The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Script GORDON: I knew Harvey Dent. l was his friend.

And it will be a very long time before someone inspires us the way he did.

l believed in Harvey Dent.

Dr. Pavel, l'm CIA.

DRlVER: He wasn't alone.

-Uh, you don't get to bring friends. -They are not my friends.

DRlVER: Don't worry, no charge for them.

ClA OP: And why would l want them? DRIVER: They were trying to grab your prize.

They work for the mercenary.

The masked man.

-Bane? -Aye.

Get them onboard. l'll call it in.

CIA OP: The flight plan l just filed with the agency...

...lists me, my men, Dr. Pavel here...

...but only one of you!

First one to talk gets to stay on my aircraft!

Who paid you to grab Dr. Pavel?


He didn't fly so good!

Who wants to try next?

Tell me about Bane!

Why does he wear the mask?

A lot of loyalty for a hired gun!

MAN: Well, perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man...

...before throwing him out of a plane.

At least you can talk.

Who are you?

MAN: lt doesn't matter who we are.

What matters is our plan.

No one cared who l was till l put on the mask. lf l pull that off, will you die?

BANE: lt would be extremely painful.

You're a big guy.

BANE: For you.

Was getting caught part of your plan?

BANE: Of course.

Dr. Pavel refused our offer in favor of yours.

-We had to find out what he told you-- -Nothing. l said nothing.

Well, congratulations, you got yourself caught!

-Sir? -Now what's the next step of your master plan?

BANE: Crashing this plane...

...with no survivors.


PILOT: Mayday, Mayday!



Aah! What you doing to me? Let me out!


No, no, no! No!


BANE: No! They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother.

Have we started the fire?

BANE: Yes, the fire rises.


Calm down, doctor. Now is not the time for fear.

That comes later.

MAYOR: Harvey Dent Day may not be our oldest public holiday...

...but we're here tonight because it's one of the most important.

Harvey Dent's uncompromising stand against organized crime...

...had made Gotham a safer place than it was at the time of his death, eight years ago.

This city has seen a historic turnaround.

No city is without crime, but this city is without organized crime because the Dent Act...

...gave law enforcement teeth in its fight against the mob.

Now people are talking about repealing the Dent Act...

...and to them l say, "Not on my watch."

[AUDIENCE APPLAUDS] l want to thank the Wayne Foundation for hosting this event. l'm told Mr. Wayne couldn't be here tonight. l'm sure he's with us in spirit.

And now l'm gonna give way to an important voice....

CONGRESSMAN: You ever lay eyes on Wayne at one of these things?

No one has. Not in years.

MAYOR: --people put their faith in a murderous thug in a mask and a cape.

A thug who showed his true nature...

...when he betrayed the trust of this great man...

...and murdered him in cold blood.

Sweetheart, not so fast with the chow.

-Shrimp balls? -Thank you.

Jim Gordon can tell you the truth about Harvey Dent. l'll let him tell you himself.

Commissioner Gordon.

GORDON: The truth?

l have...

...written a speech...

...telling the truth about Harvey Dent.

Maybe the time isn't right.

Maybe right now...

...all you need to know is that there are...

...1 000 inmates in Blackgate Prison as a direct result of the Dent Act.

These are violent criminals, essential cogs in the organized-crime machine.

Maybe, for now, all l should say about the death of Harvey Dent is this:

lt has not been for nothing.


MAID 1 : You see the guy who owns the house? MAID 2: No. I heard...

-...he never leaves the east wing. -l heard he had an accident.

-Yeah, that he's disfigured. He has to wear a-- ALFRED: Mr. Till?

Why are your people using the main staircase?

And where's Mrs. Bolton?

SELINA: Uh, she's at the bar, sir. Can l help?

The east drawing room.

Unlock the door, put the tray on the table, lock the door again. Nothing more.

ALFRED: l'm sorry, Miss Tate. l tried, but he won't see you.

And you mustn't take it personally.

Everyone knows that Wayne's holed up in there with 8-inch nails...

...peeing into Mason jars. lt's very good of you to let me on the grounds.

DAGGETT: Why are you wasting your time trying to talk to a man...

...who threw away your investment on some save-the-world vanity project?

He can't get your money back. l can. l could try explaining that a save-the-world project, vain or not... worth investing in, Mr. Daggett.

But you understand only money and the power you think it buys... why waste my time indeed?

GORDON: Second shift reports in?

You should spend more time with the mayor.

Well, that's your department.

CONGRESSMAN: Anyone shown him the crime stats?

He goes by his gut and it bothers him, no matter what the numbers.

-Must be popular with his wife. -Not really. She took the kids to Cleveland.

He'll have plenty of time for visits. The mayor's gonna dump him in the spring.

-Really? -Mm-hm.

-But he's a hero. -A war hero. This is peacetime.


Oh, sorry, sorry. l'm so terribly sorry, Mr. Wayne.

lt is Mr. Wayne, isn't it?

Although you don't have the long nails or, heh, the facial scars, sir. ls that what they say about me? lt's just that no one ever sees you.

That's a beautiful necklace. Reminds me of one that belonged to my mother. lt can't be the same one...

...because her pearls are in this safe...

...the manufacturer clearly explained... uncrackable.


Nobody told me it was uncrackable. l'm afraid l can't let you take those.

Look, you wouldn't beat up a woman any more than l would beat up a cripple.

Of course, sometimes exceptions have to be made.

Good night, Mr. Wayne.

Can l have a ride?

You read my mind.

Let's go.

ALFRED: Miss Tate was asking to see you again.

WAYNE: She's very persistent.

And quite lovely, in case you were wondering.

-l wasn't. -What are you doing?

Examining print dust. We've been robbed.

And this is your idea of, uh, sounding the alarm, is it?

She took the pearls, tracking device and all.

-She? -One of the maids.

Perhaps you should stop letting them in this side of the house.

Perhaps you should start learning to make your own bed.

-Why were you dusting for prints? -l wasn't.

She was.

Sir. Congressman Gilly's wife has been calling in.

The congressman never made it home after the Wayne Foundation event.

That's a job for the police?

When you and Dent cleaned the streets, you cleaned them good.

Pretty soon we'll be chasing down, uh, overdue library books.


And yet here you are, like we're still at war.

-What's your name, son? -Blake, sir.

You have something you want to ask me?

lt's about that night. This night, eight years ago. The night Dent died.

The last confirmed sighting of the Batman.

He murders those people, takes down two SWAT teams...

...breaks Dent's neck and then just vanishes? l'm not hearing a question, son.

Don't you want to know who he was? l know exactly who he was.

He was the Batman.


Let's go see about the congressman's wife.

ALFRED: Master Wayne?

Master Wayne?

You haven't been down here in a long time.

Trying to find out more about our jewel thief. l ran her prints.

Unless she's lost a lot of weight...

...she was wearing someone else's fingerprints.

She's good.

She may be, but we have a trace on the necklace.

We do. l cross-referenced the address she went back to...

...with police data on high-end B-and-E's, and, um....

Selina Kyle.

The databases are full of close-calls, tips from fences.

She's good, but the ground is shrinking beneath her feet.

We should send the police before she fences the pearls.

She won't. She likes them too much.

And they weren't what she was after.

-What was she after? -My fingerprints. lt was printer toner mixed with graphite on the safe. lt gives a good pull and it's untraceable.

Fascinating. You two should exchange notes over coffee.

You're trying to set me up with a jewel thief?

At this point, l'd set you up with a chimpanzee, if it brought you back to the world.

There's nothing out there for me.

And that's the problem.

You hung up your cape and your cowl but you didn't move on.

You never went to find a life. To find someone.


...l did find someone. l know, and you lost them.

But that's all part of living, sir.

But you're not living, you're just waiting, hoping for things to go bad again.

Remember when you left Gotham?

Before all this, before Batman?

You were gone seven years.

Seven years l waited, hoping that you wouldn't come back.

Every year, l took a holiday. l went to Florence.

There's this café on the banks of the Arno.

Every fine evening l'd sit there and order a Fernet Branca. l had this fantasy...

...that l would look across the tables...

...and l'd see you there, with a wife.

Maybe a couple of kids.

You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you.

