The Debt Collector (2018) Script

Is he here? You know he is.

Well, can you call him? We'd like to talk.

Class is over for today, lads.

Unless you fancy signing up for the next one.

You know, French? I like you. Do you?

But you can't run a business for shit.

We can.

Our schools are growing and turning out profit while your traditional style of teaching is becoming more obsolete by the day.

Oh, really? Why is that, then?

Because you dish out black belts like they're penny sweets?

Oi! You can tell your man to put his tape measure away.

It's only a matter of time, French.

I have cash here today.

I can pay to transfer the name on the lease into my corporate account.

You can walk away a rich man! No shame!

What do you say? I say you're full of shit.

French, $10,000 will buy your lease today.

Next week my offer will be seven.

The following week, five.

Can you see where this is going?

Do you want to get your shoes off my mat?

For once in your life, make a smart decision...

I said, get those shoes off my mat.

Or what?

Well, I guess we could do this the old fashion week away.


You and I could have a little dance around this mat.

We'll see who comes out on top.

If you win, alright... I'll move out today.

But if I win, then you three can get the fuck out, and don't ever show your face around here again.

You wanna fight me?

I wanna fight all three of you, cunts.

Like a Kung-Fu movie?

Yeah, that's it, mate.

Like a fucking Kung-Fu movie.

Come on, then.

All right!

How long was I out? It's Tuesday, mate.

Just keep the ice on your nose. You'll be okay.

Close the door on the way out, lads, yeah?

Come on.

Your back kick...

Holy sloppy, French.

Yeah, of course, it was.


That's some show you put on there, French.

Let's just hope those blokes don't come back and torch the place.

My insurance has expired.

You're in trouble, aren't you? Yeah, you could say that.

I don't suppose you got to talk to your man, did you, Alex?

I mean, I could really use the extra cash.

It's not for you.

Look, you're a tough guy. You're also a good guy.

I ain't that good, mate.

You saw what I did to that lad, didn't you?

French, your life would be a lot easier if you would just sign over the lease...

Oh, come on! For ten grand? What am I gonna do with ten grand?

I gotta pay the bank back first...

Then I'll have to get a car, have to pay the rent, and then what?

It's my gym. I built the whole thing from scratch.

I plastered those walls myself.

I cut the mats.

I worked too hard to have dickheads like that coming in and steamroll all over it.

Come on, mate. I need your help. I'll do anything to keep this place.


People say that all the time, but they rarely mean it.

Well, I mean it.

I'm up for it.

This line of work, it doesn't lead to a better life.

The money's good, but it comes at a price.

Demands on your conscience.

I'm your friend. I don't wanna be the guy who drags you into this, French.

I'm a big boy, Alex. I can look after myself.

I'll remind you that you said that.

It's not really up to me.

You're gonna have to sell yourself to Tommy.

Tommy? Yeah, Tommy. It's his operation.

No one works for Tommy that he doesn't approve of.

I'll make the introduction.

But you are gonna have to convince him that you're up to the work.

Thanks, Alex.

Don't thank me, French. It's not that kind of job.

I know you're in there, French. I heard you on the fire escape.

You're three months late!

I'm close to calling some nasty fucks to get it.

The gym is in a bit of slump for the moment, mate, but I'm hoping it's going to pick up.

Who gives a shit? Just pay up!

Yeah, alright, just give me one week, okay? One week!

Maybe in that time you can fix the garbage chute in this shithole!

Just pay your fucking rent!


Yeah, alright!

Watch how you move. Don't swagger. It weakens you.

Speak softly. Make them listen to you.

Look at anybody with true power.

They don't make flamboyant gestures and keep it tight... concise.

And above all, avoid eye contact.

Why is that?

Because that's your trump card.

Save that for when you want to hammer a point home.

And don't go carving out a reputation. Leave that to me.

I've got a team of lawyers on call 24/7. You don't.

Just tell them you're doing collections for Tommy.

My name is all you'll ever need.

Can you look after yourself? Yeah.

Speak up if you're gonna do collections for me.

Yes, I can look after myself.

I was a paratrooper at Her Majesty's service, 15 years.

I've seen my share of fire fights and fracas, so...

Yeah, I'll get it done. Are you sure?

The roads I'll have you driving down, the doors I'll have you knocking down, they're a long way from Her Majesty's service.

Listen, Mr. Kowalski, I really need this job.

So, you don't have to worry about me.

I've been fighting for as long as I can remember, and I'll crack a skull or two if I have to.

I'll hold you to that.

I got a guy who won't mind sharing the vig.

He's got a full plate this weekend.

So, it's a good time for you to start learning the ropes.

He may be coming off a decade-long bender, but he is... one of my best.

Sounds good. Then get yourself a nice suit.

You need to look professional when you represent me.


You're early. It's nine o'clock.

You can come in.

Oh, shhh...

Yeah, you'll get used to it.

I'm Sue.


You don't sound French.

I'm not.

Tommy gave you the whole "representing me suit" speech, huh?

He did, actually.

You got the vig breakdown?

Jesus! Tommy likes to get his money's worth, yeah?

I'm good.

Now, tell me, you've done much of this kind of work?

Not really, mate. This is my first day.

Isn't that just fucking peachy?

I'll be honest with you, newbie.

It's not an easy way to make a gig, you know?

We earn our money the hard way here.

Yeah, that's alright, cos I'm a grafter.

I don't need a grafter. I need someone with big balls and a fast fist.

Well, lucky for you, I got both of them, alright?

Have you, now? Yeah.

Well, why? You go to the gym, do you?

Look, mate. I can handle myself, alright?

So, you don't need to worry. I got your back.

Well, you burn them.

Or this partnership is going to be very swift.

Look, I could use a coffee.

You drive. My head's fucking pounding.

You ever driven a car like this before?

I ain't even seen a car like this before, mate.

Well, treat her with the respect that she deserves.

And do me favor...

Watch the whitewalls.

Anything else?

Yeah, we drive on the right side of the road.

Yeah, well done. I've never heard that one before.

Hi! How you doing?

I'll take two cups and a cup of coffee, please, yeah?

Sure! Cream and sugar in your coffee?

Yeah, please, one taste of Italy and...

One vanilla.

There you go, Frenchie.

I got you vanilla.

You know what? Spare it for me, I think.

I'm alright. Do you want it?

I'm good.

There you go.

