The Devil's Violinist (2013) Script

* Violin *

What is it? I've written, Dad.

Can not you even do, what I say?

* Frenetic jubilation *

The people entertain themselves stimulated. *

* People entertain further. '

* People entertain further. '

Threatening music

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen.

I play now for you the animal sounds Caprice.

Lah! lah!


Lah! You are a genius!

Again the donkey! lah, lah, lah.

Signor Paganini?

Signor Paganini!

Signor Paganini, it's late If your still one more night?

The bill must be paid.

Signor Paganini.

Here please. And now I must sleep.

You had champagne and food. Pays or I'll call the city Vogt.

' Palpitations * Who's there?

I am. Who?

We met yesterday. Come on! beginning.

I have to pay, Signore Come inside.

Three times need you to tell Come on in!

Your champagne was warm and watered down.

Your dishes were bland and your behavior intolerable.

Who pays for the damage? That should be enough, Signore.

Now, please disappear.

The Maestro may not be disturbed.

And you, Signorina Antonia, stay. Do not go.

Darling, I'll come back later.

I do not want to disturb. This man goes right back.

See you later. Ciao.

You come back. With the invoice So a it is not.

You will require for the child money.

Where do you want to know? So it has always been.

Signore? Urbani.

Can you come back later? Or tomorrow?

You can expect a great future.

Let us begin. What are you talking about?

Yesterday we persuaded all that. Your not Know?

You will, that you is a kingdom feet.

From Paris to Vienna. From Rome to London.

One should recognize, that you are the greatest violinist.

I can play where I want.

And when I want. Someone always pays.

You are happy to be the lackey in the house of the prince?

The monkeys to play, while you chat and feeds.

You had to humiliate you more people listening to you.

I know my music is triumph.

How should they triumph, if no one is listening to you?

In 100 years, maybe someone is a music sheet of you find and recognize the true nature of your genius.

Ha? That should satisfy you?

You are an innovator.

The violin is in your hands to the orchestra.

You discovered harmonies from which no one suspected existed.

It's almost like you have your create a new instrument.

This is your genius. And also your problem.

If the audience has never heard your music, How will it know whether the music he likes it or rather not.

And in order not to stand as fools, they prefer to talk.

Told you must be that the music in front of you is revolutionary, unique and sublime.

You must be excited.

And maybe even a bit confused, before they have even heard a note Talent and skill, of which you have in abundance.

What you lack, is a story.

With me by your side Your worries forever thing of the past.

I'll take care of everything. I will be your servant.

Your slave.

And you simply do just that, what you love.

Play your music.

And finally will become known.

Why you do me this favor?

Say what you want. Significantly.

I vow to be you to services. Here and now.

The smallest hint makes me to your tool.

And if we meet again in the afterlife, You are to me committed to the same service.

In the afterlife?

What are you talking about? What do I care about the afterlife?

There is only the here and now.

Let us conquer the world Yes.

After that, come what would So you please me.

I will not hear of it. You prescribe me.

And you will soon be celebrated in the best Theatre of Milan.

No other obligations? None.


Consider it carefully. Because I will not forget.

I warn you also.

My ambition is immeasurable. Yes.

So it should be, Maestro.

Is as it should be.

There would be only one thing:

I need you to ask for anything a signature.

He hits the center of the heart.

His instrument is no more violin, it is a living entity, the fear and sadness sobs and shudders Well, well. Above all, he is a master conman.

Let me see. He ​​must return to the hairdresser.

He learned to play in prison. What?

His violin was the only he possessed in solitary confinement.

Its strings pulled one after another.

He can play a concerto only on the G string.

Elizabeth, dear, that's impossible.

Why was the thug locked up?

They say he has his mistress killed out of jealousy.

Ah, you mean to tell me this Italian rascal is my rival for your heart?

Do not forget: You are my lover, Elizabeth.

I would immediately leave you for him.

Do you like to do? Is your company?

Come. No, no, no. So do not.

Mr. Rogers. Hello, Mr. Watson.

Is it good? Excellent. And you?

All the best. Glad.

How's Mom? Fabulous.

Even in Camberwell? The same apartment.

I have an appointment here. With who?

Personally with Lord Burghersh. His lordship dined at the club.

* It occurs in something. *

Forgive me. Are you a club member?

I'm here to talk to Lordsburg Hersh.

And whom should I report?

My card.

Edwards. This is ridiculous.

Everyone in London knows me as an important impresario.

Unfortunately Those are the rules, sir.

My lord.

I represent the greatest violinists in the world No, thank you.

