The Dead Pool (1988) Script

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A fire that claimed three lives in a South Bay warehouse yesterday...

... is believed to have been deliberately set.

South Bay has been plagued by a series of fires...

... all of a similar nature.

Authorities believe arson is involved.

They have no suspects at this time.

Jazz composer Edward Barla was eulogized today in a private ceremony.

Barla was best known for the tunes "Midnight Hearts" and "Just For You."

Edward Barla, dead at the age of 56.

The murder trial of Lou Janero ended today. Samantha Walker has the story.

After four days of deliberation...

... the jury found Lou Janero guilty of the murder of Paul Cirela.

Cirela, part of Janero's organization, was set to testify against Janero...

... in an upcoming trial on charges of bookmaking and tax evasion.

Assistant D.A., Thomas McSherry, credited Inspector Harry Callahan...

... for his part in the successful prosecution of Lou Janero.

A great deal of the credit should go to Inspector Callahan.

He put Lou Janero out of business.

The inspector's evidence not only implicated Janero in the murder...

... but also provided the means to file additional charges against Janero...

... for bookmaking and illegal gambling.

I'm Samantha Walker for Channel 8. Back to you, Pat.

Get off my ass.

He's going.

Did you recognize any of the attackers?

Is this attack connected to your testimony at the Janero trial?

Has Janero put out a contract on your life?

Were these Janero's men?

Have you received death threats?

Has the department offered any extra protection?

The department will issue a complete statement... soon as we've conducted our own investigation.


That's how much an unmarked squad car costs.

That's the third car you've trashed this month.

Lou Janero. What?

His men shot up the car. Send him the bill.

Very funny.

See how funny it is behind a desk, because you're off the street.

All this for a car?

At Lieutenant Ackerman's request.

The chief approved. It's for your own good.

If you think I'm gonna... Just until we handle Janero.

He may be in prison, but it's clear he's calling the shots. Literally.

Can't have our newest hero turned to Swiss cheese before the commendation.

See? You're getting a commendation.


It's time we took advantage of the press you're getting.

How do you propose to do that?

It's my opinion that you should work with me in public relations.

Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.

You don't realize what you've done for the department's image.

You just put a major crime figure in prison.

You've got an extremely high visibility right now.

And for once, it's positive.

You know what that means in terms of recruitment?

Look at this. Look at this copy we're getting.

We've never been this swamped for interviews.

I'm not some dog-and-pony act.

It's important we maximize your public relations value while we can.

Getting close and personal with reporters isn't my job.

Your job is to promote the department.

How positive would it be if I resigned...


Don't misunderstand me.

Harry, all I'm asking for is a little cooperation.

All right, we don't have to pull you off the street completely.

If you'd just be more cooperative with the press.

Anything else?


Quan, will you come in here?

Quan's moving over from the youth gang task force to Homicide.

Good, Homicide can always use a cop with Al's experience.

I'm glad you agree.

If you want to stay on the street, you take Quan to watch your back.

Now hold on. That's final.

That's swell, being that most of my partners end up hurt or dead.

Ask Al how he feels about that.

Well, Quan? Any objections to working with Callahan?

I think I can handle it.

Get a bulletproof vest, kid.

Teaming Harry with a Chinese-American will be good for the department image.

You have any kids?

Me? No.

Lucky for them.

Cut. Cut!

You're out of sync, Johnny. What's the problem here?

Where is that fool?



We've had a short, Peter.

You had all the bugs out. "Trust me," you said.

Right? Did he say that? "Trust me."

That means "fuck you" in this business.

I checked it.

I've got a backup head. Give me 20 minutes and we'll be ready.

All right, do it. And no cock-ups this time.

And that goes for the rest of you morons.

This sucks, man.

How can I sing with shit exploding all over?

It was just an accident.

This whole movie is an accident.

How did I get talked into this shit?

You needed a video. I needed this sequence for the film.

Stop complaining, we're getting what we want.

Why couldn't we shoot on a warm sound stage, instead of a meat locker?

I need it cold so the audience can see your breath when you sing.


We won't be original, but people will know I froze my ass off.

What's that supposed to mean?

A director with talent would have the guts to shoot something original.

Instead of ripping off old movies like The Exorcist.

This is not a rip-off, it's a homage. You stupid...

Jesus, I don't believe you.


You're hurting.

I don't know what you mean.

Don't give me that. You promised, not during shooting.

