The Dead Girl (2006) Script



Are you down there?



All right.

Right there.

Ma'am, please wait here.

Oh, shit!

Dispatch 27, got an 1144...

What did they say to you?


Twenty five minutes of nothing?

There's a dead girl.

They just asked some questions.

What are they asking you for?

You don't know anything.

I found her.

And you called the Police.

You're the reason those bloodsuckers are out there, swarming all over my yard, ringing my bell, like they know me.

Before I know it, they're going to be pouring into my cupboards, climbing up my stairs!

I just told them about the dead girl!

You found her. So what!

You keep walking! You keep your mouth shut!

You stupid!

Are you the one that found the body?

Could we just get an interview?

What were you doing in that area?

Did you know that she was mutilated?

And 60 cents change.

You want help out?

That's okay.

Uh, where is... where is your car?

Hey, you look sweet on TV.

That was you, wasn't it?

Yeah, some people... some people are mean, you know, you can see it right here but... you look real sweet.

Oh, I got it.

You want 'em in the back or the front?

Back, please.

Uh, you... you need to open it.

I'd like to take you out sometime.

Oh! I don't really...

You don't want to go out with me?

Come on. Come out with me.

It'd be fun. I get off at 11.

I can't.

Why? You got a boyfriend?


I'm not gonna hurt you.

Thank you.

So, I'll see you at 11?


What did you do to your face?


What's that stink?


The milk is sour.

Take that off.


Take it off!

You look like a two dollar hooker.

You'd have to pay them!

Where are the cameras now, Miss America?

Prancing up and down, look at Mel look at Mel Spending all my money on all this crap!

Looking in the mirror day and night like a goddamn whore!

Oh, Jesus! He took the wrong one!

It shoulda been you, not my boy!

Don't you talk about him! Don't you ever!


You filthy thing!

I'll tell them what you did!

They'll arrest you!

You leave me, nobody can want you.

You have nothing.

I'm bleeding.

Arden, I'm bleeding.

There's blood on Mel

So, what was it like?

What was what like?

Finding that dead girl.

I don't know.

Sad. I guess.

She had cuts on her hands, right?

How do you know?

It's defense. It means she tried to fight.

Her clothes were all cut up, too, right?

She wasn't wearing any clothes.

Why would her clothes be cut up?

Not a functional cutting.

That's what they call it when the cuts don't serve any purpose.

The 405 killer did the same thing.

All of his victims had these cuts in their clothes that the cops couldn't explain, 'cause they didn't make any sense with the wounds the girls had.

And then, when they finally caught him, they realized that it was part of his foreplay.

And then, when they looked into his records, they found out that he'd been caught stealing women's clothes off the clothesline when he was 12 years old.

And the cops went to his parents' house and they asked him why he did it, and he started crying and he handed over a box full of women's underwear bras and nylons and underwear all cut up.

And right then and there, the cops let a serial killer slip through their fingers.

Why did he do it?

It made him feel better.

You know, he'd get all frustrated or something, then he'd cut up things.


Why did he kill the women?

Probably something to do with his mother.

That's what it usually is.

Her eyes were open.

Oh, yeah?

She was just lying there.

Hey, you know, what would be the coolest thing if when somebody's died, you could... peel off the top layer of their eyeball and develop it like film so you could have a picture of the last thing they saw.

It was trees.

And the sky.

This was hers.

Could I hold it?


You ain't yanking my chain, are ya?

That's her hair.

I know.

Sorry. Just, sorry.

Why do you think I brought you here?

I don't know.

You think it's maybe because I like you?

I don't know.

You want to kiss me?


So do it.

Then you don't want to kiss me?

I don't know.

You want me to kiss you?

You gonna hold still this time?


I don't have to tie you up, do I?


Maybe what?

Maybe you should tie me up.

Or maybe you should just hold still.


You want to get in the back seat with me?

Why not?

What's that for?

I don't know.

Is this what you want?

I'd probably get out of that.





What's the matter?


What's wrong?

No, I just can't do it like that.

Why? What'd I do?

You don't even kiss me.

You're just lying there, like you want me to rape you!


You want me to rape you?

I'll kiss you back.

And take the gloves off.

You need stitches for that.

It doesn't really hurt.

Not when... you're kissing me.

