The Deep End of the Ocean (1999) Script

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Come on, Ben!


Hurry up!

Vincent, what are you doing?


Okay, Ben.

You won!


Admit it. You're looking forward to this.

I got the weekend crowd. They're not even going to notice.

Give me a break, Ben.

You're the one that wants to go.



Ben! You little jerk!

Did you get in and the lid shut on you?

We go now? Yeah, right. We go now.

You'll probably play pool with Joey after you close the restaurant.

If you're dumb enough to take three kids to your class reunion...

I'm smart enough to have a good time.

Hey, party! Party hearty!


I'm underwater! That's great news.

Where's your brother?

I don't know.

Will you go find Vincent, please?

Did you remember the sandwiches?

Of course not.

Bethie, if your head wasn't screwed on...

You'd find it sitting by the microwave.

Then I'd have to call you in Chicago.

Who needs a head at a high-school reunion?

I want to stay with Dad and go to the restaurant.

I'm not going to Chicago!

You're going!

I hate Ben, I hate Kerry... and I hate... .

Let me finish out the roll.

Pat, now?

Just two shots!

By the lilacs. It'll take just a second.

All right, look at Daddy.

I know, the photographer hates having her picture taken.

Everybody say... meatball!

Benbo... bologna is for eating... not washing windows.

Your seat belt's loose.

Mom, sing me... that bunny song.

I wish I was still home with Dad.

Sing me, lf a bunny catch a bunny If a bunny catch a bunny Coming through the rye I hate this song!

If a bunny... kiss a bunny And made a bunny cry

You're here.

I'm here!

Just a second, let me get Kerry.

No, no. Let me get her.

Look at her!

Watch your head, Benbo.

I'm your godmama, Kerry.

Remember me?

God love her! Look at her.

My God!

Is that Ben?

Ben! You're a grown-up.

Vincent, can you swim?

Martha's inside, waiting for you.

Come on, sweetie.

I have a surprise!

Where's your tooth?

I lost it.

Speak of the devil!

Beth, you remember Martha, the babysitter from God.

Great! Can you help with Kerry?

Sure thing, Mrs. Cappadora.

Mrs. Cappadora.

Good Christ!

Is there some kind of registration table?

You're set. I stuck it on my card.

Ellen, you can't do that!

It's 70 bucks. Who cares?

Donna Trump, I care.

Besides, I can write it off.

I've got a fashion shoot on Sunday.

Boutique on Oak Street.

You'll have to go up in that mess and rearrange it, then.

Oh, Jesus!

Is that Michelle Pulliam?

Did she ever marry that guy?

They broke up. Then she went out with...

Elizabeth Kerry and her merry band! Jimmy!

How're my big guys?

Wow! Vincent!

You have gotten so huge!

They'd hug any man with a badge, and so would I.

What would you do if you found out I made detective?


Guess who I just saw?

Cecil Lockhart.

You mean Cecilia Lockhart?

Star of stage, screen and mouthwash commercials.

My God! There she is.

Remember when she first got laid?

When she was 15, and she told us:

"I can't imagine going a month without it".

She was talking about pizza, guys.

Hey, Beth!

My God! How are you?

Look at you! How are you? Good, good.

Is this your new one?

Where's little Vincent?

I'm not little.

No, you're not.

Sandy! Bye... Mom, I want to go.

I want pizza!

You stay with your brother.

Martha, would you take care of the car?

I'll handle it. I'll pay the thing.


Listen. I want you to hold Ben's hand real tight.

And you guys can play on this really cool cart, okay?

Mom, my neck's hot.

My neck's killing me.

Vincent, listen.

This'll only take a second.

Stay here with Ben while I pay the lady.

When Martha comes, she'll take you swimming, okay?


Sorry it took so long. That's okay.

Where's Ben?

He wouldn't let me hold him. Would you look at my neck?

I've got a heat rash or something.

Hold on, sweetie.



Ben took off. Would you... ?

I'll find him. See you later.

You stay here. Don't move.


Have you seen a little boy?

He's got a red baseball cap, 3 years old.

No, sorry.



Excuse me.

Vincent... think hard.

Which way did Ben go?

I don't know.

Didn't you watch?

I couldn't see him.

He wasn't over there.

We should get the manager.

I don't know.

Maybe if we just wait... .


Everybody please just listen up for a second.

We need to look for Beth Kerry's little boy.

His name is Ben.

He's 3, he was wearing a red baseball cap.

He was just here a second ago.

So if you'd look around where you are.

Wait. Hold on, folks.

We'll find him. It's going to be fine.

I'm going to divide the room down the middle.

I want you to stay in your half and look around you.

If you see Ben... pick him up and call out to me, all right?

Pat will be here soon, right?

I didn't call him.

I thought we'd find Ben right away.

Let's make that call now, right?

Here you go.