2731 Vanowen Street.

No, no, keep them.

I slept on my spectacles last night. I cracked them in half.

Tommy never said you were a limey.

Yeah, I'm a limey, but don't worry.

I've lived in America long enough to be able to take that as a compliment.

It wasn't meant as one.

So, who do we got?

Oliver Waldstein. Ollie. $ 17,500 in the hole.

What's the number besides the name?

It's a ten. What does a ten mean?

A physical warning with some prejudice.

Does it say was any other calls from us?

Name next to the number says The Serb.

The Serb's a fucking airhead. Why? Is that good or bad?

That's neither. Shall we?

Officially, we're mediators, not enforcers.

But sometimes that line gets blurred, and if you find that troubling... detach yourself.

It's easy to say.

Not everyone can.

So, what do we do if they're armed?

They probably ain't. It would have said so in the paperwork, so...

Don't worry, Doris, we'll be just fine, okay?

What do you know? Give a knock already, will you?


And then what?

I don't know. Ask if Ollie can come out to play or something.


God dammit, Clive!

Shut the fuck up. Someone's at the door. Just be quiet.

One of them looks like Sue.

Are you fucking kidding me? Sue? - Sue? - Sue, who?

Who is she? - It's not a she.

Try again. You didn't knock hard enough.

Just get the door and say whatever the fuck you have to say.

Just stall them, okay? Please!

Are they cops?

You wish they were cops. They collect for Big Tommy.

Is that a gun? No, Trista, it's a pistol!

Where did you get a pistol? And who's Big Tommy?

You just need to stay here and you need to get the fucking door.

I just want you to go to the door... and don't let them in, okay? - Let's go.

Don't push me! - You'll be fine!

I told you, didn't I?

Hello, sweetheart. We're here to see Oliver.

He ain't here.

Well, we kind of know he's in there...

Get lost, asshole. You have the wrong house.

Out the back. Mate, mate...!

Go, go, go!

Okay, give me the keys and go after them.

¿What? What else do you want? Go after them!

I'll meet you round the... Give me the keys, newbie! The keys!

Jesus Christ!

He just fucking shot at me!

Were you hit?

No! Then, go!

He just fucking sh... Go after him!

Fucking hell! Go!

You, motherfucker! Get out of the fucking car!

Get out, motherfucker!

Oh, shit!

Oh, fuck!

Oh, shit!

Come, here, you fuck!



Sit up!


The police are going to be here in a minute, Oliver.

Do I need to worry about what you're going to tell them?

No, Sir.

You've been having a good time with someone else's money, Ollie..

And there's still the issue of $17.500 that needs to be addressed.

So, address it!

Yes, Sir. Now, consider this a warning.

What's wrong with you?

I banged my head off the concrete.

My feet are fucking killing me.

I didn't realize we were doing this much running.

Maybe you should have left your dancing shoes at home, rookie.

I got them with the suit, didn't I? Maybe you shouldn't have.

Was it really necessary to smash the door on that bird's face?

Actually, yes, it was.

Here. Take us to the next one.

So, we're supposed to be debt collectors, yeah?

We didn't collect anything.

Ten's a warning with prejudice.

No vig, but Tommy pays $300 each for those.

So, hey, we're on.

What's next on the vig?

Harvey Small, Lankershim Boulevard.

You should've taken us to Sepulveda, Frenchie, come on.

Get with the program. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I've been shot at.

You know, you expect it in Irak. You don't expect it in the fucking suburbs.

Wait a minute. You saw some action, yeah?

Yeah, I've hurt a few feelings, yeah. Well, what's the problem, then?

That you said, if they're armed, it would have said so in this.

Yeah? You remember that?

Well, newsflash, mate. They were armed.

You complaint so much over there?

All right, here we go. Harvey's Auto and Finance.

Yeah, Harvey's got a dire gambling problem.

He's over a 100 grand in the pit, which makes this a $4000 vigorish on the number five.

Right, okay, so, the lower the number, the tougher the collection, but the more it pays, yeah?

That, plus...

Harvey thinks he's a player all of a sudden these days, you know?

Hired these low-rent heavies out of South Central.

He toys with Tommy, which...

Tommy did not like.

Which is why we're getting four grand for this.

Last visit was Mad Alex and the Serb, but they left with their tail between their legs.

So, how did Tommy take that?

The standard procedure.

He upped the vig and he sent us instead.

Let me just guess and try to simmer, alright?

Last job was a ten, yeah? It should've been a fucking walk in the park.

But I was shot at, you ran some dickhead over, and I was dragged along by a moving car.

Now, this one's a five, yeah?

But you're telling me that last time Mad Alex and the Serb got mashed out by a bunch of gang-bangers?

Now, I'm sorry. I know I'm new to this and all, but I really think Tommy needs to rethink his numbering system.

That's all I'm saying.

One man's ten is another man's five, I guess.

Yeah? Yeah.


Okay, so, here's the thing... and then, you're set up.

You're up.

Excuse me?

We're looking for Harvey.

What can I do for you, gentlemen?

Are you Harvey? No.

Maybe you can take us to see Harvey. Well, he's busy.

Is there something specific I can help you with?

Listen, mate, just... point us in the direction of Harvey and we'll be on our way, yeah?

Jeanette, make that call to Mister Massey.

I sure hope that phone call is only for Harvey.

Hey, Sue.

I think it's time to test that hand of yours, Frenchie.

It's just French.

Oh, fuck me.

Look, look, whatever he's paying you, I'll double it, I'll triple it.

Oh, my God!

No! No!

Come on, give me your legs! Give me your fucking legs!

You broke my nose!

If I was you, I wouldn't move, Harvey!


Are you gonna fucking do something or what?

Excuse me! I'm watching Harvey, okay?

You think you can run away... Shut up!

No, no!


Frenchie! There are no witnesses...

You could just walk away, let me be... and I will make the best financial decision you boys have made since hiring that limo driver on prom night.

Look, just tell Tommy I wasn't here!

Whatever the vig is, I will... I will quadruple it!

To be honest, Harvey, your vig ain't that special.

What does he want you to do? You don't wanna know.

What? What is it?

It's a kneecap. Or two.

Oh, no! Guys! No, no, no! May I?

I'm gonna call the cops!


You might want to run that by Harvey, Jeanette.

Never mind the cops, Jeanette! Call me a God damned ambulance!