Some serial killers use objects when they can't get it up.

You know, like they'll, uh, they'll find bottles And all sorts of things out there.

I don't want to talk about serial killers anymore.

911 operator, may I assist you?

What's your emergency? Hello?


There's a woman, the woman needs help.

Is she injured?

Her daughter left her.

Is the woman there with you?



Where is she?


She's in the house... where they found the dead girl.

They finally approved our proposal, to post a missing children's board near Jenny's bench.

It's good, it's good. It'll just be one more way of spreading the word.


Pigtail shot, you know, we've overdone that.

I'm gonna have to rule that out.

Your father thinks we should go with the headband but, I... I... I like the Christmas tree.


We have used this shot so many times, you know, I... maybe the pigtails.

The black and white is not... doing it for me anymore, I think the color would be better.

So, I'm... I'm gonna, yeah, I'm gonna go with the color.

I don't know.

Maybe we should go with the age progression.

Whichever you think.

What do you think it might look like to move on?

Well, my mom, and Dad and me, we'd... pack up all the stuff from her room, and we'd take all the boxes with the... newspaper reports, and the false leads, and the posters, and... we'd burn everything in a big bonfire.

And then we'd... cry and hold one another.

And then we'd... fall asleep for like... a thousand years and then, in the morning, we'd wake up and... the sun would be shining and... my mom would go back into the kitchen and start making breakfast and... my dad would say, "Go get ready for school" and smile.

And... everything would be okay again.

Well, not okay, but... you got a chance to be.

She's been gone for...

15 years.

It'll never be okay.

It'll never be over.

I'm heading out.

Oh. Okay.

Murray wants to do the Jane Doe in the morning.

She's parked in the deep freeze.

Do you mind prepping her?


My roommate and I are having a little get together tomorrow night.

Just a host dissertation, throw-your-computer out-the-window celebration kind of thing.

Um, if you feel like stopping by...

I'll probably be in the library but, thanks.

You could come by afterwards.

I'll see.

Okay. Don't work too hard.

Hasn't your sister been missing a long time?

She was taken from the state park less than ten miles from where this girl's body was found.

Leah, with age-progressed photos, though...

I know, they're a guess.

This girl, she has a birthmark on her left hand between her fingers, same as Jenny.

I want Andy to do the dentals.

Okay. All right.

Who is this?

Detective sent this photo as a possible match for a Jane Doe we have in the morgue.

No. Those aren't her eyes.

Her... her eyes... her eyes aren't that light.

She has a birthmark on her left hand between her fingers just like Jenny.

No... it's not Jenny.

I checked the report and they can't find any family.

Those are not her eyes!

It's her.


Hard to believe it's over.

Yeah, I know.

You came.


All right!

Um, want something to drink?

A beer? A soda? Champagne?

Um, champagne.

All right.

So, why tonight?

I've been inviting you to my parties for three years.

Have you?

I don't know about you but, every now and then I like to be around somebody that's not dead.

Yeah, I guess.

So, how's it going so far?

So far, so good.


You're a lot more talkative.


I'm on antidepressants.


Oh, yeah?

Used to spend most of my free time in bed.

That could be nice.

It can also be kind of depressing.

Yeah, it's good to get out of bed every once in a while.

It's kind of hard to make friends.

In bed? Yeah.



You have excellent posture.

Do I? Oh!

Naw, it's nice.

I feel like if I let go of you, you're gonna run away.

Well, then don't let go.



Stay. Please?

Promise I'll let you sleep.

Oh, no, I can't, I have to go.

I was getting kind of sick of you anyway.


No, just joking.

I'm really glad you came.

So am I.

Are you?

Yeah. I wanted to, for a long time.

Really? That's good to know.

Okay, I have to go! I gotta go.

Well, see you later.




Hey you. How you doing?

Good. Good, actually.

Work must be pretty boring without me.

When you got a minute.

What are you wearing? That sexy...

I gotta go. I'll call you back.


Did Andy get the stuff?

It's not her.

Did he check the films?

They were negative for a match.

I got a call this morning from a Detective Graily.

They tracked down the girl's mother and she's driving down from Washington to ID the body.

Well, that's... wrong. It has to be, I mean...

The woman's name is Melora Kutcher, and her daughter's real name was Krista Kutcher.

