The Day After I'm Gone (2019) Script

Nothing ?

What about Talya, did you try her ?

No, it's been three days.

Let me know if you hear anything, okay ?

Thanks, Abigail.

Let's hope so.



We're ready.

Good Morning. Good Morning.

All set ? Do we have the x-ray ?

Let's get started.


Gloves ?

I can't see a thing.

Did you hear anything ?



Nothing ?


Listen, it's not normal. Don't you want to go to the police ?

I would go to the police.

It'll be fine, she'll be back.

No need to cause a commotion. I know her.

Get me a 5-0 stitch please.

Buddy, you can't be outside your vehicle here.

Yes... the boy threw the ball out. It'll take me a second to get it.

I understand, but what you're doing is very dangerous.

You're endangering the animals.

Sir, get back in your vehicle.

It's okay, I'm just getting the ball. It's right there.

No, you're not getting anything. Get back into your vehicle !

It'll only take a second, what's the problem ?

No problem yet. Get back in the vehicle.

I could've gotten it already ! Sir !

For the last time, please get back in the vehicle.

Have you ever seen a rhinoceros give a head-butt ?

I was just getting my kid's ball. What's with you ?

Do you know what I'd have had to do if one of them started running towards you ?

I would have had to neutralize it.

We wouldn't want to do that over a ball, would we ?

There are signs all over the place:

"Exiting the vehicle is forbidden and dangerous."

Are we clear ?

Roll down your windows, and enjoy the rest of your tour.

Close the windows, guys.

How's it going, Doc ?

You're not in the army any more. Why are you so aggressive ?

I'd like to see you do my job for one day.

You probably asked him nicely, did it help ?

Get it, before we have an incident on our hands.

I'm on it.

Bye. Have a nice day.

A person is officially pronounced missing after 48 hours.

You're a little late.

We'll finish filling out the forms then my Captain will decide how to proceed.

Does she have a phone ?

Of course. She doesn't answer.

Is it an iPhone ? Yes.

Did you try "Find my phone ?"

No, what's that ?

It can show us her phone's last location.


Do you have her iCloud password ?

Her what ? iCloud. It's what enables the application.

I don't know what that is.

Do you have her e-mail password ?


Facebook ?


Does she have an instagram account ?

I have no idea.

Twitter ?


Do you know if she has been communicating with anyone online ?

I have no idea. She communicates with many people.

Does she use the Internet a lot ?

Yes, like everyone nowadays.

Don't you know anything about "Kid safe internet" ?

She's not a kid any more.

According to the law, 17 is still a kid.

Hi !

Police, how may I help you ? I was at your station this morning.

What city, sir ?

How do I report a missing person who just returned ?

What city, sir ?

Tel Aviv.

Hold please.

The few words my mother said 60 years ago: "Son, don't be afraid".

A memory that comes out after 60 years !

I forgot my key.

What, did I wake you ?

Well, I'm beat. Good night.

Where was she ?

I don't know, wandering around. Somewhere up north.

For three days ?

Almost four.

Tough age. It's insane.

She's giving me hell.


In French adolescence is referred to as: "The age of ungratefulness."

"L'age Ingrat."

But it passes. She's a bright kid.

What about the band ? She wasn't accepted.

Oh, poor thing, she must've been very disappointed.

There's a saying:

When you start hating your kid...

You know he's reached adolescence.

What idiot would say something like that ?

What's so astounding to you ? Do you agree with the saying ?

Of course not. It's a provocative statement, after all.

But beyond the provocation, there's some truth in it, right ?

I don't know, I've never felt that way, and I took a lot of shit from my kids.

It's a known thing, inside love resides also hate.

Be careful what you say. Words have a lot of power.

So now talking is also forbidden ?

Haven't you heard of the "Rice experiment" ?

No, what's the "Rice experiment" ?

You take cooked rice, you divide it into two separate glass jars.

On one jar you write bad words:

You're cursed, you're horrible, you're disgusting.

On the other one you write good words: Thank you, bless you.

