The Dinosaur Project (2012) Script

The Dinosaur Project 2012 Subtitles downloaded from Podnapisi.NET

translation by Navdeep The next film was compiled from over 100 hours of recording high definition recorded by the Company British Cryptozoology.

None of the images have been altered or edited in any way.


There are fears about disappearing group expedition British Society of Cryptozoology.

There are concerns that they were target of a militia jungle.

Although the reasons for the loss of radio contact with the helicopter... three weeks is unknown.

More news will follow later.

The Loch Ness and the legendary American Bigfoot, are already known.

So here it is, Mokele Mbembe, African mythical monster.

The animal that all in the world...

Literally the "blocker of rivers." Some scientists said... its description corresponds to that Plesiosaur. A prehistoric reptile... who lived in the time of dinossauros.Apesar to be considered by many scientists...

Originally, more than a hundred missionaries years ago, reported on it.

The observations of this legendary beast have increased in recent years.

Deforestation is extensive, and where a because the jungle was impenetrable, was diluted.

Despite claims that it was a hoax, has increased the number of observers... and the British Society of Cryptozoology turned to an expedition to set... in the heart of the Congolese jungle, the source of the rumors and verify.

We have an excellent team. Project leader... is internationally renowned zoologist and explorer, Jonathan Marchant.

He led the expedition in 2010 to detect the elusive Tasmanian tiger.

On December 23, 1938 took a fisherman South African Coelacanth... were thought to be extinct 65 million years ago.

I am a scientist and I'm open to everything we should not ignore information.

If there is something there, it's my job to find and observe.

Not only by thrill of the hunt?

Excuse me.

The Society was founded in the Victorian era and aims to find animals... whose existence has not been proven. They have had occasional success...

If dinosaurs really have hidden they may have better coverage now.

The explorers will be monitored by a TV crew...

Armed with a matrix recording.

Watch, T-Rex.

To film, as much as possible, because there will be unexpected moments.

These are often the most interesting.

This camera does not.

Ok, then.

This is the video diary of the great Jonathan Marchant.

Hunter mythical creatures pure and adventurer.

Attention dinosaurs because my dad has...

underpants, panties many.

It has almost 15? 15 beautiful underwear.

Even fashion is just simple underpants British army.

The type of underwear that dinosaurs should be careful.


Naturally... the famous hat.

As always.

No idea what it is.

This is super-cool.

A cell phone video.

10 Megapixel, Full HD, stereo microphone.

There is no better mobile satellite...

Hannah, could not have been at a worse time.

Because you can not take care of him, it is also your responsibility.

I'm also upset may hinder my plans.


Yeah, all right.

What's this? What are you doing?

Some of these things are the TV crew.

Dad, I'm coming with you. Thanks to his mother, yes.

In Kinshasa, where the host hotel. Rachel will be there to see you.

Why were you suspended school, Luke?

The director was a control freak. He just deserved.

You posted it on the Internet, Luke.

The Dirty Secret of Director

Boarding Liz.

Hey, how are you?

It is also good to see you again. Are you ready?

Yes, and this is my son with the camera.

I'm Liz Draper and...

I'm Liz Draper and last year did postgraduate medical school.

I was looking for another challenge and this was definitely different.

And what is your job this dino-hunting?

I'm sure that if someone is stung by scorpions or snakes... they will be treated well. No more, thank you.

This is strange. The red light is on.

Is that right?

Pretzels, please?

Luke, stop filming.


So Pete, what you liked the local food?

You can stop eating and help me with the material?

Sure, Dave. Great.

For you. To me.

Do not touch the camera. Those are the rules.

Sorry, Dave. Okay. With your luck.

Dino Hunter

What do you think, Dad? Very good.


Will not you, Luke. - Can be assistant cameraman or someone.

Think. I have these mini cameras.

Fit everywhere. Send images wirelessly to your hard drive.

I have a lot of it.

They always fit. Filming everything. They are really cool.

I'm sure the team TV will take care of that, Luke.

I would be surprised if they have these things. This is very serious.

I'm as good as them with cameras. You're not coming, right?

You never let me go. Not packed your things?

Check to be ready, because his aunt comes to get him at 16:00.


Rachel will be here soon.

Until a few weeks.

Do not be stupid.

See you soon, Dad.

Amara, right? Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

Well, the sound is on.

Can you introduce yourself, please?

My name is Amara. And that's Etienne, our pilot.

Etienne and I worked for Environment Agency Congolese.

Thus, conservation is something where both are passionate.

What? A baggage.

Sorry about that.

Can we do it again? Sure.

Prehistoric monsters? I'm not so sure.

My role is to ensure that staff will be well guided through the jungle.

And the forest is not damaged.

I'm Charlie Rutherford. I'm all in expedition in which Jonathan has traveled.

