The Dark Red (2018) Script

[eerie music builds]


[unintelligible radio talk]

[radio talk continues]

[car engine stops]

[birds chirping]

[knocking on door]


[door creaks]

[flies buzzing]

[grunts in disgust]

[flies buzzing]

[distant child coughing]


[eerie music builds]






You're safe.

Come on.

That's a girl.



[cries] Mommy.

Okay, now.

[cries] Mommy!

I know, baby. I know.

[music continues]


[birds chirping]

[pensive music]


[bird chirps]

[bird chirps]

[door closes]

[bird chirps]

[recorder beeps]

Good morning.

I'm Dr. Jackie Deluce.

I'll be in charge of your therapy from here on out.

How long have you been out of intensive care?

Nine days.

And how're you feeling?

Well, I know one thing, I know you gotta be sick of people asking you questions, yeah?

Sick of being held against your will, too?

You're on clozapine.

And you know you need to take that even if you're feeling better?

I know.

Are you feeling better?


Are you hearing anything or seeing anything out of the ordinary?

Anything that shouldn't be there. Nope.

So why are you here?

You don't belong here?

It's all some big mistake, something like that?

[softly] Fuck you.

You wanna leave, I get it.

I'm not the one forcing you to stay.

I'm the one who gets you out.

But in order to help you, I need to be sure you really are okay, no longer a threat to yourself or anyone else, Sybil.

May I call you Sybil?

Just how do you determine that exactly?

What sort of calculations do you run to see whether I can get out of here or not, hmm?

What the fuck could you possibly know about me?

I know you lost your baby.

You wanna talk about that?

I didn't lose my baby.

My baby was taken.

Why don't you come tell me about it?

[Sybil] I was eight months pregnant.

They drugged me.

Took me to a room underground, an operating room.

Cut me open.

And when I woke up...

he wasn't in me anymore.

How long had you been off your medications?

Two weeks, about that. Don't do that.

I'm just eliminating variables.

One of those variables is your medical history-- Medical history of difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary.


I was pregnant.

I had to stop.

Did you get pregnant before or after your mother died?


Katherine died about a year ago.

She was killed in her car.

She was killed?

[bird chirps]

When did Katherine adopt you?

When I was 16.

It's all in the file, I'm sure.

Well, I've read your file, I'd like to hear you tell your own story.


[coughs] Um...

Katherine was a case manager for the Department of Health and Human Services.

Her office got a call, anonymous tip, from this woman who said her baby was in danger.

I guess I wasn't on top of the stack but, uh, eventually Katherine was sent out to investigate.

I had been alone for three days, dehydrated, severe rash.

There were no birth records.

That's all I know.

Early childhood trauma. You should jot that down.

She eventually adopted me.

Katherine was always trying to protect me.

She and Dr Morales.

[Dr. Deluce] Dr. Morales?

What are you drawing?

Bad people.

Bad people?

Don't want bad men to get me.

Did you know that there's a special place?

A place that's just for you that no bad people can get you.

A place where nobody can get in or out unless you say so.

You get to decide where that place is.

Do you wanna go find that place right now?

[light piano music]

¶¶ Is this your safe place?

[Sybil] He was always trying to protect me.

From the people who took your baby?

Same people that killed Katherine?

You're not listening.

I'm listening.

You're dismissing.

You're asking questions based on a preconceived analysis.

Two events.

Your pregnancy and your mother's death both happening at the same time.

That's relevant.

I don't need another therapist.

What'd you need?

I need to leave.

You think I can just tell the administration to let you out.

That's not how this works.

Someone has to present your case.

[inhales] That person is me.

I got pregnant the night of my mother's funeral.

Excuse me, Miss Warren?

Very sorry, we need to collect the service now.

Okay. Thank you.

[faint organ music]


[door opening]

I think I missed it.

The service, it looks like I missed it.

My flight was delayed, I wanted to make it.

Uh, yeah, it ended a few minutes ago.

I'm s-- I'm sorry, I'm-- I'm David Holyfield.

Sybil Warren.

I know, it's good to meet you.

My family funded Katherine Warren's non-profit for years, so...

I, um...

I really wanted to be here today but I thought I'd... thought I'd take a second and introduce myself.

