The Detonator (2006) Script



MAN [NARRATING]: I was in the killing game, and I traveled alone.

Always alone.











[IN UNISON] Goalie, goalie, goalie!


* No more school No more work *

* Khakis, T-shirt And I'm ready to flirt *

* I'm gonna do it Like hollow tips *

* And if he rode in big floods Come follow this *

* I stay fly... *

MAN [NARRATING]: One of the benefits of traveling alone is that you can stay inconspicuous.

That is a necessity in this line of work.

But here I am in Bucharest, a black man, trying to be inconspicuous.

* What you need, homey? * I got love

* For my girls Dancing half-naked *

* Up in the club Move to this *

* Never seen a white boy As smooth as this... *

MAN [NARRATING]: This is my last job.

Every job is my last job. And for this one, I'm creating a whole new persona.

Okay, we'll do the checks.

I have to go, I have business.



GRIFFITH: Chaperones on our first date, Dimi?


He's clean. DIMITRU: God, makes me want to stab the next fucking cowboy that sings that crap.


God makes you wanna stab them?


No, I want to stab them.

Griff, we do this deal, then please get me the fuck out of here, back to New York before I go insane.

Whatever makes you happy, sugar.

So where we going?

To a football match.

What football game?

What football game? Mm-hm.


That football game.


I like this.


GRIFFITH: Dimi, soccer's such a sexy game.

I love all that kicking and screaming.


Six-hundred AK-47s is a lot of business for a first buyer.

What are you having? A crisis of conscience?


That would not be possible.


I came to buy guns.

If I'm buying, good.

If I'm not, I'm leaving.


Okay. Okay. Toodle-loo.




Ooh, he-he.

They're light.

Where are the rest of them?

Transfer the money and we will deliver the goods.

Of course, I'll transfer the money straight to your account when you give me the rest of them.

It will be there quick, clean, safe.


Like Dimitru's sex life.


Look, I came to make a deal. We making a deal?

We have a deal?

Griff, you should trust us.

Dimi, I trust you, of course.

But this is business. [CELL PHONE RINGS]



He's a fucking cop.


No, no, no. I'm not no cop.

What? Get your hands off of me. Get your hands off.

Dimitru, what are you doing?

I'm not a fucking cop.


No time for more lies. I know what you are.

I want to know how many of you are out there.

What the fuck is wrong with you, huh?

Smoking crack or something?

Fuck, that blow is going to your head.

I'm not a fucking cop!

Oh, my good friend, Griff, are you worried for me?

How many? Dimitru, I'm not a cop.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Fuck. Fucking crazy.

Fuck. Fuck.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Get ready to move.

This is about to get really funny.

And cut his throat.








You thought I was sweet, didn't you?

Thought I had sugar all in my shoes, didn't you?


Oh, boy.

So, who was the man on the phone?

Your mother. Oh.

She wants me to come over again.


And fist-fuck her.

You know what's gonna happen, don't you?

Yeah. My big-ass lawyer is going to come and shit down your neck.

[SIREN WAILING] Bucharest jail.

Life sentence for gunrunning. Pretty girl like you, you're gonna be the belle of the ball.

Have a couple of tits tattooed on your back before you know what day of the week it is.


Hell of a hole to get dropped in.

You'll see. Or you won't see when they pull your eyes out.



You're a fucking dead man, Griffith!


COP [OVER LOUDSPEAKER]: Come out with your hands in the air.




Good, good, good, good.

Go on. Yes.

Like all Romanians, we have passion, and great passion for the game, but my team plays with a will of steel.

This is what makes good team.

You know, for journalist, you have very beautiful eyes.

Thank you.


You're fucking insane, coming here.

Where is it?

You want it to be in Washington, D.C., it'll be there.

You have ten million of our dollars, and soon you'll make another 100 million.

So if you don't deliver the device as promised, you and your family will be forfeit.


You think I'm afraid to die?


The Turks called him Kaziglu Bey, the "Impaler Prince."

He slaughtered 20,000 in one day.

Skewered them for refusing to bow in his presence.

You have to admire that in a man.

Just say yes, you'll deliver.

The son of devil.

It's a good name, don't you think?



Send him back like that. Now they know I am serious.

Katya, Orlov, come here, listen.







GRIFFITH [NARRATING]: Today was a hard day.

I killed four people.

My résumé reads like a graveyard, and it's still a work in progress.

MAN: Sonni Griffith.

Do you have any idea what kind of sentence gunrunning and multiple murder carry in the sovereign state of Romania?

