The Disappointments Room (2016) Script

♪ If you want to know who we are...

♪ We are gentlemen of Japan

♪ On many a vase and jar

♪ On many a screen and fan

♪ We figure in lively paint Our attitude's queer and quaint

♪ You're wrong if you think it ain't

♪ Oh... ♪ Hey, come on - embrace living in the country, driving on the open road, singing Gilbert and Sullivan.

What's more American than that?

First of all, Gilbert and Sullivan were English.

I knew that. You knew that?

Want me to put on something else?

♪ Before the mighty troops

♪ The troops of Titipu... ♪ No. Not on your life.

♪ Before the mighty troops, the troops of Titipu!

♪ Before the mighty troops

♪ The troops of Titipu! ♪

Isn't this cool? We're actually using four-wheel drive.

Bet we're the only one of our friends that can say that.

David, I'm wondering how the trucks made it back here.

I'm sure they did. Yeah, I gave them directions.

But I also said we'd be there to supervise.

I didn't know we were gonna be stopping for strawberries.

I wanted to stop. Peas.

I'd never done roadside stands. Spinach.

It was important for Lucas. And asparagus.

He should know where food comes from.

David, food comes from farms, not stands.

They both have farmers. I think I see a light.

Where are we?

Hey, we're home, peanut.

It's really dark.

Where are all the apartment buildings?

They don't have apartments in the country, baby.

Babe? Dana.

It's a good move. Believe me?

Yeah, I believe you.


New beginning.

New beginning.


Oh, my God.

Shit. My God. You kidding me?

They were supposed to put everything in the right rooms.

Well, obviously they didn't.

Hey, peanut, last one to find the bathroom has to go wee in the woods!

Hot on your heels! Hot on your heels!

Here I come! Here I come!

Please be careful!

Here he goes! Here he goes! Here he goes!

Hey. Hey.

Who puts mirrors like this here?

Oh, some guy who's got a hot wife and wants as many of her as possible.


I can't find my toys!

Hey. Hey.

This kitchen has potential, huh?

Yes. Is there any coffee going?

Oh, if you want coffee, you're gonna have to find the coffeemaker first.

Found her. Fuck you.

Is that a threat? Or a promise?

It could be a promising threat.

Or a threatening promise.

Where's the peanut?

He's upstairs, waiting for his waffles.

Oh, and we have a leak in the breakfast room.

I don't know.

I don't know. We have to wait and see.

No, she's a nice mommy, the nicest mommy in the world.

Lucas, who are you talking to?

Baby, I asked you a question.

Who were you talking to just now?

Lucas, turn around.

Oh, no! Lucas!

Oh, where did you even find that thing?

He lives here. This is his home.

Oh, well, I'm sure he'll be even happier when we take him outside.

He said he'll protect me!

Baby, I'm sure he did.

We've talked about this before. OK. No pets.

Please, Mommy?

Hey, where'd that come from?

Hey, hey, hey. Let me have a go at that.


Hey, you stink, little guy.

Guess what? I just saw a mouse downstairs and it was huge!

And he had his nose in the waffle cupboard!

So guess we could use a good mouser, babe.

Yeah, he's a really good mouser.


Hold still, you little rascal.

Hey, how about Rascal? Rascal's a good name.

Yeah, I think it's a cool name.

Oh... Ooh!

Hey, Dana, what do you say we drive into town, get some groceries, lay of the land?

There's something out here. We live in the country now.

All kinds of crazy critters out there.

Like what?

Maybe it's a raccoon, the occasional zombie redneck.

Hey, Dana, come on.

I'm sure the locals are eager to sneak a peek at the new lord and lady of the manor.

Not bad, huh? Not bad at all.

This is cool, hey?

Where's the movie theatre?

They don't have one, peanut, but what they do have is a 6-plex up the road in New Bern.

Afternoon. Oh, afternoon.

You see that? Friendly.

Look at that. That's a genuine barber shop. Huh?

Ahh, friendly neighbourhood gun store.

We'll go wild turkey shooting. How about that?

Did you forget? I'm a vegetarian.

I do not like killing animals.

You don't? That's OK. We'll shoot watermelons instead.

