The Deadly Bees (1966) Script

Hmm, mostly routine stuff as usual.

Why on earth has this one come to the ministry?

It's quite an interesting one though, ...fellow reckons he developed a strain of killer bees.


Oh, not him again.

Chap on Seagull Island, isn't it?

That's right.

Have you heard from him before then?

Heard from him?

We must have filled about half a dozen waste paper baskets...

...with bumph from him over the years.

Nutty as a fruit cake, he is. And his bees.

Well, he says unless you take him seriously this time, ...he's going to prove his point once and for all...

...and unleash his bees to kill someone.

You don't think he means it, do you?

♪ We got an understanding, all right ♪

♪ That can only be bound and signed ♪

♪ It means that you love me, I love you ♪

♪ And nobody else will do ♪

♪ 'Cause I thought that I loved before ♪

♪ That's all that I need you for ♪

♪ That's all that I love you for ♪

♪ Ow! That's all that I need you for ♪

♪ I said that's all that I need ♪ Well now, these are for you to sign for the studio, ...and three or four for the kids outside.

Oh, Vicki, for goodness' sake, what's the matter with you?

I'm so tired. I'm exhausted.

Sweetie, come on now, it's not like you.

It's only one number, ...then you're gonna have a nice rest in the car...

...on the way to the theater.

Two shows and then home to bed.

And I'll switch the phone off until tomorrow morning.

Thank you, the birds.

I'm sure we all wish them the very best...

...on their forthcoming tour of America.

Now, kids, here she is, this week's guest star, ...the very lovely Vicki Robbins.

♪ My baby took me to a dance last night ♪

♪ And when we danced he held me oh so tight ♪

♪ Then I left his side, a minute, maybe two ♪

♪ When I returned, he was with somebody new ♪

♪ Stop the music ♪

♪ He's dancing with another girl ♪

♪ Stop that music ♪

♪ He's got my heart in a whirl ♪

♪ He could have waited ♪

♪ Just another minute more ♪

♪ Before he stepped with someone else ♪

♪ Out on the floor ♪

♪ Stop the music ♪

♪ Before he breaks my heart in two ♪

♪ Stop the music ♪

♪ There's something I have got to do ♪

♪ I've got to tell him ♪

♪ Just how much he means to me ♪

♪ Stop the music ♪

♪ I love him, can't you see? ♪

♪ Stop the music ♪

♪ He has got my heart in a whirl ♪

♪ Stop the music ♪

Three weeks, doctor?

Do you know what that could mean to us?

I know what it means to Miss Robbins.

And I'm afraid as her manager...'ll just have to suffer your ten percent of the pain.

Well, of course, doctor, ...Vicki's health is all that really matters but...


Then you'll have no objection if I take the law into my own hands...

...and arrange her convalescence right away.

Where are you sending her?

I've an old friend who has a farm on Seagull Island.


I want to make a personal call please, to a Mr. Ralph Hargrove.

Mary, answer that phone!


Hargrove speaking. - George. Hello, George.

Haven't heard from you for ages.



Tomorrow for two weeks? That's all right.

It's out of season, but if she doesn't mind...

...taking us as she finds us.

All right I'll meet you both tomorrow.


See you. Bye now.

Paying guests at this time of the year, must be out of your mind.

She's a patient of a very old friend of mine.

She's coming whether you like it or not.

I'll get a girl up from the village to give you a hand.

Yes, you'll like that, won't you?

Hello, David.

Morning, Mr. Hargrove. What can I get you?

The usual.

Make it a double, will you?

What will you have?

I'll have a half of bitter, thanks very much.

On the slate, I suppose?

But of course. Is Doris about?

She's in the kitchen.

You wanna see her about something special?

I've got someone coming to stay for a couple of weeks...

...and wondered if she'd give us a hand in the house.

Mrs. Hargrove not too good then?

Not brilliant, no.


Doris! Coming.


Mr. Hargrove wants to ask you a favor.

You want something?

Would you like to come up to the farm...

...and give us a hand in the house for a couple of weeks?