Uh, well, um, thank you for that. Yeah.

I know it meant a lot to her.

Everyone's at the reception.

Oh, okay.

Are you gonna go?

[nervous chuckle] I'm sorry. It's been a hell of a day.

I can only imagine.

I don't like crowds so I'm just...


[laughs] Do you want to get a coffee or something?

[laughs] No...

I'm sorry I don't mean to make this weird but I, uh...

That'd be nice.

I could use the company.

Okay, great.

[Sybil] I felt drawn to him.

You were grieving.

Yes, but I wasn't feeling grief.

[Dr. Deluce] What were you feeling?

[Sybil] True isolation.

[light piano music]


I needed to be touched.

I needed to feel the skin of another human being

pressed against mine.

I needed to feel their warmth.

His heat, his heart beating against mine.

[dramatic music builds]


[door opens/closes]

[Dr. Deluce] You thought he'd abandoned you.

But he came back.

[Sybil] Yeah.

Young grieving woman, no family, no friends, compensates for a lack of a sense of belonging by fucking some stranger.

You should write that down.

Or maybe he brought you to life?

You fell in love.

He was the first time I remember not feeling alone.


we belonged together.

Even then he was, I guess, the idea of the possibility of family.

A real family.

[Dr. Deluce] What did his family think of you?

[Sybil] They didn't know about me, not yet.

[Dr. Deluce] How about his friends?

[Sybil] He didn't have any friends.

I mean, I didn't either.

We were just two loners, we didn't need anybody else, we had each other.

It was just the two of us.

I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant?

[Sybil] He made me feel like I was at the center

of the universe.

I remember the day he proposed to me.

It was like a dream.

Like time stopped.

I didn't expect this.

I never expected to fall in love either.


Nothing. Just...

[Sybil] I didn't want my baby to end up like me.

Schizophrenia has a strong hereditary component--

You have a one in ten chance.

What did you tell him?

All of it.

I told him my real secret.

Your secret?

The voices, the visions.

They're real, you know.

Suddenly awake and asleep at the same time.

Like a nightmare and I can hear their thoughts.

I have flashes of what they want, what they need.

And what they're scared of.

Is it like you see their aura or their mood or is it like empathy?

It's physical.

It's very real.


Have you ever talked to anybody about-- I've seen multiply doctors.

Starting at the age of three, I've been... called bipolar, schizophrenic, delusional.

I've been prescribed a dozen different medications and 50 different cocktails.

Some of them work better than others.

Some of them drowned it out.

I can hear people's thoughts.

What about me?

Can you hear what I'm thinking right now?

Can you hear my thoughts?

No, I can't hear your thoughts.


It's part of why I like you.

Try. Read my mind.

I can't.

Just every now and then, it doesn't happen very often, but it's like they're blocked or... foggy somehow.

[chuckles] It's-- It's rare.

Everyone else, it's like a pool filled with red water.

And I just fall in.

Can you show me?

[whimsical music]


Ten o'clock, the girl in the purple coat.

See if you can hear her.

[faint echoes]


She just found out she's pregnant.

Excuse me, I'm conducting a research study on women right around your age.

Sorry to intrude.

Any chance that you... may be pregnant?

I can't help you.

I'm sorry.

[sighs] I don't know.

I mean, maybe you have good intuition but are you reading her mind?

I don't know. She's also going to meet her fiancé but she wants to get drunk first because she feels guilty for sleeping with her boss and doesn't know whose kid it is.

Why don't you ask her about that?

[Dr. Deluce] And this ability is related to your blood.

Very rare blood type. Correct?

Look, I know that you're not inclined to believe me and I understand that a history of mental health issues is relevant.

The fact that I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the past does not negate the fact that my baby was taken ten days ago.

Sybil, where are we right now?

Look around.

I need you to consider the possibility that there are other explanations for the voices you hear and the images you see.

Of course, I mean, one explanation is that I'm completely fucking insane.

Can you hear my thoughts right now?

Take me off the meds.

David was supportive, right? He believed you.

Yeah, I thought so.

But something was wrong.

It was the baby talking to me.

I mean, I don't know how but that's what it was.

I could hear it and see what it saw.

