The Devil's Holiday (1930) Script

Grand Hotel. Grand Hotel.

The time is 1:35 am.

Yes, this is the night operator.

I'll give you the night clerk.

Hello? Night clerk speaking.

Alright. Yes.

Has Mr Mark Stone arrived? Not yet.

Miss Hallie Hobart in? She's not in, Mr Thorne.

Did you ring her? Yes, but she's not in, Mr Thorne.


These salesmen won't take no for an answer.

I'll give her a buzz.

Room 417, please.

How many times? Miss Hobart is out. O-U-T.

That's just what I wanted to know, girlie. How are you all?

Say, you're not allowed in here. No?

Well I've never seen your face but I know your voice.

Charlie Thorne of the Bellside Harvester Company.

I just blew in tonight.

Yes, you were here last year, weren't you.

Sure. Where's Hallie Hobart?

Well, if you don't tell anybody, she's out on business.

You know Mr Kent Carr don't you?

Sure. Kent Carr of the Carr Harvester Company.

What's she doing out with him?

Well, they're out with a couple of customers. You know, farmers.


Selling machinery. Hallie is trying to help me put the deal over.

Hallie makes a lot of money that way. You know, percentage.

Say, is Mr Mark Stone one of the rustics?

Who? Mark Stone.


Does she still work in the barber shop? Yes, she's still manicuring.

Trimming them good, eh?

She must have a lot of money in the old sock now.

Plenty. She's a smart girl.


She's out.

That's young McConnell again. He's drunk.

He's waiting for Hallie, too. McConnell the packer's son?

He wanted to marry her, didn't he? Sure, and he still does.

Well, he's got plenty of Jack. That he has.

You know, last year when Hallie was away on her vacation.

Why, he had her room, all fixed up by an interior decorator.

Have you seen it? No.

Does that mean he's got the run of the place?

No. He doesn't get to first base with Hallie.

She's smart, Hallie is. Right.



Hello? Ice water in 620.

He's the drunkest thing.

You must get quite an earful on this board, baby.

Plenty. I could write a book.

Would you like to leave a message for Hallie?

No, I'll hang around. I've got to see her. I want to talk business.

Well, why don't you wait up in her room: 417?

I'll have Mike let you in. You can give him a quarter.

You know, young McConnell is waiting down there in the lobby.

That's a great idea.

You've got what they call a brain, baby.

Grand Hotel.

I said you've got what they call a brain.

Grand Hotel. Well, let it go.

Mike. On the phone.

Have you a reservation, sir?

Yes, the name is Stone.

Yes, there is a reservation here for Mr Mark Stone.

No, I'm David. That's my brother. He's not coming.

I'll take care of that.

David Stone. 418. Yes, sir.

Right this way.

Goodnight, sir. Goodnight.

Gee, I wish had half that young fellow's money.

You might like to have half of anybody's money. Who is he?

That's the son of Ezra Stone, the richest wheat farmer in the State.

Doesn't look as if he had change for a dime.

Just good old farm stock.

Hallie Hobart in yet? Give her another buzz.

I told you Mr McConnell, she's not in.

Give her another buzz anyhow. I had a date with her. Go on.

Hey, hey. Why don't you run along home, buddy.

The lady isn't in.

You know what time it is?

A quarter to two.

Who wants to know?

I'm the house officer and you've been making too much noise.

I did, eh? Well, I don't like detectives.

They're a snoopy lot.

Now look here young fellow. We don't want any trouble here. Go on, get out.

It's terrible. I'm going to bed.

Well, leave them to me. I'll get rid of them alright.

Just .. just a minute.

You must say goodnight to the lady now because we're going home to go to bed.

Well, goodnight, Mr Olsen.

Say goodnight to the lady. We're going home to go to bed.

Goodnight, Mr France. We had a perfectly charming time.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I kiss your hand, madame.

Let me help you up.

Everything is fine. Now, I'll see you in the morning.

Don't forget. Yes.

Mike .. get him out of here.

I've got a date with you, Hallie. Yes, I know. I know.

What's the idea?

I've got a date with Hallie.


Charlie Thorne of the Bellside Harvester Company.

Yes, I know Charlie Thorne, but ..

He said it was Business.

Business? At this hour of the night?

Well it was alright to let him in, wasn't it?

No, Mike. You know better than to let a man in my room at this time of night.

Oh Miss Hallie, I'm sorry.

Sure, I wouldn't do anything wrong. Oh sure, you wouldn't would you.

Stupid Irishman.

Ah bless your little heart.

Stupid man.

Hello, Charlie. Oh hello.

How are you, little fellah?

Say, how did you get in here? You've got a nerve.

I busted in to talk business to you.

Business? Oh, no.

I'm through with business for today. I was in the shop at nine.


This will only take you a minute.

No. Now Charlie, save it for the morning, will you.

Run along, there's a dear.

Alright, we'll let it go .. goodnight.


Johnny, I didn't mean to be rude but I'm all worn out.

Now wait a minute.

You're not doing me any favor, baby.

I just wanted to let you in on a little quick, sure dough.

Some quick, sure dough?

Well listen, you old crosspatch.

I'm all in, you see.

And tomorrow I have to get up bright and early. - Uhuh.

But .. suppose you tell me all about it.

And .. I'll go in there and get comfortable.

Comfortable? Yes.

Comfortable? I haven't been comfortable in a week.

You got a drink for me?

Me? No, I never drink the stuff.

I hate it. It's a great pity.

I'll try to struggle along.

Well, what's on your mind?

You've heard of Ezra Stone, haven't you?

Yes. Who is he?

