The Dirty Dozen (1967) Script

Knock it off.

Knock it off!

Keep telling them you're innocent.

Don't let them see you're afraid!

It'll be all right.

I didn't mean it. I'm sorry!

I didn't …. Sir? Sir?

It won't happen again.

I wanted to ….

Private James Gardner, you've been found guilty of the crime of murder.

Your case has been appealed and reviewed three times.

The verdict of each court-martial is the same:

Guilty as charged.

Do you have anything to say before the sentence?

I didn't mean it.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to.

I'm sorry.

Open it up.

Enjoy the show, major?

FarangSiam thanks you. Enjoy!

I want to see Major Armbruster.

Just down the corridor. I know, I know.

John! Good to see you!

Don't give me that! We had dinner last night, remember?

Be nice. Take it easy.

This time it's serious, John. You've got to cooperate!

Let's go.

Colonel. The general is waiting, major.

Major Reisman, sir.

Sit down, gentlemen. Sit down.

Sit down, major. Thank you, sir.

Well, major, what did you think of the hanging?

Looked very efficient. Then again, I'm not an expert.

I meant, how did you personally feel about it?

Not the nicest way to spend an evening.

Yes, but it wasn't staged for your entertainment.

I hope Private Gardner knew that.

Private who?

Private Gardner. He was the object of the exercise.

There was a reason, major.

I've got your service record here, major.

Lot of fireworks. Lot of transfers.

One tough scrape after another, very short on discipline.

Very short on discipline.

I hear you did a good job in Italy.

You loused it up by exceeding orders. And it's not the first time.

I didn't write those reports, sir. What does that mean?

I don't necessarily agree with what's in them.

Maybe you'd like to write your own? No, thank you, sir.

I'm not very interested in embroidery, only results.

Now, you hold it right there.

This war was not started for your private gratification.

And this Army isn't run for your personal convenience, either.

You've waited for a transfer for over two months now.

With a record like yours, you could go on waiting forever.

However, I get orders too. And right now I've got some …

… that sound as if they were made for somebody like you.

Personally, I don't go for this behind-the-lines nonsense.

I think a soldier's job is to wear his uniform and kill the enemy.

But that's another matter.

I'll ask General Denton to read these orders as they came.

After that, if you have any questions, ask.

Understand? Yes, sir.

"Project Amnesty:"

You will select 12 prisoners sentenced to death …

… or long imprisonment for murder, rape or other violent crimes.

Train these prisoners in the business …

… of behind-the-lines operations in a brief …

… but unspecified time.

You'll deliver them secretly to Europe …

… and prior to the invasion, destroy the target specified:


That's all? That's all.

What about the target specified, "overleaf"?

Doesn't concern you now.

What do you say, major?

It confirms a suspicion I've had for some time now, sir.

Do you think we might share that suspicion?

I think you should.

Presuming we're over here to try to win the war …

… it wouldn't pay to advertise that one man we're working for …

… is a lunatic.

That's enough, major. You're here to be briefed on an operation.

You can ask questions about that operation.

You don't have permission to make any comments …

… concerning the officers responsible for it.

Is that clear? Yes.

Either ask relevant questions, or shut up.

Is it relevant to ask why I'm offered this mission?

It's not, as you say, being "offered."

I'm volunteering.

Exactly, major.

I'm glad you look at things so realistically.

I don't mean to seem unduly cautious, but if my personal survival …

… depends on the performance of 12 deadheads …

… it'd help to know what I'm training them for.

Now, that's a very good question, major.

Armbruster, let's have the outline. Yes, sir.

"The Germans are using a chateau near Rennes in Brittany …

… as a rest center and conference place for general staff officers."

The target has no real military value …

… but with these conferences and the like going on all the time …

… there's hardly a day when there aren't a number …

… of important officers in residence.

Usually with the benefit of female companionship.

"Eliminating a number of senior officers could have …

… the effect of disrupting their chain of command."

The idea is that our men are dropped by parachute.

They enter the chateau and kill as many senior officers as is possible.

Naturally, the place is fortified and heavily guarded.

Naturally. What's the deal with the men?

None whatsoever.

Let's have no misunderstanding. It's what it says, an amnesty.

A temporary postponement. You take it or leave it on that basis.

Like you say, sir, let's not have any misunderstandings.

I don't like it. I think it stinks.

I've had enough insolence!

It's a question of practicality.

I'm the one asked to sell this idea to 12 smiling faces.

They do have an alternative way to go, you know.

That's no way for anybody to go. The hell you say, major.

I know a lot of people who should go that way.

That's beside the point. Come on, what's your basic objection?

These men are incapable of taking any discipline, authority …

… or intense training. If there's no possibility for sentence remission …

… they have no reason to cooperate, right?

You've got a point. You've got a point, major.

However, you know I don't have the power to reverse a court-martial.

You have the power to commute the sentence of such a court.

Excuse me, general. Yes?

You have authority under the Visiting Forces Act to make such a ruling.

Visiting Forces Act? Yes, sir.

All right, you've got a deal.

Let's say if any of these men distinguish themselves …

… we'll give serious consideration to commuting their sentences.

That's no deal.

Who's to say whether they really distinguish themselves?

You can leave that decision to me.

But remember, the other alternative will apply with equal force.

Any breach of security …

… any failure of discipline, those men go back where they came from.

Understood? Yes, sir.

Good. Anything more, gentlemen?

Yes, sir. I noticed Colonel Breed in the waiting room.

I wondered whether he's connected with this operation.

What if he is? I'd be very unhappy, sir.

Major …

… Colonel Breed is your superior officer.

And you will behave accordingly, at all times.

Is that clear? Yes, sir.

Now, it so happens Colonel Breed is not concerned with this operation.

But he's running the parachute school where your training will be.

I don't want to hear any complaints, from either of you!

Now, you've got a job to do, mister, so move it.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Major Reisman seems to be heading to his own court-martial.

He's the most ill-mannered officer I've ever had the displeasure to meet.

You think so, Denton?

You may be right. But he's sure right about one thing.

Somebody up there must be a raving lunatic.

Get Colonel Breed in here.

All right, you men, this is an exercise period.

So exercise!

Major Reisman, Sergeant Bowren, sir.

Have the prisoners fall in. Sir.

Prisoners, fall in. All right, come on now. Get with it!

Come on, come on. Move it!

Come on, move! Hey, you, move, I said.

"Franko, V.R."

Death by hanging.

Vladek, M.

Thirty years hard labor.

Jefferson, R.T.

Death by hanging.

Pinkley, V.L.

Thirty years imprisonment.

Gilpin, S.

Thirty years hard labor.