Not just a feeling but literally hear and see it.

We were connected.

What do you think it wanted?

To warn me.

[ghostly echoes]

[Dr. Deluce] Tell me about the trip.

Tell me about the incident.

[whimsical music]


[Sybil] He tried to keep me from his family.

He wouldn't talk about them, always changing the subject.

I'd say we should call them and he refused.

[cellphone vibrating] I remember the day I answered his phone.

[Dr. Deluce] You talked to his parents?


[Sybil] They'd never left the country.

He'd been lying.

[over telephone] - Is this Sybil?

Yes, it is.

[Dr. Deluce] How did you respond?

[Sybil] I was upset.

[unintelligible arguing]

And demanded that he introduce me, that we were gonna have a child, their grandchild.

[unintelligible arguing]

After our argument David apologized.

Said that he just wanted to keep me to himself

as long as possible.

That he was afraid of what I would think of him

after I saw where he came from, his family.

Should have been a red flag.

But you let things like that slide

when you're afraid of losing something you love.

I insisted that he introduce me.

Tell me he'd drive to his parents' house together.

[whimsical music]


We were gonna tell them that we were getting married.

And, like it or not, for the first time in my life

I was gonna have a family.

[seat belts click]



This is, uh, this is Sybil.


Nice to meet you. How are you, dear?


Hello, Father.

Sybil, my dear. [chuckles]

[Rose Holyfield laughs]

You have made my son a new man.

And I can see why. [Rose] Yes.

You have a rare and beautiful light in your eye.

Oh, just gorgeous. Just beautiful.

And this.


Oh, I'm sorry. It's okay.

It's just active today.

[Rose Holyfield laughs]

You have made us so very happy, my child.

So very, very happy. [Rose Holyfield laughs]

But I'm rambling.

Let's get this poor girl inside.

[Rose] How was the drive?

[Sybil] Oh, it was lovely...

[whimsical music]


[speaking indistinctly]

[family chattering indistinctly]

The Creek Indians, before the...

I'm getting my Indians mixed up here.

The Creek are before the Cherokees moved in.

They wanted to hunt here to take it over. I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

The fighting was brutal.

The rivers were said to have, literally, run red.

To this day they call it Slaughter Gap and Blood Mountain overlooks it.

Our family were some of the early English settlers.

Always vying for position with the Spanish and then the French but we kept our ground and then we found gold.


The mines are still here right underneath us.

But, uh, what about the Cherokee?

Well, they didn't do so well.

Oh, the Trail of Tears, I guess.

And that's enough of the history lesson today.

Sybil, please, tell me about your pregnancy.

How are you feeling?

Hot. Some morning sickness, fainting spells but nothing really-- Wait.

Fainting spells?

I mean, I guess you could call them that.

Blackouts, really, but nothing serious.

I just... need to pace myself sometimes.

Whoo. Are you okay?

Hmm, yeah, it's just really moving around.

Restless, I think.

She is special.

You can tell.

I'm really not.

You have a gift, my dear.

[David sighs]

I told them.

Not sure that I understand-- I told them about you.

I told them about... about... about you.

What did you tell them about me, David?

I asked you to be delicate.

[David and Rose arguing] I was delicate.

It's the only thing I said but you're making her uncomfortable.

No, I'm not.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Father, please, I don't want you to...

You don't want to what, David?!

Then why did you come here at all, hmm?

It's okay.

No, Sybil. It's okay.

I'm glad that you told them. You don't understand.

Really, it's fine.

This is...

This is awkward.

I'm glad you told them, David.

Because we're gonna be a family Mm-hmm. and I don't want any secrets.

And I also don't want you to think that I'm crazy or be frightened by me.

[Rose Holyfield laughs] Us? Frightened by you?

[Rose] Of course not.

But, may I ask, are you sure?

Oh, God. Please. Are you sure it's real?

Yes, I'm sure.

Wonderful. Just incredible.

And can you...

Can you see what we're all thinking now? Stop.

You don't have to answer this question.

Are you hearing something right now?

Don't make her feel uncomfortable.


No, actually.

You know...

I can't read David either.


Sometimes I wonder if it's connected to a person's chemical make-up somehow, like, maybe their genes.