Go ahead, Beth.

Hello? Patty!

Magill, talk to the female.

Coleman, come with me.

Mrs. Cappadora?

I'm Officer Magill.

You brought a lot of officers.

We take the disappearance of a child very seriously.

You're worried, then?

We'll find him.

Lost kids, we always find them.

And they're okay.

They're not hurt. Good.

If it gets to five hours, we usually consider it... .

Anyway, we'll find him before then.

So your friend Elaine was with you?


She met me out front. She was waiting for me.

Besides Ellen, who was the first person you talked to?

The cheerleaders.

Would another family member... on your side have any reason to pick up the boy?

My folks are dead.

There's nobody.

Has he ever been fingerprinted?



The school district had a program.

It's been four hours.

We've got everybody on it, okay?

This is my boss, Detective Supervisor Bliss.

Bliss? Candy Bliss.

It sounds like a stripper's name.

The things parents do to kids!

I can't believe I said that.

We'll do everything we can to find your boy.

Description out?

They're checking the database now.


First, I want to tell you this is nobody's fault.

Kids disappear all the time, and somebody always finds them.

That's right.

We're set up over here.

Where is he?

My son! Where is he?

We haven't found him yet...

Where's Ben?

Where's Bethie?



How did this happen?

Okay, all right, okay.

It'll be okay.

Where is it nobody's searched?

The basement?

It's just food storage. All the doors are kept locked.

But you have freezers, cabinets?

Ben loves hiding places. Take me down there.

You okay?

You sure?

I'm going downstairs a minute. You stay here with Mommy, okay?

Let's go.



Are you all right?

My God in heaven! How long has he been missing?

About five hours.

They'll remember. They'll make one more call.

I'll take you to the command center.

Kerry and Vincent will come... to the house. It's better, right?

Where's Kerry? Upstairs.

You'll come with Grandma, honey.

You go with Grandma, Vincent, okay?

Will you tell me when Ben gets back, Mom?

She'll tell us.

Sit down, sweetheart.

I'm sorry.

Do you have any other pictures of Ben?

I lost my purse.

No, no, no. I have it, honey.


Bethie, honey, it's okay.

Set her down!

I want Ben!

Grab her wrist and hold her down. Medic!

It's okay. It's all right.

Give her something!


It's all right, sweetheart. It's all right.

I know, Bethie. I know.

You don't know.

I don't even know.

How long are you staying with your parents?

Do the police have leads?

Have the kidnappers tried to contact you?

How long were you gone before you noticed your son was missing?

Who'd want to do this? How long will you be in Chicago?

He's 3 years old... but he's big for his age.

And people always think he's older.

He's very verbal.

He babbles to himself.

Sometimes you can barely hear him... but he says his words very clearly.

He has blond hair and blue eyes.

And he was wearing... a red baseball cap.

And he loves pizza.

He's very afraid of the water.

He loves... to sing songs.

Sometimes he'll sing the same song over and over again.

He was wearing...

red shoes.

High-top sneakers with green parrots on the side.

And white socks.

And a red T-shirt... with yellow sleeves... and little blue shorts. Blue plaid shorts.

Call you when we get home.

Unbelievable, right?

Diane Lundgren's on her way over... and Cecil Lockhart signed up.

But her mother got sick.

You know who else called?

Lizzy De Nunzio.

Where is she now, Switzerland? I think she moved there.

How'd she even find out about it? Who knows?

But she just sounds sick about it.

Everyone is, Bethie. I know.

I know.


I can't believe you're here.

What was I supposed to do? Stay in Madison? Watch CNN?

Hey, Tommy.

Have you seen Candy?

She's with McGuire. Thanks, Ricky.

Then go to Minneapolis. How far can it be?

We've been getting bogus leads... every day for six weeks now. This kid is dead and you know it.

Don't tell me I know it! I don't know it.

This is interstate. I have to call the FBI.

Come on, Candy, the FBI?

Give me a break.

Hey, Bethie.

So you heard that?

I heard something about the FBI.

Come into my office.

Have a seat.

Listen, Beth.

Just because volunteers are going home... doesn't mean the case is closed.

Some of them got lives.

I don't.

So I'm here.

And I'm not giving up.

I'm sorry, I didn't...

I'm a jerk.

There's nothing wrong with what you just did.

I'm just an oversensitive jerk.

You're too involved. You can't...

I'm black.

I'm a woman. I'm a detective supervisor.

And I'm gay. Did you know that?

I always feel like the eyes of Texas are on me.

Every time I hug Katie from Crime Stoppers...

I think she thinks I'm coming on to her.

I wasn't...

No, I know that.

I just wanted you to know I'm a little jerkish today.

So that calls for a Gummi Bear.

Tough guys chew Gummi Bears.

Beth, you laughed.

You only laughed.

It doesn't mean our side loses points.