Pull over here. Why? This isn't on the list.

Relax, Frenchie, just go a quick pick-up to make.

Oh, fuck sake! What the fuck did you do?

What did you do? I asked you one thing, to watch the whitewalls, yeah?

First of all, mate, you got me doing all the driving here.

Driving you around like you're Miss fucking Daisy, just cos you've had one too many Shandys, and you look, and you smell like shit.

Then you have me take point on a job I've never even done before...

And then, after dodging bullets, I get attacked by a couple of the biggest bastards I've ever seen before in my life, and it's not even fucking noon yet!

So, forgive me for not giving a shit... about the whitewalls on this fucking boat!

Are you done with your hissy fit? No, I don't think I am, actually, because I don't know if your were paying attention, but I just got thrown into a fucking wall!

I wouldn't be too sensitive about that, kid, specially after the way you just handled yourself.

You're good for business.

I'm sorry that I made you drive my luxury vintage 1971 Coup DeVille.

I thought it'd be a nice gesture to give you a sense of self-worth on your first day, but...

I guess it wasn't.

Well, it's a pretty nice car.

When we get through this weekend, if... we get through this weekend, we can talk about my whitewalls, yeah?

So, that was a five, was it, yeah? Five?

More of a fight than a regular five. Oh, you can say that again, mate.

Let me tell you something, Frenchie, you've got a dark side to you, brother.

I mean, you took these guys out like a champ.

And you like to train everyday, so I thought you'd appreciate the work-out.

No, actually mate, I didn't appreciate it.

Or maybe I did a little bit. Good.

I'll be right back.

Wipe your face, you look like a vampire.

Check this out.

You know there's meant to be two "L's" in thrilling, right?

Was that you? Hmm.

Yeah? Hmm.

Oh, shit, you're in a movie? Yeah.

Oh, shit.

A few old B movies back in the day, you know?

Yeah? Yeah.

That's pretty cool, man.

Looks like a piece of shit, though.

Yeah, it was, but at least I'm on the poster, yeah?

Looks just like you, mate.

What did the do? Did they cut your eyes out and stick them on there, did they?

I'm hungry, let's get something to eat.

You're a ninja then, yeah?

Gordon Kerp.

What an awful name. I hope that's a fucking alias.

This is a pretty nice neighbourhood.

And so it should be. Gordo's a two.

A ten, a five and two in one afternoon.

It's a busy day in the office, Frenchie.

Gordo, he's in the hole, 40K. We get half of that, we're in business, yeah?

Hang on a minute, Harvey owed 100 grand, right?

But, what was he? A five?

This guy owes 40 grand. He's a two. How does that work?

Tommy dishes out the numbers based on the level of violence the client wants.

There's no rhyme or reason to it, Frenchie, so don't waste grey matter trying to figure that one out.

Gordo's a two.

A bake and take.

Bake and take?

Yeah. Turn up the heat and take the money.

Turn up the heat and take the money.

Fuck sake!

What d'you two's want?

Not you, queen bee. That's for sure.

What d'you call me?

You know, for a big guy you got beautiful fucking eyes. You could be a model.

I think it's best if you two, jokers, come back on Hallowe'en.

Listen to this guy... you give him a compliment...

Some people, huh, Frenchie?

You should really take the compliment, mate. He doesn't give out many.


I got shit to do!

I bet you can shift some fucking tin. You're a big guy!

There you go! That's two compliments in quick succession.

You're on a roll there, mate.

You need to fuck off, Bunch and Judy.

Okay, okay, maybe we got off to a bad start here. I'm Sue, this is French.

We're here to see Gordon, is he in?

No, he's not in.

Wow, my compliments aren't good enough for you?

Fuck you, dago, piece of shit...!

Gordie? Don't say anything, Angelica.

Good morning, Mister Kerp. Mrs. Kerp.

I presume you both know why I'm here.

No. No.

Forty thousand.

Oh, yeah... There is that.

You didn't take care of that, Gordie? You, dumb son of a bitch.

Sue, where's Manno?

What the hell is going on here? What do you guys think you are?

A couple of fucking lone star desperadoes?

Coming into my home and try to intimidate me?

You've any idea who I am? I'm in with Big Tommy.

Gordo, we work for Big Tommy, you fucking fool.

I guess that changes things.

Listen, you tell me how much to pay, and I'll make sure you have every penny of it... by noon tomorrow.

This is what's gonna happen, Gordo, You're gonna take my man, Mr. Frenchie, up to whatever room it is that you keep all your cash, and you will proceed to take out as much capital as you can.

And hopefully, when he counts it, he doesn't need to fuck you up.

Mrs. Kerp can stay down here with me.

In case hurting you doesn't help our cause, maybe I'll start in on her.

Is that okay with you, sweetheart?

He's not gonna touch you, honey! Gordo...

I've been doing this a very long time.

I'll do whatever it fucking takes.

The safe is downstairs in the office. Angelica!

Fuck you, Gordie! That's right. Fuck you, Gordie.

Come on!

Look, look, I know I'm late. I can't help it!

I'm a procrastinator.

I can't even pay a bill until the second final notice comes in.

I mean, it drives Angelica crazy, I mean, rightfully so, huh?

40.000 dollars, Gordie, let's go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They give you a cut of the amount, right?

I mean, a figure that would suffice, right? A compromise?

I will fuck you up, Gordie, alright? I will fuck you up!

Just stop trying to negotiate and just dig out the cash!

You're on a percentage, right? Huh?

Listen, we can make a deal.

Five thousand for you, and five for Tommy!

You sure could buy a new suit with the additional $500 cut he'd pay you!

Get up. - Yeah? Yeah, yeah.

Ho, ho!

Need a refill?

Sure, why not?

You know, your man wasn't much of a bodyguard.


Manno is my lover.

Not my bodyguard.

Was he now?

Was he your gardener as well?

No, that position is still open.

I'm wondering... Are you qualified?

Come on, Gordie.

Come on, Gordie!

Where's the key, Gordie? Where's the key?

Give me the key. It's not there?

No, it's not there! Where's the key?

I can't remember, I'm nervous.

You're nervous, are you? I can't remember. - Yeah?

You ain't gonna miss your short-term memory much, are you mate?

Gordie, I ain't got time for this. Where's the fucking key?

Hurry up!

Is that it? Give it to me. Come on!

Fuck me.

What the fuck?