But we'd both know that you'd made it.

That you were happy.

l never wanted you to come back to Gotham. l always knew there was nothing here for you, except pain and tragedy.

And l wanted something more for you than that.

l still do.

DWP MAN: They wash up here a couple of times a month.

More when it gets colder.

Homeless, sheltering in the tunnels.

We pulled him from the basin, but other than that we didn't touch him.

ROSS: What? BLAKE: Name's Jimmy.

He's from St. Swithin's. lt's the boys' home where l coach some ball.

REILLY: Jimmy hadn't been around for months.

BLAKE: No? Why? -Blake, you know why.

He aged out. We don't have the resources to keep boys on after 1 6. l thought the Wayne Foundation gave money for that.

Not for the past couple of years.

-He has a brother here, doesn't he? -Mark. l'll tell him. l'd like to, if that's all right.

You know what he was doing in the tunnels?

Lot of guys been going down the tunnels when they age out.

Say you can live down there.

Say there's work down there.


What kind of work are you gonna find in the sewers?

More than you can find up here, l guess.

BLAKE: So you know about him?

Of course.

Do you think he's coming back?

l don't know.

STRYVER: You brought a date? l like having someone around to open doors for me.

Right hand. No partials.

-Very nice. -Mm-hm.

Not so fast, handsome.

You got something for me?

Ah, yes.


l don't know what you're planning to do with Mr. Wayne's prints...

...but l'm guessing you'll need his thumb.

You don't count so good, huh? l count fine. ln fact, l'm counting to 1 0 right now.


My friend's outside. Just hit "send."


This place is a little dead. lt'll liven up in a minute. Trust me. ls everything okay?

Great. Catch you later.


Hmm. lt would have been a lot easier... just give me what we agreed.

We can't have loose ends.

And even in that dress, no one's gonna miss you.


But my friend over there?

Every cop in the city's missing him.

STRYVER: That's cute.

But they're not gonna be looking in a place like this. l don't know. You did just use his cell phone.


SWAT 1 : Go! SWAT 2: Go!

SWAT 3: Police! Get down now!


SELINA: Help me! Help me!

Help me, please! Please help me!



Keep some pressure on that, sweetheart.

Call me?

BLAKE: You okay, miss? -He's bleeding. You gotta help him.

l got the congressman.


SWAT 4: Clear!

GORDON: Manhole! Get this up! Get the DWP down here!

You three, down with me.

You two, you go down, cover the next exit!

What, they went down there?


-We're gonna go down there, right? FOLEY: That was a gas explosion, kid.

-Wasn't gas. lt's a sewer. -No one goes in till we know what's there.

We know, sir. The police commissioner.

Someone get this hothead out of here?

And where's that DWP guy?

BANE: Why are you here?


Answer him.

BANE: l was asking you. lt's the police commissioner.

BANE: And you brought him down here?

MERCENARY 1 : We didn't know what to do. BANE: You panicked.

And your weakness has cost the lives of three others.

No, he's alone.


BANE: Search him.

Then l will kill you.


-He's dead. BANE: So show me his body.

The water runs to any one of the outflows. We'd never find him.

BANE: Follow him! MERCENARY 2: Follow him?


You okay? You okay?

Hey, hey, you awake?



l need to see Bruce Wayne. l'm sorry, Mr. Wayne doesn't take unscheduled calls.

Even from a police officer.

And if l go get a warrant for the investigation of Harvey Dent's murder?

That still count as unscheduled?

WAYNE: What can l do for you, officer?

BLAKE: Commissioner Gordon's been shot.

He chased a gunman down into the sewers.

When l pulled him out, he was babbling about an underground army.

A masked man called Bane.

Shouldn't you be telling your superior officers?

They asked me if he saw any giant alligators.

He needs you.

He needs the Batman.

-lf Commissioner Gordon thinks-- -Oh, he doesn't know or care who you are.

But we've met before. lt was a long time ago. l was a kid. Uh, St. Swithin's. lt used to be funded by the Wayne Foundation. lt's an orphanage.

My mom died when l was small. lt was a car accident, l don't really remember it.

But my dad got shot a couple years later over a gambling debt...

...and l remember that one just fine.

Not a lot of people know what it feels like, do they?

To be angry... your bones.

l mean, they understand.

Foster parents.

Everybody understands...

...for a while.

And then they want the angry little kid to do something he knows he can't do.

Move on.

So after a while, they stop understanding.

They send the angry kid to a boys' home. l figured it out too late. You gotta learn to hide the anger.

Practice smiling in a mirror. lt's like putting on a mask.

So you showed up this one day, in a cool car.

Pretty girl on your arm.

We were so excited.

Bruce Wayne, billionaire orphan. l mean, we used to make up stories about you, man. Legends.

And, you know, with the other kids, that's all it was, just stories, but....

Right when l saw you, l knew who you really were. l'd seen that look on your face before. lt's the same one l taught myself. l don't know why you took the fall for Dent's murder...

...but l'm still a believer in the Batman...

...even if you're not.

Why did you say that your boys' home used to be funded by the Wayne Foundation?

BLAKE: Because the money stopped.

Might be time to get some fresh air. Start paying attention to the details.

Some of those details might need your help.

WAYNE: You check that name? Bane?

ALFRED: He's a mercenary. No other known names.

Him and his men were behind a coup in West Africa...

...that secured mining operations for our friend John Daggett.

WAYNE: Now Daggett's brought them here. -Or so it seems.

-l'll keep digging. -Yeah.

Alfred, why did the Wayne Foundation stop funding boys' homes in the city?

The foundation is funded by the profits of Wayne Enterprises.

There have to be some.

-Time to talk to Mr. Fox, l think. -l'll get him on the phone.

No, no, no. Do we still have any cars around the place?

Yes. One or two. l need an appointment at the hospital for my leg.

-Which hospital? -Whichever one Jim Gordon's in.

DOCTOR: l have seen worse cartilage in knees. WAYNE: That's good.

No. That's because there is no cartilage in your knee.

And not much of any use in your elbows or your shoulders.

Between that and the scar tissue on your kidneys...

...the residual concussive damage to your brain tissue...

...and the general scarred-over quality of your body...

-...l cannot recommend that you go heli-skiing. -Right.

We were in this together...

...then you were gone.

WAYNE: The Batman wasn't needed anymore.

-We won. -Based on a lie.

And now there's evil rising from where we tried to bury it.

The Batman has to come back.

What if he doesn't exist anymore?

He must.

YUPPIE: You took my goddamn wallet, didn't you?

-You f-- You took my wallet! -No, l--

-Get out. YUPPIE: She took my-- Ah!

-Now. YUPPIE: Creep! l don't know what he's so upset about. There's only 60 bucks in here.

Probably the watch.



MAN 1 : Who's that?

MAN 2: A stiff can barely climb out of his sports car.

-No, that's Bruce Wayne! -Mr. Wayne, over here!



WAYNE: l'm not sure if my assistant-- -Right through here.

Thank you so much.


MIRANDA: Bruce Wayne at a charity ball.

Miss Tate, isn't it?

Even before you became a recluse, you never came to these things.

The proceeds go to the big fat spread. lt's not about charity. lt's about feeding the ego of whichever society hag laid this on.

Actually, this is my party, Mr. Wayne.


And the proceeds will go where they should, because l paid for the big fat spread myself.

That's very generous of you.

You have to invest if you want to restore balance to the world.

Take our clean-energy project.

Sometimes the investment doesn't pay off.

-l'm sorry. -You have a practiced apathy, Mr. Wayne.

But a man who doesn't care about the world doesn't spend half his fortune to save it.

And isn't so wounded when it fails...

...that he goes into hiding.

Have a good evening, Mr. Wayne.

WAYNE: Mind if l cut in?

Thank you.


-You don't seem happy to see me. -You were supposed to be a shut-in. l felt like some fresh air.

Why didn't you call the police? l have a powerful friend who deals with things like this.

That's a brazen costume for a cat burglar.

Yeah? Who are you pretending to be?

Bruce Wayne, eccentric billionaire.

-Who's your date? SELINA: His wife's in Ibiza.

She left her diamonds behind, though. Worried they might get stolen. lt's pronounced "Ibiza."