She faxed the detectives a birth certificate and a photo.

I'm sorry.

Hi, it's Leah, leave a message.

Leah, it's me. Are you around?

You okay? You alive?

Okay, I'm just, uh, trying you again.

Just call me back, okay?

Even if it's just to tell me to... you know, leave you the hell alone.

Just want to know you're okay.

Okay. Bye.

He billed me $ 3, 000 for a a couple of researches.

He can't do that. Jim gave me the name of another investigator.

I wanna have a memorial service for Jenny.


Jenny's dead and I want to have a memorial service.

Why would you say that?

Because it's true.

Honey, we don't know that.

She isn't dead, for all we know...

She's dead.

She didn't run away.

She wasn't raised in the woods by wolves.

She didn't hit her head and forget her name and where she lived, and she's not staying with some nice gypsies.

Some man took her, and did horrible things to her.

And hid her body so well, that we'll never find her.

And it doesn't matter how many posters we hang or petitions we sign or which picture we put near Jenny's bench, because no one's gonna recognize her, because she's dead and she's never coming back!

If... she were dead, don't you think I wouldn't know it in my heart?

I know she's alive, I know she's out there somewhere.

And the only way I'm ever gonna see her again, is if we never give up.

Someone out there knows my baby, they know her, they just don't know we're looking for her.

I will never give up on her.

Just like I would never give up on you! Ever. Ever!


Will you please help me?

You're going out now?

Yeah, I just feel like driving.

Did you ever think I might want to go out sometime?

Did you ever think about that?


But when I want to go somewhere you don't want to go if I want to go.

Bowling, or dancing...


I am a good dancer. You don't know it 'cause you never took me.

Come on, Ruth.

When you coming back?

I don't know.

Tonight, tomorrow, a week from Wednesday?

Don't be like this.

I just want to know.

Maybe I want to make my own plans.

I'm not doing this anymore.

You expect me to step in, and do your business while you are out gallivanting, Mike only knows where, with Mike only knows what kind of filth!

Jim's working tomorrow.

Well, I won't be here when you decide to come back.

Then who's... who's gonna wash your clothes and feed you?

Who's gonna talk to your boss out of firing you when he comes breathing down your neck again?

I just said Jim's working tomorrow. He'll be here.

But not you.

I don't know. Maybe.

I'll see you later, okay?


Come on, Ruth.

Why do you hate me so much?

I don't hate you.

Then why do you keep trying to get away from me all the time?

I don't hate you.


I just want to take a drive!

Jesus Christ I Why do you have to make a fucking federal case out of it?

All right! You with your mouth, just go. Go.


Don't you ever take the name of the Lord in vain!

Don't you ever take... Don't you ever... take his name in vain in my house.

Well, how do you think it makes me feel to be left here?

I did tell him.

No, he doesn't, he has no idea how lucky he is.

Lucky he's got both of us.

That's the door. I gotta go.

If he shows up there, you call me, okay?

I'd appreciate it, okay?

'Cause I can't go through this anymore.

Can I help you?

Hi. We're looking for storage space.

The office says it's supposed to be open but there's nobody there.

Jim's not there?

Uh, nobody's there.

Well, I don't have anything to do with it. It's my husband's job.

Is he around, maybe?

Come on.

One message. Message one.

Carl, it's Jim. I can't come in today. I really...

Message erased. End of messages.


Somebody's stuff is in there.

Nope, it's listed as an empty.

Uhh, it's not.

Well, somebody made a mistake.

Maybe you can just give us another space.

It's not supposed to have power.

Yeah, well...

It's supposed to be empty. They keep a list.

So, are we moving this?


I'll get you another space.

It's better than 40 of these.

The Buggy Beamer Roach Trap normally costs $ 49. 95.

But in this special offer, We'll give two Buggy Beamers for the low, low price of only $ 19. 95.

And if you call now, we'll include two extra disposable cartridges free.

You get two Buggy Beamer roach traps systems, plus two extra cartridges.

A $ 110 value for only $ 19. 95.

Plus shipping and handling.

What we were trying to do is find out if there was anything that we failed to accomplish in our investigation.

We have a pattern that we feel that, uh, identifies this individual.

So we're missing one link.