[ROMANIAN ACCENT] No cocoa at bedtime.

Give us a minute, will you?


Come on, play nice, Griff.

I'm putting my ass on the line for you here, otherwise you're gonna get shafted in yours.

Which would you prefer?

Well, buy me a drink and then we can negotiate.

What are you doing here?

You're under indictment in the U.S. for a suspicious death, you got a court case in two days.

If you miss that, you're gonna be considered a fugitive.

But here you are, killing Romanian gangsters at a national soccer event.

How's Sophia?

She's fine, thank you.

What are you doing here, Griff?

Last time I saw you, I thought you were getting a job at Washington.

What happened? I got a good job.

I got a great office in Berlin.

I'm in charge of tracking terrorist funding for Eastern Europe.

And suddenly I hear a Sonni Griffith is arrested at the Romanian semifinal cup match, and I think, "Who could this be?"

I figured you could do with some help.

There's more than money flowing around here.

You hear anything about a loose razor?

Yeah, I heard a rumor.

Well, it's more than a rumor.

Officially it's a whisper.

I want my lawyer.

Dimitru Ilinca.

I've been sitting on him for weeks.

He's into everything.

Clubs, girls, coke.

Wannabe Eurotrash with a whole lot of fuck-you money to throw around.

Heard he was a big time dealer, so I stepped to him, told him I wanted 600 Kalashnikovs.

Guy didn't even bat an eyelid.

About to get into something a little bit bigger and then, things got messy.

Yeah, I noticed. That's what the CIA does.

Homeland Security are supposed to stay at home.

Somebody knew I was coming.

So, what are you saying? You got nothing?

Got nothing to be excited about.

What are you under indictment for now?

What do you mean, "now"? [CHUCKLES]

Look, bad guy dies.

They need a fall guy.

Griff, is this becoming a habit?

You know, don't even try that.

Man, you know that's not true.

They tried to kill me.


All of them tried to kill me.

Mr. Flint, Michael Shepard.

I know who you are, Agent Shepard.

And you came all this way. How efficient.

Well, since you are here, would you be so kind as to meet me at my offices, say in five minutes and explain to me why non-CIA personnel are killing suspects, then interrogating and burning Jozef Bostanescu's nephew, and then wandering around free in the police station.

Yes, I can.

Oh, good.

That should be interesting.

It won't be a wasted trip after all.

Am I to understand that you killed a man you were investigating?

Is that true, Mr. Griffith?

Truth is relative, sir.

Depends on who's telling it.

Good day, gentlemen.

If you have any more good ideas while you're in my jurisdiction, please, call me first, before you act.

Your procedures are very...thorough.

So, what's up his ass?



So who's Bostanescu?

He owns the stadium, and this town's real big on soccer.

You better call me too.



We could play the wayward-nephew card.

The American had no backup.

No real evidence.

Some rifles, that's all.

He was alone.

BOSTANESCU: Oh, kill him.

Do you really wanna do this, Jozef?

It's such a big deal. Do we really need it?

It's the biggest deal we've ever made.


Is everything ready? Is the team in place?

Everything's ready, don't worry.

Good. Good.

Find out who this cop is.




Champion. Champion! Champion.


Griffith, it's me, Greenfield.


What the hell are you doing in Bucharest?

Working, sir.

Well, trying to.

Gunning down people, burning suspects.

You call that work? Huh?

WOMAN [ON TV]: Today, an unidentified American tourist turned violent in a football match that took place...

GREENFIELD: Is it true? Did you interrogate and burn a suspect?


More like singed.

Griffith is gone, today.

I can get rid of him and use him in one stroke.

What I need to know from you is, is he reliable?

He's reliable.

What about Dimitru?

FLINT: See if he leads us somewhere.

Yeah, all right.

Sir, but what about Dimitru?

What about him?

You have a court date in 48 hours.

And if you don't show up, you will be considered a fugitive from justice, you hear me?

Yes, sir. But can I explain--?

No discussion. Make sure you're on that plane, or you're looking at ten years in federal prison.

You got 48 hours, Griff. You understand?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

Oh, fuck.


SHEPARD: Didn't take you long to find a bar.

A police station, agency front opposite.

Bound to be a bar close by.

I always wondered what these European soccer games were really like.

Pretty much like everywhere else.

You show up, people running, screaming.

Random gunfire.

Yeah, it wasn't exactly random.

They were aiming at me.

You're on a flight back to New York today.

If you're good, I'll put you in business class.