He's the biggest wheat farmer in the country.

His son Mark Stone is due here and I'm going to sell him some machinery.

What do you want me to do?

Well, this fellow Mark Stone.

Comes from a strait-laced family, see.

Narrow-minded, you know. Yeah, I know.

They've got so much money, the banks won't take it.

They have to pay storage on it.

Good to hear it.

He's a tough trader, Hallie. And I thought ..

I'm way ahead of you.

You want me to take him to a party and get him loosened up ..

And help you get the deal.

Am I right, professor? You're a mind reader.

You know, when those bozos fall, they fall hard.

And you're the baby ..

That can make them stumble.

And when Mr Stone is stumbled ..

How much in it for the little girl what trips him?

I'll give you one percent.

Nothing doing. I can get two percent from Kent Carr.

Oh, Kent Carr.

Yes. Kent Carr.

He's out after the same guy.

Well, snap!

And you were too tired?

I'm never too tired for a bit of big business.

I'll give you three percent but not a word to Kent Carr or anybody else.

Okay with me.

I don't like Kent Carr anyway. He's too fresh.

You keep the boys in their places, don't you.

Yes, it's the only way.

A man will give you more if you don't give him anything.

Not even a little promise?

Oh, well now, Charlie.

When does your Mr Stone roll in?

Tonight, or tomorrow morning.

It's a big order, Hallie.

Well .. I could do with the money.

I'm saving every cent now.

What are you saving up for?

Oh, to get out of this burgh.

Charlie, I've got my life all planned out.

I'm off to Paris.

Yeah? Uhuh.

Why to Paris?

Oh, I'm going to make something of myself.

I'm going to be someone.

You've got enough saved up now to take a trip to Paris.

Oh, but it isn't just a trip I want.

I'm going for keeps.

Charlie, I take French lessons twice a week.

And Charlie .. look .. come here.


Aren't they marvellous?


What's the matter?

Where did you get the wardrobe?

What do you mean?


And I've got an interest in Madam Bernstein's shop downstairs.

I believe you, Hallie. You should.

You think you're pretty smart, don't you.

Of course I'm smart.

Well someday, you'll meet some nice kid, fall in love ..

And then we'll see how smart you are.

Me and love? Bunk! Never.

It sneaks up on you, this love business.

Not on this baby it won't.

I know too much about men. I hate them.

Someday you'll marry one and then ..

Me? Oh no, sir.

The only interest I have in your fair sex is ..

The old bankroll. Check.

And then for Paris. France.

Little fellah, you'll get anything you go after.

You bet I will.

Don't forget mister Mark Stone.

Alright, partner. Mister Mark Stone.



Pleasant dreams. Thanks, Charlie.


Hello. Hello, dear.

Oh you did? Oh, that's too bad.

What time is it?


Well call me about .. eight, will you.

Yes, I know it.

I'll catch you up sometime.


For a long time, yes.


Hello Charlie, when did you get in?

Look, look. The farmer's friend.

And how. Kent Carr.

How are you, Bub? Alright, boy.

Monk, you seen Hallie this morning? No. Not seen her. We're not speaking.


If you mean Hallie Hobart, she's down at Madam Bernstein's dress shop.

Much obliged. Start me on the second car-load, baby.

Home James!

And don't spare the horses.

What are you laughing at?

When I get to Paris I'll have one of these every night of the week.

Take me with you. You, in Paris?

Come on. Make it snappy, will you Queen. He's in the barber shop now.


Young David Stone. This is the kid brother.

He's come out to buy the equipment instead.

He's a babe in arms. All you got to do is beam on him and he'll buy anything.

Like this, Charlie?

Oh stop clowning, will you. This is business.

Kent Carr is liable to snap him up any minute.

You're going to head him off with a manicure.

Alright, Charlie. Now, I'll be right over.

Come on, will you. Now don't rush me.

Three percent, baby.

Where is the body?

The blond dome in the second chair. Get going.

The sleeping beauty.


Corn on the cob.

Hey, what is this?

A manicure.

He's all finished, Hallie.

Leave him to mama. I'll finish him.

Hey, what is this?

A manicure. Good morning.

Good morning to you, but I don't want anything like that.

Hey, don't bother with my hair, alright.

Hey, have you got my ..

Here, take this towel. Thank you.

We'll put it on your account.

I would like to get my coat.

Alright, thanks.

Say, what am I in for, anyway?

This won't hurt you a bit. Sit right down.

Well, I'll try anything once.

You sure will. Oh no.

Oh, now wait a minute. You sit right down there.

You're in the big city now.

I sure am.

Here. Put that one over there.

You don't get to the city much, do you. No, I don't.

You see, my father has just taken over a lot of new property.

And we're getting new equipment for it. Uhuh.

Oh I see. You must have a lot of acreage up there?

It's a lot of work.

What do you do for fun?

Well, we've been spending most of our spare time building that big new church.

Oh, a church?

Well, you've heard of that big new church my father built?

Oh yes. I believe I did hear about it.

It's a big church, isn't it.

Is it? Say, you should see it.

Why, do you know he sent to Belgium for those bells?

Gee, they are old bells.

You can hear those bells for miles and miles.

Playing out over that wheat.

Really? Sounds pretty.

Oh, it is. They play a hymn every evening.

Oh, a hymn. How nice.

It's: "Oh God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come."

You know?

Yes. Of course I know that one.

Hello Mr Stone.

Hello there. How are you?

How about a bite of dinner tonight?

I'd be very glad. Fine.

By the way, what is your preference? Blonds or brunettes?


How would you like to have a nice little blond mama?