I know what I'm doing.

I can handle it.

You won't fuck up my film!

I said, I can handle it!

Just let me go back to the trailer and get it together.

Then we'll kick some ass.


Can I get a Coke?

Get a Coke, please, for Johnny.

Now what?

Don't worry, Johnny's like a trained seal.

Throw him a fish, he'll perform.

Rise and shine, boys.

Time to get up.

What's happening?

I always knew working Homicide would be glamorous.

I mean, meeting celebrities and all.

Too bad you can't get his autograph.

You know, Harry, they always die in threes.

When one celebrity dies, two more always go in a week or two.

It's a fact, Harry.

Celebrities always die in threes.

Well, this one's got crystalline powder around his nose and mouth.

Scabs up and down both arms.

Fresh puncture marks on his left forearm.

Yeah, Homicide can be really glamorous.

All right, check the dummy out, please.


I want a three-inch lens, very tight.

Try not to drop it.

Let's hurry up and shoot this and wrap this up, please.

And my second assistant and I found Johnny in his trailer.

He was just lying there.

At first we thought it was a joke.

But then, well... When did you last see him alive?

About a half-hour before that.

He went back to his trailer while we set up.

Was he alone?

I don't know. But he was alone when we found him.

Tell me, does anyone on your set use drugs?

We don't do drugs, Callahan. We do film.

Look, what people do is their own business.

If it doesn't interfere with my film, I really don't give a shit.

What about Squares? Was he using?

How should I know?

Johnny had agents, lawyers, friends.

It was their job to deal with his drug problem, not mine.

Well, that's a very caring attitude.

What do you want, Callahan? Drugs were Johnny's trademark.

He made his career singing about them.

It made him controversial.

I can see why you'd want him in your flick.

It was a marketing decision.

Johnny Squares sells tickets. You know, bums on seats, love.

Besides, we needed a music video tie-in.

Any idea who was supplying him?

No, but if I hear of anything, you'll be the first one I call.


Check on anyone who dealt with Squares.

Whether it was the cast or crew... Inspector Callahan.



Is it true that Johnny Squares OD'd?

We're conducting an investigation.

Right as we speak. At this point, nothing's been...

Thank you, inspector.

Excuse me, are you Suzanne Dayton?

What's going on here?



Hold it. I'm sorry, you have to step back.

No, Johnny! There's nothing they can do.

You're gonna make yourself sick.

Hold on, could we give her a little air?

Out of the way, please.

Off with that camera.

I can film whatever I want. IKKeep shooting.

This is someone else's heartache.

Right in here.

What are you doing? Give me that.


High and Dry is the kind of mindless film comedy...

... that's come to typify summer films aimed at the youth market.

The humor is of the locker-room variety.

Audiences seeking more sophistication will have to look elsewhere.

The producers...

Rock star Johnny Squares was found dead this afternoon.

Samantha Walker filed this report.

The body of Johnny Squares was found today at the Royal Meat Company...

... where he was on location filming Hotel Satan.

The cause of death is not known, but Squares had a history of drug use.

The rock star was arrested last July for possession of heroin.

Many of his songs were allegedly based on his drug experience.

What's that all about?

My past catching up with me.

As a kid, I was in the gang that hit him up for protection money.

All my life, I've been running in gangs or trying to put them away.

So I figured I'd come over to Homicide for something different.

It's different, all right.

Call for backup.

Come on, get the fuck out of here. Hurry up!

Move it! Move it!

Put your money on the table! Hurry up!

Don't move!

Don't fuck with me, lady!

Come on, guys, hurry up!

You forgot your fortune cookie. What!?

It says:

"You're shit out of luck."

Get out of the way!

"Teaming up with a Chinese-American is good for the department's image."

Who was he?

Some guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Madison. Dean Madison was his name.

Does it ring a bell?

Never heard of him. Well, he knew you, Harry.

I found this in his pocket. It's a list of celebrities.

Tony Engelhart, the pro linebacker. Michael Cipriano, the race car driver.

Oh, and one Inspector Harry Callahan.

Johnny Squares is on that list. See what's written by his name?

Yeah, RIP. "Rest in peace."

You know what this is?

It's a bill for a TV camera and lens.

When I said stop wrecking cars, I didn't mean destroy something else.

They interfered with an investigation, sir.

Don't give us that. Is this your idea of media cooperation?

Cooperation works two ways.

What is it you have against reporters?