From whom am I speaking? Every fool is known, that the greatest violinist Paganini is You are not a fool. Lordsburg Hersh expect.

Lordsburg Hersh, I should introduce myself?

I'm John Watson. Very pleased.

But I'm busy.

Forgive! my intrusion and the brazenness with the I come before you.

But I have to make a urgent proposal, Which liberate not only the Opera House of the difficulties London but will meet with shine.

After an introduction such I would be really a goal, I did not listen to you. Thank you, my lord.

I suggest to bring Niccolo Paganini to London.

To an exclusive concert series at the Opera House to give.

His fame and his virtuosity surpass anything what we know here.

So that we at least 10 times had a sell out.

The press is obsessed by the Italian maestro.

Paganini? His concert in Paris last week

19,069 played France a, a concert.

I do not doubt, Mr. Watson.

But I doubt your ability to Paganini to get here.

Dear Maestro Paganini.

In deepest devotion in front of your genius

as the most outstanding musicians of our time I want you herewith an invitation the Royal Opera in Covent Garden in London express.

We want to offer you, with a series of concerts give your debut in our country.

In the kingdom of His Majesty of Great Britain.

And Ireland.

To make this project I have the letter settled a change.

For submission to a certain Rothschild Bank.

So that your has enough funds which you serve as an advance to cover and your Entourage and the cost of the ship's passage for you. "

Signor Urbani.

Were you here all night? However.

And yet you see so fresh and enchanting.

Has us the Maestro again ruined?

The luck has deserted him. At least the cards luck.

As long as he is successful with the ladies.

Here you go.

Will you watch?


Who's there? Your servant. At your disposal.

You have you probably moved on spying.

My only ambition is to you a little pleasure to give.

As life flies by.

This should help. What is it?

Bravo. Where did you steal the again?

An advance for your London debut.

Item? We will leave tomorrow.

The I have never agreed. What are you talking about?

I want the musical ruler Europe be, "you said London is the new capital of the world We must conquer Here you lie at your feet But that lasts not forever The fall of a new attraction So riding on the wave of success, as long as it carries us I do not drive Well, you have no more money We have to drive I have earned millions And spent more We have no money you lose everything at the gaming table Your bestehlt I I steal anything from you

...I suppose you nothing, as long as you live Come Let's not talk about unpleasant things Do not worry Why are you doing this to me always.?

Your put me under pressure. You never asked, never say what from.

This is not your life. This is my life!

Do you know what? I take this money here.

Yes? And verzehnfache it.

As you wish.

You'll see. Let your violin here.

No, never.


Are just capricious by nature.

Give me more money.

You ask the impossible. We have no more money.

There must be something left.

You lose all of our money. What do I need you for then?

What you give me for it? Signor Paganini.

This beautiful, wonderful instrument has a special value.

I do would rate even higher, If your looking to services'd be and plays it.

I serve anyone. Except for one.

Take them. Proves us the honor We play!


(Sympathetically) Oh!

Why you can not help me to win?

Since enter! there is only one method: to operate a casino.

' Singing *

(singing) After him only, I look the window.

According to him do I go out of the house.

Its high gear its ' noble figure.

Smile of his mouth, his eyes violence.

And his speech magic river.

And oh!

His kiss.

That was fabulous. You're making progress.

(Sings) My peace is gone.

My heart is heavy.

Thus, one should sing.

Do you hear the difference? No.

Please, do not argue. I'm just trying to help.

Talent is not everything. It must be shaped.

Be diligent. Listen to your stepmother.

Look at this! A response from Paganini.

No! Paganini comes?

He comes. He wants to come.

I'll buy you diamonds Dearest, great news.

Dad, he wants more money Well... yes.

What you sent, you already could not afford.

Can I see? Imagine this:

He wants an entire floor of the hotel.

I know it sounds exorbitant But he has good reasons.

Music publishers would beside him room to rent.

And spies would overhear him publish and his music.

You have not considered.

Yes, they will stop at nothing the music industry.


The boy plays unsafe and not the clock. *

Daddy, do you like how I play?

Even very.

I am always proud of you You're my pride and joy.

So you stay here with me, Papa and not going away?

I never forsake you.

I promise. Never.

Very beautiful. That was good. You give me a sign?

The I let the Queen. Course!

I am from the media. And we get free beer.

Hey! Yeah, hey. What?

This is what we will see. No toads, no beer.

Who has summoned me. Then he should also pay.

When Mr. John Watson is not.

We have not had the pleasure. Ethal Langharn.

A pleasure. You sure know my columns.

In the "Daily Courant", in the "Times".

