The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009) Script


Help me. Help me. Let me go.

Help me.

Well? Did you send it?

Did you send the e-mail?


Yes. I sent them.

I sent them.

We need to keep you high, Drakie. Understand?

Please nod if you understand.

Now, for you to drink, I need to take off the gag.

Please ... do not scream.

We do not want to hurt you.

And we certainly don't wanna kill you.

Now we are absolutely prepared to do either or both of these things ... if we need to. Do you understand? Yes.

Please don't hurt me.

Please, please let me go.

I have a daughter and she needs me. Shh ...

Please ― We know you don't have a daughter.

We know everything about you.

Now I'm sure it's a natural response.

You're trying to reason with us ... you're just ...

Now you listen to me!

The only people that can get you out of here are him and me.

We are your only friends.

I owe it to you to do as we say.

Now, are you gonna be quiet and drink from the bottle?


Whenever you need the bathroom, wait till we come in and give us this signal.

Try to hold it in, because we won't be changing your sheets or your clothes.

Do you understand?


We should keep a clear head! Need a drink.

Just one.

Make sure it's not your breath in there.

Make sure she can't smell any on you.


Because we are not a bunch of fucking amateurs.

Okay. I'll chew some gum after.

You should eat. Keep your energy up.

I'm not hungry.

I do not care. Eat.

I said eat! I don't want to.



Eat it!

I said I'm not hungry.

Fuck! Shit!

That far I told you I'm not hungry.

You haven't eaten for nine hours, you've been doing physical work ... and you're still not hungry? No. No.

If you are not hungry, it means that something is not right.

Maybe you're thinking too much.

About whether we have done everything right, or whether we have made a mistake on the way that will get us caught?

That can get us 20 years in jail.

Or maybe you think about whether we had to rough up that girl?

Or perhaps even kill her?

Or worse ...

Maybe you are getting senti-fuckin'-mental. Now this girl isn't just theoretical?!

Now, you've looked into her eyes.

Maybe you're having second thoughts?!

Maybe your conscience is eating away at your conviction?!

And maybe you are persuading yourself ... the best thing to do is just go in there, untie her, and let her go?!

Would you listen to me?

Fuck that !!!

You understand?

Look at me.

Look at me!

Fuck that !!

We are in this. We are too far along to get fucking squeamish.

Now, any doubts that you have, are just bullshit.

They are just major bullshit, and you know it.

You know it. You know you know it.

So you say it.

Say what?

Fuck that !!

Fuck that. Again.

Fuck that !

Now don't think.


We got a long night ahead.

I'm sorry if I hurt you.

We should check on her before I leave.


How come I always have to do the fucking dogwork?

Because that's your role.

Now go and check on her.

Bathroom alert.

Do you need a number one, or a number two?

Show me with your fingers.



You're going already? Yeah.

It's time.

Be careful.

Remember to dump the phone.

I'm not stupid.

Just reminding.

Don't sleep, check on her, and don't drink.

Sure. Whatever.

No ― Not whatever. You just do it.

You keep your head in the fucking game.

Do you understand?


Fuckin' dick.

What happened?

Did you make the call? Yeah.

I made it.

So how did it go?

It went fine. So he is going to pay?

He said yes, but ― But what?

There was a click.

The police were there. They were listening in.


Ok. We knew this would happen eventually.

Yeah, but not so fucking soon.

We planned this. That's why we dumped the phone.

We planned for this, so calm down.

So what did he say?

He said he wanted to speak to his daughter, and make sure she was still alive.


And I said no. He was just playing for time so they could trace the call.

Trace? Fuck me!


We're okay. But he agreed?

He agreed to the money, to the timing?

Yes. He said he'd get the money first thing in the morning.

No sequential notes, no traces, no paybonds.


I want to be sure.

We need to make sure he goes to that bank as soon as it opens, and gets that money as fast as he fucking can.

We need you to do something.

He is going to untie you. When he does, you're gonna to sit on the edge of the bed, and stay very very still.


You are going to look into this camera, and speak to your father.

Tell him, that he must pay the money.

He must do exactly as we ask, or we will kill you.

You tell him that you have no doubts that we will kill you.




Take: 1.

Daddy ...

I'm okay.

They just took me ...

I was leaving the house, and they just took me.

I do not know where I am.


I don't want a narrative. I just want you to look into the camera ... and tell him that unless he pays the money, we will kill you.

Any deviation from our instructions, we will kill you.

Any piss, we will kill you!



No. She is not scared enough.

Give her some motivation.

That's better.

Now, get yourself together and try again.

Daddy ...

I love you.

Please ...


Pay them the money.