You wouldn't want these folks realizing you're a crook, not a social climber.

You think l care what anyone in this room thinks of me? l doubt you care what anyone in any room thinks of you.

Don't condescend, Mr. Wayne. You don't know a thing about me.

Well, Selina Kyle, l know you came here from your walk-up in Old Town.

A modest place for a master jewel thief.

Which means that either you're saving for retirement...

...or you're in deep with the wrong people.

You don't get to judge me because you were born in the master bedroom of Wayne Manor.

-Actually, l was born in the Regency Room. -l started out doing what l had to.

Once you've done what you had to, they never let you do what you want to.

Start fresh.

Ugh. There's no fresh start in today's world.

Any 1 2-year-old with a cell phone could find out what you did.

Everything we do is collated and quantified. Everything sticks. ls that how you justify stealing? l take what l need from those who have more than enough. l don't stand on the shoulders of people with less.

Robin Hood? l think l'd do more to help someone than most of the people in this room. Than you.

You think maybe you're assuming a little too much?

Maybe you're being unrealistic about what's really in your pants other than your wallet.


You think all this can last? There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.

You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits...'re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large...

...and leave so little for the rest of us.

You sound like you're looking forward to it. l'm adaptable.

Those pearls do look better on you than they did in my safe.

But l still can't let you keep them.

MAN: You-- You scared her off!

Not likely.

Must have lost my ticket.

-Your wife said you were taking a cab home. -My wife?

Just you, sir?

Don't worry, Master Wayne.

Takes a little time to get back in the swing of things.

Bruce Wayne, as l live and breathe.

What brings you out of cryo-sleep, Mr. Wayne?

You haven't lost your sense of humor.

Even if you have lost most of my money.

Actually, you did that. lf you funnel your entire R and D budget...

...into a fusion project that you then mothball...

...your company is unlikely to thrive.

What are my options?

Well, if you're unwilling to turn on the machine.... l can't. l can't, Lucius.

Well, then sit tight.

Your majority keeps Daggett at bay...

...while we figure out a future for the energy program with Miranda Tate.

She has supported the project all the way.

She's smart. And quite lovely.

We all just want what's best for you, Bruce.

Show her the machine. l'll think it over.

Anything else?

Nope. Why?

These conversations used to end with an unusual request. l retired.

Mm-hm. Well, let me show you some stuff anyway.

Just for old times' sake.

WAYNE: l figured you'd have shut this place down.

FOX: Oh, it was always shut down, officially.

WAYNE: All this new stuff.

FOX: After your father died, Wayne Enterprises set up 14 different defense subsidiaries.

For years, l've been shuttering and consolidating...

...all the different prototypes under one roof.

-My roof. -Why?

Keep them from falling into the wrong hands.

Oh, now you're just showing off.

Defense Department projects for tight geometry urban pacification.

Rotors are configured to maneuver between buildings without recirculation.

What's it called?

Oh, it has a long, uninteresting Wayne Enterprises designation. l just took to calling it the Bat.

And, yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black.

Works fine, except for the autopilot.

Takes a better mind than mine to fix it.

Better mind?

Well, l was trying to be modest.

A less busy mind.



ALFRED: ls it really painful? -You're very welcome to try it, Alfred.

Happy watching. Thank you, sir.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

lf you're seriously considering going back out there... should hear the rumors surrounding Bane.

WAYNE: l'm all ears.

There is a prison in a more ancient part of the world.

A pit where men are thrown to suffer and die.

But sometimes a man rises from the darkness.

Sometimes the pit sends something back.

WAYNE: Bane. -Bane.

Born and raised in hell on earth.

-Born in a prison? -No one knows why, or how he escaped.

But they do know that once he did...

...he was trained by Ra's Al Ghul, your mentor.

Bane was a member of the League of Shadows?

And then he was excommunicated.

And any man who is too extreme for Ra's Al Ghul is not to be trifled with. l didn't realize l was known for trifling with criminals.

That was then.

And you can strap up your leg and put your mask back on...

...but that doesn't make you what you were. lf this man is everything that you say he is, then the city needs me.

The city needs Bruce Wayne.

Your resources. Your knowledge. lt doesn't need your body, or your life.

That time's past.

You're afraid that if l go back out there, l'll fail.

No. l'm afraid that you want to.



TRADER: You can't short the stock because Bruce Wayne goes to a party.

Wayne coming back is change. Change is either good or bad. l vote bad.

On what basis? l flipped a coin.

lt says rye-- l said no rye, man.

Hey, rookie, lose the helmet. We need faces for camera.



Come on. Let's go scalping.

Come on.


MERCENARY 1 : Everybody down, now!

This is a stock exchange. There's no money you can steal.

BANE: Really? Then why are you people here?

SECURITY CHIEF: Everybody, stay back! Go down to the end of the block!

We have an emergency situation!

You gotta get in there!

This is a hostage situation.

No, this is a robbery. They have direct access to the online trading desk. l'm not risking my men for your money.

We have to ask you to move. We have a situation. lt's not our money, it's everybody's.

Really? Mine's in my mattress.

You don't put these guys down, that stuffing in your mattress might be worth a whole lot less.

Cut the fiber cable and take out that cell tower.

SECURITY CHIEF: Thank you. FOLEY: That'll slow them down.

COP: Move back!

All the way! Go! Sir, get back, please!

They cut the fiber.

Cell's working.

BANE: For now.

Get all these barriers up. All of them up. No one gets in or out of any of these streets.

Where am l supposed to move it?

Back it up.

All right, just stay in your vehicle, okay?

BANE: How much longer does the program need?

Eight minutes.

BANE: Time to go mobile.

MERCENARY 1 : Everybody, up!


You two, move!

BANE: Thank you.

FOLEY: Steady.


SNIPER: l've got something.

SECURITY CHIEF: Hold your fire, they've got hostages.

Hold your fire!



Go, go!

HOSTAGE 1 : Please! Just let me go!

Hey, please! Hey!

Shoot the tires.

There's no shot.

Now back off. Back off, they've got hostages.

MAN [ON TV]: --P.D. are pursuing the four suspects through downtown... response to a hostage situation.

What's going on with the lights?


VETERAN COP: lt can't be.

What the hell was that?

Oh, boy, you are in for a show tonight, son.

HOSTAGE 2: Please! Help, help, help!




Put that thing away before you hurt yourself. Get in!

Let's go. You, get in the car. They've spotted the Batman.

Call everyone in. Every car patrol, beat cop, off-duty too.

Pull them in now. l'm gonna do what Jim Gordon never could.

-What's that? -l'm gonna take down the Batman.

MAN 1 [OVER TV]: --are confirming four suspects are carrying two hostages...

...kidnapped from the Gotham Stock Exchange.

-Reports from the eyewitnesses-- MAN 2: Scott, dead center of your screen.

MAN 1 : What do you see? MAN 2: I see Batman.

MAN 1: Hard to believe, but the suspects are now being pursued... what appears to be the Batman.

Well, what do you know?

Sir, what about the armed robbers?

HOSTAGE 1 : Please! Just let me go! Please!

SPOTTER [OVER RADIO]: One bike's pulled off. No hostage. Should we pursue?

Negative. Stay on the Batman.

-He's getting away. -Who do you wanna catch?

Some robber, or the son of a bitch who killed Harvey Dent?

MAN 1 [OVER TV]: --the entire upper west hill...

...Central Heights and East Park Side areas.

DAGGETT: Eight years, and he has to pick tonight.

He's drawing the cops off Bane.

HOSTAGE 1 : Please! Just let me go!





COP [OVER RADIO]: We lost him.

How could you lose him?

COP: He's got a lot of firepower.

What, and you don't?

COP: He's heading back downtown.

Then he's as dumb as he dresses.

Close it off, gentlemen.


Like a rat in a trap, gentlemen.

You might have the wrong animal there, sir.

You sure it was him?

STRYVER: Bane says the Batman interfered, but the task was accomplished.

What about the men they arrested?

He said, and l quote, "They would die before talking."

Where does he find these guys?

Open the champagne.

And can we get some girls in here?

CATWOMAN: Careful what you wish for.

Cat got your tongue?