It doesn't mean you'll kill your son because you laughed.

You have got to survive.

That's just it.

I don't want to survive Ben.

I don't want to face it.

Then I guess you can just... move into a corner in my office, and I'll use you as a coat rack.

You got to do whatever you got to do.

But you got two great kids, which I would give my right arm for.

Though you think you're a terrible mother... you're the only mother they have.

I should go home.

Jill's been great with Kerry.

Really great.

But I think Vincent's going to need a little time.

He'll be fine. He's been back, what, six weeks?

I'm sure he'll be fine.


Jill, we're back!

Baby, you scared me.

How's my big guy?

Are you good?

Mom, guess what?

On Thursday, I made six baskets in a row!

Look how long your legs are.

How is she? Has she been in bed all day?

Pretty much.

How'd Vincent get home? Did you pick him up?

Yeah, I didn't have class today.

Okay, thanks.

Did she say she was coming down?

No, she didn't.

So some girl walks in, chewing gum... and talking through her nose... has legs up to her neck.

Paolo just says, "Great, you're hired!"

The new kids we got... don't know spaghetti from scampi.

They think the cash register is their personal savings account.

I'll tell you what... when I open my own place... this is exactly what you won't see.

Guess what happened.

I thought today was Sunday.

Isn't that funny?

Can we just please go?

I'm going to work, honey.

Beth, you downstairs?

Honey, what are you doing?

Ever been in a doctor's office without a People magazine?

One day, Ben will go to a doctor's office with whoever took him.

And some other patient... Laurie, stop! Okay?

I know you mean well, but just... stop.

That's real leather? You bet!

Thanks, Uncle Joey. You're welcome.

Check this out, buddy.

Could be more presents.

Merry Christmas!

Joey, it's cold. Shut the door.

Where's the tree? Pat went to get it.

Where's my presents?

Merry Christmas, Beth!

Mom, look, Uncle Joey gave me my stocking present early... because it's too big to fit in the stocking.

See? Yeah, that's great!

Merry Christmas, Beth.

Merry Christmas, Theresa. How you feeling, honey?

I almost didn't make it. I started having Braxton-Hicks.

You should breathe in a bag. I'll try that.

May be a Christmas baby. I hope not.

She's carrying like it's a boy. That's what everybody says.

The gang's all here!

My God, sis, look how big you are! Don't rub it in.

Patty, it's beautiful!

Who do you think these are for? Me?

One is from me, and one's from Grandpa Angelo.

Help me wrap. Look at the cards.

Did you buy out the whole store?

Who's counting? It's Christmas.

Now, these are very special.

Look, Mom, they're for Ben from Grandma and Grandpa.

Rosie, what are these?

Presents for Ben.

Why did you bring presents for Ben?

I believe that Ben will be found.

When he is found, I want him to know his family didn't forget him.

Do you have the impression we've forgotten Ben?

Of course not.

We didn't get Ben any gifts. I understand that.

I didn't even want to go through... this whole, big holiday act.

You know what I wanted to do? I wanted to sleep through it.

When you do this, like he's just... out of town on some business trip and he'll be back anytime...

Beth, take it easy. Take it easy!

How can I take it easy when nobody except me... seems to want to accept the fact that it's over?

It's over!

We're all going to go on eating and sleeping...

You have to snap out of this. No one can talk to you.

I can't.

Pat can't. Butt out!

If you don't have hope Ben will come back...

Come back? He's not even 4 yet.

What's he going to do? Get an Amtrak schedule?

We didn't mean anything by it.

Don't you think we're all grieving? I mean it!

Shut up! No, Pat!

You're all scared to say this, but I'm not.

We try and call. She doesn't want to talk.

We write. She doesn't answer.

Mom, Ben will be back tomorrow.


Because it's Christmas. For my present...

I asked Santa to bring Ben home.

I think he'll do it.

Where is she? She's upstairs.

She still won't speak to me, will she?

I think she will.

Everybody's been calling.

After your talk with People, we reprinted the poster five times.

I think she hates my guts.

What are you doing?

Ending world hunger.

I just got off the phone with the U. N.

That's good.

Look, will you just forgive me... and get this over with?

I'd never give them anything unless it was the right thing to do.

I would never do a thing to hurt you.

How long have we been friends?

One thousand years.

I know. Then good, okay?

I have something I want you to do.

I don't believe you.

I want you to take a picture. I don't do that anymore.

I took early retirement.

You could use the money.

This is good money.

Good for what?

I want her to take a portrait of a Chinese family.

We are kind of tapped out, just keeping Vincent in sneakers.

You could do this.

You wouldn't even have to go out.

I threw away all my paper and stuff.

I'll go get you more paper and stuff.


Please, just this once.

Let me get rid of my guilt by doing you this one good turn.

This is not a good turn. This is a setup.