No, I do not know. But you in charge here?

I have the honor of being the organizer of the debut of the maestro to be.

Then ensures that you ausschenkt us, of the press, free beer.

We're thirsty. Of course, of course.

Can you give me out? No.

Thank you accompanied us.

Ship's horn *

* The band plays. *

John Watson? Yes, I am, sir.

For you. From Signor Paganini.

From Paga... Thank you, sir. Extraordinary thanks.

He said, at which point it no longer prevents

This court order entitled me to seize property.

If you're looking to avoid the, I'll arrest you.

This, this here.

Gentlemen, get going.

Sir. Good day.

Good day.

Forward, gentlemen.

That too. This is my craft stuff.

The I need you to let You're a pianist?

Prove it. We can take it with or not?

* He ​​plays a sad melody. *

The dressing table. I Hab.

You hurry, gentlemen.

Permissive, quickly

Maybe I should rather see according to my wife.

As you wish, sir.

Just go. You have my blessing We are not married.

I know that. Because you do not have a wife.

The left me 5 years ago. We wanted to prosperity.

Prestige and success. And that life begins soon.

Yes, but how? Paganini will come. Just wait.

"Mr. Watson, as you can imagine I am faced mild troubles in dealing with a genius It does not submit to the rules like a mere mortal And but it is in the matter preceding "

Have you sent him more money? There was no other way.

But remember, what we deserve.

Everyone in London wants to see him. Where did you get the money?

Your credit is exhausted Everything is pledged.

We're soon on the road. And you in prison.

Elisabeth, love. No.

You have taken the jewelry. Only encumbered.

This was my mother's heritage. You Shuf i I beg you. You Mietkerl! You son of a bitch!

Sir, the two men are there.

Yes, of course.

We need a coach with windows.

The Maestro tolerates neither dust nor air contaminants... "

Papa Papa Papa

Where are you taking me To London

Bring me back Take your medicine Please

Signor Paganini..?

I'm Niccolo Paganini Signor Paganini John Watson I am your greatest admirer Thank you for coming Welcome It is my pleasure, sir...!..!. Thank you Ah Wonderful Here is the only coach?

Course. We have a lot of luggage.

There is a lot of space up there.

Say, it's burning?

Uh, no. This is typical of London.

And you survive I can hardly breathe.

The maestro's health not robust.

Oh, a handkerchief to the rescue Yuck! Schauderhaft.

The coal dust is good for the lung because he opens it.

(Chanting) No mercy for rapists!

No asylum for devil worshipers! Resist the wicked!

No mercy for rapists!

No asylum for devil worshipers! Resist the wicked!

Only a small demonstration. Let's go to the hotel.

No mercy for rapists! Quiet, the ladies!

What is this noise? Do not touch me, sir!

I'm Primrose Blackstone. We are the Women's Federation for virtue.

I know my rights.

And we raise our voices.

Behalf of the innocent women.

I'll call the police. We will not sell us.

We will wait all night.

Until he appears. Who?

Paganini. Supposedly he has leased a whole floor with you.

A waste, unparalleled.

Go! yet further. No mercy for rapists!

No asylum for devil worshipers!

Can I ask while your protest?

My companion and I want quartered us here.

But we can not. The thing is not for jokes.

Paganini This is a notorious seducer And he worships the devil. No?

This is terrible. What can we do about it?

Chase him. Keep bothering him.

No mercy for rapists! Frauenschänder!

No asylum for devil worshipers! Devil worshipers!

Music to my ears.

No mercy for rapists! No asylum for devil worshipers!

Forgive. We had not expected it I look to see if everything is to your satisfaction.

Is he here? We keep trouble at the hotel.

You will be staying here. My goodness!

We do not have a butler and no furniture.

I told that we are only moved.

What? He's here? Do you play the maid?

Papa! And what about Elizabeth? We introduce them as my wife.

Last. Then I waited. We do not have time.

Ah, gentlemen. Welcome to my humble home.

This way. Sir.

Ah, it's my honor to introduce you to my wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is Signor Paganini.

Signor Paganini, I am very pleased.

London awaited your arrival. This is Signor Urbani.

Did you have a pleasant journey? In fact, Mrs... Watson.

Watson, yes. How charming.

What a wonderful home.

Forgive that we invaded you before you're set.

No, you are welcome. We have a cozy room. friendly. We take care of the luggage.

Charlotte? Charlotte?

The maid takes das. Very good.

Well, great.

A bit faster, if that's all right.

Thank you. Very much luggage.

Yes. Well, if you are traveling.

