

Are you okay?

This photo is...

Ah Man, look after Ah Mui Granny, I want to be with you forever Granny will die in old age Sickness comes with old age Then I'll become a doctor to cure you You need to study a lot to become a doctor I'm up for it, because I want you to be with me

Be a good girl, Ah Mui

Ah Mui

Are you okay?

Are you trying to take advantage of her?

She fell into the pool, I was trying to save her He did save me Let's go Let me help you Go away

Ah Mui What happened to you?

What happened just now?

I don't know why After I fell into the water I saw many things in it

That's my granny She really is my granny Don't be so sad Don't be like that My granny is dead

Why did you come here?

I want to see if Ah Mui is okay She's fine Leave Let him in Ah Mui Please leave us Don't worry He's a good guy No

Mui, be careful

Ah Man Do you remember me now?

It's great that you remember I really want to know more about my childhood

This photo You were six I was ten I lived next door to you when I was a kid My family told me Your parents died in a car crash Your mom gave birth to you right before she died Your granny raised you Why did granny send me away?

I heard from the neighbours You had high fever And lost most of your memory After which your granny Sent you to an orphanage in Hong Kong As for the reason I'm not too sure myself Until two weeks ago, when that Lawyer Ko came to me And told me that I'm the appointed host of Madam Cheung's funeral It was only then that I have news about you

I'm very happy being able to see you again Me too What does that mean?

Malay Me too

I'm so beautiful But so unappreciated

What's wrong with you two?

You look so pale

What happened?

Last night I saw

I rather not say it What did you see?

Nothing Ladies

Are you trying to scare us to death?

Geez Are you a ghost?

Sorry, I just wanted to ask if you'd like more drinks Just bring it

Good morning, ladies Slept well?

Ah Man Good morning, Mui

Why do you two look so pale?

You bumped into a ghost last night?

Ah Mui I think I'd rather not go in Then neither will I Jessica, let me accompany you You guys wait here then


Granny Ah Mui Don't be like that If your Granny sees you in this state She won't be at peace

Ah Mui Granny knows

Lawyer Ko I'd really like to see the will again If I remember correctly There's some discrepancy between the one that the Master and I saw earlier This was entrusted to me by your Master You have no right to question me But I vividly remember The will of Madam Cheung ls to sell all and transfer the proceeds to Miss Cheung And that Miss Cheung shall not return to Malaysia But now it's become That Miss Cheung has to return to Malaysia Enough Miss Cheung is extremely displeased with your attitude You're officially off this case That day, my Master went hurriedly to see you Before he left, he realised that the will wasn't as such Then, he disappeared And you took over the case What have you done?

Moreover, there wasn't any mention of a funeral host in the will Are you working together with Soh Mun?

Everything is done in accordance to the law If you find that so disagreeable You can pack your stuff and leave immediately

Oh yes How's the Cheung family case coming along?

Listen up Madam Cheung has spoken Her granddaughter is not to return to Malaysia And there's nothing wrong with this will Therefore We'll meet at Madam Cheung's house two hours from now And take stock of her possessions See you later See you later, boss

"Must not"


My suggestion is To make it easier for us during the funeral tomorrow Let's spend the night in the mansion Sounds good I don't want to stay in that hotel again I'm all for that In that case Just spend the night here Ah Mui Can we go back to Hong Kong right after the funeral?

Lawyer Ko said The whole process will take about a week I have to stay for another week?

Why not I go back to Hong Kong first He)'

Don't you dare dump me here Alright, I'll stay

What's wrong now?

It's okay, I'll take care of it

Hey, Brother Awesome What are you doing?

Getting a tan ls that how you do it?

Why lay down on the tyre?

Go find a grassy spot That's my style I'm in a hurry, beat it In a hurry?

Where to?

To work, move Walk there if you're in such a hurry Mr Drumstick, what time is it?

Right It's 15 minutes to twelve time to eat a drumstick That's right, it's already 15 minutes to twelve Time to eat drumstick Are you having drumsticks today?

No We can give drumsticks a miss But we must save a life There's something in this house Are you going to just leave the three ladies in there?