Hey! I've heard about this place.

Yelp says that this place has the best ice-cream this side of the Mississippi.

No way! Really? Yeah.

Better than the Ice Cream Factory in Brooklyn.


Hello. Hey.

I bet I know who you all are.

I bet you do. You bought the Blacker House.

Yeah, that's us. Oh, welcome!

Welcome! Welcome!

Oh, I'm so happy to see some new faces around here.

We're happy to be a new face. Hey, I'm David.

David. This is my wife Dana.

Hi. How are you?

And this little sugar addict over here is our son Lucas.

Hey, get up. Marti Morrison!

And the pleasure is all mine.

And hi, Lucas. Hi.

What's your favourite ice-cream?

Strawberry. You are so in luck.

I just made some strawberry this morning.

Is that OK? Yeah. It's fine.

Sure. Alright, let's get scoopin'.

You know, nobody has lived in that old house for quite some time.

I'm afraid that you all have your work cut out for you.

Yup. Got a leaky roof, for starters.

Oh, now, listen, if you need some help with the big stuff, I mean, I'm happy to recommend some honest, hardworking people.

You know, actually, we're... Ben Philips Jr.

Now, that's not to be confused with Ben Philips Sr, who drinks - enough said.

But Ben Jr, now, he knows his way around a hammer.

And he is not bad to look at.

I said that out loud, didn't I? That's awful.

Oh, get behind me, Satan. That's terrible.

Actually, we were hoping to do most of the work ourselves.

Oh, is that right? Well, are you some kinda architect, or...?

Well, funnily enough... Look at you!

Oh, I guess that you're a man who knows his way around a hammer too.

I do. I'm actually the architect.

I'm gonna be doing most of the work on the house.

Is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

It's a big job. Big job.

And what is it that you do?

In between my naps?

I enjoy watching her work, playing Xbox.

Oh, huh?

We actually just came in to say howdy, pick up a few things for the house.

Well, howdy.

And just look around.

Let me know if you can't find something.

And good luck with your house.



Lucas, what is it? There's a dog out there.

It's probably just a stray.

I'm scared.

Oh, it's alright, peanut. I'll protect you.

Mommy will protect you.



Oh, my God!

Lucas! Lucas!



I had one of my dreams.


Dana, are you OK?

Yeah, David, I'm up here. I need your help.

Where's the lion and the witch?

Well, technically, it's called a chifferobe.

Yeah, chifferobe, huh? What's it made of, lead?

You're positive you saw a light up in here?

Yes. And then it went off.

May I ask what you were doing outside in the middle of the night, young lady?

I was getting some air.

It's probably just a faulty wire or something.

Well, all the more reason to check it out.

Oh, wow. Cool.

Our own secret room.

Argh! Of course!

Locked? Yeah, or stuck.

See anything?

No, it's too dark.

Hey, Dana, come on up.

We'll find a locksmith in the morning to get it open.

Hey, Dana. Hey, Dana, come on.

Come on. It's late. Stop.


Hey, you OK?


You got that look that concerns me.

You want me to call Dr Ashby in the morning?

No. God, no. Sorry.

I'm just... I'm getting adjusted.

That room's not on the floor plan and it's bugging me a little bit.

I'm feeling Wolverine hungry.

Oh! Come on! Never!

You parsley-looking mutant!


Fuck you too.


Lucas, is that you?


David, please let me out of here! Please let me out!

David! David! David! David!

Let me out of here!

David! David!

Please let me out! David!

David, please!

He doesn't want you here.

That, gentlemen, is my wife.

Mad, and the offspring of a mad family.

Round. Round. Get it back round. Reverse. Reverse.

That's right, move it back. Move it back.

Back room, back room, back room.

Hey, baba. Where'd you come from?

Where were you?

I needed you, David.

Babe, I'm right here. I've been right here.

I was locked up. I was locked up there for hours and hours!

Dana, Dana, I don't...

You didn't notice I was missing?

Dana, I swear to God...

I was upstairs, David.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

I was upstairs, David, I was locked in that little room in the attic.

Hey, wait, wait. You got in?

Yeah, I found the key and I went inside...


..and then somebody... somebody closed the door.