Maestro, I think we should look for a hotel.

We only interfere here. No, I would like to stay.

Why? The maid.

What is your name?

Charlotte. Charlotte as Carlotta?

Yes. Please call me Niccolo.

Do you want to show me the city? It is so strange and big.

It is lonely, if you constantly traveling.

I have a lot of work and little free time.

When you're with me, you can take your time I do not know, what are you out like, sir.

Delicate hands. Your work does not seem to be hard.

Since we hardly know each other, I would be grateful if you would keep your hands with you.

Why you wear a ring? I am an opera singer.

Ah yes? You have to know I have you already seen probably in Bologna?

Excuse me for a moment Magic! Yes, of course.

The you have seen? Of course.

Lamb stew with dumplings? Really?

You can not serve This stinks.

The cooking skills of Elizabeth. What is he doing up there?

He makes himself comfortable and tries Make friends with the maid.

What? Do not throw him in front of the.

He come too close to you? He should not try.

Even if he looks good, , he is a vain peacock.

The disgusts me. Why do we get involved with him?

I can not change it. But you're doing fine.

Nevertheless, we need to offer him something to eat Good evening, gentlemen.

I need the services of an Italian chef Your've got! Yourself exceeded.

This is truly a feast for the nose.

What the hell is that? Aglio e olio tagliatelle.

Since enough garlic in it, to make me French.

Take it away. Take it away.

On, go back to your work.

* Noise *

Edible. Here you go. You can serve it to him.

I think he would get his food dear of you.

As much as I regret it, I have no interest.

Do not be so hasty. Your doing us all a service if you help, the great ambition this household, which your belonging to implement . Not to mention Full of pleasure,

to experience intimacy with the greatest genius of our time If you want me as a whore, so my price is much higher.

Yes, of course.

I ask to forgive me for this presumption. Please. Please.

I bet you've never seen anything so precious



(Chanting) No mercy for rapists!

No asylum for devil worshipers! Resist the wicked!

No mercy for rapists!

No mercy for rapists!

His music is certainly better than yours.

Resist the wicked!

Hello. Time for the sample waiting your coach.

No mercy for rapists!

No asylum DC he comes.

Outside is the press and the rabble of the other day.

But we climb directly.

No asylum for devil worshipers! Get in,.

Is your appearance really a guinea per square worth?

Gentlemen, it sounds a bit cumbersome.

It is not Beethoven.

No, not sure.

Could Signor Paganini not honor us with a sample of

The concertmaster has a Guarneri.

I can see that too.

Mr. Watson. Yes, Mr. er Signor Paganini.

I have to interrupt. What can I do?

The instrument from the concert master, I would like to play.

To Only. He ​​will not break anything.

* He plays a musical scale. *

Thank you.

Sir, I do not care who you are. Give me my instrument.

Mr. Paganini, what are you thinking?

Three boxes sold for the Fifth And five for the Ninth.

Sparsely occupied parking. That was it.

Dozens of journalists outside my door. Day and night.

Maybe it runs at the box office.

Did you read the "Times"? Not today.

"This brazen and arrogant Italians has the general admission prices A pound and raised a shilling.

We've heard that until now only two boxes have been sold. "

Who wrote the If I could Who ever you know it Miss Langharn This could help us out of trouble The royal seal? Around the palace I would also say, Mr. Watson Nothing brings more people to the theater than the recommendation of the King Then I let play my magic powers

Good day, gentlemen Signore Paganini

Have you seen the seal Jaja

..?.?.. And how much he pays It is an honor to play for the King And good advertising With the greatest respect and deep regret We have to turn down the invitation No, no But His Majesty offers a pretty box of honor for our concert at.

No, you do not understand. You can not refuse.

This is an invitation His Majesty.

If it is His Majesty, , he can pay the price.

This is ridiculous! We hardly sold tickets!

Man accuses us, to ask absurd prices!

And the're right! This is a disaster!

If the theater is empty, does not take place the concert.

Corrupts the Youth, poisoned souls destroyed life!

Thank you.

* The women chanting outside. '

Mr. Paganini '.1 Yes.

I want that you leave this house.

Item? I want you and Signor Urbani

're gone in the morning.

This is not the decision the maid.

I think Mr. Watson wants me to stay.

John Watson deserves more respect for his efforts to promote you.

He should say myself.

Your treats his daughter like an ordinary whore.

I am not the maid. We had to dismiss it, crooks around you more money to give.

I'm his daughter. You have Urbani dependent me to buy for your pleasure. Did not I.

Have you comfortable.

You are not the violinist, to be of your profess.