I can say that 'm his right arm.

To be honest, we do everything together.

I have been to all the discoveries Jonathan. Always.

No, it's okay. It is what it is.

Organize the sponsors of Jonathan the public eye.

He would not want anything else, but so is best for your field.

Everybody ready? Animated?

Here we go.

This is really unbelievable.

This is a Plesiosaurus.

And this is a Pliosaurus.

They probably lived in waters deep. 100 meters or more. Rivers.

And they were almost always together found in fossils.

Plesiosaurus is a gentle like a kitten.

Eats only fish.

Now, his nephew here is dangerous.

It is possible that Mokele Mbembe descendant of such animals.

Unless it's a myth, of course.

Do you really think that this is possible?

This is the monster of Loch Ness Africa. But much more plausible.

I stink of gasoline and foot odor.

The first time in a helicopter and as soon as a stowaway.

What is really cool.

Flew for about 90 minutes.

And I do not know how long...

What was that?

He put himself and all others in danger, you realize that?

And if the helicopter tivess problems? You were not even with the belt.

If the helicopter had landed, we'd all be dead.

That's not the point. I knew this was a serious problem.

Etienne, one must go back. We have to take him back.

I can not. We're halfway.

We have no fuel enough to return.

What should I do with you? Do not be so hard, Jonathan.

He wanted to join the expedition. You can not blame him, right?

Right. We pousaremos and see what we can do.

Meanwhile, you sit and do not touch anything.



Amara, it shacks are those down there?

This is the traditional village Wuzhi the people.

What are these?

Charlie, what are they?

I do not know.

They are strangers.

They do not fly like birds.

Amara, what kind of birds are they?


Mayday calling. Zulu, calling, Pope, calling, Mike.


Direction indicator is unreadable.

Pressure drops...

Charlie, okay? Take out the backpacks.

Grab the backpacks. Come on.


You can not do anything more for him. Forward. Out.

Fuel leak. Outside.

Guys, take what you get. Come on, Liz.

My bags.

Charlie, help me with our stuff. Pete, get out.

Is on fire. Everyone, get out now.


Wait, my stuff. Hard drives.

To move.

Luke leaves.

Luke now.

Hurry up. Exit.

Carry on. Come on.

From now on, listen to me, you understand?

I grabbed the camera we need. - None put anyone's life in danger.

Including yours. Am I clear?

Yes, it was clear.

Hey, one person died. Turn that thing.

There is no point... Never took luggage...

What were those things? They did not like birds.

What were they?

The flights over the jungles are dangerous we had about fifteen.

This happens with the aircraft time.

We need a place to hide. We need to find this village. Amara?


We have to cross the river.

You hear that?

What was that?

I thought I saw something.

Come on, you two. We do not want lose anyone tonight.

All right, Your Majesty.

What happened here?

No. That is not possible.

What's this?



Everything is in order.

Within an hour, the sun will set, we'd better go inside.

Give me a flashlight.

Do not look.


What did this? This is an Indian habit?

The blood feud, what do you think, Amara?

We should not be here. - Better to sleep under the open sky.

We must take another cabin.

This is normal. We camp here tonight.

Good? We have a choice?

Turn slightly. Yes, that's good. Protecting now.

What's this? - This is a camera motion sensitive.

With night vision. Ok, Pete?


That's cool.

Shoots only when there is movement. Good idea.

Stop it. Just a second.

Come on, it's getting dark. Leave it here.

If someone running around, we know that.

Smart kid.

Not so bad. Enough food.

Mostly thanks to Pete.

We can go back in the morning to the crash site, but... if we stay here, we hunt.

We'll be rescued fast, right?

We do not know if Etienne sent a distress signal.

The radio was broken after the accident.

And the other media?

Cell phones? - Nothing. With no signal as you can see.

The others were in the helicopter, so...

Why not give pro Luke?

He knows most of these things than we do.

I will do my best. Without warranty.

We can handle a few days until save them in or otherwise...

Amara, our experienced guide will lead us safely, then go to sleep.

How can anyone sleep that noise?

Furthermore... Pete If you start farting, vai sleep outside, right?

What did I do now? Listen.

What is that thing?

They are here.

Take a flashlight.

Go ahead, run. Everyone now.


Come on, Charlie.

Come on, quick. The river.

Okay? Come on.

The boat.


Wait. Father.

Where is daddy?

Out of the way.


Where is Liz?

Jonathan, where is Liz? Where is she?

She is dead.


Then we drove here, we... down the river.

The captain said to his father, who is the Our best chance of salvation.

Just follow the river downstream, is the plan, we have no choice.

We may well... We have to do something...

This is our only option. I would like to meet someone...

Last night we were attacked in an abandoned village.

Liz is dead.

Charlie thinks things who attacked us... were a sort of dinosaur.


said he never saw these animals before.

