The Day He Arrives (2011) Script

Produced by JEONWONSA Film Co Yu Junsang Kim Sangjoong Song Sunmi Kim Bokyung Ko Hyunjung Kim Euisung Park Sumin Kee Joobong Paik Jonghak Baik Hyunjhin Ahn Jaehong Bae Yuram Jung Jeehyung Written & Directed by Hong Sangsoo


Youngho's phone is off l should'ye called before coming l'll just wait nearby l haye nowhere to go l'm not going to meet anyone besides him

What should l do for the few days l'm here? l'll go sightseeing and buy some books Eat some good food.

Quietly pass through Seoul.

Nice and quiet Then back home in a flash!

Director Yoo!

What are you doing here?

Hi. It's greatto see you.

What are you doing here? So nice to see you.

How have you been? Good.

Getting some coffee? Yes, with friends l'm meeting some students later Making any films these days? l don't live here now You don't live in Seoul? No, l don't. l see. Where are you headed?

Just walking around before meeting someone later.

How are you? l finished a play recently It's called ''Opening''. l see.

Right Where were you going?

Just a nice place to smoke l think you can smoke here And over there, too. l see l think l'll walk around some more.


Great seeing you. You too Stop by aRer looking around.

Thanks, l will.

Stop by later!

Great seeing you! Thanks.

Youngho? lt's Seongjun. l'm in Seoul. l'm around your place, so call me. l'll get something to eat and walk around.

So give me a call

Youngho didn't call so l came down to Insadong.

Had an early drink at an old pub.

Excuse me. lfyou're alone, why don't you join us?


Do you have room? Sure, join us.

Don't drink alone.

Are you a writer? No, l'm not.

Come join us ifyou'd like.

You have a great face l do? Yes.

He's cool.


l can't drink much during the day lt's mice as hard for me today. l apologize, sir.

For not recognizing you. No, it's fine l haven't seen your films l'm sory, sir. No, it's okay.

Not many people have seen my films.

But it's nice to meet fellow filmmakers.

Likewise, sir l saw your films. You did? Thank you.

You did? l did too. l drank a lot with the _lm students You don't make films anymore? l'm taking time off.

Maybe l will, soon You wanted to quit?

Or were you forced to? l'm not sure Does it make a difference?

What is it like, not making films?

Maybe l'm living like this because it suits me Are we doing an interview? l guess so.

How many films did you make?


He really is a director.

You'll probably see them one day. Of course, sir How do you evaluate your own films so far? l suppose they'll be reevaluated, aRer enough time has passed.

Thanks for the drinks, sir. Sure.

Do you want to go somewhere nice?

Where? l know a great place.

But it's a bit far. Want to go?

You guys want to?

Yeah, he says it's nice.

What is it?

A place you won't regret going. A place you should check out.

That's what l'm curious. Yeah, let's go.

Let's check it out! Let's go!

Thank you, sir. Sure.

Should l buy you some fruit?

Go on in.

Pick some


Why are you copying me? What do you mean?

Aren't you ashamed? What did we do?

Why do you copy me and follow me around?

Stop copying me!

What's the matter, sir? Don't fucking follow me!

What the... Director Yoo!

Stop following me, you bastards!

What the hell is this?

Should we follow him? Should we?

What for?

We shouldn't?

What's wrong with him?

Why the hell are we here?

He was fine before. He told us to come!

Director Yoo!

You can't see him now. l see him right there!

He's really fast.

What's wrong with him?

Did we do something wrong?

He's gone now.

Getting to her house was so hard for me. ls she still liying here? lt's been almost _o years.

Are you here? Are you still here?

Who is it? It's me Who is it? It's me, Seongjun

What are you doing here? l'll close the door.

You got a TV.

l wanted a big TV. lt's nice Having a TV makes it feel like home.

But l don't read much now.

Let me smoke. l'll get you an ashtray. Okay.


Did you drink?

Yeah, l drank a lot with some people.

You couldn't come here sober? l'd never expect you to.

How is your health now? Are you okay?

Did you know l was here?

How would l know that?

What if someone were here?


l'm sory

You came because you're drunk?

