The Devil's Rock (2011) Script

We're on the wrong fucking beach.

Tide turning. Yeah.

We were moving faster through the channel.

They plonked us around the fucking corner.

No chance getting back around the coast fighting that rip.

I was hoping for a cup of tea and a cake.

Better get off this beach.


Bound to be.


Got a date tomorrow.

Let me guess.

You met her down at the pub.

Nurse... huge tits.

Like a pair of ripe melons ready for the plucking.

She's got this friend.

I was...

You've got to move on sometime, Ben.

Look, just come along.

Have a bit of fun.

Her friend's a real doll.

She's tall... blonde... legs all the way up to her armpits.

Ben... We haven't got time for this.

I'm walking it.

Oh, shit.

I was just admiring the view.

My little nurse is not gonna be too happy if I leave my crown jewels blown all over this beach.

You better back off, Ben.

I trust you.

If you marry her and have kids... you better bloody well name one after me.

Slow and steady this time.

Better get on with it.

Don't want to keep your "nursey" waiting, now do we?

Right address this time?

Path up there. Oh.

What the fuck was that?

I don't know... and I don't care.

Let's just get the job done and get the fuck off this island.

Ugly-looking place.

This is bullshit.

Where is everyone?

They're fucking torturing some poor bastard in there.

This isn't a rescue mission.

What if it's one of ours?

You know what those bastards did to Blondie's men in Bordeaux.

It's not our mission!


There's bad shit going on here.

Bad shit.


Fuckin' Nazi bastards.


It's not our war.

This is our fight... the gun.

That's our mission.

Fuck the mission.

Jesus Christ.

We leave now.

We get out alive.

We get back home.

Back home to what?

Look, we've done what we came here to do.

We'll get fucking metals for this.

The girls will be falling all over us!

Give me ten minutes, Joe.



Fuck it.

Fuck you.






Good teeth.


Some people I know in Germany actually collect teeth.

Perhaps I should cut that useless tongue out.

But what use are you, if you can't talk to me, yes?

You can thank your own people for this little trick.

Was it not your own gangster commandos who raided these very islands killing innocent German prisoners with their hands tied behind their backs?!

Cathartic, is it not?

The release of pain surging through your body.

What was your mission?

Not enough to destroy the installation, but adequate to put it out of action for a while.


To protect your armies as they cross the English Channel and retake these islands?

You're a little late.

Aren't you?

The population here is so hungry... they're reduced to eating rats.

What is this English Channel anyway?

Does anybody outside of England call it that?

Do the people of these...

Channel Islands even think themselves English?

So you planned to put the gun out of action.

And presumably, others of these neighboring islands, which, as the Fuhrer predicted, are to become the staging post for your invasion of... France.

Your silence is admirable.

Fuck you, Fritz!

It is hungry.

So, should we begin again in a more civilized way?

Or do you wish to end up like you're unfortunate friend over there?




Who is that woman up there?

If only you knew the truth of that.

Oh, I can see the truth... splattered all around this room.

What is she... a plaything for you and your men?

You take a special little fancy to her, yeah?

Want her all for yourself?

Even your own army will hang you for this.


You think a single man is responsible for this?

She did this to them!

You're insane.

You may not believe this, but you and I are in the same boat.

Call me picky... but I'm the one who's tied up and threatened with summary execution here... Fritz.

Meyer... Klaus Meyer.

Perhaps I should rephrase.

We are in the same shit.

I admire your marvelous accent.

South Africa?

Ah, Australia?


The guttural... nuance.

New Zealand.

You are indeed... a long way from home.

Same could be said about you.

New Zealanders.

A bunch of farmers pretending to be soldiers, driving around the deserts of North Africa, attacking by night, then fleeing to hide like cowards.

So, where in England will the invasion come from?



Which of these islands do you plan to take first?

Guernsey perhaps?


Then to France?

Which beaches?

Oh, perhaps it is not so bad if we lose these islands to men like you.

Never yours to lose.

And yet here you are, thousands of miles from home.

And what... exactly is your home, Captain Grogan?

A... island that does not belong to you either, populated by the descendents of cannibals and headhunters.

Who exactly do you fight for, Captain Grogan?

For king and country?

Or for Britain or New Zealand?

We are more similar than you care to admit.

You are a New Zealander.

But of British descent, are you not?

Was not Britain itself a nation of the Vikings and Saxons, superior Germanic people.

We should be fighting on the same side, not against each other.

But enough of politics.

Very pretty.

Strong features.



Awaiting the return of her hero husband?