Smith thinks he knows someone who can find that missing link.

I should guess that Nancy was available.

In a case like this, she can give us some assistance.

Uh, could open another door for us.

I think it's worth a shot.

Would you contact her for us?

That'd be no problem.

We got the five all torn up again.

I don't know when they're ever gonna finish that thing.

It's been more than a year.

What happened to your neck?

Some guy in a bar, tried to pick a fight.

You got in a fight?

I'm done with it.

Leaving me here to rot while you're out doing Mike only knows what perverted thing with Mike only knows what kind of slutty gutter trash!

Come home all scratched up.

You think I don't know what goes on?

I've got my niece in Tula Vista.

She says Steve and the kids would be happy to have me.

Then you'll see what it's like when you have no one to come home to.

When you manage to drag yourself back to this "h" hole.

I'm sorry.

So you went to a bar.

Well, mostly I just drove around.

Went to see Ray.

I called Ray. He hadn't seen you!

Well, when you called, I hadn't gotten there yet.

Were you visiting prostitutes again?


I'm not sticking by you this time if the cops come sniffing around.

I'm done with that filth. Ya hear me? I'm done with it!

You've been sniffing around prostitutes, wettin' your little noodle.

Oh, shut up!

You don't like it when I talk dirty, but what do you do?


Sticking your thing in anything that moves.

Mind your own business!

You stop leaving me here to mind yours and I will!

I see the scratches on you!

I know what you do!

A beautiful blue Tanzanite Diamond ring.

Thank you.

Do you know anything about those dead girls?


Well, it would have been about, uh, nineteen, ninety-three, I think, it was, no, that's not right. Um, she was 16, she left home, when she was 16.

And that was the last time...

I wrote to her and I left messages.

When I had a number.

She was very angry.

She made it perfectly clear she didn't want me or her stepfather involved in her life.

Did you know that she relocated to Los Angeles?

I thought she might... go to Hollywood.

She always spoke about wanting to be on TV when she was little.

But you don't expect... and they're just dreams a child has.

All right, just hang in for a minute?



You gonna be around town for another day?

I was going to drive home... tomorrow but if you need me...

Anything else we need, we can probably take care of it over the phone.



I... I was wondering if, um,

if... if Krista Kutcher lived here.

She did.

I was hoping I could see her room.

Somebody's in there.

See the girl over there on the phone?

If she wants to show it to you, by my guest.

Tommy, just come and get me.

Who the fuck was that?

Go fuck yourself, Tommy!

Excuse me.

Do I know you?

I'm sorry, I just wanted, I...

I spoke to the woman inside the office.

I was wondering if I could see your room.

Did you know the girl who used to live here?

Yeah, I knew her.

Were you friends?

We lived together.

It was a nice picture.

Yeah, she liked that one.

What kind of things do they make you do?


The men who pay you.

You're asking me what I do on a date?

When you get paid.

Yeah, that's a date.

I don't know, whatever they want.

Head, usually.

How much do they pay you?

You a reporter?

You want to do a story on me?

Let's see, my mom's dead. She was a junkie.

She got shot in the head in a parking lot.

My dad, I never knew him.

I grew up in East L.A.

Now I suck off assholes for cash. What do you think about that?

I think it's sad.

Yeah, well...

Did Krista ever tell you where she came from?

A la... wa Washington, some fucking place, I don't remember.

Did she tell you why she ran away?

She probably wasn't happy.

Did she tell you why?

Other than her stepfather sticking his dick in her, I don't think so.

She probably thought "Fuck it, I might as well get paid. "

Fucking mother was too much of a dishrag to do anything about it, you know, typical.

The husband or the kids, they always choose the husband.

Did she tell you that?


That her mother knew and... chose him?

She probably liked it, right?

It took some of the load off.

Like having one of your kids help with the laundry.

You're her mom?

I didn't know.


I had no idea.

Well now you know.

This has been really fun and all but I gotta get to work.

Maybe I can take you to lunch.

I don't think so.

I'll pay you.

One time Krista went totally straight.

No drugs, no hooking, she got a job at a nail salon.

She was like a fucking Mormon.

All she talked about was how she wanted to get her shit together so that she could bring her kid to live with us.