You will, huh?

Mm-hm. Why?

You do your old CIA buddies a favor, sit next to a pretty girl on the plane ride home.

Mm-mm. Check for somebody else.

Yeah, there's nobody else available. Cutbacks.

Nadia Cominski.

Romanian, married to an accountant.

Locals picked her up at the airport with a lot of cash.

Large denominations, multiple currencies, and a dead husband in their New York house.

Shepard, I don't work for the agency anymore.

Come on. I recommended you, God help me.

Don't make me look bad.

Griff, ours is not to reason why.

Yeah, ours is just to do or die.

Yeah. What about first-class?

[CHUCKLES] Don't push it.

[HUFFS] Give me something I can work with on Dimitru.

There's nothing to give.

Sure would like to know who was on the other end of that cell phone.

Oh, was that before or after you burned him?

I didn't burn him, singed him.


That's funny. Singed. Yeah.

Just like you singed Esperanto's whole house back in Colombia?


He was a very bad man.

He was a very bad man.


He was a very bad man.

Thanks for bailing me out.

Very nostalgic. Just like old times.

Give me a gun and some cuffs.

Come on, Griff, you know the rules.

Well, I need a gun if I'm gonna protect the witness.

Yeah, I'll see what I can do.

Don't forget the cuffs.







Your escort won't be here for two hours.

Welcome to the party, Mr. Sonni Griffith.

Yeah. Griffith will be fine.

This is Griffith.

Homeland Security.

How you doing?

So where's my package?

CIA hasn't lost her already, have you?

Naw. Unfortunately, no.

Madam retired to the west wing for a couple of hours.

Madam retired to the west wing.

Sounds like a real prize.

And you are the lucky winner.








Wanna take the first watch out back?

Love to. Okay.



FEMALE AGENT: Mrs. Cominski, you have some pizza. Are you hungry?

Does anyone know what--


--means? [CHUCKLES]


Yeah, uh, the hawk--

You know, like a bird--

He will fuck you in the ass.

That's nasty. Mm-hm.

It is.

What about a local arms dealer named the Hawk?

Mrs. Cominski.



NITA: Mrs. Cominski, this is Sonni Griffith.

He'll be escorting you back to New York.


She's a real charmer, huh?

Anybody know anything about her?

Um, her husband was found murdered in New York, and, uh, she got caught at the airport by Customs with a lot of cash.

Now she's inconsolable.


Killed by who?


Killed by who?

We are through to the finals.

One more game and we go to the world championships in the Washington, D.C.


How is it that the worst football country in the world gives the best championship in the world?


Sonni Griffith, ex-Army Ranger.

Ex-CIA agent.

Currently working for Department of Homeland Security.

How did you bring him to do deal in my stadium, at my game?

I had no idea--

I gave you two orders, just two!

The teams work independently.

You do the deal, and you bring me the money.

And you never, never bring the dogs to my door.

Are you having trouble understanding orders?

Because I can't run this team without orders!

He insisted on seeing the--

Of course he did, stupid boy, he's police!

Get out of my sight and go sit somewhere. Go!

And keep quiet.

Hey, Alec.

Good boy. Come here. Come on.



GRIFFITH [NARRATING]: In this business, you're the keeper of the flame.

But pretty soon the flame burns itself out, and you're left with nothing but ashes.




Hey, where's the bathroom?




















Come on. [SCREAMS]








Mrs. Cominski.

Mrs. Cominski.


Cominski. Let's go.

What's happening?

We don't have time.

Get it. Get in. [GRUNTS]


Who sent you?

Who sent you?

Don't do it.





Keep your head down.

GRIFFITH: What the hell is going on here?

How the hell should I know?

Look, I'm gonna ask you again.

What's going on?

Are you deaf?


Oh, shit.


I'm gonna ask you again.

What's going on? Or you're on your own.

Who could that be, trying to kill me?

Trying to kidnap you.

Kidnap me, kill me. What difference does it make?

There's a big difference.

Someone set us up, do you understand that?

Yes, I do.

Look, Cominski. I need your help.

You give me something and you stay alive.


Time's up.

Okay, okay. Look.


Wait, wait.

My husband wasn't ruthless like these people.

He was just greedy.

He wanted out.


And he was stealing money and hiding it in a Swiss account.

How much money?

Uh, I'm not sure. They say 30 million.



GRIFFITH: Where's the money?

Still in the account.

Victor made me memorize the numbers.

Who does the money belong to?

Jozef Bostanescu.