A pity... if I were to...

Tell me exactly when the Allies plan to take back these islands.

Go fuck yourself.

Well, that is a soldier's lot on lonely outposts such as these.


Soon she will be gone.

Who is she?

I have my duty.


She's Helena.

My wife.

She was my wife.

April 1941, in London.

There was an air raid.

A shelter was hit, hundreds were buried, I went to help.

We found only mangled corpses, women and children.

I made it home in the early hours of the morning.

Our house... our house had been hit.

And, ah...

I dug again, this time alone.

I found her.

What was left of her.

I never got to say goodbye.

The war has taken its toll on all of us.

You say that as if you're not responsible?

I am just a soldier, like you.


No, not like me.

I told you.

We're both in the same shit.

We could've helped each other.

What could I possibly help you with, Meyer?

Torturing female prisoners?

Murdering your own men?

What kind of lunatic special action unit did they pull you out of?

Jews and Gypsies not enough for you?

I've already told you...

none of those men died by my hand.

That prisoner, she is not what you think she is.

Sorry, Joe.

Woman: Please, help me.


Please, help me.

It's safe.

You're safe now.

I can take you from here.

There's a submarine off the coast.

We can get to it.

Jesus! Jesus Christ!




Helena... no, you're dead.


There isn't time to explain.

The German, he'll be back.

Don't leave me here with him.

Don't let him touch me.

How... how can this be?


You've got to get me free!

You've got to unlock this chain!

You were so... you were so torn.

You... you were broken, you, ah...

I held you in my arms.

Ben... pull yourself together.

This is real... I promise.

There is a key downstairs.

You must find it.

Don't think about releasing her, there's a good chap.

What in God's name is going on here?!

Nothing in God's name, I can assure you of that.

Now, please... step away from her.

Ben, help... Silence, you hag!

That creature is not who you think she is.

How is she here?

That Luger had... only three rounds left.

By my count, you are out of bullets.

You don't believe me?

Shoot me.

Drop the Schmeisser.

Kick it here.

An officer and a gentleman to the last.

How boring.

I need you alive.



What the fuck did you just do, you Nazi bastard?

I saved your life.

She'd have killed you if you'd set her free.

Listen to me.

I have information.

A weapon... more dangerous than anything you can imagine.

You lying bastard!

Kill me and you'll never know.


That creature.

She's part of it.


I can prove it. No.

Your turn to die.

Please, I beg you.

You lie to me, and I'll cut your fuckin' balls off and gut you like a pig.

You understand?

What the fuck is going on here?

How can Helena be here?

You tell me.

She is not your dead wife.

Please tell me you believe that?

I am Colonel Meyer... of the SS Germanorden.

How many soldiers have the blood tattoo?

How many soldiers... carry papers of that nature?

You must understand... the Fuhrer has long been obsessed with the occult.

He set up the SS Germanorden, a specialist unit dedicated to scouring the world for... mystical materials.

I was sent here on...

a highly secret mission.

The outcome which... could affect the entire war.

These... islands you're so keen to save... you know they have something of a reputation?

For what?


What on earth do you think you were dealing with here?

You may see her as your dead Helena, but I see my loving Gretta... who is still very much alive in Hamburg.

That soldier... that was...

Lieutenant Otto Schillmann.

A good soldier.

Until his girlfriend tried to use his intestines as a necklace.

Enough of this fairy-tale bullshit!

That is how they died.

Each one.

Ripped apart and devoured by someone they thought was the love of his life.

You really are insane.

The platoon stationed here were starving.

They hadn't been supplied for weeks... reduced to foraging for food.

They found... an abandoned cottage.

A ruin.

There they found something.

A book.

Have you heard of the "Grimoires"?

The what?

In the Middle Ages... witches were more feared here in these islands... than in any other part of the British Isles.

They drew their power from a series of ancient texts.


Bad books... whose purpose was the invocation of demonic forces.

Allow me to prove it.

I will show you the true nature of this horror.

I need your knife.

Come, demon bitch.

You can cease pretending.

I know you need your meat!


Jesus Christ, Meyer, what have you done?


Do not implore his help, Demon.

I have shown him what you are.

My love... I'm your Helena.

Surely you can see?

Isn't this what you really seek?

I am no animal to be chained.

Release me... and the forces I serve will grant you powers beyond your wildest dreams.

So said Lucifer in the desert to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Surely that holy name turns to poison in your mouth, Nazi.

You cannot divide us, Demon.

I will send you back to the darkness.

Treat this as your last meal.