Or one of these willowy brunettes, you know.

With the dreamy eyes and the oriental look?

You know, with that da, da, da!

You know what I mean?

If you gentlemen want to talk that way, I'm afraid I'll have to leave.

Oh no, no. You stay here.

Say, you hadn't better talk that sort of stuff when there's a lady around.

Oh, I see. In front of a lady.


I'll see you at 7 o'clock.

I'm awfully sorry if I said anything to hurt a lady's feelings.

Oh, it's quite alright, sir. But I detest vulgarity.

Particularly when women are held up to ridicule.

Sure. Sure, I understand.

Well, I'll be seeing you.

You will pardon my round shoulders, won't you.

Disgusting creature.

You mean that Kent Carr? You know, I don't know him, but ..

I have to talk business with him about threshing machines and things like that.

Well there is always the daytime for business, isn't there?

I don't know. It must sound impertinent of me.

But after you telling me about that beautiful church and ..

And those bells and things.

It just makes me shudder to think of you going out with a man like that.

You're right. Say, I guess I won't go.

I'll call him up if you say so.

It isn't if I say so, but ..

It would make me much happier if you would.

You're very nice.

I'd hate to think that I was the one who spoiled the evening for you.

Oh that sort of thing, you know, that doesn't interest me any.

What's your name? Hallie.

Hallie Hobart.

Miss Hobart, eh? Oh no. Just Hallie.

To everyone?

Everyone I like.


Yes, Mr Stone?

Well .. I'm David to those I like.

Alright. David.

How about Hallie having some dinner with David?

I am sorry, but I have an engagement.

Oh .. gee, I'm sorry.

Are you going to call that man and put it off?

Oh, sure.

Well then, I'll call my engagement off.

And Hallie will have a bit of dinner with David.

Oh you won't? Yes.

Will you? I will.

I thought you'd have liked wrestling.

I don't mind boxing, but I dislike wrestling.

Oh you do?


There, you see. There is another hold.

Now, you can take a fellow's arm and twist it like that, see.

I've had enough jujitsu lessons or this evening, thank you.

Do you know you can break a fellow's arm that way.

I fully realize that. Will you let me go?


You now, my brother Mark and I, we can take anybody in the State for jujitsu.

Oh, really?

Say, I didn't hurt you, did I? Oh no, no.

You just broke my arm. That's all.

Well of course I'm a lot stronger than I look.

Oh, you're one of those tough guys?


You people here in the city, you might say that ..

I was what you call a sucker, because I ..

I don't go in for this nightlife and drinking and smoking and ..

And what?

Well, cavorting in general.

Cavorting? Oh yes.


Well .. I could say you were suckers.


Oh .. because ..

You don't know the joy of that dawn, coming up over the wheat.

Yes. That might be rather nice.

Oh, it's the whole thing. It's that ..

Everybody waking up and everything ..

Feeling good and all the birds singing and the ..

Dogs all going crazy.

You are going crazy ..


I take it you don't like the city very much?

Well .. I don't know. You know, it makes me kind of sad.

Were you sad with me tonight?

Oh no, I didn't mean that. No.

Well I don't drink or smoke or ..

Cavort, as you call it.

Ah but you smoke, don't you?

No. Yes.

I saw you. I saw you when you were talking ..

When you were talking to that woman in that room where the ladies go to.

Me? Yeah.

I got in there by mistake.

Oh you did, did you?

That young woman in charge, she pushed me right out though.

And you say you saw me smoking?

Well, I thought so.

You don't think I'd lie to you, do you?

Oh, no. I didn't mean that.

Can you get any smoke on my breath?


Any smoke on my breath?

No. Well, can you?

No. Can you?

I .. I'm sorry. Oh, don't bother.

You are just like every other man.

I thought you were different.

I'm the one to be sorry.

I guess I .. I guess I'd better go.

Yes, you'd better.

Do you often kiss women you don't love?

Do you? No.

Are you that kind? No, I'm not.

Well, I wouldn't have believed it.



Get me Charlie Thorne, will you?

Hello? Hello, Charlie?

No. He's just gone.

Everything is fine.

No. Listen, just get this.

He gave me a tiny, tiny little kiss, see.

And I was very hurt and very indignant.

Sure. Now here's the dope.

I've got him all steamed up about you and the machinery.

Tomorrow, when I see him I'm going to be very cold. Very cold.

And when you see him, you'll be the one who makes it all right between us.

That's the time you get your work in.

Sure I'm smart.

What? Paris?

Yes, sir. I'm on my way, boy.

It won't be long now.

Alright Mr Stone, I'll explain the whole thing.

It was Friday when the kid arrived.

He met the gal on Saturday.

They were out together Saturday night.

They were out motoring most of the day on Sunday.

I couldn't get near him to talk any business.

My firm called up and wanted to know what it was all about.

So I communicated with you.

I thought you ought to know that this dame had hooked him.

And boy, when I say hooked him ..

I don't mean "maybe".

There she is now.

The Stone deal is off. What?

Mark Stone blew into town this morning and he's burning up about you.

About me? What did I do?

Only sent that kid brother David off his nuts about you.

Oh well I can't help that. It was in the deal, wasn't it?

Well he's taking him back to the wheat belt with him tonight.

I as good as had that money in the bank. Yeah.

How are you, Mr Stone? How do you do?

Do you know Miss Hobart? I'm going to.

Well, I know you.

I'd know you anywhere.

David told me such a lot about you.

I'd like to talk to you privately.

Privately? Yes.

Let's see.

Let's come in here.

I'm going to be off for a minute, dear.