Jozef Bostanescu. Your husband worked for him?


So tell me what happened in New York.

Jozef insisted on coming to dinner to our place.

He asked my husband about the money.

Victor was very nervous, and Jozef cut his throat.

How did you get here? I grabbed as much cash as I could, and I escaped.


The back staircase.

And then I land here, and stupid custom man arrested me for not declaring the money I took from the safe.

Before you could turn yourself in and declare the 30 mil, huh?


It will be there on time. Just have my money ready.

I have to go.





RECEPTIONIST: You just walked into the only motel in the town that has a room this week.

You wouldn't happen to have two, would you?

As far apart as possible?

Two? Yeah.


One and two.

Da da.

Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

If you're that concerned, you can come in and watch.

I won't piss on you.

Oh, I think you've pissed on enough people for one day.


Look, I'm sorry.

I don't know what is going on here.

It's been a hard day all around, Mrs. Cominski.

Nadia. Please call me Nadia.

What do we do now?


We don't do anything.

I go and find backup.

They put you in another safe house, where you can be protected properly.

Protected like the last house we were in?

Who do you think set us up, Griffith?

'Cause I know I didn't tell them where we were.

So this just leaves you and the CIA.

How long do you think I'll be able to protect you by myself, Mrs. Cominski?

You seem like an intelligent man.

Speak slowly, no big words. I'll try to keep up.

Jozef Bostanescu wants me in the worst way.

That part I think we already figured out.

Well, bad enough to use whomever he can to get me.

I am a liability and a lot of lost money.

And believe me, he hates to lose money.

If you hand me over, I'm dead.

You know, I don't think you understand how this works.

Well, I think you don't understand.

He gets what he wants from me and then he kills me.

And if he kills me, then you don't have a case.

Okay. So if you're running away from him, why come back here?

I have his money.


I came here to trade with him. On my terms, not his.

I-I give him back the money, and he gives me back a life.

Can't stay here.

It's not loaded.

I wasn't part of their business.

I was married to it.


Okay. I believe you.

Let me look at this cut. No, it's not--

No. Standard procedure. Gotta look at it.

You cleaned it. Yes.

If only I could see better in here.

I didn't want those people to die.

I know. I know you didn't.


What--? What the fuck--? What the fuck are you doing?



Let me go. What is this?

This is for your protection.

What? My protection? Are you gonna leave me here?

I'll be back soon. What--?


And, uh, try to stop screaming, all right?

You're supposed to be hiding.

Fuck off!

Does she have a mouth on her.




Shep, it's me, Griff.

Where are you?


Is the girl alive?

Yeah, she's alive. Alive and kicking.

What the hell happened?

Oh, nothing.

Just your standard professional assault on an agency safe house in the middle of the day.

I don't suppose that you know who they were, or how they found us?

We're trying to figure that out. Gimme a pickup point.

I'll send a team to pull you out.

You gotta be joking.

No, I'm not joking.

Well, I'm not exactly enamored with the way operations work around here.

That's not a request, Griff. That's an order.

Flint is gonna have a shit fit if you go Lone Ranger on this.

Look, from now on, things go my way or no way.

This does not look good, Griff.

Look good?

I'm not going to a prom with this woman, Shep.

Now, you meet me tomorrow morning, 7 a.m., Senate Building.

Oh, yeah, and you come alone.

You do understand alone, don't you?

Yeah, I understand alone.

Oh, yeah, and another thing.

Flint's office. It's leaking like a sieve.


Griffith just called me.

He's alive? Yep.

What about Cominski?

Yep. Amazing.

Where is he? He didn't say.

He wants to see me tomorrow morning. Alone.

What's that supposed to mean?

Standard m.o. for Griffith.

So, what do you want me to do, go by myself or take a backup team?

Go alone.

Don't wanna spook him more than necessary.

All right.

How did they found out where the safe house was?

If I knew that, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Just get in there and wrap this up.



MAN: Well, you're all hooked up now.

Great. Yes. I am delighted for you.

Okay. No, no, no.

If you need assistance, you call 311.

Can I help you?

You're the, uh, security contractor.

You're wired up to this whole place, huh?

Well, that's what the name tag would suggest, yes.

So how 'bout checking the systems for me, Agent Mitchel, see if we have a leak. Absolutely no point.

Three people died today. I think that's reason enough.

If you'd let me finish, I would've said there's no point because I personally set up every one of these systems.

I've already swept everybody--

Including the phone lines, before you ask.