I present your loving wife.

I will show you everything, Grogan.

How I summoned... this... monster.

And how we will dispel it.


Don't leave me.

Be warned... Captain Grogan.

If I die... you lack the knowledge to send that creature back to Hell.

You be warned... there's no morphine.

This is gonna hurt... a lot.

My God!

Keep bloody still!


Don't die on me now, not after the trouble I went to.


Ben, are you down there, darling?

I know you're listening.

I can replace her, Ben.

I can be Helena.

Release me from this chain.

Release me, and I will take my place beside you.

Do demons sleep, Colonel?

Who knows?

When incarnate on Earth... when clothed in living flesh.

Yeah, spare me.

She is Femme-Varou.



That is her real identity.

May I?

In mythology... the Femme-Varou are shape-shifters.

She is a carnivore... a desecrater of human flesh.

But she comes with a beautiful and familiar face, to confuse and deceive her victims.

You... summoned one.

I had orders to test the book.

On fellow German soldiers?

All war involves sacrifice.

An island like this is perfect.

This particular demon cannot cross flowing waters.

Even if she'd killed us all, she would be trapped here.

But she didn't kill you all.

One does not summon demons... without the means to defend oneself against them.

Whoever carries the words... contained within that pouch, will be safe from her.

Against them she is forbidden to cause mortal harm and has no more strength than a normal woman.

Let me guess... there's only one of these.

I'll admit I was not prepared for the viciousness of her attack... nor the extent of her appetite.

But she killed so many.

It's unfortunate.

But what a... what a weapon she is... spawned in Hell itself.

Imagine if she were unleashed in London... deceiving and slaughtering her way to Churchill himself.

She would...

She would make Jack the Ripper look like a kindergarten tale.

She cannot be killed by mortal means.

She can only be bound in iron.

But that... will not hold her for long.

She can be dismissed back to the netherworld, but only by the knowledge contained in there.

And trust me... she is just a lesser demon.

There are far worse than her in that book.

Help me... and the book is yours.


Why would you do that?

I love my country, but I'm not blind to the atrocities she's committed, nor am I comfortable with... what will happen if she wins.

Perhaps it is... better if the righteous prevail.

And what's the price of betraying your country?

A deal.

Immunity from prosecution for myself, my wife smuggled out of Germany, new lives and a new identity for both of us.

In return...

I will educate your leaders in the dark secrets of this book.

Why don't I just take this book and kill you?

A brave soldier returning to rave of demons and witchcraft?

How many occult experts do you have in your army, Captain Grogan?

How long was I unconscious?

An hour, maybe longer.

The garrison on Guernsey are sending a boat to collect me at dawn.

We must escape before they arrive.

What about her?

She is trapped on this island.

But she is a denizen of Hell.

Who knows the strength of her powers?

For our own safety, we must dispel the demon now.


The ritual.

It requires two of us.

The pouch, I need it.

Captain Grogan, do you have any idea with what you're dealing with here?

There are rules.

Without those words kept close to my skin I cannot complete the ritual.

You must trust me.

Get the candles.


Look at me.

Do not look at it.

You have been swayed against your will.

You must cut me... then yourself.

A blood sacrifice is required.

Now yours.

Do you willingly give all that I ask of you in this cause?


We must be very clear on this.

Yes. You have not been coerced?

No, I willingly give.

Then spill your blood.


Downstairs! Quickly!

For God's sake, there's no lock!

We must get downstairs! And that'll hold her?

Just long enough.


Make space!

We must draw a double-edged circle to protect us both.

Hurry! Now!


Do not stand on or over the circle.

Exit and enter only through that gap.

Once everything is prepared, we will seal the circle from inside.

More candles.







White candles around the circle.

Give me the knife!

Damn it, man!

Our lives depend on it!

The Flesh of Mankind harnessed.

Stay inside the circle.

If you value your life, do not leave it.

We are ready.

Let the demon bitch assail us.


Shacked up with the enemy, Ben?

No, no, Joe... It's not real, Grogan.

Stay in the circle!

After all those missions.

After all the boys we lost.

It's not real.


Why don't you start?

The demon must be present.

Why would she come down here if this will harm her?

She will come down here because she is hungry... and we are the freshest meat... the tastiest dish on the table.

What the hell is going on? Quiet!

What were you expecting my love?

The devil?

Don't listen to it.

Efficient and organized.

Haven't you wondered why I'm attempting to entice you... rather than him?

He knows what you are.

Does he?

And I know you too.

No you do not!

See, Grogan!