These are really beautiful.

I have to print. I have four phone calls to make.

I have to get Vincent ready for Little League.

Thought any more about Chicago?

What about it?

Could be great.

Kids'll love it there.

I'll have my own restaurant. I have to get Kerry up.

There's plenty of time for that. Okay, fine.

You go upstairs, get my diaphragm, fill it up with gunk and... we'll have eight minutes before I have to feed Vincent.

We can have a lot of fun in eight minutes.

Fine. You want to do it right here?

I can make toast at the same time.

It's not like I'm on top of you all the time.

We make love as often as we pay the water bill.

I don't see why you need a diaphragm every time.

I don't want to get pregnant every time.

We had three kids and we always wanted more. I miss that.

I miss this house being full of noise.

I used to want to run up the walk to lunch.

It's not going to change anything.

Another kid. It'd be like a replacement part.

Like you get a new gravy boat so you don't spoil the set.

That's a lousy fucking thing to say.

I agree. So I'll stop saying fucking lousy things.

I'm not having a baby, and I'm not moving to Chicago... so you can start a restaurant with your dad.

You want a new baby and restaurant? You need a new wife.

All I want is for us to be a family again.

Nothing's wrong with that.

That's healthy!

You want to know what it's like?

It's like I'm standing under this giant... snowbank.

If I move one inch in any direction... it's going to come crashing down... and bury me.

Do you know...

I don't dare think of him for a full minute?

One inch... and the whole thing's going to come down.

You will have to raise these kids by yourself.

I'm doing that now.

That's right.

Pat's always been the rock.

Isn't that what it said in People?

There was Pat holding together that poor, crazy woman... and those sweet little kids. You're such a hero.

All right, stop this.

You would never have let Ben get lost.

I mean it. Stop it.

You wouldn't have been such a shitty parent... who can't remember the sandwiches... who can't get Kerry's bottle together!

That's right, I wouldn't!

If you'd just pay attention to somebody besides yourself!

None of this would have happened, right?


Come on, Kerry. Scream!

I was there to pick up after you!

You self-righteous son of a bitch!

I'm not self-righteous! I'm right!

Kids don't just vanish up in smoke.

Kids don't just get lost.

People lose them!

Vincent, what happened?

What happened, honey?

Why was she screaming?

Is she all right?

Yeah, she's fine.

Where are we going?

Just thought I'd take a drive.

She just misses him, Daddy.

That's right, Vincent.

That's right.

This is the bar and the waiting area.

That's the wine rack. Dad's personal design.

People sit here while they wait for tables.

That's the kitchen back there... and this is it.

The murals are done.

Tables will be through here... and they'll carry back over to there.

This is the dance floor.

There'll be a live band over here...

Thursday through Sunday.

Theresa, is that a town in Italy?

You like it, honey?

It's La Boheme.

You're Mimi and I'm Rodolfo.

Except she lives in the end. Well, good.

It's gorgeous. It really is. Can you believe this place?

I don't.

I can't wait.

That's a good one. We got to get in that.

Alex, come on, listen.

So what's Mr. Tough Guy up to?

Apart from needing a haircut.

I don't know.

He's making friends, I guess.

He's been on the phone a lot lately.

If you're using that phone for your bookie operation... it'll be a part of your anatomy. -I'm not, Dad. Jesus!

I got to go.

Well, this is really nice.

It is, isn't it?

New house, new restaurant.

You're doing a really good imitation of having a life.

You have the biggest snarl right here.

No, wait, Kerry. Just one more.

Are you in sixth?

Yeah. You're in third.

You were the soybean, right?

Actually, I was the feed corn.

Who do you have?

Cook. Yeah, I had Cook.

She's pretty decent.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I was leaving my number in case you needed your lawn mowed.

But I'll come back later.

I really do need my lawn mowed.

Could you do it today?

Yeah. Sure.

I'll get my stuff. I live two blocks down there.

You don't need a mower! We have a mower.

My brother's supposed to do it.

He's in high school. He's lazy!

Do you know that boy?

It's not talking to strangers if you're in your own house.

I know.

That's true. Do you know his name?

It's Jason. He's on patrol.

No, wait, I'm wrong.

Jason wears the beanie hat. He got reported.

You don't know his name?

It's Sam Kero.

Kero something.

Mom, where are you going?

Are you going to work?

You know what?

I have to take some leaf pictures.

It's okay if you go across the street and play with Blythe.

I'm taking pictures of leaves.

That's my job. I take pictures.


Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father who takes away sin.

Have mercy on us. Have mercy on us.

I want you to go downstairs and order a pizza.

Do that, then go to Blythe's... get Kerry and put on a video for her.

Get the money from my purse.

I have to work in the darkroom.

It's very important and it can't wait.

I want you to give Kerry pizza. Will you do that?

Don't I always? Jesus!