Just do exactly as they say, or they will kill me.

Daddy, they will kill me if you don't.

Please, Daddy.

Just do exactly as they say, please.

Just pay them the money.

I want to come home.

Just give them the money, please.

Thank you.

No, no, please. I won't cry.

My arms hurt.

Uncuff her.

Move them around a bit.

Go on.


A little.

Tie her up.

Please Daddy.

They just pay them the money. I want to come home.

Just give them the money, please.

This is good.

This'll work.

She did well. She did.

She was a good choice.

She was a good find, then.

Don't fall asleep.

These will keep you awake.

Keep an eye on her.

She's worth a lot of money to us.

I know.

Take care.



Get this off.

I can't.

I can't go with you watching me.

Could you just leave me alone for a few minutes, please?

I can't shit with you staring at me, just ...


I can't do it with you standing there and looking at me.

Let me go! Let me go!

Give me the fucking keys and cut the machine!

I'll kill you when I get the keys from you ... bloody ...

It's Danny. It's Danny.

It's me, Danny.


It's me, Alice.

It's me. Danny.

What the fuck are you doing. Put the gun down.

The gun Alice, the gun. Was it you? Was it you?

There is a plan. A plan? Fuck!

Danny │- Just put the fucking gun down before you kill me, Alice.

Just get me the fuck out of here. Unlock me right fucking now.

Hold on, alright, okay. Just listen to me first.

We're getting some money from your dad. │- What?

A lot of money.

You always sayin' how much you hate your dad.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You hate him Alice, he cut you off.

He's got all that fucking money, and he's never gonna get ...

You've always talked about a way of getting his money off him.

This is it, Alice.

This is how.

This is how we can get his money.

But, you've fucking kidnapped me.

Yes. I kidnapped you for us.

The money is for us. It's all for us. What?

Look, this is a good thing, Alice.


You've fucking kidnapped me.

You've fucking stripped me naked, you made me piss in a fucking bottle ... in front of ... Who?

Who the fuck is the other man? Do I know him too?

No no. It's Victor. It's Vic.

He's no one. He's no one.

I met him on the other side ― He doesn't Know.

About what?

About us.

He thinks you're just a random rich girl. He hasn't got the whole picture.

He thinks all this is his plan.

He doesn't suspect that we're gonna take all the money.

All of it, me and you.

You've fucking kidnapped me, so I can get some of my dad's money.

Uh ― Yeah.

Then why the fuck didn't you ask me first?

I thought I was gonna fucking die, here. I was fucking terrified.

I know, I know. I am sorry, right.

But it had to look real. Feel real ― for Vic.

For you.

Look real?

Can't fucking do that to somebody, Danny.

You can't make them think they're gonna fucking die.

You can't fake it, Alice, not properly.

He would have seen if you're pretending. He would have known.

You told me you loved me.

You told me that you loved me.

I do, baby.

That's why ― That's why I did this, because I love you.

I was gonna tell the truth out ― I was ― What would you have said?

Sorry I fucking kidnapped you. Sorry, I've totally fucking humiliated you.

But we will be rich, Alice.


How much?

How much am I worth?

Two million.

And he is gonna pay ... 2 million, cash.


All you have to do is lie in that bed.

Tied down ... humiliated, abused.

It will only be for another day or so.

Not too much to ask for 2 million?

For a whole new life.

Alice ...

I love you, truly.

So, can I have my gun back?

Alice, please.

Just do this.


It's him. He's back. He's back.

You have to give me the gun.

If I do not answer the door, he'll kick it in.

If he comes in here and sees us like this ... he'll go fucking crazy.

He'll fucking kill us both.

You won't escape, Alice.

He'll kill ye.

I'm not joking.

Don't be stupid.

Give me the gun.


Let him fucking hurt me.

I won't.


Promise me.

I promise.

Where the fuck were you?

She's taking a shit. I had to keep the gun on her.

And you did it by yourself?

It's no problem. I just watched her.

Look at me! Look at me!

Is she ok?


Go look if you like.

Speak to her dad? Saw the video?

I think he now understands the gravity of the situation.

So when is the exchange?


You made the arrangement? No.

He don't have time to prepare.

As soon as he gets the money, then we start it moving.

So it's all ok? Yeah.

This is gonna work? Of course it is.

You should get some sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow.

You don't want to?

No. There is too much adrenaline running through me.

You sleep first.

You need me to check on her?

I think I can handle it for a while.

Are you sure? Oh yeah.

Use this!


Sleep tight.


What time is it? Why didn't you wake me up?

I didn't need to fucking fall asleep, did I?

Shit! The girl.

Wake up!

Wake up, Ms. Creed.