I've got a guest arriving.

I'd love to. Good.

Who's coming?

Oh, some singer, Vicki Robbins.

Vicki Robbins?

That should make us quite a tourist attraction.

Have you seen Tess's meat? Pardon?

The dog's meat, have you seen it?

Oh, it's in the larder, I think, ...would you like me to go and look?

No, I'll go.

She'll only take it from me, anyway.

Doris, the place looks marvelous.

I don't know what I would have done without you.

It's all right. I'm only too glad to help.

Yes, well, I'd better get down and meet the boat.

Come along.

Your room is through here.

Hello, who are you then? That's Tess.

Hello. Hello.

I'm Doris. Oh, yes.

Mr. Hargrove told me about you.

I hope you like the room.

Yes, it's very nice. Good.

Oh, um, the bathroom, it's up here.


I hope you're not gonna find it too dull on this island, ...Miss Robbins. No!

I think it's gonna be great.

Doris tells me you're quite a celebrity, Miss Robbins.

If it's peace and quiet you want you've come to the right place.

No screaming teenagers here. It's perfect.

I'm beginning to feel better already.

Have some more toast, Miss Robbins.

No, thank you, Mrs. Hargrove, and the honey was delicious.

Why thank you, do you know something?

We grow our own, specialty of the house.

Don't encourage him, Miss Robbins.

He spends far too much time with those bees as it is, ...instead of running the farm.

My wife doesn't seem to realize the amount of work involved... bee farming.

As far as I'm concerned, it's worth every moment.

I've never tasted honey like it.

Are you very fond of animals, Miss Robbins?

Yes, I am, especially dogs.

Ah, excuse me.

Have a pleasant day, Miss Robbins.

Why don't you go for a walk or something?

Yes, I'd like that. May I take her with me?

Yes, of course, she'd love a walk.

She certainly seems to have taken to you.

She never leaves me as a rule.

Oh, Miss Robbins, telephone.

Hang on, she's just coming.

Thank you. Hello?


Now nothing to do with work, baby.

Just calling to see that you've arrived safely.

Yes, I'm fine. Good.

It sure is great here. Good, that's it, have a nice rest.

Yeah, bye.

That was my agent, he worries about me all the time.

Come on, Tess. Bye, Mrs. Hargrove.

Oh, by the way, where are the hives?

I'd love to have a look at them on the way out.

He doesn't like people round the hive.

He says it disturbs the bees.

In that case, I'll keep out of their way.

Come on, Tess.

Here, fetch it! Good girl.

Tess, Tess?

Come on, girl.

Tess? Tess? Tess?

Tess? Tess?


Come on, out you go.


You're Miss Robbins, aren't you?

Hello, I hope Tess hasn't done any damage.

Oh, I shouldn't think so.

Come in, come along, dear.

We'll have a look.

You stay there, Tess.

I heard you were staying at the Hargroves'. My name is Manfred.

Oh, come along, dear.

Well, they don't seem to have broken anything.

What a beautiful room.

Look at these butterflies. Did you catch them yourself?

Yes, I did, it's one of my hobbies.

Oh, that and my bees. Oh, you keep bees too?

Yes. I didn't see any hives.

No, you wouldn't have, I haven't got any in this house.

Uh, come, there you go, look I'll show you.

I had my apiary built here so that I can keep an eye on them, ...see they don't get up to any mischief.

Fascinating, aren't they?

Look, uh... Would you like a cup of tea?

No, thank you, I had an enormous breakfast...

...before I left the farm. Good.

How are they looking after you at the Hargroves'?

Oh, very well, thank you.

Splendid. Well, I'll say...

...we're all delighted to have you on the island, ...I hope you're enjoying your stay with us.

Um, look if you're not too busy sometime, ...perhaps you'd like to come over and have tea with me.

Sample some of my delicious honey.

It's much better than Hargrove's but don't tell him I said so.

I'd love that.

♪ Yes, I know ♪

♪ That I'm not the girl you dream of, but I know ♪

♪ If you would only give me half a chance ♪

♪ To show you how I love you ♪

♪ Baby, let me love you, babe... ♪

Can I help you?