It's so dangerous Dangerous my foot Cut the crap, let's go I'm not joking Brother Awesome Do you remember You're a righteous hero The Master of Drumstick The world needs you

So what?

Let's make a deal I'll drive you We go and get a drumstick And then you'll save the world, okay?

Sure, if there's drumstick involved Okay?

Let's go Eat drumstick Come on

Lawyer Ko Goodbye

It's here This is the real copy

The real will said Miss Cheung is not to return to Malaysia

Hello Mui, what are you up to?

Want to go grab some drinks?


Lawyer Ko


You're here How long have you been here?

Only twenty years Sorry, my treat this time It better be Excuse me

Thank you Mui, cheers To one less orphan in the world

Actually, I'm quite patient It's only twenty years Had you not left twenty years ago Do you think we would've gotten married?

With two sons, three daughters You like animals?

Three cats and four dogs Hey, are you drunk?

Don't drink too much if you can't

Isn't that Lawyer Ko?

It's really beyond my expectation That's her true colour

Ah Mui I don't feel like drinking anymore Let's go take some fresh air Okay

Amy How did you spend the last 20 years in Hong Kong?

Since young I thought I was an orphan So I became very good at taking care of myself I'm a doctor In life and death situations I'm able to keep calm But since setting foot in Malaysia

For the first time in my life I know how it's like to lose a family member

One two three four five six seven eight This song is...

Don't you remember?

You taught me how to sing it when we were kids And you even told me That your Granny told you the meaning of this song It's a wish that all children Will be free of illness and suffering That families will be together and happy Can you teach me how to sing it?

Of course, you taught me before Now, I shall teach you It's easy, it's in Malay Start with one till eight I'll teach you one and two first Listen carefully One two One two?

You need to put in some emotion It's a good song How so?

Hey, where are you going?

All my life I'll sing this song when I'm unhappy And every time I sing it I remember the happy days when we were kids And I'll instantly become happy again Go on and teach me then Focus More emotion Okay One two Come on One two Not bad One two

Are you okay?

Not when I'm holding you Quit fooling around Sorry, let's go

Lawyer Ko, what do you want?

Isn't it obvious?

Go get some rest

Don't you have any feelings?

Of course I do And I feel the impulse Then why didn't you take any action?


Go away

Go get some rest

Why did you come back?

Granny Granny

Granny, I miss you so much Granny misses you too

But you must listen to Granny Leave now, don't stay in Malaysia I don't understand I have not taken care of you all these years Why won't you let me at least do something?

Granny knows you're a good girl But I'll only be at peace when you're safe Granny

Please listen to me Granny has to go now Remember what I said No You must go back to Hong Kong by tonight Granny Granny

Whatever that is wrong with our house You can fix it with a snap of your fingers How can I ever thank you

The tap upstairs needs fixing?

Yes, upstairs

Actually, I feel really guilty toward you For letting my granddaughter hurt you

The auspicious time tonight is 6:21 pm We'll start the ceremony then Family member Miss Cheung Kah Yee You'll have to sit in the host's section to greet visitors For the rest, say a silent prayer for the deceased

It's time, let's pay our last respect

Hey, Ko Cheng Sam I know you're the weird type But please show some respect at a funeral Get up, Ko Cheng Sam

Lawyer Ko I thank you for your noble intentions But, this area is for...

Lawyer Ko Don't you think this is a bit overboard?

Ah Mui Are you alright?

I'm fine Seems like Granny really loves me very much

I really miss her

Don't be sad You still have me

I know You and Jessica Will always be my sisters

What are you doing?

Actually I really love you very much I think you might have misunderstood Trust me I will give you a happy life Ah Mui I treat you as a sister, do you understand?

Ah Mui Could you just leave me alone?

Give it a rest, Amy Love isn't something you can force What?

Ah Mui really treats us as her sisters That's right And shouldn't sisters care about each other ls it really just that?

I know you've had feelings for her for the past 10 years If she liked you too She would've reciprocated years ago Don't you think so?

Am I really that bad?

She's seeing that Soh Mun more than me Soh Mun and her really have something going on

I'll sleep with you tonight, okay?


Soh Mun What's up Amy, still awake?