Some of them are just marvelous people.

Others walk through a pile and track it through an investigation.

You better change your attitude fast.

Because unless we reach an agreement with them...'s liable to cost this city 2 million, and your career.

Join us, please.

This is Ms. Samantha Walker of station IKKWSF.

Captain Donnelly.

Ms. Walker. Captain.

And this is Inspector... Callahan. We've met.

Yes, of course. Won't you sit down?

Ms. Walker...

...Lieutenant Ackerman tells me you have a proposal to make...

...regarding the accidental damage to...

There was nothing accidental about it.

The department might have something to say about that.

Although the camera was destroyed...

...I have the entire incident on video.

I see.

And your proposal?

We may be willing to drop the lawsuit against the city...

...but that depends on Inspector Callahan.

I'm sure the inspector would be willing to...

What do you have in mind?


I owe you an apology.

You were right about what I did the other day.

I had no business intruding on that girl's grief.

I get too eager sometimes.

In my rush to get the story, I made an error in judgement.

We all make those sometimes.

No, I should have known better.

I'm sorry.

Let me ask you, Miss Walker... Sam.


Do you like cops?

If they're not in my rear-view mirror. Why?

I wonder what we're supposed to talk about...

...other than the damaged camera.

Oh, no, no, no.

I'm letting the insurance company deal with that.

And I think I can be persuaded to drop the lawsuit...

...but I want something in return.

What would that be?

I want your story.

What's that?

I've done my homework on you.

You've had quite a colorful career.

Loot at this. You see...

...there's a lot of interest right now in the Janero case...

...and the cop who put him in prison.

Channel 8 is doing a news special on organized crime in the Bay Area.

But what I would like to do is an in-depth profile...

...of you, Inspector Harry Callahan.

Sorry, I'm not interested.

Why not? This latest attempt on your life by one of Janero's men...

You're not interested in doing a story on me.

You want blood. That's what sells...

Now wait a minute... No, you wait a minute.

You people are interested in death and mayhem...

...and you don't care how you get the story.

That is not fair. That's not the kind of journalism I do.

To you I'm just a cop with a price on his head.

Let me tell you, I don't like people saying they're gonna kill me.

Nor do I like journalists using it as a way to increase ratings.

What I was going to say... That's the end of the story.


The coroner's report last night...

...said that Squares used speedballs.

Injecting cocaine and heroin?

But that's not what killed him.

He was using an inhaler with some new designer drug.

A synthetic form of heroin.

You mean something along the lines of China White.

Only a thousand times wore powerful.

One snort and he went into immediate respiratory failure.

IKKnow what I'm trying to figure?

Why is a guy like that...

...screwing with synthetic junk when he's got the real stuff?

Maybe he didn't know what he was using.



Sorry about that.

Get you next time.

Check the cast and crew for prior drug busts.

I'll check with Narcotics to see if any dealers are moving synthetic heroin.

Harry, there's something here you should see.

A story to be published in today's Tribune...

... reveals that director Peter Swan and several other people involved...

... in the film Hotel Satan were playing a game called "The Dead Pool."

According to sources, the object of the game...

... was for players to pick eight Bay Area celebrities...

... who might die by a predetermined date.

The winner was to possess the list with the most dead celebrities.

What makes this story significant...

... is that rock star Johnny Squares was on director Peter Swan's list.

Although Swan would not comment...

... we have confirmed that there was such a game...

... and Swan's production accountant, Dean Madison, was also involved.

Ironically, Madison was killed yesterday...

... in a tragic holdup attempt that took place in Chinatown.

"There is no man who is master of the breath of life so as to retain it...

...and none has mastery over the day of death.

For the Lord of all shows no partiality...

...nor does He fear greatness...

...because He himself made the great... well as the small.

And He provides for all alike.

And the dust returns to the earth, as it once was.

And the life breath returns to God, who gaveth."

My condolences.

Mrs. Dayton, I'm terribly sorry.

Suzanne, I'm very sorry for your trouble.

Thank you.

My sympathies, dear.

Do you mind, gentlemen? I happen to be at a funeral.

I'd like to talk about your list.

It's no big secret. The cast and crew knew about it.

The Dead Pool is just a harmless game.

It sounds pretty sick to me.

Let me tell you something.

People are fascinated with death and violence.

That's why my films make money.

They're an escape, a vicarious release of fear.

Same thing with this game.