Jesus Christ! There's over 100 grand in here, you masochistic prick!

You had the money all along and you still chose to take a beating?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I'm parsimonious.

It's not a game to these guys, Gordie, alright? It's not a game.

You need to work more in your self-preservation, mate.

Are you listening?

Yeah. Yeah? - Yeah.



You're finished, are you? Yeah, yeah, I'm finished.

You're both square. You're good.

Look, Frenchie.

You're a good luck charm. This thing doesn't happen too often, I'll tell you.

Glad to see you're getting your rocks off, mate.

Oh, come on, who pissed on your French fries? You.

So, I get we had to rough the guy up and everything, but did you really need to shag his missus?

Damn straight I did! She was smoking hot!

And opportunities like that don't fall into my lap to often, so to speak.

Well, that's a valid point, I guess. Huh?

I don't know.

I guess I don't like being the reason someone had a fucking horrible day, that's all.

You'd better check your conscience, Mister Jiminy Cricket, otherwise, it's going to be a long weekend for you, sunshine.

I'll keep that in mind.

He didn't give that up easy, did he? No, no, no, and get this, right?

The guy had enough money to be a loan shark himself.

Not to owe one.

So, I had to slap him about a bit, though.

I don't understand people sometimes.

Tell me about it.

I once hanged a guy's kid out the window until he paid.

He had the money all along, I mean, it was his own child.

You wouldn't have dropped the kid, though, right?

God, I hope not. I can't remember.

But I must admit, Frenchie, I was being lazy that day.

I should have taken it out on the father, yeah?

The moral compass in this business is like a pinless hand grenade, huh?

Still got that wind in your sails, Frenchie? - Of course I have.

That's them.

Come on, Sue. These guys ain't in our docket, are they?

Yeah, we got the money already, alright?

We don't make a penny getting into it with these dickheads.

Yeah, we could run from hide muscle like this, but if Tommy finds out, we might as well keep running.

Besides, I hate to be the one to break it to you... but part of your job description is to watch my back, yeah?

Yeah, alright, but don't leave the hide to me this time, will you?

Yeah? Yeah.


Fuck it.


-127, your food is ready and on 129...

129, your food's ready.

I'll tell you what, today's been a surreal day for me.

Is it like this every time you go out?

I'm gonna be straight with you, Frenchie.

Today we had more than our fair share.

Oh, yeah, you can say that again. Have you seen my suit?

Yeah, I've seen your suit.

It's the cheapest suit I've ever seen. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

This suit cost me $89,99, alright? Tie included.

But you look like a used car salesman. Get rid of it. Ditch it.

I'll wear my gear, alright? Fucking hell.

I didn't have to crack this many skulls in Irak.

Come on, it wasn't that bad, was it?

Everyone's first day is a little difficult. You'll get used to it.

As far as your technique, that was your MMA, yeah?

Yeah, MMA.

You're a boxer, right? Your foot works pretty good.

Yeah, I still got the power, but... the speed's been gone for a long time now, yeah?

I'll tell you what, Frenchie. Let's call it a night, yeah?

Take me home and you pick me up in the morning, yeah?

Hey, sweetheart, can you come get this, please?

I'll be right there, Sir!


So, what's on the menu for tonight?

Coco got me work on the Westside.

Two Arab Sheikhs or something like that.

Big cashola.

Hey, wait a minute. Come here. Take a look at this thing that I found.


Is that the one?

It's sure is. That's me right there. I played the bad guy in this one.

Thriling is for "Thrilling?"

Yeah, back then it was a little different, you know?

Plus, these low-budgets, you know how they are.

Yeah, I do.

Oh, babe?

I could really use some "green."

How much do you need then? Hm-mhm.

Put $300 to good use.

There you go.

Thanks. Let me zip you up, babe.


Listen, I want you to be careful.

Barbosa called me today.

He was asking about you.

That's weird. What did he want? Nothing, really, but...

I know enough about that creep to know you don't wanna be messing with him.

He's hurt a lot of people.

Don't worry. I'll be careful. Thanks, sweetheart.

Hey, Shawny, how you doing, man? Hey, Sue. What's up?

Hey, Lola's not at work. Is she coming in today?

You know how she is. She'll be here.

One to the tab, yeah?

So, how's business? Business is good. How are you?

I'm cruising, man. Cheers. Cheers.

You're good? Hm-mhm.

Let's go.

What are you selling? Give me a look.

It's already sold.

That's not what I asked you.

Give me a look. I wanna see what you're selling.

What kind's that again?

It's a German MP40. I doubt you've ever seen one before.

You're doubting?

Don't be so condescending, you fucking pedophile jerk.

You're working on my order? Don't worry, Tommy.

It's a rare piece. It's a difficult one to find.

You better smile if you're gonna talk to me like that.

Good job, boys. On all three accounts.

I just got off the phone with Rick's people in Reno.

Harvey's paid up in full.

So, our stock has gone up after yesterday.

I'm gonna give you a sweet little gig that just fell into my lap.

Hey, boss.

Hey, French. I heard you were on board.

Hey man.

It's a shame they sell you up with this pissed thing fossil, though.

How you doing, Alex? I'm all right.

Oh, by the way, we got the call about Harvey, you know...

Don't worry about it, we got the job done for you yesterday, so...

Whatever. You got it, padre?

Should we go outside?

Sure. Tommy. French.

It's a nice piece you're buying, Alex. Very expensive.

I understand you need a bigger arsenal, you must've really got your cage shook bad, you know.

I'm sorry, you know, it's a terrible thing losing your nerve.

Fuck you, old man.

I'll show you my nerve anytime you're ready for it.

I'll tell Lola you said hello.

You keep drinking yourself to sleep, Susan, and remember something, when you kiss her, I used to come in her mouth after fucking her in the...


You're a classy guy, Alex, you're a very classy guy. Go ahead, enjoy your date.


You're okay? I'm good, Tommy.

Can you drive? Let's go.

All right, we'll talk about the job in the Caddy.

Actually, Frenchie, you mind driving?

The other side of the road, right? Yeah. - All right.

I thought I told you to get a nice suit.

The suit didn't make it past the first day, Tommy.


I'm hearing good things about yesterday.

Sue said you handled yourself like a pro.

Yeah, cheers.

Did you enjoy it?

Yeah, it had its ups and downs, but yeah.

It was fine.