No, no, I was wondering if I could borrow this book.

I was looking at Mr. Manfred's bees this afternoon.

I got quite interested.

I realize you don't know much about life here on the island, ...but may I suggest you take my advice...

...and don't repeat your visit to Mr. Manfred.

It's dangerous to involve yourself in matters... don't understand.

Like what? Like, um...

Bees, Miss Robbins.

Turn out the light when you finish, hmm?

So you're back?

I thought I'd married a farmer, not a vet, ...up at odd hours of the night.

I wasn't aware that I was disturbing you.

Anyway I have some rather important work I've got to do.

Work? It's a great pity you couldn't manage a little of that...

...during the day round the farm.

My farm.

Hello? Hello, Vicki.

What time is it? Nine o'clock.

It's a gorgeous day. Did you sleep well?

Like a top, once I got to sleep.

Doris? Yes?


You stay there, Tess.

What are you doing in here?

Just looking around. Do you mind?


Well, I shouldn't have thought there was much... interest you in a stable.

I do a lot of riding.

I'm fond of horses.

Are you?

Well, if you thought you were going to get some riding here...

...I'm afraid you're out of luck, the mare is sick.

The vet told me to keep her stabled and very quiet, if you don't mind.

Get out of here!

Do you mind if I use your phone? I thought I'd ring my agent.

Well, I just tried to use it myself,'s out of order again.

Does that often happen? Yes, I'm afraid it does.

Anyway, I was going to take a walk.

I expect Mr. Manfred's got a phone.

No idea, I'm sure.

We don't see much of Mr. Manfred.

My husband doesn't like him.

Thank you.

I've checked that number again on Seagull Island.

It's still out of order.

Well, see if there's another phone on the island...

...where they'll take a message.

If we don't get her back here for the recording on Tuesday, ...we won't have a number in the charts for Christmas.

Er, get me directory inquiries, please.

After all I've done for that girl...

...and she's off enjoying herself at a time like this.

It must have been about two o'clock...

...when everything seemed to happen.

What do you mean? Noises from the stable, ...and people wandering around in the yard.

I don't mind telling you I soon locked the door...

...and hid under the bedclothes.

You're sure you didn't dream all this?

Well, I thought I might have done at first, ...then this morning, I went into the stable...

...and saw these terrible hypodermic punctures...

...all over that wretched horse!

Fancy that.

You're very observant, aren't you?

Mary! Answer that phone!


Stop feeding that animal for just one minute...

No, I can't.

He's the only friend I've got around this place.

Well, thank you for the coffee.

Oh, you're very welcome.

Now, you're not to worry.

Okay. All right?

Goodbye. Bye-bye.

I'm going down the pub, do you want to come?

Oh, well... Come on, it will do you good.

All right.




Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Hargrove.

Oh, that's all right.

Miss Robbins? This is the girl we have staying with us.

This is Dave Hawkins, our host, and our special constable.

My daughter's told me all about you, Miss Robbins.

I'm not as with it as she is...

...but I'm glad to meet you just the same.

Me too. Er, right, What'll we have?

He did this.

He did it.

Him and his horrible bees.

What are you doing? You must be mad!

You'll set the whole place alight!

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone! Get away from me!

What do you think you're doing? Leave me alone!

What do you think you're doing? They killed the dog.

What's the matter with you, have you gone out of your mind?

I don't want...

For God's sake!

Must have been a terrible scene.

I wish Doris wouldn't go up there.


Yes, he seemed a nice little dog.

Mrs. Hargrove must have been very upset.

She was. Doris told me.

Blamed Hargrove for the whole thing.

Tried to burn down the bee hives.

Did she?

You know it's most unusual that Hargrove...

...should allow his bees to get out of control like that.

He's a very experienced beekeeper.


Poor little dog.

What time do you want lunch, Mrs. Hargrove?

Whatever time he gets back from that pub of yours.

Well, when will that be?