You're really ugly And it takes only one glance at you to hate you That's debatable Hey you Anything else?

Take good care of Ah Mui

Take good care of Ah Mui

Hey, Amy

Mui, you still awake?

Amy just expressed her love to me Why am I not surprised I bumped into her in the living room She was looking for you?

She told me To take good care of you Do I really need that?

I thought so too Actually it should be You taking care of me So how long do you want me to take care of you?

Of course forever Don't think too much Don't worry You will live longer than me You have good genes What good genes?

Don't you know?

Doctors said when your Granny passed on She looked exactly like she did 20 years ago And they found a lot of amniotic fluid in her lungs Might be related to that The type of amniotic fluid in foetuses?

Yup, didn't Lawyer Ko tell you?


Where's the cool one?

She expressed her love to me yesterday I know And you've rejected her Do you think that will make her unhappy?

We're sisters

Amy Amy

Hey, the cool one Stop hiding


Okay, I'll be there right away It's from police station Ah Ling died in the lift of the law firm Her cause of death very unusual I'm one of the last persons she called So the police want me to assist in their investigation Okay



Hello, Amy Where are you?


Hello, Amy


That's a very nice skirt

I want your skirt

Hey, Mui Granny Why are you here?

Don't be afraid

Lawyer Szeto I really couldn't stop her from hurting Ah Mui The doctor said she had lost her memory At this rate Her life might even be threatened

I've made my decision Let's send her to Hong Kong You sure you're willing to do that?

I'll have to be

Lawyer Szeto, please help me After I've passed away Sell this mansion And pass the money to Ah Mui It should be enough for her to get married Okay I will send her to the best orphanage Give her the best education Hey, what's your name?

It's me Ah Man Ah Man

What's the matter?

Jessica and Amy are dead And Lawyer Ko She's so scary I think Ah Ling's death has something to do with her Go now Go


Ah Man

Ah Man Are you alright?

Ah Man

Ah Man

Who are you?

Why do you haunt me since I was young?

You started it first Cheung Kah Yee What have I ever done to you?

I am your twin sister I should've called you my sister But you caused my death even before I was born One two three four Five six seven eight Up down left right front and back Headache and fever all gone Dad mom child happy family

So you're my younger sister I don't have an elder sister like you Had I been the one who survived I would've had a better life than you did I want you to feel my despair all these years So that's the reason You killed Granny?

Her lungs were filled with amniotic fluid Why did you want to hurt her?

Granny should've been dead 10 years ago She wouldn't have lived for that long if I didn't do that What about Lawyer Ko?

Why did she want to hurt us?

She is my host I've waited 20 years Ko Cheng Sam Had been long dead You've hurt so many people They're all innocent You are the reason I couldn't be born

How many times have I told you Don't appear anymore I want to be pretty like sister You belong to another world now Granny can't help you Granny, you're unfair to me I'm not I've told you do not appear again

If Soh Mun didn't do what he did to me I might have let you live But he had to fall for you I want to kill everyone around you Go to hell All of you

Brother Awesome Open the door, Brother Awesome Run I said, run Get out of my way

Stop while you still can You've killed enough people The only reason I let you live ls because you've helped my Granny so many times Don't make me do that

I'm a good friend of Madam Cheung I will not stand aside While you're hurting her family members lam her family

Brother Awesome Open the door, Brother Awesome

Ah Man Are you alright?

Ah Man Are you alright?

I'm fine Just almost died

One two three

Ah Man

My name is Cheung Kah Yee Even when I haven't been born I've already cursed my parents to death Don't I deserve to die?

My name is Cheung Kah Yee Even when I haven't been born I've already cursed my parents to death Don't I deserve to die?

My Granny who raised me single-handedly Also died under horrible circumstances All my childhood friend After they came to Malaysia Died horribly Even the man I love most I stabbed him to death with my own hands This life to me ls basically a waste I have caused the death of so many It's time for me to pay back Then you should avenge them

Calling centre We've found a mentally distraught lady on the third street Holding a sharp weapon There's a male and female deceased victim Requesting backup

Sister, I'm free now Stay trapped here your whole life till your end

Here you're, all of you

Sisters forever My good sisters

Granny My granddaughter