After a few weeks, you find that the cursed rice has become rotten, full of disgusting mold, and the other rice stayed fresh and white way longer than the other rice.

Did you try it yourself ? No. But it's a well-known thing.

We can try it here if you'd like.

Do you really believe that ? Absolutely.

That rice can read ?

"Come eat"

"Not hungry"

When will it end with you ?

What is this supposed to be ?

Is this the Golan residence ? Yes.

We're from the negotiation unit. We track teenagers that express suicidal intentions using online message boards.

We received a notice from a moderator, and after checking with the provider, we found the IP address came from this house.

We have reason to believe that a message with content...

I don't follow, who called you ? What time is it now ?

Just after four.

Are you out of your minds ? Who called you ?

She's back home already. I called to notify she came back.

No one called us.

We're concerned that she's home and that she might hurt herself.

But it's a mistake. I called the station last night.

Maybe they didn't notify you.

Could be. But we need to see that everything is all right here.

What do you mean "all right" ? I'm telling you it's all right !

It's the middle of the night ! Can I see your ID ?

ID ? Yes. how do I know who you are ?

Hey, are you awake or what ?

Sir, do you have a teenage girl living with you ?

Are you hooked up to the internet here ?


So let us see her. This is not a debate.

She's asleep. I don't want her seeing police in the middle of the night.

She has an exam tomorrow morning. This is 174, asking for backup.

She came back yesterday, I notified the station, I don't understand.

Sir, I don't know what you notified, or didn't notify.

We are currently obligated to enter and check on her.

If you won't let us in, we'll need to use force to enter.

Do you understand ?

I suggest the following: You go to her room while we wait here.

You check that she's all right, come back and tell us that she's fine, and then the whole thing is over.

Can you do that for me ?

Roni ?

Roni ! Roni...

Is she responding ? Move aside, sir.

Tell them to come ! Call first aid. Get a stretcher in here.

She took Bondormin. Get a stretcher in here quick.

She took the whole pack. She's unconscious, get first aid in here.

Listen to me, young man, I'm a doctor.

She took Bondormin, get a stretcher in here.

Gimme two seconds to examine her. You're wasting time.

Boy ! Go get a stretcher. Now you listen to me, young man !

Listen to me... I'm telling you... Sir, come outside.

Let them do their job...

She took Bondormin, she lost consciousness, get the stretcher.

I'm telling you ! Get a stretcher !

Sir, calm down, let me stabilize her.

You're wasting precious time, I'm a doctor.

Good for you, sir, please move aside now.

Her brain is turning into gook.

The brain is turning into gook !

No ! let me ! I'm trying to explain something to you !

What are you explaining to me ?

She's unconscious ! Okay, but they know what to do, let them work.

Comm'n already ! You have to help me ! I'm telling you ! I'm a doctor !

She took Bondormin ! This is no joke. Listen to me, sir... Calm down.

No ! I'm a doctor ! Get a stretcher !

Here brother. May God grant you a speedy recovery.

Read chapter 6 and chapter 20 seven times, Chapter 121, 130, 142, and beg the Holy One for a speedy recovery in the name of king David.

Bless you, brother.

Ronik, you sound cute... Everything passes, always remember that.

I just don't want to live.

I get that, but do me a favor, even though we don't know each other, don't do anything before tomorrow, okay ? Deal ?

What's the point...

How are you holding up ?

My name is Marssela, I'm a social worker at the pediatric department.

In cases of this particular nature, we like to have a short chat with the parents, before the child is discharged, to see that everything is all right for the sake of the child's safety and well-being.

To make sure the child is returning to a safe environment, that can accommodate the child in dealing with such a difficult situation.

If not, then we can offer assistance and help, in all sorts of ways.

I understand the mother passed away.

When ?

Over a year ago.

I also understood from Roni that they were very close ?

You can only have one mother.

What do you mean by that ?

They say, "You can only have one mother", right ?


And yet, not all mothers are close to their daughters, some of them are quite detached.