Posey, S.

Death by hanging.

Wladislaw, T.

Death by hanging.

Sawyer, S.K.

Twenty years hard labor.

Lever, R.

Twenty years imprisonment.

Bravos, T.R.

Twenty years hard labor.

Jiminez, P.

Twenty years hard labor.

Maggott, A.J.

"Death by hanging."

Have them fall in according to height, right to left.

According to height, fall in!

Come on, you jokers. Get in there!

Come on, move! Come on.

Come on, here! I said, get in line.

Straighten up your jacket there.

Have them count off.

Sir. Count off!

Let's see what they can do with a little close-order.

Hut, right! Right.

Hut, hut, hut, hut.

Two, three, four, hut, hut, hut. Two, three.

Squad, halt!

About face!

Squad, halt!

Right face! At ease.

What did I say to you? Or maybe you don't understand English!

What's the matter, 11?

I got a pain.

Where does it hurt?

Well, I'll tell you. It's ….

I wish you would. Do it correctly, please.

Oh, I don't have to say, sir.

And I don't have to march, either.

And I know the rules.

Why don't you have to march?

Because condemned men don't have to drill.

And there's nothing you can do about it, mister.

What's your name, son?


His name is Franko, sir.

Franko, come over here a minute. Come on.

Look, you little bastard, either you march, or I'll beat your brains out.


What'd you see, sergeant?

I saw the major attacked and forced to defend himself, sir.

Have him taken back to his cell.

Take his head, I'll get his feet.

Now let's see what they can do with a little close-order.

Yes, sir.

Squad, ten-hut!

Right face.

Forward, march! Hut.

Squad, halt.

About face!

Forward, march!

General prisoner Franko, Victor, sir.

So how's the jaw?

If you're gonna act tough, learn how to take care of yourself.

You really should.

You're worried about my jaw?

Franko's pain bothers the major?

You were a big man with the syndicate back in Chicago?

You've seen my record.

I've seen your record, so let's knock it off, huh?

What's the first thing when you hit London?

You get involved in a stickup and start blasting, kill an old guy?

And come away with what?

What did you have when they got you?

What did I have? What do you mean?

Come on, big shot. How much money did you have?

I had enough.

Two pounds and 10 shilling. That's almost 10 dollars.

You're gonna get yourself hung for a lousy 10 bucks.

What's that to you? Nothing.

Then why don't you get off my back? You didn't come to visit.

What do you want?

I don't care if they hang you for 10 cents.

It makes no difference to me.

But it just so happens that I've got a little pull around here.

I might be able to get you off the hook, if I wanted to.

Are you a general?

You're not a general, and only a general can grant my reprieve.

Look, stupid.

I'll make you a proposition.

All I want from you is a straight yes or no.

You talk, I'll listen. Okay.

You either can sweat out the two days you have before the hanging …

… or you join an outfit I'm putting together.

If you do that, I'll have you out of here in less than 24 hours.

But you'll work to death. There's not a beating you won't take.

And then when I'm satisfied with you …

… you'll go where the Army tells you. Chances are you'll get killed anyway.

You don't know Victor Franko.

Guard. What's the deal?

What's the deal if I do stay alive?

Might get off the hook. Count me in.

You foul up once, anywhere along the line, just once …

… you'll be back here at the end of a rope.

Hey, wait a minute. What's the matter with you?

You think I want to die?

If you do, you don't know Victor Franko.

How come you speak German?

Because my old man was a miner in Silesia.

If he didn't speak German, he didn't dig coal and didn't eat.

That was the language he spoke when he came to the States?

Pretty tough job in those days.

It still is.

I don't like officers, not any of them, and I never have.

But you were one yourself, weren't you?

Yeah, three lousy days.

Somebody must have thought you'd make a good officer.

They made a big mistake.

I thought you claimed he was going over the hill.

What are you talking about, "claimed"? He was going over the hill.

My outfit was pinned down by the worst crossfire you ever saw.

Most bleeding to death. And this lover took off like a rabbit …

… with the medical supplies on his back. The only way to stop him was to shoot him.

Anyhow, he had it coming.

Yeah. But you only made one mistake, eh?


You let somebody see you do it.

General prisoner Maggott, A.J., sir.

"Maggott, A.J. Death by hanging."

Hey, Midnight.

Be a good boy, and maybe I'll let you eat with the white folks.

Well, Maggott, I see you've got a sense of humor.

The all-American hero, laughing in the face of death.

They're not gonna hang me, major.

I never raped that evil slut …

… or any other creature.

The Lord gave me that woman to chastise her.

Then he told you to beat her to death, huh?

I only do what I'm called on to do.

I was in a state of grace. And that woman …

… she tried to soil my spirit.

Well, I'm sure you were, Maggott.

But it seems to me I remember a quotation that goes like:

"Vengeance is mine."

"Vengeance is mine. I will repay, sayed the Lord."

Paul to the Romans, Chapter 12.

Exactly. Isn't that supposed to mean …

… we leave punishment of the transgressors to his hands?

That's right, major. That's exactly what it means.

But it doesn't restrict him to the kind of tools he would use, does it?

And like I told you, major, I only do what I'm called on to do.

You know, I don't think you're going to hang after all.

I think a man like you is destined for higher things. Guard!

Besides, us Southern boys have to stick together now, don't we?

I sure didn't mean to kill that fellow.

But you do like I say, and maybe they won't hang you.

Fixing to kill me some other way?

It might not come to that.

I reckon the folks would be happier if I died like a soldier.

Can't say I would.

Who does this hotshot major think he is?

Making us play wet nurses to a bunch of scum.

Corporal Morgan.

If you can't find something to do, I'll find something for you.

Now, move it.

Don't sweet-talk me, whitey. You know why I'm here.

Or maybe you think I should've let those cracker bastards castrate me?

Seeing what those guys tried to do to you …

… I'd say you had considerable justification.

Thank you, Mr. Major, sir. I really do thank you for that.

But the court didn't agree, right? So where does that leave you?

I'm offering an alternative, meaning you can keep fighting.

Who for, major? For yourself, if you want.

But the Krauts, they're the real master-race merchants.

That's your war, not mine. You don't like the Krauts, you fight them.

Me, I'll pick my own enemies.

That's your privilege. But you won't be able to exercise it much longer.

Because on March 25th, you have a date with the hangman.

That's just six days from now.

Buenos días, major.

Sergeant, going over the transcript of that man's trial …

… there are a couple of things I don't get.

Did he ever claim that he didn't do it?

I beg your pardon, but you haven't been around prisons much, have you?

You see, the first thing one learns in prison, everybody is innocent.