You dumb bitch.

Nobody ever accused me of being dumb.

You're dumb for coming here tonight.

[DAGGETT GROANS] l want what you owe me.


Want doesn't get.

Nice outfit. Those heels make it tough to walk?

-l don't know. -Aah!

Do they?

-So where is it? -Where's what?

The program. The "clean slate."

The ultimate tool for a master thief with a record.

BODYGUARD: Hold it right there!


Where is it?

The clean slate?

Where you type in someone's name, date of birth... a few minutes they're gone from every database on earth?

-Sound a little too good to be true? -You're lying!

Rykin Data took it to prototype stage.

That's why l bought them.

But they had nothing. lt was a gangland myth.

CATWOMAN: Stay back!

l'm not bluffing!

BATMAN: They know.

They just don't care.

You've gotta be kidding me.

-No guns. No killing. -Where's the fun in that?

My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men.

This isn't a car.

See you around.

You're welcome. l had it under control.

Those weren't street thugs.

They were trained killers. l saved your life. ln return, l need to know what you did with Bruce Wayne's fingerprints.

Wayne wasn't kidding about a powerful friend. l sold his prints to Daggett...

...for something that doesn't even exist.

-l doubt many people get the better of you. -Hey, when a girl's desperate....

-What's he gonna do with them? -l don't know...

...but Daggett seemed pretty interested in that mess at the stock market.


Miss Kyle?

So that's what that feels like.

l see from the television coverage that you got your taste for wanton destruction back. l retrieved this.

Aren't the police supposed to be investigating, then?

-They don't have the tools to analyze it. -They would if you gave them to them.

One man's tool is another man's weapon. ln your mind, perhaps. But there aren't many things you can't turn into a weapon.

Alfred, enough. The police weren't getting it done.

Perhaps they might have if you hadn't made a sideshow of yourself.

-You thought l didn't have it in me. -You led a bloated police force on a chase...

...with a load of fancy new toys from Fox.

What about when you come up against him? What then?

-l'll fight harder. l always have. -Look. His speed, his ferocity, his training. l see the power of belief. l see the League of Shadows resurgent.

You said he was excommunicated.

By Ra's Al Ghul.

Who leads them now?

Ra's Al Ghul was the League of Shadows and l beat him.

Bane is a mercenary. We need to find out what he's up to.

Trades of some kind. Coded.

And my fingerprint, courtesy of Selina Kyle.

Get this to Fox.

He can crack the code and tell us what trades they were executing.

l'll get this to Mr. Fox, but no more. l've sewn you up, l've set your bones, but l won't bury you. l've buried enough members of the Wayne family.

-You'll leave me? -You see only one end to your journey.

Leaving is all l have to make you understand.

You're not Batman anymore. You have to find another way.

You used to talk about finishing, about a life beyond that awful cave.

Alfred, Rachel died knowing that we had decided to be together.

That was my life beyond the cave. l can't just move on.

She-- She didn't. She couldn't.

What if she had?

She-- l can't change that.

What if before she died she wrote a letter...

...saying she chose Harvey Dent over you?

And what if... spare you pain...

...l burnt that letter?

How dare you use Rachel to try to stop me? l am using the truth, Master Wayne.

Maybe it's time we all stopped trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day.

-l'm sorry. -You're sorry?

You expect to destroy my world...

...and then think that we're gonna shake hands?

No, no, no. l know what this means.

What does it mean? lt means your hatred.

And it also means losing someone that l have cared for...

...since l first heard his cries echo...

...through this house.

But it might also mean saving your life.

And that is more important.

Goodbye, Alfred.



-Answering your own door? -Yeah.

Page three.

Seems you made a series of large put options on the futures exchange...

...verified by thumbprint.

Those options expired at midnight last night.

Long-term, we may be able to prove fraud. But for now, you're completely broke...

...and Wayne Enterprises is about to fall into the hands of John Daggett.

The weapons. We can't let Daggett get his hands on Applied Sciences.

Applied Sciences is all locked up and off the books.

The energy project, however, is a different story.

Miranda Tate.

Let's convince the board to get behind her. Let's show her the reactor.

We're meeting her there in 35 minutes, so you better get dressed.

MIRANDA: You brought me out here to show me this, Mr. Fox?

FOX: Bear with me, Miss Tate.

Please keep hands and feet inside the car at all times.

This is it, isn't it?

The reactor is beneath the river... it can be instantly flooded in the event of a security breach. ls Bruce Wayne really that paranoid?

FOX: l'm gonna plead the fifth on that one.

WAYNE: l thought you might like to see what your investment built.

MIRANDA: No fossil fuels.

Free clean energy for an entire city.

MIRANDA: Three years ago, a Russian scientist published a paper...

...on weaponized fusion reactions.

One week later, your reactor started developing problems. l think this machine works.

Miranda, if it were operational, the danger to Gotham would be too great.

Would it make you feel better to know that the Russian scientist...

...died in a plane crash six months ago?

Someone will work out what Dr. Pavel did.

Someone will figure out a way to make this power source into a nuclear weapon. l need you to take control of Wayne Enterprises...

...and this reactor.

To do what with it?


Until we can guarantee its safety.

And if we can't?

Decommission it. Flood it.

Destroy the world's best chance for a sustainable future? lf the world's not ready, yes.

Bruce, if you want to save the world, you have to start trusting it. l'm trusting you.

Doesn't count. You have no choice. l could have flooded this chamber at any time. l'm choosing to trust you.



All right, ladies and gentlemen. This meeting will now come to order.

DAGGETT: l'd like to point out that we have a non-board member here...

...which is highly irregular, even if his family name is above the door.

Bruce Wayne's family built this company.

And he himself has run it. lnto the ground, sir! Does anybody disagree? Check the share price this morning.

Crazy gambling on futures has not only cost Mr. Wayne his seat...'s cost us all a lot of money.

And he has to go. l'm afraid he has a point, Mr. Wayne.

Now, back to business.

MAN 1 : Mr. Wayne, over here! MAN 2: How's it feel to be one of the people?

Mr. Wayne, they're towing your car! l didn't know what to do, they had paperwork.

Looks like you need a ride, huh?

MAN 3: Wayne, we'll give you a ride!

How the hell did Miranda Tate get the inside track on the Wayne board?

She been meeting with him? Sleeping with him?

-Not that we know of. -You don't know much of anything, do you?

-Where's Bane? -We told him it was urgent.

-Where is that masked--? BANE: Speak of the devil...

...and he shall appear.

What the hell is going on?

BANE: The plan is proceeding as expected. DAGGETT: Oh, really?

Do l look like l'm running Wayne Enterprises right now?

Your hit on the stock exchange, it didn't work, my friend.

And now you have my construction crews going around the city at 24 hours a day.

How exactly is that supposed to help my company absorb Wayne's?

BANE: Leave us. -No. You stay here. l'm in charge.

BANE: Do you feel in charge?

l've paid you a small fortune.

BANE: And this gives you power over me?

What is this?

Your money and infrastructure have been important...

...till now.

What are you?

BANE: l'm Gotham's reckoning.

Here to end the borrowed time you've all been living on.

You're pure evil.

BANE: l'm necessary evil.

DAGGETT: No. No, no, no!


BLAKE: When you started, why the mask?

-To protect the people closest to me. -But you were a loner, right?

-You didn't have any family? -There are always people you care about.

You just don't realize how much until they're gone.

The idea was to be a symbol.

Batman could be anybody.

That was the point.

-Well, it was damn good to see him back. -Not everybody agrees.

-They'll figure that out in the end. -You got anything on Bane's whereabouts?

Yeah. l got 500 pages of tunnel records and a flashlight. l could use some help, actually.

You know what? Drop me in Old Town.

WAYNE: Hey, hey, hey. l don't think so!

JEN: That's the way this works! WAYNE: l don't think so!

-That is the way-- SELINA: He's not a mark.

And he doesn't have a cent to his name, anyway.

Yeah, it's not much. But it's more than you've got right now.

Actually, they're letting me keep the house.

The rich don't even go broke the same as the rest of us, huh?

My powerful friend might hope to change your mind about leaving.

-And how would he do that? -By giving you what you want.