It's true what they say. Your game sounds thin.

It consists of showmanship And Your music is trivial.

You are a juggler. You do not practice.

Because you do not want us to see as second class you are.

Think what you want. You'll see.

It show me.

Prove it yet. I need you to prove anything.

You are not my father.

(Chanting) the devil's music, confused youth, poisoned souls, poisoned life!

Pst! Please.

You want to sell us? Go on.


Well, we make call it a day.

Or we fire a volley yet? Fire off a salvo.

I can understand when you are tired.

Gathering we meet tomorrow front of the opera. Thank you.

Forgive me Yes.

I see the sadness in your eyes, brings the devil drunkenness about you.

I just wanted to say: Should you ever consolation, understanding, advice or assistance need ladies Federation of virtue is always there for you.

Here is my card. Thank you, darling.

I'm there for you. Well fine, honey.

Maude? Maude! Can you accompany me home?

Yes. I have not seen you.

The Devil himself is went to sleep.

I go home. We raise a few more.

Where are you going? To "Old Rooster".

Kling! reasonable. What are you drinking?

It may not be big enough. That you must not tell anyone.

Come with. What are you waiting for? Also a lady must have time.

And that can not wait? I'll see you.

What is more beautiful man? Shows you.

You do not keep the night from in the cage.

Bring us to Whitechapel. Very well.

My Sits? Yes, ride off.

So then, Rosie. Sit in motion.

Fucking French.

Come on, Rosie. Come, come.

What is it? Come here. Contact me, darling.

How's it going with you and the maid?

Worst. And I owe you.

I do what I can, in order to satisfy you.

I hope we have more success tonight.

* Soft music

How do I look? Too cheap.

So be it.

A beer, please.

I do. You have to wait.

Hey, buddy! Stop.

You Are as a French-pig?

Born in the heart of London. Or wherever.

Will you mock me? I'm sorry You son of a contaminated whore!

You are under my protection.

Heard the prostitute to you? Never seen before.

But I respect and admire their profession.

The pay sixpence for every powders.

I do not want to take bloody Leave them in peace. I'm sure they give you a couple of rounds.


But if they prefer a fist fight, we are available. I can not help myself the fucking foreigners to beat in Sodomitentracht.

How about when they buy himself free?

Free Buy? With a song.

You probably know a song. Sing a song.

But one thing we do not know. A melody saves us the collar.

An Italian song. Do you have something for us?

I got something for you.

The can you ever let me.

He is a fiddler.

* He plays "O cara mama mia *

* Whisper People The guitarist stops playing *

Keep on He ​​plays a quick tune. '

* frenetic jubilation *

Who are you Please silk but reasonable Careful Who are you Tell everyone you have now heard the great Paganini

! = = I'm going with That's what I earned drive going fast!

Where we bring this woman? In Fleet Street, I suppose.

Careful! It's not what you might think it She writes for the "Times" Indeed.

I keep hoping we could run a small conversation.

Urbani, please tell the driver, , he should make a city tour.

We need time for an intense conversation.

Stop! Maestro.

So, Signor Paganini.

I would have known how to be happy if these hands were kissed of angels.

Or the devil.

Musicians are just lucky, eh?

* Urbani laughs. *

Hal Paganini already get his breakfast?

I neither know it nor it interests me.

Please prepare your father any trouble. He is that important.

I do not know how I could make the situation worse?

I told the fiddler and his companion, they should go.

If you still want them serve food, then go ahead.

We need to keep up appearances.

I want to clarify one thing: I am not the maid.

And now I dedicate myself my voice.

Thank you 're so very helpful.

(Sings) My peace is gone.

My heart is heavy.

I think I will find it never and no more.

* Faint piano playing and singing

(sings) My poor mind is torn apart.

My peace is gone sincere thanks. If you'll excuse me.

Charlotte, Charlotte, you listen to that.

"Signor Paganini spontaneous concert It is not only the best virtuoso, who has played the instrument He moves into new spheres He ​​is bringing new sounds And only few will ever emulate him What do you say? If that does not help helps nothing.

I'm glad, Dad. You could calmly More

* violin *


Thank you.

I am glad that you like it I have to apologize. No.

I apologize.

Have you sung as below? My song is a ordinary amateur.

Your game is truly exceptional.

You Like the tune? Yes.

I have the right sought. For this aria.

Your Do me the honor of and tried it? Please.

* She sings in Italian. *

* She sings in Italian. *

Welch extraordinary voice.

What purity of the sound. What a natural timbre.

I never hear her sing so have so far.