Well, didn't he tell you?

You say what happened to Tess almost happened to you?


Yes, and very probably the same bees.

The same bees?

The same species.

Look, come here.


Here is a worker bee.

It's one of my own from my apiary.

There's nothing unusual about it, ...except that it's dead, of course.

And as you can see, it has quite an ordinary sting.


Yes, unpleasant, but quite ordinary.

Now this bee...

Is not only twice as big...

But lethal. Lethal?

It was one of the swarm that was sent to attack my hives.


But how can bees be sent?

Well that's what I'd like to know.

Because this large bee, this killer bee... not of any known species.

Somebody must be breeding them.

But surely you and Mr. Hargrove...

...are the only beekeepers on the island.

The other day you said I was dreaming things, ...I think it's your turn now.

Anyway, if I thought what you were saying was true, ...I wouldn't stay at the farm a moment longer.

In fact I'd get the next boat off the island.

The next boat?

But I'm afraid the next boat off the island...

...doesn't leave until next week.

Good night, Mrs. Hargrove.

Oh, no! Oh!

I can't believe it. Well, it's true.

It seems to me too much of a coincidence...

...that this should happen twice, ...I'm going up to the Hargrove farm...

Well, I'm coming with you. Look, Doris, ...I know you're old enough to lead a life of your own...

...but I think you should stop going up to the Hargrove farm.

I'm sorry, dad, I'm going.

I suppose I better get back to the pub and radio the police, ...they'll send over an inspector and a doctor...

...first thing in the morning.

Is that necessary?

There'll have to be a post-mortem.

I think I want to stay the night, dad, ...if you don't mind.

Eighty and still here, twelve letters.

Eighty and still here, twelve letters.

How about octogenarian?

Yes, yes, that's it, thanks old man.

O-c-t-o... Yes, thank you.

I say, did you see this? See what?

Well this paragraph here, ..."Woman stung to death on Seagull Island by bees."

Yes. Now then, six down.

Do you think it has anything to do with that chap...

...who keeps writing to us?

Six down, Jewel in four letters.

It does seem a bit of a coincidence, don't you think?

No question of foul play?

No, it's a most unusual case, I know, ...but it has been known before, there's no foul play at all.

They'll have to be an inquest, of course.

Just a formality.

Ask him to come in now, please, Hawkins.

Very good, sir.

The inspector wants to see you, Mr. Hargrove.

Thank you, David.

Well, Mr. Hargrove, ...I'll try to get the coroner around tomorrow, ...I'll let Hawkins know later today.

Just one thing,'re quite sure the only other person on the farm at the time...

...was Miss Robbins? Quite sure.

She was in her room all the time.

She's a guest here?

Yes, she was sent here by a psychiatrist, ...apparently she suffered a severe mental breakdown.

She's still a little strange.

Well, we don't need to bother her now, ...but she will be required at the inquest, Hawkins.

But if those bees attacked your hives, ...why weren't you killed?

You see my two little cardinal birds.

Now gently, they're very timid.

The male bird is singing to his mate.

You can just see his throat moving.

Now, the female bird can hear that song, fortunately, ...but the human ear cannot.

Most human ears, that is.

But how can a bird... Oh, no, no, not a bird, ...a moth, a death's-head moth, now this is one.

They get their name because of the death's head...

...they carry on their back.

Now these moths, it's quite incredible, ...they can make a very high-pitched note...

...which hypnotizes the bees.

Whilst the bees are so hypnotized, ...the moths invade the hive and steal their honey.

But that still doesn't explain why you didn't get killed?

Yes, that was a matter of luck, ...I just happened to be working on my apiary...

...and I had my gloves and veil...

...and I was able to drive them off with smoke.

But the second time, I was ready for them.

I had made a recording of a note...

...that was of the very same frequency... that made by the moth.

Just audible to the human ear.

I was then able to hypnotize these deadly killer bees...

...just long enough to capture one or two of them.


I killed three.

Look I'll demonstrate with my own bees.

Now it's all right, as long as they can hear the note, ...they won't come out.