So I think the mission is over. We will try to escape.

Charlie talks to me at least.

Which is more than I can said the other.

Anyway, that was it.

Rest in peace, Liz.

He rested a bit?

I'm fine.

Are you sure?


Filmed a bit?

I had no idea you could do this kind of thing.

Shipments absorb all his time. - That is true.

Did you know that you are very famous in Japan?

All these fan sites.

How else do you think I know what are you doing?

What is that? Did you see that?

What? In the trees.

You see them? Where?

They are everywhere.

Foliage, Pete. This is what you see foliage.



Oh, my God, indeed.

See, I told you. Something is following us.

This can be anything.

What was that?

There's something there. Row now.

Yeah, but the hangover.

Row. To the rocks.

Be careful.

Charlie, go left.

Keep your head down. I see nothing.

What happened? We lost a boat.

We have to restore the hull.

What was in the water? Why?

What was that? Nothing.

How do we stay on this island? With a little luck we will tomorrow.

Right. No more interviews.


Here is it safe?

You really brought a quartet dinosaur?

Like my mother cooked.

I've had worse.


What was that? That was fast.

Maybe a leopard.

I was just rushed. This happens in the wild, folks.

We're safe on the island.

Can I ask you something?

How someone can not like you... without you ever been been there?

I do not know for sure.

I never heard until then, attacking them.

I've heard things.

What have you heard?

In recent years, there has been more and more stories about... attacks. Visions of animals strangers.

Local chiefs think that evil resides.

I always hear the same thing, that...

More and more the demons leave their homes.

Their homes?

"Aboko" means gate. It's folklore.

Based on a myth. A gate.


What's on the other side? Many residents have inquired.

But no one ever returned.


What do you mean?

The helicopter crashed, right?

What was that?

Dave, if you're taking fun of us, take...

What's this?

This is impossible. Look, there's more.

What are these? It seems...

They are all...


Gotta shoot that, Dave? Yes, but what is it exactly?

That's incredible.

Throw candy. Where are you going?

Come here.

Do not be stupid. You'll lose a finger.

Listen, we do not know how he will react. - Come on.

Good boy. Come.

How cute. This is crazy.

Look at him.

He has a rough skin.

It stinks. Yes, it smells very bad.

Listen, we need to go. And I mean immediately.

Think a minute. These were children. They could easily come here.

And if they come back with others not so friendly?

Last night you said they had never attacked.

Is not it obvious? You remember that village?

We are not safe here.


We have to go. Now.

They are all of morning here on the island.

I just think they are playing.


The best is yet to come.

I call Crypto.

I think he likes me.

Come, Crypto.

Big boy.

Let's find out where they were, when disappeared last night.

How? You ask. With this.

Me, Crypto. Me.

Good job.

What's this? Come and see.

Look at this.

Amara, where are you going? I will not watch.

Fantastic. What is the range of mini-cameras?

About 3 miles. What is it?

We assume the dino. They took what?

He just jumped out of the water.

They are fast.

What are they doing? Are at least 65 km per hour.

What's this? A totem. A native notice.

Damn, what happened?

The wireless transmitter can not reach.

Come on, you said it worked.

They went down the river. They can not be far.

He's right. This openness is west of here.

We can easily get up there with the boats.

That will not happen. I'm packing. Come on.

Excuse me? What are you doing? When you hear me?

It's not safe here. She's right, Charlie.

We do not know what area you are. We maintain our plane.

We traveled down the river and seek by people. Try the mobile... and do it again in a good way.

You understand how important this is?

It has dinosaurs here. Much more.

Possible evolutionary mutations that no man ever dreamed.

I want it as much as you. Someone has to have the glory.

Glory? I've lost two people during this expedition.

I have a 15 year old boy, and a beginner who still has much to learn.

Wait your turn. Why will not you go?

I'm not good enough for you. Why do you always do this?

I did not ask to put a Camera in animals.

You're jealous because the beginner is a real explorer... instead of being ordering across world? - Leave me.

Luke is very dangerous. Okay.

Luke, I think you're right.

Stay out.

He returned.

They seem to know where they are going. They follow a trail.

It's a game trail. Should use it more often.

You see that? There are many more.

After Teutonium had a hole on earth, says geophysics.

This is the gate. I need to tell her father.

What do you think your father would do, if to say to him?

He would start discurssar, Amara would be upset.

We will prepare a defense the best time.

Like when you have to go back a base.

If we say at the right time, I sure you can do it again.

Yeah, okay.

Do your best to your friend.

Current as well.

That's a bit heavy.

Wait a minute. Keep paddling.

Take the rope and hold firmly.

Continue. I'm paddling.

We need to go left. You are entering the water.

Keep the water out.

The other boat.


Luke. Dad.

The chain pulls on the inside.

Keep your head down.