It is, isn't it?

Is this possible?

Here's the aging projection they did around the time he was 8.

Who is he?

He came to the door to mow lawns. I let him mow the lawn.

He's coming back tomorrow. He ran out of gas.

Where does he live?

Two blocks.

Two blocks from here?

Did he just move here?

I don't know how long...

Kerry knows him from school, and she's been at Sandburg... for what, two years? Good Christ!

He's probably just some kid who looks like Ben.

His hair is darker. No, you're right.

Let's call Candy. Then we're going to that house.

It's late at night. He's sleeping.

We don't even know his last name.

Two blocks from here. I mean...

When he saw you, did he... Nothing.

He had no idea. But he was 3, and he doesn't know this house.

I'm going to call Pop.

Don't tell him. Not until we know.

No, I just... .

I'm not going to work tomorrow.

What were you doing on the porch?

I was watching the sun come up.

You got a ride? Kenny's dad is picking me up.

Finish up.

I'm riding my bike. No, you're not.

I'm 9 now. I'm older than the other 18 kids in my class.

People who live in walking distance don't ride bikes.

Besides, you don't have a bike lock.

Could you get me one?

Yes, I'll get you a bike lock today. I promise.

You can ride your bike to school tomorrow.

Come on, let's go.

Bye, Mom.

Vincent, wait.

I love you.

I want you to know I love you. Thank you, Mom.

I know it sounds insane.

I don't know if it's him for sure.

I don't know what I know.

It can't be Ben... but it's Ben.

Isn't it?

I say we go in.

He's in protective custody.

We got an unmarked in front of the suspect's house.

We snatched the kid from school.

The principal probably called the father.

What are we waiting for?

There's a process involved here.

It's not like you're bringing him home today.

He'll have to go to foster care. He'll need counseling.

There'll be a period of transition.

Anyway, we want to make sure we L. D. the boy 100%.

Look at the picture!

It's the same kid. It's Sam Karras!

Don't go off half-cocked on me. This is a big case.

It wouldn't hurt to get a warrant.

I got the warrant.

I talked to the D. A.


Thank you.

The fingerprints match.

You folks ready for this?

You don't get to be ready for this.

They're busting you for hot-wiring Jamie's car.

I don't think so. I'm going to call you later, okay?


Come in here, will you please?

This is Chief Bastokovich.

Kerry's got Girl Scouts, right?

I think...

She won't be home till after five?


You saw that picture this morning.

That's why the police are here.

I thought it was a fire drill. Can I just go upstairs?

Listen to me.

We think the boy in that picture is Ben.

The kid in that house on Maple, right?

You saw him?

You saw Ben?

I didn't know it was Ben. I'd see this kid goofing around.

I mean, he looked. .

I never really thought about it much.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why didn't you tell me or your father?

Tell you what?

I found my long-lost brother?

Would you have listened to me?

Would you have even heard me?

When did you first see him?

How long have we lived here?

It doesn't matter now.

I'll tell you when...

I'll tell you. Fine. Do that.

Hi, Pop.

They're about to move on him.


You stay here.

We'll call you in 15 minutes.

I'm coming in.

I'm coming in.

You don't say anything. Just listen.

George Karras?

What's wrong? I'm Detective Candy Bliss.

Do you have a 12-year-old boy named Sam living in this house?

Yes, I do.

My God, my son. Is he hurt?

No, he's fine.

He's in the custody of Protective Services.

What are you talking about? He's at school.

You're under arrest for kidnapping... in connection with the abduction...

June 3rd, 1988, of Benjamin Cappadora.

You have the right to remain silent.

What you say can and will be used against you... .

You've got the wrong house.

The people that lost their boy live around the corner.

Over on Drummond.

No, no.

My neighbour knows the family. This is a big mistake.

Do you understand these rights as I've read them?

Of course I do.

Can we come in?


We have a warrant to search the premises.

Can you step over here? This is a mistake.

You don't have any guns? No, I don't.

You won't mind if the officers search here?

I didn't do anything. This is my house. I was just doing the books.

I don't even know why you people are here.

That's Cecil.

That's Cecil Lockhart.

You know her from television?

Why do you have a picture of Cecil Lockhart?

She was my wife.

Cecil gave birth in 1985... which is the same year Ben was born.

Apparently, the baby had complications and died.

She had a nervous breakdown. They had to put her away.

She got out three years after that, just in time... to make it to the reunion, where she saw Ben and snatched him.

She disappeared into Minneapolis... where she met George and married him.

He adopted Ben... and then they moved here.

About five years ago, she committed suicide.

I got to tell you, I feel... totally responsible... for a lot of what's happened.

We interviewed this woman.

I sat in this woman's house. I had tea with her.

And somewhere in there was Ben... and I missed him.

George Karras wasn't at all suspicious, and he adopted Ben.