But why should Hargrove or whoever it was...

...want to destroy your bees?

Well, he didn't want to destroy my bees.

I think he wanted to destroy me.

But if that's true all you have to do is go to the police.

They'll just laugh at me.

What proof do I have? A few dead bees.

No, now somewhere at the Hargrove farm, ...there must be some proof.

Really he must keep some record of what he's doing.

I just wonder where he keeps it.

Well... He did seem very annoyed...

...when I went near his desk the other day.


Well perhaps that's where he keeps it.

I don't suppose you could...

Mr. Manfred, so far we have no proof of these accusations.

I can't get myself involved.

Why don't we just wait and see what happens at the inquest?

Miss Robbins,'ve been staying at the Hargrove farm...

...for the last week or two, have you not?

Yes. Why?

My doctor recommended it.

He knows Mr. Hargrove. I see.

Miss Robbins, can you tell this inquiry anything...

...that might help me to decide the circumstances...

...that led to Mrs. Hargrove's death?


Did you notice anything unusual that day?


Were you at the farm on the day that Mrs. Hargrove's dog...

...was killed? Yes.

And you still noticed nothing unusual?


Yes, I do remember.

The dog seemed very interested with something near the stable...

...and then Mr. Hargrove drove him away.

Miss Robbins, do you know anything about bees?

No, nothing.

Thank you, Miss Robbins, you may stand down.

Thank you.

Mr. Hargrove, would you take the chair, please?

Mr. Hargrove, you keep bees on your farm, do you not?


Have you ever been stung by them?

All beekeepers receive stings from time to time.

But have you ever been stung by yours?


Have they ever attacked you... force as they did your wife? Never.

Can you account for the fact...

...that they stung your wife to death?


Is there anything you can tell this court...

...which would help it to establish...

...the exact cause of your wife's death?

The cause should be obvious, she was stung to death by bees.

And her dog?

Same thing.

Why did you drive her dog away from the stable?

It was in the way.

Can you give this court any reason...

...why it should not order your hives to be destroyed?

My bees were not responsible. Whose were, then?

I, uh... I'm not sure.

Mr. Hargrove, was your wife insured?


And you were the only beneficiary?

You now have her farm, for instance?


Very well, Mr. Hargrove, may stand down.

Yes, I agree.

Well in view of the doctor's report...

...and the evidence I've heard, ...I have no alternative but to declare a verdict...

...of death by misadventure. This court is closed.

Hargrove must have been trying out his bees on me... make sure that the scheme would work...

...before sending the bees to attack his wife.

After this there's no knowing what he will do.

And still we have no proof.

Can't we tell the police to examine his hives?

They'll find nothing there.

The killer bees will be hidden away somewhere.

Vicki, Hargrove wouldn't dare try anything else, ...not yet a while.

Would you please help me before it's too late?

What can I do?

Ah, yes, this seems to be the formula.

Just put that light on, would you?

Now, ...let's have a proper look.

Does it make any sense to you?

I have a theory.

We know that the sound of the death's-head moth...

...can hypnotize the bees.

I think Hargrove must have found...

...or at least must be working on some form of chemical...

...that will mobilize the bees to attack.

There was that business with the horse, wasn't there?

Yes, I think I've got it.

Hargrove's formula? Adrenaline.

Have you ever heard of the smell of fear?

I thought that was just an expression?

A chemical...

Suddenly released into the bloodstream...

...and carried to the surface by the sweat glands... the form of ammonia.

All animals and insects and especially bees...

...are strongly attracted and sometimes aggravated... this odor.

Now if Hargrove...

Found some way of concentrating this smell of fear...

...and... And if he could find some way...

...of getting it onto his victims, no person would be safe.

He could send his bees anywhere...

And attack anyone.

Then he did kill his wife.

What can we do?

Well, I think we'd better get these back...

...before Hargrove realizes they're missing.

Miss Robbins!

Miss Robbins, can you hear me?



Ralph! Quickly! Ralph!

She'll be all right.

Get rid of those towels.