And, yes, thank you, they're all clean.

You are sure?

About which bit, sir?

Look, I realize that right now I am living in some third-world shithole.

No offense. But there was a time--

And not a million years ago, I hasten to add-- that I was living in the real world.

What I'm trying to say to you, sir, very politely, is that I do know what I'm doing.

You were in Washington?

Washington, yes.

London and Hong Kong.

What are you doing here?

Serving penance.

I could pull rank on you, Agent Mitchel, but I'd rather ask nicely.

Just give me whatever you've got.

Want to know what I think?

I'm not asking you on a date.

The information isn't being stolen, it's being bought.

That's it?

That's all you've got?

Way to go, big time. I bet they miss you on the Hill.

If it shows up, Agent Shepard, it shows up here.



All right. Do background checks on everybody here at this station.

And who's authorizing this?

I am.

SHEPARD: Yeah, all right. Just do it.

Thank you.

[MIKE GRIFFIN'S "EVERYDAY" PLAYING] * Check one, two, three Come up to see me *

* Sixteen years old Live in 3-D *

* Full picture Watch how we hit ya *

* The scripture Speak the prophecy *

* In the knee Is how we get ya *

* Watch your back My boys coming in packs *

* I sold stacks and got Brung in from hood rats *

* True gangster Doing it the wrong way... *




Jesus, you scared me.

You hungry?

How could you just leave me like this?

Hey, hey, hey.

Play nice, or I'll leave you there all night.

Where have you been for so long?

Setting up a little surprise for our new friends.

What now?

We wait until tomorrow.


Because that's when I meet with my friend.

Can you trust this friend?

I did a big favor for him a long time ago.

I hope so.


Why did they pick you to take me back?

Because of my charm and sensitivity.



The Hawk. Bostanescu.

Earlier today, you asked about the Hawk.


Wait. You call Bostanescu the Hawk?

We all call him that.

Bostanescu is an arms dealer?

I don't know their business.

Yeah, but you were married to an accountant of a big arms dealer.

You do what you do to survive.

So why'd your husband trust you with the numbers?

Maybe he loved me.

What's it like to kill?

What's it like to pull the trigger?

Are you married?

What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?

Well, I am trusting you with my life, Mr. Griffith, despite what you think of me.

And I think it's fair that I get to ask some questions.

To see what kind of man I am trusting.

I was married.

Why not now?

It's not easy being married to somebody who leaves in the middle of the night.

Can't tell you where or who he's been with all week.

That, I understand.

You should get some sleep.

We got a busy day tomorrow.

Did you ever lose something, Griffith?

Something you couldn't live without?

I'm about to, if I don't get back to New York in the next 36 hours.



Dimitru, I have job for you.

You know what to do.

What is rule number one?

Don't get caught. Number two?

Don't fail.



You alone? Yeah.

You sure?

Yeah. As sure as I can be.

All right, so talk to me.

Talk to me about the safe house.

What's to tell?

The team came to pick you up and ran into a street full of toe tags.

It was well-planned.

They had a lot of good information.

Yeah, I'm doing background checks.

People are asking a lot of questions about you, Griff.

What? If I can be trusted?

They're worried about your procedures.

Is the girl safe?

I'm the safest thing she's got.

She's the only thing you've got. Your ass is on the line.

Look, if I wanted to disappear, I would've been gone a long time ago.


How do you wanna do this?

I'll grab Cominski, we get the hell out of dodge.

You pick the flight. Just you.

Nobody else.

Flint's not gonna like this.

Well, Flint is not getting shot at, is he?

What happened to Dimitru?

Don't worry about Dimitru.

You just focus on this.


GRIFFITH [NARRATING]: They say before you die, your life flashes before your eyes.

My life flashes before me everyday.

I've died a thousand deaths.

Okay, sweetie, why don't you greet our guests.


Room 18.








Griffith, what was that?

GRIFFITH: There goes our deposit for room 18.

Time to go.


NADIA [ECHOING]: What's it like to kill?

GRIFFITH: You aim the gun, then pull the trigger.



Get up, Griff.






Get after him!

NADIA: Looks like your friend screwed us.

Or is suicide part of your plan?

We were nearly killed.

Nearly doesn't count.


Keep your head down.



Better find a place to hold up for tonight.

Dinner, entertainment and then back to your place.

You know how to impress a girl, Griffith.

I like to make a good impression on a first date.


Keep your head down.





What do you do on a second date?

I don't get too many second dates.

REPORTER: This is Ana Komancz from TQV TV.