Somebody locked me in. Nobody would do that.

Who was it, David?! I don't know!

There's no-one else here.

I was screaming for help for hours.

Dana, we have been down here the whole time and we did not hear a thing.

Honest to God.

We didn't hear a thing, Mommy.

We didn't.

Hey... having trouble sleeping?

No. I... No, I'm not having trouble sleeping.

Please don't look at me like that.

Like what?

Don't get sick again, Mommy.

I'm not getting sick, baby. I never felt better in my life.

Hey... Dana.

It's OK.

Hey. Where's Daddy?

He had to make a phone call to Japan.

Well, I was thinking, um...

..I could set up your house for you if you want.

I mean, you could help if you want.


OK, you remember how this goes together?

No. It's OK. It's complicated.

As were the clients if your mom remembers correctly.

OK, first things first, we start with the base.

You gonna do it by yourself? You do it all by yourself.

Very nice. Oh.

How about... that one? That.

Good job. And...

That big boy.

Couple more pieces to go.

What do you think? That one.

Yeah? Yeah.

You got it? Yep.

That one. You got it?

Yes. Very good. Yes.

Lucas? Yeah.

I just, um... I just wanted to tell you...

..I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

That's OK.

Sometimes bad things happen and you don't know why.


Yeah, that's very true.

I think sometimes...

..maybe I'd like a sister again.

You would?


Tickle the toes. Tickle the toes.

You don't speak baby?

Not anymore. No?

Baby selfie. Baby selfie.


Don't come back here!

You think that child was begotten of my loins rotten?

He won't let us out.

Not a chance in hell.

Mommy. Mommy.

Can I have my breakfast, Mommy?

Yes, Lucas, you can have your breakfast.

Oh! God!

Sorry. Sorry. Oh, for God's sake.

I really am sorry, ma'am. I... I wouldn't scare you too bad.

That wasn't... was not my intention.

Who are you? What are you doing sneaking around on my property?

Answering your prayers.

See, it's gone unchecked for a while.

Lucky it didn't cave. Lucky I stopped by when I did.

Well, and lucky for you people around here like to gossip.

That they do.

Also heard you were an architect or... or something.

Yeah. Or something.

Well, maybe we should talk about money.

Well, that's a little premature.

Come again? You haven't been hired yet.



Look, there's nothing I can do to change your mind?

Hello. David.

This is my husband, David. David, this is Ben Philips Jr.

Yes, the legend. Hey.

Nice to meet you. Likewise.

Mr Philips is here about the leak.

Right. Ben works fine.

Great, Ben. When can you start?

No, that's still up in the air. Soon as you pull the trigger.

We should probably get onto this right away, babe.

Don't you think? David.

Next couple of weeks are kinda busy, but I am free now.

What it this? This is water damage, right?

Does this floor need to go? We get a dehumidifier.

We can actually save most of this wood.

Just say the word. Great.

Start as soon as possible. Alright.

No, what I would like is for Mr Philips to come back when it hasn't been raining for a few days and the two of us can get up on that roof and see what's what.

That way, once the situation's been thoroughly and properly assessed, then we can talk about hours and materials and scope of work in a manner that's not been pulled directly out of our asses.

And what I'd also like is to agree on a deadline, which, if not met, means revisiting the terms of our contract with the probability of penalties paid to us by you for each day of work exceeding the original agreement.

If that all sounds acceptable, then I'd be happy to resume this conversation at a later date, but in the meantime, it was a pleasure meeting you, Mr Philips.

And my husband David will show you out.

David, if you wouldn't mind.


July 5.

I'm sorry.

What are you sorry for?

I should've let you take the lead.

It's not a big deal.

Yes, it is. I was totally caveman about the whole thing.

It was a full-on phallus fest.

I mean, my God, what was I doing?

I don't know anything about fixing a fucking roof.

I wanna leave this house. Something isn't right here.


Whatever you're feeling or think you're experiencing, it's just you adjusting, it's not the house.

The Blackers had a daughter who died July 5th.

That's the same day, David.

The same day! That's not a coincidence!

Their daughter's still in this house.

That's not possible. You know that.

You're still taking your medication?