Well here we are, Mr Stone.

I must apologise for the mess.

You know, I'm quite a businesswoman.

Among other things, I have an interest in this business.

What is your real business?


You heard what I said.

I don't like your tone. And I don't like your kind.

My kind?

My kind?

Well then, Mr Stone. I guess there's nothing more for us to say, is there.

I've got a lot to say to you.

Now you keep your voice down and cut that out.

I don't like it.

You put your dirty hands on the cleanest boy that ever stepped out of the wheat.

Oh yeah? Yes.

The law of this country drove your kind off the streets.

It drove you out of your drives. And where did it drive you to?

To places like this. Disgraceful .. You stop it!

You must be mad.

Listen to me. No. You listen to me!

I've got people in this town who would cut your tongue out ..

For half of what you've said to me, see.

So keep out of my way.

How much to let him alone?

How much money?

Bah ..

You've tried the barber shop?

Well, could you have her paged?

Or try her room again?

[ Telephone ]

Hello .. what?

What? No .. no ..

You cut me off.

I have seen that woman.

And I was right about her.

Another word from you about her and I'll hit you.

Let me go.

David .. I'm going home now.

You're coming with me. No. You go.

Don't let me stop you, Mark. But you've made enough trouble for one day.

Do you realise the trouble you're headed for?

I know just what I'm doing. Oh yes.

You poor little fool. You're mad.

You're my brother. I'm your flesh and blood.

Don't you see this woman has got you in her clutches?

Oh, shut up!

Get this straight, girly. Don't ring this room again.

If the barbershop calls, you don't know where I am.

Get me Mr Charlie Thorne. He's the only one I want to talk to.

There's someone knocking at the door. I'll call you later.

Come in.

Hallie, what did Mark say to you? Plenty.

Well, he's gone home. Good.

Hallie, what did he say? What didn't he say?

Oh, I can't tell you how sorry I am.

I told him if he said another word, I'd hit him.

And I would have, really. Oh, Hallie.

You see, this is the first quarrel we've ever had.

Father and Mark and ..

Oh what does it all matter? I don't want to hear all this.

You people don't mean anything in my young life.

Oh Hallie, don't say that.

We do mean something to you.

Why don't you be a nice boy and go on home with your brother?

You're all washed up now. No reason for you hanging around any longer, is there.

Yes Hallie, there is.

I love you.


I love you, Hallie.

Oh, don't be silly.

Oh, I'm not a child. I know just what I'm doing.

When will it be?

What are you talking about?

Our marriage. Marriage?

Are you proposing marriage?

Don't pretend that you didn't know. You knew that I loved you.

Now how do you know who or what I am?

I don't care who or what you are.

A woman's life begins with her tomorrow.

Not with her yesterday.

And your tomorrow is with me, isn't it. A woman's tomorrow?

Where did you read that?

Oh .. don't make fun.

Oh now, don't be too serious.

I .. I don't want to marry anyone.

No? No.

Well .. I can only ask you.

And offer you my life and that's what I'm doing, Hallie.

[ Door knocks ]

Oh, send them away. Please send them away.

No, I can't do that.

I'll call you later. But you won't.

If I say I will, I will.

Well you must tell me something now. It isn't "no" is it? It isn't "no".

Go now, I'll call you later.

Come in.

Oh, hello. Hello, Charlie.

You want to see me? Yes.

Hello David. I just saw your brother leaving.


Hallie, I will see you later? Yes, David.

Will you call me, or shall I call you? I'll call you.

Well, I'll wait for your call. Alright.

I'll be in my room. Okay.

What happened with brother Mark? What happened?

Oh Charlie, what a dirty swine that mine is.

From what I can gather you didn't make much of a hit.


He didn't mince any words.

He called me something that I ..

He called me something that .. He suggested the worst?

Yes! And then some.

Sanctimonious hypocrite.

You know me. Everybody else around here knows me.

I'm not above getting while the getting is good, but ..

But he called me ..

Oh, I never thought I really hated anyone, but this ..

This is it. Sure.

Hate is the same as love. It sneaks up on you in the dark.

And get this for laughs.

Get this for a payoff. The kid just proposed marriage.

Marriage? Yes, marriage.

Isn't that a laugh? That's unnatural.

What a way to get even with the Stone family.

What a revenge.

Oh, I'd give anything, anything to get even with that Mark Stone.



I'll marry that kid. Uhuh.

And go up to the wheat with him. Uhuh.

And take them all for a real good time.

And grab yourself 50,000 frog skins to move out.

Sure. That's it.

50,000 dollars to leave.

Gee, what an idea.

50,000 dollars in the old stocking.

And then off to Paris.

Oh, let the wedding bells ring out.

But all your neighbors have been using this stuff for years.

You see what I mean, Mr Stone?

I don't do business on Sundays.



In the city, we sort-of figure Sunday as a sort-of a holiday.

In the city, yes.

A devil's holiday.


Will you join me, sir?


You know, as the good book says ..

A Sunday well spent ..

Means a week of content.

That's it isn't it, Mr Stone? Yes.

That and a lot of hard work. Yes, sir.

Work. Hmm.

Well .. that's just it.

And with this new equipment you can save about 60 percent of that same work.

I ..

Mr Stone.

Mr Stone.

They are here.

And David's put her in Mrs Stone's room. Alright, I'm coming right up.

It's sacrilege, I say.

And I told them not to take .. Alright, alright. I'm coming.


That marriage.

Must have been quite a shock to you, Mr Stone.

Yes. It was.

Yes, she certainly took that kid of yours.

But she's bad news if I know it when I see it.