And then, Del said that she would have to pay extra so Krista had three jobs and she was working, she was doing more drugs than ever because she wanted to stay awake.

So she wound up getting nail polish on this white lady's wedding ring.

I'm sorry, Krista had a child?

Yeah, so then she gets fired from this nail place.

And she goes on this fucked up drug mix like you wouldn't believe.

I didn't hear from her for like two weeks.

Is it a girl or a boy?

A girl.


She was really into that kid.

Always sending her cards and writing notes and shit.

Even though the girl can't read.

It was like she didn't want her to grow up hating her.

Where is she?


Where? Where is she?



Come here.

Hi, sweetheart.


Honey, look at me.

She wants money.

I only have 200. Is that okay?

Give it to her.

Here. Take it.

Hi, Ashley. I'm your momma's momma.

Do you want to come with me, honey?


Maybe you can sit in the back with her.

She really stinks.

She needs a bath.

Yeah, with a fucking fire hose.

Would you watch your language, please?

Shouldn't you be using one of those baby seats?

That's why I'm asking you to sit in the back with her.

You could get in an accident.

You expect me to catch her?

Would it be better if I just left her here?

Would that be better?

Whatever, man, I'm just saying.

I don't even know how I would find a car seat around here, in this neighborhood.

She's not my kid.

I'll buy one tomorrow.

So are you gonna keep her?

You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are gray You'll never know, dear How much I love you Shh. Shh. Shh.

You gonna keep her?

I just need to know.

Are you?

I guess that's something that I have to discuss with the father.

Good luck.

It could have been a million guys.

I would've taken her.

I almost went and got her.

How am I supposed to take care of her kid?

If you decide to take her, just... take care of her.

Did you love my daughter?

She tried to give me a necklace, and...

I didn't take it.

I wanted to, and just couldn't.

Shh. Shh.

You could wait a minute?


She said it made her look how she wanted to feel.

I live alone now.

And if you want it, you could come and stay with me.

Get back on your feet.

There couldn't be any drugs in my house that's something I just can't have but... if you want, you're welcome to stay.

I don't think so.

Wait. Wait, wait!

There is my address.

Maybe, you could write me some time.

"Awapaho, Washington."

I knew it was something like that.


Get out!

You're stupid.

Aw, fuck.

I'm sorry.

Ow! Ow!

That hurt!

You know, that's not very nice.

What's the matter with you? Get up off the floor!

What did you do this time?


What did you do?

I'm sick of this, we're going.


Fuck is that thing?

Shut up. It's fer my kid.

Hey, you think you can give me a ride out to Norwalk?

No, I gotta get to work.

Not until tonight. It's my kid's birthday tomorrow.

Just fucking Fed Ex it.

We'll be back in time. In like two hours.

Do you think I want to haul your ass out to fucking Norwalk?


Shit. Here.

Fuck. You gonna propose to me?

Yeah, right. Open it.

Take me to Norwalk and I'll blow you.

You'll fucking blow me anyway.

For free.

Open it.

I'd rather have a ride to Norwalk.

Just take the fucking necklace.

Why are you eating your hair?

'Cause it's delicious.

What does it taste like?

Mmm, strawberry pop tarts.

Do you know what? Cat butt.

Do you know what? Turtle butt.

Turtles don't have butts.

Do you know what? You have a butt.

Madison, come over here and sit by me.

Hey, you making friends?

Everywhere I go.

Come on, let's go.

How old is she?

Three and a half.

I got a daughter. She's gonna be three tomorrow.

It's a great age.

Yeah. Yeah.

You doing your multiplication tables?

When I was a kid, every birthday, we'd go through the Sears catalog and pick out what we wanted.

I mean, we'd spend like days looking through this thing.

And look at each thing.

To try and decide is that the thing that I most wanted.

So, there was this one year I decided I wanted this ventriloquism doll.

So I told my mom and I'm really excited about this doll, right?

So, it's my birthday and my mom puts this big box right in front of me and I'm, like, "Cool."

So I open it and she got me this weird puppet thing, with strings and I felt sick.

I tried to pretend that I was happy.

And it fucking went down like that every year.

I couldn't figure it out, "Did I give her the wrong page?"

No. No. I finally realize that my fucking mother couldn't buy anything that wasn't on motherfucking sale.