So she lied to her husband.

She lied to me.

I'm supposed to know when people are lying because I'm a supercop.

I didn't find him. You guys did.

No one found him.

He found us.

Are you heading to the foster home now?

What will you say to him?

How's it feel to get your son back?

Did you contact him at all in the last two weeks?

Will you call him Ben or Sam?

Do you have any statement to make?

How are you?

I'm good.


Yes? Yeah, Sam?

Stop fidgeting.

You're not hungry?

I'm eating.

I'm not an industrial vacuum, like some people.

Could I have some milk?

You do milk with pizza?

I like milk with pizza.

Good night, Kerry. Good night, Mom.

Do you want the light on?

No, I don't sleep with a light.

Do you want an extra blanket or anything?

I'm okay.

The Bulls are home tomorrow. Do you want to go?

Good night.

I'll put an extra blanket there, just in case.

If he needs one, he'll ask for it.

He doesn't know how cold this house gets.

Please relax, honey. Okay?

Relax. He's home. Oh, God.

I just want to go in and look at him.

Here, just wear these.

I hate those.

You loved those socks three days ago.

It's not for church. I want tights.

Pick out whatever you want, but hurry. I have to get dressed.

Why doesn't he like us?

Who? Ben.


He does.

It's just, he's...

Even though he's your brother... this is all very new for him.

He just needs time to. .

He just needs time to get used to us.

And we have to help him, okay?


Today, we celebrate the presence among us... in their wholeness... of the Cappadora family.

As you all know, their son Ben was taken from them... and, by what can only be called... a modern-day miracle, returned to them just weeks ago... not maimed, not torn... but healthy and whole.

I ask you to join with them today... in their gratitude and their faith.

I'm also asked to remind you... of the celebration at Cappadora's Restaurant... immediately following the mass.

Are you okay?

Yeah, Dad.

I'm so happy for you! Thank you, Susan.


That's the big brother.

I want us all to walk in together.

Yes, Mom. The perfect family.

Welcome home.

Thank you.

The table's here.

Loosen up, man.

I'll show you something.

This is called the tarantella.

It's an Italian dance. You want to learn it?

You can learn it.

I don't know this dance. I only know the Hasapiko.

You'll have to say it again. Hasapiko.

Hey, guys, can you hold it?

My son doesn't know the tarantella... but he knows the Hasapiko. You know it?

Of course. Great!

I better go up there.

Put your arm out.

Come over here.


Right, back... right, together.

Left, together.

Right, back, right, together.

Yes, Mr. Karras?

I came to bring you Sam's records.


This is his... medical chart.

This is his dental.

One cavity in his permanent teeth when he was 10.

Report cards...

You'll see.

A little trouble in math.

You know, this...

This was my wife... and my son.

This wasn't some lunatic and the boy she kidnapped.

Not to me.

Good night.

What did he want?

We missed a lot of years.

Where you been playing?

City League.

Travelling squad.

First string.

Travelling squad?

My goodness!

Hey, I'm in sixth.

Most of the other guys are in ninth.

It's all about height.

Yeah, sure.

Play Horse?

That was pretty. Not bad.

You on varsity?

I will be.

Coach is such an asshole, though.

Okay, free throw.

Right here? Wherever.

That's an "H". Get ready for this one.

That's an "O".

I thought this was Horse.

Okay, buddy.

Ready to go downtown?

Wait a second. It's not your shot.

This ain't the city rec, Ben.

It's not "Ben".



What are we playing to now?

Just play.

Ever seen that in the city rec, Sammy?

In girls'.

Oh, shit!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.

What's wrong with you? Jesus Christ, Dad!

Are you okay? Sure?

Can you go one day without making some kind of trouble?

What happened to him?

What do you care?

We were just playing ball.

Really. We were just having fun.

And that's Vincent's.


It's his christening gown.

This is what we brought him home from the hospital in.

Do you want to see yours?

They're so little.

They look like doll clothes.

What's that smell? It's cedar.

It's from the chest.

It's supposed to keep moths away.

Haven't you ever smelled it before?

Maybe my grandmother had a chest like this.


Are you remembering something?

Beth, can I see my dad today?

I really want to see him.


I already told you. That's why I want to go to my grandma's.

It's what I do for Thanksgiving every year of my life.

It's a very special day for us.

It's a very special day for us too.

My cousins come, my grandma cooks... the whole week before.

After turkey, we go outside and play football.

When we come in, we have pie... and watch TV with my dad.

The whole family is coming.

Grandma Rosie, Grandpa Angelo. .

No! I'm not staying here.

Why do I have to care about them?

You never even met my grandma.

You don't like my dad.

You don't care about what he thinks.

Of course we like George, Sam.

Then let me spend Thanksgiving with him.

The fact is, you're our son.

Not George's. This is one thing we're doing as a family.