-lt doesn't exist. -He says it does.

He wants to meet tonight.


He needs to find Bane. Says you'd know how.

-Tell him l'll think about it. -Okay. l like your place.

Mr. Wayne?

l'm sorry they took all your money.

No, you're not.

FOLEY: Can we help you, officer? -Uh, yeah.

John Daggett's body was just found in a Dumpster about an hour ago.

-Thought you might want to know. -Why?

His name's all over these permits l just pulled to, uh, map the tunnels under Gotham.

That's MTA maintenance, uh, sewer construction, couple of other things.

Where did you get to with the tunnel searches?

Remind me to tell detail to keep hotheads out.

We've had teams down there. lt's a huge network.

Well, get more men. Work a grid. l want him found.

Yeah, the, uh, masked man. We're on it.

Lose the uniform, you're working for me now.

We could use some hotter heads around here.

-Sir, that could also be a coincidence. -You're a detective now, son.

You're not allowed to believe in coincidence anymore.


MIRANDA: Nobody's answering.

No. l'm on my own now.

Do you have keys?

Never needed them.

Hope you didn't like me for my money.

MIRANDA: Suffering builds character.

l'll take care of your parents' legacy, Bruce.

Who's this?

Where's Alfred?

He left...

...taking everything.

What's that?

My power's been shut off.


WAYNE: You're good at that.

When l was a child, we had almost nothing.

But on the nights when we had a fire, we felt very rich indeed. l assumed your family was wealthy.

Not always.

Not when l was young.

An old mistake. l've made a few myself.

More than a few.

We could leave.


Take my plane, go anywhere we wanted.

Someday, perhaps.

Not tonight.

Don't be shy.

Wayne says you can get me the clean slate.

-That depends. -On what?

On what you want it for. l acquired it to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Still don't trust me, huh?

How can we change that?

Start by taking me to Bane.

You asked.

From here, Bane's men patrol the tunnels.

And they're not your average brawlers.

BATMAN: Neither am l.

-He's behind you. -Who?


MERCENARY 1 : What do you think you're--?

CATWOMAN: Just a little further.

l had to find a way to stop them trying to kill me.

You made a serious mistake.

BANE: Not as serious as yours, l fear.


BANE: Let's not stand on ceremony here...

...Mr. Wayne.

Peace has cost you your strength.

Victory has defeated you.



BANE: Theatricality and deception, powerful agents to the uninitiated.

But we are initiated, aren't we, Bruce?

Members of the League of Shadows.

And you betrayed us.

BATMAN: "Us"? You were excommunicated... a gang of psychopaths.

BANE: l am the League of Shadows.

And l'm here to fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny.

You fight like a younger man.

Nothing held back.

Admirable, but mistaken.

Oh, you think darkness is your ally?

But you merely adopted the dark. l was born in it.

Molded by it. l didn't see the light until l was already a man.

By then, it was nothing to me but blinding!

The shadows betray you because they belong to me!

l will show you where l have made my home...

...whilst preparing to bring justice.

Then l will break you.

Your precious armory.

Gratefully accepted. We will need it.

Ah, yes. l was wondering what would break first.


Your spirit...

...or your body.

Get me Commissioner Gordon. l got a line on the congressman's kidnapping.

-Excuse me, miss. -Uh, yes? l'm gonna need to see your ticket and identification, please.

Oh. Do you mind?

l showed your picture to the congressman. Guess what.

Don't tell me. Still in love?

Oh, head over heels. Pressing charges, though.

You've made some mistakes, Ms. Kyle.

-Girl's gotta eat. -And you have an appetite.

Why would you run? You can't hide with a record like this.

Maybe it's not you l'm running from.

Who then? Bane?

What do you know about him?

That you should be as afraid of him as l am.

We can offer you protection.


When l spotted you, l was looking for a friend of mine. Bruce Wayne.

Did they kill him? l'm not sure.


Why didn't you just...

...kill me?

BANE: You don't fear death, you welcome it.

Your punishment must be more severe.



But not of your body.

Of your soul.

Where am l?

BANE: Home.

Where l learned the truth about despair.

As will you.

There is a reason why this prison is the worst hell on earth:


Every man who has rotted here over the centuries...

...has looked up to the light and imagined climbing to freedom.

So easy.

So simple.

And like shipwrecked men turning to seawater from uncontrollable thirst...

...many have died trying. l learned here there can be no true despair without hope.

So as l terrorize Gotham...

...l will feed its people hope to poison their souls. l will let them believe that they can survive... that you can watch them clambering over each other to stay in the sun.

You can watch me torture an entire city.

And then when you have truly understood the depth of your failure...

...we will fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny.

We will destroy Gotham.

And then, when it is done...

...and Gotham is...


...then you have my permission to die.




GUARD: You're locking her up in here?

The Dent Act allows non-segregation based on extraordinary need.

First time she broke out of women's correctional, she was 1 6.

INMATE: Little closer, baby.

Why, honey? You wanna hold my hand?


She's gonna be fine.

FOX: l still don't see the need of a board meeting for the energy project.

MIRANDA: Bruce got a lot of things right.

Keeping the board in the dark was not one of them.

BANE: How good of you to join us.

Chair. President.

All l need now is one more ordinary board member.

Mr. Fox, would you like to nominate?

FREDERICKS: No. l will volunteer.

FOX: Where are you taking us?


You were right, commissioner. Will you excuse us, please?

What happened?

Your masked man kidnapped the Wayne Enterprises board.

He let most of them go, but he took three into the sewers.

No more patrols. No more hide and seek.

Get every available cop down there and smoke him out!

The mayor won't want panic.

So it's a training exercise.

l'm sorry l didn't take you seriously.

GORDON: Not you.

You're telling me the Batman's gone... you chase up the Daggett leads any way you can.

Yes, sir.


He asks how much you would pay us to let you die. l told him. l told him you have nothing.

Do it for the pleasure.

They pay me more than that to keep you alive.


He will try the climb.


WAYNE: Has anyone ever made it?

Of course not.



He says there is one who did.

A child.

A child born in this hell.


An old legend. Nothing more.

WAYNE: Don't.

Whatever it is they want you to see, it's happening soon.

MERCENARY: Fire in the hole!


BANE: Turn it on.

l only need one other board member. There are eight others waiting. l won't do it.

MIRANDA: All right, stop.

Lucius, you'll kill this man, and yourself...

...and you'll barely slow them down.



BANE: Go on, then. Do your work.

Take them up to the surface.

People of their status...

...deserve to experience the next era of western civilization.

BLAKE: l've been to half of Daggett's cement plants and locations they poured underground.

GORDON [OVER PHONE]: Anything strange about the pourings?

Honestly, commissioner, l don't know anything about civil engineering.

But you know about patterns. Keep looking.

PAVEL: lt's done.

This is now a 4-megaton nuclear bomb.

BANE: Pull the core out of the reactor.

PAVEL: No, you cannot.

This is the only power source capable of sustaining it. lf you move it, the core will decay in a matter of months.

BANE: Five, by my calculations.

And then it will go off!

BANE: And for the sake of your children, Dr. Pavel...

...indeed l hope it does.

Hey. Hey!

That was you in front of the stock exchange, wasn't it?

-When? -When?

When cops were trying to pull onto Castle Street and your truck was shutting them out.

-Oh, yeah. You're the cop. -Detective now.

And, uh, as a detective, we're not allowed to believe in coincidence.

What were you doing here? What are you working on?

Commissioner, it's Blake. l got two dead witnesses and a lot of questions. Call me whenev--

Wait a minute. l'm looking at four barrels of polyisobutylene.

That looks like motor oil right next to it.

Jesus, they're not making cement. They're making explosives.

-Patch me in to Foley. DISPATCH: Foley's overseeing the operation.

They're heading into a trap!

REPORTER: We're seeing thousands of police heading into the sewers.

-Mr. Mayor? Literally thousands. -lt's a training exercise, that's all.

Now if you'll excuse me, l've got tickets to watch our boys thrash Rapid City.

-Foley. BLAKE: lt's a trap! Pull everyone out!

Bane has been pouring concrete...

-...laced with explosives! -Where?