Under terror alert.

A bomb has exploded in a Bucharest motel.

The police are looking for a black man and a woman seen running from the scene.


I don't believe this.

Now we got a terrorist in our own organization.

Talk to Dimitru.

I want everything he's got on Bostanescu.

All right.


What do you got? Nothing, to be honest with you.

Pickup team is clean.

Everybody involved is basically clean.

There's a few tax evasions and a little undeclared earnings, but certainly nothing to sell out over.

SHEPARD: I want you to check into...

Hang on a second.

You have got to be fucking joking me.

You want a ticket back to the show, you have to break a few eggs.

I understand that. But that is exactly how I got thrown out of the Hill.

Just do it. And keep it under your hat.





You still don't trust me?

I'm beginning to think you like bondage more than you should.


Any movement?

Not even his bowels.

You got somebody covering the back? Mm-hm.

All right.

Tell them we're going to the front door.

[RADIO CRACKLES] We're going after Dimitru.

Stay there.

AGENT: We're in position.


Who the hell are you?

Where the fuck is Dimitru?

I have had just about enough bullshit for one day!

That looks bad.

Very admirable, you coming here instead of going to hospital.

Good boy. That's family for you.

He ambushed us.

All of you? One man ambushed all of you?

Where is she? DIMITRU: I don't know. I--

I don't know.

Do you know what hardest thing is for owner to do?

To accept when one of his players has become a liability to the team.

Your mother will weep.



Please. Please!


Don't be so stupid. I'm the only friend you got.

I fucking call you, they show up.

How does that happen?

I had to tell someone.

Who? Flint.

Fuck. Why?

Because-- Because I have a job.

I have a career.

A fucking pension and a family.

I'm not a cowboy like you. There's a chain of command.

Goddamn it, I'm in the system.


I'm sorry. Oh, you're sorry?

You're sorry? Sorry. You get something on Flint.

He's gonna drop to his knees and confess?

He's a goddamn CIA station chief.

I need evidence.

Then you get some!

All right.

Dimitru gave us the slip.

And how the hell did he do that?

He had a decoy at the house, then they pulled the switch.

What about Bostanescu, we got something on him or not?

What do you want me to do, walk in and arrest him without a witness or evidence on Cowboy Johnny's word?

Have you been outside this week?

They'd lynch us.

His soccer team is playing in the national play-off tomorrow at his stadium.

You do know that, don't you?

This is not looking good in Washington.

I don't need you to remind me of that, Agent Shepard.

I may work here, but I'm not from here.

Call me if and when Griffith contacts you.


Don't run off.

Still afraid I might do that.

How could I ever live without you?

Be careful, Griffith.

You're in danger of being nice to me.

Lucky me.

My life has been a real blast ever since we met.

I have the feeling your life was like that before you met me.

Not every day.

What can I do to help?

I'm not very good at stealing cars or making bombs, but I can put some food together.


NADIA: So, what's the story with this friend?

I'm not very impressed so far.

I got kicked out of the CIA because of him.

He owes me one.

We'll give him until the morning to sort things out and then we'll take off, back to New York.

Why do you have to go to court?

Somebody died, and they wanna blame it on me.

Who died?

A man.

A very bad man that I was supposed to get next to and get some information.

Isn't that your job?

Yeah, well, he found out some information too.

About his wife, about me.

So he shot her.

And you shot him.

Why are you taking all these risks to protect me?

It's in the blood.

Father was a cop.

He told me life is about choices.

Make a choice, you pick a side.

You pick a side, you protect it with your life.

Besides, who would I have to argue with if I gave you up?

Ha, ha.

You should be nice to me, anyway, because I'm cooking for you.





Shepard, it's Mitchel.

Listen, I think they're onto me.

I had to get out of the building.

Can you meet me at the casino in 20 minutes, on Forksal 19?

I'll be there.

I've got all that. I need more.

I need it all.

I can't trust anyone.

I need your help.



MITCHEL: This guy is in it up to his neck.

Listen to this. Bostanescu has been paying off Flint.

Bostanescu owns Flint?

Take my word for it. Everything I found is on this disk.

Do you have another copy of this?

Yeah, of course.

It's good work.

Fuck good work, Shepard.

I don't want a merit badge, okay?

I just want you to get this guy before he has me killed.

You understand?

Take it easy, Mitchel.

No, you take it easy, okay?

You go play your goon games, do whatever it is the fuck you feel you need to do, just catch these guys, okay?

All right.