And a truly close relationship that is cut off in such a tragic way, Could become a difficult obstacle to overcome, with a lot of implications as well.

They were very close. Roni is an only child. We were all very close.

Do you have any idea why this happened ?

She's going through a very rough period. We both are.

Plus adolescence, the age of ungratefulness, And what you get is a mental state of agitation.

I see. Maybe she needs professional help.

Be my guest, if you can convince her.

Still, one needs to try.

If she could understand the way her actions at home impact you, She will be willing to accept help in untangling this emotional knot.

The knots need to be untangled a bit.

She needs to know what such an action will do to you.

How much it will hurt you.

You're mad at her. No.

It's natural for all sorts of feelings to surface at a time like this.

Would you like for me to connect you up with a welfare worker ?

Someone who can make home visits.

Certainly not. Why not ?

No need for that.

I advise you to try and use the help of friends, people who are close to her, maybe women that she can relate to.

She needs a lot of attention now.

We usually try to follow up on cases like yours after the patient is discharged, but it's up to you.

I told Roni, and I'm also telling you now:

It's very important to talk about what's going on.

Of course.

See if they give you a new date for the exam.

I will intervene, if it comes to that.

And I want you to see a professional counselor.

It might be good for you, untangling emotional knots.

Sure thing.

I'm serious.

I don't need a counselor.

So what do you need ?

What do you need ? Tell me.

I'll see you at home in the evening.

We're ready for you.

In a minute.

Is everything all right ?

Yes, I need a minute.

Did you notice ?

How's Roni ?


Why don't you bring her over ?

She used to love being with the animals.

It calmed them down...

I need a minute.

Hello ?

Hello, Sivan, it's Yoram.

Which Yoram ?


I heard you. But which Yoram ?

The Yoram... Rachel's...

Relax, I'm just pulling your chain... What's up, Doctor ?


What ? Seriously ?

Yeah, no, it's a nightmare. I hate it.

Hold on. What ?

Why don't you answer your phone ?

I didn't hear it, the music was loud.

Go on...

Because he's a baby, that's why.

Well, what ?

Finish up, I'll wait.

What did you want ?

Grandma Aviva called.

They want us to come visit.

We'll have a short visit, see mom. A short vacation.

Are you serious ? Yes, why not ?

Maybe because you hate them ? That's not true...

If anything, they're not too crazy about me.

But they're our family, and it could be nice for you.

I'm not going.

You're looking to piss off your uncle Aryeh ?

You're weird.

I have school tomorrow.

So you'll miss school one time.

Since when do you like school ?

Are you high ? What did you take ?

I don't know.

Talk to you tomorrow.

I'm driving.

What would have happened if I'd died ?

What do you think would have happened ?

What would you have wanted to happen ?

I don't know. I asked first.

What would have happened ?

They would have taken you to the hospital basement.

Put a little tag on your toe with your ID number and time of death, and put you in the fridge.

Then the doctor would have come over to me.

Some putz looking very serious, and tell me they did everything they could, but it was too late.

And that the body would wait for me here until I got the funeral arrangements in order.

And then I'd have to go back to that print shop on Ibn Gabirol street, pay some more money.

and put the notices up around the neighborhood.

And everyone would be nodding sadly, "How could she do it..."

"How could she do it ?"

"And how many tragedies can he go through, this poor man..."

"It's probably because of the mother."

And then they'd make me recite stupid religious hymns, and they'd cover you with dirt until we couldn't see you at all and put a lame sign up that says: "Roni Golan"

and that would be it.

Your friends would go on with their lives, Go the army, travel, go to university, get married.

It's no big trick, dying. No one cares anyhow.

It's the other way around.

Let me drive.

Can I get you anything ? No, I'm good.

When my heart's on fire...

And I'm in your emotions Fire ! Fire burns inside my heart Within my excited body When I come close to you Why does this seem like a dream Suddenly my heart burns And I'm happy Fire ! Fire burns inside my heart Within my excited body When I come close to you Why does this suddenly seem like a dream

You can keep it.