I mean, I know how to use it.

And I know it works but that is not to say that I completely understand exactly how it works.

Well, I think it's fascinating, dear.

And you needn't be ashamed of it, at least not with us.

It makes you, you.

Your parents are great.

[all laugh]

David was so nervous to take me here.

I have no idea why.

[Rose and William laughing] Oh, goodness. Me either.

I can't believe that you guys are-- are, are so wonderful.

It's amazing.

[Rose] We're just glad you're here.

You have to wonder if more people were able to see what you see, it would make the thing so much easier to understand.

Stronger communications. Deeper ties.

It would change everything.

[Rose] What about the dangers of such a power.

I don't want to do this. Let's not make a scene, David.

I don't wanna do this.

I mean it, I don't wanna do this.

It was a mistake. David, just relax, it's no big deal.

We made a mistake coming here. I made a mistake...

Darling, what are you talking about?

We are so fortunate... Just have a glass of wine.

[indistinct conversation]

Calm down.

[distorted voices]

...Your ability, Sybil.

[indistinct conversation]


What's wrong?

Somethings wrong. What have you done to her?


[intense music]


[mouthing words]

[eerie music builds]


[unintelligible speaking]

[light piano music]


[Sybil] Married?

[Dr. Deluce] Divorced.

[Sybil] I'm sorry.

[Dr. Deluce] Me too.

[Sybil Do you remember your first kiss?

Yes, actually.

And what do you remember?

The sound of their voice? The light?

Their breath?

Yes, most of that, I suppose.

It's a strong memory.

If that's what you're getting at.

It was raining.

I remember the rain tickling my face.

Do you have kids?

What's it like?

What's that?

Holding your baby for the first time.

I think we should stick with your therapy.

What's it like?

It's indescribable.

What do you remember?

He smelled sweet.

Like cookie dough.

It's always the smells.

Smells are our strongest memories, don't you think?

You're lucky.

To have such a memory.

It's not real.

I'm sorry?

Your brain recreates that moment.

Every time you remember it.

You mind, literally, rebuilds it all over again every time.

Did you know that?

I did know that, yes.

So, every time you remember your first kiss or the first time that you held your baby it changes.

It's like a painter repainting the same scene over and over again every time from scratch.

Okay, sure.

So, your first kiss isn't really your first kiss.

It's something else.

It's your brain rebuilding it.

Every time just a little less accurate.

Maybe it was raining.

Maybe it wasn't.

Maybe your baby did smell like cookie dough.

Maybe it didn't even exist.

If you think about it too much, you'll stop trusting yourself.

You won't believe any of your memories anymore.


But what I am telling you.

It's the truth.

[thunder rumbling]

It happened.

I have no doubt that you have experienced real trauma, Sybil.

Nothing is clearer to me but what I am suggesting is that perhaps we need to find some scenario-- Don't patronize me.

I'm telling the truth!

I think maybe we should stop for today.


I want you to hear it.

All of it and then I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you think I am lying!

[dramatic music]


[indistinct murmuring]

[eerie music whirring]


[indistinct conversation]

[eerie music pulsing]


Where's my baby?

[light switch clicks]

[door lock clicking]


[eerie music building]


[grunts in effort]

[gasps in pain]

[grunting in effort]

[metal pan clangs]

[dramatic music pulsing]


[grunts in effort]

[tile clinking]

[dramatic music builds]


[distant bang]

[footsteps approaching]

[door locks clicking]

[thud] Ah!

[Sybil grunts in effort]

[thud] Ah!


[Sybil whimpering]

[heartbeat pounding]

[ghostly echoes]

[eerie music builds]


[Sybil sobbing]

[footsteps on wet ground]

[thud] [grunts in pain]


[Sybil] I crouched in the darkness.

Hid in the shadows.

Waited for a chance to escape.

[water whooshing]

What do you see?

She must have squeezed through.

That's impossible.

[chains rattling]

[birds chirping]

[whimpering] [grunting]

[river water running]

[distant dog barking]

[distant footsteps]

[dramatic music]


[echoed] - Stop.

[echoed] Help me.

[bird chirps]

Let's talk about the hospital.

What happened when you woke up.

Well, you know, I had to get out of there.