This one doesn't say too much about that one way or another.

He's only disturbed because we don't allow him strings for his guitar.

Did you ever lose a man because he hung himself with a guitar string?

No, sir, I haven't, and I'm not about to.

If he makes the trip, see he gets the strings.

Yes, sir.


Tell the men to be seated. Yes, sir. Take seats!

Guards out. Sir, I...

Guards out. Yes, sir.

You heard him. Guards, out!

My name, for those of you who may have forgotten, is Reisman.

You've volunteered for a mission that gives you just three ways to go:

Foul up in training and be sent back here for execution of sentence …

… or foul up in combat …

… in which case I'll blow your brains out …

… or you can do as you're told, in which case you might just get by.

You must not attempt to escape.

There will be no excuses, no appeal.

Any breach of these conditions …

… by any of you means you'll all be shipped …

… back for immediate execution of sentence.

You are dependent upon each other.

Any one of you try anything smart …

… and the 12 of you get it right in the head.

So try to remember that.

Any questions?


Do we have to eat with niggers?

It's all right. The gentleman from the South …

… made inquiries about the dining arrangements.

They're discussing the place card settings. All right?

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Corporal, fellas, let's get with it. Remember?

Baseball, pitching? Chicago's always had a pitcher.

But now, as far as hitting goes …

… my sister can hit better than half them fellas.

Let's move it out!

Well, what do you think, sergeant?

I think you'll do just fine, sir.

Don't give me that. I said, what do you think?

I think the first chance one of them lovers gets …

… he's gonna shoot the major right in the head, sir.

Thank you, sergeant. Sir.

Okay, Franko. Let's go.

All right, move it out.

Come on.

Over there.

Sergeant, have the men fall in. Facing me.

Sir. All right, on your feet. Fall in over here, double quick now!

Come on, snap it up. Snap it up!

Jiminez, get in there!


All right, Franko, get rid of that cigarette.

Thank you.

This will be your home until further notice.

What there is of it will be built by you …

… but it will not interfere with your training.

The sooner you get it up, the sooner you'll sleep in out of the rain.

Sergeant. Sir?

You're in charge. I want this compound up within the month.

Thank you.

If this place was on fire, it'd burn to the ground.

Come on, what are you doing?

All right, come on. Let's move.

Hey, Maggott, what are you? German?

What are you trying to do, break the window?

All right, sergeant, fall them in.

Fall in, in front of the hut. On the double!

At ease.

All right, that'll be all for today.

How come they got all the comforts of home?

Why can't we put our floor in? Why can't we put our windows in?

Franko's right. I'd rather sleep in my cell.

Mr. Franko, with his keen eye for detail …

… has noted that the prisoners' quarters are not ready.

The answer to that is simple:

You are not yet ready to occupy that hut …

… with the degree of comfort that you would like.

When I think that you've earned that privilege, I'll let you know.

Reveille is at 0530.

That is all. Sergeant.

You heard the man, chow time!


That's it, fellas. Speak up, boys. Speak up.

Wind it up, strike one!

Joseph, is that the way they did it in the Polish navy?

You won't win any cigars that way.

Hey, Franko, number, please.

Ask the operator for my nickel back.

Why don't you guys just dry up and blow away?

Meanwhile, on the Atlantic wall …

… the German forces have been preparing …

… a few nice surprises for you, gentlemen …

… just in case Mr. Churchill …

… is foolish enough to attempt an invasion.

He may not be unduly worried about this …

… but then, of course, he will not be taking part …

… in such an...

What's this guy's name? Haw-Haw ?

You ought to know. You listen to him every night.

Dumbo, get me a cup of coffee. You crazy?

I say shut the guy up.

Sleepy time. Jump through this.

Hey, you. Come here.

You look like an intelligent guy.

You like it here? No.

You gonna stay here?

Well, I ain't got nowhere else to go. Ah, you're an idiot.

Hey, Wladislaw. You understand German.

Who's that dame singing about?

Well, it's about a very lonely girl …

… who's sick and tired of war and being left alone.

Waiting for her man.

Keep that cheap, wailing slut quiet!

Let's cut out the community sing.

Get some sleep. You're gonna need it.

Up yours.

Creeps. They're all creeps. That's what they are.

Hey, where you going?

Going to the can.

You want me to come? You kidding?

They're after Franko.

You trying to get us all hung?

We're all dead anyway. How come you believe that creep Reisman?

Want that bum to make suckers out of you? Whose side are you on?

What's with you?

What is this, anyway? Uncle Tom week?

You come with me, we're home free.

He doesn't care about you.

If we go on that mission, we all get killed. That's what they want!

Those idiots in there are gonna get shot. Every last one of them.

You, you slob, you slob. What do you think you've got coming?

Slipped on a bar of soap, huh? Yeah.

Pull with your arms, hold with your legs.

Pull with your arms, hold with your legs.

Come on, Jiminez. Move it.

When the time comes, you've got 34 seconds to clear that distance.

I can't make it, major.

Oh, come on, Jiminez. Move it. Don't stop now.

I can't! I can't!

Come on, Jiminez. Move. I really can't.

Can't make it, major.

I can't make it!

You come down that rope, you're going straight back to prison.

I can't. I can't!

Really, I can't.

Sergeant, give me that weapon. Take a spin on that rope.

I can't make it. I can't make it!

I can't!

I really can't make it.

I can't!

Boy, look at him go now!

So you couldn't make it, huh?

Posey, let's see that Apache know-how.

Re-thread that pulley and get another rope down here.

Give these others a crack at immortality.

You said Mayonnaise was the only one supposed to get on top of that.

But suppose Jiminez gets killed before he gets to the top of that chateau?

Come on, Posey. Move it. Come on, get that thing up here.

We'll have it ready in a minute.

All right, Franko, you're next.

So much for hygiene on the field.

Which one of you wants to stick this in the major?

Well, major, if it's gonna help the war effort ….

You'll get your chance.

Well, let's see ….

Posey. Me?

Yeah, step out here.

I'd rather not, sir.

Look, Posey, it's just an example. Come on, now.

Will you hold this knife?

It's got a scabbard. It can't hurt anybody.

Tell me, Posey, what'd they lock you up for?

I mean, what did you do?

I already told you, sir.

Tell me again. I'm sure your friends over here would like to know too.

What'd you do, Posey? Yeah, fill him in.

This fella kept pushing me. I don't like to be pushed. I hit him.

Killed a man with bare hands because he shoved you?

I only hit him once.

Only hit him once.

Drove his jawbone right through his brain because he pushed him.

I didn't mean to kill him. You didn't mean to, but you did.

What would you do if you meant to kill somebody?