Okay. Hi.

Can I get a ride to the hotels ?

It's a hot one today.

You look familiar.

Me ? Yes, real familiar.

Are you famous ?

Far from it.

Com'on, tell me the truth, Are you famous ?

No, not at all.

Is he pulling my chain ?

What ? From TV ? An actor or something ?


Musician ?

In his dreams.

So what then ?

He was in Survivor. On TV ?

I knew it ! What season ?

What season were you on ?

What season were you on Survivor ?

What season ?

In the summer.

Second season.

Really ? Cool.

I knew you look familiar.

Did you win ?

Did I win ?

Like did you make it till the end ?

Did I make it till the end ?

No, he didn't.

He's not a survivor.

Actually I am.

What do you do ?

I'm a magician. I perform at Hotels, entertain children.

What kind of tricks do you know ?

All of them. Balls, handkerchiefs, teaspoons, fire.

Do you actually bend teaspoons ? Sure.

How is it done ?

It's a trick. I can't tell you. But it's real easy.

Yeah, but what's the catch ? Is it a special spoon ?

I can't tell you. I signed a secrecy clause.

But it's really a piece of cake. There are like a thousand ways to do it.

But how do you do it ?

I'll get off here at the intersection.

Com'on, gimme a hint, what's the secret to the teaspoon trick ?

I gave you a hint already:

It's a trick !

All-righty, thanks a lot.

Hello ?

Yoram ? It's Aviva, how's it going ?


We're on our way, and real close.

Yeah, Sivan told me you called.

When are you getting here ?

We're real close, 5 minutes.

Oh, great, the kids can't wait to see Roni.

We'll be there very soon.

Bye, sweetheart. Bye.

I though you said she called you yesterday, to invite us.

Who ?

Sivan, you said she called you to invite us.

So ?

What do you mean "so" ? You called her and not the other way around.

She, me... I don't remember. What difference does it make now ?

Where are you headed ?

Horesh residence.

Horesh ? That's right.

Lady, come here !

Lady ! Come here.

Lady !

Come here !

Come here ! What's this ? What's this ?

Down, girl !

Well, well... To what do we owe this honor ?

How are you, Aryeh ?

Getting by. As you can see.

What's that ?


Animals. Destroyed it completely.

Who is it ?

Nir, Peleg's son.

Killed in the last Gaza operation.

The first military casualty from our village. Built him a small monument.

Who could have done such a thing ?

Arabs, who else ?

Our so called cousins..

Why ?


Don't ask me.

They're always trying to stir up trouble.

We had to put a guard at the factory, at the cemetery, at the beaches, you name it.

It's pointless.

Jealousy ? Why would they be jealous of a monument ?

Have you ever seen an Arab monument ?

You think they care about anyone ?

Fucking animals !

But there are soldiers stationed here.

They send toy soldiers over here.

They're no more soldiers than you are.

We'll get them, don't worry.

We have our own security patrol.

We'll take care of ourselves.

How are you ?

Hanging in there.

County authority just closed our beach.

We had a 20-meter sinkhole open up there. Right in the parking lot.

It's a hard blow.

How's it going at the factory ? Just fine.

Hanging on.

It is what it is, right ?

What are we gonna do, run off to Toronto ?

Get a foreign passport ?

How's your spoiled one ?

She's Fine.

Things are not easy for her.

That's for sure.

Who has it easy ?

Sweet girl.

Ben !

Stay away from the sinkholes.

How about yourself ? Dating anyone ?


Well, what the hell are you waiting for ?

It's been long enough.

Okay, comm'n, let's get you some coffee.

Watch where you step.

This is occupied territory.

Lady !

Stay out !

Dr. Doolittle is in the house !

Yoram, sweetheart. Hello, Aviva.


What is he saying ? He's talking nonsense.

He's saying you got old. Well, that isn't nonsense.

Where did you park ? Just outside.

Not by the olive trees. I just laid down some fresh tar.

No, not there. Where are the kids ?