Okay. And, Shepard?

Watch your back.

Thank you.



Give me the disk.

What disk?

MAN: Hey. WOMAN: Hey.








This is surreal.


I almost feel normal.

Do you think I will ever have a normal life?


With 30 million?


Look, we're gonna get through this.

This time tomorrow, you'll start a whole new life.

You won't be in that life, will you?

Well, that's just not smart.

[CHUCKLING] Stupid and dangerous.

I doubt those things have stopped you before.

You have a whole lot of confidence in me, don't you?

Looks like the man of the house is my size.

Looks like the woman of the house is my size too.

Which one are you going to wear?

I haven't decided.

What about running away with 30 mil?


BOSTANESCU: Well, you better figure out a way of finding her, or you'll find yourself in a sticky situation, my friend.


You have a big game tomorrow.

We should get out of that, uh, other thing.

We have almost everything we need.

Your team, you worked so hard for them.

After they win tomorrow, we'll go to the world championships in America.


I can hear them singing now.

All their voices.

My countrymen pushing us on.

I don't give fuck about the Americans.

My team will be there, and I will make half a billion dollars, cash.

Shit. Call my cell phone.



COMINSKI: What's the time?

It's time to go.

Just tell me, whatever happens, you believe in me.

I believe in you.

You know, you should do that more often.

Make me.

Have you got any children?


Have you got any children?

Not yet.

Everything we do in life is for the children.

I'll shower.

And good morning from the Lia Manoliu National Stadium.

In a few hours, on the field behind me, will begin the much-anticipated final battle of the season, and we will see who the champions will be.








What the f--? How the--?

Thank you for calling, Nadia.





So where are we going?

To the football game.

There's nothing in the world worth dying for, especially a woman.

She screwed you.

She killed her husband.

She made sure Bostanescu was in the house in New York, made a dinner, then sliced Victor's throat with a wire.

And escaped with $30 million.

She is smart.

Well, then what do you need me for, then?

She has a son, Griffith.

She wants you to walk him out, or she won't give up the numbers.

Well, maybe I can give her these as a gift.



Keep driving.

No, he must be alive.

You want to see your son or not?





Are you okay?


Get in the car. Get in the car.

Hello, my dear. Did you get a little lost?





What the fuck is this?

This? This is nothing to worry about.

Once you pay for it, I couldn't give a shit if you dry hump it.

Until then, just look.


It's okay.


Arm it. What?

You have key, arm it. It can't go off without code.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You know what this is?

You're insane.

I have interested parties waiting for it to be in Washington in my team's tour bus after we win this game.

So we are dealing or not? I have game to win.

This is Russian. It might just go off.

Where's Alex?

Where is my son?

Oh, yes. Bring in Alex.

Alex. Alex. Mama, Mama, Ma.


What the fuck is going on here?



This is tactical bioweapon.

It's loaded with VX gas.

The Russians call it "razor."


Razor. Yes. Good boy.

It's just big enough to take out most of population of a good-sized city.





Outside, you can hear 50,000 of my closest countrymen.

And I'm prepared to die with all of them.

Does anyone here doubt this?

[CHUCKLING] Yuri, do you honestly think I am gonna hand over $25 million to a man I am unlikely to ever see again, for a weapon I do not even know will arm?






Yes, it's here. Call back in five minutes.





Goddamn, you're right.

You've got balls.

That is your money.

Ah, my dear, sweet, sweet, little Nadia.

How I would love to cut that lovely head off and take those numbers out.

I gave you everything. Everything.


You shouldn't have taken my son from me.

He's all I care about.

BOSTANESCU: Cut his fingers off.

COMINSKI: No! If he dies, torture me, kill me, you will never get that money.

Cut his fingers off. No!

I've had enough. Give me my money!

When you make a deal with the devil, Yuri, don't be surprise if you get a little shit on your shoes.

BOSTANESCU: Hold this bitch still. Hold her still.


Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. BOSTANESCU: Cut his fingers now.

Keep that bitch still.



Alex, get out!


Mommy! COMINSKI: Alex.

You should have told me.

I would have lost him.

You don't understand these people.


"The Repairman"?

Let's go.

GRIFFITH: Whose phone is this?


GRIFFITH: Who's the Repairman?

I don't know.


Come on.

ALEX: Mama! Mama!

Alex. No.

Alex. Stay.


No. I just want my money.

Okay, just give him back to-- No!

I just want my money.

Give me the money.








Get in this car.


Stay here.




Give me the numbers!