If you had to kill somebody with a knife, do you think you could?

Tell me. I'd rather not.

I don't care what you'd rather do.

Stick that knife in me. You can do that. Come on.

Major, I don't want to do this. Just stick it near me, it won't hurt.

Come on.

I don't want to hurt you. You're not. I'm gonna hurt you.

Stick me. I don't want no trouble.

I'll give you all the trouble you'll ever get.

Come on, now. Just stick that knife right there.

You're a big boy.

You'd kill a man if he shoved you?

Come on. Let me have it. Stick him!

Give it to me or I'm gonna shove you right through the wall!

Come on. Give it to him!

Stab him! Get him!

I want that knife. Why won't you give it to me?

You're being shoved!

Stick him! Knock him down, Posey!

What a name for a guy like you.

Stop! Don't you tell me what to do.

I don't like pushing.

Give it to him good!

I don't like to be shoved.

Stop pushing!

Yes, sir? Are you all right?


All right, now. Relax.

Come on, get up.

You learn how to take care of that temper of yours …

…nobody'll take this knife away.

You're right. I'm sorry.

Okay, major. We're all set.

You go on in and see Captain Kinder.

What's he gonna do? He's just gonna talk to you.

Brush yourself off and go on in. Yes, sir.

All right, which of you gentlemen is next?

Come on. I'm looking for a volunteer.

All right, Maggott. You're next.

Speed it up, men. Come on, speed it up.

They're looking good.

Yes, sir. I hope they don't forget what they're getting in shape for.

Kinder figures he can teach me letters.

My folks'd be proud if I wrote.

That would put you way ahead of most of the guys here.

Better fall in and join them.

It's true that I've been blessed …

… with an insight into women that others don't have.

And sometimes …. Sometimes I'm called upon …

… to use it in our Beloved Master's will.

If women are your special province, why do you hate Reisman?

There are 11 evil men out there …

… and they must be punished for their wickedness.

Reisman snatched them up from the brink of the pit …

… and he cheated the Master of his vengeance.

You think that's what God wants? To punish these men?

Oh, he will, captain. He will.

Major Reisman too.

What does that give you?

It doesn't give me anything.

Along with these other results, it gives you …

… about the most twisted bunch of psychopathic deformities ever!

And the worst, the most dangerous of the bunch is Maggott.

One religious maniac …

… one malignant dwarf, two near-idiots ….

The rest, I don't want to think about.

I can't think of a better way to fight.

The results of these tests point to the fact that each man …

… has a built-in resentment against any kind of authority. Any kind.

Don't you?

These guys think the U.S. Army is their enemy, not the Germans.

They know the U.S. Army.

The Krauts haven't done anything to them yet.

Very sophisticated.

At least they know the U.S. Army.

You can twist it any way you want. But the point is …

… you are their main enemy. When the time comes, you'll be a target.

At least it gives them something in common.

What do you mean?

They've come a long way individually, further than we thought.

Not as a unit. Not as a group.

They've gotta function as a team. That's what's lacking.

Putting them on guard duty will help?

It might give them a sense of participation.

Why don't you let me weed out the morons? Especially Maggot.

I didn't pick these men, the Army did. I didn't pick the assignment.

This is one time the Army's going with a starting lineup.

Including Maggott? Including Maggott. Cheers.

We could get ourselves hurt.

Why don't you shut up, huh?

You planning to save your mother?

Why don't you lay off?

Want me to show you how to do it?

All right.

Take my arm, put it around your neck. Very simple, right?

And then it's all in the leverage.

Better learn how to fall. You'll end up in a wheelchair.

That's what I was trying to tell him. You just don't know how to fall right.

Slob. Ah, that's a bad attitude.

Kind of rough on the little fella. Like to try that with me?

This is really quite simple.

I'll say a word, and you come back at me …

… with whatever comes to your mind.

For instance, if I say "happiness," you might say "children."

I wouldn't say that.

That was just an example. If I said "ambition," what would you say?

I wouldn't say anything.

Well, let's give it a try, okay?

Weapon. Baseball.

Knife. Dodgers.

Officer. Pitcher.

You seem to be thinking about just one thing, aren't you?

Yeah. What are you thinking about?

Well, I don't want you to think of just one thing.

I'd like for you to concentrate on each word I throw at you.




Comfort. Chicago.

What made you say that?

That's what I was thinking about.

The hell with it!

Franko, what is it this time?

How can I shave in cold water?!

You're in the field. Where are you gonna get hot water?

You and the guards got hot water!

You're in the field! Tough.

How come you guys have hot water and we don't?

Quiet! You keep your big mouth shut.

We ain't shaving in cold water! Not if you don't.

You want us to shave in cold water? Why don't you?

That's right. Yeah!

Franko means it!

We ain't shaving or washing in cold water!

Is that right? Right!

The guards got hot, we won't use cold.

You can't make us!

You're gonna get yourself into hot water, Franko.

So what? You gonna hang us?

What? They can't do nothing!

Now what are you gonna do!?

You know, I think Franko might be right this time.

Shaving in cold water won't make us any better soldiers.

Sir, we got some trouble outside.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear.

All right, sergeant. Fall them in.

All right, fall in. On your feet!

Fall in right over here, Posey!

Dress it up there. Get in line!

What's this about shaving? Who is refusing to shave?

We are! Who is we?


All those refusing to shave, take one step forward.

So you want to stink, huh?

And maybe itch too?

That's okay with me because I don't have to smell you.

There will be no further issue of shaving equipment or the use of soap.

And there will be no more hot meals.

Just K rations.

Courtesy of Mr. Franko.

At ease.

I think we got something.

Yeah, it's what the Navy calls "mutiny."

Remember what I was saying about 12 rugged individualists?

You heard them. It was all "we ain't gonna do this and that."

When I said to step forward, even Posey joined.

I bet he's been shaving in cold water since he was a kid.

Boy, do I love that Franko.

That means that we are going to have that much more time for work.

So now, if you …

… "dirty dozen" have no objections …

… we will get our equipment …

… and we will start in. Right now.

That's very good.

You look just like real soldiers.

Fall out!

Now, move it!

You're still the dirtiest soldiers in this man's army …

… and you're getting filthier every day.

But your training is almost over.

Two days from now, you'll be learning how to jump with a parachute.

This training will take place at a regular Army base.

And I just want to remind you that this operation is secret.

Top secret.

You will not be wearing dog tags. You will not say anything to anyone.

Do you understand? Nothing. Nothing!

One word, one slip from any one of you …

… and the deal is off!

You all know what that means, right?

All right, serve it up.

All right, serve it up!