No l was too drunk... l shouldn't have come.

l fought it for so long but now l'm here. l'm so sory

Raise your head. No.

Let me see your face. No, l'm okay.

Why are you cying like a child?

Cying changes nothing!

Face me and cy.

Look at me

l need a cigarette.

You came here to cy?

You think l waited for you?

Stop exaggerating! l'm not l can't live without you! Quiet down! l'm sory. But l can't live without you.

There's no one like you.

That kind of love isn't beautiful. lt had to be you!

Come here, my little baby.

Come here my darling You're driving me crazy! My baby... l've missed you so much l wanted to hold you. l don't know what to do. l love you, Kyungjin!

l'll never come back.

All right.

Don't wory l won't drive myself crazy waiting for you. l won't call That's good for me and best for you. l'll never call l won't do anything to harm you.

But l'll text you sometimes.

Just on your birthday or something.

Don't do that either.

Starting this again will ruin us.

All right. l won't text you either ls it still the same number?

Same as before

But this was nice. l was able to forgive you a little.

Thank you As long as you feel good. l love you, Kyungjin.

You should feel good too And live your life. l just want you to be happy.

Professor Can l have mo cigarettes?

That's too much. l'll smoke these later.

So... l'm going

l love you.

Be strong!


Hi! We meet again Hi.

Still looking for a cafe?

No, l'm going to meet someone.

How have you been? l'm not sure Not sure if l'm talented Just tying to decide if acting is right for me.

What was that play you did? lt wasn't much help. l had nothing to do Do l have your number? Yes, we talked before It's the same number. Right. lf l need to cast someone, l'll call you lt'd be my pleasure Be easy on yourself.

Just take it one day at a time. l know, but...

Time is running out and l have to decide.

You'll see nothing ifyou rush it. l have to go now.

Could l call you? l have some questions. Sure.


Goodbye. Okay.

l'm meeting Youngho at his place.

There you are. How are you?

Seoul is so cold.

Did you wait long?

No, l walked around. Around here? l had grilled fish at the pub. lt was good.

Smells like you had drinks.

Just a few. ls it okay if my friend joins us?


She teaches film You met her once Who?

Boram, right? You remember.

You're meeting her We finished judging films and were about to eat.

Where did she go? l came to get you.

And pick up something.

You're so thoughtFul.

Glad you're here Seoul is cold, right? It's freezing.

It's okay if l come? Sure she loves your films.


Let's go

We had Korean food and wentfor drinks, to a bar called 'Novel'

Youngho is so good to Boram.

He won't show it, but he likes her.

You must be bored there. l'm okay. l don't think l'd live in Seoul again.

You're not dating? No.

Why not? l did before.

When? Boram He doesn't talk about it. He knows... l officially dated once. Really?


Did you get caught?

Yes, it was a big mess.

You're too scared to date now?

It was a big mess. What happened?

He ran away and it was a big mess. lt was...

For how long? l can't imagine doing it again Why not? Are you scared?

Yes, l am lt's not worth disappointing the ones l love. l'd be so lonely without them. l see. l saw my limits You see them ifyou go all the way. l saw mine and grew to accept it Now l feel at ease.

You should, for what it's worth. lt's the same thing as finding yourself.

Knowing your limit isn't bad

But you could change. You never know.

Pardon? l'll wait and see Why would you wait and see?

It's his life to live. l just... l'm really curious to see how he'll live.

Excuse me. You're here. l'm sory for stepping out.

Do you need anything? We found evemhing You even got the ice! l'm so sory.

Something to eat? We're full.

A snack would be nice.

No problem.

Nice to see you, Boram. Hello You've heard of Director Yoo. l'm not familiar with...

Nice to meet you. You too.

Come and join us. Yes, l might l apologize again.

She's been out for so long lt's so nice here Nice to be in Seoul, drinking with you mo. l'm glad you look better now.

Let's drink Cheers! Cheers!

She looks exactly like her!

What should l do?

l'd like to play the piano.

Go ahead. You play the piano? l'll play something l know.

He shouldn't ty to play the piano. lt's embarrassing.

Really? But he's prem good.