You go to a store to get jeans and it didn't matter which ones looked right, which ones you wanted, you had to get the ones that were on sale.

Maybe that's why you're so fucked up.

No, I just don't want my kid growing up like that.

I want her to get what she wants... and not all the time so she gets spoiled but... sometimes. Sometimes... you should just get the thing that you really want.

Like, on your actual birthday.

Jesus Christ.

I'll take you to fucking Norwalk.

Yes, you're the best, man!

Oh, yes!

Is that what you wanted?

I don't know, I didn't have a fucking Sears catalog.

Now it's gonna get in my way.

I don't care.

I do, I don't wanna have to wash it again.

You're only supposed to do it every three days.

So don't wash it.

Then I'll have your cum in my hair.

That's nice. Ohh.

Yeah, for the next guy.

"Ooh, baby, you smell real nice."



I gotta go to work early, some shit's going down.

You said you'd take me to Norwalk.

I don't have time to deal with that.

You promised!

I don't have time to deal with your shit.

Get your stuff and I'll drop you or find your own ride.

You are such an asshole!

Give me the fucking bunny and I'll drop it at Fed Ex tomorrow!

Tomorrow's her birthday!

She'll get it the day after her birthday.

You are such a selfish asshole!

Just get your shit.

Give me my fucking money!

I need my fucking money!

Here's your fucking money! Get in the truck!

You are an asshole! You know that?


Suck your own fucking cock!

Get in, I'll drop you off at the corner. Fuck you, bitch!

Can I borrow your bike?

You got rent for me?

It's in the room, Del. Come on, can I borrow it, please?

If it'll start.

Thanks, man. You're the best.

Bring it back in one piece.

See you later.

Oh, I'm sorry, baby.

What the fuck?

No, no. No, don't.

Tell me, who did this?

Who the fuck did this?

You could have killed that motherfucker.

Did Tommy do this?


It wasn't Tommy?


Shh, shh. Tell me. Who was it?

Who was it?

This is nice.

Yeah, I got this for you.

It's got a real diamond in it.

No, you should wear it, it looks good on you.

It's because of Tom, right?

I'm gonna fucking kick his ass.

I'm gonna fucking kill that motherfucker.

No, you can't, stay with me.

No, I can't, baby, I gotta go.

I gotta drop something off for my kid.

I said I gotta go!

Look, when I get back, I'll fuck you, okay? Okay?

I'll make you feel good, okay?

You're so fucked up. Fuck this.

What the fuck?

Fuck you, fuck it, Tommy!

Get up! Get the fuck up!

Get the fuck up!

Let go of me!

Sometimes I think you bitches like this shit.

Fuck you, motherfucker!

Fucker! If you touch her again, I'll fucking kill you!

Do you hear me? I will fucking kill you.

What the fuck are you fucking cunts looking at?

Get out of my fucking face!



I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you again.

You believe me, right, baby?


We're gonna get out of here.

Where are we gonna go?

I don't know, some place where there's trees and sky, and you can breathe the fucking air.

Someplace that's not so fucked up.

We're gonna get my kid tomorrow and we're gonna go, okay?

Hello? Are you there?

Krista, I gotta go back to bed, okay?

Are you mad at me?

Don't be mad at me because I fucking love you.

Do you love me?


Baby, can you just tell me you love me?

I really need to hear it.

I gotta go back to bed.

Whatever. Um, I gotta go. I gotta go.




Do you know if they got a Fed Ex around here?

I don't know.

Even if they did, it would be closed.


Hey, do you think you could give me a ride to Norwalk?


Norwalk. I don't think that's too far from here.

Is that where you live?

My daughter lives there.

Tomorrow's her birthday. Actually, it's already today.

She was born at 12... 13 in the morning.

This, this was supposed to be for her but, um, I kinda fucked it up.

I have to make a stop.

But then I could probably take you to Norwalk.


God! This is so cool!

Great, I could be there when she wakes up.

I could bring her chocolate chip pancakes.

Having your own kid, is a pretty amazing thing.

You know, her father was a real fucking asshole.

The whole time she was in me I was afraid she would come out looking like him but, she didn't.

She looked just like me.

A whole lot prettier.

You are my sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are gray You'll never know, dear How much I love you Please don't take My sunshine away