The Dead (2010) Script

Keep the pressure on.

James, just stay with us. James.

James, don't. Don't, James, please.

James. Stay with me, James.

Stay with me. I need you, James.

James, look at me.

I've lost power.

Just stay with us, James.

What's happening?

Fuel starvation in both engines.

The plane's going down.

I told you it wasn't ready.

If we'd stayed on the ground, we'd all be dead.

We're all dead anyway.

There's a... there's a landing strip

30 miles inside Sierra Leone.

Forget it.

We're going down now.


James, look at me.

No. No.

Oh God.

James, James, please don't leave me.

Get out of the way.

No. No.

You stupid...

This is it.


Swim over here.

Reach for my hand.

Grab my hand.

Wait! Shit.

No! No! No!



Come on.

I don't understand.

You're American?

I'm American, yeah.

Are you bitten? No, I'm okay.




Get in.

You drive. I push.

Do you know if there's a better road?

At this rate we're gonna break an axle.

There are road blocks along all the main roads.

They are scared.

They have killed many.

My orders are to be with them, but I must find my son.

Look, thanks for your help back there.

For a moment I thought you were gonna kill me.

And I thought you would leave like the rest of your people.

They have all left... doctors, aid workers, missionaries.

I don't understand the white man.

Your soldiers come with guns to fight us and your doctors come with medicine to save us.

Look, I'm an engineer, a mechanic.

I fix things... machines, whatever needs fixing. That's it.

An American mercenary.

I'm just trying to survive.

You know if there's an airport around here somewhere where you can flyout from?

There's no airport here, not since your bombs destroyed it.

Just a small airbase.

But I think all the planes are gone.

You're not the only person who wants to leave, my friend.

How far away is it?

Because if there's something there, maybe I can fix it and we can... we can flyout of here.

I will take you there on the condition you give me this car.

It's not possible to survive on foot.

The dead are everywhere.

You take me there... you get this car.

This way.

Why are you stil I here?

I thought all your people had left when it started.

I was on the last plane out, but we came under attack.

Couldn't hold them off any longer.

Couldn't get the plane ready in time.

They just took off.

The fuel lines were still attached.

I barely managed to get onboard myself.

People were running alongside the plane, begging to get on.

We just left them there to die.

It was all for nothing.

The plane crashed off the coast.


I'm the only one left.

What about you?

What are you doing here?

Our orders are to be at the roadblocks, to stop the spread by shooting the infected.

But I left to find my son.

He's all I have now.

And if they find me, they'll kill me.

Where's your son?

My village was attacked.

He was among the survivors.

I think they've been taken to the military base in the north.

I'll find him there.

Hey! Hey!

Hey hey!


How far is it?

Can we make it on foot?

With God's blessing, I think it's possible.


Is any one receiving? Over.

This is flight engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy, sole survivor of military evacuation flight Lima November 2-6-0.

Does anyone read me? Over.

I'm stranded in hostile territory, under constant attack, without any food or water.

I need help.

Can any one hear me? Over.

If any one can hear this, my coordinates are

20 degrees west...

Never mind.

I have to keep moving.


It's useless. There's nothing here we can use.

I found fuel.

The place I go... it's a military base.

It might have an airplane.

It's a long journey for me alone.

Maybe it's not possible.

But with some help... maybe.


Jesus Christ.

Please let us not blaspheme.

We need to find some food and water.

We're not gonna make it.

We'll find something.

I'm low on ammo.

Me too.

You must rest. Maybe I should drive.

No no, I'm all right.


Who are you and why are you with this soldier?

I'm Daniel Dembele of the Senufo tribe.

I'm traveling north to find my son.

He's an American... a military engineer.

It's okay. We're helping each other.

We would be very grateful if you had some food and water for us.

As you can see, my friend has a fever.

Why is the military protecting this place?

These men are no longer soldiers.

They have returned home as brothers, fathers and sons to protect their families.

The war between us is no more.

There's a new war.

We have to fight it together.

Ah, that's a witch doctor.

Some believe he can protect us.

Where are you heading?

There's a military base at the edge of the desert, about 200 miles north of here.

I hope to find my son there.

I know of this place.

I've heard you can find safety there.

Why don't you take your people there?

Are they not vulnerable here?

This is our home. We will never leave.

Do you have family?

My son is a bright boy.

He was doing well at school.