[SINGING] Oh, say, can you see By the dawn's early light What so proudly we hailed At the twilight's....

BLAKE: There's a ring around the tunnels! They'll blow it and trap the cops underground!

Pull them out. Pull them out now!

SINGER: Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming And the rockets' red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through--

BANE: That's a lovely, lovely voice.

--that our flag was still there Oh, say does that star-spangled banner Yet wave O'er the land of the free And the home of the brave



BANE: Let the games begin.




COP 1 : Everybody okay?

COP 2: Let's move! Move, move! COP 3: Go, go!

BANE: Gotham...

...take control.

Take control of your city.

-Foley. -Jesus, Blake.

Every cop in the city's in those tunnels.

Not every cop.


Sir, are you okay? l'm a police officer. l need your car right now.



Clear the corners, rookie.

Get my coat, son.

BANE: This....

This is the instrument of your liberation.

ANALYST: Satellite shows a radiation spike.

Whatever it is, it's nuclear.

BANE: ldentify yourself to the world.

Dr. Leonid Pavel, nuclear physicist.

Pavel was confirmed dead.

Plane crash on an agency pull out of Uzbekistan, but.... lt looks like it's him.

BANE: And what...? What is this? lt's a fully primed neutron bomb...

...with a blast radius of six miles.

BANE: And who is capable of disarming such a device?

Only me.

BANE: Only you.

Thank you, good doctor!


Now, this bomb is armed!

And this bomb is mobile!

And the identity of the triggerman is a mystery.

For one of you holds the detonator!

Now, we come here not as conquerors...

...but as liberators, to return control of this city to the people.

And at the first sign of interference from the outside world...

...or from those people attempting to flee...

...this anonymous Gothamite...

...this unsung hero, will trigger the bomb.

For now, martial law is in effect.

Return to your homes, hold your families close...

...and wait.

Tomorrow, you claim what is rightfully yours.

GENERAL: Pull back the fighters.

Start high-level reconnaissance flights.

Get the president on the line.

MERCENARY 1 : Tanks and planes cannot stop us from detonating our device.

Send an emissary to discuss terms of access for supplies and communication.

CAPTAIN: How many of you are there, son?

You don't have enough men to stop 1 2 million people from leaving this island.

No. No, we don't.

But you do.


Now, why the hell would l try to help you keep your hostages? lf one person crosses this bridge...

...Gotham gets blown to hell.

The people of our greatest city are resilient.

They have proven this before, and they will prove it again.

We do not negotiate with terrorists...

...but we do recognize realities.

As this situation develops... thing must be understood above all others.

People of Gotham, we have not abandoned you.

What does that mean? lt means we're on our own. l have to get in front of a camera.

They will kill you the second you show your face.

Bane says he's giving Gotham back to the people. They need to know l could lead.

Bane's not gonna let that happen.

Then he'll show his true colors.

And you'll be dead.

BANE: Behind you stands a symbol of oppression.

Blackgate Prison...

...where a thousand men have languished...

...under the name of this man:

Harvey Dent.

Who has been held up to you... the shining example of justice!

We're just gonna keep moving you till we can get you in front of the camera.

BANE: You have been supplied with a false idol to stop you...

...tearing down this corrupt city!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

BANE: Let me tell you the truth about Harvey Dent.

From the words of Gotham's police commissioner...

...James Gordon:

"The Batman didn't murder Harvey Dent.

He saved my boy...

...then took the blame for Harvey's appalling crimes... that l could, to my shame... a lie around this...

...fallen idol.

l praised the madman who tried to murder my own child.

Well, l can no longer live with my lie. lt is time to trust the people of Gotham with the truth...

...and it is time for me to resign."

And do you accept this man's resignation?


And do you accept the resignation of all of these liars?

Of all the corrupt?

BLAKE: Those men locked up for eight years in Blackgate...

...and denied parole under the Dent Act, it was based on a lie.

Gotham needed a hero.

Well, it needs it now more than ever, but you betrayed everything you stood for.

There's a point far out there when the structures fail you...

...when the rules aren't weapons anymore...

...they're shackles, letting the bad guy get ahead.

One day, you may face...

...such a moment of crisis.

And in that moment, l hope you have a friend like l did... plunge their hands into the filth, so that you can keep yours clean!

Your hands look plenty filthy to me, commissioner.

BANE: We take Gotham from the corrupt!

The rich!

The oppressors of generations...

...who have kept you down with myths of opportunity.

And we give it back to you...

...the people.

Gotham is yours!

None shall interfere. Do as you please.

But start by storming Blackgate and freeing the oppressed!

MAN: Open it!

BANE: Step forward, those who would serve...

...for an army will be raised.

The powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests...

...and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure!

Courts will be convened.

Spoils will be enjoyed.

Blood will be shed!

The police will survive... they learn to serve true justice.

This great city... will endure.

Gotham will survive!




He says you must first fix your back.

WAYNE: How does he know?

PRISONER: He was the prison doctor.

He's a morphine addict who incurred the displeasure...

...of powerful people, including your masked friend.


Many years ago, it was a time of plague.

Some of the other prisoners attacked Bane.

The doctor's fumbling attempts to repair the damage...

...left him in perpetual agony.

The mask holds the pain at bay.

Bane was the child you spoke of?

He was born here?

The legend is that there was a mercenary who worked for a local warlord.

He fell in love with the warlord's daughter.

They were married in secret.

When the warlord found out...

...the mercenary was condemned to this pit.

But then he exiled him instead.

The mercenary understood that it was the daughter who had secured his release.

But what he could not know was the true price of his freedom.

She took his place in the pit.

And she was with child...

...the mercenary's child.

lnnocence cannot flower underground. lt has to be stamped out.

One day, the doctor forgot to lock the cell.

But the child had a friend...

...a protector who showed the others that this innocence was their redemption. lt was to be prized.

The mother was not so lucky.


This is Bane's prison now. He wouldn't want this story told.


There's a vertebra protruding from your back. lt has to be put back.


Stay like this until you stand.

RA'S AL GHUL: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Did you not think l would return, Bruce? Hmm?


l told you l was immortal.

l watched-- l watched you die.

Oh, there are many forms of immortality.

Once, l had a wife... great love.

-She was taken from me. -You were the mercenary.

Bane is your child.

Your heir.

An heir to ensure the League of Shadows fulfills its duty... restore balance to civilization.


You yourself fought the decadence of Gotham for years...

...with all your strength...

...all your resources, all your moral authority.

And the only victory you could achieve was a lie.

Now you understand. Gotham is beyond saving.


-And must be allowed to die. -No!

PRISONER: Yeah, just lift your head.

Oh, that's good.

No, no!

JEN: What's that? SELINA: This was someone's home.

JEN: And now it's everyone's home.

There's a storm coming, remember? This is what you wanted.


lt's for the bus, in case there's a chance to evacuate.

Any news? ls the commissioner--?

The less you know, Father. How are the boys doing?

REILLY: Well, we've had more power on, so they've got some TV. lt's good to see you.

Blake, you be careful out there. They're hunting down cops like dogs.

Why build yourself?

WAYNE: l'm not meant to die in here. -Here, there. What's the difference?



l told you it could not be done.

You told me a child did it.


But no ordinary child.

A child born in hell.

Forged from suffering.

Hardened by pain.

Not a man from privilege.

ANALYST: We got boots on the ground, sir.

Just waiting on intel.

You have ID?

Of course not.

-Well, how can we trust you? GORDON: We don't have any choice.

Commissioner Gordon. Captain Jones, Special Forces.

Captain. Glad to have you here. lt's our job, sir. Now, uh, how many of you are there?

Well, there's dozens. l'd rather not say exactly.

But the men trapped underground number almost 3000.

JONES: Condition? GORDON: Getting food and water.

JONES: Can we break them out? BLAKE: Yes, sir.

Take out the mercenaries south of Ackerman Park.

Blow the rubble, make a hole big enough for 1 0 at a time. l'm in contact with my partner who's down there. They're just waiting.

-Men who haven't seen daylight in months? -Officers who haven't seen daylight in months.

What about the bomb? Satellite can't pick up radiation hot spots.

GORDON: They keep it on a truck. lt must have a lead-lined roof.