It's breakfast time.

It's minestrone.

It's hot.


Got it.

What's wrong? Nothing.

What are you doing?

Go back to the other side and keep her in the eye.



Open up!

Give it to me.

Give me the spoon.

What's gone into you? Nothing.

I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

Don't start thinking.

I need you focused.

I am.

Are you sure?


Good. Cause I need you.

I can't do this without you.

You got me.

Good boy.

Where you going?

Take a piss. Is that alright?

You okay in there?

Danny, what's wrong?

Everything is fine.

Are you sure?

But ― I'll just be a second.

Danny, are you okay in there?




What the fuck are you doing in there?


Danny, open this door right now, or I'll kick it in.

Open this fucking door!

Open this fucking door, now!

Right, I'm coming in!

Jesus fuck ... what the fuck ... ? Why the fuck don't you open the door?

I do not know what you ― I was worried.

I said I would be out in a second.

Something wouldn't go down.

You said you just needed to piss.

Thought I did.

It's gone now.

Sometimes a jam.


Doesn't smell of any stink of you.

My shit don't stink. What can I say?

Jus' wash your hands and stop fucking about!

It's the adrenaline.

Suddenly you shit.

Bad taste in your mouth.

Because of the adrenaline.

Happened to me when I made the first call.

Just relax, Danny.

We need air.

Not long till the bank opens.

And after that ― Showtime.

We're gonna be rich. Me and you.

We're gonna be millionaires.

We're nearly there, Dan.

We're nearly there.

You're all up?

I'm good.

Are you sure? Why is that?

Two days ... we're gonna be on the other side of the world.

Just me and you.

Just me and you.

Away from this shit. Away from the past.

And we're startin' new lives, and new people,

being happy.

But the first two weeks, we'll hardly get out a bit.

We'll just order room service, and fuck each other senseless.

That sounds perfect.


Gotta go.

I see you soon.

You take care.

You too.

I love you.

I love you too, baby.

Are you alright? Where is he?

It's gonna happen soon.

That fucking bullet case. I thought he'd seen it.

It's Ok. Got rid of it.

How long until he comes back?

An hour I guess.

Maybe less.

Untie me.

Come on, Danny. Untie me.

He's gone.


The other one?

Danny? What's wrong?

Come on, Danny. Unlock it.

Do you fucking trust me? Of course, but ...

But what? I let you gag me, tie me back up, that ― I fucking trusted you, so you can fucking trust me.

I do trust you too.

But what?

You think I'm gonna run? No, I do not.

Look, place the end right.

As soon he comes back, we're taking it to the exchange ...

Are we gonna get the money?


Why would I run?

I am sorry.

I'm just jumpy.

This is fucking stressful.

You think?


Those things are very fucking painful.

Pins and needles in my fingers and toes. │- Yeah

Better? Ok.

Danny, what if your friend ... think ... what if he ― What if he is onto us? What if he suspects us? │- He doesn't.

Yeah, but what if he does? Believe me, he hasn't got a clue.

How did you do it?

What? │- How did you get him to agree to pick me for this?

You fit his criteria.

Attractive ― Female ― In her 20s, only child.

Slim enough to cat easy. Jesus.

Vic's been planning this forever.

Old-timer in prison talked about it.

I never really thought he would do it, but ― When he got out, he contacted me.

He set about looking for a target.

Of course, then afterward ...

So he tested me?

But you did not tell him that we knew each other from before?

Of course not.

Dad's on the rich list.

He said just write your name in that newspaper article though.

I even cut it out and gave it to Vic.

He went for you right away.

He said you were "Perfect".

Where is he now? Arranging the exchange.

At the ...?

Near the river ― Driving nearby.

So he can escape, and dad can find you.

And Vic gets the money.

By himself? I stay with you.

But he could just steal it and disappear.

Ah no, he wouldn't.

How can you be sure?

I just am.

Trust me.

It's not even considered.

And when he's getting the money, I'll be setting you free.

And once he has money, I'm going to take it from him, and we meet up, get the fuck out of here.

How you take the money?

He trusts me.

It will be easy.

He trusts you? Completely.

Danny? What?

I'm scared.

Don't let me ― I am sorry.

It's ok.

I won't let anything happen to you.

Trust me.

Everything's going to be fine.

Danny? What?

I love you so much.

I love you too, baby.

Alice, this isn't fucking funny.

I'm warning you.

What the fuck ― What the fuck are you doing?

What the fuck do you think I'm doing?

Alice, you can't do this. Fuck you!

I was so close.

Close what? You fucking kidnapped me, you cunt.

You do not expect me to sit around and just let it happen?