Nobody takes my films or the Dead Pool seriously.

Someone gave Squares the drugs that killed him. Maybe you.

You can't tie me to Johnny's death because of a coincidence.

My assistant and effects supervisor played too. Why not talk to them?

We will.

But nobody on their list is dead yet.

Johnny was a drug user and I predicted he'd die this year. That's all.

The idea is to pick celebrities who won't make it...

...because they're old, sick or in a high-risk profession.

Like police work?

Nothing personal.

I don't like being on your list, Swan.

That's what this is really about, isn't it?

If you have a choice...

Maybe I'll start my own Pool and put you on it.

Are you threatening me?

If you want to play the game, you'd better know the rules, love.

That's our report. I'm Patrick Snow.

I'm Samantha Walker. Thank you for being with us.

Tune in tonight for an exclusive report...

...on chemical dependency among celebrities.

Who they are, why they do it...

...and the price they pay. Tonight at 11.

Good night.

And we're clear.

Thought I'd seen the last of you.

I saw your report yesterday.

We confirmed it with people in the game.

Vicky Owens, Swan's assistant, and effects supervisor, Jeff Howser.

It didn't occur to you to clear it with us first?

I had to go with the story.

The papers got the same tip. I had to get the story out fast.

Or someone else would get it first?

Something like that. How were you tipped?

By mail. A copy of the Dead Pool and a letter explaining it.

It's already started. What has?

All the media bullshit.

Newspapers print the Dead Pool and it hurts our investigation.

What bothers you... that we found out about the Dead Pool first.

You people take Janero and the Dead Pool, add hype and distortion...

...and innocent people get hurt.

Aren't you overreacting?

I've seen it happen.

I don't like the hype, either...

...but it happens when reporters compete for a story.

Why don't you start thinking about your responsibility to the public?

You can't kill the messenger because of the message.

I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to screw up your investigation.

Here's the list. Now, excuse me.


It seems I owe you one.

Dinner, that is.

I was offered a job as an anchor at this small, local station.


...I was first runner-up in Miss Colorado.

Colorado? We're right over here.

But I had absolutely no experience, just my bachelor's in journalism.

But it was a way in, so I grabbed it.

But I didn't just smile at the camera and read copy.

I did anything and everything at this station.

Sports, news, hard news, weather.

I produced documentaries.

I love San Francisco.

But it isn't easy.

Big city, big news.

I had to prove myself all over again.

Have you succeeded?


Apparently not with you.

I shouldn't complain. At least you stayed for dinner this time.

I'd still love to do your story.

No, thanks.

You're wrong about me, Callahan, and what I want to do.

I wish I could convince you.

I'll tell you what.

Let's think on it.

Sounds fair.

Thank you.

It's the truth, I don't care what you say.

Hey, Callahan.

You're Callahan, aren't you? That's right.

What can I do for you?

You're the cop who put Janero away.

All I want is your autograph.

Can I shake your hand?

I'd just like to thank you.

It's about time somebody did something about Janero.

Could you sign it to Chester Docksteder? That's me.

Let me buy you a drink.

Some other time.

We need more cops like you. That's what we need.

I gotta change my shorts.

What are you laughing at?

This is your 15 minutes, Callahan.

Andy Warhol said everybody's famous for 15 minutes. Well, this is it.


Was it your first autograph?


And I hope my last.

You know something?

I don't think Lou Janero likes you very much.

She's okay. Just a little shaken up.

How're you doing, girl?

Whatever they're paying you, Harry, it couldn't be enough.

My colleagues.

I don't want to be the news.

Let's get you out of here.

You sure you want to see this guy?


Here's your animal.


What the fuck do you want?

I brought you some cigarettes.

And what would I have to do for you?

Nothing. Just stand where I tell you.

Stay right here.

Fifth cell down.

That's the trouble with this prison. They let anybody in.

I don't like scum like you trying to kill me.

Sounds to me like this Dead Pool thing is making you a little paranoid.

Oh, yeah. I heard about it.

Good news travels fast.

Big fucking media hero.

Hero today and gone tomorrow.

Call off your guns.

What are you talking about?

Your trouble is, you have too much time on your hands.

What you need is a job.

A what?

A job.

I'm gonna give you a job being a postman, understand?

It'll be your job to see the mail gets through.

See that gorilla down there?

That's Butcher Hicks, and he's killed three men. You know how?

He tore them apart with his teeth. Never found all the pieces.