It's beautiful.

You make it beautiful.

Who are you really?

I live through music.

Everything I feel, what I am, what I want to be is my music.

I know myself The do not have many.

I have to please everyone and not

You must be a proud father.

I need you not to worry. As long as they play.

Do you remember when we had our first concert and our fabulous reviews?

Yes, and I also know yet exactly what is fit for it.

Excuse me.

Mr. Watson. The Maestro is a bit sensitive on the day of the concert It is not to annoy him the best.

I have to congratulate him, Mr. Urbani.

Signor Paganini, which was fabulous. Urbani, a coach.

Do you want somewhere? You come back yet, right?

The drive to the theater is six clock.

There is oh so much traffic.

* You talk at once. *

Did he say where he wants to go?

Did you hear her sing Charlotte? However.


For an unbiased ear it sounds quite pleasing.

That's it?

I am polite.

Unwanted desires, by the unscrupulous goings to be incited the so-called virtuoso as think of anything else to their insatiable lust And what has brought us?

The scourge of our age. The evil scourge of epidemics.

The self-indulgence has brought upon us the plague.

Get out of here! You should come down to times correctly.

The hard you'd regret it.

Because I was brought by such a charlatan basis.

And just wore this disease in his body.

My life is destroyed. Of your yard not gone too.

Can I destroy you again? Can you mean?

Oh, it would be my feast.

Madam, I am pleased to see you again.

Do I know you? We met in front of the Sablonniere.

I cherish the greatest sympathy for your cause Thank you. Please, go a piece with me.

Do me the honor a conversation in private.

* He whispers something. *

Lordsburg Hersh, sir.

What an honor that you are here today.

Let us listen to the fiddling of Paganini.

So, you are supplied. This is good. Distributes you all a bit.

Everyone gets a pin and a music book.

Behave unremarkable. But trying to take down everything.

And if you can record everything there will be a nice gift for you I have to ask though!

So full it was never before. Each lodge, occupied every seat.

Apart from the royal box, of course.

The I have kept for the king free.

Waiting outside a lot. Do we sell it.

If the king says he comes, the courts must be free.

Even if he changes his mind He ​​is now 10 minutes late.

Mr. Rogers, he's so far?

If I knew that. Then look after for heaven's sake.

If he's ready.

Yes, but how long does it take to yet?

Where is he? He is not there yet.

He does not answer.

What do I do now? A Violin Violin Concerto no.

(Chanting) Paganini!

On the stage with you. But let yourself plenty of time.

Not too fast. Not too fast.

I can not play without him He has never shown us the notes for the solo voice.

Break a leg. But let yourselves this time.


So, I has to get out now.

You bring him here. I'm begging you. Get him.

Good luck.

* Applause *

* you begin to play. *

Where is he? I've already What's going on? Do not panic. He's in there.

You already play. They started with the overture.

He is in there? You do not want to be disturbed.

What? You talk business.

Business? He ​​has to play a concert.

Get him out. No. Impossible.

The concert has begun. I should let no one.

No Niccolo!

Gently! Not at all.

* You play. *


* Murmur in the audience *

yell. *

Screech from the audience '

Cheering and screaming *

* loud screech *

* bang *

* frenetic jubilation *

The king has arrived.

* He plays a version of "God Save the King *

I leave you my violin for six pence From what I've heard, I could no longer touch.

Charlotte Please Come sing with me adding

No, they do not want me They want you That would be absurd Please

Bravo Bravo!

The charming and talented Charlotte Watson Sings an aria for you now.

* She sings in Italian. *

* She sings in Italian. *

* She sings in Italian. *

Frenetic jubilation *


Apparently he is the new violin God.

Excuse me. Please, I want to listen.

I'm from the Times' I would like to mention you praise Oh May I ask a few questions Of course, like

Madame Tussaud wants Paganini likeness create wax?..

For a new figure Exhibition In a room full of celebrities it calls celebrities Cabinet Very resourceful Would you like to be portrayed would be the very exciting for a young girl.

I had on something no claim.

I just sang, because the maestro asked me.

What type exactly your relationship to Paganini?

Please? Well, he is your music teacher?

Uh, no. But he lodges in your house.

In my father's house, Miss Langharn.

Ethel Langharn. You're how old again?

I did not say.

Do you want to know something else

* Voices *

Caution! It will overwhelm you. Niccolo!

Niccolo! The ladies of the way.

Charlotte! Niccolo!

Out of the way! Niccolo!

Way here! But where is Niccolo?

You can not wait. He ​​will send for you.

Mr. Watson. Good evening, Mr. Urbani.