Went to the beach with the neighbor. I'm just about to go pick them up.

I'll come along. All right.

Maybe you can go visit Mom on Saturday.

Ahral'e is building a beautiful shade canopy, So you can sit there.

I've prepared your room.

Sivi, make him some coffee, he looks beat.

We cleaned out the house.

I brought you some of Rachel's stuff.

She would have liked you to have them. They're no use to me.

She has fancy clothes. Where would I wear them around here ?

So, Sivi, How are you ?

Let's go pick them up, it's late.

Don't listen to Aryeh, he's living in la-la land.

The BDS boycott crushed the factory. We're barely holding on.

Our village is on its last legs. Really. The situation is bad.

Arieh is wandering about like some kind of cowboy, hardly working.

The residents are all walking around with gloomy faces.

I don't know if we'll make it out here.

I really don't know what's going to be with our lives here.

How're the parents ?

The old man is building crap all day, she's sitting in front of the television.

They haven't bounced back since Rachel's death.

They're wilted.

What about you, dating anyone new ?

Roni tried to kill herself.

Did you hear Akiva fell into a pit ?

Akiva the park ranger ? Yes.

The poor guy fell into a sinkhole.

Aryeh found him.

He was already writing his will. On some toilet paper...

I saw his off-road vehicle, I thought I'd check what he's up to.

I found him at the bottom of an 8-meter sinkhole.

He was sure he was a goner...

What's the moral of the story ?

Never go out to the field without toilet paper.

Very good !

Maya, would you like to perform your dance for our guests ?


They've been working on this dance for Independence Day.

They came up with the choreography on their own. On their own ! Champs !

After dinner !

How good How good To live in Israel It has everything You just have to know How to go with the flow

How easy How easy In Israel It has everything Hurry single and pair There's room for everyone Come, be a millionaire !

Israel Israel You just have to know how to go with the flow Israel Israel Last but not least In the Middle East.

Why did you want to come here ?

Don't tell anyone here.


Now we're gonna fuck them good ! Stay low.

What is this supposed to be ?

It's a trick.

What is he saying ?

What are you saying to me ?

Father, can't you see I'm burning ?

Now !

Mom, where are the girls ?

At home, getting ready.

Is the water cooler full ?

Take a look.


Where's your car, did you move it ? No.

Are you sure ? It's not parked outside.

What do you mean ?

There she is.


I can't believe she went down there.

It's not allowed to be there, listen, it's extremely dangerous.

Are you okay ?

Get out of there, you can't be here, it could cave in at any moment.

Roni, get out, you can't be here, it's a restricted area. get out of there.

Are you hearing me ?

What's up with you guys ?

I'd give her two slaps across the face.

Hello ?

She's out of her mind, Inside the sinkhole.

What's going on ?

What are you doing here ?

I wanted to see it.


You have a visitor.

Poor thing.

I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.

If here it's hard, I could only imagine what you guys are going through.

It's also that sort of age. Ben is giving us a hard time too.

He's not going to graduate.

Every other day we get a phone call from school. Violence and whatnot...

She tried to hurt herself this week.

She what ?

Nothing, she took some pills in the middle of the night.

They pumped her stomach. She was released the next day.

Yoram, she tried to commit suicide ?

I don't think so.

It was more of a message for me.

Though I have no idea what it is.

It's pretty common with teenage girls.

I'm not sure how to handle it.

Don't tell anyone. I promised her, she doesn't want anyone to know.

Yoram... the girl tried to kill herself and you wait until now to tell me ?

What's wrong with you ?

What if she tries it again ? She won't try it a second time.

They always try it a second time.

Silver's son, our neighbor, do you know what they had to go through to get him out of it ?

You need professional help.

I offered her professional help, guess what she said ?

Who cares what she said ! Are you listening to yourself ?

You have to handle it yourself ! You and no one else.

They would stage interventions, like for addicts.

They would surprise him in his room, send him letters, follow him, break into his Facebook page, They gave him medication, You name it. You can't take it lightly.

And you're telling me not to say anything ?