Miss Robbins, she's going!

Hey! Come back here!

What do you think you're doing?

Doris, give me the car keys, quickly.

Land-rover badly damaged?

Well, I understand that it's in a bit of a mess.

I thought you ought to know about it.

Well, I think so, I'll go and have a look it.

We've had quite a day up there, haven't we?


Well, Doris tells me that Miss Robbins...

...was attacked by the bees.

Is she badly stung? No, luckily.

Suffering from shock of course...

...but otherwise she's all right, apparently.

Very lucky escape. Yeah, very lucky.

I'll tell you one good thing about this though.

Her evidence might enable me to get an order... examine those hives.

I'll get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Come on, drink this, Vicki.

You all right?

Doris, I've got to get out of here.

You can't leave the island.

Well, there isn't another boat until tomorrow.

But you don't understand... It's all right.

You're perfectly safe now.

Try and get some rest.

I'll get these cleaned.

I'll be back later.

I'm going now, Ralph.

I'll see you at the pub later.

Oh, yes, all right, dear.

I'll probably be down.

Mr. Hargrove, I'm terribly sorry.

Manfred, I'm sick and tired of your bees...

...swarming on my property.

Quite unintentional, ...I can't think what makes them do it.

Well, that's your problem.

It's very cheeky of me... I know...

...but as I only keep bees in a small way.

I'm not an expert like yourself.

You realize of course, ...I have every legal right to keep them.

Ah, oh have you? Oh, I didn't know that.

Oh, no but I'm sure that as a friend and neighbor... would never do such a thing.

By the way, how's Miss Robbins?

She's all right.

I have thought of asking her over...

...for a cup of tea or something.

Well, you'll have to ask her some other time, ...she's out walking.

I only hope the lack of frames doesn't cause my bees... swarm again, that's all.

They'd better not swarm here.

Ah! Well... And do me a favor.

Organize your hives, will you?

Will you tell Doris that I'd like her back at 8 o'clock?

We shall be rather busy in the bar tonight.

Well, Doris left about er... Well over an hour ago.

Oh, good.

Well, er, take more care in future, won't you?

Yes, sir, I did see a small paragraph... the paper a few days ago, sir, ...but I didn't think anything of it, sir.

Yes, sir?

Well, sir, I didn't think you'd wish to be bothered...

...with any trifling coincidence like that, sir.

Yes, sir.

No, sir, I'm afraid Harcourt isn't in today, sir.

Tomorrow morning, sir.

Yes, of course, sir.

Yes, yes, don't worry, sir, ...I'll have him on his way first thing in the morning.


We'll get you off this island as soon as there's a boat.

But in the meantime you're perfectly safe here.

Now I'll be back before lunch...

...and perhaps you'll feel more like eating something then.

You're not leaving me? Well I have to.

I must get inside the Hargrove farm.

But why?

Well, we've got very nearly all the evidence we need...

...but there are still one or two pieces necessary... complete the Jigsaw.

But I got you all those papers.

Yes. Er...

But there was that book that Hargrove saw you reading.

Um, perhaps if you could get hold of that, ...well, that might help us.

Can you remember the title?

Yes, um...

Something by a man called Simmins.

Bee farming.

Hargrove would never let you take it.

Well, we could try, can't we?

And after all you've been through, well, ...we mustn't let you down.

Be careful, won't you?

I can look after myself, don't you worry.

Now you just take it easy.

I'll be back before lunch and I'll get that book somehow.

Is there anything that I can do to help?

Yes, you can help me find out who's responsible for all this.

Well, you heard what the coroner said after Mrs. Hargrove.

The police are due here first thing in the morning...

...and I intend to get this thing sorted out before they get here.

Why? What are you going to do?

Well, first I'm going to question Miss Robbins.

Why Miss Robbins?

Because I think there's a lot more she could tell us.


You realize of course, that she came straight here...

...from the nursing home?

She suffered a severe mental breakdown.

Yes, I know.

Well, that may account for her behavior.

All right, I'll get her bags.

Excuse me.