My baby was still alive.

He was far away, but... he's trying to reach me.

How'd you know that?

[heartbeat pounding]

[Sybil] I could feel him.

[Dr. Deluce] What happened next?

[echoed] - Wake up.

[indistinct echoes]

[echoed] Find me.

[echoed] Help me.

[grunts in effort]

You need to stay in bed.

- It's alright. Go! - Take it easy.

[Sybil] No, no, I have to go.

- Ma'am, it's okay.

[Sybil] No, I have to go.

- Ma'am, I'm telling you, you can't go anywhere

unless me or another nurse is with you.

You need to stay in bed and get some rest.

What's going on here?

She got out of her bed and tore the IVs out of her arm.

Well, if she wants to leave, you gotta let her leave.

Excuse me.

Who are you? I'm her physician.

And what exactly--

Has it been seven hours between rotations?

Is that some kind of a joke?

I was on my way down the hall.

Who prescribed the magnesium sulphate?

Dr. Bleacher. I--

Are you trying to kill this patient, is that what's going on here?

Because I look at these dosages and all I can think to myself is that you're trying to kill her, Nurse...?

Hudson. Okay.

This woman is coming with me, alright?

I'm the floor manager. What's going on?

Oh, good. I am this woman's physician and she is leaving with me.

No, sir, I'm so sorry, that is not possible.

I'm not gonna let her spend one more second under this inept care, okay?

I will file the paperwork on my way out to transfer.

I need proof that you're a doctor.

Am I your physician? Yes.

Do you want me to take you out of this hospital immediately?

Yes. Yes, I do.


That is patient consent.

Now this woman has a history of schizophrenia That being said... and you have had her done up in here for eight hours!

Security! Keep going. Go, go, go.


It's this way. Come on.

Where are we going? We need to go to the police.

We're not going to the police.

There's something that you need to hear.

There is a corollary between your blood type and your abilities.

You weren't the only one.

Right now, I believe, that there is a group of people and they have an enormous amount of resources and they are very, very interested in your blood type and the abilities that it carries.

And they are willing to kill and kidnap to get it.

Alright, now, Katherine Warren knew this, Okay?

I showed her the evidence, alright?

That's why she moved you around from place to place.

She was protecting you.

You must have picked up on this.

Her death was not an accident.

They got to her.

Just like they got to you and they're gonna keep coming until it's done.

Several months ago, when you started seeing David, I dug into his background.

Searched the public records for David Holyfield and his family and I didn't find anything, Sybil.

How is that possible?

Unless his identity is false.

A week later they asked me to resign at the hospital.

And when I said no, they simply fired me and the medical board revoked my license.

I don't think that's a coincidence.

Look, none of this changes the facts, alright?

You have to run.

They have my son.

You have to hide.

You have to go as far from here as you possibly can. I'm not gonna run!

Okay. Okay.

You're right. Alright?

We'll get your baby back.

But not now, not like this.

You need time to heal, alright?

You need to come up with a strategy.

Come up with a plan, get off the grid.

You know, get off their radar.

Give yourself time to collect your strength, your wits.


What happened next?

You know what.

He put me in this psych ward, that's what.

At the time I thought he was betraying me.

That maybe he was even one of them, but now...

I know that he was just trying to protect me.

To get me somewhere safe.

Off the grid.

He knew I needed to calm down make rational plans.

So, you're off the grid now then?

Not for long.

When you tried to make contact with Dr Morales when you called him from the hospital, what happened?

I called his cell phone, not a working number.

Called his house.

Someone else answered.

Said I had the wrong number.

But I know what happened.

Okay, now I need to know something.


Are you gonna help me?

Or are you gonna keep me in this cage?

What would you do if you were in my position?

I would help. Well, actually, it's my job.

But I'm not gonna bullshit you, most psychoanalysts in my position wouldn't spend more than ten minutes on your case.

Highly intelligent female.

Extreme early childhood trauma.

Extensive history of mental illness, psychotic delusions.

Lost her mother and then her baby in the same year.

Committed by her own doctor because she claims, that her baby was taken by an invisible cult because of her ancient bloodline or her superhuman ability to read minds.