The concert was excellent, is not it?

However. Have you seen my daughter?

Sure is enjoying her fame. Probably.

We had a full house. You did not want to believe me.

We were successful, yes. Could I have our share?

Well, it's late. We can settle tomorrow clean.

I have to find Charlotte Do not resent me, if I ask you for immediate payment!

I have to collect everything. You will then receive it.

Is this your cut?

This must be fairly shared.

I have to pay the orchestra I understand. So we'll keep that.

And we will divide, perfectly just, if we do the billing. Good evening.

Apologies. Excuse me, ladies.

I beg you. I have to get in there Quiet. Calm down.

He's not in there. Has anyone seen Charlotte?

Miss Langharn, You look gorgeous.

Signor Urbani, you are as a fascinating man.

I do not know I supposed to restrain you.

You are difficult to control.

That would require a woman of your size.

In whom you enter into temptation?

Wherever I am treated kindly.

Miss Langharn, you liked the Maestro?

The pleasure was somewhat marred to to be honest.

What extent '?

Now, it was up to the girl I thought they were pretty clueless.

She is young. It is How young exactly?

My lips are sealed. I had expected.

High with you! I have a suite reserved Sablonniere.

Let us enjoy of your triumph. Not without Charlotte.

She was stunning.

It would be unwise arrive there with her.

I let the young lady align where to find us.

You were incredible. So what I've never heard of.

Urbani. I can not bear all the people.

Send them away. As you wish, Maestro.

Where is Charlotte?

I have sent for her It is determined on the go.

You must now rely. The Maestro needs to rest.

Thank you. Waits. Can you stay?

Signor Urbani. Does your love to me?

No, no. It is not to my pleasure.

The poor fellow thinks he was in love.

A wretched condition. Of which he must be weaned.

And who is the object of his desire A young, pretty child.

About Your stature, Your hair color.

Signor Urbani. Your plan fascinates me.

She is a virgin.

Maestro. She's here.


Charlotte. Love.

Paganini's forbidden love for a young girl.

Paganini's concert. His forbidden love to a young girl.

Read all about it. Is the number 11?

Yes. Charlotte Watson?

Yes. A letter from Signor Paganini.

"Come quickly hotel Sablonniere Suite 405 The newspaper reported today of the shameful seduction An innocent English girl by foreigners Paganini. She's still a child.

Can we sit idly as such, hustle and bustle corrupts our youth?

This music corrodes the soul and destroyed our lives.

This music decomposes the soul.

Miss Watson.

The Maestro's in there.

I let him know that you are here

He is the same.

Good morning.

What is going on here?

Is this your business? I want you never see her again!

Charlotte, wait!

As you wish Wait!

Charlotte, wait! Charlotte, stops!

Let me explain it. This is obsolete!

This is a mistake Who are you?

Why do you give yourself from with Urbani?

He gives me the blood in the veins freeze! Remains of the Body of me!

Wait! There is the innocent child.

And here comes the seducer!

Do you see how shameless he is after her?

He ​​has lured to his hotel!

She's broken and humiliated!

He has ruined them! Then he left them!

The wrath of the English people to chase him out of our country!

Charlotte! We Spank his ass!

Charlotte! Charlotte!

Urbani! Urbani!


(Charlotte) Stop it!

Urbani! Italian scum!

Charlotte! Way here.

Let me explain it.

Charlotte, let me explain.

Please, I beg you I have nothing please.

This is an outrage! This is an outrage!

Why do you imprison me? I am the victim!

It has attacked me for no reason!

Take care of him. He ​​raped a child.

What? That's not true.

Lies! A Mädchenschänder.

Lies. Oh yeah?

* Paganini screams in pain. *

An English girl to seduce.


Charlotte. Papa!

Charlotte. It is, as you see, a lady.

As you can lock them up?

I am known. The press reports about me.

Come to me, my child, out nothing happened.

How fast your are fallen from grace.


I am ready to forgive you your disloyalty.

I prefer to let me beat a thousand times Never again will I let myself one with you.

My they have not really loved.

You loved this, what you saw in her.

Your innocence.

Someone whose purity you redeemed of your many sins.

But she's made of flesh and blood.

Likewise, sensual and ambitious as you are.

The upshot was predetermined.

Your she would have destroyed.

Corruption. With the same glowing infection seething in your blood.

I am not the devil.

I serve the devil.

And you are my master.

The bottle shatters. *

Are you okay?

Do not you wanna maybe go to fresh air?

Paganini has made known, where he is.

Where is he? Was in the newspaper that he is going to Vienna.