Colonel Breed won't like this secrecy. He'll want to know.

We're still top priority, aren't we? You can't ignore...

Do we have the juice? Yes, but...

Then I don't care what Colonel Breed likes.

Look, you're supposed to be the liaison officer.

I want orders to the highest echelon, stating to Colonel Breed …

… that a group, over which he will have no authority, will be arriving …

… and the identity of the men is secret. Tell him we got a general …

… or any damn thing, but just get that West Point bum off of my back.

A general, huh?

I'll see what I can do.

I know you will.

What kind of food is that?

Okay, pig face, serve it up!

What is it?

I don't know. I never ate anything like this.

I've stepped in it a couple of times, but I never ate it.

What is it?

Did you ask what general?

Got the same thing again:

No information beyond what was in the order.

General Denton?

When we first called, his extension was busy. Now he's not there.

Not now.

Well, what about you? Nothing, sir.

Not now, you!

I think they're coming.

Yeah, it's them.

Yes? Sir, they just passed the checkpoint!

Let's go.

Now. Now!

Sounds like we're running into a party.

Boy, you don't suppose it's for us, do you?

Present arms!

Major Reisman reporting, sir.

Where's the general?

He's in the truck. You understand he's traveling incognito.

We thought he might inspect our number one platoon.

If you give me a moment, I'll see if he's willing to do that.

Order, halt!

How come the band?

What the hell are we waiting for? Expecting a guest list.

What guest list? What's the matter with you?

Which one of you guys wants to be a general?


What? What kind of a general, sir?

Just a plain ordinary, everyday, home-loving American general.

I'd rather be a civilian, sir.

What do I have to do?

You've seen generals inspecting troops. Just walk slow and act stupid.

Up one rank, down the other, and back to the truck.

They're expecting a general. That's exactly what they'll get.

Let's go.

Move it. Come on, move it! Ten-hut!

Present arms!

Let's go, move it.

Fall in!

Pinkley's gonna be a general. Why?

What? Shut up and watch.

1st Platoon waiting for inspection, sir!

They're very pretty, colonel. Very pretty.

But can they fight? Yes, sir.

I hope you're right.

Where are you from, son? Madison City, Missouri, sir.

Never heard of it.

All right, major, we've got work to do. Thank you, colonel.

Hold it down. Hold it down.

You pull a stunt like that again, I'll beat your brains out!

Sergeant, fall them into a column of twos then move out.

Yes, sir. Fall out. Fall into column of twos on me. Fall out!


Some people may consider you a first-class officer.

But as far as I'm concerned, you're a disorganized, undisciplined clown.

I'll make it my business to run you out of this Army.

I owe you an apology.

I always thought that you were a cold, unimaginative, tight-lipped officer.

But you're really quite emotional, aren't you?

Clayton. Blake.

Hey, watch it. Watch out, will you?

Hold this. All right, let's go!

Do you believe this guy? Okay, all right, we're coming!

Come on, let's go!

You're in the way.

What's the matter with you guys?

Listen, buster. Hands off!

Now, take it easy.

Just want to ask you a few questions. Questions, huh?

Hold him! Hold him!

You son of a...

In the guts, so it don't show.

That's the way!

Talk, you bastard. Who the hell are you?

Number Nine. You crumb.

Number Nine.

You gonna to tell us or not? Go to hell.

Hold him.

Where the hell are your dog tags?

I ate them.

You ate them?

You gonna tell us now? Yeah.


Number Nine! Wladislaw!

What happened?

They tried to make me talk.

Where have you been?

What happened? He slipped on a bar of soap.

Everybody's slipping on soap.

Of all the miserable...

Who? Who? Reisman.

He had two paras jump him.

Major did this? Gave him a pretty hard time.

Well? Well, what?

Did he tell them anything?

Are you crazy?

Three wise men.

"Trust your major." I'd rather trust Hitler.

All right, move it out. Come on, move it! Move it!

You'll find this easier than our jump tower.

Action stations!


♪ The flowers on the bramble bush ♪ ♪ are all so pink and white ♪

♪ But if you reach to pluck one, ♪ ♪ as sure as you are born ♪

♪ The bramble bush will stick you ♪ ♪ with it's prickly thorn ♪

♪ And the pretty girl ♪ ♪ is like a bramble bush ♪ Morgan.

Yes, sir. They should be here soon.

Gather the men. I'll talk to them first.

We'll use your hut tonight. Our hut?

Your hut.

Yes, sir. Right away, sir.

All right, Ike and Mike.

Come on, get on your feet. Come on, let's go.

Move it!

What are you, the Gold Dust Twins?

♪ ...if you should touch ♪ You need a special invitation?

No, sir. No, sir?

I mean, yes, sir. Then move it!

That's TS, Greek. Why don't you tell it to the chaplain?

All right, you foul-ups, come on! Get over to the MP hut.

The man wants to talk to you. Come on, move it!

All right.

Stop pushing.

Come on now, let's get going!

So this is how the other half lives.

Get going!

Hey, we're not going to the junior prom.

Pretty sweet, huh? No dancing. Come on, let's go!

They got electricity. Nice to be rich.

Hey, what does he want to see us for?

A radio. Hey, look at those pictures!

Horny bunch of mothers. Wow!

All right, give them a little air, boys.

Move it, Jiminez.

Okay, sarge.

Well, jump school didn't kill you. Maybe that stuff will.

Your training's about over and I figure that entitles you …

… to a graduation ball or something. You have cups and glasses.

All right, wheel them in.

Shall I say they're your treat, sir?

Hell, no. Say it's part of their training.

Yes, sir.

Where are we?

Oh! Somebody in this truck has a cold nose.

Get off me foot!

Are you hurt? It's a limey barrack!

I'm not one for orgies meself!

Should've asked for more money. Minx.

You sadists!

Good evening. I'm already too worn out to work.

Right this way, ladies. Move along.

Good evening, major.

I only got eight. It's like cops. If you want one, you can't find one.

Good evening, ladies. Good evening, admiral.

Blimey, they're filthy!

They may be, lady, but they sure do mean well.


All present and accounted for, major.

You gentlemen will be on duty again at 0600 hours.

That's the same amount of time these ladies have allotted to be your guests.

In the meantime, I suggest that you use that time to get acquainted.

I don't believe that Mr. Maggott cares to indulge …

… so I suggest you save some whiskey for him when he gets off duty.

Good night, gentlemen. Ladies.

Good night, colonel.

Are you crazy? Let's go. We might inhibit them.

You want to bet?

Yes, you, Major Reisman!

I saw those filthy strumpets!

You're turning this place into a bottomless pit of vice!