Yeah. The kid is daffy about her.

But she's a cold dish if ever I saw one.

Can I give you a lift, sir?

No thank you. No, I'll walk.

I'll walk along with you, Mr Stone.

You don't mind if I leave my car here, do you?

Certainly not.

Thank you.

Hello there, Mr Stone.

Hello there, Mrs Stone.

I didn't know you had a home like this.

Do you like it? Hmm.

Father built it for mother.

Oh yes? Must have cost plenty.

Plenty? Oh father doesn't care what he spends.

As long as it's for something worthwhile.

That church out there .. Something worthwhile?

What do you mean? Well ..

His home and his church.

His books.

That's father. Really?

He sounds nice.

Ah he is. Just wait until you meet him.

That's Mark.

Let's go upstairs. I want to powder my nose.


Well when you young folks fall in love, there is ..

Noting much you can do to stop it.

Hmm. Maybe it's nice after all.


Ask anyone around that hotel about her.

They'll tell you.

Well David is married to her. Not you.


Well, aren't you unpacked yet?

No. Why?

David. Is that your mother?

Yes. That's mother. Did she die in this room?

Yes Hallie, she did.

I hate the thought of a death in a room.

It's a precedent.

Oh, but we all know mother is happy.

What do you mean, happy? In a grave?

You know, I don't like pictures that look right at you.

No matter where in the room you are they're always looking at you.

See that?

Oh but Hallie. Mother would have loved you just as I do.

I'm not so sure she would.

Here. Let me do it.

Hallie, what's the matter? You seem to have changed somehow suddenly.

Changed? How?

Well, I've been watching you. Watching me?

Well I love you, I always want to be near you, watching your moods.

Well, how have I changed? How?

Well, you've always been so confident and ..

You seem to doubt yourself.

Why should I doubt myself? Doubt what?

Well, you said mother wouldn't have loved you when you know she would have.

Has anything happened to make you unhappy?

Hallie, is anything wrong?

No, no.


I'd give my life for you.

I think you would.

Hallie, I love you. I love you so much.

Yes, I know you do.


Hallie darling, look at me.

There is something in your eyes, something way back.

Something that seems to be crying out. Oh it's ..

Hallie, don't ever be unhappy. Don't. Please.

I couldn't bear it.

Come on. Run along.

I want to be alone.

When you're in love.

You make such a fool of yourself, don't you.

And yet, you're not really making a fool of yourself, are you?

No. No, run along now.


Mr Stone.


I have business with Mr Carr of the Carr Thrashing Company.

This is my foreman. Father.

He'll tell you all that he's been telling me.

Put it right in there, Mr Hammond. It won't hurt a bit.

I've been trying to tell Mr Stone about our new models.

But you can't talk engines to him on Sundays.

You found that out, eh?

Well .. she's here.

In our home. Yes, I know.

What are you going to do, father?

I don't know.

You should have stayed with him.

I warned him. What more could I have done?

You should have stayed with him.

Poor little David.

Poor little fool. Mark.

Ask this salesman Carr about her.

She married David for money. Nevertheless ..

They are married. She bears the name of Stone.

You can buy her off.

How about David if he loves her? How about him?


He'll get over it. It's for his own good.

There must have been some reason for David loving her.

No reason.

A fine boy like that must have seen some good in that girl.

Good? Now, Mark.

Who of us is without sin?

We must be kind.

Whatever she has been, she is entitled to her chance.

If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.

It is your eye that is offended, Mark.

I haven't seen the girl. Wait until you do and you see her.

Her trade is written on her face. Now Mark, stop that.

Are you ready?

Isn't that sunset wonderful?

All this peace after the city.

I like cities.

The bigger and the noisier they are, the better I like them.

This place is so quiet it depresses me.

Oh, but you'll get used to it. You'll find yourself.

On no I won't. I don't like it.

You get old and crabby in places like this.

It gets you.

Look how it got that brother of yours. That .. Mark.

That one.

Well, it's just the sudden change.

I haven't changed. Why do you keep on saying I've changed?

I'm never going to change. Never!

Come on.

You'll never change to me.

And I'll never change.

Do you see what I mean?

We have all the patents on all this new equipment.

I showed Mr Stone in the city.

Hello there.

Well, well.

The bride herself. How are you, kid?

What you doing in these parts?

Mr Stone asked me up. Oh yeah?

Hallie, look I want you to meet Mr Hammond. This is our foreman.

This is Mrs Stone, Jack. How do you do?

Glad to meet you, Mrs Stone. Congratulations.


Thank you. Ha-ha.

Have you seen the view from here, Hallie?

Thank you Mr Carr for your patience. Put him up for the night.

Father. How are you?



Here we are, Mr Stone.

Here is the happy pair. Yes.

Weren't you surprised? Yes, I was.

Oh but Dad, I sent you a telegram right after.

Yes David, you did.

You don't look at all like the irate parent they have in story books.

When the hero runs off with the heroine.

No, father is not that sort at all.

I know you're not.

Mark. Come on.

Come on, you.

Come on and join the family party.

Oh Hamlet.

I am thy father's ghost.

Suppose you come and talk to me for a while?

Would you like that?

Sure .. I'd love it.

Then I'm coming too. Oh no.

No. You stay here and listen to some of this man's jokes. Ha-ha.

He's a very funny man.

Very funny.

Hmm .. nice.

You like books, don't you.

Yes, very much. David told me.

Oh what is this? Wheat and corn.

And that? Those are the beans.

I like corn.

You can eat this stuff, can't you? Yes.


Terrible. Tell me.

What part of the country are you from?