Yes, I'm taking it. I don't wanna stay here.

We agreed to give it a year of our time in this house.

Dr Ashby told us how important it was for Lucas to have stability right now.

If we bail on this house, we're not giving him a fair chance of a normal life.

We owe him that. God knows, we owe him that.

In a year's time we're gonna look back at this and know that this move was the right thing to do.

Believe me?

Yeah, I believe you.

I can cancel this trip in the city.

It's just two days, finalise the sale of the company, help with the transition.

I can reschedule. No. No.

I don't want you to do that.

Lucas and I can spend the time together.

That'll be... That'll be good for us.

I want you to keep an eye on your mother for me while I'm gone, look after her.

You want me to pick up some Junior's for you while I'm gone?

With strawberries! No raspberries!

Yes, sir.

Be careful.

Oh, wow. Look at that bear!

Look, there's our house.

Oh, yeah. Good job.

May I help you?

Oh, er, yeah.

I'm Dana Barrow and I...

Dana, the architect! It's nice to meet you, Dana.

I'm the one who sent you the photographs and records of your house.

Oh, thank you. And who might you be?

What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?

This is Lucas. They call me Ms Judith.

Say hi. I'll just go put these away.

Oh, OK. You can play over here. I'll just be a few minutes.

I just... I wanted to ask you about this little room that I found in the attic.

It's got a metal floor and a window that won't open and, um, a door that just only locks from the outside.

And it... it really...

It frightens me and it wasn't on any of the plans, and I... you know, I don't know what to make of it.

But... but it's ridiculous.


Maybe not.

What do you mean?

Dana, it sounds like you have a disappointments room.

A what?

A disappointments room.

Well, what does that mean?

There was a time not so long ago when children who were born with certain difficulties were considered embarrassing...

..especially if the family was well-to-do, prominent socially.

Sometimes a decision would be made to keep that child's very existence a secret.

Go on.

So, confined to a room much like the one you described, tended to only by the parents or perhaps a trusted servant, that boy or girl would spend their lives, however long those might be.

No-one to talk to. No-one to play with.

Never feeling the sun or the rain on their little faces.

These children were...


Their time on this earth was frequently brief, God willing.

Then when it was over, they were buried. Discreetly.

Some say their spirits could remain behind.

So I've been researching the presence of disturbed spirits in these old homes.



I think I've watched 'Poltergeist' too many times.

People say I'm full of shit and whiskey.


Hello yourself!

What are you doing up there?

Thought you said to come back in a few days.

So what are you thinking?

I think all this needs to go.

I say we demo the existing and build a new one with pitch.

Better drainage.

Standard per foot? Quarter inch.

Fir strips, plywood, new flashing, new tar paper.

I'd say it's a four-day job.

Oh, I'd say a two-day job. Max.

Well, I bill 80 bucks an hour. Well, you'll get 60.

So, 2 days, 60, 500 for materials - that's $1,460, max.

You don't talk like an architect.

My father worked as a general contractor for over 40 years.

Is that right? That's right.

And he didn't like leaving me with babysitters, so I've spent a lot of time on-site, and a lot of time around young men like you.

So then you're used to seeing people smoke on the job site.

When did you start working for your daddy?

When I was old enough. Doing what?

Whatever he'd let me do.

He must have been proud. Of?

Of you, getting a degree, becoming an architect.

Actually, he, er... he had a heart attack on the job a few months after I graduated, so...

Sorry to hear about that.

He died getting his hands dirty.

Just like he wanted?

I guess so.

So what about your mom... Mommy!

Do not come up here, Lucas! Stay right where you are.

I'm hungry now! I'll be right down.

Just get off that ladder, please.


Where's his father? He's in the city.

Coming home soon?

Yeah, in a few days.


I bet it's scary at night, tucked up in bed all by yourself.

Congratulations. You just found the line.

Oh, yeah? So now what?

Now you can back the fuck up.

You can start in the morning. I'll expect you around eight.

♪ This is the garden of make believe

♪ A magical garden of make believe

♪ Where flowers chuckle and birds play tricks

♪ And a magic tree grows lollipop sticks

♪ Here in the garden what we say and do

♪ We'd like you to join us and do it too

♪ Can you crow like a rooster? Cock-a-doodle-doo!