Fine? Like the most glowing review.

What do you think?

He's got potential, Tommy. Yeah, the old potential.

Where is he? In his den.


Tommy, my man.

It's good to see you, man.

Why don't you take a seat, man? Make yourself comfortable.

Fellas! Do you want something to eat, drink?

Something to calm your nerves? My nerves are fine.

How are you?

Oh, man, I've never been an admirer of the morning.

I do my best work at night.

But I get out of bed for you, Tommy.

You know why? Huh?

Because we're tight, right?

We got history.

And that's very important to me.

It means I can trust you. Of course.

Remember Sue?

Of course, I do.

How you doing, golden boy?

I'm getting along.

That's French. The guy I was telling you about.

It's good to meet you, Frenchie. It's good to meet you, too.

It's just French, by the way.

What is that? A limey accent and a Frog name?

This is a man of the world!

Yeah, I'm diverse.

Yeah, you sure are, Mister French.

It's still just French.

What have you got for us, Barbosa?

I got this skinny, charming, Irish motherfucker.

Used to manage one of my joints over on Melrose.

I found out that he's been skimming from the till within an inch of his life.

You know, this Paddy fuck has been taking more than double the tax tip.

You know what I mean? It happens.

Yeah, I can be a magnanimous motherfucker.

Ask any of my crew.

Ask my girls.

I took this fucker in. Cleaned him up. Gave him a position.

Wiped his ass!

But this motherfucker takes, and bites the hand that feeds him.


Where are you going?

You should stay. Listen in.

I want the whole world to know that you cannot steal... from Barbosa Fabioso.

Not without paying the piper.

For fuck sake.

Watch your tongue.

That's not what you said to me when you proposed, my love.

How much did he steal from you? Or as close as you can estimate?

I'm sorry, what's that got to do with anything?

We work on account of percentage.

You busted him, didn't you? You must have some idea how much he got away with.

What's that got to do with the way you do your business, right?

I mean, I'm paying you a hefty fee right upfront.

I think I'll have that drink,

What are we really dealing with here?


Why don't you take your girlfriends out the pool, take a swim, splash, splash...

This is a personal problem, and I need you to take care of it.

So, are we good to go?

The boys will find him. Remember we have a scale.

"One" being the most severe beating, and "Ten" being a stern warning.

What do you want this kid to f...? I want the motherfucking "One", baby.

That'll be 20 grand, half upfront, balance on completion.


Yeah, give me both of them.

That's his full name and the last place he worked.

It should be enough to get you started.


Mister French...

Nice to meet you.

So, what do you think about this Barbosa bloke, then?

Typical of this world, you know, you know.

He thinks that he can buy himself out of any sort of trouble, and he probably can...

-20 grand, yeah? I mean, 20 grand to slap some kid around.

I don't know, no matter how much money I make, I'll never pay anyone to do my dirty work. Never.

I'm starting to feel sorry for this Connor kid.

I learned a long time ago, Frenchie. Treat this youngsters as slabs of meat.

Yeah, I know, I know... I'm still trying to get in the groove with that.

So, what do you reckon?

You wanna share the address of the last club he worked at or what?

Give me a second.

Right over here on the right.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to telephone these places first?

I mean, it seems like you'd save yourself a fortune in gas.

Some collectors like to use the telephones.

Not me, Frenchie.

I like to get out there, you know? Take a little walk...

One knock on one door, I'll get more information than those jerk-offs over with 25 phone calls.

Well, let's hope you're right.

We need to fill up again.

That's 'cos you got a lead foot.

Feather the pedal.

It's this one here then, yeah?

Yeah, tight here's good.

Sure this is the place? Yeah.

Okay. You got the keys?

You guys missed the sign outside that says we're closed?

No, we just wanna talk. Real quick, mate.


Okay, obviously you don't read or understand English.

We're closed and busy, okay?

So, do me a favor and piss off.

See? Why do you got to be so rude and curse at us for?

There's no manners anymore, right? He must be a tough guy, Sue.

What do you reckon, mate? Would you like us to go outside and come back in again?

Would you like us to do that, my friend? Did we upset you?


You want manners? I'll give you manners.

Would you two gentlemen be so kind, as to... promptly remove yourselves from the premises, please?


Come here, you...

You fucked up now, pal.


What the hell is going on here?

Oh, Jesus Christ! Everybody in this town has a bloody bodyguard.

Shit! I know you!

Yeah, you're... Sulinsky... Yeah, I've seen you around.

You work for Big Tommy, don't you? That's right, sunshine, indeed I do.

Hell, I ain't going to mess with you, Sulinsky.

You'd kick my ass, yeah?

But I don't know this fuck.

You're about to find out who he is.

Things just got a little complicated, didn't they?

What do you want?

You're okay, Frenchie?

Does it look like I'm fucking okay? Shut up!

Now it'd be a good time to use that jiu-jitsu!

Oh, shit!

Let's talk about Connor Mulligan, and maybe you can tell me where I can find that little fucking leperchaun, yeah?

Connor Mulligan? That's what this is all about? - Yeah.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Connor did quit about a month ago. He got into it with Barbosa.

But I gotta tell you, he is a stand-up guy.

Whatever vig Tommy sent you here for, it's probably fucking bullshit.

God, will you stop that?

Okay, okay, listen, listen, listen...

He moved in with a fucking barman from the club, and you tell Big Tommy that that's all I fucking know!

Stop fucking doing that with that toothpick!

Cunt, you wait, bite that fucking rail!

Put your face on that fucking rail!

For the next 10 seconds, I will repeatedly stump on the back of your fucking head.

What do you know? It's settled.

Frenchie? Get over here! I could use your boot!

Okay, I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Where do we find this nick? Wait, wait, all right, all right!

Answer the fucking question, will you?

His ex-roommate, Tim... he... He knows where to find Connor!

His fucking address... is in the payroll sheet on top of the bar, all right?

Was that so difficult? Was that so difficult? - No, no.

We're all good. Okay.

Frenchie, you're good?

Oh, yeah, mate. I'm just fucking peachy, I am.

Oh, fuck. Okay, this is it. We got him.

Let's go.

Oh, fuck!

See, I'm sick of the 20 questions, Frenchie.

You can handle this one, yeah?

Oh, I can handle this one, can I, Sue?

Yeah? I seem to be handling all of them, mate.

I'd sooner take the 20 questions than having another roll-out brawl.