-They move it constantly. JONES: Good. So you know the truck?

GORDON: Well, it's one of three. We've been tracking it.


-You don't really think he's coming back? -Doesn't matter what l think.

Actually, it does. You should put your faith in something a little more real.

GORDON: The routes don't vary much. JONES: Okay. What about the triggerman?

No leads. lt's a bluff. Bane wouldn't give control of that bomb to someone else.

We can't take that chance. Until we have the triggerman, we just track the device.

And meanwhile, Gotham lives under a warlord, like some failed state?

Dial it back, officer. This situation is unprecedented.

-We can't do anything to risk millions of lives. -You gonna tell him what's really going on?

Captain, the situation is more complicated than you think.

There's someone you need to meet.

Came upstairs looking for a vantage point. Found the people who run the corporation.

What corporation?

Wayne Enterprises. You good?

Mr. Fox, would you like to brief the captain?

Miss Tate's fully aware of the situation.

And as CEO of Wayne Enterprises, l have to take responsibility for it.

-Why? -We built it.

You built the bomb? lt was built as a fusion reactor. First of its kind.

Bane turned the core into a bomb and removed it from the reactor.

-Here's the important part. -As the device's fuel cells deteriorate... becomes increasingly unstable... the point of detonation.

This bomb is a time bomb.

And it will go off in 23 days, regardless of Bane's revolution...

...or what we, or the outside world, choose to do.

So your plan might not be as practical as you thought.

-Could you disarm it? -l could reconnect it to the reactor. Stabilize it.

-Let's move from this location and call it in. -Right. Let's go.

No, no, we'll take it from here. You stay and look after these folks.



Someone sold us out.

Go, go, go!

l'll die before l talk.

BANE: l'm on your schedule, captain.


MERCENARY: There were people living upstairs.

BANE: Round them up for judgment...

...and hang them where the world can see.

REPORTER: Police have cordoned off the entire Central Heights and East Park Side areas... well as Merchant and South Shoreline Boulevards in an attempt--


He says the leap to freedom is not about strength.

My body makes the jump.

[IN ENGLISH] Survival is the spirit. The soul.

My soul is as ready to escape as my body.

Fear is why you fail.

No, l'm not afraid. l'm angry.



THOMAS: Bruce.

Why do we fall?


BLIND PRISONER: You do not fear death.

You think this makes you strong. lt makes you weak.


How can you move faster than possible...

...fight longer than possible...

...without the most powerful impulse of the spirit?

The fear of death. l do fear death. l fear dying in here...

...while my city burns.

There's no one there to save it.

Then make the climb.



As the child did...

...without the rope.

Then fear will find you again.

Ah, supplies for your journey?

Oh, that's wonderful. That's....


What does that mean?





No, there's been a mistake!

Take me to Bane!

l want to see Bane!

CRANE: Order!

This is a mistake! Where is Bane?

CRANE: There's been no mistake, Mr. Stryver.

You are Philip Stryver...

...executive vice president of Daggett lndustries...

...who for years has been living off the blood and sweat...

...of people less powerful than him.

Call Bane. l am one of you.

CRANE: Bane has no authority here. This is merely a sentencing hearing.

Now, the choice is yours.

Exile or death!


CRANE: Order!

Exi-- Exile.


To the man in the cold sweat.

You follow the thick ice.

You try to swim, you're dead in minutes.

Has anyone made it?

GORDON: Where are they? lt's not like we have a lot of time.

VETERAN COP: How long?

The bomb goes off tomorrow.

-We have about 1 8 hours to do something. -To do what?

GORDON: To mark the truck. Get a GPS on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down.

That's it?


-Where's Foley, damn it? -You shouldn't be out on the streets.

-Jim, he's not here. -You let your wife come to the door?

-When the city's under occupation? -Wait in the kitchen, honey.

What did you do, bury your uniform in the backyard?

You saw what they did to those Special Forces.

Have you forgotten all the years we were out on patrol?

When every gangbanger wanted to plant one as soon as our backs were turned?

That was different. These guys run the city. The government's done a deal with them.

Bane's got their balls in a vice. That's not a deal.

You move on Bane, the triggerman is gonna hit the button.

You think he's given control of that bomb to one of the people?

You think this is part of some revolution?

There's one man with his finger on the button. That's Bane.

Look, we've all got to keep our heads down till they can fix this.

-lf you still had a family here-- -This only gets fixed from inside...

...the city!

Look, Peter. l'm not asking you to walk down Grand in your dress blues, but something has to be done.

-Sorry, Jim. l gotta-- -Keep your head down?

What good's that gonna do when that thing blows?

You don't know that's gonna happen.


MIRANDA: l hear you're looking for men, commissioner.

How about me instead?

Miss Tate, l, uh, can't ask you to do that.


GANGBANGER: You little punk! What'd you take?

KID: Nothing! l didn't take anything!

You steal from us, you little bastard?

Now, you boys know you can't come into my neighborhood without asking politely.

Never steal anything from someone you can't outrun, kid.

WAYNE: You're pretty generous for a thief.

-l thought they killed you. -Not yet.

-lf you're expecting an apology, l-- -lt wouldn't suit you. l need your help.

And why would l help you?

For this. Clean slate.

You'd trust me with that?

After what l did to you? l'll admit, l was a little let down.

But l still think there's more to you. ln fact, l think that for you...

...this isn't just a tool. lt's an escape route. You want to disappear. Start fresh.

-l can't even get off this island. -l can give you a way off...

...once you get me to Lucius Fox.

Find out where they're holding him and take me in.

Why do you need Fox?

-To save the city. -Who says it needs saving?

Maybe l like it this way.

Maybe you do...

...but tomorrow that bomb's going off.

Got your powerful friend on the case? l'm trying...

...but l need Fox.

As it approaches...

...flip the switch.

The needle hits 200, you give me the signal, l'll mark the truck. Okay?

Heads up, heads up.

-l got it. -Mercenaries on your 6.

MERCENARY: Stand still! Keep your hands where we can see them!

Commissioner Gordon, you are under arrest.

GORDON: On whose authority?

The people of Gotham.

No lawyer? No witnesses? What sort of due process is this?

CRANE: Your guilt has been determined, this is merely a sentencing hearing.

Now, what will it be?

Death or exile?

Crane, if you think we're going out onto that ice willingly... have another thing coming.

Death, then.

-Looks that way. CRANE: Very well.

Death... exile.


BANE: Bring her to me.

ROSS: Hey, we're going now. Blake says they're ready! Get your gear on!

Hey, you hear me? We're going now. Let's do it.

MERCENARY 1 : Find this one a spot, got a big day tomorrow.

MERCENARY 2: We all do. lt's not every day you bag Bruce Wayne.

-Bruce. WAYNE: You okay?

Picked a hell of a time to go on vacation, Mr. Wayne.

How long until that core ignites?

-That bomb goes off in 12 hours. -Unless we can reconnect it to the reactor.

-Can you get Miranda out of here? -Not tonight. l'm sorry.

-Do what's necessary. WAYNE: Tonight l need you.

FOX: What for? -To get me back in the game.

Sorry to spoil things, boys, but Bane wants these guys to himself.

-l won't forget about you, Miranda. -l know.

l like your girlfriend, Mr. Wayne.

He should be so lucky.

Any move l make on Bane or the bomb...

...the triggerman sets it off.

FOX: Well, they won't use radio or cell. Too much interference. lnfrared doesn't have the range. lt'll have to be a microburst. Longwave.

-Could you block it? -Yes.

But l'll need the EMP cannon guidance mount from the Bat.

Remember where you parked?

She fly okay?

Yeah, even without the autopilot.

-Thanks. -Autopilot? That's what you're there for.

ROSS: Okay. lt's clear. Come on, quick. One at a time.


COP 1 : Wait, wait!

COP 2: Ross!

COP 3: Ross?

-Lock it up. COP 3: No, keep down.

COP 4: Get down!

Who are you?

BATMAN: Light it up.

BOY: Dad, check it out. MRS. FOLEY: Honey, come take a look.

BANE: lmpossible.

Keep her close.

He'll come for her.

BATMAN: Where's Miranda Tate?