[bird chirps]

Did you know that most patients suffering from schizophrenia were born in the winter?

Do you know that?

When I learned that I couldn't make sense of it but turns out that there is a reasonable correlation.

See that's when most in utero infections occur, which then increases the chance of disease in infants.

We get sick in the winter more than any other time of year and the same happens for pregnant women and then their babies have problems later on in life.

Nothing the babies did wrong or right, for that matter.

Their mothers were just pregnant during the winter.

Plain and simple.

My point is, Sybil, this is not something that you chose or you caused.

Genetics and environment conspired against you the same way they conspired against 17 million other people on this planet with your condition.

My condition?

You did not make yourself sick.

But with focus, medication, planning, a strategy, you can make yourself well, function in a normal capacity.

Make myself well.

And that starts today if you want it.

If I want it.



You're not gonna believe me no matter what I say.

The only way out of here is if I lie and tell you I'm nuts, made the whole thing up to handle the trauma and guilt of a stillborn.

Okay, you win.

I'm nothing. I'm nobody.

How could I even deserve to have a child and be a mother, have a family, to be normal?

Of course I don't.

Of course, I made the whole thing up to process it, to bury it.

Yeah, something like that, would that do it for you people?

First of all, Sybil, what happened was not your fault.

And second, right now, it's just you and me.

Sybil, look at me.

I am not they, I'm not abstract, I'm just me.

And I don't want you to lie.

I want you to find the truth.

And I know you're scared but it is okay to be scared.

I understand

'cos I lost my baby, too.

I know.

And I know you want to hide behind this.

This is different.

I know you don't believe me but this really happened.

It's real. Yes.

You had a caesarean.

The procedure was done at St John's Hospital.

I have the medical records.

From where?

Dr. Morales had them released the night you were discharged.

Those are not real.

I was never discharged.

He fabricated them. He falsified signatures.

Why, Sybil?

Why would he do that? To protect me!

What do the records say?

According to the records...

Say it.

Sybil, your baby died.

Right after childbirth.

[bird flutters/chirps]

But I could see it.

I could see the room where they were keeping him.

I could see it.

[Dr. Deluce] And where would that be?

Sybil, you want to believe that your baby is still alive but the truth.

What frightens you more than the horrifying events of your story is the idea that they never even happened.

That the Holyfield family is just a construct in your mind. No, no.

That David never came back that morning.

Sybil, we checked.

David Holyfield does not exist.

[sobbing] No!

[Dr. Deluce] Someone went home with you that night.

And you had intercourse and you got pregnant

but you never saw the man again, Sybil.

I even Google Mapped it.

There is no structure the size of the house you're describing in that area.

It's all national forest.

That's what our mind does to protect us.

It creates these fantasies, these delusions and they're wrapped one inside the other.

Everything you have told me, the man and the road and the ancient house

and the labyrinth and the all-seeing eye.

The mother and child, the chosen one.

Sybil, they are fragments.

They are building blocks of our collective unconscious.

These things belong to all of us but the details that you gave me, that is your creation to help you because that is how the mind works.

That's its job, that's how it processes trauma.

And it doesn't mean to hurt us, it's trying to help.

And it does, sometimes, it does for a while, it gets us through it, it helps us deal but there comes a time when you have got to wake up.

You have got to face the truth and it doesn't happen overnight but I am here.

I am here, I will help you through, I will help you to face it but, Sybil, I have got to know that you're here with me.

Are you here with me, Sybil?

I'm scared.

Sybil, do not confuse fear with sickness.

I know you're scared, it's okay to be scared.

Everybody is scared. You just need time.

[cries] [Sybil] My baby.

My baby.

[whispered] It's okay.

[whispered] It's okay.

[whispered] I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[bird chirps]

[Dr. Deluce] The patient is alert, oriented and responsive.

She's able to differentiate her perceptual disturbances

from reality

and is no longer reacting to internal stimuli.

And has demonstrated a willingness

to follow the specific guidelines

of continued medication and therapy.

[man 1] So, she's not dangerous?

[Dr. Deluce] No.

[man 2] Miss Warren, do you understand the guidelines

and your obligations once you're released?

Yes, I know what needs to be done.