Here you go. You can ask the questions.

Well, thanks very much.

What the fuck...?

Oh, mate, I was just downstairs, I saw a lot of smoke coming out the window. Is everything alright?

There's a lot of smoke coming out the kitchen window, mate...


Alright. Did you see that? See how I did that?

Nice and easy. No tears, no blood. Nobody got hurt. Right.

Which one of you, lucky lads, is Tim?

You guys can't just come in here like that.

It's fine.

I'm gonna smash your face in!

It's him, it's him! He's Tim!

It's not me. It's him. Yeah? Tim?

Right. We're gonna do this one. Out.

Right. You. Come on. Get out, get out. Piss off.

Get up! Get out!

Wait, wait, wait! No.

I tried to call you, guys, for over a week, okay?

I swear to God. I don't have the stuff anymore.

I sold most of it and I smoked the rest.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry...

Look at me! I'm fucking pathetic.

If you kill me, you'd be doing me a favor, okay?

I'll pay Davey back, okay? I swear.

Davey sent you, right?



Well... Christ!

What do you guys want? Who did I piss off now?

We're looking for Connor Mulligan. Have you seen him?


Jesus! Stop! Stop! Connor doesn't live here anymore. Okay?

He doesn't live here.


Wait. Why are you guys after Connor?

He's a good guy. He wouldn't hurt a fly!

Yeah, yeah, so everyone keeps telling us... What a nice guys this thief is.

No, Connor's no thief, man. Look...

Here, here... He's an honest guy.


I'm gonna keep this.

Oh, come on, no... That's his only photo that...

Hang on a minute...

Did that son of a bitch Barbosa send you, two?

Connor Mulligan, where is he?

No, Barbosa is the guy that needs whacking.

That bastard should die a slow and painful death. And you know what?

As for that fucking Amanda, she is the cause of all of this.

That's all very interesting, mate, but I'm gonna ask you one last time.

Otherwise, my man here is gonna take his fists and he's gonna crack your skull.

Where's Connor Mulligan?

Okay, okay...

He's moved in with some chick.

Down in Topanga. You know? One of those artists' communities.

A bunch of rich, white hippies living on Trust Funds in Cambodia.

What a charmer this Connor is, he seems to have a girl in every port.

No, he's not like that, man. He's a good guy.

So, where is this honest Connor living? You got an address?

Erm... an address... Come on, mate! An address!

Yeah, yeah. Do something! Here!

Hurry up. No, that's not... fuck.. here.

You guys be fair, okay?

He doesn't deserve whatever that fuck has paid you to do.

It's alright, I'd... keep off the drugs for a bit if I was you.


I don't know about dishing out a number one on this Connor kid.

Seems like he's Prince Fucking Charming to me.

It's not for us to question it, Frenchie. Just to locate him and dish it out.

Yeah, but come on, mate. How can you not question it? Right?

Right? I mean, it's not like we're maniacs cruising around looking for prey, is it?

We're meant to be collecting debts, not chucking up beatings at will.

You remember those blurred lines?

Today, we're forces for hire. Yeah?

This job can be a fucking roller coaster, Frenchie.

By the way, you take lead of this next one.

My par for the course, oi? You can quit anytime, no biggie.

No, no, you're right. I'm up for it.


'Cos I liked that smoke thing. That was good.

You liked that, did you? Yes, I did. - Yeah?

It's not gonna get you in the room every time.

Well, come on, man, what do you suggest?

Other than, of course, kicking the door off its fucking hinges?

What's the best way to get inside?

Give him a little head-butt. Just a tap, yeah?

Just a tap. You don't wanna smash his nose all over his face, cos you wanna save that for when you really need it. Right?

Right. Like you did with that kid at Tim's, yeah?

Precisely. Yeah?

Just a tap. Just a tap.

Nice and simple.

A simple little tap. Alright, I got you.

Good. A simple tap.

Just a tap.

This is it.

Alright, mate? We're looking for Sandy.

Who's asking, doll?

Aw! Man, that was a bit hard.

Jesus, man, I said tap him, not obliterate him.

I tried to tap him, didn't I? This isn't as easy as you made it look.

Okay. Take it easy, okay? I've got a lot of experience in this.

Who the fuck are you? Are you Sandy?

Tell me where I can find Connor Mulligan.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey, take it easy. She's only small.

I'm Sue. This is French.

Can you, please... tell us where Connor Mulligan is?

I'm not telling you anything.

So, if you two, arrogant shits, leave right now, we may not press charges.

So, get the fuck out.

I don't know. Did I do something to offend you?

Was I being a little too rough? What do you think, Frenchie?

Was I a little too rough? Get your pit bull away from me.

Oi, oi, oi!

Are you really gonna slap her off her senses?

Get your hands off me, rookie, and let the professional do his thing.


Give me a break! Only weak men hit women.

Shut it, Sandy! Alright? Shut up!

Because I'm not gonna be able to stop him from hurting you in a manner that will blunt that sharp tongue of yours.

Now's not the time to be brave, alright?

Now's the time to be sensible.

Jesus Christ!

You're not being fucking sensible!

Connor has a heart of gold.

He picked me up when I was down and he settled me here.

He's kind, compassionate, and caring.

Something you two will never comprehend.

See, even if I did know something, I wouldn't tell a couple of fucking lowlife cockroaches...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know you keep hearing about what a wonderful charm this guy is...

But what we really wanna know is where he is.

At the end of the fucking rainbow, maybe?

This whole nightmare started when she got her claws into him.

Who is she?

Barbosa's fiancée, Amanda.

That brat hounded Connor until he caved in.

But that wasn't enough for a bitch like her.

She had to tell Barbosa to really get a kick...

Can you, please, just tell us where Connor is?

No, I won't, Sue.

I'm not telling you anything.

When you first strike a woman, she may resist.

There's that one shot... that will break the bone...

And dislodges the cartilage across the muscle.

Lose a leg permanently...

Yeah, knowing it's permanent damage usually does the trick.

If anyone knows where he is, I'd wager that bitch does.

I bet my life she's still trying to see him right now.

If you disapprove, yeah, well, you wanted this job.

This is it. Get used to it. I didn't say a word.

The last two you had absolutely no issue with fucking everybody up.

Yeah, that was different now, wasn't it? I don't see how.