Comes Judgment Day!

And Judgment Day is coming!

Those men, major, they'll suffer eternal damnation because of you!

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open!

You're on guard duty, Maggott!

Want to dance?

There's no music.

Try humming.

All right, girls, you want to lose those wraps?

Make yourself at home.

You think those guys realize tomorrow's Mother's Day?

Is it?

Now they're doing it to music.

This is a restricted area, sir. I know that.

Two groups, three ranks in.

Open the gate.

Come on, let's move it!

Open this gate.

Yes, sir.

Hey, look at those guys.

You can't come in here, sir!

Sergeant, take his weapon.

Take his weapon.

Corporal Morgan. Sergeant, get that rabble in some kind of order.

Yes, sir. Commander, man to man!

Sir, you are contravening a direct order.

Contravening nothing!

Fall in with the rest. Speak when you're spoken to.

You heard what the colonel said. Fall in!

Come on, move it!

You heard what he said. Fall in!

Come on, come on! Let's get the lead out.

What's he all upset about?

All right, you bunch of foul-ups. Grab a formation.

Fall in there! Come on, you yard birds!

You believe this Army? We gotta be losing.

Move it! What's wrong with you? You got lead in them?

Come on, get going!

Hey, ain't those the jokers that roughed you up in the latrine?

Come on, pick it up!

Yeah, we had Reisman all wrong.

Come on, move it! Not now. Wait for it.

What's going on up there?

Hey, you! What are you, something special?

We gotta wait all day?

Come on!

Get in position there! Let's try and make a straight line.

Let's look like soldiers, huh?

I told you nobody could pass! Now open the gate. Let's get going!

Those are the two guys that got Wladislaw.

Those are the two guys that gave Wladislaw his lumps.

Those are the two guys that jumped Wladislaw.

Those are the two guys that banged Wladislaw.

Those two gorillas beat up Wladislaw.

Those are the two guys...

In my opinion …

… the officer in command of this operation …

… has either disregarded his orders or is flagrantly disobeying them …

… one way or the other.

And that is what I am here to find out.

All right …

… gentlemen, let's understand each other.

I'm here to find out exactly what this is all about …

… and I intend to do it if it takes all day.

You can make it easy or tough on yourself. That's up to you.

Before I leave, we're going to find out who's involved in this insanity …

… what you're doing here and why.

Is that understood?

All right, general.

Your name, rank and serial number. You tell him, we've all had it!


What's your name, soldier?

Number Two, sir.

Morgan. Clayton.

Yes, sir?

Give Clayton his name, rank and serial number. For all of them.

I don't know that, sir. Then tell him what you do know.

You fink, tell him nothing!

What was that talk down there? Nothing, sir.

Come here, soldier.

When did you bathe last?

I don't remember, sir. You're filthy.

You're a disgrace to the uniform.

Fredericks, get a razor and water.

He will demonstrate proper procedure for shaving and bathing in the field.

Yes, sir. Right, soldier?

No, sir!

No, sir, what?

No, sir, I am not going to shave, sir!

Then we'll have to do it the hard way. Clayton. Blake. Dry-shave him!


Reisman! That's right!

Have your men dispose of their weapons!

Sergeant Bowren!

Get some special help and get those weapons!

Yes, sir. All right, you heard the man!

Now get moving!

Hit them only where it hurts.

Turn it loose! That's great.

Pull them loose. I'm sorry, sergeant.

You Nazi!

I'm with you, major, all the way!

Don't call us, we'll call you.

You must be out of your mind!

It might seem that way.

Take it all back, colonel. They aren't pretty.

They're all 4-Fs!

Hey, colonel, I hear they don't even use parachutes!

Hey, colonel, you crybaby!

Don't just stand there, pick it up!

Stick around for tea. Put some money in there.

Come again, colonel!

Stop by any time, bozo.

I'm sure you look upon your service record as being highly colorful.

Well, that's not my view of it.

You know I was never in favor of you leading this operation.

So I can't say I'm disappointed in your performance.

The impression you gave me was very unfavorable in the first place.

You act as if this were a personal matter.

Let me assure you, it isn't.

What happens to you is something to which I am indifferent.

But the nature of the operation I am running is not.

Colonel Breed's report on your achievement …

… and general behavior at the parachute training school is negative.

It would justify my recommendation that this operation be canceled.

Your men will be sent back for execution of sentence.

Whether you'll be disciplined personally …

… is a matter for General Worden.

Do you deny your responsibility for the fact that …

…on the night of April 14-15, a military establishment of the U.S. Army…

… was the scene of a drunken party …

… at which no less than seven female civilians took an active part?

Oh, yes, sir, they took an active part all right.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Can you offer even the remotest mitigating circumstances?

Yes, sir. Oh, sergeant, more ice.

Yes, sir.


The men had a chance to get off the hook. They've worked hard.

Now that they're shaping up, you're gonna say, "The deal's off"?

You've only yourself to blame. You brought those women to camp.

So you're gonna kill five men and send the rest to prison for life?

Because if you did that …

…you'd have to lock up half the United States Army, officers included.

Besides, it was my fault. It doesn't affect their ability as soldiers.

Yes, well, we've heard about their abilities from Colonel Breed.

That's his opinion.

My men have crammed six months of intensive training into as many weeks.

As of now, I'd stack them up against any men in the Army.

You can't be serious.

Damn right I am! They might not be pretty …

… but any one of mine is worth 10 of yours!

That's hardly the point. It's precisely the point.

I contend my men are more than able to handle any job given them.

You gentlemen set this thing up. You promised them a chance.

At least let them show you their capabilities.

I shudder to think what they're capable of.

Let them prove it!

If they fail, your conscience is clear.

Tell me, major …

… just how would you have your men "prove it"?

It can't be done, can it?

Well, yes. I suppose it could.

I mean, there might be a way.

What I mean is, general, if you recall …

… we have divisional maneuvers in Devonshire.

Yes, yes, yes.

Colonel Breed's outfit will be part of that exercise.

As a matter of fact, one of his companies …

… has been assigned the defense of divisional headquarters.


So ….

So, you let my 12 men act as an independent unit …

… attached to the opposing force.

They'll knock out Breed's headquarters and capture his entire staff.

That I'd like to see!

So would I!

Charlie and Fox Companies will support the backwoods.

They'll be aided by the 2nd Battalion.

Rogers won't like it, but I don't want to hear it.

Yes, sir. How's Johnson's armor?

They just ran through two minutes ago. The armor's all set.

Hold it!


Think we'll get away with this?

Smile, you idiots! If those blue slobs recognize us, we're in trouble.

Would you believe it? They shaved.

How about that?