He has an unhealthy appetite.

So what?

So Hicks there is my new pen pal.

I'll write him once a week...

...about how I'm looking in on his sick mother...

...and trying to get him special privileges here.

And the interesting part is, if anything happens to me...

...and Hicks doesn't get his letter...

...he'll be really pissed off. And he'll come to see you...

...because you're the mailman.

He'll probably come down here and cancel your ass like a stamp.

You better ensure prompt, courteous delivery.

And pray nothing happens to me.

That's it? That's it.

See that dirtbag I was talking to down there?

He says smoking can cause cancer...

...and anyone who smokes as much as you do is one dumb son of a bitch.



Cut! Cut.

Where is that stupid fuck? Hauser!

Get your ass down here.

You're supposed to harpoon the goddamn dummy.

The tide shifted.

"The tide shifted." The ocean's incompetent, not you.

This is the third time this week.

You'll never work for me again.

There's a bunch of reporters down there.

Come on, come on.

Can we ask you a few questions?


I'd like to say one thing.

In light of what's happened...

...perhaps playing the Dead Pool game isn't smart.

Any tie between the Dead Pool and Squares' death?

None whatsoever. Next question.

Mr. Swan, will the game continue?

No, we're filming a nightmare sequence at the shipyards...

...and we'd like to forget this and get on with our job.

Johnny would have wanted it that way.

First Squares died, then your production accountant was killed.

Is Hotel Satan cursed?

People can believe what they want, but nothing...

Nothing will stop me from making this film.

End of interview.

Whatever you want, money, credit cards, just take it.

Ever notice how time slows down at night?

Just like in my films. A dream world.

Shut up!

I can't hear the colors. I've got to hear them.

That's the mark of a good director, you have to hear the colors.

You've gotta be able to taste the sounds.

I have a heart condition.

A critic with a heart.

That's a laugh.

Do you like my films?

I said, do you like my films? Who are you?

You know who I am. I don't. I don't know you.


...what kind of a film critic are you?

Shadows of the Dead!

Hell Without the Devil!

Night of the Slasher!

Peter Swan.

Brilliant, love.

What do you think of my films?

Give me your honest opinion.

I like them.


The entrance is probably through the sliding glass door.

She wasn't sexually assaulted.

IKKilled sometime last night.

Maid found her this morning. Do you recognize her?

Molly Fisher. Famous movie critic.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best...

...I'd have to rate this one an 8.

Harry, we found this.


Dead Pool.

Molly Fisher's also on Peter Swan's list.

Oh, God, it's coming!

Those are just some of the highlights of Peter Swan's films.

The typeface is the same as those sent to the papers and TV stations.

And the neighbor saw a man exiting Molly Fisher's condo last night.

Mid-30s, wearing a black jacket.

I want Swan in custody now.

It doesn't feel right.

Doesn't feel right?

Every celebrity on this list has called in the last couple days.

They're all screaming for police protection.

We don't have the manpower to be 24-hour babysitters.

Ackerman is whining about the negative publicity this case is giving us.

And your name is on this list too, Callahan.

My gut feeling tells me Swan is the best suspect we have... get his butt in here!



It's for you, Callahan.

We'll be right there.

Wait a minute. Where are you going?

To do my job. I think we've got our man.

You all stay back.


I'm gonna go up.

Where's the news crew?

You better get them here.

I mean it. Now!

What's up?

Name's Gus Wheeler. He says he's the Dead Pool killer.

We found him like this.

He's soaked in gas and threatening to set himself on fire.

Why not hose him down?

He says if he sees a fireman or even a garden hose, he'll torch himself.

What's he want?

To be on television.

He wants a cameraman and a reporter.

Al and I will just pose as...

It has to be someone he recognizes.

Stay back. Stay back from me.

It's gonna go up. You hear me?

Better keep those people back.

You all right? Not really.

Stop right there! That's far enough.

I'm Samantha Walker from...

I know who you are! What do you want?

Is that camera on?

You want to know why I'm doing this?

Because nobody cares.

We care, Mr. Wheeler...

No! Nobody ever paid any attention to me before.

In order to get attention, you gotta do something.

Well, I'm really gonna do something this time!

Did you have anything to do with the deaths...

...of Johnny Squares and Molly Fisher?

No, I just said that so you'd listen!

I want everyone to see this!

I want everyone to remember me!

And to remember what I did here!

