The Darkest (2017) Script

This film should be watched in complete darkness.


Let's vote, now.

Who thinks the cat's dead?

You hit right in the middle of the box, of course it's dead.

Ok. Anyone else?

What do you think, Helena?

I don't know. I'd say it's dead.

I think it's still alive.

-Must be a trick, he didn't just kill a cat. -Shut up, what do you know?

He's weird.

It must be a trick, she says.

At least two of us think it's still alive.

But some of you think it just got stabbed.

If I can't open the box and check, we can currently see it as being both.

It's dead, and alive at the same time.

Isn't that weird?

The cat is either dead or alive sir. Just open the box and you'll know.

You're thinking in daily life terms.

The mesoscopic scale: in quantum physics, we think probability amplitudes.

If both states, the cat's life and death, are possible, then they exist.

They are parallel states.

It's alive, and it's dead at the same time.

He's definitely weird.

But you're right, it'd be interesting to open the box.

We'd then establish a measurement.

But in quantum physics, measurement generates problems... that we'll talk about later.

This is Gargoyle.

I borrowed it from your English teacher for this marvellous experiment.

I'm at the stairs

I know

You got a light?

Here ... thanks.

You got me a present?

What did you do? Why did you put Gargoyle in there?

What? To carry it, to carry the cat.

There isn't even a hole...

Would you like to be put in a box?

Well yeah, I like the dark. Darkness, silence, too.

You like the dark?

I like it in the dark too.

Can you please stop with your insinuations?

It's really annoying. -You're annoying.

You're a pain even.

I won't stop because you don't love your wife.

And I can see how you look at me.

I'll never cheat on her.

We're going through a rough path these days with Celine, but I'm going hiking with her tomorrow, not with you.

And I'm glad about it.

Wait, what does that mean, "dumbest"?

It means I'm stupid right? -No "dumbest", ends with "est", means you're the most stupid guy...

You want to know why I'm still with her?

At least she doesn't say I'm stupid.

Do you think he cheats on you, too?

Of course not, he's way too stupid.

That's no way to talk about your husband!

Have a little respect.

Yeah right. As if you respected him.

Oh yeah I respect Chritophe, by taking care of his wife.

By the way, I'd love to respect him over the week-end, ok? -Stop it, silly!

I won't be around, you'll go respect someone else.

Will you manage a whole week-end without seeing me?



That was a long yes. "Yes...". I know you.

A long yes means no.


Shit that's my mum.

Fred, shut up.

Hey mum.

Darling, what are you doing?

I'm with my girlfriend Fred, we're doing some shopping.

Are you coming over this week-end? The Vidals'll be here.

No we can't, Christophe's taking me hiking.

Hiking? You've always hated it!

Are you trying to patch things up? Are you guys ok?


Yes.... what does that mean?


Have you packed yet?

Slow down. And say hello first.

And then, don't worry, I'll be packed in no time, my stuff's here.

Let me take a look.

We travel light. There's the tent and meals to carry too.

Your charger?

Are you serious? -What?

Nothing. It's normal. A charger in the mountains. No electricity, no network.

Sun block? Is that necessary?

Because the whole point is to visit a cave.

Of course I take it, we'll walk before getting to the cave right?

Pepper spray...

You scared of me?

There'll only be the two of us.

I don't know... at night, people... a werewolf.

Ok you win, take whatever you want.

As for werewolves, they only get out when the moon is full, so you'll be safe.

There won't be a moon tomorrow, it's the new moon.

Hey that's my camera ! Be careful!

Wait Christophe, where are you going? -To the cave.

The path's here.

The cave's not on the path. I know it well, it's this way.

Did you tell anyone where we are? Do you have a compass?

A compass, good idea!

Don't you have the app on your cell?

Once at the cave the compass'd go nuts, because the rocks are full of iron oxide. -Full of what?

Celine! Stop being such a city girl.

I perfectly know the way.

City girl?

It's a trapdoor spider!

Christophe! Wait for me!

Are we there?



You said it'd be easy.

Just some hills you said.

We're almost there.

But we're not stopping.

You put your stuff in the waterproof bag, right?


It's not going to rain, is it?

What the fuck?

What the fuck!

How's the water?

You're an asshole!

What the hell?

It's the only way around here.

Don't worry, we'll take a different way back.

A longer way.

You're bloody nuts.

Good girl. You almost didn't grouse.


You're an asshole.

My Iphone!

Not my fault.

I asked about the waterproof bag. -My Iphone is ruined!


Don't be mad.

You wouldn't have jumped otherwise, honey.

Honey? Honey? Asshole!

Ok! Ok! Calm down. Alright.