This demon cannot abide defiance.

This is the truth of it.

The abomination that seeks to seduce you.

I wonder, Captain Grogan... do you really consider you've backed the right horse here?

These goblins in black uniform plan to enslave your world.

Do you wish to hand them the means on a plate?

Do not listen to it.

Their leader has long been searching for so-called wonder weapons... magical items with which he will kill your people... in multitudes.

He already holds the Holy Lance.

He had within his grasp the Ark of the Covenant.

He tried to awaken The Great Old Ones.

And now he has within his reach, the power to summon Lucifer himself.

Do not listen, Grogan.

It will try to divide us.

I've laid bare my true self, Captain Grogan.

Has he?

I compel thee by the three most dreadful and mighty names of the inferno...

Abaddon, Ob and Astaroth.

How long is this going to take?

I must incant the dismissal for as long as necessary, to weaken it.

It doesn't seem to be getting any weaker to me.

But I am, Ben.

I am.

I curse thee into the depths of the Bottomless Pit.

I'll be gone from this world if you allow him to proceed.

There to remain in unquenchable fire and brimstone until the Day of Wrath.

Do you wish to lose me forever?

Until thou be obedient and fulfill my will and commandment once more.

There were happy occasions, weren't there, my love?

In the short time that we had.

I command thee, Demon, who art wicked and disobedient!

When you held me, kissed me... made love to me.


Her name is not Helena!

She is a she-devil!

A Femme-Varou!

I've followed all your battles.

I curse thee into the depths of the Bottomless Pit!

North Africa...

Greece... Italy...

There to remain in unquenchable fire and brimstone until the Day of Wrath!

Always in the frontline.

Driven beyond reason by a desire to be with me again.

You don't have to do that now, my love.

I'm here for you.

Come to me.

Grogan, in God's name, do not break the circle!

Have you missed me, my love?

Until thou be obedient and fulfill my will and commandment once more!

I can be this way for you always.

I command thee, Demon, who art wicked and disobedient!

Don't be a fool, Grogan!

Don't let her deceive you!

She's a devil, a desecrater!

Listen to him, spewing his bile.

I command thee in the names of Peor and Nyarlathotep!

I compel thee by the three most dreadful and mighty names of the inferno...




Do you know why I'm not desecrating your flesh, my sweet?

Hear ye, fallen ones... dead names... lord of the nether-realm!

Receive back into thine clutches this prodigal beast, who is condemned to return to thee.

Why I'm not devouring your soul?




Chancellors of all the darkness!

The flesh of a good man is rank to me.

Be bound and obey my command!

The flesh of an evil man...

Give me the Nazi and you are spared.

No, no.

No, I need him.

Be bound and obey my command!

You poor fool.

Be bound and obey...

Look. My command!

You son of a bitch! Fuck you, Hell whore!

Did you honestly believe... a loyal servant of Germany would hand you over the book and betray his country?

As a willing sacrifice... you are now the agent of our success.

And when I'm recognized as the architect of this triumph, I will rise and sit beside Hitler himself.

All I need now is the power contained within, the power of a brave and beating heart.

And that is the role you play, Grogan.

How fortunate you came here to embrace your destiny.

You'll create Hell on Earth.

We already have.

Time you saw the real one.

Give him to me!

No, please!

Give him to me!

Embrace your own fucking destiny!


You can't harm me!

The deceiver deceived.

At last we are together, my sweet.

Did I not warn you of the price when you first imprisoned me?

You, who have butchered so many, you're still novices in the game of death.

I compel thee, Demon, be bound and obey my command!

Are you trying to dismiss me?

I thought you liked me.

Stay back.

Oh, look.

Some thoughtful person has built a little bridge for me.

I compel thee, Demon, be bound and obey my command!

I command thee, Demon... Mmm.

Ben, your hand is hurt.

Let me look at it.

Let me...

Ben... darling...

You still fear me?



I believe your yearning for Helena is stronger.


What's wrong, my love?

You think I don't know my own Helena?


Her taste?

Her smell? Ben...

You can never replace her.


You cannot do this to me!

You wish to make an enemy of me for eternity?

Unchain me now!

You bastard son of Adam.

You're no better than the ones you despise... the ones you fight against.

You should be thanking me.

Every one of those German sailors coming has a wife or a lover.

And all the others after them.

Plenty of fresh meat for you.

And when there are no more lambs to the slaughter?

We'll return, send you back to where you belong.

How the righteous have fallen.

Ah, the enemy must be stopped... this war must be won.


They're coming.