Oh, Jesus, Harry, he's really gonna do it.

That's right, lady. I'm really gonna set myself on fire.

And it's gonna be on the news...

...and then finally everybody will know about me.

About me! Gus Wheeler!

No one's going to see you die.


I said, no one's gonna see you die.

Not if we stop filming.

You can talk to me and tell me your story...

...but we won't film your suicide.

What are you doing?

Turn the camera back on! We're not gonna film it!

We're not. She's right.

You can set yourself on fire and we'll roast marshmallows.

But you won't be on News at 11.

You're ruining everything.

Give me the flare.

You've got plenty of coverage.

You think so?

Trust me.


Harry, you okay?

You hurt? No, I'm fine.

Get that gurney over here, quick!

You all right?

Oh, God, Harry.

This man sets himself on fire.

And it's my fault.

It was an accident.

Maybe if we'd have kept filming.

That's exactly what he wanted.

What you did took guts. Most people would have gone for the exclusive.

Reel three, George.

Just a moment.

What is this? Why the fuck are you harassing me?

I was at a party when Fisher was killed.

I was there until 2, and I have witnesses.

We know that. We checked.

Somebody's trying to make us think that you killed Squares and Fisher.

Any idea who it is?

Are you kidding? It could be anyone.

They all hate me.

My former agent.

My producers, my crew. The public.

They envy my talent so much they wish to destroy it.

You don't believe me? Talk to my secretary.

She'll show you the letters I get. Warnings, death threats...

I get so many, I don't pay attention anymore.

I'll check on it.

Tell me...

...anyone else have a jacket like this?

Most of my crew. Why?

Maybe it was someone in your crew, or who's worked for you in the past.

Whoever's doing these murders uses your films and you as inspiration.

Welcome to the Nolan IKKennard Show. Sex, violence, pornography:

I say it's out of hand. It's time we have guidelines for what we watch.

I don't want Big Brother out there telling me what to read or watch.

What's your opinion?

Anybody can watch anything...

... as long as it doesn't hurt somebody else.

Take it easy.

Give me a chance here.

Who decides what's harmful?

Isn't that what we're talking about?

First Johnny Squares, then Molly Fisher, now Nolan IKKennard.

Like I said, celebrities always die... In threes, yeah.

At least the guy went out with a... A bang, I know.

What do you have, Russ? Hello, Harry.

From the residue on the frags, I'd say plastic. Probably C3 or 4.

We'll do an analysis back at the lab.

Let me know the results. You got it.

What's that?

I don't know.

It looks like the wheel from a toy.

Have you been questioned about Nolan IKKennard?

Is his death connected to the Dead Pool?

I don't know. Is his death due to your list?

- I don't know. In Hell Without the Devil...

...a character's poisoned.

Night of the Slasher has several stabbings.

- We can guess what Hotel Satan... Get to the point.

Are there parallels between the deaths in your film...

...and the death of Johnny Squares?

That's a stupid question!

Do you feel any responsibility?

You people are blowing this out of proportion.

You want to speak to somebody? Speak to the police.

Talk to Inspector Callahan. He'll tell you I'm not a suspect.

I have nothing to do with these deaths.

That's all I have to say, now sod off.




I think that's about it for me.

What's that tattoo?

Oh, that.

One of my grandfather's superstitions.

You see, he painted these words on my back and chest.

It's supposed to ward off anything that's harmful or evil.

When he heard I was your partner, he figured I could use the help.

I was just trying to honor the old guy.

Besides, I didn't think it could hurt.

Listen, I think I'm gonna go home.

I'll catch you later for a beer.

See him? I saw him.

He can't be over there.

How y'all doing?

You're the last asshole Janero sends.

Wait, you got it wrong!

Don't fuck with me, buddy. I'll kick your ass right now.

It's not what you think.

Janero did hire us.

But this ain't a hit.

Janero doesn't want anything to happen to you.

We're your...


Those letters all came from your files.

Harlan Rook. God.

Yes, I remember him.

Every time I was at a film festival or a seminar, he was there.

Mr. IKKnow-It-AII, I called him. He knew everything about my films.

To tell the truth, I found it a little unnerving.

What'd he want?

He had this screenplay...

...for a horror film he wanted me to direct.

He said it'd be the ultimate Peter Swan film.

He was crazy. I couldn't get rid of him.

Finally, my attorney put a restraining order on him.

Then what happened?