He seems younger.

He's full of energy.

He's a director?

Yes. He lives in the county He's not making films now He's a good director l see.

He plays well. You think so?

He learned it by himself Practiced for a month on each hand, then both hands

I'm nervous. Armpits are sweaty.

Seoul is so cold, right? Yes, it is You lost a lot ofweight.

Cause it's a different lifestyle down there.

You look really good Don't you think so, Youngho?

Thank you How long are you here?

Three or four days. Have any plans?

Just seeing Youngho l don't need to see other people.

You mo are so close.

You think so? It's misleading.

How so?

Looks like something's going on bemeen you mo l see.

Feels like the old days with you here

The night air smells like those days. lt's great to see you again.

You mo are in love You are, aren't you? Yes, we are.

Yes, we're lovers That's too creepy for me!

What's so creepy? l don't know.

What's so creepy?


l saw a girl here and followed her home When? l used to come here in high school.

What happened? l got to her house and stood there Such a poor neighborhood Way up the hill near Miari.

Was she prem? Yes, she was. l can still picture her walking ahead.

She went into a tiny shanty l heard her father's voice inside l just came back aRer a while Without saying a thing? l got lost in the dark.

You got lost? lt felt like a maze. l got scared.

''None but the brave deserve the fair.''

True l was like that too. You were? l ran offtoo l see Men need to be brave. l agree lt's so cold. Let's go somewhere lt's freezing. You'll catch a cold.

Let's go. Okay.

Can l really stay here? Of course. lfyou don't mind l can stay at my brother's lt's so far You'll get around ifyou're near the city.


What do you cook? lnstant noodles, but l should stop. l have stomach trouble.

Hang on

What are you doing? l want you to be happy Don't be troubled by me From Kyun\code(01f5)jin.

What should we eat? Anything is fine. l know a Korean place. Sure. lt's prem good You know Jungwon, right?

Han Jungwon? He was in my film. l'm meeting him. Want to see him?

Really? Where was he? l'm not sure. He won't say.

He's finally back aRer so long.

He did business in Vietnam. Vietnam?

What did he do there?

He doesn't look good. He gained weight He gained weight? Yeah, a lot Then let's meet him. Were you mo close?

He was my first leading man. He's special.

Such a shame. He's a good guy He is.

This time they're being thorough.

Civil defense drills stall evemhing. l bet Jungwon got stalled

This is really great food!

This is worth the money. lt's good, right?

Worth evey cent Good to see you, Han.

Let's toast. Okay.

Hey Why do you call me Han, not my first name?

Sory. l just got used to it.

Of all things...

What do you do now? l teach.

Where? In Daegu That's good.

How much do you make?

Not a lot. How much?

It's a county school. How much?

Seventy thousand? Not even.

Fim thousand, at least?

Why do you want to know?

Why are you tying to hide it? Still as pem as ever. l'm not pem.

You're selfish. Ask anybody How am l selfish?

You only think ofyourself.

Come on, Let's enjoy dinner.

That movie you did before You ditched me and cast someone else lt wasn't like that. Don't start this now.

You cast that other guy because he was more popular. Didn't you? l never did that!

Hey, Because you promised me that role l didn't work for a year.

Then your producer gave me the news You should've called me, you coward!

This is ridiculous l did call you!

Only aRer you finished the movie!


No, he has it all wrong.

Bullshit. l never get anything wrong There's no mistake about it Let's just drink Cheers. Cheers

DAJEONG KOREAN RESTAURANT You don't have a girlfriend?

You're separated. l don't.

No woman in your life? Can't find one No one you like? l have someone..

Someone l care about just as a person

l feel peaceful this way.

Then why get separated?

Your wife is a good woman. l forgot you met her She is.. l assumed you had someone.

No. l just..

Couldn't sleep at home.

Hard going home evey day How long has it been? A while.

That's understandable. But he has someone Who? l thought you liked Boram.

That's nonsense You misunderstood. She's just a friend You mo aren't involved?

No Who is she? His friend from college She's a professor. Vey prem, too Really?

You're not sleeping with her? No, she's just a friend.