We have to ! You have to tell the whole world. You have to get it out.

What if something happens to her ?

You'll say: "She asked me not to tell anyone" ?

Are you insane ?

And you tell me everything's fine...

I got to get back. Go back up. I'm calling Silver.

We'll handle it.

Don't worry.

Where's Roni ?

Where is she ?

Ben ! Where is she ?

She's in the dance studio, with the girls.

She has to be here, of course.

Ben ! Go get her quickly !

Arieh, there's no need to be too hard on her now.

No, this is a first aid response.

What you need to do now is respond like it's an emergency operation.

Hear him out. They went through hell with their kid.

Okay, but not like that, we don't have to attack her, it's all right.

No one's attacking her, but someone has to do something.

Listen, I can...

You want to bury another one here ? Aryeh, that's enough !

I can provide you with some information...

You have to give her a mouthful !

If my sister were alive, she would give her a mouthful for what she's doing to you.

Haven't we been through enough ? Relax, Aryeh.

Stupid girl !

Aryeh, getting mad now is certainly not useful to anyone.

Maya, go play, the adults have to talk.

You !

Stay here !

What's going on ? Come, Roni'le, come sit down by me.

Come, sweetie.

Roni, I want you to know that no one here is attacking you, no one is judging you.

Everyone's here, this family, only wants to tell you things that maybe they forget to say on a day-to-day basis.

We did it with our son and it helped a lot to understand.

What are you talking about ?

Roni'le, this is David. Our neighbor, don't you remember him ?

I'm Yoav's father.

We know what you did this week.

Roni, we're now going through a very important procedure.

What I ask of you is not to say a thing, you don't have to answer anyone, just listen.

Listen carefully, to all these people who love you so much, and fear for your wellbeing.

Sivan, maybe you'd like to begin ?


Roni'le, I love you very much.

And I remember when you were born, we all travelled to Tel Aviv, it was winter, and your mother was so happy and so tired.

And I have known you since, and I know how difficult it was, with your mother's sickness and all.

But it's important that you know that I will always love you, and I also know, that your mother would be very very sad if something happened to you, and so would your father...

You had to tell them, didn't you ?

It's for your sake, Roni.

Roni, you don't have to say anything, just listen...

For my sake ?


Are you sure ?

Aviva, maybe you'd like to continue ?


Roni, look at me.

What can I say ?

I'm over the hill and I've been through a lot, but I want the privilege to see you grow up.

You will see that life is beautiful and happy sometimes and also sad sometimes.

I was just thinking that maybe after all we've been through with you mother, maybe you feel that we've neglected you a bit.

But it's not the reality of things.

We love you so much.

You have a family who loves you.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and your mother, how much she would've liked to see you grow, become strong, and watching over yourself.

And I hope that your father, Who's like a son to me, It's really about time, Yoram, it's time.

It's time to have someone at home help you raise him...

I don't need it.

What don't you need ?

People are trying to tell you how important you are to them !

Spoiled brat ! You think we need another grave around here ?

Aryeh, that's enough !

Do you know your father can have you committed if he wanted to ?

Do you know that ? Aryeh !

Nice work.

What do you want from me ?

Aharon, maybe you'd like to say something to Roni ?

Roni'le, I love you very much.

You should come visit more often.

What do you want from me ?


Take it easy, dear, it's all going to be all right. Don't worry.

Right, Roni'le ?

Roni loves you and you love her and it's all going to work out.

It'll work out.

Right, honey ?

I'll kill you, do you hear me ? This is the last time !

You're going to apologize to your teacher like a good boy !

Aryeh, calm down ! Don't tell me to calm down.

Do you want to be kicked out from this school ? You don't want to graduate ?

Aryeh, we have guests ! I don't care !

You'll apologize to your teacher tomorrow like a good little puppy !

And if I hear from that school one more time I'll kill you !

Don't you see they won't take you to the army ?

Don't you see that ?

Now go to your room !


What's this ?

Oh, that's from the hospital.

I prayed for you.


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