And it's not negotiable. You just want to show me off.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean that.

Life magazine! I can't believe... the work you're getting.

You know why I'm getting the work.

Because you're the best, kiddo.

Yeah, right.

Same reason Pat's restaurant's always full... and Vincent's got a lot of new friends.

Are you saying it's the celebrity?

I think the word is "notoriety".

Where are we eating? And more to the point, drinking?

Do you like clams?

Go this way.

How's it going with Vincent and Sam?

Vincent's so busy getting ready for the basketball tryouts... he's ignoring everyone.

Sam probably thinks... .

I don't know what Sam thinks. He's still so... uncomfortable... all the time now. His grades are falling apart.

I don't know.

Well, what's Pat say?

You know Pat. He thinks Sam's going to be fine.

He thinks everything's going to be fine.

And what do you think?

I don't know.

It's just going to take some time.

Do you know what the great Chicago fire of 1871 is?

Peshtigo, there was an even worse fire... in the same year on the same day.

Every single building in the town burned.

Hundreds of people died.

But Chicago was a big city... so that's the fire everybody paid attention to.

There's a beautiful graveyard. I want to get some shots.

Basically... it's the story of what happened. What we talked about in the car.

Look at this, Sam. He was only 14 years old.

That must've been so sad.

But look, 1869.

He died two years before the fire.

Maybe he killed himself, like my mom.

I mean, Cecilia.

Why do you think that?

Here, look through here.

Like, for Cecilia, I think she was just too sad.

So maybe this guy was... too sad too, you know?

What do you mean?

There could be worse things than being dead.

Like what?

You know how much we love you.

Yeah, I know you do... and Pat and Kerry.

And Vincent too.

Yeah, right.

Really, he's like that with all of us.

He's had a hard time.

What about me?

I love my dad.

And I loved my mom too.

She didn't mean to be sick.

Why do I have to be punished when it wasn't my fault?

Do you know how much I've missed holding you... all these years?

And how many years you didn't have me to hug you?

They hugged me.

They hugged me all the time.

Sam, what do you wish?

You can say.

That everything was like it was before.

But that would hurt you and Pat, and I couldn't stand that either.

I don't know.

Sam's gone. What do you mean?

He's not in his room. I can't find him.

Did you look downstairs? He's not there. I can't find him.

Did you talk to Vincent? He's asleep. His door's locked.

What about Kerry? She's asleep too.

I'm sorry. He did it again.

What'd he do?

He's been sneaking out and coming to my house.

He crawls into his old bed and sleeps.

Vincent told me he knew all about it.

You knew? I brought him back, didn't I?

How long has this been going on?

Not that long.

I had a feeling something was wrong, so this time...

I brought him back myself.

You knew and didn't tell me?

He's home, okay?

This time, anyhow.

Go up to your room. Why?

What did I do? You ran away!

You scared the hell out of your mom and me!

That's not going to happen. You understand me?

No, I don't understand. I'm sick of this whole thing!

I don't see why I have to live two blocks from my own house.

I've been trying for three months.

Three months!

You want me to come home, Dad, right?

Come on, tell them.

He's been asking me why can't he live with me.

I told him what his mother did was very wrong.

She didn't know what she was doing.

She was sick.

We know how hard this has been for you.

We know how much you miss George.

But this is your home.

Sam, go upstairs now.

I hate you.

I hate all of you!

You too, Dad, and I'm never coming back!

Jesus, I want to do right by him.

I want him to be happy.

If you can give him the family he deserves... goddamn it, you give him that!

But I've never seen him like this before.

He's never been sad more than a day in his life.

Right now, he's the saddest boy in the world.

You know, what happened last night, that's just the tip of it.

I'm going to say this just once.

I love you.

I've been in love with you your whole life.

But you know what I've seen about you?

You've made a career out of being unhappy.

That is not fair. But I'm not like that.

If I have a chance to be happy, I'm going to be happy.

Can't you just try and let us all be happy?

What about Sam?

Just keep being a mother to him.

Help him get through this.

He doesn't know who we are.

He doesn't remember us.

We are holding him against his will.

Where are you going with this?

If you think I'm going to lose my kid again. .

I can't ignore that because you finally... have your life the way you want it.

It's like we are the kidnappers now.

We're not the kidnappers!

Sam will be fine. He'll get through this.

It's you!

Losing your kid once wasn't enough, was it?

You know something?

You're right.

I wasn't there. I let it happen.

It only took a minute, and we've paid for it.

I have and you have... and Vincent has, but I don't think that means... that Sam has to pay for it too. Does it?

We are where we are.

How we got here doesn't matter. What matters is... what do we do now?

Don't push me on this, Beth.

I want to give him back.

I can't do that.

Then I want you to let me do what I have to do.

Can you get your bags okay?

I'll try Jay again, but if we can't get him out... for the weekend, I won't have a problem.