Don't go around saying that. lt's not good for her. l won't. You better not. l care about her.

l insisted that we haye whiskey.

We came to a bar called 'Novel'

l ran into four people on the street today A film producer, a director, a music director, and a student of mine.

They're all related to film lt all happened in menty minutes.

Then what? lsn't that so strange? lt's just coincidence Nothing happened, but it's still strange That is strange. Right?

Sure Nothing happened directly to me but it's still mysterious nonetheless Good point. It happened to me too.

Ran into someone three times a day You did? l can't understand why it happened.

But it's vey strange l want to know the reason.

There is no reason

Random things happen for no reason in our lives We choose a few and form a line ofthought.

A line ofthought? Yes.

Made by all these dots, which we call a reason.

For example...

Say l accidentally pushed this cup off.

Why was my arm here right then?

Why did l move that way?

Countless coincidences operate behind this action.

But we're only concerned with the result.

We make my clumsiness the reason. l am the reason, but l'm really not.

True. Too many coincidences are behind it.

And more are behind those.

That's right

We can't help but make up judgments but many untraceable forces are at work in reality That's probably why our actions are fallible and sometimes lead to disaster l'm talking too much.

Not at all. You put a lot ofthought into it.

He's really grown!

Really? Thanks, Jungwon l once thought that too.

Really? l never heard it before It's so refreshing l really mean it. You're smart l'm sory l stepped out.

You're back We found what we needed Something to eat, then?

A snack would be nice You've been out so long. l'm sory This is Director Yoo. Jungwon is an actor Nice to meet you. You too l apologize again.

You should join us. Yes, l might.

We should drink.

l hoped the owner would come out.

Please come out.

How many coincidences brought me out here? l can think of a few. What are they?

The air, A man, A woman?

You're ridiculous l'm acting like a fool

Give me a cigarette.

lt's fim cents Can't l have it for free? l'm joking. lt's yours

Tastes good.

Good, isn't it? Yes.

Jungwon seems amully quiet. You think so?

He's vey articulate Talks his way out of anything Really?

Better than you? l'm no good You're vey articulate Better yet, you're smart.

You've thought your life through.

He's one ofthree big chatterboxes l know.

He is?

He's smart, but gets lost in his own words.

Smart, but unlucky. l see Believes himselftoo much but not other things.

Doesn't get along with others, but he's a good person l feel sory for him Yes, well... l guess you're right

What kind of person am l? l don't read people that well.

Tell me what you think.

l'm intrigued. You seem like a nice person l do? l see You seem like a nice person Thank you

The _rst snow is falling l'm so lonely.

Wonder why l can't be with you.

Should l accept iR From Kyun\code(01f5)jin. lt's snowing.

Yes, it is.

l don't know anything about reading people.

But ifyou point out mo opposite extremes, they all believe it.

This is what l tell a woman.

''You look vey outgoing and cheerFul on the outside,''

''but you cary pain and sadness inside you.''

She replies, ''How did you know?

''That's exactly how l am!''

Mentioning both extremes is the key.

We fall for it because of our opposing tendencies.

Then what kind of person am l?

Well... l'm not good at reading people, but...

You seem vey practical and proper on the outside, but you're extremely emotional on the inside Does that sound right?

That's how l am.

This is creepy! That's really how l am. lt's so uncanny!

Are you really like that? That's exactly how l am.

It's so uncanny. l'm sure it is.

Excuse me l'd like to play the piano Go ahead That would be lovely But it's out oftune. That's all right But don't make fun. No one's making fun.

All right

Can l watch? Sure.

l had no idea you could play the piano

You're playing with fire! Don't get drunk!

l'm going to buy dumplings.

Dumplings are great.

Are you going alone? Yes. lt's late. l'll come with you.

Will you? Yes, l'll come along Thank you. Let's go.


Something wrong?

Isn't it cold? Yes.

Let's hury back

How long are you in town? Three or four days.

Let's go back inside. All right.

We should get back Hang on What's your name? l'm Song Yejeon. Yejeon l see. l'm Yoo Seongjun.

Shall we go in now? Of course.


l should take Boram home!