Bane took her.

He's holed up at city hall, surrounded by his army.

This blocks the remote detonator signal to the bomb.

Get it onto it before sunrise. They might hit the button when it starts.

When what starts?



You missed a spot.

-lf you're working alone, wear a mask. -l'm not afraid to be seen standing up to them.

The mask is not for you. lt's to protect the people you care about.

Count to five, then throw.


No offense, but you got something bigger in that belt?

-What now? -All-out assault on Bane.

But you need to get people across the bridge.

-Why? -ln case we fail.

Lead an exodus. Save as many lives as you can.

You don't need me here?

You've given me an army.

Now go.

Hey, thanks.

Don't thank me yet.

Well, l might not get a chance later.

You shouldn't have.

BATMAN: The midtown tunnel's blocked by debris...

...but the cannons have enough firepower to make a path for people.

Wait until the fighting begins.

You're gonna wage a war to save your stuck-up girlfriend?

To start it, throttle--


-l got it. -We have 45 minutes to save this city.

No, l've got 45 minutes to get clear of the blast radius.

-You don't stand a chance against these guys. -With your help, l might. l'll open that tunnel, then l'm gone.

There's more to you than that.

Sorry to keep letting you down.

Come with me.

Save yourself.

You don't owe these people any more.

You've given them everything.

Not everything.

Not yet.


Disperse or be fired upon!

There's only one police in this town.


BANE: Open fire.


-Here it comes! -Get ready!

BANE: So you came back to die with your city.

No. l came back to stop you.


That's impossible.

Cut over to Fifth!

Here you go. Get on the bus. Go ahead.

You, come with me. You too.

Hey, you, you, and you, come here, come here.

Everyone else get on the bus, okay?

You guys, you go knock on doors and spread the word, okay?

The bomb is gonna go off. Get out by the South Street tunnel or over the bridge.

You do two blocks and you get back to the bus, all right?

Go, go, go! ls he back?

Keep your eyes open. Go, go.



BATMAN: Cover the doors!

Where's your trigger?!

Where is it?!

You'd never give it to an ordinary citizen!

Where is it? Where's your trigger?


Where is it?! Where is it?!

Tell me where the trigger is.

Then you have my permission to die.

BANE: l broke you.

How have you come back?

You think you're the only one who could learn the strength to escape?

Where's the trigger?

BANE: But l never escaped.

But the child.

The child of Ra's Al Ghul made the climb.

MIRANDA: But he's not the child of Ra's Al Ghul.


And though l'm not ordinary...

...l am a citizen.

BATMAN: Miranda?



My mother named me Talia, before she was killed...

...the way l would have been killed, if not for my protector...



TALIA: l climbed out of the pit.

l found my father...

...and brought him back to exact terrible vengeance.

But by that time...

...the prisoners and doctor had done their work to my friend.

My protector.

The League took us in.

Trained us.

But my father could not accept Bane.

He saw only a monster.

His very existence was a reminder of the hell he'd left his wife to die in.

He excommunicated Bane from the League of Shadows.

His only crime was that he loved me. l could not forgive my father.

Until you murdered him.


He was trying to kill millions of innocent people. lnnocent is a strong word to throw around Gotham, Bruce.

l honor my father by finishing his work.

Vengeance against the man who killed him is simply a reward for my patience.

You see...'s the slow knife...

...the knife that takes its time.

The knife...

...that waits years without forgetting...

...then slips quietly between the bones.

That's the knife...

...that cuts deepest.



Maybe your knife...

...was too slow.

MERCENARY: The truck is under attack.

Gordon. You gave him a way to block my signal.

No matter.


He's bought Gotham 1 1 minutes.


Come on!

This way!

COP: Stay there! What are you doing?

Blake, MCU! l'm getting these boys to safety!

You'll get us all killed! lf anyone crosses this bridge, they'll blow the city! lt's gonna blow anyway! We need to open this bridge, now!

Detective, if you take one step forward we will shoot you! lf you take two steps forward, we will blow the bridge!

Okay, go back by the bus and wait for me, all right? Go back and wait.

TALIA: Prepare a convoy. We must secure the bomb until it detonates.

Don't kill him, l want him to feel the heat.

Feel the fire of 12 million souls you failed.

Goodbye, my friend.

BANE: Goodbye.

Keep moving forward! Flank them at the stairs!

Shoot them.

Shoot them all.


BANE: We both know that l have to kill you now.

You'll just have to imagine the fire.


About the whole no-guns thing...

...l'm not sure l feel as strongly about it as you do.

Pull up.

Stay level.

We have to force that convoy east to the entrance to the reactor. l need you on the ground, l'll be in the air. Go.

The situation has changed. Your orders are out of date. l'm a cop, like you, and l'm walking out there.

Please do not shoot me!

Shoot at his feet.

Nothing like a little air superiority.

Detective! Please stop!

Please, detective! Stop!

Stop walking!

Blow it! Do it!

You have to get that bomb here. You've got 1 0 minutes.

They're pushing us to the entrance of the reactor.

They're gonna try to reconnect the core.

You idiots!

You sons of bitches!

You're killing us!

Yeah, follow your orders!

All right, boys. Get in a circle. Bow your heads.

lt's on my side.



BLAKE: Hey, Father! Let's get everyone back on the bus, okay? Go, go, go!

-Back on the bus! -There's nowhere to go.

On the bus!

FOX: You've got to turn the truck east!

Stay straight!


Give me a hand! We can get a cable on it!

Fox showed me how to override the reactor.

Oh, dear.

[ALARM WAILING] lncluding the emergency flood.

TALIA: There's no way...

...this bomb...

...will be stopped.

What are you doing?

Protection from the blast. We're gonna be all right! lt's an atom bomb!

Think they need to hear that? Let them die without hope? Come on!

Prepare yourselves.

My father's work... done.

GORDON: What are you doing? BATMAN: l can get it out over the bay!

CATWOMAN: Set it to fly out over the water, then eject?

BATMAN: No autopilot.

You could've gone anywhere, been anything. But you came back here.

So did you. l guess we're both suckers.

-l never cared who you were. -And you were right.

Shouldn't the people know the hero who saved them?

A hero can be anyone.

Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring... putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know...

...the world hadn't ended.

Bruce Wayne?

Come on! There you go! Okay, you too. Come on, Father.

Hey, heads down! This is it!

-No. -No, that's Batman!


That's detonation!

lt's out over the bay! Clear of the city!


GORDON: "l see a beautiful city...

...and a brilliant people...

...rising from this abyss. l see the lives for which l lay down my life...


...useful, prosperous and happy.

l see that l hold a sanctuary in their hearts...

...and in the hearts of their descendants...

...generations hence.

lt is a far, far better thing that l do...

...than l have ever done. lt is a far, far better rest that l go to...

...than l have ever known."


ALFRED: l'm so sorry. l failed you.

You trusted me...

...and l failed you.

Can l change your mind...

...about quitting the force?

You know what you said about structures becoming shackles?

You were right, and l can't take it. The injustice. l mean, no one's ever gonna know who saved an entire city.

They know. lt was the Batman.

LAWYER: Mr. Wayne's will was not amended to reflect his more modest estate.

Nonetheless, there are considerable assets to dispose of.

The contents of the house are to be sold to settle the estate's accounts...

...and the remainder is left in its entirety to Alfred J. Pennyworth.

The house and grounds are left to the city of Gotham on condition that...

...they never be demolished, altered or otherwise interfered with...

...and that they shall be used for one purpose, and one purpose only:

The housing and care of the city's at-risk and orphaned children.

My clerk can help with the smaller correspondences and instructions.

BLAKE: Blake, John.

-Nothing here. -Uh, try my legal name.

You should use your full name. l like that name.

-Robin. -Thanks.

SCIENTIST 1 : Why worry about the stabilization software?

This entire autopilot system's completely obsolete.

Please, l just need to know what l could've done to fix it.

But, Mr. Fox, it's already been fixed. Software patch. Six months ago.

Check the ID on the patch.

SCIENTIST 2: Bruce Wayne.

-Any news on the missing item? -Not yet.

They better leave no stone unturned.

We can't leave a string of pearls on the manifest as lost.