Don't you think he's been through enough?

Something's got to get his attention.

Maybe he's doing this to get your attention.

Candy, he's always had my attention.

He is so angry with me.

Things are really bad.

I know. But I think he's right about Vincent.

I can't win with Vincent. He hates me.

He doesn't hate you. What are you talking about? He loves you.

Have you never seen the way that he looks at you?

All he wants you to do is to forgive him.

Forgive him?

For all the shit he's pulled and the shit you don't know he's pulled.

He's so much like you. He takes everything onto himself.

How do you think he's feeling now that Sam is gone?

You okay?

I'm fine.

Do you need anything?

I think you'll have to stay here another day or so.

It's the weekend.

I'm fine.

Headache. It's no big deal.

Do you know how lucky you were?

Mr. Teeter's car was totalled.

You could've been. . I don't need this right now.

What are you doing here?

I've been doing fine without you.

I don't think you have been.

I'm sorry.

We're going to get you out of here.

Dad's working on it.

Pat? Jay just called.

He says we can pick Vincent up in the morning.

All right. Thank you.

Can't we get past this?

This isn't just about losing Sam.

What is it about?

Listen to me.

The Sam that's in your head... he doesn't exist.

The family that's in your head... doesn't exist either.

This family is not in my head.

It's very real.

It's you and me... and Kerry and Vincent.

After what he pulled, I pray I find a way... to get him through high school in one piece... and get him to believe he can get through life without fouling up!

You are right.

You're right about Vincent, but you're wrong about Sam.

You don't know him. You don't want to know him.

And you don't know me anymore either.

I have known you. .

Part of you liked it when I was falling apart... and you were holding this family together... making the decisions. But now...

I don't need you to pull me out of bed... and make me pay attention to the kids.

I have to go to work.

But I do need you.


Tell me what for.

I need you to love me.

You got a visitor.

Everyone I've ever met in my life has already been here.

Name's Sam Karras.

You gonna see him or not?

So... you okay?

They gave me 5 to 10. But I'm reasonably okay.

I'm kidding.

Were you drunk?

I was over-served.

Yeah, Sam, I was drunk.

So what do you want?

I just thought... .

I thought we could be friends.


Tell me how we can be friends.

You come back. You leave.

You go in and out our window.

I don't know you, Ben.

Sam! Whatever your name is.

You're a concept. You follow me?

That's not my fault. "Not my fault!"

You always whine about whose fault it is. Who cares?

Look, I got my own life now.

It's pretty un-fun at the moment. Tell me what you want.

You're my brother.

I missed you.

Sometimes, I even thought I shouldn't have.

Whatever, you're my brother.

You should go now, Sam.

I'm sorry. You're a good kid.

You're fine, but I'm. .

Maybe I'll visit you when I'm out. . Wait!

I gotta tell you something.

I remembered something.

What do you mean?

Well, when I was at your house...

Beth showed me this old trunk.

It was full of old baby clothes.

I didn't remember anything.

Yeah. So?

But I remembered the smell.

From being inside the trunk.


Did that really happen?


You let the lid shut and it caught.

I knew it.

I knew it!

Finally, you came and opened the top.

You were just there.

Not scared or anything.

See? That's what I remember.


That I wasn't scared.

Because I knew you'd come and find me.

What the hell are you doing?


Want to play?

It's midnight and it's cold, in case you haven't noticed.

Yeah. So?

Jesus, Sam! Does George know you're here?


Come on down.

You just want to get me arrested again, don't you?

Ever heard of disturbing the peace?

We could play quiet.

What's the matter? Come on!

All right.

What are you waiting for?

Easy, Sam. All right.

Losers out to 11, win by 2?

What's the matter? You asleep or something?

This way?

Which way?

Quit fouling me!

You got to say, "beat". You are beat, right?

I let you.


Let's call it a night.

Come back tomorrow for a rematch.

Well, the thing is, I'm not going back.

What do you mean?

What are you doing?

George knows.

We talked about it a lot last week.

He knows why I came here so late.

Which is why?

I didn't want to have this whole big thing with you... and Beth and Pat.


Is this permanent?

I don't know.

I mean, maybe.

If I can.

Jesus, what is this, your cinder block collection?

I was the one.

I let go of your hand.

This thing is heavy.

My dad. .

George helped me carry it. Did you hear what I said?

Yeah. So what?

I let go of your hand, Sam.

I told you to get lost. That's what I said.

I said, "Get lost!" Big deal.

Everybody says stuff like that. "Get lost!"

Here's the deal. Make it-take it to 11.

Gotta win by two.

Loser carries it up alone.

Come on, man!

Are you too tired to play?

Come on, let's go.

They'll wake up the neighbourhood.

Let them play.

I just. .

Let's get some sleep.

Right there!

I'm just warming up.