When he grows up, he wants to become a doctor.

What happened here?

It was about a week ago.

A woman from this village saw her father walking in the forest at night.

He'd been killed the day before, attacked by what we all thought was a wild animal.

But that was just the beginning.

Then they came.

In a way, we were lucky.

We were able to regain control and defend ourselves.

I know not every village was as fortunate.

When it started, I came back to find my family... my wife.

Did you find her?

Yes, I found her.

In God's name, what is happening to us?

Maybe we're being punished for ourarrogance.

Perhaps nature has put in motion the ultimate solution to its problem.

Man's greed has devoured this earth

Nature is restoring its delicate balance.

They won't get through. But for how long?

I promised my people I would protect them.

But I think you...

My family has lived here for generations.

I was born here and I will die here.

The fever has broken.

It's time to leave.

Hey, take it easy.

I'm sorry.

I just want to get to my son.

Yeah, don't worry about it.

We'll get there.

We cannot stay here.

Well, we've lost most of the coolant.

If we try to run this engine for more than a few minutes, we'll fry it.

We've got to get this back on tight.

Then we've got to fill it with water.


There's no waterhole along this road for many miles.

This water is all we have.

Well, we need to get water in this or we walk.

We can't drive without it.

What if it doesn't work?

What, would you rather walk under this heat for I don't know how many miles?

Then we're left here with no water and no car.

We don't have time to discuss this.

We can't make it out on foot.

This is the best chance we've got.

It's not enough.

Come on.

Allright, allright.

Come on, save your ammo.

Is it safe to drink?

It's safe.

Oh shit.

Looks like we've busted the axle.

Are you all right?

I can't see anything.

Turn the lights on.

With the lights on we're attracting attention.

The lights will draw them in.

We are blind. How do we defend ourselves?

Shh. Listen.

Turn the lights on. No.

Turn them on. No, it will draw them in.

Turn them on!

Get out now.

Get out! Get out!

I haven't seen any for a while.

Let's chance a fire.

I've really got to eat something.

All right.

What's that?

An ancient symbol... timbu. It means hope.

This has been in my family for generations.

My father gave it to me before he died.

I too will pass it on to my son.

Do you have a son?

I had a son.

And I have a wife and a daughter.

Since the networks have gone down I haven't been able to contact them.

I don't know if they're okay.

I don't even know how far this thing has spread.

What's that just before the desert?

That is what you would call the Devil's Claw... miles of jagged rocks we must climb to get to the desert.

Even the nomads would not cross that.

How many rounds you got?

Not enough.

Same here.

It's getting cold.

It's getting real cold.



You saved my life.

Don't be sad, brother.

I'll soon join my wife Jindibah.

I just want you...

not to let my soul...

wander this earth.

I'm sorry, Daniel.


Hey. Hey.


Get up. Come on, we've got to go.

Come on, come on, let's go. No.

Come on, yes.



No no no, let's go. Come on, get up.

No, I'm not taking your baby. Come on, let's go.

No, I don't... I...



Come on, it's okay.


The Devil's Claw... miles of jagged rocks we must climb to get to the desert.

There are more coming, are there?

I knew the Americans were coming.

Do you have aircraft? Do any planes land here with supplies?

No, they come by road with any survivors.

The two last ones have not returned.

We are controlling the numbers, but we can't keep shooting.

We are low on supplies.

Do you have any communications equipment?

Yes, we have radio equipment, but it's no longer working.

This is flight engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy.

Can any body hear me?

This is flight engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy.

Can any one hear me?

This is flight engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy.

Can any one hear me?

This is flight engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy.

Can any one hear me?


My God, you're still alive.

Frank? Frank Greaves?

We thought you died in the crash.

Oh, man, it's so good to hear your voice.

Listen to me. I don't have much time.

I need a plane. I need supplies.

Brian, no one's gonna send a plane.

We're at breaking point here.

Every one's trying to get out.

Where to, I don't know.

There's nowhere left to go.

The power's down.

We're running off stand by generators.

I don't know how much longer we can hold them back.

What about my family, Frank?

I'm sorry, Brian.

They're gone.

What do you mean, gone?

That noise you hear... that's them.

The desks... stow them against the door.

I'm sorry, Murphy, but I have to go now.

No. No, Frank, wait.

May God be with us.


Timbu... it means hope.