Iowa? Well, well.

Do you love David?

Well now, Mr Stone. Speaking of love ..

My son Mark says you do not.

Oh, that Mark.

He'd say anything.

Say, how does it get that way?

But you are not answering my question.

Do you really love David?

Well if I didn't, whys should I have married him?

Still, you are evading my question.

Evading what?

Could you go on living here now that you are David's wife ..

Living our lives?

Well now, Mr Stone. I don't know yet what kind of a life that would be.

And yet you married him?

You agreed to share his life.

What are you driving at, Mr Stone?

Just this.

We are men who believe in the one woman.

The one love.

David has been nurtured in that thought.

Ever since he was a child.

We are simple people. Oh, I get you. Sure.

Say, if this thing didn't work out, I could always be on my way.

I'd always planned another kind of a life anyway.

Why didn't you follow the life you'd planned?

Well .. because David came along and he loved me and ..

There you are. But you didn't love him.

You don't love him now.

That boy gave you his life.

This thing will crush him. No, sir. He'll get over it.

Get over what?

Well, if it doesn't work out.

I love that boy.

He is my flesh.

I've watched him grow.

From the time when I could hold all of him.

In my one hand.

Until now.

In his eyes.

I can see the reflection of the woman I loved.


One woman.

She's gone.

But even though it was God who took her.

The agony of her going ..

Is .. here.


You mustn't hurt.

That boy.

Well I don't want to hurt him. Then why did you come here?

Why did you marry him? Now don't you talk to me like that.

Mark talked to me that way, too.

Mark was right about you. Now you stop it.

I'm going. Yes, go!


Who do you all think you all are, anyway?


I'm going .. but remember.

I'm Mrs David Stone and I've got something coming to me.

How much?


How much do you want?

To go?

Yes .. and never see him again.


You give me.

Fifty thousand dollars and I'll never see him again. Never.

Never see him again? No, no.

Fifty thousand dollars.

And he'll find some nice girl, I'm sure.

It will be just right.


Don't go in that room.

What's he saying to her?

What should he be saying to a creature like that?




Take that back!

Take that back!

And your other cheek, you hypocrite!



Hammond .. come quick.

Mark. He hit me.


Get out.

Get out! I'm going.


David. Yes, Mr Stone.

Come on, lightning.

Where have you been? What have you got there?

Hallie Hobart. 417.

I know. Where is the rest of it?

Up in the room. She hasn't finished packing yet.

No? Well, she goes out tonight.

We must get this stuff down to the depot.


They're having a party up there.

Listen Charlie, before we go in there.

Well make it snappy, I got a thirst.

You are going to see a change in her. It isn't the same Hallie.

Women are always changing, Monk.

See if I got this right.

Brother Mark took a swing at the white-haired boy ..

And the kid had to have an operation.

Hallie grabbed herself a new bankroll and is back in the big city.

She's buying everything in sight. She has two suites knocked into one.

Tomorrow she shoves off for Paris.

Is that the story? Yes.

Lucky girl. I'd say it was a break in the right direction.

Listen Charlie, it isn't a break in the right direction.

She's brooding Charlie. Brooding all the time.

Monk, you're still stuck on her. Of course.

And I always will be.

Love agrees with you, kid. You look fine.

I've been on the wagon since Dad's funeral. - Yeah?

I'm in the firm now, Charlie. I'm all set to marry her.

You're in the firm? Yep.

Hallie isn't going to turn you down, kid. Not Hallie.

Here you are.



I can't get her alone. She's never alone.

She's got this gang round her all the time.

Who's she got?

Oh, fellows in the orchestra and girls that hang around the hotel.

Stuck on anybody?

There is a new tenor that sings downstairs with the orchestra.

Oh, a tenor.

She's stuck on anyone that will stay up with her. And drink.

Did you say "drink"? Yes.

I thought you did.

Let's go. Charlie, listen.

She's leaving tomorrow.

It means a final break with the family if I ..

Pull up stakes and follow her.

And I .. well ..

I couldn't go on here without her.

Well, what do you want me to do, Monk?

She likes you, Charlie. You are sort-of her buddy. You know.

She'll tell you everything. I know she will.

Now .. well .. simply ..

Try to find out what's the trouble, you see.

And it it's money she wants, well I've got all the money in the world now.

Well, I'll see what I can do. Fine.

Is that the tenor fellow?

Yes. He's giving a farewell party for her.

Hello, Charlie.

Charlie, bless your heart. The Queen. How are you?

You're just in time again. Time for what?

I'm leaving tomorrow. Yeah. I know.

You know everybody don't you? Sure.

Charlie .. let's go inside. I want to talk to you.

Oh, that maid.

I was better off when I didn't have her.

Well, you got your ambition.

Off to Paris with a bankroll.

Yeah, a bankroll. Tell Papa.

Don't let's talk about me, Charlie.

Have a drink. Drinking?

Sure, why not? Well, why not?

Hallie, Mr Stone is calling.

Who? Mr Stone.

Stone? Hmm.

Where, on the wire? No. He's downstairs.

I've gone away. I'm not here. Alright, kid. Don't worry. Alright.

This is dead.


Who's dead?

Who? What's the matter with you?

What did you just say just now?

The champagne is dead.


Say, what hit you?

Hit me?

Oh, Charlie.

Nothing has hit me but a chunk of money and a lot of fun.

That's all. Look.

Am I starting out right? Sure.

Look at that frilled lace. Yeah.

I'm going to get a lot of new clothes in Paris.

I sail on the 14th. Yeah, I know.

Come in.

Look at that. Isn't that pretty or not?