Get a load of the major. He can't believe we made it.

Day go fast, major? Just beautiful. But you're late.

Got everything you need? Absolutely.

Think you can remember the plan?

Where'd you get the vehicle? We stole it.

Like we're gonna steal everything else.

We're playing war games. Anything else, sir?

I guess not. All right, we'll be with the generals at headquarters.

From now on, you're on your own. Take off and good luck.

Let's move!

All right, split up into three groups.

These two belong to you?

Where's General Worden?

He's gone to check up in the field, sir.

Oh, my God ….

Well? Be with you in a minute, sir.

Well, how about this one? Yes, sir. I think that's it, sir.

Oh, that's excellent, Haskell, excellent!

Come on, let's go.

We made it. Where are the others?

8:45. Four of them should come over that ridge soon.

0845? They'd better be coming fast then.

Don't you know the enemy's planned a barrage on that ridge at 0850?

Yes, sir, I know that.

That's the one place Colonel Breed won't look for them.

Are they all set? All set, sir.

Batteries one, three and four open fire and continue at will.

Batteries one, three and four open fire and continue at will.

Batteries one, three and four.




Come on!

Let's go! Come on!


Now, come on!

While they're reloading! Let's go!


Secure guns!

All right, let's go!

Let's go.

What the hell were you guys waiting for?

Why, what do you mean, "waiting"?

Those lovers were trying to kill us back there!


Change? What do you mean, "change"?

You can't do that!

It's all right, major. We're gonna change back later.

They can't stop us now.

Let's go.

Come on.

We're on our way.

We get across this road, take 10.

What are we waiting here for?

For a jeep, a heavy machine gun, and four men.

Like this one?

Slow down.


Good afternoon, general.

The Mafia has landed!

Whatever Franko says, Franko does!

Let's get it out. Move it out.

Come on, snap it up. Franko, out!

Out! What do you mean, "out"?

Who do you think stole this thing? You did, my boy.

You and Pinkley are the only guys that Colonel Breed got a good look at!

This is a big enough risk without you coming along.

Out. Come on, Franko.

Jefferson, show up with the ambulance by 0930.

You're late, I'll figure you got nailed.

Then we'll take a whack at Plan B. Right.

So long, major.

Hold on, Maggott. Don't want to lose you now.




Morning, Breed. Morning. Quite a surprise.

Everything under control? You could say that, sir.

Good. At ease, gentlemen, at ease.

Just thought I'd drop by to see how things are shaping up.

So this is what it looks like?

Come on, push!

Posey, remember, you're hurt. Oh, I'm dying.

Come on, Maggott.

Stand back, now.

What's that? Over there!

What was that? Down the road, sir. See that smoke?

Sergeant, have somebody take a look. Yes, sir.

What are they doing at that ridge? I don't know, sir.

That should've been cleared half an hour ago.

Colonel, it sure doesn't look like it's been cleared, does it?

Let's go.

Remember, you're injured. Don't worry.

You forgot the ketchup.

Help! Come on.


We got a man that's hurt bad. We'd like an ambulance.

Call an ambulance. See what happened.

Yes, sir. Come on, you two.


Come here. Yes, sir.

What were you doing on that road?

Our jeep got a flat tire. We went into a ditch.

I didn't ask you that. I asked you what you were doing on that road.

Spotting for the Field Artillery, sir.

Let's see that map.

Move able Charlie Company to …

… the bridge under smoke screen.

Baker Company bank towards the ridge at 1420 hours.

Private? Come here. Yes, sir.

What's your name and outfit?

Private Matthew Donald, sir.

Serial number 726256. Battery B, 526th Field Artillery, sir.

Where are your orders? Right here, sir.

From Captain Thornhill.

I know most of the men under my command.

I don't recall seeing you before.

No, sir. I was transferred in last week, sir.

We're getting congested at point B. Two forces have mined the road.

Where's Peterson? Here it comes!

Clear the way!

Looks like somebody got hurt.

Watch it there!

Okay, let's have some help with this soldier.

Count of three, lift. One, two, lift.

Take it easy now.

Where do we put him, sir? Put him there.

You can stay, but keep out of the way. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Sorry, but this is the end of the line for you.

But we got a bad accident down here, sir.

That's too bad, because you just became prisoners of war.

It's the enemy, sir!

All right, come on, let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

They can't do that.

You're wearing Red Force insignia.

That's right. We're traitors.

Watch my finger. These aren't real bullets, idiot!

Look here, I'm a doctor, major.

And I'm a major, captain.

Yes, but we had a radio message.

There's a man badly hurt down there.

Hurry it up!

Here's our permission to cross all roadblocks.

Very cute idea, captain. But it won't work. Get out.

But it's not a gag, sir. There's a real casualty there.

All set back here, Jefferson.

Sir, will you explain the rules to him?

The man may be dying.

I'm just an observer, captain, not an umpire.

I can't interfere or make any rulings.

Come on, doc, I've got a sick tree back here.

Come on, you too.

She's blond, she's engaged. Come on, sugar!

Got your patient right here, doc. What's the matter?

You're really gonna enjoy this.

How about this patient, doc?

Come on, men. What about 0930?

Take out the blue bands! Let's go.

Change to the blue armband!

What about the prisoners?

We can't spare men to look after prisoners.

You coming?

Is he trying to kill us? We must be going 120.

He's gonna squash us in this can.

You want to be there by 0930? Yeah.

Pull them back to map reference 397492.

Let Blue Force through.

Call in company orders and hit them at the crossroads.

Hello, Able 3.

Don't worry, Bill. We called for the ambulance.

It's gonna be all right. Yes, it will.

It's gonna be all right.

I want to strike on Hill 80 between them at 1400 hours.

Move them up to the hill with their heads down.

Well, thanks very much, colonel. It's been very instructive.

I think I'll take a ride now and get the overall picture.

Yes, sir, thank you.

Move it over. Give them room.

Forward observation report. Blue Force tanks approaching …

…airfield at map reference.

Out of the way!

Watch out for the ambulance!

There he is. The old man!

Come on, observers!

Major Reisman's compliments, sir.

Hey, major. What do you think about that one, major?

I didn't tell you before …

… because it might make you nervous.

After our last party, the generals were all in favor …

… of sending you to finish your sentences.

Or get hung.

Or get hung.

But I made a deal with them.

Knocking off Breed's headquarters is what got you off the hook.

You weren't really worried, were you, major?

No, not much, he wasn't.

But we still have one operation to go.

If you guys foul up on this one, none of us will ever play the violin again.

Because up until now, it's all been a game.

But as of tomorrow night, it'll be the real thing.