He has taken the first ferry from Dover yesterday.

Come, my child.

Come here. It's all good.

All good. Come here.

Hello. Hello.

Achilles. Achilles!

Achilles, I'm back!

It's so nice to see you again I've missed you so.

You have so missed you, my little Achillino.

How was your teacher? Strict.

What have! learned? Mathematics? No, he hit me.

And he can not cook.

Are you telling me the truth?

On guard! Oh, Maestro. Oh, Maestro.

You hit my son? No.

You hit my son? Disappears! Get out of here!

Power that your coming out! Get out! Maestro.

Charlotte, how are you? Has Paganini wrote to you?

Will you see him again? Give an answer.

How can we end this lie?

Well. I could write a letter Or we sue for libel. That would cost 500 pounds.

We do not even five pounds. To mention 500 full We should live with it. To live?

I'm not Paganini whore. We know that, my child.

We could consider as advertising.

What? The hardest thing for an artist is to make his name known Yours is just across London known.

You'll famous. Perhaps is reported even in New York.

In this way, I want to not be known.

See how you can use the thing.

Attempt to make the best of it You think of me speaks only envy.

But I know what it is, miss an opportunity.

One that will never happen again under certain circumstances.

What do you mean, Dad?

Hm, Paganini is as famous as Napoleon Of this falls something from you.

We could arrange for you solo concerts.

Such messages are quickly forgotten.

"Dearest Charlotte, because the excitement laid to our last meeting I could persuade you, to rethink our situation and to accompany me on a concert tour on the continent If we spend more time and get to know us better I hope you can give me confidence.

For I feel, between us is love.

In order to secure my future, I opened the 'Casino Paganini " in Paris It is a noble Konzerthaus with games and reading rooms If your kämt, would be a fabulous place for your debut in Paris

There is not a day that I do not myself yearn after your loving glance After living, that you radiate, that fills me with hope The feeling in me is stronger than I can bear it It is completely new to me I implore you, to recognize my sincerity and to believe me that I am you totally submissive. "

(Charlotte) Dear Niccolo, your offer has touched me.

But as you I lead an artist's life and I'm with papa go to America, where I give a series of concerts Without your inspiration it would never have happened.

You are the greatest violinist and I know that the brilliant creations, the graces that you can call your using a bow string, consolation to you at the loss of a mortal. "

You have all invested in the success of this company You have no choice You said, it is the only safe way win in Game Na, we're going And after your appearance the card game is waiting for you You play so fond of.

The casino was your heart's desire.

I set you this only

the associates concerned.

You will not come.

You will not come. Because of you.

Here. I assure you, Maestro they will not come, even if I go.

The concert will be a success. Yes.

The casino also. Mhm.

Charlotte will come.

All Paris will talk about us.

I'm done with you.

This time This time I'm serious.

You can not survive without me, Maestro.


You are the can not survive.


As you wish.

Until we meet again, Maestro.

"Dearest Charlotte I deliver myself from another time your grace.

I have Urbani dismissed and stand here as your servant, who is eagerly waiting for a response

(Charlotte) "Dear Niccolo I have since our last correspondence a wonderful man met and married Please understand And changing the tone of your letters Out of respect before my new situation To Wish me luck as I wish you. "

power the donkey.

* Laughter *

* They speak French. *

Where can we find Paganini?

I suspect he has fled from my complaint.

* He speaks Italian. *

Nice to be back in Italy.

Yes, Papa. Herrlich.

"Love Charlotte I left Paris towards Genoa Where I bought a house, withdraw to me.

The concert tour is finally over.

What with so much hope began and so incomparably successful, there was ends with lasting fame.

But I have scars suffered, that will never heal.

Although I have conquered Europe, but with the profit I can buy me no health.

Not even satisfaction.

But now that I have time, I'll take my solo voices concerts and write, so that future generations can try it... "

The priest is here I'm healthy again I do not die

* The priest speaks Italian * Get out of here Get out of here!

I'm healthy. For this I pray with God's grace.

But you must not squander the salvation of your soul.

(Laughs) God's grace. Confession! Your sins.

I'll tell you something about God's grace.

God's grace.

Your God.

He has left me.

* She sings in Italian. *

He ​​has given me a gift.

And then left me in a world alone, has not understood this gift.

Get out of here.

* He speaks Italian. *

I will defeat him.

I will I will live forever.

* She sings in Italian. *

* She sings in Italian. *

Frenetic jubilation *

The church forbid Paganini to be buried in Geweither soil

Achilles the pope decreed to revoke

all recognition.