But we had a plan. No, you had a plan.

This is my plan.

Alice, Alice come back!

Police ― Quick. I need the police.

Why don't you come and get me? I have been kidnapped.

I havn't got much time. I don't know where I am.

No, I've been locked here. I can't get out.

No. I don't recognize anything.

I'm up high.

Can't you trace the call?

Yeah. Ah, thank God.

How long will that take?

How long?

No, no-no-no. You have to come get me now.

If the other guy's coming back, he'll kill me.

He's gonna come back. He's gonna fucking kill me.

You're have to come right now, right now, right fucking now!

Calm down? He's gonna fucking kill me.

Wait a second ― I think, I can get the keys.

I love you.

I fucking love you.

And you love me, I know you do.

I know you do. Where are the keys?

Alice, you can't do this.

I love you.

No, Danny.

When you love someone, you do everything you can to care for them.

What you don't do, is kidnap them.


You don't fucking jump them in the streets, and put them in the back of a van.

You don't put a fucking knife to their throats.

The keys!

I swear it to God, Danny.

You need to tell me where the keys are.

In my pocket, right-hand pocket.

Go back on the bed!

Get back on the fucking bed!

Don't fucking move!

The safety was on.

Not anymore.

The keys?

Throw me the fucking keys!

Oh, c'mon ... fuck ... c'mon

I'm fucked.


Why didn't you just listen to me?

All would have been alright if you just listened to me.

Is everything okay?

Top-notch. She still in there?

Where else would she be? Yeah ...

Yes of course. It's just ―

It's time ― It's on.

He's got the money? Yeah.

He's just waiting at the location.

This is really quite a fucking work.

Right. We have to move her outta there and put her in the warehouse.

When do we leave? Now!

We move now.

This is it.

We're gonna have to move you now. Understand?

Nod if you understand.

Hey! Wake up!

She's air-cold.

What the fuck did you do?

Nothing. I thought she was sleeping.

Fuck! Must be the gag that's complicated her throat.

Is she alright?

Wait here.

Thank God.

I thought we had killed her.

Wake up, Miss Creed.

Wake up.

Say something.

Hey, hey, hey! Are you okay? Say something.

You need to calm down.

She's alright.

Everything is fine.

She's got a minute to breathe.

Come on. Let's just have a minute together, to re-focus.

Come on.

Look at me.

Are you alright? Yeah.

Shit. Fuck.

Will you do something for me?


Tell me what to do.

I need you to stop worrying.

And just be back.

Makes confident. That pushes me on ... to be mean.


Meanest fuck.

That's the back I want.

That's the guy they want.

So c'mon, push me right.

Tell me what to do.

Stand the fuck up.

Go, put on your coat.

I can't put the van into position.

The van?

Now? Yes, fucking now!

What are you gonna do? I'm gonna pack the bag.

But don't unpack ― Just fucking do it!


Go on!

No ― Please.

No, wait. Please wait. Wait a second.

What the fuck?

How did you get this?

How the fuck did you get this?


Tell me how you got it.

Tell me!

I don't know.

How did you fucking get it?

I don't know.

Please let ― I don't want to cause any trouble.

I just wanna do exactly as you say.



Did you call the police?

The fucking police ... did you call the police? │- I don't know, I just ― Tell me the truth.

How could I? I've been up tied up since I got here.

Then how did you get that fucking phone?

Don't know. Tell me the truth.

I don't know. Tell me!

I don't know it. Don't know.

Please don't.

Tell me. I don't know.

Tell me! Tell me! Fucking tell me!

Please stop it! No!

Danny, help me. Danny. Danny !!!


How do you know that name.

Help me, please, Danny.

How did you know his name.

Do you know him?

No, I ...

He just told me his name.

He gave you the phone. No.

You phoned?

And you throw it down?

What else is there?

I don't know. Please. Please ... Fuck!


Please, please just take me home.

Shut up!

What happened here? Nothing.

Just take me home, please.


This is a bullet. I don't know.

I don't know.

Who fired the gun?

Who fired the gun?!

Please just take me home. I don't ... I've done nothing!

You tell me, or I swear to God ... you'll never see your family again.

Tell me!

I fired.

I needed the toilet.

He turned his back, I hit him, and took his gun.

Well, if you got the gun, then why you still here?

Because ― Because he's gonna fuck you.

He's gonna take the money.

The whole two million.

I am still here because he made a deal with me.

He said if I went along with the Plan ... he would ...

He would give you some of the money.

It all went so quickly, and ― you were coming back.

I couldn't get away, so ― I agreed.

I am sorry.

But now you know.

You can ― You can go along with the plan.