Are you ok?

This is my cave.

It's just... fascinating.

You'll see. We'll visit it tomorrow.

A haven of simplicity.

It's not dark yet, you should switch it off.

I don't feel at ease, your mountain's full of noise.

The noise of nature.

The problem is you're used to car noise, so you're feeling lost here.

Let yourself be seduced,

Switch off your lamp, close your eyes, forget everything else.

Listen to the absence of men.

You know, camping is almost like meditation.

Are your eyes closed?


Try and forget viewing and touching things.

Hearing and smelling are all you have left.

I'm really trying, I swear... -Good.

Are you glad to be here?



Quiet now... let the sound in.

What? -Steps.

Step noise.

There's nothing.

Come on, you're just not used to it.

I didn't hear steps.

Don't you get changed?

What about the lamp? Do we let it on all night?

Exactly. You'd better not touch it.

I know what could make you at ease so we can switch it off.

I thought we should travel light?

Fuck, fuck!

What now?

What's going on?

I don't know.

Someone's crying.

There's someone right here.

There's no one Celine.

Stop it.

There's only crap noises around here, I'm freaking out.

Ok, I'll check it out. -No! What are you doing?

If someone's crying outside, he's probably not that dangerous.

So I go there, tell one or two jokes to cheer him up, and I'll be back.

-But you're not even funny. -Don't worry, I'll be back in 10 seconds.


Christophe! Please answer me!

Christophe! What was that?



Christophe! Where the fuck are you?

Where the hell were you? Fuck!

It's alright. Alright.

My phone's useless, I couldn't see.

And I hit stuff.

Why are you half naked? -We've got to go, there's blood, there's a lot of blood, look.

But... -It's nothing honey, nothing at all.

As I said, you're not used to altitude, and you're slightly delirious.

I'm not delirious! There was blood, there're fucking noises!

You know altitude means less dioxygen.

I read crazy stories about explorers on Mount Everest... and most UFO stories are set in the mountains, because the brain doesn't get enough blood.

The batteries... they won't last the whole night.


You're not so dumb that you don't have spares.

I have many spares.... indeed.

Great. Good night then.

Christophe! Christophe!

-What? -I heard someone scream, I swear.

Didn't you hear it? -No...

Don't give me your oxygen bullshit, that's not what this is!

-You must have been dreaming. -I only dozed off...

Go see, ok?


You want me to go out again? Seriously?

You just step out, right here...

You're so incredibly annoying...

I'm taking this... -No...

Yes. I'm staying right here as we said.

Don't worry. -Right here, right?

Right here?

Can you see anything?

Of course...not.

Celine, do you want me to go further?

No, no come back!

Just a few steps... -No!


Come back.


Are you ok?

Right there!

I saw it! I don't fucking know what it is!

Alright, alright.

I'm staying here, I get it.

Switch the light on! Switch it on, fuck!

Switch it on right now!

It's the batteries, they've been on for hours.

Get the bloody batteries!

I swear I'm dying here!

Don't worry, it's ok. I know precisely where I put them.

I only need a second.

Someone's here.

There's someone right here! That's bloody scary, who is it?

Shhh... I'm almost ready, honey.

Here are the batteries, no problem.

Didn't you hear noises again?

Calm down, calm down...


Can you hear it?

That's someone blubbering.

Where the fuck are you? Hold me!

Shit. Yes, I can hear it.

-I'm not crazy. -Must be an animal, I don't know.

Animals don't cry. Shut up and give me the fucking lamp!

The batteries are in but it doesn't work.

I swear you've better make it work.

Christophe, he's getting fucking closer! -Wait, it should work...

It's not easy, I can't see... how...

I'm scared.

My camera! We'll use the flash, take it.

It won't last long but...


Why doesn't it work? What the...?

Got it!

It's too short!

I'm sure the noise's getting closer!

What do we do? Talk to him? -The flash, several times.

Doesn't work!

It needs to reload, it's not that long. Just flash asap.

The flash, come on, do it again!

What the fuck? Are you nuts?

I wasn't the first one to scream...

Don't tell me it's an animal.

The flash, the bloody flash, we need to fix the lamp!

I'm scared.

Shhh... Panicking won't help.

Be quiet so we can hear...

We're safe as long as there are no footsteps.

Christophe! Fuck!

That noise was in the tent, I'm sure! -I don't know.

What the fuck was wrong with it?

I think I put the batteries backwards.

Backwards? Are you kidding me?

Fuck! You're a fucking physics teacher!

Do what you want, I don't give a shit, I... am out of here.

I'm not staying here while some crazy guy's trying to scare the shit out of us, and who us in.