Well, that's all her gear.

Yes, I'm afraid she was quite adamant...

...about staying at my place. So what can I do?

I couldn't care less.

Oh, I say, Hargrove.

I wonder if I could borrow your copy of the Simmins' book...

...on bee farming.

I've mislaid mine and I'm a bit lost without it.

Yes, I have got one somewhere. I Shan't be a minute.

Here you are. Thank you.

I'm getting very untidy at the cottage these days.

I can't find a thing. But there you are, of the advantages of having a wife to look after you.

I'm sorry, I forgot. Did you?

Well, thank you for the book. I'll bring it over tomorrow.

Keep it.


Feeling better? Yes.

Well, Vicki, ...I'm now absolutely certain... to how Hargrove controls his bees.

Did you find it in the book?

All I needed to know.

But if the book was so important...

Why did he lend it to you?


It required a certain amount of cunning on my part to get it.

I left him very angry, ...and of course I had his precious book.

Well, now we can tell the police.

Yes. First thing in the morning.

But surely we can tell Mr. Hawkins.


Mr. Hawkins is too upset. Doris is still very ill.

I thought we'd have some tea.

Would you like to pour?

What are you doing?

Just making a few preparations.

The bees are getting angry. Why?

They're getting ready to swarm.

Well, obviously you know that I've been lying.

The killer bees are mine, ...not Hargrove's.

Well, these are they.

I've got thousands and thousands of them.

Hargrove knew as well.

He started experimenting himself.

So I fixed him.

You see, Vicki, your coming to the Hargrove farm...

...was a godsend in a way.

Hargrove had suspected for some time...

...that I'd developed a new strain of bees...

...that I could send anywhere and attack anyone.

And he tried to find out how I did it.

So I arranged for my bees to attack him.

I'd placed the liquid which attracts the bees...

...on one of his buckets.

Unfortunately Mrs. Hargrove got it on herself...

...and the bees killed her.

Mind you, everyone blamed Hargrove.

Including you.

But I still didn't know how close he was... my little secret.

That was why I sent you to photograph his papers.

And after that, I'm afraid, I no longer had any use for you.

I made sure that you got the smell of fear on yourself.

You escaped.

And poor Doris, well I hadn't intended the bees to attack her.

Fortunately she dropped the cardigan...

...and escaped with only a few stings.

You thought it was Hargrove who tried to kill you.

So you came to me for protection...

...and stayed here while I went to get rid of Hargrove.

The Simmins book was just an excuse.

Well, obviously I already had a copy...

...but I pretended I wanted to borrow his...

Hargrove, ...I wonder if I could borrow your copy of the Simmins book...

...on bee farming.

I've mislaid mine and I'm a bit lost without it.

Yes, I've got one somewhere. I shan't be a minute.

And while Hargrove was looking for the book, ...I placed the liquid...

...which attracts the bees on his jacket.

You killed Hargrove?

Yes, I think he was trying to pinch my idea.

Do you know, Vicki, ...there are very few people that I dislike...

...but I couldn't stand Hargrove. He was so rude.

I mean just imagine what would have happened...

...if my bees had gotten into the hands...

...of an irresponsible villain like Hargrove.

He treated Mrs. Hargrove abominably.

Don't leave me, Vicki!

I'm talking to you.

You see, I have to kill you.

Hawkins, don't move!


No! Get back!


Hawkins, drop that jacket!

Get rid of that jacket.

Go to hell!

Don't you understand it was my jacket...

...the bees were attacking and not you?

Your jacket? Yes.

Manfred was here about an hour ago.

Obviously he treated my jacket in some way with something... that his bees would attack me.

His bees killed my wife and attacked your daughter!

Don't you understand, the man's a homicidal maniac!

Now first I will immobilize the bees.

I've made this...

Especially for you, Vicki.



Grab that ax out of the rover!

Help me!

Goodbye, Vicki.

I suppose the pop world will seem pretty dull...

...after Seagull Island.

Yes, it will seem quite restful.

Bye now. Bye.

See you, Dave.