[music box plays lullaby] ¶¶

[baby cooing]

[train horn sounding]

[dramatic music builds]


[grunts in effort]

[gun magazine clicks]


try not to lock your elbows.

[man talks indistinctly]

[military men yelling]

[man talks indistinctly]

[automatic gun fire]

[man talks indistinctly]

[gun shots]

[distant car engine starting]

[light piano music]


[alarm beeping]

[piano music continues]


[tense music]


[train passing] [train tracks clanking]

[distant car engine starting]

[car engine starting]

[dramatic music]


[dramatic electronic music]


[gun clicking]

[car engine starting] Okay, back in business.

Every single time I stop at a gas station I ask myself the same question.

How could an entire modern civilization be built on a finite flammable liquid that relatively few people control and that's in short supply?

My father used to say that, he used to say, "If you can tap something at its source and manage the supply, anything is possible."

That was him on the phone, you know.

They couldn't be more excited to see you, they really couldn't.

It's gonna be good. It's gonna be great.

It's good.

You okay?


Why the silent treatment? What's going on?


Are you still worried that my father's gonna--

[groans in pain]


Keep your eyes on the road.

[David breathing heavily]

Where's Kait-- where's Kaitlin, what have you done with her?

She's fine, she can thank me later.

Now just drive the fucking car.

What do you think you're gonna do here?

What-- [groans in pain]

[car tires squealing]

Just drive.

[David breathing heavily]

Take me to the house.

[car engine racing]

[car tires squealing]

[car engine racing] [grunts]

Break again... and I break your neck.

Where's the house?

Sybil, you don't just go to the house.

[gun hammer clicks]


[gun shot] [screaming in pain]

[car tires squealing]

Keep steady on the accelerator.

[breathing heavily] Just tell me what you want.

How far? How far to what?

The exit. How far to the turn off?

15 minutes.

And they're expecting you? Yes.

They'll be there?


And you were gonna do to her what you did to me?


They still have my baby.

You know, it's incredible, really, I loved you more than I thought was possible.

I loved you too, Sybil.

You were my first, my first one.

I couldn't do it, I wouldn't do it and I would never have done it.

But they threatened to kill you and me.

I'm not one of them.

I'm the same as you.

The same blood type, not as gifted but I'm the same.

And they took me like you, they took me when I was a chil--

[sobbing] when I was a child.

That's why they paired us so our baby would be pure.

But I'm not one of them, I'm the same as you.

I'm not their son.

I'm property, I'm a slave.

You had a choice.

I didn't have a choice.

You don't have a choice.

[David crying]

[car door closes]

[car engine starting]

[crying continues]

[intense music]


[car engine stops]

[tense music]


What's this all about?

[eerie sounds whirring]

[grunts in pain]

It's her!

We need to get inside.


[slow footsteps]

[gun shots]


[groans in pain]

[gun clicking]

[man breathing heavily]

You have no idea who you're up against.


This is such a waste of your ability.

It's pathetic!

If only you understood but you can't possibly.

[grunting in pain]

Your blood is special.

But you're not.

You're livestock, nothing more.

A beast for breeding.

[gun shot] [thud]

[dramatic music builds]


[labored breathing]

[eerie hissing]

[eerie whirring sound]

[echoes] [David] Sybil?

[labored footsteps]


[labored footsteps]

Where'd you go?

[echoed] You can't hide anymore.

So, I'm gonna give you a choice.

[Sybil shivering]

[echoed] There's nowhere you can hide.

[echoed] Did you know there is a place where no bad people can hurt you?

A place that only you know about.

[echoed] A special place that is only yours.

[dramatic music]


[echoed] Nobody can get in or out

unless you say so.

[door slams shut]

[scared breathing]

No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.


[gun clicks]

No. No, no, no, no!

Help me! Help me!

Somebody, help me!

[labored breathing]

That's our child, Sybil.

He's ours.

Sybil, please, listen to me, this isn't how this works.

There's no leaving, there's no escaping.

You don't just leave.

They'll bring you back, no matter how long it takes.

Please, Sybil, listen to me.

For us.

He's not our child.

He's mine.

[gun clicks]

[baby cooing]

[David breathes heavily]

[whimsical music]


[birds chirping]

[dramatic piano music]