Wait. Let's think first.

I'm out of here!

Celine, shit!

Shut up!

Celine, I can't see shit!



Bloody hell...


You can't be serious.

You don't know the way. And it's dark!




Celine? Celine? What happened ?



Christophe! Over here!



Christophe! Are you ok?

I saw you right here, you were... -I don't give a shit, come on let's go!

Ok, I know the way.

It won't be easy by night, but we'll manage.

I'll walk ahead, keep close.

What I saw was real, as if... as if someone had the power to...

I don't know...

What? -It's you.

Impossible, but...

Let's go.

I'm there too.

He wants us both.

"He"? Who's "he"?

I don't know.

But that's what he wants.


Are you ok?

Shit! I think my leg's broken!

I'm on my way!

No, wait! Stay up there!

Fuck off! I'm not staying by myself!

Stop it! We'll be in even deeper shit if you break your leg too!

Get back to the tent.

Get the rope from my bag and bring it back here.

Throw me the lamp !


What if you can't grab it?

Use the flash like before.

That won't work.

Yes it will.

At each flash you remember your surroundings, step by step.


It's just hallucinations, right?

I'm scared.

Because if it's only in our mind, we're safe, right?

The blood... when you touched it...

was it warm?

It means it's energy.

I don't know how, but if it produces energy, then it must be able to attack you.

Whoever it is, looks determined.

So if it attacks you, you defend yourself.

Where the fuck is it?

Christophe can you hear me?


You'll have to shout, I don't know where to go!

This way!


Over here!

Over here!

Celine! -Louder!

Over here!

This way!

Great honey.

Pay attention:

You must find a rock or a tree to fasten the rope, it must be steady.

Ok, I'm not dumb.


Come on.

Christophe! -Shit! Celine!

Watch out!

Watch out for what? What is it?

Celine! You have to go!


I can't climb up, I'll have to make a splint or something.

It's gonna be a while.

-No! No... -Listen to me.

I came here dozens of times and it was fine.

You're the one he wants first.

I'm safe here.

Where do I go?

I don't know the way, I can't see...

In my bag, my phone...

You won't see much but it's better than no light.

Just go, the important thing is to walk down.

Just run, don't stop. Down there you'll be able to call for help.

Come on, go!

What the fuck?

What do you want?


What do you want?



What are you doing here?

No wait, stay up there.

Don't do this!

I'm not staying up here alone! No way!

Be careful.


He wants to kill us both.

I think I know who he is.

He does your thing...

Don't you get it?

My thing?

I don't know...

Is it me?

As a child?

Doesn't make sense.

He's your son.

I don't know... a ghost...

You're the scientist, find an explanation. Energy whatever...

We don't have kids.

We almost did.

I had an abortion 9 years ago.

Christophe, I didn't tell you because... you'd've wanted to keep him.

You killed him.

And now he wants revenge.

I don't think we can avoid it.

He's determined.

We'll have to fight.

Here it is, you go first,

you walk, as bait, and I'll hit him.

We'll both have killed him once.







My love!

Are you ok?

My love? That's new!

What's all this? I don't get it.

The bodies...

What bodies? What did you see?

We are the bodies.

-No. -Yes that's us.

I saw you.

You'd been stabbed.

That's what he wants.

The other one's me.

The other one... was me?


It was...

It was you.

I've thought this through.

I think we're already dead,

just not in this universe.

I think there's another universe, where you didn't get an abortion.

That's total bullshit.

But I'm exhausted so... that's fine by me... fine by me.

It's a fascinating theory, that Einstein came up with.

For every choice we make in life, another universe's created.

So there are billions of parallel universes, for every possible choice.

But there shouldn't be any link between them.

Unless... the cave acts as...


Creates a link.

I don't know why, but in the universe, that we are connected to, the child we decided to keep,

hated us enough to decide to kill us.

He stabbed us in his own world,

and it looks like it wasn't enough.

Come on, go back there.




He won't come back.

He killed his mother there,

all he wanted was a gesture,

from his mummy.

Somewhere else, be forgiven.

That's his motivation.

Extreme motivation.

Beautiful too.

What I find weird, I mean, among other things,

is that he killed them, well he killed us, in our underwear.

Probably in bed.


What made him mad?

Maybe he caught us... doing it?

It must be traumatizing for a 9-year-old seeing his parents...

Catching us...

Or he was just nuts.

That's from the mother's side.

I've got something to tell you.

I suggest that in the end, we don't visit the cave.


I also have something to tell you.

I might be only for today, but...

I love you.

Me too.

But you agree not to have kids?

A film by Robin Entreinger