Director Yoo. You again

Drinking coffee outside? l guess so.

This is a close friend of mine.

Hello. So you finally met him.


We must be fate.

We should do one together. You're right.

Do what? l don't know why l keep running into you No need to make up reasons for it Just take in these marvels of life.

This is marvelous? lt's just strange to me. l mean like the ''marvels of creation'' not ''marvelous''

Like ''what a marvel''? Right.

What are you doing?

Scouting locations with students.

With who? They're over Where did they go?

We've been looking for Iocations together.

They're so prepared these days.

Well, we should go.

Let's go. No, this way.

Talk to you soon. Okay.

Who was that? Just some actress l keep running into her. l have someone like that.

She's quite lovely. Is she?

We'll meet her again.


So you dated someone ''officially''?

You're that curious? Yeah. l'm not She was exactly my ideal type ofwoman What's your ideal type?

Someone who seems sharp and clever but is hopelessly good inside She's full of emotions She tries to hide it in, but she can't So it bursts out sometimes Someone you can sympathize for

This is so strange l think l'm like that. l'm not kidding. That's how l really am. l think women are all similar.

Eveyone has mo extremes. lfyou point out both extremes, they usually agree You know what l mean.

No, l don't get it.

But l really think l'm like that Well, eveyone can be similar and different, too What are you saying? He means... lt all depends on what you're looking at.

That's right. What are you saying?

Director Yoo.

So you're not going to make films anymore? l don't have the strength for it these days You can't keep up? No. lt gives you will power and helps you think Strength is important.

You look strong enough l'm the one who's worn-out Why? Are you tired? l drank a lot these days. Why? l'm just hurting a bit. What's wrong? l have some sorrow in my heart l see She was walking her dog and it got lost She looked eveywhere.

How long did you raise it?

She really loved that dog She put up missing posters and offered a big reward but she couldn't find it.

His name is Rookie. l'm all that he has.

He must miss home so much.

He must want to come back to his warm house, and miss being held in my arms He...

He... He has no one else but me He must be so sad and cold


Boram? Yeah.

Don't start cying again ls it that hard for you?

No, l'm okay. No... l'll be fine Thank you. Silly girl Stop cying Stop!

Come on But he must miss home so much. l had a dog too so l understand Oh, you do? Yes, a little.

We went to a bar called 'NoveI' ror _oram She's an emotional woman unlike what she seems.

This bar is so empty Even the owner isn't here.

She'll be here soon.

Do you know her well?

She's strange. How so?

Why is she out this long? lsn't she afraid of people stealing things?

That makes sense.

She's had a surprisingly hard life She's prem, but.. l don't think she's had a happy life.

She shouldn't be out so long She sleeps here too? lf it gets late sometimes.

There's a room inside.

There's a room? Yeah.

What's her stoy?

Bad luck with men. The usual.

But l can't talk about it It's her privacy l bet she's met a lot of men She did and she still does.

But l'm not sure l think she's seeing a few

Life gets boring alone.

Long nights with nothing to do How many men?

She dates a few The men aren't too serious about it.

Mostly well-mannered older men.

She's really prem, isn't she?

Yes, she is.

More than me? No.

She can't compare Why not?

You're completely different, because you're special to me What's special about me? You?

Well... You're good.

You're vey talented.

You have many things others only dream of so just thank your parents Stop drinking and complaining for no reason l look like l have lots to be thankful for?

You do You're bursting with talent!

Just believe what l tell you! Don't suspect it!

Stop doing that! l really mean it!

Why are you yelling at me? l understood you

But l'm lonely. l'm just so sad l really am

l know

l'm sory l'll do better l will. l'm sory for stepping out You shouldn't be gone for so long! l'm vey sory... Would you like something to eat?

Yes, we're a bit hungy.

All right. You know Director Yoo Hello. l apologize again Why does she wander around this late?

Let's drink Yes, cheers.

Boram was harsh on her.

She must be upset.

l'm going to the store to buy some food You are? l thought we had some leR... l apologize

Walk safe

I must be cursed. l cut loose all the men for you and now l'm pure.

Don't push me away.