The numbers, bitch!

Give me the numbers!

Give me the numbers.


Give me the numbers!




Jesus, are you all right?

You should have seen the other guy.

So Bostanescu's dead?


Where's Nadia?

In the car with the boy.

All right, let's get on with this.

With what?

It's payback time.

He's given me a lot of trouble. This time, you can shoot him.

Bostanescu calls him the Repairman.


[CHUCKLES] That's funny.

Very appropriate.


Flint, you're under arrest.

Shepard, what the fuck are you doing?

Conspiracy to kill security forces and federal agents.

We've already nailed your brother-in-arms, Bostanescu, you two-face piece of shit.

You're the piece of shit.

This isn't gonna work. They're not gonna believe you.

Your own specialist provided the proof.

Isn't that right, Mitchel?

MITCHEL: He's right.

We found out everything, Flint.

You found what they wanted you to find, you dumb-ass.

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna shoot me?

You're gonna kill me?


You're the Repairman.

He's a goddamn traitor. Shoot him, Griffith.

Shut up.

You know Bostanescu has a razor?

He was gonna set it off in Washington, D.C.

I would never have let him get there.

[CHUCKLING] It's funny.

I couldn't believe it.

When Bostanescu's nephew sent me a message.

"Check out this guy."


How many Sonni Griffiths are there?

And what do you got?


Nice warm jail cell waiting for you in New York?

That's how they pay ya? For the lead in your body?

That's what they pay us to do.

We're alone, Griff.

Drop the gun, Shep.


You always were the good guy.

Well, look at the bright side.

At least my life insurance is all paid up.


GRIFFITH [NARRATING]: That was my last job.

COMINSKI: Whatever happens, you believe in me.







FLINT: Interesting man.

A bit on the wild side.

Never could take orders.

It's hard to believe he's dead.

I don't know, Greenfield, men like him don't tend to live too long.

To be honest, I don't think he had very much to go home to.

Well, it was decent of you to bury him here.

It's the least we could do.


Goddamn national hero.

Oh, we, uh--

We found Nadia Cominski's fingerprints on her husband's murder weapon.

He was a bad man.

Yeah. He was a very bad man.

Wonder what happened to the money?

I wonder.


GRIFFITH: Was it a nice funeral?


Thank you for your service to our country.

You are all officially dead.

Now, go live somewhere, quietly.



GRIFFITH: So how do you feel about your husband?

COMINSKI: He was a bad man.

What does that make me? A very bad man, with lots of money.


* I grew up a young hustler Chasing dreams *

* After doin' 7 a.m. I'm faded clean *

* Hit the street ready for school To learn to make a million *

* Adapt to all races Like Brazilian chameleon *

* Check the game Better yet, check the name *

* Mike Griffin in your brain Lethal as cocaine *

* Rhymes precise Shine like northern lights *

* Fifteen years old And my flow is tight *

* Tenth grade was the year That it all went down *

* Sex, drugs, money We rollin' now *

* I was amazed at the way That it flowed so smooth *

* That's the devil He'll play with you, dude *

* Have you seein' visions That don't exist *

* In the end all he wanna do Is put you in a twist *

* But I ain't goin' out Like no punk *

* Pray, praise the Lord And I will never switch *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Everyday *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Uh-huh-h *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Everyday *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* I pray-y * * I pray-y *

* Check one, two, three Who can see me? *

* Sixteen years old Live and 3-D *

* Full picture watch how We hit ya the scriptures *

* Speak the prophecy And it means I'll forget ya *

* Watch your back My boys comin' in packs *

* I sold stacks and got Brung in from hood rats *

* True gangsta Doin' it the wrong way *

* Even though it felt Willy came back before me *

* So I started robbin' break up In your house and I'm mobbin' *

* Steal your wedding ring Hit your wife with my johnson *

* I'm serious, Crime ain't the serious cases *

* Judge looked me in the eye "No probation" *

* Two felonies, only seventeen There I had better dreams *

* Six months of waitin' It seemed like forever *

* Change my life For the better *

* Look to the sky When I see stormy weather *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Everyday *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Uh-huh-h *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Everyday *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* I pray-y * * I pray-y *

* When I wake up *

* In the mornin' *

* Rise and shine now *

* Time for a new day *

* When I wake up *

* In the mornin' *

* Rise and shine now *

* It's time to break a-- Break away *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Everyday *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Uh-huh-h *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* Everyday *

* Everyday I wake, I pray *

* I pray-y * * I pray-y *