All embroidered with crystals and .. pearls.

What do you want? I want to speak to you.

There is nothing you can say to me.

There is.

Well if you'll pardon me I'll shove off.

No! Stay there.

Oh, I'm sorry. You stay too.

Well, what is it?

I want to speak to you.


These people are my friends.

If you've anything to say, say it now.


I've changed my mind.

That's that.

You're a tough baby. Sure I am.

What did he want?

I don't know.

Perhaps you should have listened to what he had to say?

I wonder.


I don't know.

I just got that kind of a funny feeling.

About young Stone?


That kid is kinda daffy anyway, isn't he?

Who? Young Stone.

What do you mean, daffy? Well, I mean ..

What do you mean, daffy?

Hallie, I won't argue. I don't want to fight with you.

Hallie, what's the matter with you?

Nothing is the matter with me.


Well, I didn't say he was daffy.

He was a sweet kid.

You bet he was a sweet kid.

And you love him and you know it, little fellow.


Will you stop it.

Now don't you start.

And you were the one.

Oh Charlie, stop it. Stop it before I go crazy.

[ Telephone ]


It's the baggage man about your trunk.

I don't want to talk to him. Hallie.

Oh, get out, will you. Get out!

"Obviously enough, the only one who seems to understand me .."

"Is the Austrian specialist .."

"Father brought from New York."

Well, that's three games, mister Mark. Your mind is not on it.


Must we really have that woman here again? Must we?

The boy must have nourishment and sleep.

Would she make such a difference?

As I explained it to your father.

He has what you would call an obsession. Hmm.

You see, ever since he became conscious of the operation he has ..

Wife has been on his mind to the exclusion of everything else.

And that is serious. Yes, yes.

It is what we call a "fixed idea".

Oh that woman, that woman!

No, no. Let's have another game.

Oh no.

If he'd never seen her. If he'd only never seen her.

You will have to watch your nerves my friend.

Or we will have you ill, too.

Oh I .. I'm sorry, doctor. I'm sorry.

You see, I ..

I didn't have any sleep at all last night.

David. He never closed his eyes, poor boy.

I heard you talking to him round about daylight.

He never stopped talking.

He said he felt he was going to die at any moment.

He said he was going to tell him mother all about it.

He said he could ..

He could hear his mother in heaven.

Calling him.

That's natural.

I had cases like this continually during the war.

Yes? Shell shock.

You will see a great change in the boy when she comes back.

I had a case in ..

Oh, what's he doing now?

Writing another letter.

He has done ten pages.


He thinks he can drink some tea. Oh, good.

Break an egg in it. In the tea?

Yes. And beat it up well.

If you say so, doctor.

That's another letter.

I promised to mail the last one this morning.

Thirty pages of it.

You can't read a word of what he writes, he writes so fast.

Yes, his mind runs ahead a little.

Did you hear the whistle? That's the train getting near.


They'll be on that train.

They'll be on that train.

Well, we just have time.

Mister Mark. Hmm?

Whatever your feelings may be, forget them.

Be nice to her.

Especially in front of the boy. A lot depends on it.

Oh, doctor.

Do you ..

Do you think he'll get over this?

Well, if you will ..

All pull together it will be alright. A little patience. A little tolerance.

It will be alright.

Never cross your bridges.

Until you get to them.

Well David, what a letter.


You see, I can't seem to make it clear to Hallie that ..

I'd like to go to Paris with her.

You see, she thinks I'm a rube. She said so once.

And I can't seem to get it down in writing that I've changed. You see ..

My point of view has changed.

Absolutely, you've changed of course, David.

But you don't have to write it now.

You can tell her when she arrives.

Who? Your wife. Hallie.

Arrives where? Arrives here.

You see, your father and Mark have changed their opinion of her entirely.

Your father went to get her.

Oh no. No, she doesn't like it here.

Anyway, whatever they say, Mark and father, they hate her.

Oh no, no. Get that out of your mind.

They don't hate her.


You are not joking?

She's .. she's really coming here?

Yes David, she will be here in a few minutes.

They are on their way from the station now.

I don't see the car.

Oh yes. I saw it coming a minute ago.


Come on, David.

Come on, change your clothes.

Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me before?

Come on, come on. Don't let her see you like this.

Come on, change your clothes, David.

I couldn't let her see me looking like this.

Of course not. Come on.

Here is your tea.

Well, here is your tea.

He wants to look good for his lady.

Get his coat.

Come on now, drink. Drink.

It will do you good.

Doctor, could I take this bandage off?

No, no. But she will understand that.

But .. I could put a cap over it, couldn't I?

Of course. A cap? That would be splendid.

Yes. Will you get one.

She'll think it funny I don't take the cap off.

Oh no.

But then I could tell her right away and tell her afterwards ..

I won't have to keep this bandage on?

No, you will be a good fellow and you will drink this tea.

Oh sure, I will.

That's the way I like to see you, David.

A good boy.

She mustn't get the feeling that I've been ill, you know.

Because she hates illness and death.

She said that's what she hated.

You won't tell her that I've been ill? No, of course not. Get dressed now.

And you'll tell Mark and father not to say that I've been ill, won't you?

Of course. Thanks.

Come now, David. Get your clothes on.

I'm going to ask her now. I'm going to ask her right in front of them.

I'll show them that they're all liars, they're all liars.

Now don't upset yourself.

You don't want your wife to come and see you looking like a scarecrow, do you?

Where is she? What happened?

She is not coming.

Not coming? No.

Oh, hello, Mr Stone.

Well, you've never seen such a change.