♪ Can you clap your hands and stamp your shoes?

♪ It's a funny place But it's surely true

♪ That we'd like to share it all with you

♪ If you sing for me la-la-la-la-la-la!

♪ I'll sing for you lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu!

♪ If you cry for me boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

♪ And clap your hands and stamp your feet

♪ It's a funny place but it's surely true

♪ That we'd like to share it all with you... ♪

♪ If you sing for me la-la-la-la-la-la!

♪ I'll sing for you lu-lu-lu-lu-lu-lu!

♪ If you cry for me boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

♪ I'll cry for you boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

♪ If you scream for me Arggh!

♪ I'll scream for you. ♪ Lucas!

Rascal! Rascal! Rascal! Where are you, Rascal?

Lucas! Are you up there?


Lucas, we're not playing games right now, honey.


Oh, my God.

What's your name?

Can you tell me your name?


He doesn't want you here.


Arggh! Lucas!


Argh! Lucas!


Arggh! Lucas!




Oh, Lucas. Lucas.

Did you see that?

Never mind. Come on. Let's go inside for lunch.

Mommy, wait! I need Rascal. He came out with me.

Oh, wait, wait, wait. We'll go together.



Rascal! Rascal!

Hey, baby, why don't you go look in those trees?

He's a really good climber. OK.

Rascal! Rascal!

Where are you?! Rascal!


Come down, wherever you are. Come down, kitty, kitty.

Where are you?

Mommy, I can't see him. Why don't you look over there?

I think I heard him.

He's not out here, baby.

He's probably back in the house skitching about.

We'll find him? Yeah, we'll find him.

Oh, shit.


Dana! Dana!

Shit! Stop! Hey.

Hey. I got you.

Hey, Dana.

I feel like she's slipping.

She had a few episodes where she completely lost track of time.

She thinks that odd things are going on in the house.

Odd in what way?

She started to imagine things that aren't really happening again.

Catherine's birthday would have been Sunday, right?


We both know that you tend to bury your feelings for the greater good and that is not good for you either.

Being out in that big house way outside of the city is very isolating.

Why don't you have people over on Sunday?

She doesn't need advice. She needs friends.


Um, there's a gravestone out back.

It's probably an old dog's, but it scares Lucas.

Would you dig it up and make sure it's nothing?

I don't want David to know.


Then I'll do that.

I sure hope he appreciates all this.

I said I sure hope he appreciates all this.

I hope he appreciates all that you're doing for him.

What am I doing?

Leaving the city, buying the old house in the country.

You're fixing it up so you can throw some big dinners, everyone gathered around your beautiful Stickley table, eating vegetables you grew out back or bought at the corner at the farmer stand.

Wasn't that the plan?

Yeah. Or something.

How would your girlfriend feel about us sharing a smoke?

I don't have one.

And if I did, I probably wouldn't care what she thought.

Why not?

I don't live my life worrying about things I can't control.

And how's that working out for you?

It works out just fine.

Keep me working around here long enough, you might get to see or feel how it works out for yourself.

Well, it's a shame we're almost finished.

We don't have to be.

Oh! David.

I thought you weren't home till tomorrow.

I was.

And then I thought I should be home with my wife and my son, hmm? Mmm.

How did you get home from the station?

Oh, I got a cab.

You know, I think the driver doubles up as the town's dentist in his spare time.

Was it a productive trip?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess it was.

Was it productive?

Yes. It was productive.

Those paintings are incredible.

Huh? Don't you think? I mean, I can't imagine...

I can't fathom why someone would wanna cover them up.

I can.

Are we taking our...?

No. No, I'm not.

That's probably not the best idea.

No, it's probably not. But they make me feel...

Fuzzy. Fuzzy.

I should get back to work. Lucas will be happy you're home.

Chill that wine, buddy.

We just crossed into North Carolina.

We should be there around five.

Yeah, great.



So where exactly is Dana?

Maybe we should start cleaning up.

She's here.

Jesus H!

No. Please, sit.


I'm really sorry I'm late.

Please forgive me.