Look, every bloke I've a had a row with to this point, has been trying to take my fucking head off, right? Now, that I can deal with.

I'm well up for dealing with any of those tosspots.

But beating up some hippie chick to find out where a boyfriend is?

No, thanks, mate. That's not my fucking wheelhouse.

It's not in your wheelhouse? Yeah, well, guess what, freshman, you better find a new wheelhouse.

Cos this guy doesn't like to fuck around, huh?

I don't think you understand.

We're in serious trouble if we don't find this little prick and get him to Barbosa.

Forget all the smiles, forget all the handshakes...

This Barbosa's a fucking demon.

Fuck me!

Yeah, Barbosa just might, so if I was you I'd get back on board.

You started this job, you wanted this job, you gotta finish it.

Okay, I'll tell you what.

Let's call it a night, you go home, you sleep on it.

Drop me off and you pick me up in the morning, yeah?

Sure you don't wanna drive?

I mean, you can't still be hung over, can you?

You drink as much as I do, the hangover never really goes away, But I'll tell you what, if it's too much work for you...

Naw, it's alright, mate. You're fine.

Anyway, I kind of like it now.

Takes my mind off all this shit.


So, what do you reckon, Sue?

Do you think this bird's worth all this trouble?

I think she's a fucking skunk.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Oh, we got a shit gig here, haven't we, mate?

Our job's basically to help this lunatic Barbosa keep shackles on his light-headed fiancée.

Now, well, it's a job that pays well, I wouldn't think about it too much if I were you.

I'll tell you what, a week ago I would've petrol-bombed a school for this job, but after the last two days...

I don't know. You've done this for so long, and it hasn't took its toll.

It took its toll, don't worry about that.

Yeah? I've only done it for two days, and I already feel like drinking myself into a comma.

Is that why you do it. Is it?

Does the drink help numb the pain of all the horrible shit you've cause?

I'm surprised there's enough booze in the world for that.

Do me a favor. Don't judge me, dumb to fool, okay? Fuck you.

You think I don't care about all the terrible things I've done? Well, I do.

That's one of the reasons why I drink myself to sleep every fucking night.

What does your wife think about it all?

I'm not married. I was, but not anymore.

So, why do you still wear the ring?

As a reminder, I guess.

A reminder of what?

Not to get close to anyone again.

That sounds like a lonely life to me, mate.

Yeah. Well, it's my life.

It's shit. It's ugly. But it's mine, and I fucking like it. Huh?

I have kind of a girlfriend.

She's a hooker. She works at the club, and I doubt she'd piss on me if I was on fire, but...

Oh, Frenchie, you know, It's rare to have certain people like certain people like us, you know?

Us? No, mate. No.

You, you mean, yeah?

Okay, I'll take that.

So, what happened with the wife?


The usual stuff.

Sorry, mate. I don't mean to pry.

No, no, it's okay. You know, it was a young marriage.

It was more or less over, when we lost Milly, our daughter, Oh, shit. I'm sorry about that.

No, no, don't be. You're the one that gave her leukemia, right?


She was six when she couldn't fight anymore.


I don't know. After that, it was over, you know, it was all done.

The only thing left was the memory of losing the most beautiful thing... from this Earth, so... Yeah.

This is why I seem to drink myself to sleep every fucking night

'cos of I don't, all I do is see Milly's face, and every other piece of heartache I caused.

So, think about it, Frenchie.

Yeah, you got all this to look forward to. Huh?

That's if you make it through today.

There she is.

She's got a tough life, this one, huh?

You know, personally, I don't think there's enough retail therapy in the world, to compensate for living with Barbosa, but...

Yeah, you're probably right.

So, what's your story, Frenchie?

Who says I've got one?

You're here, ain't you?

I might have made a few mistakes.

Signed up for the Service back home, with the best of intentions.

Didn't quite pan out that way.

Not the only one who suffered for it either.

Collateral damage, yeah? My specialty.

This ain't Rodeo drive, Frenchie.

What's she doing this far East?

I don't know, mate. She doesn't look to happy.

Screw you! You, Irish prick!

This could be good for us.

I'm too good for you, anyway. Fucking asshole!

Yeah! Yeah! Way to fucking good for you. You know who the fuck I am?

I'm the best you'll ever get, baby.

Fuck you! I'm done with you, anyways!

What the fuck are you doing here?

We're just making sure you're okay, Amanda.

I'm fine. Now, get lost.

Come here, you and your fucking face. Take your hands off me.

Do you know what my fiancé will do to you when he finds out about this?

Make sure you don't leave the part out about being outside Connors apartment.

What? You talked to his bitch ex?

The Chinese wanna-be artist?

You got nowhere to run, Amanda.

I should have never got off the bus in this town.

Yeah, well, I'll tell you what. You got two choices, you can either get on that fucking bus, or you can marry Barbosa.

This Connor kid isn't for you.

Come to think of it, you know, maybe he's always been a little too good for you, wasn't he?

Piss off, grandpa.

And if I need to take the bus!

I drive a Maserati.

I think you're missing the point on the bus line, love.

So, you tracked him down.

My fiancé will be pleased with his minions.

Apartment 6-10. Knock yourselves out.

And send him my love.


There you go, my love. Thank you!

After you. Thank you, honey.

A pleasure.

Elevator's over here.

No, no, no... No elevators, Frenchie.

I don't do elevators. Let's take the stairs.

Are you sure you can handle it?

Yeah, I can handle it.

Who are you?

Wait, wait! Wait, wait a minute! I know what you...

Please wait, wait a minute. I know what you want.

Stay there. I know what you want.

Listen, this can't happen here.

This can't happen here.

Please, for Chrissakes, let's go outside.

You know why we're here, right, Connor?


Amanda's blown up the intercom, didn't she?

Oh, hey, sweetheart. Hey, come here. It's okay.

Hey, Daddy's just playing with his friends, okay?

Darling, don't be scared, don't be scared, don't be scared.

What's going on? Who are these men, Daddy?

They're just... These are Daddy's friends, okay?

So, we're just having a little chat.

Lainie, baby, look at me. Look at Daddy.

I need you to go back into your room and play, okay?

Okay, but, hey... sweetheart?

We're just playing grown-up games here, okay?

It's a very funny game, Lainie. Do you want to play?

Come on, everybody get on their knees, yeah?

I'll tell you how it works, Lainie. We all hold hands in a group.