You can just pick up the money ... and you can disappear.

He can fuck him instead, right?

You can take the money, all of it.

Fuck him, right?

You can just take me back to my father.

You can take me back to my family.

All I want is to go back to my home.

Please, please, please ...

What is my name?


I ― I don't know.

I don't know your name.

Yes, you do.

He told you.

Tell me now, please.

He didn't tell me your name.


You're lying.

Please. I just want to go home.

I can see you're lying ... I just wanna to go home. I ―

What's wrong?

Why would anything be wrong?

You just seem a bit ― A bit what?

Shall we go, get her up?

I already did it.

I was just in there.

You were?

Is she alright?

Vic, is she alright?

I'm going for a piss.

Wait here.

Danny, tell me something?

Why did you choose her?

I didn't choose her.

You choose her?

Yes, but you suggested her.


You know why?

I read about her in the newspaper.

What's this all about, Vic?

Jus' ― Something doesn't feel quite right.

What d'you mean?

Just now ... she was acting funny.

Why? What did she say?


Why would you think she'd say anything?

I don't ― Ah ― You said she was acting funny. Yeah.

I didn't say she said anything.

What could she say?

What do you think she would say?

Come here.

I said, come here!

Tell me you love me. What?

Tell me ... you love me.

I love you, babe.


Let's get this thing done!

Wait here.

What happened to her face?

I told you.

She was acting funny.

So I had to give her a slap.

Bryce, give me your set-keys.

You got your own set, why do you want mine?

Because you don't need them anymore, do you?

Why? Is there a problem?

No problem.

Then give them to me.

Bryce, let's go.

To where?

Let's go and get the money.

Both of us?

The plan was I would stay here.

Plan has changed. Changed?

I need you to meet.

In case there's any surprises.

Like what? │- If I knew that, they won't be surprises, would they?

But what if something happens?

What if we don't make it back?

We'll make it. But if we ― ?

If we don't, she'll be stuck here.

She'll die. So?

If we don't make it, why do you care if she don't make it?

I don't care.


Now, let's get the fuck out of here!

You think it's there? Yeah.

It's there.

Go out and get it!


Danny, just go and get the fucking money!


There's no fucking money.

They fucked us over.

We're fucked up. No, they didn't fuck up.

The money is not here because I didn't say it was at this location.

The hole ―

This hole is for the money. No.

Now, this hole is for you, Danny.

I didn't fuck up.

You did.


Don't do this.

What did you tell her about me?


You told her my name.

Only your first name.

Only that we met in prison, that it, that's all. │- You fucking dealed.

You killed her, Danny.

You've not only killed yourself, but you've killed her too.

You do not have to do this.

We can just finish this, like we planned.

We'll go away.

We'll be happy.

I'll do everything you want me to.

It'll just be you.

That's what we wanted.

I love you.

Close your eyes.

Danny, close your eyes.

Do you remember when we met?

Can you remember?

We slept in the cell.

I was scared.

I was so fucking scared.

You protected me.

You ... helped me.

I will never forget that.

I will never ...

It's almost over.

Please be still Miss Creed.

It'll all be over very quickly.

You will feel no pain.


Danny, you're bleeding.

I can get you to a hospital.

I'll get you fixed up.

You'll die, Danny.


You'll die.

Let me help you.

Danny ―

Let me protect you.

Stand against the fucking wall! Ok.

Whatever you want.


Ah, Danny ...

Get me off here.


Toss the keys.

Danny, don't do this, please.

Give me the fucking keys!

Danny, you love me.

I know you do.

Shut up!

I felt him.

When you held me ...

and you kissed me ... Shut the fuck up.

When you made love me, there was no fucking doubt.

You love me.

You love me.

You give me the gun, and I'll get you fixed up.

Give me the gun.

Danny, don't give him the gun.

It's Ok my little Danny-boy.

No ― Don't give him the gun.

It's Ok.

Get me out of here. Don't, don't ...

Don't cry.

Don't, don't ... don't give him the gun.

Danny, don't listen to him. What I'm gonna do ― │- Danny!


Danny ― thank fuck, Danny, just ...

Please, just ... get me out of here.

Danny ... Danny ... Danny ...

Come on.

Shoulda listened. No.

It's alright, babe.

Danny, don't you fucking leave me here, please!

Don't you fucking walk away!

Danny, don't you fucking leave!

No, Danny. Come back!

Danny! Don't you fucking leave me here!

Don't leave me here!

Danny, come back. Please come back.

Danny, please ...

Ah, fuck. Give me the keys.

Come on, Vic. Come on. Come on. Give me the keys. Gimme ―

Come on. Give me the keys. Don't ― please ...