He's as happy as a kid. Change?

Oh, he is splendid.

Well, where is that young lady? I want to talk to her first.

She's not coming.

She's not coming? No.

Oh .. what is this?

I've just told him she was.

Why didn't you telephone me?

I didn't think it was necessary.

Mister Stone.

You have no right to endanger the life of your son.

I don't think this will kill him.

But if he did die.

It would be better that he did.

Rather than contaminate him ..

With that.

Well, I ..

What happened? Didn't you see her?

Yes, I saw her.

Well I don't care.

This is my case and I'm going .. This is my son.

This is my family.

I have the right to change my mind.

Alright, David.

He's all dressed up like Sunday.

I'll talk to him myself. Oh, no, no.

You've talked too much already.

Well, well.

Mr Stone, that's just too bad.

Where is she?

She's hiding.

She's not coming, David.


David, I .. You see, David.

Your father couldn't find her.

She's gone away. She went abroad.

To Paris? That's right. Paris.

We are going to send for her to Paris.

It won't take long.

She said she wanted to go to Paris.

She'll be happy there. Of course David, she will.

I'll write to her. That's right, come on.


Oh, thank you for going, father.

Oh my boy, my boy.

Come on, David.

Well .. I've been sending my letters to the hotel and ..

They will forward them to her? Of course, David.

You sent that one this morning, didn't you Mark?

Why .. yes, David.

I'll write to her.

A nice, long letter, David.


There is nothing to discuss.

Yes there is.

Thank you, doctor.

You see.

I wasn't quite myself when Mr Stone called on me and ..

I thought afterwards.

After he'd gone that ..

It might have been something about him.


And I ..

I thought, well it might be serious.

It is.

Very serious.

Is there anything that I can do? Oh there is a lot you could do.

There is nothing she can do.

Then we differ sir, on that point.

This is my son. Oh, please.

Please, please now.

I don't want to be any more trouble.

I .. I just only want to do the thing that ..

What's right.

You see what I mean, doctor? Perfectly, Mrs Stone.

You say that you want to do the right thing.

The only right thing that you can do is leave this house right now. At once.

Yes, I know. I'm out of place here.

I haven't felt right here ever since I came.

I wouldn't have come here today.

If I hadn't the feeling that ..


Of course. You felt that David needed you.


I had a feeling that .. You ..?

What could you feel?



But Mr Stone did send for me.

He must have thought I could help somehow.

I've changed my mind. There is nothing you can do here now.

But I tell you I wasn't myself.

I haven't been.

I .. I'll tell you the truth.

I won't kid you or myself.

Any longer .. I ..

It isn't you ..

Is it?

Oh .. you poor kid.

Yes, David.

It's me.


Now that you're here.

You can tell me something.

You can tell me.

Now .. you can all hear.

They can all hear it.

Hallie, you can ..


No, they're all going to hear.

What liars they are.

What liars they are. What is it, David?

Hallie .. they told me.

That when you went away.

That .. that they paid you money.

To go away.

That you took money.

To leave me.

It's silly, isn't it?

It isn't true, is it? You didn't.

Yes, David.

I did.

But ..


You took money.

To go away and leave me?

Oh David I did, but ..

But I .. Oh no ..

I don't believe it. I don't believe it.

It isn't true. I don't believe it. Yes.

No, it isn't true!

Oh, David.

Go away.

What are you doing?


Oh David.

No, no.

Stay down there, all of you.

I've got to tell him something. I've got to tell him.

I've brought the money back. All of it.

All of it. Please let me go. No, no.

Look. I sold everything. Everything.

To get that money.

Won't you let me tell it to him before ..

Oh no, you couldn't.

He won't let me tell him.

Come quickly. David!



Oh David, David. Don't die.

Quiet please.

He is very ill. Let me get there.

I love him, I love him.

I can't stand it. I can't stand it.

Be quiet now.

Oh, I did it.

I did all of it.

Oh don't take him away. Don't.

He's a good kid.

A good kid.

What happened? What ..?

David .. David ..

Get out of here! All of you, please.

No please, all you. Go downstairs.



Come on, boy. What's the matter?

I will help you. I will help you later.

Steady, Mark. Steady.

Leave him to the doctor. We can't help.

Have faith, Mark.

Stay here.

Well, boss.

I got something for you.

Here he is.

A brand-new tooth.

Well, how do you do, Mrs Stone?

A brand-new tooth.


Eleven months old and there's nineteen pounds of her.

Oh, we grow good ones in this neck of the woods.

Glad to see you back again, Mrs Stone.

Father, father.

I want you to meet my .. Anna.

Eighteen years with this one.

This is Mrs Stone.

She went away before you had a chance to get acquainted.

How do you do, Mrs Stone. I am so pleased to meet you.

Come on, father.

She wears the pants in this family.

Alright, mother.


He is asleep at last. Oh no.

Asleep. Actually asleep. His pulse is normal.

He fainted at the shock of seeing you.

He will be alright.

But I want to be absolutely sure ..

That you are going to stay here, Mrs Stone.

A lot depends on you.

I'll stay if .. If what?

Oh I know. I know all you could say.

And all you have a right to say.

I couldn't even answer you back.

I am licked.

I don't know.

I don't want anything except ..

I love him.

I fought against it.

I don't know why, but ..

There it is.

I'll do anything.

Anything you say.


Mr Stone.

There is a chance.

Isn't there?

For someone.

No matter what they've done.

If they say that ..

If they're .. sorry.


A young heart.

Is open for your Iove.

Bless her.

Bless them both.

Never to part.


Doctor. He's awake.

He's awakened now.