Can't we saye goodbyes for later? From Kyun\code(01f5)jin.

l'm sory l think l was too drunk.

What do you mean? l shouldn't have done that l don't know what you're talking about. l don't remember a thing.

You don't?


How long are you in Seoul? l'm not sure right now.

l'll come back Wait for me.

Wait at the bar l'll come right back Back to the bar? l have to go home.

Wait for me, okay Wait for me.


You'll wait for me?

Yes, hone l'll wait.



You'll come back to me? l'll be back soon. l'll send them off and come back Okay, honey.

Let's get back. They're waiting.

All right.

Director Yoo l'm going to keep my eye on you l'm going to watch how you change.

All right Are you okay? l'm fine. l hope you accomplish what you mentioned. l don't think l'm capable.

Then you shouldn't say that.

Let's go Let's go, Boram. Okay.

Let's go.


ls there a room here?

Yes, over here

They all went home? Yeah, they did.

Can l go in?

Would you like to?

But it's messy inside. That's all right.

You look so tired, honey. l do?

Why are you so nice to me? You're so good l didn't think we'd hit it off. Why not?

You're too manly You're a real man. No, l'm not.

You're so prem.

You were so charismatic when l first saw you

l want you to be happy. l mean it.

Thank you

Am l prem?

Yes l feel like l know you.

You're an angel on the inside.

l don't think you know me You don't think so?

You think l'm better than l really am There are many different sides of me l feel like l know who you are.

You're a good person, silly. l don't express things well at first But with you, l think that l can have the kind of love l've hoped for.

No one...

No one looks at me the way you do l mean it. l don't think anyone ever has. l love you l want you to be happy. l want to make you happy.

Thank you

Stay inside. It's cold l'll just see you go Keep those three promises l will.

Just trust me on this.

Tell me what you promised me First, meet lots of nice people And you can't ever let them get away What else?

Second, don't get drunk What else?

The third thing was...

The third was...

You already forgot?

A diay. That's right.

Writing evey day. You have to.

Even just three lines a day. l will. l should go.

Can l have your number?

So l can text you when l miss youf

l know, but... You know we shouldn't meet again l know l don't even have your number l hope you believe me l know saying goodbye is best for us.

l believe you. l have a nice memoy to cherish now Thank you.

Have a happy life, honey.

l'm not sure you can stand saying goodbye Yeah... You have to be strong.

Trust me And keep those promises. lt'll be good for me. l promise to meet someone good l'll go now Go before the cleaning lady comes.

All right Bye

Hello? Youngho? l'm around your place You are?

But l'm kind of busy right now You are? What are you doing?

Taking care ofthings before the year ends Well, l'll be nearby...

But you sound tired. l do? l am prem tired.

All right, then... Call me when you're done Okay, l will.

Call me. All right.


Hello. lt's been a while Setting up for a shoot? Something like that.

Good luck with the shoot. Thanks Goodbye. Bye.

He used to be nice to me.

Look who it is.

Long time no see. Hello.

How have you been? l'm just taking things slow.

Times are hard for eveyone. Right.

What about you? l'm taking it slow too.

No need to rush it.

You've got talent. Thank you.

So you've been well?


Let's work together sometime. Yes, sir

ls it going to snow? lt already is!

PerFect day for a drink. l hear you.

See you around, then

Director Yoo! l thought it was you. lt's me! Do you remember?

Sure How are you these days? l'm just teaching.


Not making films? Well, no... l want to see your next film. Right.

What do you do?

Me? Just some TV work these days. l released a children's album Compiled some songs that l had done Oh.

Could l get your number? Here, let me.

Who is he? He does music...

Okay, then Great seeing you. Thanks for your number. l'll call you. Okay


Hello. Hello Do l know you? l'm a fan. l saw all your films.

Thank you so much. All four ofthem Why aren't you making more?

Well, since l live in the county now. l see

What do you do? l take pictures.

It's a hobby of mine. l see.

It's like my diay. That's great Would you let me take a picture ofyou? l don't like taking pictures.

Go ahead Thank you.

Over here seems nice. Okay.

Here? Yes.

Lean back comfortably