We have to go back.

Jonathan, can not do that.

Maybe we should go back with a rescue.

Or helicopter. I will not leave them behind.

Come on.

Where are we?

The water is cold.

Is that bad?

This means it is deep. Very deep.

These dinosaurs should have stopped somewhere. We must continue.

We'll have to paddle with our hands.



Father, we are here. Stay there.

I come to you, Luke.

Are you okay?

You're back.

Sit. What happened?

The rope was weak. Broke.

How is the phone?

I need some wiring repair. Then it should work.

Good, very good.

We need to get grounded.

Well, we're going backwards.

Come on.

Come on.

Hurry up.

There is something between us.



It Mokele Mbembe.

Not aggressive. Keep shooting.

Let me pass.

Watch out, Dave.

Tems sure he is not aggressive?

Calm down.


Socorro. Take my hand.



We have to go. Here is unsafe.

Father. He's gone.

No, oh God.

This way.

Stay with me.

Where are we going?

We need to let this thing working, ok?

Charlie, waiting.

I can not continue. You have to keep moving.

How is the phone?

Yes, I did.

I found.

Come on.

I fixed the phone.


Well done, lad.

I do not know if this camera is still transmitting.

Perhaps arrives at a monitor...

through that gate.

I went through a hole in the ground.

A cave.

Charlie pushed me.

He tried to kill me.

I do not know anyone out there.

Is anyone there?

The sound still works.

Luke, we're here. Jonathan, he was gone.

You do not know. - Believe me, they will not return.

Have you seen them? He and Charlie.

Where Amara?

The gate. What is highest.

I can find them. No.

We should never have come here.

You knew all along this place. You put us in danger.

I needed to let them safe jungle and bring them back.

It could easily have been.

We underestimated the jungle. - So you go back to the gap?

I will, instead of going to a place where we are not allowed.

Sorry, Jonathan.

Sorry for everything that happened, by Luke...

but now you're alone.


I'm with you, Jonathan.

Go get help.

Come, let's find my son.

Father, if it is still alive.

I'm sorry.

I know how I can be.

I'm glad we were together and we made this trip.

She could have been differently than expected.

But we saw things.


Good to see you.

What's this?

Mom, Dad, I love you.

I thought I lost you.

Fuck it.

Now, I do it for Dave.


Come here, stupid beasts.

The sound is good, Dave. The sound still works.

Where are you?

Keep walking, Luke.

Stay with me.

Dad, stop. Are you okay?

Charlie is a traitor.

Charlie was always just a buffalo.

He tried to kill me.


He's mad, grabbed the phone and me pushed the gate below.

He tried to kill me.

He gave himself to the boat.

Come. Where are we going?

Find the phone.

I have followed the edge of a field remaining on any map.

I believe that this valley is inhabited by dinosaurs.

Beings who have more than 65 million years and believed to be extinct.

I did not see him, but everything can have happened.

The world should know that the first shooting these animals was you, Luke.

Rest in peace.

That's a promise, friend.

Well, I will...

C'mon. Did you see him?

I'm definitely past.



The lost.

I do not see the runway. Maybe he fell.

It is very steep. We need to do a review.

What was that?

Luke, do not be stupid. Back.

I'll find something.

Father is Charlie. You should come up.

Luke, you should leave. I will not let you.

Listen to me. Go.

Luke, stay away from me. Run.

I love you.

Do not forget.


Why are you hiding?

Together, we can work with that, buddy.

I got the phone.

Come out and I'll ask for help, right?

I hear you.

Come on, seriously.

Where you gonna go?

This is your camera.

This is your home.

No, please.

You really thought he could escape me?

I am a professional, Luke.

Now that his father is gone, I really am the best in the world.

Stay away from me.

Luke, I do not really wanted to do it.

But I want to put my name on story, and you can not be there.

I'm sorry.


That's not very friendly.

He is friendly.

Friendly, because he protected me.

But you do not.

Here is Luke Marchant.

This is my last video.

Should I destroy cameras. The components may be useful.

The cell was again destroyed. Not I'm sure I can fix it.

I have a backup plan.

My message in a bottle.

Time is passing very fast in this valley.

It's almost dark, then I have to find shelter.

First, I want to show you something.

Anyone watching...

Are you ready?

Dad, I think you did a breakthrough here.

I'll try to go down this valley, while you still have light.

I do not know what I'll find.

I believe I have a guide.

That was all.

I take my leave now.

Maybe we'll meet again.

A new chapter in the mystery team Shipping missing in Congo.

A backpack of one of team members... found floating Kasai river... that through the heart solid are streams of northern jungle.

Packed in the backpack were found videos and hard drives.

Police hope the video brings new tracks, leading to the rescue.

More news will follow later.

Works? I think so.

Yes, yes, it works.


Translation by Navdeep