If you want to know how real, I'll tell you.

It's my guess that a lot of you won't be coming back.

But there's no sense in squawking about that.

The Army never did love you.

Besides, you all volunteered, right?

Yeah. Well, that's more than I did.

Sergeant Bowren.

We've been over this a thousand times …

… but a lot can go wrong. We have to be ready to improvise.

Let's see what happens if everything goes right. Ready?

One. At the roadblock we've just begun.

One. At the roadblock we've just begun.

Two. The guards are through.

Three. The major's men are on a spree.

Four. Major and Wladislaw go through the door.

Five. Pinkley stays out in the drive.

Six. The major gives the rope a fix.

Seven. Wladislaw throws the hook to heaven.

Eight. Jiminez has got a date.

Nine. The other guys go up the line.

Ten. Sawyer and Gilpin are in the pen.

Eleven. Posey guards points five and seven.

Twelve. Wladislaw and major go down to delve.

And where's Donald Duck?

Donald Duck's at the crossroads with a machine gun.

He'd better not be asleep, or we'll all be in trouble.

Thirteen. Franko goes up without being seen.

Fourteen. Zero hour.

Mayonnaise cuts the cable, Franko cuts the phone.

Fifteen. Franko goes in where the others have been.

Sixteen. We all come out like it's Halloween.

And kill every officer in sight.

Ours or theirs?

Let's start off with theirs, huh?

Take it again from the top, without the ad libs.

One. Down the roadblock, we've just begun.

Two. The guards are through.

Three. The major's men are on a spree.

Fourteen. Zero hour.

And? Mayonnaise cuts the cable …

… Franko cuts the phone.

Fifteen. Franko goes in where the others have been.

Sixteen. We all come out like it's Halloween.


Seventeen. D-day.

We get out as best we can and make our way to the coast.

And hope the entire invasion hasn't been a total disaster.

Otherwise, we've got a long swim home.

How much longer, major?

I'll ask the driver.

You're not worried about jumping at night, are you?

Getting back.


Cargo ….


Where have you been? We're late.

Looking for Jiminez.

We found him hung up in an apple tree.

His neck's broken. You mean he's dead?

That's exactly what I mean.

This far. Yeah.

Franko, now you know why we all checked out on that rope.

Gilpin, number eight.

Gilpin, did you hear me?

Eight. Gilpin's got a date?

Fourteen. Zero hour.

And? Gilpin cuts the cables …

… Franko cuts the phone. Let's go.

What a great way to start out, huh? Yeah.

So far, so good, major.

Where are those guys?

Here they come.

Let's go.

Come on, Pinkley, let's go.

It's just like the major said it would be.

Yeah, really some spread, ain't it?

There they go.

No blackout? Think they're expecting us?

Hey, the silencer!

Let's go.

"Radio room."

Everything okay? Yeah.

I don't know how many we'll kill …

… but we'll make an awful lot of noise.

Hey, do you believe in stuff like that?

I don't know, can't hurt nothing.

I don't think I believe in stuff like that.

So how's your German holding up? Oh, man, I don't know.

You know those two guys at the stairs?

I couldn't understand a word.

Just act mean and grunt, huh? Yeah.

Okay, Room 11.


You go first, I'll carry the bags.

We'll set it up here.

They should've been here by now. Yeah.


I left the rope.

Hold it.


Stupid Polack. Shut up.

Hurry up!



Ready for the turkey shoot?

I wish I could read this. Think it's dirty?

Hey! What are you doing?

Franko and the others are still down there. Come on!

Hey, Maggott.

What are you doing? Get out of sight.




Scream, you bitch.


Scream, you slut.

Sprechen, you harlot.


Radio room.

Blow it!

Blow it!

Hey, what's going on? Shut up.

It's judgment day, you sinners.

Come out.

Come out, wherever you are.

Come out.


You didn't think about that, did you? They gotta breathe.

You got the grenades?

Right, sir.

We got enough to blow up the world.

What do we do about them?

Feed the French and kill the Germans.

Franko, cover that corner. What happened?

They're in the bunker. There's gotta be air vents. Take a look.

All right, bring your grenades! Over here!

I'll take them.

Here they are.

Take it down there.

Get Vladek out here.

Where's that coming from?

Vladek, we need you.

Come on, come on.

Get over here and start a truck!

Wladislaw, Jefferson. Get the lids off those other ventilators.

You know what you gotta do, so do it.

All right, you Frenchies, beat it.

No, it's all right. Go on.

Get up there and cover that bridge!

Move it!

Help Bowren!

There they are!

Hurry it up. Posey's got trouble!

Get one of those trucks started!

No, no, no. Leave the pins in. The pins in.

Bowren, get some gasoline.

Some gasoline?

Are you sure?

You want to ask Pinkley and Vladek? Get going!

Yes, sir.

Sawyer, Lever, cover that bridge!

Do you believe it? They keep these locked.

Keep looking!

The other road!

Come on, baby. Where are you, baby?

Let's go!

Move over.

Wladislaw …

… get Vladek out of there, huh?

Another flare!

Come on, you.

When I give the signal, set them off and get the hell out of there.

We'll wait for you at the bridge.

Right? Right.

Let's go!

Come on, let's go. Hurry up!

Are you okay? Yeah.

Jefferson, set them off!

Get that thing out of here or we'll all go up!

Let's go.

They're not gonna make it.

We'll get a boat and get out at the other side.

All right, blow it!

Remember, Jefferson, 20 seconds!

Faster, faster. Come on!

Jefferson faster. Come on, Jefferson. Run!

Go! Hurry up!

Come on, move! Come on, come on.

It's gonna blow! Come on!

Come on, Jefferson!

Come on, start.

It won't start. The bastard won't start!

All right, get in.

Shift! Shift it, shift it!

We made it!

We made it. Those stupid bastards, we made it!

Keep shooting!


Among the many reports of the raid on the chateau …

… perhaps the most objective is the one by General Worden …

… in which he states:

"We are recommending that members of the group 'The Dirty Dozen'…"

… who survived should have their records amended to indicate …

… that they are being returned to active duty at their former ranks.

And that the next of kin of those who were killed be advised …

"… that they lost their lives in the line of duty."

You did a fine job, major.

I'll see you around.

You did a good job, soldier.

Hurry up and get well. We need men like you.

Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

Killing generals could get to be a habit with me.

Franko, V.R.

Vladek, M.

Jefferson, R.T.

Pinkley, V.L.

Gilpin, S.

Posey, S.

Sawyer, S.K.

Lever, R.

Bravos, T.R.

Jiminez, J.P.

Maggot, A.J.

They lost their lives in the line of duty.