I didn't see or hear from him again.

That must have been over a year ago.

Is he the one?

The typewriter used on these letters... the same one used to tip us off to the Dead Pool.

Call Swan's attorney and see what he knows about Rook.

And run a DMV check.


It might not be a bad idea to start playing it a little safe.

Maybe your granddaddy can paint me up.

Look, I'm being serious.

Don't go where you normally go, not even home. You can stay with me.

Thanks, but I think I can do a little better.

Price of fame.

Is this what Ackerman meant by cooperating with the press?

It must have been one of those in-depth interviews.

I got a lead on Rook. A psychiatrist who treated him.


Give it a try. Okay.

It won't respond. Someone's on my frequency.

Forget it. It's just not working.

Now what the hell is that?

Time's up, Callahan.

You all right, Al?


Two fractured ribs.

He bled in the chest. We drained it and set up an IV.

He's lucky, the bulletproof vest he had on saved his life.

Another of my grandfather's superstitions.

When your partner gives you advice...

...take it.


This is Dr. Friedman, chief psychiatrist here at the hospital.

I'm sorry about what happened.

I feel somewhat responsible.

Your partner contacted me about a former patient of ours.

Harlan Rook? Yes.

At first, I didn't recall the name. I found the file today.

He was evaluated here a year ago.

The diagnosis was process schizophrenia.

Multiple personality.


His sense of self-hate was so strong...

...that he no longer had any personality of his own.

Consequently, he substituted identities...

...found in books, films... magazines.

Identities with which he had love-hate relationships.

He wasn't dangerous enough to hold?

Most mentally ill people are not violent, inspector.

By law, a person who poses no danger can only be held for 72 hours.

I'm sorry, this is one instance where the system failed.

Is this address recent?

I assume it's still the same.

Samantha Walker.

This is Peter Swan, Ms. Walker.

Your coverage of my predicament has been thorough...

... but my side hasn't been told as well as it could be.

I see.

I'm prepared to grant you an exclusive interview.

Are you interested?

No doubt about it.

He's our boy, Harry.

Explosives. Caps.


It all connects.

Harry, you gotta see this.

Talk about obsession.

Looks like he had a real Peter Swan shrine going here.

I'm not sure.

I could have sworn I put it in my bag.

But I'm not sure.

Bob, do you have my little mike? It's in your bag.

Thank you.

Look at this.

I'll call the TV station.

Samantha went out to the shipyard to interview Peter Swan.

Swan doesn't know anything about it.

What's this? A payroll stub.

Sundown Security, made out to Ed Butler? I don't get it.

That's the company that provides security for Swan's locations.

Ed Butler may be an alias for Rook.

Where are you going? Harry?


That's my car!


That's the shot I'm looking for.

What is it you want from me?

You've got it wrong, love.

This is what you wanted.

An exclusive interview.

But you're not Swan.

Shut up! You don't know!

You don't know!

I know who I am.

Do you know who you are?

Do you?!


All those films he made.

Those are my nightmares, not his!

Every night I dream, and somehow he reads my mind.

He stole my thoughts.

He put my thoughts on film, and he takes all the credit.

He can't get away with it.

He has to pay.

He stole my nightmares and made them real.

So I stole his Dead Pool.

I'll play his game and make it real.

He can take credit for that.

Drop it, Rook.

You didn't die, Callahan, so I had to find another celebrity.

You're next.

Shoot me, Callahan.

Maybe you'll get lucky.

Maybe my muscles won't contract and drive this knife into her throat.

Let her go.

First the gun.

Drop it and kick it over to me.

Time's up. What's it gonna be?

What the fuck?

You've locked yourself in, asshole.


Just you and me, asshole.

The gun, Callahan.



He'll kill us both!

Oh, God.

You let me down, Mr. Famous-Fucking-Cop.

You let Swan get away.

You're the killer, not Swan.

I should have killed you first.

That was my big mistake.

Now kick it over to me.

Harry, don't.

Think you're smart, don't you?

Callahan, you son of a bitch!

I'm gonna kill you slow!

Do you hear that, Callahan?!

Stay in there.


Come on out, Callahan.

There's nowhere left to run, Callahan.

Don't make me come in and get you.

The game's over!

You're out of bullets.

You know what that means.

You're shit out of luck.

Where's Rook? He's hanging out back there.

Inspector, was this another hit attempt by Janero?

Is it connected to the Dead Pool case?