We close our eyes, and when we count somebody hides.

Can you sit the f...?

Can you, please, sit down, Mr. French?

There you go.

You know what? That means that it's your turn to hide, Lainie.

How long do I get? Well, we're gonna count to 50...

Then, we're all gonna come look for you, okay?

So, make sure you find somewhere good to hide.

Wait a minute. What is that? What?

Oh, right here. Oh!

Wow! Where did that come from?

It's magic, sweetheart, okay? Listen, go inside and hide.

It is magic, sweetheart. Go ahead. You take that.

We're gonna come look for you in just a little bit. That's one...




Let's get something straight.

Do you understand that you can't run forever?

I'm not running.

I'm just trying to move on with my life... with my daughter.

So, where's her Mom? She passed away.

That's touching.

How did you get yourself into this mess?

How did you get a man like Barbosa hunting you down?

I ran some clubs back in Dublin, and then, when I got over here, I got a job in one of Barbosa's clubs.

I came with ideas, man...

Tell me more. What?

Long story short, I fell in love with one of Barbosa's club dancers.


She was perfect, man.

She was perfect for me, anyway.

But the problem was that Barbosa, he's a...

He's a possessive prick, isn't he?

He hated the fact that she fell for me instead of him.

Crystal was pregnant, and when he found out, he beat the shit out of her.

He even stabbed her! Yeah.

Can you believe that?

That fucking snake stabbed a pregnant girl.

Lainie, she arrived way too early.

She was in the ICU for ages.

Crystal... she never made it out of hospital.

She died shortly after the birth.

How does Amanda fit into all this?

She just wanted to take a bite out of the forbidden fruit, I guess...

I don't know.

She's the one that told Barbosa, and that's what sparked his psychotic rage, and... now, here we are.

Look, listen to me, listen to me.

I'm begging you.

I'm begging you, please... for my daughter's sake.


Alright, alright, listen to me. Yeah? Yeah.

You're gonna leave town. Alright?

And you never set foot back in L.A. again. Understand me?

I swear. Yeah.

Slow down here.

This is not your position to make this call, Frenchie.

Okay, don't go down there! Sue.

If what he's saying is true... You don't have the authority!

If what he's saying is true, and we give him to Barbosa, we are a couple of massive fucking wankers.

Aren't we?

What about the kid?

If we let you go, you go right now.

Thank you. Thank you. I understand. Don't thank us.

We're fucking up by letting you go. You just save your daughter, okay?


Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Wherever you are, can't be far.

You walk a line you never cross.

It's the line between being respectable, business-like, and being an all-out immoral motherfucker.

And if you get soft, it's over.

That was the right thing to do, Sue.

You know that, right?

Fuck you, Frenchie! Fuck you.

What do you think Tommy's gonna do when he finds out?


Amanda saw us come in.

She's gonna rat on us. Fuck you!

Yeah, well, at least I can live with myself.

Maybe for not too much longer, you dumb son of a bitch.

I should have my fucking head examined listening to you.

That'll be nice, won't it?

To be able to look at yourself in the mirror for once and not feel disgusted.

She was the same age as Milly, you know, Frenchie?

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't...

I couldn't have her see us beat up on her old man.

I just couldn't do it.

What are you doing here Amanda? You really should go home.

What are you doing? Where's Connor?

He wasn't in. The fuck he wasn't. I spoke to him.

No, you didn't. It wasn't his voice.

I think I know the sound of his Irish accent when I hear it.

Besides, none of that matters.

Barbosa's here. He set you up, assholes.

They're here to kill Connor, and blame it on you two.

They've already gone up the elevator.

Oh, you're fucking happy about that, aren't you?

You, fucking bitch.

You fucking set us up for this?

She fucking set us up for this! You, fucking bitch!

I can't fucking believe this.

What should we do, Sue?

I don't know, freshman.

I've never really been in this situation till you came along.

We could call Tommy, gather the boys.

Let them know what this fuck Barbosa's up to, and wipe out the whole fucking bloodline.


What about the kid?

They got fucking guns, Frenchie.

They got fucking guns.

No, no, no, we can take these guys. Listen, Sue.

Take them. We can take them.

We hit them hard. We hit them fast, right?

I'll take the weapon.

I'll fire a few shots over the rest. The rest will shit themselves.

We're gonna get Connor and the kid, and we get the fuck out here.

We can do this, mate.

Okay. Yeah?

Come on. Thank you.

Hey, Sue, we worked together well this weekend, mate.

But I don't think I'll be coming to work Monday.

This is by far, the shittiest job I've ever had in my fucking life.

Well, I wish I had your wisdom 20 years ago, kid.

Shall we?


French? I warned you. It's a dog-eat-dog business.


Connor! Open the door now!

Get in there! Come here!

Come here, come here, Lainie!

Is there another way out of here?

There's a fire escape through Lainie's room.

It will take you downstairs to the lobby.

Take you downstairs. Take her and go now. Go.


Sue, get behind something.


Sue, you're not half the man that Tommy thought you were, huh?

Look at that, man.

You should have walked away, and settled for a knockout.

Golden boy.


Your boys man, they set it off.

It was a bloodbath. I tried to stop them.

That's why I called you.

My boys did this? Yeah.

Like Sue always said, There'll always be a bigger, badder cat, just waiting to take you down.


We got history.

You piece of shit.

You think I don't know you set us up?

Did you really think you can kill a man like Sulinsky Golden Boy Baker, and just walk away?

Not after all the years he walked the line for me.


You! Get SWAT on the radio. Yes, Sir!

You, move upstairs, now!

I need SWAT on 5610 Eastside. Full gear. Over and out.

Here we go.

Thanks very much. Thank you. Of course.

That looks delicious. Here you go, sweetie.

Anything else I can get you? No, that's it. Thank you.

Let me cut it off for you, okay?

Don't need your choking after all that.

And listen, make sure you have some of your spinach with it, okay?

It tastes delicious. Alright?

Do cows have a good life before they get turned into steak, Daddy?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course they do, sweetheart. Yeah.

Cows get to do all the fun things that the cows love doing, you know? Like...

Like eating daisies, and... roll around in the grass... just like you.

Then, you know, the farmer does come along.

He looks the cow in the eye, and he says...

Barbecue time!

I'm glad they're having fun, right, Daddy?

Yeah, me too, sweetheart.

Me too.

Finish your dinner.