It took me forever to find what I was looking for.

But I guess that's life in a small town.

A very, very, very small town.

As far away from civilisation as David could manage.

Right, David?

No big city conveniences for us.

Just peace and quiet.

How were the game hens? Um... tasty.

That's good to hear.

Because so often when David tries to take care of something, he just fucks it right up.

Dana, you're being rude. Hey, I was trying to be funny!

But I forgot - David is the funny one.

Which makes me the not-funny one.

David's the funny one. David has a job.

I am on a leave of absence from the firm I founded.

David makes game hens. I can easily fuck up a waffle.

David... is a... loving and wonderful parent.

Dana is drunk.

David is not drunk!

How are you doing, Dana?

Well, I don't know how I'm doing, Jules.

How am I doing, David?

I think my husband would say I'm not 100%.

Maybe 98.

You know, I have my ups and my downs, my good days and my bad.

But what's great is I have a purpose.

Fixing this house is gonna make it all better, right, David?

Look, you know, they say that moving can be very stressful, like divorce or a death.

Is that what they say? I read that somewhere.

Maybe you could give us a seminar on the five stages of grief since you've so obviously read a fucking pamphlet.

Dana! Now who's being rude?!

It's not polite to interrupt someone when they're talking, David.

In answer to your question, Jules, I would say this move has been a lot like a death.

A lot.

Which reminds me. Excuse me for one moment.

Uh, maybe we should go.

Stay right where you are, Jules.

Nobody's going anywhere before we have dessert.

David. It's fine.

Oh, my God.

Don't bother singing 'Happy Birthday'.

She can't hear you.

Or maybe she can. Who knows?

Catherine? Are you listening?

Are you with us, baby?

Alright, Dana, just stop it!

Stop what, David?! Spit it out!

There's no excuse for this, Dana! No excuse!

Oh, come on! What's a birthday party without a birthday cake?

Isn't that why they're here?

Isn't that why you asked them to come all the way here on one day out of all possible days that they could have come?

So here we are, sitting at our table, eating our food, on the exact day that I gave birth to our daughter one year ago.

Dana, please, I'm begging you, stop this.

You asked them to celebrate Catherine's birthday.

And we're gonna celebrate Catherine's birthday.

No. Sit down, David!

Let me cut you a slice of cake. I said no, Dana. I'm not...

Just let me cut the fucking cake!

Dana, stop! Just let me cut...

Dana, stop! No! Dana, give it to me! Stop! No!

Fine! Fine, take it! Take that one too! And take that!

And that! And that! And that!

And that! And that! And this! Take it all back!

Take it all back! Take it!

I can't do it anymore, David.

I can't... I can't pretend to be happy.

Three months.

That's... that's 90 days.


I guess that was old enough, you know?

Old enough to know she wanted no part of me.

No part.

So she just stopped.

She just... stopped breathing.

I can't do it anymore, David.

I'm sorry. It's all my fault.

Oh, you poor thing, out here all by yourself.







I will put her out of her misery.

We have allowed this curse to linger too long.

Don't. Don't, I beg you!

She will embarrass me no more.

You are a miserable mother.

And you will fail again.

A daughter...

..and now a dead son.





Arggh! Arggh!


Dana! Dana!

Dana! Dana!


Dana! Dana!

Put it down. Put it down!

Stop, stop, stop, stop.

It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.

I got you. It's OK. It's Daddy.

I got you. I got you. I got you.

Mommy. It's OK. It's a bad dream.

It's OK. It's a bad dream. It's a bad dream.

Are you out of your fucking mind? What the fuck?!

Are you trying to destroy everything we ever had, Dana?

Everything? Are you?! Is he OK?

Yeah, he's fine, Dana. He's fine. He's asleep in our bed.

He thinks it was a bad dream.

David, I think I can't tell anymore what's real and what's not real.

There was no-one there.

Nobody was trying to hurt Lucas, Dana, it was just...

It was just you.

I almost killed him.

I killed Catherine.


No, that was an accident.

That was a horrible accident.

That's all it was. And you know that.


Hey, come here.


We need to get back home.

No more running.

You will get better.

There's nothing we can't overcome.